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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  December 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> on "entertainment tonight." he almost tripped over the curb. >> the dramatic scene outside of philadelphia today. the mug inside the criminal complaint. >> if they aren't filed now, they can never be filed. >> after so many accusations, could cosby finally be facing time behind bars? >> then our top 20 stars of 2015. >> congratulations. >> yeah! >> amy schumer,bieber, taylor swift. >> i'm not going to walk home wit men tonight. >> music's biggest, tv's hottest and the couples. >> i'm so happy he found ya. they're so happytogether. >> the newsmakers that kept us busy. who is number one on the list of the most covered star? >> i'll plateau and fade into obscurity. >> now, in 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks so much for joining us, everybody. we're in front of the big headline making news right now. >> let's get to it.
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bill cosby's dramatic appearance in court today. >> bill cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. >> it was an incredible sight. the legendary comedian outside court casually dressed and using a cane. >> any comment, mr. cosby? >> these charges stem from sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr. cosby's home. cosby briefly stumbled. inside his turned over his passport and pos10 prts% of his million dollar bail. he did not enter a plea. his next stop the police station where he was fingerprinted and posed for a mug shot. >> charges were filed over new information that came to light in july of 2015. >> montgomery county prosecutor filed the charges now because we're right at the end of the statute of limitations. if they aren't filed now, they can't be filed. >> for many of my 29 clients who allege they are victims of bill
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charged and having to face a trial is the best christmas present that they've ever received. >> the claims by alleged victim andrea constand sounds strikingly similar to what model janice dickinson told us last year. for instance, constand's complaint includes details like pills and wine. now listen to janice. >> after dinner in my room, he'd given me wine and a pill and t next morning i woke up and i wasn't wearing my pajamas. >> all along the comedian has maintained his innocence but more than 50 women have come forward claiming assault or misconduct by cosby. what's next in thecase? if convicted, the actor could serve five to ten years behind bars. >> what now happens is there's pressure on other jurisdictions to look see if there's exceptions to meet the statute of limitations and prosecute bill cosby, including here los angeles. >> for the latest on cosby's arrest, go to
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countdown of the top 20 stars of 201 here's how it works. we went back through all of our shows this year and we counted the number of times we d stories on the biggest celebrities. >> and the final tally is in. so let's get started with the fearless star who had a m breakout year at number 20, amy schumer. >> when you take your clo awe, you definitely don't want people to say you're brave, but no, i'm really proud of the picture. >> the fact that amy posed half naked isn't what had us talking. it's because that shot had her feeling all the field. and amy covered every single one in her tweets. >> it's really cool. i'm sitting in a chair. so my instinct is try to make things that they look in magazines. well, no, kind of slump ove and let your stomach out. i felt i looked more beautiful than i ever in my life. >> the emmy winner made us laugh in the movie "trainwreck county "and they ha the coolest
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the human pyramid. 45 secon of dancing on top of billy joel'spiano. >> we were meant to be friends. and i think we feel very that we found each other. >> we just talked to bradley cooper and he, confirmed that you guys are engaged. >> that's correct. >> we want to keep it a secret. >> it's out now. she put it all over snl. >> i don't say it then. let's wait. >> out of the bag. >> it's not complicated. ip engaged to bradley cooper. >> when is the wedding? how is the planning going? >> i a huge secret. and i would tell you b would have to kill yo >> if that weren't enough, remember this. >> how that come about? >> chris rock called me and said madonna wants your phone number. i don't even know how you have my phone number. >> how do you t it off in 2016? >> i think i'm i'm just going to plateau and experience a major weight gain. yeah, just kind of fade into obscurity.
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it. >> i don't know withj-la. >> she's right next to her boyfriend in the countdown. that's right. bradley cooper's number 19, but sorry amy bradley's romance with supermodel ireneinarina. >> she kept us fascinated with those lips. her on again, o again romance withtyga. and the most successful app in all of kardashians. kylie took overkim's reign of social media queen. >> speaking queen, you don't mess with cookie or her empire. at number 17 taraji p. henson. >> why is cookie everything?
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>> she will not stop until she accomplishes her goal. >> i shut down. >> "empire's" strutted on the scene and week after week nearly 13 million viewers said thank you. this woman is fierce, unfiltered and totally fashion forward. kind of taraji in real life. >> are you surprised that you all are being able to do this on television? >> yeah. >> after 20 years of show business, you finally know who i am. n entertainer of the year -- taraji p. henson! >> what a year. we love taraji for her class, her sass and for leading a life with no script. one favorite m is when she told us what she really wants in a man. >> i need safety, somewhere go when i don't have to be hollywood, when i can take my wig off and you will love me and say, baby you're beautiful.
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i need a hero okay, i'm sorry. >> oh, yeah, she can sing. that leads us to number and 16 on our list. two pretty amazing singers. >> omark, get set. >> >> i am acting my age. that's w say. this is me. this is how i want to be. >> at 57 madonna gave us plenty to talk about this year. flashing her bare backside at the grammys. her eight-second makeout with drake. remember his reaction, th surviving that nasty spill at brit awards. >> if i wasn't in good shape, tuck and roll. >> at number 15, katy perry kicked off the year performing at the super bowl. and i was there. deflategate. >> i can assure everyone here that nothing in my performance will be deflated. >> good luck, good luck out
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>> our cameras captured the madness just before katy took the stage and she dazzled the estimated114 million people who watched the show. >> i think you did it. >> and to top it she was also named number one top earning woman in music making a reported $145 million in 2015. another big storyline for katy was her reported bad blood with taylor swift. >> at 14 is reese witherspoon. she kicked off the year with an oscar nod fo"wild." she launch own brand. and how cute to see her l alike daughter who is growing up so fast. >> and sofia vergara, where does the new bride rank on our list the top 20 stars of 2015? >> that's next.
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by -- congrats to the stars
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they'll receive thett2w`t3n@24" bt@qc., tt2w`t3n@24" "a@qs"h tt2w`t3n@24" bm@qx)d tt4w`t3n@24"" dztq k6$ tt4w`t3n@24"" entq ;2d tt4w`t3n@24"" gzt& "5< tt4w`t3n@24"" hnt& 2;p tt4w`t3n@24"" iztq xr( tt4w`t3n@24"" jntq j"h tt4w`t3n@24"" lzt& ro4 how big is beyonce? she hasn't put out any new music of her own this but she still tops our list. >> "b"beyonce. it was still a big year for her. she and husband jay-z launched their own streaming service channel. they taking family vacations with their beautiful daughter blue ivy and s all the pictures with her. 53.5 million instagram followers. >> just a few. no one put it to better use our star at number 12. sofia vergara shared every beautiful move she made during her wedding weekend extravaganza. >> i wanted flowers that were
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soft and romantic. >> i love him. joe's like family. i mean, he really is. i'm so happy he found sofia. they're so happy together. >> he was one of the 400 guests that witnessed the dos, got some of these party favors and got a hangover vitamin iv. >> the biggest surprise of the night was pitbull. he surprised guests and sang a bunch of his songs on stage. there are fun videos out there. >> joe was stage going oh, boy, there's going to be a riot. it is my friend. it will be fun. >> newlyweds instagramed their honeymoon fun then went back to work a week later. still feeling the wedding glow. >> how long did the reception to, 6:00 in the morning? was everyone drunk.
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>> i guess they drink alco sometimes. >> from sofia's big day to the breakups, blake shelton comes in at number 11. his split from m lambert was one of the biggest stories of the year and the story got bigger when he started d gwen stefani. this is pretty fun watching those two get close and closer. bieber, taylor swift or j. lo, which singer caught our attention in 2015? >> then a family of famous faceskendall, kim or caitl which one will we keep up the
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that is ahead. welcome back, everybo to our countdown of the top 20 stars of 2015. this is our list of the celebrities we covered the we've reached the top ten. >> at number ten, khloe kardashian. quite a year for her. she really stepped out of the shadow of hersisters. she got into amazing shape and released a self-help book, but the news that her estranged
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unconscious at a las vegas brothel that really kept khloe in the headlines. and khloe announced she was pulling back on their divorce because of the situation. she explained the reason to me at one of her book signings. guys are still married. >> well, i'm married for a multitude reasons but it's not intimate reasons. it's more for medical and to help him with a lot other things, but also with his mental strength and everything like that, it best choice to make at the time. >> it's interesting how that situation continues to unfold with lamar. >> another member of the kardashian family is our number nine star. kanye west. now, of course, the biggest news in his world was the arrival of baby number two with saint west. i mean, you can't beat a baby. >> no, but let's forget about kanye's growing fashion empire. his new yeezy became the most wanted on theplanet. >> moving on to number eight now, jusbieber.
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song this year. he went on a rehab tour to rework his image, but there was one particular biebs that needed no apology. what do you mean >> when those nude photos of him vacationing surfaced. he talked about it. >> i don't know what, i could have just come out of the water. i could have shrinkage. >> the way there's shrinkage. >> number seven, oprah definitely made major headlines. s finished her australian speaking tour dropped an impressive 26 pounds after signing that weight watchers deal and let's not for the eight-figure book deal she inked to share her life journey. >> you can have all the shoes, you can have, you know, with red bottoms, you can have all the square footage, you can have the cars, you can have the stuff. i had such -- that's the word.
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ten outf changes one night in that epic performance at the amas. >> the changes tonight are incredible. >> my team was on point tonight. it was sometimes we had four minutes to change. i got scratches. it's a war zone in there. >> at number five we've got kendall jenner. this photo was the most l shot on instagram all year. and the calvin klein underwear/victoria secret model gigi hadid was just crowned as bombshell next door. finally at four, george and amal this couple gave everybody # relationship goals. but when they adopted a dog. another reason we covered them. look at he amal has style to diefor. >> yes, she does. so does our next star. she perfected the art of the girl squad. she kept us guessing about her
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a man now. number three, taylor swift. >> oh, it's going to be just my friends ev on tour. they're sort of like anunspoken code that we're there for each other and we would never turn on each other. it's kind of like this alliance that is the best kind of friendship you can have. >> from john legend and lisa kudrow, taylor made concert tour the greatest drop-by ever. then there's this. taylor and calvin. they built a snowman together in vail last week. he spent the holiday with their family. after nine months together, it looked like things could be getting serious. not bad for the girl who told us this back at the grammys i february. >> i'm not going to walk home with any men tonight. i'm going to go hang out with friends.
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men get me in trouble. >> tomorrow, taylor would debut her high anticipated music video for "out of the woods," but let's break down some of her best moments of the year. sure, this twitter war with nicki minaj and the real bad blood with katy perry. but how about winning an emmy? she battled apple music with that letter and got them change their subscription plan. and then she visited sick fans make their day. back together >> so talented, so young. >> toso talented. family. >> drum roll. >> somekim kardashian and caitlyn jenner. >> which star is number one? what do you think north can
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bruce is about to have for all of us tosee? >> i think everybody can learn from cait's story. none of us have spoken and we're letting bruce speakfirst. >> 2015's going to be quite a ride. quite a ride. >> even kim was talking about caitlyn's year, but jenner is still number two on our list. cait will reteam with diane sawyer for a follow-up to last april. other jenner headlines, her series and that"vanity fair" cover. >> it was so beautiful. i went to the shoot and tha was my first time meeting caitl and it was too beautiful. and i'm so proud that she can just be hers i guess that's what life is about. >> but with the good also came bad. in february cait was involved in this car crash. the surveillance footage obtained by "e.t." shows the dramatic iks impact and the moments leading up to jenner's
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pacific coast highway in malibu. jenner is n injured and has not been charged with any crime. it happened on the same weekend grammys. we wanted to ask kim and kanye about it, but watch because he pointed and told kevin no questions. we have every kim's move covered to prove she was pregnant giving birth to baby saint. >> the doctors say this could be my last pregnancy with some of my medical issue. i'm grateful i have two. and you know, we'll just see what happens. >> she's d it again. she's won. kim kardashian. >> does that mean she broke our show? because she breaks the internet. >> we're broken. >> which "view" co-host temporarily replaced diane
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>> the answer is coming up next.
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from kaley cuoco to khloe cash dashian. the best revenge bods of 2015. plus khloe speaks out after her brother rob is hospitalized. see her sad message. and things heat up between rob and his girlfriend. she just turned 21. inside their steamy vacation. travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show. which "view" co-host temporari replaced diane sawyer to report the morning news? >> they may have come away from that feeling, hey, she has some possibilities here that we might be able to tap into.
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>> we should know that, >> why did we say barbara? anyway, both of them are fantastic. happy birthday, meredith. >> we'll leave you with a look at tomorrow's special new year's eve edition of "entertainment tonight." >> bye, everybody. >> and the oscar goe -- >> can you believe it? >> i need grammy. >> goodness! >> wow. >> yea definitely going to celebrate. >> it feels really good to live a dream.
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>> we love you.
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