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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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recruitment video.o. he's now turning the tables on hillary clinton. > hillarylinton created isis with obama. >>o, how will this affect the campaign? road rage murder. the popular college student gunned down after a a new year eve party. why did this stop a red light lead to violence? the hunt for the gunmen this morning and the new leads police are chasing down. and epic comeback. tcu onop of the world right now, taking one, two, three overtimes to beat the ducks. the wild celebrations, the dancing coach, the largest comeback in bowl history. why we'll always remember the alamo. hey, good morning. also coming up on the show, the breaking news out one of the most volatile regions in the world.
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the saudi arabian embassy in tehran, the source of the outrage and what it could mean for the middle east coming up. >> sensitive region right now. but we do start with a new view of the devaststation in missouri, a state swamp by the historic floods. this mning, 24 dead and more than 100 homes are destroyed. and this thing is far from over. it's a slow-moving disaster that's going t to last f months. the high water is heading down river to cities of memphis, vicksburg and baton rouge. >> and abc's indra petersons is reporting from what is now ground zero of missouri, cape girardeau. indra, good morning to you. >> reporter: exactly the right words, i'm standing in floodwaters in missouri. although no major rainfall is expected across the region, we have flood warnings posted from ssouri straight down to louisiana. this morning the dangerous mississippi ver floodwaters
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after community under water. north of little rock, arkansas, flooding so widespread, divers could be found swimmin in missouri, we charted the aftermath with city officials. >> the crest we had today was the highest crest t in histo. we've never seen ter like in history. >> go to work in the morning, everything's fine. then, come home in the evening, eight hours later, water rising 8 feet. >> reporter: leaving 24 dead and more than a hundred homes in ruin. now residents of cape girardeau, missouri, are banning together to save their community. the high school basketball team running a full-court press in an effort to minimize flood damage. seen here filling sandbags to protect a church community center. the family of one of the players forced to clear out their home. >> they had to move all that furniture furniture, everything out of their house.
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the watefilled homes. in illinois, the governor still urging the public to remain vigilant. >> please honor the request and evacuate. >> reporter: here, they had a rerd-breaking crest yesterday. more than 49 feet. now you can imagine everyone south of the region is nervous knowing that this water is heading down to the south. a week from now, memphis is expected to see flooding. minor flood stage. a week from now, the river is expected to crest. baton rouge, this threat of water that fell almost a month prior by that point in time coming into the region, threatening them with flooding that looks similar to what we're
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incredible. >> knowing the worst is not over. indra, we'll hear from youou later in the show. we want to move now to the race to president and donald trump has responded after beg featured in a terrorism recruiting video. the republicican frontunner is now pointing the finger at hillary clinton, but the bigger question, will this hurt the republican fronont-runner campaign with the iowa caucus less than one mon away? mary bruce with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. we're finally hearing from donald trump about that video but he's shrugging it off. he said at least he has t theuts to a address t bigger problem. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims enteringhe united states. >> reporter: his rhetoric is being used in a terrorism recruitment video. but donald trump isn't changing his message any time soon. >> does it concern you at all that you're being used in a
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>> what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say. >> reporter: telling cbs news, he's focused on the bigger picture. >> there's a problem, we have to find out what's the problem. and solve that problem. >> reporter: in a new video, al shabaab shows a clip of trump calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown. >> reporter: but the republican front-runner said he's not the only one to have been used in a terrorism video. >> they use other people, too. >> he's becoming isis' best recruiter. >> reporter: hillary clinton sparked fierce debate when she said trump's language was providing fodder for terrorists. a claim that was never proven. >> t they are ing to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: overnight, trump turned the tables on clinton. >> they've created isis, hillary clinton created isis with obama.
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camp. >> hillary clinton has to be tempted to say, told you so when this video e emerges, t she has to be careful. because she did overstate the facts on the debate stage a few weeks ago. so she's got to tread a bit carefully on this. but this is an essential argument against donald trump. >> now, all this comes as the candidates enter the final stretch to the iowa caucuses just four weeks away. the question now is wther trump can turn his high poll numbers into real votes? dan. >> a huge question lingering over this campaign. mary bruce reporting from the white hoe this morning. thank you. let's bring in martha raddatz who's also in washington, where she'll be hosting g "this we" later this morning. martrtha, goodorning, what cards does hillary clinton have to play here? as rick klein pointed out in mary's piece, this isn't a clean "told you so" moment. when she first argued it she did so without apparent evidence. >> well, she certainly did, what she'll do now is probably ignore
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and just say, see, i told you so, they are using donald trump in those videos and she'll try to move on from this. a lot of people have said a lot of things in this campaign that don't exactly turn out to be true. i think she'll use this as proof. >> when trump argues that clinton and obama, quote, created isis, is there any basis for that? >> well, we can get into a big, long discussion there, dan, you can look back over the l last decade about who created isis, how it started. it definitely ststarted the in iraq, you could argue, i suppose, and her opponents will probably argue that, because there weren't troops left behind, she'll say the iraqis didn't want any americans there. but others said, maybe, if you argued more to leave them there it might have made a difference. intelligence officials say, if we have had troops on the grground the intelligence would have been better. we might have had a bigger say
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but others will go back to george bush and blame him. >> this is a blame game that has been robust for a while. martha, thank you very much. we appreciate having you on a sunday morning. a reminder, martha has a big show this morning. she will be interviewing presidentialandidates ben carson and democratic senator bernie sanders. cong up on "this week" on abc. we mentioned earlier in the show that the middle et is a very volatile region this morning and ron, you have a look at that. as well as our headlines. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin overseas with fears of a violent backlash in the muslim world after an execution of a promint shiite clericic. nimr al nimr. puput to death on terrorism charges. abc's alex marquardt is tracking all the late-breaking details from london. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: goomorning. that's rht. fast and furious condemnation
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the supreme leader eye toll la khamenei saying that saudi arabia will face divine revenge of the execution. they threw molotov cocktails and set fires before being driven back by police. this is very significant and potentially dangerous development in the rivalry between iran, which is the biggest shiite muslim country in the world, and saudi arabia, because the cleric nimr al nimr was the leader of saudi's shiite minority. and spoke out against the royal family in saudi arabia. he was tried on terrorism-related charges. a trial that was called deeply flawed by human rights groups, ron. >> alex, thanks for that. back here at home in the u.s., millions of americans will be taking to the skies with today being the busiest day for air travel. some air travelers going from chicago to seattle, possibly trying to beat the rush. had a frustrating trip. passengers on an american
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stuck on the tarmac going from seattle to chicago for three hours, with no food, because of a fueling issue. airliners are projected to have 73,000 passengers more today than this date last year. now to a tense standoff in oregon where some armed militiamen have taken over a national wildlife refuge. their armed standoff with federal agents two years ago over grazing rights. they are now occupyi a federal government office on a wildlife preserve in the southeastern portion of oregon, they're doing this in support of two local ranchers facing prison time on arson charges. one of them is the son of cliven bundy took to facebook telling supporters, we need your help, come prepared. the owners of the oregon property which is on federal land say they'll peacefully turn themselveses in tomoow.
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powerball fever to get even hotter, this, after no one hit the big $300-plus million jackpot. the next drawing will be wednesday night, right now, it looks like the estimated jackpot -- sara, you were talking about this yesterday -- it's going up to 400 million bucks. i have a method for picking my numbers. i go with numbers of old yankee greats. i haven't won so far. i might switch to mets. maybe that will work. >> maybe try red sox. >> you know at for 400 million bucks i might try the red sox. >> thank you very much. >> start with number 9. no number 9 on the red sox. >> absolutely. we're out of time. from major league baseball to the nfl, it's a big day in the nfl because today marks the final day of the regular season but there's a new twist off the
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could usuay losing players find themselves big winners? >> lot of people really y stunned by this latest action by the district attorney here in new york, if he has his way it could soon be payday for thousands of people who lost money on those sites. thisis morningthe biggest names in daily fantasy sports facing a new, potentially crippling challenge, the new york attorneyey general going after draftkings and fanduel, to give back the money to their customers. this lawsuit alleges ads showing people easily making big bucks are misleading. claiming nearly 90% of draftkings players actually lost money. >> they originally deposited money with these daily fantasy companies based on doubling their money, which is what the a advertisements promised. he says that was a false promise. >> reporter: this is just
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fight. schneiderman filing suit in november. calling them illegal gambling operations. something both companies have repeatedly denied. those sites reportedly took in more than $200 million in entry fees from at least 600,000 customers in new york in 2015. the lawsuit aims to reimburse each of them for losses and pay a $5,000 penalty for each violation. fanduel vowing to o fight. this meritless amended suit. and draftkingsgs tells a news the lawsuit is based on the fundamental misunderstanding of fantasy sports competition. a judge has yet to decide whether that will continue as this case goes to trial. >> new york isn't the first state to really step in. >> these sites are alreadydy banned in nevada and there are
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lawsuits. we got new developments to tell you about this morning in the so-called affluenza teen. who wentn the lamb in mexico. it could take months for him to be deported back home to face criminal charges. abc's phillip mena is here with more. phillip, good morning. >> authorities in mexico may have ethan couch in custody but it could be a while before he's sent back to texas, and this morning, we're hearing why. a new defense for ethan couch, in an attempt in ending up in u.s. custody. his lawyer in mexico telling mexican authorities had no right to detain the teen. >> we want an eye for an eye. and that's human nature, but the reality is, he has not committed a crime in mexico. >> reporter: ethan and his mother tonya couch detained monday at this hotel. in puerto vallarta. the mother/son duo seen in these surveillance videos, apparently living off the grid for allegedly two weeks.
7:15 am
his probation, after the teen caused a car wreck, killing four while drunk driving. ethan's defense arguing he suffered from affluenza, too spoiled to understand his action >> i have never seen a case that sparked such outrage, that sparked such emotion from people. four totally innocent people were taken away inin a seconby the irresponsible actions of this juvenile. >> reporter: tonya has since been brought back to the u.s. onon the charge of hindering the apprehension of a fugitive. but ethan is still in mexico. after a judge granted him a temporary stay wle on his way to the airport, bound for the u.s. >> the injunction or rather the stay issued by the federal judge has made just in time because they were heading out to the airport and that injunction halted things. >> reporter: the next step is expected to come tuesday, that's when ethan couch will meet with his lawyer in mexico. there's also another possible
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might be, if ethan decides to waive his extradiction hearing. he would be sent immediately back to the u.s. >> phillip, thank you. appreciate it. we'll switch gears a little bit now and talk about college football. the game everybody's talking about this morning, tcu pulling off what seemed to be an impossible win at the alamo bowl. >> many reasons to celebrate. did the comeback have anything to do with the coach's wardrobe switch? overnight, a bowl game for the record books. >> that matches the largest comeback if bowl history. >> reporter: tcu stunning oregon a dramatic triple-overtime victory at the valero alamo bowl. >> it was 31-0 and tcu wins 47-41. >> reporter: the horned frogs entering the game without suspended starting quarterback boykin and oregon taking quick advantage in the first half, scoring again
7:17 am
insurmountable lead. the tcu coach opting for a change in wardrobe. in the second half the superstitious switch smed to pay off. the backup quarterback leading his team to 31 unanswered points, forcing the game into not one, but three overtimes, before running in the final touchdown himself, putting an exclamation point on the improbable comeback. >> at halftime, no one had any doubt we could come back and take it to three overtimes and win. >> reporter: tcu ending the night with a trophy and a victory dance, capping off a victory for the ag. >> wait, that's a dance? >> kind of looks like your dance, too. >> yeah, me doing stanky legg. >> yes. can you actually do the stanky legg?
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we also want a big reminder, dan, next monday night, we know what your plans are, national championship game, alabama/clemson. january 11th on our sister station, espn. >> who are you taking i ron? >> clemson, guarantee clemson will beat alabama. >> hainesy and i are taking alabama. just for the record. >> yeah, we're going with bama. >> i'll go with you so we can balance the table. >> if you have to pick one side of the table to go with -- go with that side. let's check the forecast now and back to indra in missouri. indra, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, dan, i have to mention, i don't have these battery-operated socks, your punishment is i want to see at stanky legg when i get back, is that a deal? it's been freezing cold across the country. because, yes, january, it has arrived. of course, we're finally starting to see some snow, the bulk hanging around the great lakes. we're seeing that lake-effect snow. a foot of snow has fallen in the region in places like michigan and upstate new york, you're
7:19 am
another 6 inches in the area. keep in mind, if you h have lake-effect snow, you have cold air from our friend, good ole canada. look at the wake-up temperatures for tomorrow. it's going to feel like the upper teens in the plains, midwest and northeast. look at tuesday morning, the temperatures drop even more, it looks like boston, you're going to feel like 0. what is that? seven degrees up towards new york city, even out towards d.c. the western half of the country, well, more like an el nino kind of winter. because here come the storms we have been talking about. a series of them bringing rain from not just northern california but that jet stream is now dropping, you'll be seeing rain through southern california. the concern is, though, heavy
7:20 am
concer >> i hope your guys are bundled up because i don't even remember what single-digits feel like. but you guys are going to feel them real soon. >> just to let you know, i gave him four options for your battery-powered socks. >> thank you, indra. coming up on "good morning america" -- the hunt few the new year's eve road rage killer who gunned down this college student. the clues police i have to go on.
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[bell chime] ting
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time, we are saluting our grand rapids, michigan, affiliate. wotv, channel 41 in grand rapids. contestants, please wait for the question to be asked before answering, okay? 38th president gerald ford was, of course, raised in grand rapids, and derek jeter grew up in kalamazoo. okay, are you ready for this? name the world-renowned meteorologist who got her start at a local television station in grand rapids >>ho is gingersie? >> you are correct. mark one for papaula. >> we all raised our hands. we were waiting for you to cal on us. this one is a little bit harder. this cereal company based in battle creek, michigan, is famous for tony the tiger -- featured in its frosted flake commercials.
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>> kellogg's. and welcome back to "good morning america" on a sunday morning. the dangerous mississippi floodwaters now heading south, thelooding swal lose so much in its wake. more than a hundred homes in ruin. this, as the illinois river continues to raise. it could reach historic crest later this week. also right now, the office building in san bernardino, the site of last month's mass terror shooting, it's getting ready to reopen tomorrow. it will welcome back its 600
7:29 am
security. also right now, rapper chris brown is facing new trouble this morning, he's atenter of a crinal battery investigation in las vegas. police are looking into a woman's claim that the singer hit her and then stole her cell phone from a hotel room saturday morning. brown's rep said the victim's account is, quote, a complete fabrication. coming up on the show this morning -- why today is like super bowl sunday in the online dating world. so, are you ready to compete? we got some tips and tricks for making an irresistible dating profile. >> you would have an advantage -- >> really? okay, we'll find out why. let me switch gears, we have a pretty tough story to tell you about starting off this half-hour. there's a scramble right now to
7:30 am
the hunt is onon this moing for a gunman who opened fire on a car driven by a popular sorority sister. >> abc's aditi roy joins us with this heartbreaking story. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. this morning, police in texas are asking for the public's help in finding the people responsible for the death of a young college student. she was helping her friends out on new year's eve by being their designated driver but she nevever mamade it ba homome. this morning, police on the hunt for the men who they say gunned down this college student on new year's eve, turning a night of celebration into a road rage mystery. >> we got a lot of people we're wanting to talk to atthis time. >> reporter: according to investigators, university of north texas junior sasara mutschlechner was acting as a designated driver, after attending a new year's eve party with a group of her sorority sisters. at this top light, an suv pulled up alongside the
7:31 am
males were in n that car exchanged some words. >> reporter: one in the suv opened fire, hitting her in the head, causing her to lose control of her car, hitting another vehicle then cshing. mutslechner along with another passenger were rushed to the hospital. >> after she went to the hospital she later on passed away. >> reporter: overnight, her parents gathered with hundreds of students and friends to mourn their loss. >> there are so many people that knew her, that she touched her lives. she never met a stranger. >> she was friends with everyone. >> reporter: remembering the tv and film major as selfless, spirited and fun-loving. >> she was just one of those people who also had a smile on her face. never said no to an adventure. >> reporter: now, police hoping to bring her killers to justice, saying at least two of the men in the suvere at that same new year's eve party and asking for any attendees who may have taken photos or videos to come
7:32 am
>> we're sure people at the party would have recognized who was in that vehicle. >> reporter: police say the passenger in the victim's car who was injured was treated and released from the hospital. th're asking for the public's help in tracking down thpeople responsible for this hour riffic tragedy. >> you just hope that family can have some justice and closure. thank you, aditi. let's check the weather once again anand indra in cacape girardeau, missouri. good morning once again. good morning. thnumber one question i think i have been asked this year, it's been so warm in the eastern half of the country, is it going to stay this way for winter? that's looking less and less likely as 2016, i think it's the game-changer here, notice cooler air is filtering in over the next seval days, this isn't going to last too long. we're still switching the pattern, all of that starts out west. the jet stream is dropping. a series of storms will be
7:33 am
about some winter storm warnings in the pacific northwest. as that system makes its way farther down to the south, we're going to be talking about some freezing rain. warmer farther south, then complete rain out there. since e the jet ream has dropped, we'e're talki about cool air, cooler air for the rest of the country through the middle of januar you by macy's. now, remember, i'm not the game-cnger. i'm not the one bringing the cold weather. most important take-away today. >> it's not your fault. it's dan's fault. >> that's right.
7:34 am
call today datg sundayay, the biggest day of the year. apparently in online dating. we got strategies from maximizing for your profile. are we doing periscope now? >> we are. you're on lilive. for all of those people who want more behind the scenes details we love getting your questions. so, please tweet us. this morning, we learned more about domestic dan harris. two words not put tether very often. >> with a very short periscope. >> the first two seconds and then we moved on. >> they're telling me we got to
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so, apparently, today is the busiest day of the year for online dating. >> acting as if u didn't know that, right? they call it dating sunday since singles are starting the year looking for love in all the right places. here with advice is abc's mara schiavocampo. >> maybe it was your mom begging over christmas about when you'll finally settle down or the valentine's day is right around the corner. we here at "good morning america," we want to help you find love.
7:38 am
dating, here's hoto put your best digital foot forward. >> no, no. >> looking for love in all the wrong places. today might be your day to find a soulmate. according to, the sunday after new year's is prime time to find love. they call it, dating sunday. >> thought i'd give it a try. >> i joined match to find that one great person. >> reporter: the online dating site says between christmas and valentine's day, there's typically a 60% spike in new users. so, what makes today the best day to logogon for le? well, according to match, day to logon for love?w sundays are e always tir busiest day of the week and with emotions running high during the holidays there are plenty of breakups which means more fish in thehe sea, if finding love was e of your resolutions, start revamping those online profiles, because you may be in luck. >> there's a strategy for online dati, and if you don't use it,
7:39 am
>> reporter: tip number one, choose a clever user namame. maybe one that begins with an earlier et letter in the alphabet. tip number two, make your profile photo stand out. >> y can learn everything you need to know from the first picture. >> reporter: and adding flash not such a bright idea, photos with flash can add six years to your age. and finally, tip number three, keep your bio short and sweet. all right, here's one more tip, when you approach someone online, start with a compliment and a question, to get things going and there's something else that spikes after the new year's, pregnancy. >> here you go. >> the long nights and the cold days who bring people together. boo season. >> flu season?
7:40 am
flu that tears people apart. >> fair enough. the reason i have an advantage in this because my name starts with "d." >> dan, paula, then ron and sara. >> it's not the rugged good looks -- > that acally helps. >> we didn't text when we dating. >> are they priorityized alphabetically. >> yes. it autoaggregates based on answers on questions. i would have had a chance. >> thank you, mara. coming up on "good morning america" -- we fixed your love life, kind of. now it's your work life, best steps to boost your career in our "weekend download." >> keep it smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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you know the new year is about more than weight loss resolutions. it is time to take stock of what's going on at work and you figure out what you want to accompli in n 2016. here to help us out with that is abc's tory johnson. big task, what rst. >> a big task. analyze 2015. work was terrible, i'm glad that's over. i'm here to say focus on the positi, what did you accomplish. the things that you're the most proud of. use all of that to update your resume. this is a really good time of year to update your resume so you're always resume-ready. >> make sure everything is truthful on the resume. >> we hope, yeah. >> you've done that, what's the next step after you have your resume in hand? >> you want to define some goals, focus on specific goals. smalls goals and big goals. small goals, i want to get additional experience. learn new skills.
7:44 am
current position. big al is, like, get out of here, i want to do something different. that's when you're going to use those goals to develop your action plan. what are the specific things you're going to do? who are the people you're going to connect with? and the number one focus should be people. because people hire people. the more people you can connect with about that goal you determined, the better chance of actually accomplishing that goal early in the year. >> it's always about people. >> that's right. >> great advice. back to you guys. >> thank you, rob and tory. coming up on "good morning america" -- from grammy, beyonce's hollywood plans. keep it here. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs.
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what's going on? >> we're starting with queen b. makes sense in "pop." 20 grammys under y your belt she's setting your sights on oscar the singing superstar is reportedly writing a screenplay for a movie and casting herself as any good screenwriter would in a lead role. her sty is based on a woman from south africa forced to appear in freak show because o of her large backside. beyonce is no stranger to movies. i love when a story comes out that i never heard before. you kindf get to live it. have you heard the s story? >> we're going to. it's a bittersweet evening for "downton abbey." sad to know these will be the final nine episodes. since its debut five years ago,
7:50 am
lines. the writer of the e series, rd julian fellows, has said, he said he no sense of obligation to deliver happy endings so expect to shed some tears along the way. but, fans, take heart. this may not be -- there's word a movie could be in this works. >> really? >> g get excit. i love that about the "game of thrones" writer, too. i don't always want a happy ending. >> the game of thrones writer is like -- >> he's like the opposite side of the spectrum. >> who do you like the most? we're going to kill him. >> yeah. you like this one? he'll die at the wedding. >> awful. and jennifer lopez pulled off an amazing job as host of the american music awards, really feeling the spotlight, but now she's revealing it wasn't easy. she wore ten different outfits in the show.
7:51 am
scratches and bruises everywhere from trying on so much stuff. she's looking forward to h her upcoming las vegas residency, performing in a more intimate space. and speaking and eating of of -- we got some cake here. dress, the one that broke the internet. everyo weighing in on white or gold or black and blue. now, meet the cake, this masterpiece, as you rotate it, you can see -- >> i'm rotating it. >> you can see that it changes colors, and she brought us our own cake. that's cool. >> look at that. >> she said she created it by accident. scratch it like a record. >> she said she spins while she decorates it with an airbrush. >> i have a question, is the susan after the lazy susan was
7:52 am
>> my sister is susan so we feel it might have been named after her. >> is this an optical illusion? >> yeah, totally. >> do you want to try it, though? >> that's a bit of a large piece, but sure. >> oh. >> dan. dan. >> dan. >> i told you they should have given us forks. >> that's something you're 1-year-old would do. oh, my gosh, how old are we? >> that was grotesque, dan. thank you for watching. have a good day. watching. have a gooood day. good morning, america. max and the coach here with you. busy saturday around the sports world.
7:53 am
bowl game we have been looking for. san antonio. valero alamo bowl. bram kohlhausen, only career start as a senior, filling in for trevone boykin who was suspended, sent home after his arrest earlier this week. they're trailing at the half. they came all of way back, sent it to overtime. in overtime, kohlhausen's going to find porter. they wou take a 38-31 lead. but it goes to three overtimes. tied at 41. tcu scores here. kohlhausen keeps it, they would step oregon and it ties for the largest bowl comeback, ever, at 31 points. >>nuggets/warriors. steph curry back in the lineup, missed the last two games. played just 14 minutes, gets a three there.
7:54 am
getting kicked in his left shin. he finished in five points. the nuggets came back to force overtime. goldlden stateaking care of it. scary moment at the end. green injured on that last play. checked by paramedics, take on the the hospital for precautionary reasons. 34th straight home win for golden state. >> all right, that does it for us. max, coach, week 17 in the nfl, enjoy. we'll see you next,
7:55 am
we'll see you next time. >> announcer: s starting right now onon abc's "this week" -- it's 2016. with less than a month to iowa, one-time front-runner ben carson making big moves to shake up his campaign. but, will it be too little too late? we're one-on-one with carson, it's an abc news exclusive. and, donald trump's new feud with bill clinton. >> the husband's one of the great abusers in the world.
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