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tv   Roske On Politics  ABC  January 10, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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>> "roske on politics" >> we will become a rich and great nation again. thank you, great honor. >> we have the top one tenth of one percent owning more wealth. >> what do the iranian mullahs conclude? keep going. >> the things i've been concerned about in the nation have not changed. >> we're chatting with mark leibovich. >> governor bobby jindal. >> hop on the back. >> this is not just a prop today. >> kelsy gabbert. >> aloha. >> nor to harken. >> sometimes you don't have to win the caucus, if you come in a good second or third and no one expected it. >> governor, rick cline. >> been on the show several items.
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>> any candidate has to engage with the people of iowa. >> the highest ranking democrat in the state of iowa. >> i haven't eaten anything other than the fried snicker, can't describe it. like going to heaven. >> we need to push back to the rnc this is is a dumb way to do it. at the end of the day brad pitt will be in our debate. >> whoever the nominee is gets to pick who their vice-president is going to be. not a lot of folks have stepped forward boldly and said, bernie sanders is my man texas congressional or u.s. senate level. we're delighted that someone has the courage and the moral
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his fellow congress persons and to the senators and to all elected officials it is appropriate to act on principle, and congressman ellison always acts on principle. he is a strong supporter of "black lives matter," a leader of the progressive caucus of the united states caucus, he is a congressman from minneapolis, minnesota, and we are delighted our neighbor to the north has come to our grand opening ceremonies today. put your hands together. keith ellison. >> that was an awesome introduction. with your level of energy and all the good feelings in this room, we're going to be well set
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[applause] >> just really thank you so much because iowa is the leadoff. you guys are going in there first. and whatever you do here, is going to resonate throughout the nation. even the world. in this very campaign, right here, in iowa, right here in newton, i've met people oh have come from australia and toronto and all around to campaign with you because they know that the revolution starts here. because they know that if you guys will come in here and make a beachhead not for a person, but for good wages, but for not offshoring our jobs, but for climate change. but for social security. but for student college affordability, if you will come in here and make a bold stroke
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person of a guy named bernie sanders, you will create a sense of eventual -- create a momentum that will carry us into new hampshire, into south carolina, and to nevada, and all super tuesday throughout the whole election. >> welcome back to "roske on politics," here with congressman keith ellison. what wring brings you to iowa. >> i came here to support my good friend bernie sanders. i wanted to thank the volunteers and encourage them to reach out to one more person and one more person after that. another reason i came is because there's been a lot of anti -- a lot of ugly rhetoric around religion, a lot of things, some of the republican candidates said some hasteful things about muslims and mexicans, and i joined with an enter faith group, muslims, christians,
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that we're all in this thing together and not going to let hate divide us. so i actually was part of a panel yesterday in des moines, proud to say we'll be one country, one nation, indivisible. that was great. >> you're a sitting member of congress. we have two other democratic candidates, why bernie and not o'malley or clinton. >> they're good people no question. both of them are infinitely bert than the republican field, but i'm for bernie because bernie has been the most consistent supporter of the american working family of anyone in the race. he has consistently and relentlessly made the welfare of the american worker and his and her family a top priority. he was out in front on the climate change before others were. he has been out in front on bad trade deals and standing up for fair trade before other folks.
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some plant closings. i think maytag shut down, moved the people's jobs to mexico. kind of set some people back. bernie has been speaking against that from before it was popular. he didn't vote for nafta or and is against the transpacific partnership now. that's why i'm for bernie. bernie is thinking about kitchen table issues for people in newton, iowa, minneapolis, minnesota, and everywhere in between. >> you mentioned in your remarks sometimes small money is better than big money. explain that. >> because in order to get the same amount of money you got to go to a bigger number of people, and when people are -- who are working hard for every penny, are investing part of their income in a campaign, they're sending not just money, they're sending hopes and dreams and commitment, and those folks will knock on doors and make calls and reach out to neighbors and
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money because what big money is about getting a couple of billionaires to toss in behind you. that means your base of support is narrow, and small money means your base of support is very wide. >> is this a symbolic endorsement or do you think your candidate can get the nomination and go to the general. >> no question bernie can win this thing and we got to believe that. i'm not down here to try to influence another candidate in this race. i am not down here to try to get -- to drive the debate. i'm down here to seiber any sanders win the presidency of the united states, period, end of conversation. you know what i mean? that's the thing. and it's do-able and it's winnable. eight years ago who thought that some obscure senator from illinois was going to be able to take it? i'm telling you, iowa makes the unlikely happen all the time. right? amazing things happen here, and
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about -- in a few days. >> congressman keith ellison represents the minneapolis part of minnesota where i used to live. down here in newton iowa, he
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we'll be right back. >> this guy is robert becker, the state director for bernie sanders,. [applause] >> last two days, we have been to boone county, waterloo and cedar rapids, apologize for being late. cedar rapids didn't want him to leave. bernie has been drawing huge crowds in the east and southeast but these meetings are going on all over the stateful there's something going on. >> something going on. >> and i'm going to let the pundits be pundits and haters be haters. look, this campaign -- i tell people i'm honored to serve as a state director.
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bernie was losing iowa 61-5. let me tell you something, we want it losing 61-5. right now it's precinct, precinct, house to house, street to street. sometimes winning a caucus is a matter, did you bring your neighbor, your cousin, bring your coworker? so, you guys have didn't before, have to educate a lot of new folks. a reporter asked me, last poll says you guys are crushing everybody in the under45 crowd, and the first time caucus goers and that's al -- all you got. we kind of call that the future. one other thing. somebody asked me the other day, rapid fire question. said, well, recent reports that bernie only has 20 served air time on the networks and donald trump had 81 minutes. what can we do to change that? i said, win, iowa. the next question is, bernie
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how are you going to change that? i said, win iowa. six, seven months, 2.3 million contributions. a lot of us around eight years ago when obama decide well with fundraising, never thought it would be shattered that quickly and by this margin. that's how you beat big money. 23, 24, $28 at a time from hundreds of -- we're over a million americans already have given us some. so keep it up. i'm honored to be part of this but its becoming in your hand, get it down. >> all right,. [applause] >> we have. >> welcome back to "roske on politics." standing here with robert becker, the state directyear for iowa, for bernie sanders' campaign. you mentioned something is going on here. 28 years working in politics. what makes this campaign different than others?
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it's the unbelievable support that is coming out from everyday, hard-working iowans, all age groups, younger folks and working class, and it's just a great honor to sort of work in this role and to see it coming together. >> the bernie sanders campaign has many donors giving small amounts of money. why has that been what he decided to do instead of superpacs. >> he believe we have a rigged economy backed by a corrupt plate sal system and you can't take their money. so he's not reaching out to the billionaire class and the special interests. people of this country have been responding in unprecedented record-shattering amounts of small donors, 2.3 million plus and growing, and it's the type of thing that will fuel this political revolution he started in the campaign. >> just a few weeks until the iowa caucus.
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counties is going to do? >> we're going to do well. the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger, organizers can train people how to get out and caucus. at the end of the day, iowa makes the first decision. very simple, on caught night, 1600 precinct caucuses, just meetings. if we show up and get the numbers, we'll be off and running to what we think will be a very successful campaign. >> robert becker runs iowa for the bernie sanders campaign, thank youor chatting. >> appreciate it.
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break. >> the number of issues at stake this election season will affect the future of manufacturing. manufacturing voters, can't afford to take this election for granted. we need to hear from every candidate about how he or she would support manufacturing. we're thrilled that senator rubio is here to take that opportunity because i know manufacturing issues are the utmost important not only for this community but for every
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country. so, senator, thanks again for being here. on behalf of wilder and the knoxville community and aem, we're grateful to to you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the future of this vitally important industry. so everybody, miss welcome to the stage, senator marco rubio. [applause] >> i want to speak today about the future of manufacturing in america. it's a future i believe actually can be very bright. but to make it so we have to embrace the economic changes of our times. and that's something that few in washington seem willing to do. so let's go back in time. when my parents first came here to americain' 1956, our country's manufacturing strength wag truly unchallenged. it was common to find a job at a local factory right out of high school that paid enough to buy a home and car and send your kids to college and eventually to be
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this industrial economy peeked around 1980. when there were roughly then 20 million americans who held manufacturing jobs. this fluctuated and declined slowly over the next two decades. but it wasn't until around the turn of this century, this new century, that something dramatic happened. between 2000 and 2010, america lost six million, over 35%, of its manufacturing jobs. as a result, families found themselves out of work and slipping out of the middle class. entire cities and towns that were once booming with industrial might, saul the fact riz shuttered and buildings abandoned. only a small portion of the jobs lost have been rogained today. and -- regained today and many
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economy that makes things again. >> here with pat whiler, this is
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why did you decide to have senator rubio speak at your manufacturing plant today. >> it was aems show and i was supportive of them to get the message out to candidates how they're going to support manufacturing in this country. >> are you having other candidates come as well? >> not yet. we'll see. we're inviting them all. >> what did you think of what senator rubio said. >> very good. he talked about the need for vocational jobs and how important those are to a manufacturing company like ours. we're not the only people that do this kind of work, so we need a lot more kids and families to get interested in this type of business. >> tell us about this company. this is your company. what's the background of your company. >> i started weiley in 2000. there's five of us and we just got started doing piece parts and then started developing products, engineering products, and then kind of goes piece by piece. >> i see huge machines with your
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you build that thing. >> any company does, there's 300 people doing the work. i am just overhead a little bit. >> how long -- you said you started in 2000? how long did it take to get to this size? >> yesterday. it's a continuum. so, we grow a little built every year. we try to introduce a new machine every year, and then as long as we can protect the machine we developed last year and keep growing that business. so, got great people, great people in the manufacturing plant, fantastic people out designing equipment. we're just real where blessed to have great employees. >> you are obviously very successful business owner here in iowa. what are you looking for in a candidate? >> well, let's keep in mind when we passed deregulations we don't know what they mean and congress doesn't know what they mean, washington doesn't know what they mean. some of those are good rules and
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probably all of them are but we don't know what they mean. so we're trying to understand what the regulations are and sometimes, maybe 50% of the time, we fulfill those regulations and fine out that's not what the rule was meant. because there's not standard work, not standard processes how to comply with the regulations. and that happens all the way across the country. everybody who is trying to follow the regulations. so i would like to have a better process where by a new rule or regulation comes out, all the standard work is done and everybody understands what is required. >> have you hosted a candidate before? >> local. local candidates, sure. representative patrick, but nothing on this stage. >> you mentioned open invite to other candidates. >> absolutely. why not? >> pat weiler. thank you vern much for
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don't go anywhere. >> bernie has been exactly the same for the last three or four decades, he has made it clear what his positions on the issues are and hasn't varied.
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to the principle, and the heart for the people, think that's really what attracted me to the bernie sanders campaign. >> where do you live. >> just south of newton, in jasper county. great area, not far outside the city so i can be here in five minutes. >> how long you lived there? >> just coming up ten years. >> ten years, decade, you're an iowan and decided to jump in for bernie. why bernie specifically? >> well, bernie for many, many reasons. in brief, because he really understands the plight of the middle class. the middle class in america is shrinking. when i was a kid, people could have nice lifestyles. not work 70 hours a week at subwages, and everybody seemed to do well back then in the middle class. the middle class has been shrinking rapidly ever since. now to stay even you have to have two incomes, working more than 40 hours a week.
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taking on big money. let me tell you what beats big money. small money. why? because you need more people. and when you get, like -- two million separate contributions -- >> 2.3 million. >> that means that 82-year-old woman is taking her ten dollar check and sending it to the bernie campaign. >> we know a lot of people in this world might be working two or three jobs or living on fixed income, and i don't see too many
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billionaires here. good morning and welcome to the home show as we kick off year 33 on the sunday morning. we're talking about new construction neighborhoodsaround the metro with some of the best builders and iowa reality professionals. if you go to iowa you'll see hundreds around the metro and you can visit this afternoon. our special feature is a great iowa home in johnston, iowa.
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