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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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will be that they'll be working with. inside the walls of the iowa state capitol, lawmakers are ready figure out funding for iowa schools. bobby kaufmann 18:56 getting education funding done early is the key to this session. janet petersen 26:01 i'm hopeful we can come together on education funding. keven koester 14:40 love the education process, think we'll do better by it this year. in a news conference, democrats say they're the ones following the law. education funding is supposed to be decided on two years at a time, they proposed a 4 percent increase for schools last year and that's the same senate file that house republicans took a look at again today. mark smith :45 we're glad the republicans are starting to move on the issue of school funding, but we want to point out they are 336 days late. they moved on the issue, but lowered the amount to a 2 percent increase instead of 4, which is even lower than what the governor proposed in his budget. branstad 9:46 i'm recommending 2.45%,
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year. amanda tag 23:27 leaders from both parties say education funding is a top priority, and needs to be decided early. there's still a big gap between what each side is proposing. from the statehouse, amanda krenz, local 5 news. we are iowa. " stephanie: again, here's a breakdown of those numbers. governor branstad in his condition of the state asked for a 2 point 45 percent increase in education funding. the senate democrats are holding on to 4 percent. and a house committee proposed today a 2 percent increase for the budget. jack: a fire in west des moines heavily damaged a house this morning. jack/1shot: crews were called to the house around 10-30 this morning in west des moines. the house is in the 600 block of juliann road, near some woods, which made it difficult for fire crews to get to a fire hydrant. the fire started on the second floor of the house. the cause is not clear yet. the home
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"if you look at the narrow streets, the trees around, the house sits back off the road, it does pose challenges especially with teh big fire trucks we can only get so many close by " jack: two people were inside at the time, but they got out before the fire took over. no injuries were reported. stephanie/ram: he tried to hide his identity...but des moines police are hoping you'll recognize a man who robbed the same pharmacy twice. both robberies happened at fifield pharmacy on university avenue. the suspect was wearing a wig during the second incident. he's described as 5 foot 9 and in his early 30s or 40s. the suspect did not display a weapon during either robbery, but did threaten to shoot the store clerk. jack/1shot: des moines police are also looking in to a strange shooting report from early wedensday morning. a man showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound around 3 in the morning. he said he got lost on the freeway coming home from a friend's house and decided to follow another car in the area. he says the driver of the other car got
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near 22nd and the victim stopped at a git and go gas station to change a tire -- and that's when he realized he'd been shot. when officers went back to the shooting scene, they found bullet casings. they're still looking into it. stephanie/1shot: iowa is better- positioned than most states to lead the way in the bio- processing industry, according to a new report. the iowa biotechnology association put the report out today, and found that statewide incentives will bring jobs to the state, as well as allow iowa to emerge as a leader in biorenewable chemical investments. "there's tremendous potential for innovation here in iowa. we've demonstrated innovation and leadership in biofuels and now we have the opportunity to extend that leadership into the production of renewable biochemicals." stephanie: more than 50- thousand jobs are expected to be created in the bio-chemical field, and the report says many of those could be in iowa
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made. jack: we have a winner! or rather, three winners to the powerball lottery. jack/lam: the jackpot frenzy is dying down now after three big winners are taking home hundreds of millions of dollars. tennesee, florida, and california are where the lucky tickets were purchased. and the store owners who sold those winning tickets are just as happy. abc's lauren lyster has more from california. " (nats party) last night it was a party (nats party / presser cameras) today it was a million dollar payday --for a store owner who didn't win the lottery... but sold a winning ticket even without a winner coming forward, it's been a scene at this chino hills 7-11 since news came last night the los angeles area store -sold a winning powerball ticket in the nearly 1.6 billion dollar jackpot....the winner has a year to come forward. sot from press conference--"talk to us. we're here to help you. we want to help you start this wonderful journey. winning a big cash prize should never ever be a nightmare two other jackpot
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melbourne beach florida publix grocery store dwane stevens publix supermarkets "we were informed this this location sold the lottery player "i think it's awesome ? i think it's incredible." and one sold in munford tennessee-- a city of just 6,000. sot tn newser millions of other powerball players today, learning to accept that they need no such help in managing a new fortune. nats - disappointment: i tried, i tried tag: and if you caught powerball fever and still can't shake it - you can still play... the next drawing is saturday - but officials estimate the jackpot will be back to a mere $40 million bucks. lauren lyster, abc news, chino hills ca. " jack/lam: here in iowa, one person won a 2 million prize off last night's lottery. the ticket was purchased at a casey's gas station in onawa. six other tickets were
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that came within one number of the lucky ticket. those lucky winners of 50- thousand dollars each are scattered across the state, from mason city to west des moines. iowans purchased more than 12 million dollars in powerball tickets for the drawing wednesday night. stephanie/ram: it looks like a lot of people tuned out president obama's final state of the union. . the speech had its lowest t-v rating in fifteen years. 31-point-3 million viewers on average watched tuesday night. that's according to nielsen data. that number does not include those who streamed the speech or online. however did create a buzz on social media. generating 2- point-6 million tweets... spiking the president's final words. coming up on five... out! find out who got the most nods and which movies got the cold the academy. jack: republican hopefuls are out of iowa for the day and in south carolina tonight for another debate. find out who's expected to shine in the
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stephanie: and... straight ahead on local 5 news at 5... the latest iowa democratic presidential poll shows the race to the white house remains close with less than three weeks to go until the iowa caucuses. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad news at 5, we are iowa." stephanie: hillary clinton is the latest presidential poll from iowa. stephanie/1shot: out of the three iowa-related polls released this week, only one puts clinton ahead of bernie sanders. the des moines register - bloomberg poll shows clinton at 42 percent, but sanders is not far behind with 40 percent. and martin o'malley remains in a distant third with 4 percent of the vote. jack/ots: in the race for the white house, republican for an tonight. it'll be one of profile sway voters iowa caucus, which is now the new front- runner in iowa is likely to be the attacks.
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facing new questions ahead of tonight's critical g-o-p debate. a new york times report says senator ted cruz borrowed a million dollars from big wall street banks to finance his run for senate... but didn't tell the federal election commission about it. (sot cruz) "if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the fec requires than we'll amend the filings cruz says it was a simple mistake, a filing error. but the candidate-- who has railed against big banks and wall street bailouts-- could now face a new line of attack from his challengers. (sot trump) nats music "trump is kicking ass (bleep) in florida" to a crowd of more than 10-thousand in pensacola, florida wednesday... donald trump kept up his "birther" attack on the canadian-born cruz-- questioning whether he can legally be president. (sot trump) "supposing he runs and everyone's banking on him and then the courts rule that he can't run. that's not so good! what do you do? concede the election to hillary clinton or crazy bernie?! right?! trump has threatened to hit back much harder at any opponents who dare to strike him in
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the prime-time showdown... after carly fiorina and rand paul were bumped down to the undercard debate. (sot paul) "to be artificially designated in some kind of lower second tier sends a signal to the voter that you're not the same and don't have a chance." paul... telling abc news radio why he's boycotting tonight's debate.. and using a hand gesture to show how his supporters feel about fox's decision to take him off the main stage. " jack/wxhang: we'll have a complete analysis of the debate coming up at local 5 at 10. stephanie: chief brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather toss)) forecast with chief
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independent weather experts" jack: we have the first hurricane of the year. and yes -- it is only january. alex became an 85-mile-per hour hurricane thursday morning. the national hurricane center issued hurricane warnings for parts of the azores islands -- where the storm is expected to hit friday morning. this is very uncommon -- alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. jack/3shot: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now with central iowa's most accurate forecast. brad? brad: (adlib) brad: (adlib) brad: weather adlib: put script here in green it really felt like
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of central iowa reaching the 40s while locations to our south reached the 50s! well, don't get too comfortable because much colder air is on its way again. tonight will be fairly mild early with partly cloudy skies. later tonight the winds will turn more to the nw and it will become mostly cloudy. temperatures by morning will be in the mid to upper 20s and should be steady or falling through the day friday. there could also be a few flurries or snow showers mainly in the morning hours. saturday will be even colder even with a little bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds. temps will be in the 0s in the morning and
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the afternoon. it is looking like a chance for some snow saturday night with maybe 1-2" possible for mainly sw iowa. after this system goes through, sunday will be our coldest day with some areas staying below zero all day! there will also be enough wind to push wind chill values into the -10s and -20s! next week is also looking pretty cold with a another chance for snow by tuesday. brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie: thanks, brad! stephanie: and the warm
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today was perfect for weather we had today was perfect for weather we had today was perfect for runners in the metro. lots of people seen here at grays lake opted for shorts and a tshirt with the unseasonably
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jack: coming up on local 5 news at five... we'll local 5 news at five... we'll break down the oscar nominations announced earlier. and who may be going to the awards a little upset. 5 news at 5 in hd. we
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could be a big year for "the revenant." stephanie: this morning... the academy award nominations were announced? and surprise snubs. los angeles. revenant" in the hunt for oscar gold -- "the revenant" -- leads the pack... receiving 12 nominations including best picture... sot -- "leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." ?and a fifth acting nod for -- leonardo dicaprio --
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blaustein, abc news radio entertainment correspondent jack/2shot: and in more celebrity news...
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and in more celebrity news... british actor alan rickman has passed away at the age of 69. stephanie: rickman was best known for playing the villain hans gruber in "die hard" and severus snape in the "harry potter" series. he also appeared in robin hood, sense and sensibility, and love actually.,,,my quest. rickman was one of film and admired actors, signature nasal baritone voice. sources say rickman had been battling cancer. we'll be right back. brad/wxhang script here in green it really felt like
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south reached the 50s! well, don't get too comfortable because much colder air is on its way again. tonight will be fairly mild early with partly cloudy skies. later tonight the winds will turn more to the nw and it will become mostly cloudy. temperatures by morning will be in the mid to upper 20s and should be steady or falling through the day friday. there could also be a few flurries or snow showers mainly in the morning hours. saturday will be even colder even with a little bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds. temps will be in the 0s
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the afternoon. it is looking like a chance only get to the 10s in the afternoon. it is
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breaking news tonight. the showdown. the battle even before they take the stage tonight. a dead heat between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa.
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what ted cruz said about new
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