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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  December 28, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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with ronny howard.
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. captioning provided by caption associates, llc eric: good afternoon and thanks for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric weisfeld. >> rochelle: and i'm rochelle dean. we are live from man and gervais.
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let's get right at it. some of you are getting back start of your work week. enjoying your holiday. enjoy as much is the weather which could make for a messy commute for travelers. meteorologist jonathan kennedy has your first forecast. tell us more, jonathan. >> jonathan: good afternoon. a very muggy, mostly cloudy day. we've seen a little sunshine peeking through the clouds and radar indicating a few showers nearby but we haven't seen a lot downtown and a lot of this struggling to get going but it's very humid, very warm, so the instability is growing and we should see a chance to see afternoon. as i mentioned haven't seen a lot locally, haven't seen a lot either but we plan to see some rain later this afternoon. temperatures climbing into the mid-70s. sumter, orangeburg already at 77. 74 downtown. 75 at the airport. wind maintained out of the south bringing more warm and moist air.
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humid atmosphere coming our way this afternoon. the rain mainly back to our west, that's where the strong line of storms going through birmingham at the moment but i plan to see a slightly diminished form of the system. i'll have details coming up in a few minutes. eric: if you're hitting the roadways, get ready to pump your brakes. take a look, this was the scene on i-26 in columbia yesterday and aaa says this traffic is only going to pick up. from now until january 3rd more than 100 million people are expected to travel more than 50 miles from home because of lower gas prices and higher incomes. those roads seeing their share of accidents this weekend including this rollover at north main and sunset drive. it happened yesterday afternoon near the family dollar. >> rochelle: according to columbia police, one person was hurt. cpd says the nissan flipped and hit a telephone pole after colliding with another vehicle. authorities say charges will be filed but there's no word yet on specific charges. rochelle: richland county
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deputies are investigating a shooting that has left one person dead in eastover. >> eric: richland county sheriff's department officials say a man died after being shot in the upper body along megan court last night. deputies have one person in custody. we'll continue to bring you more information as it becomes available. eric: another shooting just a short distance away also in eastover landed 48-year-old mark volstromer behind bars. richland county deputies say the incident happened last night in the 1100 block of antioch amex church road after an ongoing dispute turned deadly. deputies say volstromer's wife was taking pictures of a fence on a property line. officials say the victim was driving by, stopped his truck and began exchanging words about the fence when deputies allege volstromer came out of his home body. rochelle: richland county deputies are also investigating a shooting from saturday morning of hard scrabble road. department officials say the
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sending one man to the hospital. his condition is unknown this afternoon. authorities say they did find a stolen gun on the scene. if you have any information that could help call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. eric: and earlier that day richland county deputies responded to a shooting in the 400 block of bridge-creek drive. authorities say the victim was shot during a large house party. officials say his friend drove him to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. investigators are still trying to determine just who's responsible. eric: columbia police have located a 61-year-old man who was reported missing by his friends christmas day. rochelle: columbia police and fire officials rescued william brock from an island in the broad river after being stranded there for five days. rescuers found him on the island behind watermark place saturday morning. officials say brock is okay. he does not have a permanent address and had been camping on the island before the heavy rain earlier in the week. eric: speaking of being stranded, a quadriplegic man has been left without a way to get
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to work after someone stole his specially-outfitted van christmas eve. >> rochelle: that's right. robert mccurdy says he and his wife noticed their honda odyssey had been taken from in front of their house sometime after 11:00 christmas eve night. >> just a little bit of shock, that's my only means of transportation basically. i've got to have a special van to get in, i can't jump in a vehicle or jump in a car, so, i need that van. or the conversion package to get around town. i work full-time, so i go to work every day and come home every day in it. >> rochelle: the van is a 2012 honda odyssey similar to the one you see here. the mccurdys say there's only one driver's seat, and rear seats, the others have been taken out. the van has a lift that slides out of the passenger's middle door. the handicap plate's number is w126. if you see this van, contact
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columbia police. rochelle: and a not so "marry" christmas for one columbia couple who say their holiday cheer turned into a nightmare. >> eric: a sad story. a fire christmas morning, killed 11 exotic, mostly rescue animals, belonging to lane crenshaw and karie bridge. this happened in the whitehall neighborhood. the couple started taking in rescued ferrets and reptiles in 2010. the two were in charleston for the holiday, when they answered the call from their neighbor. >> about 10:30 on christmas morning when we were at my mom's, and she just kept saying it's not as bad as you think, it's not as bad as you think. we got here and it was worse than i thought. >> i'd give up my whole house if company have my babies back. but at least i have these two. >> eric: the couples' two dogs, ferrets, parrots, a bearded
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all killed in the fire. those two parrots you saw survived. the fire was ruled to have started with a broken heat lamp. eric: there are only a few days left before we ring in a new year and leave it to the capitol city to heat things up once again. rochelle: that's right, columbia is the place to be this new year's eve if you're a fan of singer-songwriter lauryn hill. hill will headline this year's "famously hot new year's eve celebration" it's all taking place right across from our abc studios at the state house. in addition to music entertainment, there will also be carnival rides for the kids, face painting and, of course, a large fireworks display and the event is absolutely free. doesn't get any better than that. and speaking of the "famously year you can party for a good officials with "usc relief" announced they're partnering with the event taking donations of non-perishable food items for harvest hope and monetary donations for the one sc flood relief fund. there will be volunteers at every entrance to the
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start the new year off right by helping midlands who have been affected by the floods. eric: and with heavy traffic, revelers and thousands expected to enjoy festivities, the american red cross is asking people to end the year by king a difference. officials with the american red cross are asking south carolinians to donate blood at a time when they need it the most. you can donate today through thursday at the red cross just off of bull street. >> rochelle: we are turning our attention to the white house. activists say abortion could emerge as a major 2016 campaign issue. >> eric: with republicans and democrats deeply split over abortion activists expect to see candidates staking out more aggressive positions than in previous elections. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is a longtime defender of abortion rights and has voiced strong support for planned parenthood. but nearly all gop candidates favor over-turning the supreme court's 1973 roe versus wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide. gop presidential front runner donald trump says he's "pro-life," but has also
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views in the past. eric: ohio governor and republican presidential hopeful john kasich is speaking out against his competition. >> rochelle: during an interview on abc's "this week" kasich took a swing at donald trump. the ohio governor refused to commit to supporting trump should he win the nomination and believes trump's popularity will diminish when voters cast their ballots. >> what trump does is he complains about everything. and, look, these attacks on women, the attacks, you know, on hillary not getting back to the stage on time, the attacks on hispanics and muslims -- look, we haven't started the vote yet, jon, i mean it's a really good top of the story, you know, trump is rising and everything. wait until we start voting. and then we're going to know. we're going to know where people are. >> rochelle: kasich will be campaigning hard in new hampshire this week with events both today and tomorrow. rochelle: despite the criticism from his competition trump says, he expects to win the republican nomination. during an interview with abc
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news trump admitted when he first entered the race he didn't expect to sustain such a lead over his rivals. trump sits at the top of the quinnipiac university poll at 28%. texas senator ted cruz is gaining ground in second place with 24%. eric: some of you may not feel like those christmas gifts won you over. so we have some tips on the rush to return them. first: make sure you read the fine print on the gift receipt to make sure you know the return window. make sure the original packaging stays as intact as possible especially when it comes to electronics. and bring along a photo i.d. when you make your return. many retailers require it to protect against return fraud. and while you're unloading some unwanted items, now may just be the perfect time to bag some bargains. experts say retailers are slashing prices now that the holidays are over especially on clothing. rmer than usual weather, has retailers struggling to sell winter clothes making for some huge savings.
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and you may want to start stocking up for next year with discounts rolling out on wrapping paper and decorations. the savings don't stop there, if you use sprint or verizon, you could have some e ney coming your way. >> rochelle: that sound nice. customers have until this thursday to claim refunds for unauthorized third-party messages. charges for those texts can rack up and now wireless carriers are agreeing to pay $158 million to customers to settle claims with the government. current and former subscribers who paid for unauthorized tetes beginning july 1st, 2010, can file a request. verizon and sprint have claim forms online. eric: one thing you may start calling for is the sunshine as we get ready for a pretty soggy week. >> rochelle: it's not going to last long. you're full forecast is next on
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and gervais. >> jonathan: welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. we've seen a cloudy day, no signs of rain but we may see the change very soon. mostly cloudy sky, little sun picking through, humid, muggy
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satellite and radar showing clouds thickening up, rain scattered about the area, but haven't seen much report of actual rain falling. notice how light green it is on the radar, barely picking upon the moisture, probably in the mid to upper levels, not seeing it making it to the surface yet. we are seeing lots of low level humidity, low level warmth. temperatures in t t mid to upper 80s. 78 in orangeburg, 77 matthews. lexington 77, 74 downtown and even newberry our coolest spot at 70 degrees. it's december 28th, these numbers are just off the charts for most of the area, easily 20 degrees above normal for what w w should be seeeeg. some areas 25 degrees above normal. we will stick with a warm forecast, it has been a little cloudy and humid, wind maintain out of the east and southeast 10 to 15 miles a hour, that will continue to usher in that warm,
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moist air and that will rise instability in the atmosphere and give us a chance of a few thunderstorms this afternoon. we haven't seen anything of thunderstorms, haven't heard any rumbles of thunder yet, we do have a cold front in north carolina-south carolina border, you are seeing showers populating on the other side of the front, the warm moist airr running the front which gives showers on the northern side. watching the front back to the west, birmingham and nashville, bringing heavy rain for those areas. closer to home, rain not a huge impact for us as of right now, as we zoom out a little bit you can see the low still churching around the st. louis area, south of it, but for the most part we are seeing the snow line move farther to the north, chicago seeing the frozen stuff and kansas city continues to be in the cold side of the regime.
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our way, still in a warm pocket of air, very humid, sticky, a lot of humidity we could see good downpours of rain if showers activate the moisture. for now we will look for rain to be in and out through the afternoon, mainly to the north. i think charlotte sees a significant am more than we do, it will keep the shower in place for the next couple of days, separate system coming our way wednesday and thursday. highs stay in the mid to upper 50s for the weekend for the highs and lows back around freezing. >> rochelle: at least it will be dry for the weekend. >> eric: that's one way to look at it. rochelle: the sunshine state is getting ready is getting ready to go bowling.
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news live from main and gervais. eric: number 1 clemson and oklahoma have arrived in south florida for the orange bowl. >> rochelle: ahead of the big game on new year's eve our mike gillespie has a preview of the playoff. >> number 1 clemson goes up against number 4 oklahoma in the national finals of the college football playoff. clemson trying to win the national championship for the first time since 1981 and you better believe they are bringing a championship attitude to miami gardens. >> to be here and represent clemson, we are really thrilled
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to be a part of the college football playoff, to be alongside these great coaches and other great programs is a real honor. >> with a 13-0 record, the clemson tigers able to hole the top spot in the college football playoff rankings, but even though they are on the college stage, dabbo continues to be dabbo and says it's like the other 13 games. >> we are 13-0, we've been on the big stage all year. >> and handling that stage is what brought clemson to the playoffs. ask the tigers and they are not surprised. >> not any question clemson belongs. we've been consistent. >> we had the faith and thought
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the day we are in the top four and excited about it and will enjoy it. >> but that ranking celebration didn't last long. the tigers have been preparing for the sooners for three weeks in what will be a rematch of the 2015 athletics bowl. seen i not giving into all the talk that last year's game impacts it. >> we had a lot of guys that played last year that are here, they watched the tape, they know what happened, we played really, really well. it's a whole new matchchp and challenge. everything is different. >> and you can catch that game on espn live at 4:00 p.m. on december 31st, of course we will have coverage leading up to the event on the 30th and 31st. rochelle: closer to home the carolina panthers' perfect season is no more. the atlanta falcons beat the panthers 20-13. >> eric: but it's not all bad news for the squad.
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nfc seed with a win next sunday. carolina's record now stands at 14-1. >> eric: we're coming right back.
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gervais. >> jonathan: hot and humid this afternoon. chance of scattered showers for the next couple days but a cool down by the time wee hit the weekend. rochelle: you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30 p.m. thanks for making us your choice for news. >> eric: we'll see you back here
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