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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  December 30, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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.. from main and gervais, this is abc columbia news. good afternoon and thank you r joining us for abc columbia news. i'm rochelle dean. eric weisfeld has the afternoon off. we're following several developing stories at this hour, starting with flooding out of newberry and fairfield counties. lot go to john farley with how this rising water and additional rain might affect your afternoon commute. >> we have to be really careful, i can't emphasize it enough. whenever you talk about flash flooding, that's the most dangerous. we just got through the most recent flooding that happened. a reminder, all the fatalities that happened during that flood happened with people in their cars who drove through roads that were flooded. so definitely take this seriously. in all of the counties here that are highlighted in red, flash
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fairfield, lancaster, newberry, greenford, nor chester, everywhere to the north and west of columbia. there is a big swath of rain. check it out, all of these yellows continuing to rain where it's rained for several hours already. it's adding up quite a bit. as we go off to the west, as you can see, the line continues off across georgia and extends south of atlanta. this is going to be with us for a good part off the afternoon. in terms of rain totals here, let me show you this. really we're going to have to watch out for the flash flooding, as i said, in the places where it's continued to rain in all the counties that's in red north and west of columbia, that's going to be through tonight. reminder, turn around, don't drown. this is a situation we should really take seriously when we talk about flooded roads. you never know what's on the bottom of that road. if you start in, you may lose control and it's too late to do anything about it. as far as rain totals, check this out. here in columbia, a quarter of
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more than ten times that in newberry in the last days. it's going to continue to rain, as i said, north and west of columbia as we continue to see this most fetch work its way up through georgia. what's going to happen here for the rest of the afternoon? look at this. temperatures running warm. almost 80 in orangeburg. winnsboro, it's cooler, that's where the rain will continue to fall the heaviest through this afternoon and evening. be very, very careful. in terms of the rest of us, it's going to be showery. in terms of the major flooding or threatening flooding, that will be north and west of columbia. rochelle, more on this coming up in a bit. >> john, thank you for keeping us up to date on that. once again, the sheriff out of newberry county asking residents that are impacted not to go out the house if they do not have to. john, we'll have more on that story coming up later. happening at this hour, amidst dozens much accusations, comedian bill cosby has been charged with first degree
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prosecutors say they found in evidence on an alleged assault in 2004 back in philadelphia. this is the first charge for the 78-year-old who has continuously denied allegations of assaults from more than 40 women. cosby will be arraigned in court later this afternoon. if found guilty, cosby could face up to ten years in prison. we'll have more on this story coming up tonight on the news at 6:00 and 11:00. back here at home, a game of chicken with a train becomes deadly. lieutenant kirk wilson said the incident happened at the intersection of windsor lake this morning. authorities say the driver of a car and its passenger drove towards an oncoming amtrak train colliding with it head on. the car was thrown about 200 occupants. we'll bring you more on this story as well as it continues to develop. the clemson tigers are ready to go bowling but not before knocking down necessary pins. our mike gillespie is in south
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us now live with more on the new year's eve match-up. mike? >> rochelle, we welcome you inside the renaissance inn in fort lauderdale where a few minutes ago, the coach addressing the media for the final time before clemson's showdown with oklahoma on friday night with the right to not only win this trophy but the 2015 orange bowl and advance to the national championship. these are real oranges, by about the way. i don't suggest anybody eat them. who knows how long they've been sitting here. i have no idea. it's been a crazy day for clemson. they arrived one day after christmas. they were greeted with a red carpet entrance. they got to meet dan dan moreno. now it's time to go out and play a real football game. >> we've not been meeting and practicing. we need to be something we plug
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we've been engaged and i think that's important. today is about getting locked in and, you know, these guys have kind of had their normal process as far as how we preparere >> and miami usually a popular vacation spot, but it's been anything but for sweeney. the clemson head coach confirming the news today that three clemson players have been suspended. they will not play thursday night. that includes wide receiver dion kendall. i'm mike gillespie, abc columbia news. >> thank you, mike. we know you'll be out there for the remainder of the week giving us live reports. we'll be staying in touch with you as well. back at home, city council members are ready to get to business. three were officially sworn into the columbia city council.
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2 seat. >> i think that we've got a very warm reception from the staff and from the mayor. i think they understand there will be some changes in the dynamics of the city council. >> both devalue and mcdowell say they're committed to moving the city forward in unity. >> if our city is unified, you can ask, you can ask and things will get done. >> the first meeting of the year is set for january 5th. turning our attention to vote 2016. there's one less republican presidential hopeful vying for your vote. former new york governor george pataki says he's ending his bid for the nomination. the announce was given through an ad that ran here in south carolina last night. he never made a main stage in the g.o.p. debates. he had less than 1% support according to a cnn/orc poll. now, the remaining candidates in the fight for the oval office now gear up for the iowa
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south carolina congressman trey goud is announcing his pick for president. he says he's backing florida senator marco rubio i don't calling him the best candidate on national security and public safety. the endorsement could give rubio a boost herer in the palmetto state and a must-win according to some pundits. he'll make stops this weekend in lexington and hilton head. meanwhile, republican frontrunner donald trump continues taking aim at democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton. trump escalated the attacks by reviving by raising bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky and his turbulent relationships with black voters. this comes days before the former president is set to campaign for his wife. donald trump will be in hilton head for a meet and greet and
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coliseum starting at 7:00. a man is now charged in the murder of a holly hill woman. he's now made his first court appearance. a magistrate judge ruled harold pratt will have to go before a circuit court judge at a later time where a determination of bond will be set. the deputy said the body of 38-year-old lorettaunch was recovered monday from a waterway five miles south of holly hill. bunch had been missing since christmas day. and there are more charges for north carolina mother of a six-month-old baby found dead on christmas eve. the lincoln county sheriff's office charged stephanie tillman with involuntary manslaughter. preliminary autopsy results could not determine how the baby actually died. authorities say tillman's husband came home from work to find the infant lying on the couch inside the family's home unresponsive. stephanie tillman was in a back bedroom with two other children and appeared to be intoxicated from prescription medication.
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suspect in richland county continues this afternoon. take a look is this surveillance footage. deputies say a man broke into an am/pm food mart back on december 14th and took cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call richland county sheriff's department or crimestoppers. that number 1-888-crime-sc. to sumter now where three men are wanted for an attempted murder for an incident on frazier street. police responded to a shots fired call before 4:00 yesterday where two cars were involved in a collision. the crash appears to have been deliberate. police are looking nor 21-year-old harold dingall, kevin smith and william span in connection with this andther incidents. again, if you have any information, you're asked to call crimestoppers if you have information that can help. and the sumter county sheriff's office is investigating a shooting. officials say they received information about this call that
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the 600 block of benetti avenue. officials found a 37-year-old mama with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown this afternoon. switching gears. if you prefer not to hit the open road to celebrate new year's eve, you won't have to go far. the action is coming right here to the city of columbia.a. they're already preparing for a celebration to ring in 2016. you can see right here behind me all of these trucks and a lot of the things that are being set up here at the statehouse with the main stage at this hour. we're going to give you a live view of our roof camera so you can see parts of the preparation that could impact your afternoon lunchtime commute. eastbound lanes of the 11 and 1200 blocks of gervais street down to assembly have been closed. five-time grammy winner songwriter lauren hill will headline this new year's eve celebration.
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be a fund-raising drive that's set up to support south carolina's ongoing flood relief. that street is shut down until after the new year's eve celebration. while the entertainment may be downtown, there's another way you can start the new year on a good note. abc columbia is proud to partner with the red cross and wcfm. it's our annual blood drive and will be done at sand hill starting 11:00 to 6:30 at night starting tuesday. we have an update on a water boil advisory impacting west columbia residents. the water relocation project has been delayed which means as of right now, you do not have to boil your water. city officials say work will begin january 2nd. at that point, residents should expect a lapse in service. there will be a complete list of the affected areas on our websbse at abc it's a recall going from a
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why the damage is reportedly causing users to fly off the handle.
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gervais. welcome back. if you received new cookware for christmas, you may want to check your cabinets. macy's is recalling more than 120,000 martha stewart frying pans. the consumer products safety commission says rivet covers on those eight and ten-inch pans can pop off and fly across the
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at least three people have received minor injuries due to this issue. if you do have the frying pans, stop using them immediately and return them to macy's for a credit. twitter is revising its rules of conduct. the new policy prohibits violent threats and abusive behavior by users and promises a tough stance at a time when critics are calling for the online service to adopt a harder line against extremists. the new policy says twitter will suspend or shutter any user accounts engaged in hateful conduct whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others. well, if you're still in the holiday vacation mode, you may want to change your mindset. some experts say the holiday season is the perfect time to find that new career. experts say competition is significantly lower due to vacationing and breaks. another motivating factor? many human resource managers say their employees are still working hard in december for employees to fill those positions.
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searching for are the coats. meteorologist shawn farl john farley is in next with your forecast live from main and
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welcome back. we want to talk again the threat of flash flooding that's primarily north and west of
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that's going to last through tonight. again, i want to emphasize, turn around, don't drown. when we talk about flash flooding, it's very dangerous. never drive across a road that's been flooded. you're not sure exactly what's below that road or what can happen when you travel across. let me give you specifics where the flash floods are. all the counties in red, newberry, fairfield counties, landon cassill cher, chester, union, lawrence, across to greenwood, north and west of columbia, flash flood warnings. that's courtesy of an awful lot of rain. some portions in the northern edge of newberry county, three inches of rain just last night. when you get down into columbia, maybe a quarter of an inch. a lot less rain farther south. this swath of rain continues into georgia and continues well back even towards atlanta. it's going to take some time before all of this rings on through. again, we'll have to be watching out for flash flooding right through tonight and then things
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and we'll get a bit of a break with that. let's give you the temperatures here. where it's raining it's cold. 63 columbia. the rest of us, another warm late december afternoon. again, mid-70s for most of us. as we look at what's going on in terms of the visibility, i want to show you in comdan, down to three -- camden, down to three miles. what's happening here, we're looking at situations where the fog will be setting in especially as we go into tonight. be careful in the counties i mentioned. salida, newberry, fairfield counties as the fog sets in especially with the rain and swollen rivers. the moisture continues to stream in from the southwest. that's going to take really through tomorrow afternoon before it's finally done with us. but the real critical time will be now through tonight. here we go. i start you at 1:00 and notice the rain continues to feed on in from the west-southwest. newberry, salida, fairfield counties points west that's all
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as we finally get into tonight, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, things will be breaking apart. still rain here but not the soaking heavy rain that we'll contend with now through the next several hours. i set this to give you the next swath of rain. that will be sometime early tomorrow. that should just about do it. if you have plans to take you out for new year's eve, look at what happens. most of the rain will be off to the east. i'm optimistically cautious that we'll have mainly clouds for your new year's eve plan. soaking wet, temperatures fairly warm. watch out for the flash flooding north and west of columbia. as we look ahead, you'll see things quiet down. showers tomorrow, but they should for the most part be done for tomorrow evening. then it gets bright and sunny. friday, not quite so sunny. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, a lot of sunshine and temperatures back closer to
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we'll be right back. television reality star rob kardashian i i inn the hospital this afternoon after falling ill over the weekend. according to tmz, doctors diagnosed the 28-year-old with diabetes something he was unaware he had. he's struggled with depression and weight gain over recent years unlike with the rest of his family. he's avoided the public eye for the past two years. it's good news for new guinea following an ebola
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they're now being declared free of the outbreak. it's led to the largest ebola epidemic in history. 11,300 people were killed nationwide due to that disease. the world health organization is holding a ceremony in the capital today to mark the step forward. if you need some help putting a pep in your step during the morning workout, a cup of joe could be the answer. researchers at the university of georgia took a closer look at previous studies of caffeine, coffee and sports. the group found significant improvements in endurance and performance in five of the nine studies. well, soon you'll be able to take your daily dose of exercise outside.
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live from main and gervais. there's a look at the radar. again, all the counties in red, watch out for flash flooding right on through this evening. that's all the counties north and west of columbia. rochchle. >> thanks, john. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. thanks for making us your choice for news. of course we'll have more on the developing story with flash flooding out of newewrry county
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