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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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not to secret weapon. standoff. dozens of militia men saying that the land belongs to the people. roads are blocked. school children told the stay home. the fbi is take charge this morning. the coldest air of the winter hitting the east right now. the deadly flooding in the heartland moves down the mississippi. and the west braces for a series of major storms. threatening flash floods and mudslides. and she won the most controversial pageant ever. >> i have to apologize. >> this morning, miss universe is here. speaking out on tv for the first time since that stunning mixup. what she's saying about her running up who is now demanding to share the crown, only on "gma" this morning. nobody can drag me down and good morning, america. happy new year.
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rested and ready for 2016. we have a special guest this morning. >> we do on this first monday of the new year. there she is miss universe arriving at our studio. her first interview since being crowned. a lot to talk to her about. and the runner up, pliszmiss colombia. what she's saying. we begin with the race for the white house. the first big vote in iowa just four weeks from today. donald trump released the first tv ad. aiming rite at hillary clinton. cecilia vega is on the trail in new hampshire. >> reporter: hi, george, good morning to you. this 30-second tv ad begins running tomorrow in iowa and here in new hampshire. election year is officially here. and this heated war of words between the two front-runners on both sides shows no science ofigns of letting up.
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approved this message. >> reporter: laujing this morning, donald trump's first tv ad. >> she's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what is going on. >> reporter: including building the wall. >> that mexico will pay for. >> reporter: and ending with the signature line. >> great again. >> reporter: clinton attacking that very phrase this weekend in her first campaign stop of 2016. >> you can't make america great again if you insult and demean the people of america. >> reporter: over the weekend, trump also shrugging off his appearance in this recruiting video from the al qaeda alil yat al shabab. >> donald jchl trump is calling for a complete shut down. i have to say what i have to say. >> reporter: the war of words more heated than ever. >> hillary clinton created isis
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>> reporter: clinton laughing it off. >> the republicans seem to have a particular fixation on -- blaming president obama and me for everything that happens in the world. i have noticed that. >> reporter: there was no laughing when this heckler repeatedly interrupted her, trying to ask about a woman who accused bill clinton of sexual assault, something he denies. >> you are very rude. and i a m not going to ever call on you. >> reporter: her husband's past, now a present issue for her on the campaign trail. >> what he did and has gone through, i think, is frankly terrible. >> reporter: in just a few hourks bill clint listen be here in new hampshire. his first solo campaign appearance for his wife. domd trump will be nearby campaigning. i want to show you this tweet overnight. trump says theorst think hillary clinton could do is have her husband campaign for her. just watch.
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it's on right now. what is the clinton team saying about how they're going to use president clinton? he caused controversy in the race against barack obama in 2007-2008. >> reporter: and he did. such a hdache that her campaign is saying that they're certainly trying to keep tabs on him. look, bill clinton has enormously high popularity numbers. even with all of these attacks coming from trump, her came pain, and hillary clinton herself calls him their secret weapon. they're showing no science of pulling him off the trail anytime soon. i think we'll see a lot more of him. >> i expect that. thank you, cecilia. >> iowa is going to be here before we know it. now to the tense standoff in oregon. armed pro testers occupying pral land and calling on militia members from around the country to join them. neal karlinsky has the latest from burns, oregon. good morning, neal.
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this is the wildlife refuge that they have taked over. they've draped an american flag over the sign here. the cars there are part of makeshift road block. no violence at all here. the group says they're prepared to defend themselves if necessary. overnight, abc news taken inside the standoff. some of the men openly arm rd camping out for a second night at this federal wildlife fuge. >> there's no vandalism. we want to leave this place the way we found it. >> reporter: their claim, this land doesn't belong to the federal government but to the people. >> this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people. >> reporter: the group vowing to occupy the outpost for years. >> i am 100% willing to lay my life down the fight against tyranny in this country. >> reporter: in this clip, first posted to facebook, one of the reported militia men overheard
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others to join them. >> we need you to bring your arms. >> reporter: it started saturday at a large rally protesting the jail sentence of a pair of ranchers. dwight and steven hammond. both set to report to prezen today. >> i'm going to jail for five years for 127. seems like a bit of an overkill. >> reporter: the attorneys for the men who already served some time for this conviction but were released claimed they set the fires to prevent an invasive species of plant from growing on their land. >> we love you. we support you. >> reporter: while at the rally, a large group broke off after one of the leaders proe claimed those who want to t te hard stand get in your trucks and follow me. nevada rancher ammon bundy leading the charge. his father faced off with federal agents in nevada over cattle grazing rights a few
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today, he says his actions will be peaceful. schools in the area have been closed as a precaution. in the meantime, the ramplers whose arson charges started all this say they don't support what is going on here. they plan to report to prison peacefully later today as scheduled. >> we're joined from the compound by ammon bundy and lavoy finnikum. they are calling this a movement to spark change across the united states. >> he's not right. he's ignored the people. we have worked with him for several months now trying to get him to stand and make a stand for the hammonds. he's refused to do it. we have tried and tried and tried the prudent methods to get government to at least look at this and say, hey, there's something wrong here. the rest of america can see that there's something wrong. >> but you know that the hammonds -- >> for some reason, the the
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>> the hammonds themselves are giving themselves up. they say you do not speak for them. >> oh, i do not speak for the hammonds. we have spoken many, many time. we understand each other on this issue. and, the hammonds are only going to jail because they just feel there's nothing else for them to do. but they -- they very well know that this is wrong. along with all their neighbors and the other ranchers in the area. they understand that this is very wrong that's going on. >> how does this end? your brother, ryan bundy told "the portland oregonian" that your group is ready to kill and be killed if necessary. >> when people are defending their rights, that's what we have is to stand on. look, we'll do what it takes to defend our rights. if not, they'll be taken away.
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>> because we understand that to truly express our first amendment rights, we have to on v our second amendment rights. it's important that we stand and people know that we're serious. >> you need to understand that -- we have no intent of pulling a gun on anybody. but let's be clear here. who has pointed gunst me? at ammon? they have. who said we will shoot you? we never have. they have. we stood at bundy's, they pointed guns at us. >> thank you both. things like this have ended in bloodshed in the past. >> hopefully, it will remain peaceful. now to the freezing and flooding and arctic blast set to slam the east. the bone-chilling temperatures making it hard to battle the rising mississippi river. rob has that for us.
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>> we get lake-effect snow this time of year. piling up in new york. over a foot if spots. this is i-81. crashes there. the cold from coast to coast. from portland, snow and ice, in through the midwest. we'll get two waves the. first punch today. the second tomorrow. look at the wind chills. the coldest we have seen all winter. 6 degrees is what it will feel like if new york city. we're watching several storms out west. across the california and oregon coastline throughout the w wk there. this cold is zbeting down into cross the midwest. they're battling the weather. wee see indra peterson in illinois. >> we have the ohio river already crested. to my left, the mississippi river is continuing to rise. sitting in between the two is this home. right now, they're the lucky ones. this morning, entire neighborhoods devastated. swollen rivers swallowing more than 100 homes in this week's flooding.
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>> reporter: the destruction spanning four states, killing 35. dozens of counties declared disaster areas. here, in alexander county, the rising rivers meeting. one family standing their ground against the encoaching water. building a sandbag levee and using pumps to keep the water at bay. i'm four feet below the water level. the ohio river has crested. the mississippi river continuing to rise overnight. the back of this home, only several inches before the water breaches. we're seeing water leak through the sand bags. right now, the family is ready to abandon their everies at a moment's notice. robin robin? george? the dangerous escalation of tension between iran and saudi arabia. saudi arabia executed a prominent cleric supported by iran. martha raddatz has the latest.
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the cleric was part of mass execution in saudi arabia. most of those killed said to be members of al qaeda. the outspoken cleric's only crime, says iran, was calling for the overthrow of the saudi royal family for mistreating shiites. uproar over the execution of shiite muslim cleric nimr al nimr. protesters taking to the streets across the middle east. iran. bahrain. lebanon. sheikh nimr, 1 of 47 men accused of terrorism-related charges. he was a leader for the shiite empowerment movement. the government accusing him of inciting violence. his death prompting immediate retaliation in iran. the saudi embassy attacked with molotov cocktails. tear gas filing the air.
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retribution for his death. tweeting divine revenge will seize saudi politicians. the saudis fired back. the foreign minister saying the country is severing its ties with iran. they were already littlerbitter rivals. the there were hopes they could come together. this morning, that looks far less likely. >> all right, martha, thank you. the president keeping an eye on the tensions overseas as he gets ready to tackle gun control at home. president obama set to take action without congressional approval to tighten laws. mary bruce is at the white house with the details. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, robin. good morning. the president says gun violence can no longer be ignored. he says he has no choice but to go it alone. tomorrow, he's announcing new executive actions to tighten the nation's gun laws. sources say he's consider
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and expanding background checks. these are all options he'll be discussing with the attorney general. no matter what he does, it's bound to spark fierce debate. >> and presidential candidates are weighing in. to amy now with the other top stories. a rough morning for financial markets. >> that's right. trading in china had to be stopped overnight after stocks plunged more than 7%. it followed another report showing a slowdown in chinese manufacturing. investors are worried about tensions in the middle east. also breaking overnight, a powerful earthquake rocking northeastern india. the quake was a magnitude 6.7. at least eight people have been killed. more than 100 injured. those numbers are expected to rise. there areis some new underwater
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"el faro." the two bridge decks ripped apart. the remains of the 33 crew members were never found. investigators are considering whether to launch another search for the ship's data recorder. in sports, the nfl playoff matchups are set. the vikings overpowered the packers last night to win their division. saturday, the chiefs taken to texans. and the steelers visit the bengals. on sunday, it's the seahawks versus the vikings and the packers play the redskins. finally, a little temper tantrum that backfired big time on national tv. a kicker for the buffalo bills missed this kick and then watch what he does when he gets off the field. he's so angry, he slams his helmet into the ground and bam! in your face. right back in the nose. well, he might have gotten some sense knocked into him. he ended up kicking three field goals to win the game.
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>> had to motivate himself. >> whatever it takes. >> thank you, amy. you to havedo you have your powerball tickets yet? $400 million. t.j. hol. s is here with that. good morning. >> reporter: you all just back from vacation. i'm going on permanent vacation this week. because when i win this thing on wednesday, you can lose my numb, robin. 1 in 300 million chance in winning. don't focus on the odds. ydon't do that. focus on the possibilities. powerball pandemonium. >> by my new armt. >> have a party. >> reporter: the announcement of no winner after saturday's drawing, the the jackpot is skyrocketing to $400 million by wednesday. there's time to win big. >> we're going to split it. we're going split it right down the middle. >> part of the excitement of playing the lottery is dreaming what you would do with that kind of money. >> reporter: so what do you do? perfect time to tackle the new
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if the goal is to get fit, maybe look like gwyneth or kate hudson. with that much money, you could hire tracey anderson for you and 500 family and friends for life. what about eating healthier. ditch the cheese burgers and go with subway. with $400 million, you could buy more than 1400 subway franchises. if your goal is travel, the $400 million will get you nearly 18,000 trips around the world. >> let's do it. >> reporter: and to let's be correct here. it's 1 in 292 million. my bad. >> i'm in. >> reporter: your odds are better. check the numbers. some people win $1 million, $2 million. some people won that on saturday. >> did you buy your tickets? >> i already bought a second home in florida and a yacht. >> love your optimism. >> t.j., thanks. a lot of cold, rob, all
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>> yeah, head to florida. where t.j.'s house is going the to be. we have cold in portland, oregon. unusual snow across the valley. they had a coating of ice, too, last night. the city is pretty much shutdown this morning. we'll see a slow warmup over the next 12 to 24 hours.
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way. coming up, a morning show exclusive. the new miss universe is here for her first tv interview since the major pageant mixup. how she actually feels about calls to share the crown. and the affluenza teen in mexico. the fight to get him back to the u.s. and guess who is coming back to "gma." the surprise guest's big return about to be revealed. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse.
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colombia! >> oh, welcome back to "gma." we all remember that moment. host steve harvey crowned the the wrong winner of the miss universe pageant. the real winner, pia wurtzbach, miss philippines, is here to talk to us. >> not interested in sharing the
7:25 am
>> yeah. >> can't blame her for that. >> we're going hear that and a whole lot more. also right now, donald trump releasing his first tv campaign ad. aiming right at hillary clinton and eyesisis. laying out a hard stance on immigration. including the temporary shutdown of muslims entering the u.s. and a big moment for "star wars" this morning. poised to take over the box office galaxy. analysts predict "star wars: the force awakens" will surpass "avatar." it hasn't even opened in china. >> it's got a ways to go. >> i finally saw it. it's everything you said and more. >> same thing. i took harper. j.j. abrams is right. the 10-year-old girls are the sweet spot. she loved it. fabl fans from the week end.
7:26 am
back in the game for the broncos. what about the college team making one of the biggest -- >> tcu! >> -- tcu. >> it was not penn state? >> it wasn't. >> it might have bb that little dog in georgia. >> go dogs! >> isn't she supposed to be wearing red and black. >> she will be. don't worry. >> thankfully, i look good in red. we begin with ethan couch. the texas teen who went on the run with his mother is in a detention center in mexico this morning, fighting extradition after being captured last week and could spend months locked up there in mexico. matt gutman is many houston with the latest. good morning, matt. >> good morning, robin. the reason for that is that the affluenza teen's big bucks attorney is taking to it the president's office, demanding an explanation of why the mexican president's office was helping
7:27 am
this morning, both couches incarcerated. tonya in this l.a. jail. and the teen detained in mexico city. fighting extradition. >> what i'm contesting is, how come we are deporting somebody in order to maybe be subjected to criminal prosecution. >> reporter: the texas teen's newly hired high-priced defense attorney, fernando benitez, is trying to keep couch in mexico. alleging that the government trd to pull fast one by deporting him, not extraditing him. >> if they wanted to, they could pay him as much money as they want to to drag this thing out. >> reporter: the 18-year-old and his mother, tonya, fleeing texas after this video went viral. allegedly showing him at a boozy party in possible violation of a
7:28 am
the some and mother driving over 100 miles to puerto vallarta. spotted in a local butcher shop in this exclusive footage. all until mexican police, working with the u.s. marshals, caught up with mother and son last monday. >> it was a high priority for us. to make sure that we found him and got him back. >> reporter: as ethan lingers in mexico, his mother, hustled back to the u.s., escorted to los angeles. we fusing to answer reporter's questions. tonya is now in jail on $1 million bond, set to appear if court tomorrow. charged with hipderring the's rehengs of a felon. her attorney saying in a statement, the public may not like what she did, may not agree with what she did. but tonya did not violate any law.
7:29 am
tonya facing the deportation hearing hearing. ethan has to fight the de deportation or face the music back here in texas. >> all right, matt. dan abrams is here. you're baffled by this? >> i don't know why he's fighting extradition. as practical matter, he's going to get sent back. there's a treaty between mexico and the united states. in the meantime, he'll serve effectively time in dae tens center that extends the amount of time he's going spend behind bars. he'll come back here. get sentenced to a certain amount of time. the court here might not recognize the time he spent in mexico. i don't know why he's fighting this. he's only facing max of 120 days. >> that's it. he's not facing a lot of time. because in juvenile court. >> first thing is get transferred to an adult court. if the prosecutors are able to
7:30 am
days. if it doesn't get transferred to adult court, he could be facing less than that. regardless, he's facing very little time behind bar. why not come back, serve the time, get it over with? instead, he's in a dingy mexican detention center serving more time. >> despite what the mother's lawyer is saying, you're saying she could face significant jail time. >> she faces up to two to ten years. she could argue she didn't know this was a felony. she'll argue there wasn't a felony in place. >> she could -- >> meaning he wasn't at the time a convicted felon. she will say it was a probation violation. therefore, the hindering apprehension claim shouldn't stand. miss universe is here. opening up about the pageant mixup and her message for runner
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universe pageant. this morning, the real winner, miss philippines, pia wurtzbach, is speaking out only here. >> she's telling her side of the story. we'll hear from her in a moment. first, aing loo a look at the unforgoatable moment when she won the title. >> miss universe 2015. >> reporter: it with us the flub heard round the universe. >> colombia! >> reporter: miss universe host steve harvey accidentally crowning miss colombia with the coveted title in december. in one of the most awkward moments in pageant history. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia.
7:36 am
miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: harvey quickly taking the blame, announcing the real nner. miss philippines. >> i will take responsibility for this. >> reporter: memes popping up blasting harvey. the "family feud" host and comedian poking fun at himself. miss colombia speaking out. calling the the incident quote, a great injustice and saying it was very humiliating for me. and she thinks the two should share the crown. so, joining us now in a morning show exclusive, the new miss universe, pia wurtzbach. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> congratulations. how does it feel to wear the crown? >> it's surreal.
7:37 am
>> it starts this morning. this is your first dayton job. >> yeah. and this is my first ever sit-down interview as miss universe. >> well, thank you so much for being here was. i want to get right to it. take me back to the moment where you get the crown. there's hesitation. steve comes out. steve harvey. says there's bng bn a mistake. then says you are the actual winner. >> mm-hmm. it was very exciting. of course, i wanted to win. i joined miss philippines three times just to wear the sash that says miss philippines. i want to win miss universe. in the philippines, it's a big deal. it's been 33 years since we last won. we finally did it. >> initially, miss colombia, crowned the winner, was very gracious. now she's come out and said,
7:38 am
have you spoken to her? >> i did greet her on her birthday, christmas day. i was able to ask her how she's doing. she seems like she's okay. i understand how she feels. i'm also concerned with her and i know that she is a beautiful young lady. with very talented. and i think that she'll have a lot of other opportunities. she'll do very well, i'm sure. >> let's put it all to rest right now. what to you want to say to fans of miss colombia who are very vocal on social media. >> i understand how they feel. because, of course, they want their bet to win. it's completely understandable. if it was the other way around, i'm sure the filipinos would feel a little bit -- disappointed with the results. >> a lot of people have said, maybe you should share the crown. she agrees with that. of course, i'm sure you heard,
7:39 am
stake in miss universe thought that was possibility a good idea. somewhat your position on that? >> i think it would be a little bit difficult for two girls to share a crown. but i have high hopes that this will give great opportunities for me and miss colombia and the the rest of the contestants. >> you'll be very busy. your platform is raising awareness for hiv/aids. then what? being a bond girl? >> oh, yeah. well, of course, sthat one of my dreams. hopefully, i'll be able to do that. but right now, i'm focusing on -- i have the whole year ahead of me. i have these causes that i want to put some light into like hiv awareness and other causes that i personally believe in. like, relief operations for places that are hit by calamities, like the philippine. and cyberbullying. these are some of the things i would like to talk about more as
7:40 am
>> how does that feel? that crown? >> it's a little bit heavy. but i'm not complaining. it can stay there for a long time. >> well, deservedly so. pia, wonderful to meet you. thank you for coming to "gma" gm on your first day on the job as miss universe. >> of course. thank you very much. >> congratulations. over to george. coming up, behind the scenes of the two huge football comebacks over the week end. if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill.
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ah, know that tune very well. two amazing comebacks in football. comeback quarterbacks. i can't believe we're saying peyton manning is a backup quarterback. in essence, he is a sure-fire hall of famer. came into the broncos game and led them to victory. they now -- they were already in the playoffs. now they have secured home field advantage throughout. hey, rob, that was peyton. >> after the allegations of drug use and his struggles physically this year. to see him come back and ride the white horse was something to see. >> and the one that got me talking.
7:44 am
they were down pi 31. 31-dip. the backup quarterback, bram kohlhausen. the starting quarterback was benched. the coach switched jerseys, too, or his -- >> three overtimes to get it. >> finally a good game. new year's day was a bunch of duds. >> oh, yeah. we'll be back. crawfish shorts i like your style hooked it just a little bit (window breaks, car alarm sounds) don't open that cellar door epic comeback starts right here lucky shot.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. welcome back to "gma." we're watching the floodwaters across the mississippi river valley. this is just north of little rock, arkansas. a rez viewer where they're scuba diving. the water is so high.
7:47 am
crest as it gets closer tott2w`t+o@pt6 bt`nkl, tt2w`t+o@pt6 "a`n[@h tt2w`t+o@pt6 bm`npkd tt4w`t+o@pt6" dzlq +_\ tt4w`t+o@pt6" enlq [[< tt4w`t+o@pt6" gzl& b\d good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. prince william speaks out about his greatest fear for his kids. the lessons he learned from his mom. how little george hass taken over the house hold. a big headline about birth control. available over the counter in one state.
7:48 am
could getting the the pill over the counter raise risk factor ifser you? and life lessons in love and laughter. i hit the road with deborah roberts and al roker. yep, you heard that right. >> i want to talk. i want to keep talk ppg i want to get it all out there. >> how they weather life's everyday storms. it's raining men and it's raining ben. "the bachelor" is here live. spilling on his season of love. and the famous "bachelor" who gave him advice on how to follow his heart. and more from miss universe as she peeks out on tv for the very first time about the shocking mixup. what she's saying this morning about whether steve harvey should be allowed to host again.
7:49 am
>> good morning, america. and good morning, america. boy, what a way to start the year. miss universe and there he is, the brand-new bachelor. ben higgins is here. handing out roses. to the lucky people in the crowd. >> george, also known as the perfect ben. a play on perfect 10. the perfect ben. >> a lot of anticipation for the new season. and brand-new healthy habits for you in year. helping you transform, break the bad habits. look who is starting us off. chris and heidi powell, outside with the first workout tip for you this morning. so what is your tip there, chris? >> all right. first tip to start off with a healthy new year. just move for five minutes a day. biggest mistake everybody makes is overcommitting to exercise. thinking you have to do 45 to 60 minutes. just five day sets the perfect foundation for long-term success. just move.
7:50 am
jumping jacks. squats. intense exercise. maybe marching in place while you're watching tv. just a little bit of moving goes a long way. >> easy way to start. >> move to it lose it. >> if my arms can look like heidi's, i'm mufoving. did you see those. a lot of speculation about this. who is coming back to the "gma" family all next week. we're ready to spill the secrets. >> i wonder who's guessed already. let's get the morning rundown. >> we begin with the race for president. donald trump released his first tv ad for the campaign. he ignores his republican rivals and takes aim at hillary clinton. he talks about building the wall on the southern border. meanwhile, president bill clinton is hitting the t t
7:51 am
the fbi has taken over the standoff in oregon. anti-government militia members are in several buildings on the refuge refuge. wall street is beginning the new year with bad news. today, trading had to be stopped in china because stocks there plunged more than 7%. investors are worried about a manufacturing slowdown. they're worried about tensions in the middle east after saudi arabia exeted a shiite cleric. an emotional rescue. a vid voe showing an albuquerque police officer finding a 3-year-old girl who had been abandoned in a parking lot by a thief who stole her mother's car. the little girl is thankfully okay. police are serming for the two men caught on surveillance video nearby. prips charles invited a crew to spend a year with his family. >> morning.
7:52 am
>> reporter: this morning, prince william harndry ryand harry giving us a rare glimpse. sharing personal revelations and how fatherhood has changed william's life. >> i'm a lot more emotional than i used to be. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: william opening up. >> you realize how preeshs life is and it puts it all in perspective. the idea of not being around to see your children grow up. >> reporter: prince william saying, i remember our mother and father taking us to charities. it's spornt to get out and see what goes on in the ordinary world. >> william says harry steels food off them. this very normal domestic life. >> reporter: the princes paying tribute to their pa, the father what has always been there for them. >> i respect and look up to him for that. it can't be easy t t take so many knox over the years. >> you can ring him up and sarks
7:53 am
or even better, you can offlfld stuff. >> reporter: for "good morning london. gnaw studky claims men perform better than women under pressure. researchers in italy gave men and women a test. the women performed better on the initial test. but when the deadline was higher. one researcher is quoted as environments under which they have to perform under time pressure. meaning i shouldn't be doing this job? >> time's up, amy. >> that's it. >> you do our breaking news. you handle that pressure well. >> everybody here does. i'm not going to get anywhere near that argument. >> oh, ali's taught you well. a big headline out of oregon. women and birth control. the pill and the patch now sold without a doctor's prescription in that state, with california
7:54 am
dr. jennifer ashton is here to break it down. >> the thinking here is that it's all about access. many women may not go on the pill as a means of birth control because they don't have the time or money to see their doctor. medically, look, the pill has been around for over 50 year. it's 92% effective with typical use. it's generally safe. that's how things weigh out on the positive side of this. >> pharmacists are great. i'm glad for the one i have. gives me great information. you have often talked about, there are risks involved with the pill. is a pharmacist the best person to be handling the situation? >> and obviously, this comes down to risk versus benefits. low risk does not mean zero risk. the pill has a slightly increased risk of blood clots. an 8% failure rate in preventing pregnancy with typical use. stating the obvious, a pharmacist not a physician. last night, i spoke to the
7:55 am
congress of obgyn. they don't think the pharmacist is the right person there. it puts another person, another barrier between a woman and that birth control. >> this is right in your wheel house. what do you want women to know? >> i think we're facing a developing crisis in women's health care. for those paying attention, we have seen a dialing back in a lot of recommendations. . a smears, pelvic exams, mammograms, now this. i think that has a real rick of jeopardizing women's health. i would encourage women to uncouple their regular yearly gyn exam. it's about treating the whole woman from head to toe. >> not just about access. it's about care. there will be a lot of questions. you'll be on twitter? >> you know it. >> you'll see it. dr. j. ashton on twitter. post your questions on our facebook page as well. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu."
7:56 am
how the teen is fighting back. and our big reveal is just moments away. who is coming back to "gma"? we're going to tell you that. and we have more from our exclusive with miss universe. what she has to say about steve harvey. all that and john stamos. and the new bachelor, ben higgins, with us here in time square. don't go anywhere. "good morning america" is coming up. oh, hi, john. >> hi, lara. how are you. >> are you a lucky lady or what? >> yes, honey, how are you? >> hi, ben. thank you. all that coming up. don't go anywhere. i got this my second month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things.
7:57 am
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chris and heidi powell are here with us. they're helping us trade our bad habits all day long. >> drink a gallon of water a day. track it easy. five of these. each time i finish a bottle, i remove a hair tie on to my wrist. i track my water and always have a hair tie available. >> so much more when we come back. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash.
8:00 am
[ music ] defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients.
8:01 am
welcome back to "gma." new headline this is morning for madonna. that escalating custody battle over her teenage son rocco. kayna whitworth has the latest. i'm going to carry on >> reporter: she's not just living for love. when it comes to her son, rocco. madonna is fighting for it. this morning, the material girl's custody battle over her 15-year-old child is heating up. with rocco now living with his father, guy ritchie in england.
8:02 am
living in new york. according to the sun, the teen is trying to distance himself even further. by blocking his mother on his instagram. respect yourself >> reporter: just days after the queen of pop expressed her love for her son or social media. posting this photo writing merry christmas to the sunshine of my life. >> madonna has shared a close and friendly relationship are rocco over the years. this is a seemingly new development. she often posted photos happeninging out with her son. they seemed to be really friends. >> reporter: madonna taking the matter to court in december. where a judge ordered rocco to return to the u.s. to figure out custody. he'll be granted his own court-appointed attorney. >> madonna's lawyers have said effectively, guy ritchie is preventing his son from returning to the states. guy ritchie's lawyers are saying rocco wants to live with his
8:03 am
>> reporter: madonna and richtchie did not respond to questions. >> you hate to see those kinds of things play out in public. >> sad. all week long, we're going to be talking about how the kick those bad habits and start good ones. to help us, we have chris and heidi powell. they have gnaw book out, extreme thanks formation. lifelong weight loss in 21 days. wonderful to see you. 21 days? three weeks it will take someone to break a habit. can that happen? >> it's true. most of the research points to just that. 21 days. at the same time, i know a lot of people's journey is more than 21 days. we want to set the solid foundation and once people understand the nutrition, the exercise, the psychological aspect of it, continue through
8:04 am
>> you do not sugar-coat things. no pun intended. you know it's challenge farg lot of people. it's not easy. >> no, it's not. think the more we do sugar-coat things, the -- the more unrealistic people's expectations are. then they're disappointed in the end. if we can say it how it is, everyone knows what to expect. they'll achieve their goals sooner. it will be more sustainable. >> that's the key. >> we keep talking about sugar. we have it in our diet. >> we have too much of it. that's the biggest problem. tip number three. start -- i want to say don't eliminate sugar. start reducing sugar in our diet by just try removing a soda a day or some kind of sweetened juice day. by removing one soda a day, almost 1 1/2 cups out of our diet of sugar every week over five cups a month. that's -- >> just by eliminating one?
8:05 am
instead, substitute with a sweetened water. >> you need the sweetener in the water. >> i do. i'm a normal person. i hate drinking regular water. i love to have my water sweetened. guilty as charged. but it's good for you. >> salt. it's in places we don't think sit. >> it is. in the average american diet, it has twice as much sodium as our bodies need. we need to reduce the salt. cured meats, lunch meats. high-sodium deli meats. canned soups. out of the diet. salt, let's toss the salt shaker. replace wit a low-sodium, salt-free seasoning. >> why do you have this bag packed and ready to go? >> prepare for kesz. the fight before, lay out the gym clothes, the gym bag. get it ready. get all the stuff together, ready to go. put this on the other side of the room from the bed, next to your alarm clock. you won't hit the clock and hit snooze.
8:06 am
come face to face with the commitment you have made to the brand-new you. >> you have to change the way you think in order the change the way you feel. i love the new year. always good to see you both. thank you very much. and, time now for the big reveal. does this count as my five minutes? because i'm walking back over here. this is part of the fife minutes. it's great to have everybody back. as we know, such a gentleman. as always. somebody's missing. ginger. she has an excused absepsnceabsence. she's home with adrian. we have someone special filling in for ginger next week. take a look. >> hey, ginger, how's the baby? >> he's amazing. you know what i was thinking? since i'm on many eternity leave, you could cover me and
8:07 am
>> stop, ginger. no problem. i'm in. anything for you. good morning, america. yep, it still fits. >> you better believe it still fits. sam champion. he's on the phone right now. sam! [ applause ] oh, you know, sam, i wish we could show -- >> good morning, robin. >> we wish we could show you photos from brazil. but it's a morning show. >> instagram. anyone can see them. >> we miss that laugh. what do the you miss most about "gma," sam? >> um, waking up in the morning and having you hand me a fresh cup of coffee. >> it is wonderful. because you know, ginger stepped in for you. how does it feel to be able to help her out? >> well, amazing. because, you know, with ginger, when they first met, they were such a great couple. and i can't think of anything more amazing for the two of them than having a baby. and her getting to spend some
8:08 am
so, it's fantastic. i feel amazing. >> we have another surprise. ginger, are you on the phone, too? did i hear? >> i'm here. >> hey, ging. >> hey! >> and you may just hear adrian. he's right on my chest and he's very loud. >> so what is he doing now these days? >> oh, you know, a little bit of vomit here and there. definitely some stinky diapers. >> you walked right into that. >> nothing but the best. ginger, you have a to-do list for sam? >> i do. number one, he has to take full credit for the dit dip in the jet stream, for all the cold air coming in. sorry, sam. [ laughter ] and second, we have a tally. vitalyi have tala tally of lara's puns. [ baby cooing ]
8:09 am
>> and finally, just take care of the audience. i'm going to miss them probably just as much as everybody else. >> yeah, that's true. ginger, that's true. it's the most fun part of the entire show. is to get outside and spend time with the people who come the see us. it's true. >> yes. >> even in january where it's nice and balmy outside. >> sam, somewhatwhat is your alarm clock set at? >> i'm not ready for this yet. >> sam, leave the speedo at home. [ laughter ] >> he's wearing it underneath, lara. >> i'm wearing it right now. >> i'm wearing it right now. >> sam, we can't wait to see you. and ginger, we miss you. we lovee you. we're so happy you're spending this quality time with that adorable -- i love how you call it, your little love. >> my little love. he absolutely is. >> oh. >> aw. so gorgeous. >> thanks, guys.
8:10 am
thank you. there's the big reveal. it will be sam champion here next week. rob marciano will be helping out a great deal, too. rob's got the big game. the big football game next week. i was there last year. you're going have a great time, rob. >> ncaa championships next monday. a lot of stuff planned. great crowd. what is yourname? where are you from? >> i'm maria, from colorado springs. >> getting married on september 10th. hopefully warmer there by then. san diego beaches, they're stealing sand to anticipate maybe flash floods. high surf as well. one, two, three, and then another warning on friday. locally, over five inches of
8:11 am
two feet of snow in some spots. oh, man. how they keep it warm out here. if you're from louisiana, your heart is kept warm. by the way, hi, papa ducky. lara, over the to you. >> i wonder if that is smp's special nickname. get in here, rob. it's cold out there and hot inside. "pop news" time. the new miss universe. pia wurtzbach stopped by. i asked her about the infamous moment that steve harvey announced miss colombia's name instead of her own.
8:12 am
steve harvey came out and said, oh, my goodness, i made a mistake. you were at rehearsals, how did that mistake happen from your perspective? >> i think maybe, maybe i have a few -- i guess theories. so maybe with the way the winners are written on the card maybe that's why. because you kind of have to read the second runner up, skip the first runner up, go to the winner. maybe the way it was written was a little bit confusing. i understand. it was his first time to judge a pageant. it's okay. he's human. people make mistakes. it's live television. it's not easy. i understand. it's fine. >> do you think he should be back next year? >> yeah, why not? he's a breath of fresh air. he made t us feel very relaxed, the contestants. it makes us show our personality
8:13 am
i think that benefits everybody, especially the viewers. >> very gracious. >> very gracious. jinx, buy me a coke. also in "pop news" a new study suggesting being generous could save your life. research eers saying spending money on others can improve happiness. it's called the donation deanybody latede defibrillator factor. the study found the theory most effective when participants gave to those they felt closest to. i feel very close to you all. the findings published in the journal of health psychology. >> it's better to give than to receive. >> again. now we know it's a fact. >> and we're accepting your gifts anytime. >> rob, for you. mwah. is this a bear or a dodo
8:14 am
>> looks like bear. >> this is the question at a doggie day care center. a reddit user posed this online
8:15 am
no dogs were hurt. girl you're the one welcome back to "gma" on this monday morning. first monday of the new year. and welcome back to the brand-new bachelor, ben higgins. we're about to hear from him in just a little bit. >> looks like lots of drama this year. >> shocking. and you know who else is here? a favorite of ours, john stamos
8:16 am
he's gtot a hit show and great photo from new year's. first, lara. who is with the bachelor, ben rg right now. >> i am. and you know, "bachelor" fans have a few more hours to wait until season 20, can't believe that, season 20 premiers. so many of them excited to see ben back. he's here with a sneak speak.peek. take a look. >> lady, come on over. >> hey. >> oh, my gosh. >> hey. >> good to see you. >> you, too, how are you? >> good. becca. you guys look great. obviously, i was expecting you. >> yes. >> ben is not. >> i don't know that i have ever been this nervous in my entire life. >> so those were two of the contestants from last season. were you surprised? frlts i was so surprised. i think doing this once, you know, is difficult.
8:17 am
to do it twice, it's impressive. >> sitis it true you said no at first? >> to what? >> to being the bachelor. >> i wanted to process everything. make sure it was the right decision for me. ultimately, it was. >> i see a glint in the eye. >> you know, the last year has been crazy. it's changed life a lot. i would never take it back. >> so all in all, you're saying it was a good experience. i know, obviously, you can't give anything away. will viewers get a lot of twists and turns as "the bachelor" has been known to do in recent seasons? >> i think anytime you gate group of people in a house together, dating one person, think things will happen. it's life. and how people interact with each other. every season will be different. this season, i think is definitely different than ones in previous. >> the shoe is now on the other foot. you dealt with caitlin. now, you're in the driver's seat. how is the experience different for you? >> i think being the lead.
8:18 am
being a cast member. you know you're not going home. you know you're going to be around. i think i wanted to make sure all these women felt like i appreciated them being there. because i did. >> you appreciated them edd them, but that doesn't stop the train from moving. you have to say good-bye. what was that like? >> it was a lot harder than i thought. i saw the end result. you forget that there's a lot of heart break and pain to get there. >> without giving away any secrets, was there a moment where something happened that you were like, gosh, i wish this wouldn't be on camera? i wish i could not have this happen? >> when i signed up for it, i knew my life would be on display. i think the women that came on knew that. you kind of roll with it. people are going to laugh and maybe cry with me. i'll be embarrassed at times.
8:19 am
>> you'll probably see me kisses sometimes. >> did you get advice from other "bachelors "? >> some of the best we have had. >> who are the best? >> i respect shawn lowe. chris soules. jason mesnick. >> what was the advice? >> be true to myself. don't worry about what people are going to think. this is about myself and the women. and if this is going to work, we have to be who we really are. >> how old are you again? >> 26. >> 626. are you old enough to get married? >> definitely. >> i'm here for you, america. trying to do the job. i understand you're going to donate a coat. >> yes. >> would you mind doing that? >> no, i would love to. >> thank you so much, ben,
8:20 am
we can't wait to see how it works out. ben brought his college friends with him. the season premiere of"the bachelor" starts tonight at 8:00. an extended sneak peek is yours at our website. on yahoo! yahoo!. right now, outside into the cold with rob for a last look at the weather. >> it's cold. it's snowing. we have football fans. this is luke anthony. from houston. you're not crazy about football but you like the super bowl. >> yes, i do. >> what do you like? the commercials? >> i like the commercial. >> who doesn't like those? we have a contest to tell you about. it's something that doritos is doing. we're revealing three finalists for the crash the super bowl. this is ultrasound by peter carstairs of australia. this is called no dogs aloud.
8:21 am
the third finalist is sweet for doritos made by david of new york. the winner gets $1 million and will be announced during the big game. quick check on the lake-effect snow situation. here it comes. the coldest stuff of the season. >> this weather cast is brought to you by carmax. if you're in the zone, drive slowly. guess who i'm here with. john stamos. the emmy-nominated actor and producer stars in grandfathered.
8:22 am
>> thank you for doing that >> can you play that song from the top. it seems to be helping edie. the doctor will fix it for you don't be scared everything will be okay >> laugh out loud funny. congratulations on the success of the show. picked up for a full season. >> yeah, we're going to be around for a little while. >> tell me about your character. jimmy. what's he like? >> a le theirothariolothario. i did a lot of research. he's a lovable guy. i think, um, when playing these characters, you have to find their flaws and what makes them silly and -- um, approachable. you know, and i think we found wit this character. >> you don't look like a grandfather? that's xheed toik begin with. >> i know.
8:23 am
you think about abe vigoda. >> i got a call that said, we gt a show about a grandfather. okay who is the grandfather? you. >> what do you have in common with him? >> again, like i try to find what is silly about these guys. and these type of characters, if you pull the curtain behind, they're just as insecure and loan tli and scared. jimmy wants to be a good father and a good grand squn father and eventually a boyfriend. we're leading toward a romance. he gets in his own way. it's a charming thing about him. >> we teased this new year's eve photo we found of you and bob sag saget. reunited there and on "fuller house." what is uncle jesse up to these days? everyone wants to know? >> netflix february 26th. people are so excited. i think it will be whateople want to see. it's the house.
8:24 am
same emotion. same energy. i think it's very sweet and it should be quite fun. >> what was it like back on the set with everybody reunited? >> tears and, you know, it was very, very sweet. we spent a lot of time together. it wasn't like we hadn't seen each other. it was emotional. a lot of old stories came back. dave and bob and i used to car pool together. >> still car pooling? >> no. >> okay, okay. just curious. from "fuller house" to a full moon. >> what's that? >> paper magazine. you like what i did there with that? >> yeah. >> want to you cantalk about why you thought now would be a good time to bare it all? >> nobody asked me before. i'm skinnier. the cramamera adds ten pounds. i had a turbulent year. a lot of ups and downs.
8:25 am
and sort of a fun wink. if anybody, had any issues with me, i gave them something they could kiss. >> they could kiss where we have the ribbon over? i love it. thank you, mr. stamos. coming up, deborah roberts and al roker revealing the
8:26 am
for so many couples, the new year is chance to take stock of your relationship. one of the most high-profile couples on tv is out with a book. it's called "been there, done that." by our own deborah roberts and her husband, al roker. they give great advice. we had a great time. take a look. she's an intrepid member of the abc news family. >> how important is breaking that cultural barrier? >> reporter: and hardly day goes by where deborah roberts isn't asked -- are you really married to al? >> you can make the light. >> see. i can't make the light. >> you're not going to make the light. >> reporter: yes, deb, and nbc weatherman al roker may seem an unlikely pair. >> i want to talk. i want to keep talking. i want to get it all out there. oh, stop, stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: don't let them fool you.
8:27 am
music. the same theater events. but we love each other very much and we have a deep and abiding respect and feeling for family. >> yes. >> i think that's what grounds us. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: they credit that love with their ability to get through the storms. the couple shares boast the funny and difficult lessons they've learned on their journey through their 20-year marriage. was it your idea? were you approached to write the book? how did it come to be? >> every time al and i would get together with friends, we would talk opinions. we're very different. i would have a different opinion from al. he was usually wrong. i was usually right. we would have a great time talking about it. >> reporter: they teach their teenage children, nicky and laila, that to be happy in life, it's critical to speak the truth. >> one of the things i have learned from al, as a mom and as
8:28 am
need to cut myself some slack. ourselves. we want to do it perfectly. >> the best quote about being a dad, i actually heard years ago from roseant barr. she said, at tepid of the day, if the kids are asleep and there's though internal bleeding, i've done my job. >> reporter: in the world of he said, she said, should you wear matching outfits to events. >> no, absolutely not. outfits. not matching hawaiian shirts. if we're at a for mall event, debra may have a gown with a predominant color. i may pick out a tie that accents that color. >> it's fine. it's annoying. it's fip. >> reporter: driving. >> we live in new york city. i just zip ahead. >> yeah, well. i believe in allowing space. and i believe you know what? i'm going to get there. i'm not in thatt great a hurry. >> reporter: so mario andretti, little old lady.
8:29 am
>> the kids love it when i drive. >> let's face it. who doesn't like being in the indy 500 going down fifth avenue? >> reporter: it's not about who wins the argument. it's about finding the person you can go the distance with. >> we couldn't be more different in terms of where we came from and really love for each other that at's -- at the end of the day, that speaks everything. >> beautiful. >> honestly, forget the book. they need a comedy show. debra deborah roberts is with us now. you are the odd couple. >> youou mousse have been exhausted by the time you left our house. most people are. >> you're just so beautifully open and honest t th etch'reach other. >> so many couples relate. they're very different or they approach life differently. at the end of the day, you come together, you find the common ground.
8:30 am
>> if you can laugh about it. >> i can't relate to how nice you are aboutut the differents in driving. >> we were nice for lara. we're not usuallyhat nice in the car. >> amber and i have been blessed to be around that dinner table. you're vo so right. the way you go back and fortrt it's so inviting. and warm in your home. and al can cook. >> he will. that's why i won't let him go. >> we didn't have time to get into the cooking ing. he doesn't want you anywhere near the kitchen. >> absolutely. we talk about you and advice i have got frn you. ups, downs, challenges. we all have them. if anybody can be inspired and find maybe a twipgle of advice. not much. trust me. we don't have it down pat. we're still trying. >> 24rst something you want to share. that's what you do. >> that's right. >> thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. it's great read. "been there, done that" on sale
8:31 am
coming up, our ultimate tailgate challenge. amy robach kicking it off and
8:32 am
go big or go home oh, my, football feoffor running high. the big college championship game just a week away. also amy's pretty happy. yes, about hur georgia bulldogs' win over lara's penn state nittany lions this weekend. kicking off "gma's" ultimate tailgate challenge. i'll be refereeing. as my fellow anchors face off all week for the gold. football. do quu have something? >> i didn't wait for it. it's on her head. >> okay. >> it's tiny. it's hurting my brain. >> the football. you won the coin toss. the football goes to you. >> great.
8:33 am
>> i believe that everything is better buffalo chicken sauce. so, my recipe is -- it's right here. sorry. i'm trying to hold everything. it's called buffalo chicken and cheese, baby. i was inspired by -- at the uga athletic site. they have recipes. a lot of them have buffalo chicken in them. why not mix grilled cheese and buffalo chicken. >> tell us how you do this. >> you have the buffalo sauce here. with i'll pour it in here. >> whoa. >> okay. all right. >> what's that? >> vinegar? chicken stock? >> i have no idea. and then -- >> she likes chicken, amy. >> i'm going to do the sauce that is already mixed up. you mix it up, let it soak. looks like this. >> all right. >> i'm scared that penn state fans are thinking i'm a horrible
8:34 am
>> i'm putting carrots and celery and blue cheese. >> amy, stick to your day job. >> i'll mix it for you. you're doing a great job. >> and more buffalo sauce. >> what is this red, am? >> we're going stay on the air past 9:00 and make sure she's able to cook this. >> it's a blue cheese and butter spread. and then you -- >> can we say that amy is not going to win? >> it does smell good, george. >> she's already won a little bit. looks like you have a cocktail here, too. what is that? would you like a sip? >> lemonade, baby. what goes better with buffalo chicken cheese than lemonade. while you're making fun of me, let's all try a bite there? >> thank you very much. >> even cold it's good. >> the preparation. >> everyone cold it's good. according to george.
8:35 am
it is good, amy. >> that's good. >> you have your bulldogs here. >> go, dogs. oh, look that. we got a bulldog right here. >> the long island bulldog rescue. this is a challenge all week long. this is what you're playing for here. where is the -- where is amy's? here it is. amy, i think, you know what, great job. you moved the ball down the field. i'm going to -- >> hold it.
8:36 am
you can get before we leave you, this young man here, howard, is part of our tss security group. he's fantastic. this is his last day because where are you going? >> to the nypd. >> to the police academy. how excited are you? >> very excited. >> you have been wonderful. great first monday of the new year. >> thank you.
8:37 am
congratulations, howard. >> do you have more month than money? >> i owe, i owe, i owe, off to work i go. >> are you swimming in debt? get real tips that can save you cash.
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