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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they are coming to this country, as we have seen in san bernardino, for the intent of killing american families. >> and we also reached out to congressman jim clyburn, but he has not returned our request for comment following today's meeting with the attorney general, president obama said he looks forward to speaking with the american people in the next few days about several initiatives they discussed. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> alicia: thank you for that report. back here at home, gun violence has richland county deputies searching for suspects tonight in a weekend shooting. authorities say a motorist spotted a motorcycle wreck early sunday morning at long green parkway at churchland drive. deputies say the crash victim adrian silva, had been shot in the upper body. richland county coroner gary watt said silva died from the gunshot wounds. if you know anything about this crime that can help out police, please contact crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc.
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candidate in the race for the white house will likely have sm-ssomething to say about gun control when he visits south carolina this week. donald trump will address voters on friday at win thrown university. -- winthrop university. according to the recent polls, trump holds a 27-point lead. >> alicia: a state judge ruled a former north charlotte police officer accused of shooting an unarmed man can be released on bond. bond was set at $500,000 for michael slager. he was accused in the april shooting death of walter scott. according to the terps of his release, slager will be under house arrest and cannot have any contact with the fam live of the victim. -- family of the victim. his trial is set for october 31st. >> ben: armed protestors continue to occupy a federal building in oregon, two days after taking it over. it began saturday as a rally to support two local ranchers, set to begin sentences for arson. it expanded into a wider protest against the federal government when protestors broke into a national wildlife refuge building.
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destructive to area ranchers and miners. >> our purpose, as we have shown, is to restore and defend the constitution, that each person in this country can be protected by it and that prosperity can continue. >> ben: the spokesman for protestors says that his group is armed, but does not describe it as a militia. he is the son, this spokesperson is the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy who in 2014 drew attention for a standoff with federal authorities. midnight is the deadline for midlands residents affected by october's floods to apply for aid from fema. >> alicia: we have more on what you need to know. if you are letting your request go down to the wire. >> good evening to you, after a previous extension, the deadline has finally arrived. this evening the message is clear:
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>> if an individual has had damage to their home that's not covered by insurance, including, perhaps, the automobile that gets them back and forth to work, they need to register before the january 4th deadline. >> henderson said this bears repeating. the key, he sailed, is getting into the system by that important deadline. >> the regulars of it can follow up later. and we encourage those that do come to the disaster recovery centers to fill out we are partiers with the small business administration, and if they apply for or refer and apply for a loan, that opens up another avenue of care and assistance from fema. >> the theme continues at the small business level as well. you can turn away the help, but you need to apply now, should there be a chance you may need it. and you should know the offer is a generous one. >> the interest rate is very low. the terms on the loans are very good, so you have a long time to pay. the first $25,000 you apply for as a homeowner or renter, it is -- it does not require collateral.
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you don't take care of things now, the problems could escalate. recent rains could translate into future problems. >> and for more information, fema has made it easy. you may go online to disaster, visit one of the 16 area disaster centers or call 1-800-621-fema. in the studio tonight, i am eric weisfeld, abc columbia news. >> alicia: all right. our first day back for the new year. i think we came back to some pretty cool weather out there. >> ben: finally. we had to wait for it for a long time. it was like a tropical christmas. i know. you were in the tropics. >> john: tropical for her, right. a ton of rain and warm weather for christmas, john. feels good now. >> john: very unusual. we are back at it in terms of the winter weather. check it out. already, these are actual temperatures, we are in the upper 30s. bishopville, camden, winnsboro, newberry. what is going on, winds coming out of the north and pretty
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in fact, these are attend -- sustained, 16, somewhere in that range in the high end, gusting to 25. if you step outside in the next little bit and you don't have a coat, you will feel it in a second. this is what things are looking like for the next several hours. windy. as the night grows long, the wind dies off, quickly into the 30s even here in columbia. by the time we get to 11:00, we will be freezing and below. here's the overnight temperature. in columbia, 25. so this very likely be coldest night so far this winter, where we will see some of the cold spots down into the low 20s. now, by the time we get going in the morning, the wind will be gone, but it will have done the damage. sentencing the kids to the bus stop, bundle them up in the warmest thing you got. we are talking mid-20s right through bus stop time, up to like 8:00 in the morning. as we go through the day, as you see temperatures only climbing to about the the mid-40s, and this cold weather will be be with us for a bit, and then some rain. we will talk about that in a if you -- few minutes.
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if eating better, and i am talking like good food, is one of your resolutions, then maybe you will like an event coming up pretty soon, i think. fine foods and tasty treats all on the nen -- menu, columbia's restaurant week. >> alicia: you know i like to eat good food. >> ben: i know you do. >> alicia: abc columbia's beth rousseau takes us behind the scenes at one of the participating locationses to see what they will be serving up. >> thank you. >> absolutely. can i get you anything else? >> a mouth-watering meal is something restaurant goers expect, but when it comes to creating food favorites, there is more than meets the eye. >> creating the recipes to prepare those items, teaching and coaching those recipes and then of course preparing them in volume, being consistent with that. >> za's brick oven pizza on divine street face the same challenge most restaurants experience. a surge in sales during the holiday season, and then a dip in diners at the start of the year. >> you know, people do
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different, certain, you know, seasons. january, i guess, let's face it, no one really wants to go outside. >> for a boost in business, za's is participating in columbia's a restaurant week, offering a multi-course meal for a prefixed price, from january 7th through the 17th -- 17th. >> it helps boost sales, it provides a great value to the customer coming in, and generally it is great for business. always been great for business. business. >> but restaurant week doesn't just benefit the bottom line of your favorite food hut, it is a chance to support the local and state economy. >> they advertise statewide, you know, and people participate in it statewide. so it is a really big event for the restaurant industry. >> za's is just one on a long list of locations participating in columbia restaurant week. for the full list, head to our website, on divine street, beth rousseau, abc columbia news.
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south carolina is the place to be. the palmetto state is ranked number two on the list of top moving destinations for 2015. that's according to the annual national movers study. last year it shows more people were moving into the palmetto state than out of it. some other hotspots include oregon, north carolina and vermont. surprised atlanta is not on list. >> ben: yes. >> i would think atlanta. >> the whole state of georgia. >> alicia: it is just so good. up next, how you can team up with abc columbia and help save a life. >> ben: plus, powerball fever sweeping the nation.
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next. start the new year saving lives. a-b-c columbia laesh >> alicia: welcome back. come out and see us tomorrow, start out the new year by saving a life. abc columbia and american red cross teaming up and asking you to donate blood. now, representatives with the red cross say donating in the winter months is particularly important, as blood donations typically sag during the holiday season. with each pint of blood, saving up to three lives, it is a worthy way to kick off the new year. >> the blood drives out in the community comprise 80% of our blood collections. we need in south carolina about 5 hup people each day to -- 500 people each day to give blood in order to meet the demands of about 50 hospitits in the state. >> alicia: if you would like to join us in giving the gift of new life, please head to the plex indoor sports center at the village at sand hill tomorrow. ben hoover and myself will be out there. january 5th, again from 7:00
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>> ben: $400 million to be exact, that's how much the next powerball winner could possibly win this week. on saturday, three contestants, including one in the charleston area, each one won $1 million, but no one bought grand prize winning ticket. the next chance to win is wednesday. officials say the chances of winning the big prize, well, million. but you can't win if you don't play.
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seven-day forecast.
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a chilly one out there today. one of the few days we've seen so far this winter, it was below average for the high. >> john: we only got to 50. average 55. so we are going to stay in this cool weather for a little bit, and, boy, you will definitely feel it. very cold out there tonight, probably the coalest so far this winter, tomorrow night, just about the same, and then later in the week it will warm up, we will also get some rain. this thing is going to -- isn't going to last all that long. what's happened is something we haven't seen toouch this winter, and that is that we are getting winds out of the north, and look at these temperatures, when you factor in the wind, it already feels below freezing in h newberry, at freezing, camden, winnsboro and saluda. so it a cold one out there tonight, and, again shgs what we haven't seen very on often this year so far is this kink in the jet stream, we get the cold air spilling down from canada, but that will be with us tonight, it will be with us during the day tomorrow, tomorrow night, and into a lesser extent wednesday. so two days of this. and then the whole thing will gigi way to warming
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we are below freezing by the time we get to midnight. when i say below freezing, that's below freezing in columbia, meaning the coldest spots will be down into even the low 20s by the time we get up tomorrow morning. a pretty hard freeze. this is one of those nights certainly if you have plants outside, in fact i have taken in some from the patio already. because they will get damaged or, you know, worse overnight tonight. definitely protect any plants you have. here's a look at the commute in the morning. it will be crystal clear. there won't be a cloud in sight, no chance of rain. but it will be cold. so if you have the heated seats, they will be doing some work for you tomorrow. mid-20s on the commute. again, clear as a bell. here's tomorrow's forecast. by tomorrow afternoon, look at this. some of us, northern midlands only low 40s, columbia, i am figuring around 45 or so. the winds will be once again out of the north tomorrow, but not quite so strong. so they will just be kind of settling that cool air in. here's the extended forecast. a couple of days of this. wednesday we top out at 47. what you really notice the difference, wednesday night into thursday, that's when we
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by the time we get to friday, look at that, we are back up into the 60s with rain. now, that rain could arrive as earl ri as thursday night -- early as thursday night, probably more like friday. then a break, and then another rain event here on sunday. and, again, look at these temperatures, above average, temperatures overnight, only in the 40s. a couple days of cold, and then we go back to warm temperatures. >> all right. thank you, john farley. coming up, gamecocks football may not be getting a big four-star wide receiver recruit after all. >> ben: will muschamp trying to convince usc's best player on defense to come back for
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sports is next. the ncaa makes sure the tigers hit the books.hi, i'm tim hill. clemson's spring ncaa makes sure the tigers hit the books, itim hill. clemson's spring semester starts wednesday, that means the tigers limited to just 20 hours of practice this week per ncaa rules. no practice limit for alabama, though. the new semester in tuscaloosa doesn't start until next week. dabo swinney expecting all-american defensive end
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against the tide in the national championship one week from tonight. lawson missing most of the orange bowl with an early knee injury. swinney said the junior has a knee sprain. lawson leading the country 23 1/2 tackles behind the line of skrichlage. clemson mourning the loss of former code red parker who passed away at the age of 82. he coached the tigers from 1973 to 76, finished with 17-25 and 2 record at clemson. before that he coached the citadel for seven seasons. parker coached high school team in arkansas for the last six seasons before he retired justast month. one of will muschamp's most important are recruiting games for the gamecocks may be a current caver line a paper. usc's new coach in con stakt with skai moore, who hasn't completely shut the door on the chance to come back to caroline for a senior season. moore led the gamecocks in factless the last three seasons. -- tackles. last year he also led in interceptions.
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recruit cavin riley ridley announced on twit ir, he is not committed to carolina football after all. ridley, the younger brother of calvin ridley, made the unofficial commitment to carolina over the weekend, now says he needs more time to make a choice. usc, california and georgia the top candidates. according to multiple reports, former usc defensive ordinator lorenzo ward headed west. a deal in the works forward to become the defensive coordinator at fresno state. ward has worked out west before as an open raiders assistant coach. he was dee molted at -- dee molted at caroline ra to co-defensive coordinator at -- after usc dropped to the bottom in defense in 2014. basketball back to its highest rack d.ranking in 17 years. frank martin and company up to 22 in the country. the associated press top 25 poll, carolina holding steady at number 20 in the coaches poll. a hard-fought foul fest win over memphis over the weekend, got the gamecocks to 13-0 on the season, heading into tomorrow's sec opener at auburn.
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point of the season after a good start last year. martin hoping to avoid that this year. >> we lost perspective on who we were that allowed us to find success. because of outside noise and outside positive comments or whatever you want to call them. hoipfully we learn -- hopefully we learn from that. >> usc women also off to 13-0 start this season, combined 26-0, the best start ever for sec school in basketball. teen ya roy and usc ranked number two in the country in today's poll. the gamecocks play sec game number two thursday night at vanderbilt. roy and company absolutely blowing out arkansas at home yesterday. that will do it for sports.
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news at 6:00. winter is back. check it out. coldest night so far this winter will be down into the mid-20s in columbia, which means the cold spots even low 20s. very cold. the wind will die off as the
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temperatures to just bottom out. so tomorrow what happens? well, we warm back up to the low to mid-40s. we climb a couple degrees by the time we get to wednesday, but wednesday night, as you see, not quite so bad, and then by the end of the week, we are back at it. relatively warm, with rain friday and again on sunday. >> all right. i want to tell everybody happy new year. this is my first day back. >> happy new year. >> your first day back. >> somebody has to work. >> happy new year all around.
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tonight, the heated showdown. donald trump versus the clintons. the sprint to iowa and new hampshire now. trump says bill clinton's past is fair game. this evening, the former president, out on the trail and our correspondent asking him, is trump right? should clinton's past matter? >> is it fair game? >> how the president answers. at this hour, the armed militia standoff.
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