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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> alicia: i'm alicia barnes. columbia housing authority is asking the city for $1 million as a demolition budget for the gardens. >> ben: grace joyal has their story. grace? >> grace: this complex was built in 1940. thousands of families have passed through its walls. the walls show their years. the feds say it's time to knock them down. i got to meet a pair of twin sisters tonight who say this is bittersweet. they see this as an opportunity to find newer housing. they'll certainly hold tight to the memories they've created in this place. it's not where you live but how you live. that's what row landda sanderland told her 17-year-old son, a sttight-a student at ac flora high school after he told his friend he lives in gonzalez gardens. >> he has actually showed them his i.g. with the address address -- i.d. with the address on there for them to believe he lived out here because they
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carried themselves the way he did lived in an area like this. >> grace: the public housing complex, one of the oldest in the country, has developed a violence-riddled reputation over four years. after years of living here, sanderland says that doesn't reflect her family's experience. >> i hope my children remember to tell their children one day about living here. that's what it's all about, the memories we created here; however life goes on. grace: onto a new home in 2016 for she and her sister. >> it's a bittersweet moment. it really is. >> grace: the feds approved demolition of the 280-unit complex. >> relationships here, that's what means the most, but, of course, i'm in love being in a better place and buying a better home for my son. >> grace: columbia housing authority is interviewing each family and will give them relocation options based on their needs.
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off good schools and an easy transition for the kids. >> you have to do what you got to do and make do with what you have so you can do better. >> grace: for sanderland it might be t t jumping-off point she's been waiting for. >> life's happened since i've been here, but it never stopped me from getting and trying to achieve better than here. i looked at it as a stepping stone. >> grace: to finally own a house of her own. cha has been budgeting for this but they do need some help covering the $3 million demolition. the mayor, steve benjamin, says it will need $1 million for the city in early 2017. they're hoping to have all residents placed and demo underway by the end of the year. live in the newsroom, grace joyal,. back to you. >> ben: thank you, grace. council met in regular session tonight hearing testimony from concerned neighbors.
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developer estates and companies has agreed to sit down with the public before the vote. now, the site in question is the lot that sat empty for decades at the intersection of meeting and state streets. >> alicia: to richland county politicians were charged with not paying their taxes. >> ben: the report was stemming from richland county's use of sales tax money. for now, here is jennifer ready. >> jennifer: dequincey newman pleads guilty for failing to file tax returns for two consecutive years. >> are you guilty? >> yes sir, your honor. >> he admitted he made a mistake. we all do that we all make mistakes. >> jennifer: newman tells the judge he thought he filed his returns in 2012-2013 but during a separate investigation by the department of revenue into the county's penny tax program, the agency found he never did file his taxes. >> they were looking into everybody in the political arena
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he was on city council. they did a search of his name and it popped up that he hadn't filed for two years. >> jennifer: attorneys for newman say although the charges arose into the investigation from the penny tax program, they're completely unrelated. >> i think the bottom line here is he's not involved in the penny sales tax investigation. he plead straight up too two counts of failure to file tax and what it's telling us there's no plea agreement if he was involved in some conspiracy they were still investigating, there would have been a plea agreement that would have been provided for him to cooperate. >> jennifer: meanwhile richland county councilman kelvin washington is facing three counts of willful failure to file a tax return for three consecutive years in a statement richland county council chairman torrey rush says the matter is being dealt with by authorities. if there's any required actctn by richland county council, we're prepared to call a meeting and act accordingly. abc columbia news, jennifer ready.
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received two years of probation. >> ben: that time will be reduced to six months after he pays $11,000 in taxes owednd court costs. those arrests are putting the richland county penny tax program back under the microscope. >> alicia: for the latest on that investigation, here is abc klum bee years -- columbia's beth rousseau. >> beth: regardless, one county councilmember says the immediate action is necessary so he's stepping up. rebuilding confidence in the penny tax program is a top priority for councilman seth rose following a troubling report from the d.o.r.. >> i can't think of anything more important than installing trust in this program and making sure any wrongs are righted going forward. >> beth: according to a letter from department director rick reams, those wrongs include instances o o corruption, fraud and illegal activity found during a d.o.r. review of the program. >> immediately, i knew that
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>> beth: changes that rose has translated into three motions, the most important of which would give added power to the citizens' oversight committee allowing the chairmen to be an exofishial member of the penny council committee. >> one, they'd have a vote at the committee level. two, that would allow them to be privy for all documents. >> beth: his plans include reimbursement on penny tax collars -- dollars aimed at at small businesses. >> penny should be used for penny -- small business projects projects. >> beth: additionally, rose is calling for a a revamp of the process used to approve companies selected for carrying out penny projects. >> they're not the only fixes that will have to take place with county council but three major stepepin the right direction. >> beth: rose's motions will appear on the january 12th
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they'll be presented to the appropriate committee for vetting. i'm beth rousseau for abc news. >> for every family that never imagined their loved one would be taken from their lives by a gun, every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> alicia: president barack obama getting emotional as he unveils executive measures to tighten gun control. the measures include expanding background checks on firearm sales. president obama calls his proposals common sense safety measures. gun lobbyists and some republicans say obama wants to make buying guns nearly impossible. obama responded by saying the
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the issue of gun violence in addition to expanding and bolstering the background check system. administration is expected to provide more funding for mental health treatment, f.b.i. staff and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives agents. the president's announcement has you talking. >> ben: of course, this has two sides. some of you fully supporting the president's views and his actions but others believing he's just shooting blanks. here is eric weisfeld. >> eric: business appears to be booming at shooter's choice in west columbia. while the store's manager doesn't want to speak, his tight-lipped. pete sour begs to differ with our commander-in-chief. >> my father told me many years ago during prohibition, it was illegal to own a machine gun and no outright good citizen owned a machine gun but every criminal owned a machine gun. i feel i'm entitled to my second amendment rights to own a gun i'm a legal person.
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they'v'v done background checks on me. but i think he's going way over and beyond. >> eric: this columbia resident who doesn't want to be identified says not so fast. president obama has a valid point, he says and is getting his vote for tighter control. >> i'm a gun owner and, um, i agree with the president. there should be some restrictions on how guns are traded and sold. second amendment does allow us to possess guns and i'm in full agreement with that. there are some situations in some instances where there are individuals who really shouldn't have weapons in their hands. and we've seen some of the various incidents around the country and in this state which may or possibly could have been prevented after stricter controls were put in place by who are allowed to have weapons. >> eric: midland's opinions are varied. many have an important issue and want to be heard. in west columbia, i'm eric weisfeld, abc news.
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attorney general, issued a response to the president's executive order saying in part that the president cannot criminalize conduct through executive fiat. whether at the federal or state levels, criminal laws can only be enacted or amended through action by the legislative branches. someone should remind president obama that america is not a monarchy. another bitterly cold night in the mitt midlands. just how cold can -- in the midlanteds. just how -- midlands. just how cold can it get out there? >> alicia: we go to our meteorologist, john farley, who joins us from the weather center with our current brisk, cold conditions. john? >> john: columbia is the only place in the midlands where the temperature is above freezing. everybody else is below. sumpter down to 25. i got an e-mail from g. miles in cedar greek, at her house at 10:40, it was 24 degrees. temperatures are going down tonight. check out where we are as
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sumpter is 9 degrees cooler. columbia coming in 3 degrees cooler. the temperatures will drop a little bit more than they did last night based on this and what else is going out there in terms of the weather. the lows tonight come in, yeah, about as cold as it gets. certainly. 19 degrees in wins breaux and newberry -- winsboro and newberry. coco one tonight. getting the kids out to the bus stop tomorrow morning, the warmest winter coat will do. it'll be belowow freezing. as we go through the day tomorrow, we recover a little bit. afternoon highs close to 50. and this is the beginning of a trend, so if you really don't like the cold, stick around. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> ben: remember you can stay connected to the frigid temperatures in your neighborhood with our free abc columbia app. it's available in the app store and on google play. >> alicia: look at that all right, well, someone could possibly become very, very rich
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>> ben: sadly, i know who you're talking about. coming up, the powerball jackpot sores to $450 million! plus another year, another great turnout. results of this year's annual
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that's next. another big powerball >> welcome back. another big powerball prize is up for grabs tomorrow night. the drawing will be f f an estimated jackpot of $450 million. it was initially set for $400 million. but lottery officials say the surge in ticket sales caused an increase. the jackpot's cash value is now at $275.4 million. this is the sixth largest jackpot of any u.s. lottery game on record and the fourth largest powerball jackpot. >> ben: president obama is set to give his final state of the union address next week and shortly after that address, south carolina governor nikki haley will give the republican response. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell call halle one of the popular -- most popular governors in america. she's south carolina's first
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>> alicia: abc columbia wants to thank those of you who stopped by today to donate blood in our annual blood drive. >> ben: the red cross collected 66 pints of blood today. if you can't make it out today today -- if you couldn't make it out today, you can always give your donation at the headquarters on bolt street. >> alicia: you gave blood today? >> ben: i did. they shove pizza in your hand on your way out the door to make sure you're replenished. >> alicia: our meteorologist has details on rain in the seven-day
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>> john: another cold day will turn into another cold night for us. probably in the range maybe even the coldest so far this year with temperatures settling way down in the 20's, probably even a few teens coming in. the warming trend starts tomorrow, and by the time we get to friday, we'll be back in the 60's, but let's start you off with a peak of what is guess on on out there. as you can see, the temperatures pretty cold. all the way down to 25 now in sumter. still columbia the only spot that's above freezing on this whole map so it'll be a very cold night. a night like tonight, don't forget your pets outside, because this'll be pretty cold. and if you've left your plants out, at this point, it could be a problem. you should protect them. let's talk about what is going on in terms of the winds locally. it's blowing decently in columbia. as the winds die off overnight, that's when the coolest airs will settle in. that's going to allow our temperatures to drop. what's caused our colder weather here?
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the humidity this time of the night, it's low. we have room to go down. the air, if you step outside right now, it's dry. really dry. the temperatures, again, will be allowed to go a little bit cooler than they are right now. what's caused it is this high up to our north of the we've had the cold air spilling down the eastern side of the appalachian appalachians. we've got the shallow air in place. the wind tonight will subside enough to allow the temperatures to drop yet even more so by the time we get to morning. now, what will happen here? here we are, tomorrow morning. there's a lot of cold even down to the panhandle of florida. watch as we go forward. you'll see by tomorrow afternoon we start to see more green on the map. green, we're looking at widespread 50's. for us here in columbia, probably more like upper 40's but watch what happens. as we go on into thursday, there's a lot more warm air that works its way in from the south. thursday afternoon, the yellows worked in. these are plenty of 60's. by the time we go to friday, the 60's will make it all the way in here as well. let's give you the forecast here for the next several hours.
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the time we get going. 24 or 25 here in columbia. the colder spots will be fiveish 2 degrees colder than that. there is thursday, probably late showers. when i say late, i'm talking after sunset. then more meaningful rain friday and the temperatures continue to stay pretty warm right through the weekend. the next shot of rain is sunday. after that, things do cool off as we go into next week but average high for this time of the year will be around 54 or 55 somewhere in there. we were below that today. we'll be above that by the time we get toward friday and saturday. over to you, two. >> ben: all right, john. thanks. have you heard about this? chick-fil-a will soon say bye-bye to its beloved coleslaw to instead serve a super food salad featuring kale. they did throw all the cabbage lovers out there a bone. they did. >> alicia: you can say kale, yeah. on the company web site, they provided the recipe to their famous law is.
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it'll take its final bow january the 18th. i like the coleslaw at chick-fil-a. >> ben: i put it on top of my sandoway which. -- sandwich. all right, big night of basketball. clemson goes to o.t. in syracuse. >> alicia: gamecocks go on the road to start sec play.
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sports. ed. >> looking for a strong start in sec play, hi, i'm tim hill. number under carolina. looking for the first win in the sec opener. these are the highlights tonight from auburn. usc going into the ball game, one two of teams in the country still undefeated.
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first win against a ranked team since 2008. frank martin likes big guards. p.j. dozier is there. he gets the easy look to thornwell for the easy bucket. he's showing off the range, too. 13 points at half for him usc up at 13 at the break. second half, thornwell keeps it going. game-high 22. auburn battles back from down 18 18. brice brown, big three from the freshman. that cuts the carolina lead down to five. martin has been riding the senior big man like kevish hard lately. the lithuanian responding in the clutch in the conference opener on the road in the tip-in. every time auburn cuts into the lead, the gamecocks answer. the highlights of the night, thornwell no look. again, 12 points, 10 rebounds. the gamecocks win it 81-69 the final. usc ups its record to 14-0 and wins its first sec opener since 2012. vanderbilt will come to
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vandy at arkansas tonight. oh, doesn't look good for the commodores. antowain bell with the three in the final second for arkansas putting the razorbacks up two. vandy has to o go the length of the floor with 2.2 second. dame jon jones, have you ever seen that, beats the buzzer with the dunk. check out the replay. just does beat the buzzer to send this one into overtime. at last check, arkansas will go onto win with a few seconds left 90-85. that's cool. one more sec score for you tonight, surprise, lsu knocking off kentucky 85-67. brad and clemson looking to make it back-to-back wins in syracuse. there's the alley-oop to jerron. clemson with a dunk contest of their own. gabe devoe getting in on the action. the tigers took the eight-point lead at the break. second half, blossom keeps it going. he scores a team-high 20 points.
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syracuse coming back. less than a minute, up one, malachy richardson near impossible three from the corner. oh, the carrier dome going nuts. syracuse up by four. final seconds, clemson down three. nice ball movement. devoe open look. clutch. devoe, 11 points sends this one to overtime. in o.t., landry, the big fella, 19 points and 10 rebounds for clemson. the tigers up by o o with the ball. final second, syracuse gets the steal. looks like clem slon get it back but the orange got a wide-open look. clemson, though, somehow survives. the tigers now winners of four or five all timegainst syracuse. clemson gets the big 74-73 win in o.t.. and clemson football meeting with the media today in tiger town. our mike gillespie filed this report. >> mike: the week has finally come, we're six days away from the clemson and alabama national championship game in glendale, arizona.
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arizona friday morning. clemson and alabama facing off for the first time in post season history as the number one and number two teams in the country and the tigers would lili nothing more than to dethrone the king of college football. >> this is what it's all about they represent the best. there's really no way you can argue with that. >> mike: sweeney building a college football program like alabama has been a dream since day one at clemson. >> seven years ago, that was my goal. and i said that then, we're going to win a national championship again. >> that championship could come on monday night against the alabama crimson tide. the moddoll -- model of success everywhere. >> touchdown. >> we hope to become a team like alabama that could compete in that top 10 consistently. because, again, if you're in that mix, you got a chance every year. >> for us to be the best ever, we got to beat the best and last
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alabama has been the best, pretty much the best in college football. they earned that right. they have our respect. >> mike: completely earning the respect of alabama and the college football world starts with winning another title on monday night. >> we got a lonely trophy sitting down there in that case. they got a family of trophies in tuscaloosa. >> mike: of course, with sweeney being from the state of alabama, many of his friends and family members are fans of the crimson tide but sweeney saying today if they want free tickets, they know which team to root for. in clemson, mike gillespie, abc columbia sports. >> john: texas a&m announcing today ericyman stepping down as the aggies' athletic director. he left usc for texas a&m in 2012. that'll do it for sports.
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