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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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starts now. live from. >> mike: , abc columbia news at 11:00 -- >> ben: the clemson tyingers are battling it out against the crimson tide in arizona to see who will be crowned national champions. i'm being told they just scored again. who just scored again? clemson! >> alicia: what's the score right now? >> 23-fahd gnawed 23 clemson, 21 alabama. good evening, i'm alicia barnes. >> ben: the game is in the third quarter and the score is 21 alabama, 23 crimson. -- clemson. >> alicia: we're certainly a state divided, but after a year that's tested us to its core, tonight we're s.c. strong. >> ben: the tigers are representing all of us in glendale, but you all have their back here at home.
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fans who necessarily do not, but our grace joyal captured the sights and sounds from the vista. >> grace: hi guys. tensions are running high here at hickory tavern where the columbia clemson club is hosting a watch party. no matter what happens tonight, these tiger fans are all in. [chanting] it's a solid -- sea of orange -- wait. that's been building. >> fight, tigers! >> grace: since 1981. [cheers] >> i hope they win! life. >> grace: now it's looming over the klym son tide. [cheers] this is a nail biter, y'all. >> i wear the same shoes, the same jeans and same shirt every
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>> i've worn this shirt forll the big games this season. >> grace: they're already 14-0 this season. >> we've been the under dog all season. but dabo's got them focused. >> i think we can handle it. >> anxious,, nervous, but excited. >> grace: who shall separate us now? the last time the clemson beat alabama was more than 100 years ago. back in 1905, when teddy roosevelt was president. in the vista, grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> ben: we'll very much more on the action in arizona coming up later in sports, but first let's get a quick check on your score, first of all, 21-24 clemson right now. and your forecast. >> alicia: chief meteorologistst john farley is standing by in the weather center live for our first forecast. >> i can tell you it's colder here than arizona right now. a lot of us below freezing, even
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is below freezing already. 34 is wind bureau, so it's going to be a cold one tonight, here's a look at the temperatures by the time we get tomorrow morning, we're down into the mid 20s in columbia, meaning the coldest spots, even low 20s, the air is dry, temperatures are going to go pretty far tonight. getting the kids out tomorrow morning for the bus stop, bundle them up. there's not going to be much in the way of wind but the temperatures will be cold. mid 20s all around as you see, plenty of sunshine all the way through. tomorrow the swind going to pick up, especially middle part of the day. it's going to be coming out of the southwest, that will do a fafaly decent job warming the temperatures up to about the mid 50s. today we only got to the low 50s, tomorrow is going to be warmer during the day. going ahead, the winter weather sticks around, and there's rain also in the seven-day. we'll go over all the specifics in just a few minutes. >> alicia: forget the ice
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to need a blowtorch. take a look. icy water from lake erie snow, rain, and heavy winds created this carcicle near buffalo, new york. >> ben: a judge lowered the bond today for the mother of affluenza teen ethan couch from $1 million to $75,000. tonya couch is accused of hoping her son leave the country to avoid a probation hearing that may have led to jail time. she face as charge of hindering the apprehension of a felon. before ethan couchent to mexico, he was on probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunken driving accident when he was 16. >> alicia: it's another indication that united states authorities won't be getting their hands on el chapo any time soon. mexican officials say it will probably take at least a year to extradite joaquin guzman to the united states. the drug kingpin was recaptured friday, six months after breaking out after mexican prison. mexican authorities were
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penn as he visited the country in october to meet with guzman. tonight penn says he has no regrets about that visit. >> ben: attorneys for bill cosby have filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him. they claim those charges were illegally, improperly, and unethically filed. last month, cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated, indecent assault in pennsylvania for reportedly drugging and assaulting former temple university staffer andrea constand back in 2004. >> alicia: let's talk politics. the stage is set for thursday's next round of republican presidential debate. fox business network, which will broadcast the debate, says self candidates will be on stage for the main debate. they are donald trump, ben carson, senators tom cruise and marco rubio, governors chris christie and kasich, and forker governor jeb bush. invitessed to the undercard debate are senator rand paul, carly fiorina, former governor
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senator rick santorum. >> ben: the white house released a proa view of the president's state of the union address today. this yeared a's rodrigues will be his final. in the black and white video the president sits in the oval office making revisions to the speech. >> i want us to be able when we walk out this door to say, we couldn't think of anything else that we didn't try to do. that we didn't shy away from a challenge because it was hard. that we weren't timid, or got tired, or somehow we're thinking about the next thing, because there is no next thing. this is it. never in our lives again will we have the chance to do as much good as we do right now. i want to make sure we maximize it. >> ben: the president will present his final state of the union address to congress and the nation tomorrow night.
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martin has endorsed hillary clinton for president. sybrina fulton's teenage son was shot and killed in florida back in 2012 by a member of the neighbororod watch. fullton, calling clinton the best choice to stand up to inaction from republicans and inference from the nra. the last time lawmakers met in columbia, democrats and many republicans united to bring down the confederate flag that flew outside the state house for 50 years. the legislature returns tomorrow, and lawmakers hope that unity continues. but with hundreds of ideas about how to spend hundreds of millions of additional dollars, lawmakers expect bipartisan to return. >> ben: drivers had a sticky mess near lexis nexisington middle school. a collision along north lake drive and northwood road left a large amount of paint in the road. the portion of road had to be closed off while crews covered the area with sand. hanahan police are
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former home of an expolice officer facing murder charges in a high-profile case. police say a neighbor put out a small fire in michael slager's former home in hanahan friday night. witnesses say they saw someone running away before the fire. slager,, who is white, caught national attention after shooting walter scott, who was black, last april. a vid showed scott running away as slager shot him. scott was pulled over for a broken brake light. slager says scott then tried to grab the officer's gun. slager was released on bond just last week. his trial is set for october. >> alicia: court records show the state law enforcement division is investigating the horry county police department. the investigation comes as a georgetown county woman sued the county and the police department last month, saying a detective sexually assaulted her after she reported being rairpd in 2013. the lawsuit says sloadz is investigating reports that the former detective sexually assaulted multiple women while working as an investigator for
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>> ben: fbi agents zeroed in on a woman suspected in jewelry store robberies after analyzing records from cell phone towers near the robberies, then checking social media and hearing from suspicious friends revealed in newly filed court records. a key break in the case came from one phone number with a north georgia area code. an analysis of cell tower data found that the number showed up at or near jewelry stores in georgia, florida, and south carolina while the businesses were being robbed. 24-year-old abi gail lee kemp went softly as she was led from a federal courtroom in atlanta after her first appearance before a judge this afternoon. another hearing is set for thursday this week to decide the conditions of kemp's detention. many diseases get their start in your digestive system, so some doctors are going there to treat them. >> alicia: in tonight's health news, linda ciampa looks at how a healthy gut can mean a healthy body.
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this isn't just about feeling better, looking better, getting nice clothes. it really was about life and mortality more than anything. >> reporter: bets si tried everything to get healthy, but nothing worked. out of desperation she turned to a nurse practitioner who says not all, but most disease stems from the digestive system, or the gut. functional health patrick tigarders try to find and fix the root cause of disease. they say conditions such as diabetes, fatigue, and even auto immune disorders are a red flag that something is off in the body. >> a lot of times that comes from the gut. how cool would it be to fix the gut and you can get those to go away too. >> reporter: they say it starts with eliminating highly processed and sugary foods and eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and complex carbs, and add foods rich in probiotics, because they promote
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the gut. prebiotic powerhouses include asparagus, bananas, oatmeal, artichokes, garlic, and onions. >> many of the chronic diseases in our society that are treated with pills can really be beautifully addressed with lifestyle changes, stress management, exercise, the right nutritional support. >> alicia: that was linda ciampa reporting. that jackpot keeps growing ahead of wednesday night's $1.4 billion powerball drawing. that's the world's largest lottery jackpot ever. and thousands across the midlands are rushing to get tickets. some we spoke with say they rarely play the lottery but can't ignore the billion dollar jackpot. >> when it gets this large, you never know. if you're not playing, you can't win. >> i would give to it my friends and children. and by golly, i could put my heels up for the rest of my life >> alicia: the odds of the jackpot are one in 292 million.
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you think you have a chance of winning, and then somebody in the radio today said that it's like going to the beach and you see all the sand and somebody says, grab the core nell of sand that i'm thinking of. it's almost impossible. >> i still don't think i have a chance. >> alicia: but you have to play to win. play responsibly, though. the iconic play boy mansion is up for sale. speaking of responsible. >> ben: but there's a catch. hef is included in the deal. we'll have that story, plus a photo after couple reconnecting after a horror itch i can car crash has captured the hearts of those on social media.the iconic we have a new college national charch, and we're going to bring you highlights from arizona and the tiger crimson tide matchup, tomorrow on good
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5:00. playboy mansion in los angeles >> alicia: welcome back. the iconic play boy mansion in lance is up for sale, according to play boy enterprises. the property and home of hugh hefner is listed at $200 million, and features 29 rooms, a game house, home theater, and the famous swimming pool. the catch?
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hef live there for the remainder of his life. the property was built in 1927 and purchased by a play boy in 1971 for a reported $1.1 million. >> ben: this has got to be one of the unique addendums to an offer, hef stays. come may, the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus elephant acts will be no more. the elephants that are now part of the shows will be sent to the circus's center for elephant conservation in florida. in total, there will be 42 elephants at the center. >> alicia: the columbia animal shelter is giving you a chance to add a furry friend to your family. meet zuri, a 2-year-old white domestic short-haired mix cat. officials say she is full of adventure and very unpredictable. some days he likes to relax, while other days he enjoys playing f you'd like to give him a forever home, stop by the shelter on humane lane or call
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>> ben: beautiful cat. >> alicia: and zuri is a male. >> ben: some pictures are worth much more than a thousand words a photo of a young couple reconnecting after they were involved in a car crash in tennessee has gone viral. >> alicia: many strangers who have seen the picture contacted the couple during their recovery. >> reporter: as a graphic design student, erica always hoped her work would get noticed. but this is something she never saw coming. >> we're at 38,198 shares. >> reporter: the 21-year-old and her boyfriend hunter were on their way home on friday night. >> it was new year's day. >> reporter: neither one remembers how it happened. hunter came to as his pickup truck was seconds away from slamming into this bridge support. >> i don't know how we lived through that. >> reporter: the picture of hunter's mangled truck provides context to the injuries on his face. he's at home recovering in florida. >> i've got a good gash across the forehead. >> reporter: but it's a
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captured inside erica's hospital room that social media can't stop sharing. >> all i cared about was seeing her and making sure she was okay and -- before me. i didn't care what happened to me as long as she was all right. >> reporter: a caption not necessary. their looks, their eyes, and their neck braces are enough. >> anybody who looks at that photo can tell something happened. both of us were making sure each other were okay. >> reporter: so far the picture has made its way around the world -- >> that's how long we had from the moment we drifted into the road -- >> reporter: neither understands how. the messages they've received from pure strangers shows why. >> we've gotten hundreds of messages just telling us that our story is what brought them out after really dark place in their life, and it changed their life. >> reporter: a life-changing moment that apparently has changed lives and not just theirs. >> i'm just happy so many people
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loig -- >> alicia: amazing story. >> ben: powerful picture. >> alicia: powerful message. wow. >> ben: beyond viral, really. >> alicia: chief meteorologist john farley is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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we come back.33 coming up, >> jonathan: cold one out there tonight, we're going to go down
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pretty cold night for us, as we go ahead this week, we'll have plenty of sunshine for the most part, but it will be chilly. it's going to feel very much like the winter. we've backed into cold pattern, and then rain. that looks like it arrives on friday, at which point it will be a lt. warmer. 28 now in st. matthths and camden, 28 in manning, so it's cooling off and we're going to continue to dive to the 20s as i said. let's show you what's going on here in terms of the humidity. the humidity is low, s we have a little more room to go. whenever you get close to 100%, 90, the temperatures can't go any further, because the moisture takes over and the temperatures don't drop. in this case, we have plenty of room to go. as i say, going to be a chilly one, getting up tomorrow morning. here's a look at what's going on on the satisfactory. as we go farther north, you'll notice there's a circulation in and around minneapolis great lakes, working its way up in here. this is the core of the really cold air, we won't get that. we'll be on the southern edge,
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so going forward this week, expect temperatures to run average or slightly below average, at least until we get to friday. here you go, there's the pocket of cold air, look at the purple. notice that, it continues to washing its way on through the great lakes and over into the northeast, again, we're on the southern edge, but in here, we're going to be running a little cool.l. as i say, plenty of such no, threat of rain or anything for us for the -- until friday for the next several days. tonight, there we go with the temperatures in columbia, all the way down to 25, nothing but clear skies, very little wind out there all night long. tomorrow as you get going, the commute will be crystal clear, but no problems at all in terms of driving around and such. sunrise at 7:30 tomorrow morning, by the time we get to the afternoon, gusty winds especially as we go about middle part of the day, you'll notice the winds out of the southwest. at times up to 2 2 here's a look at t t extenend forecast.
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rain on friday, but by that point we'll be close to 60 degrees. it's a one and done. after friday, things clear out into the weekend, the sun returns, and the temperatures drop back, back into the lower 50s and by the time we get to sunday we'll be back down in the range of freezing. all right, that's your weather. >> ben: john, thanks. clemson basketball facing duke, but the tigers focused probably more on football right now. >> alicia: everybody wants to know the score. at this point. find out why frank martin is wary of alabama potentially winning the national title in
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mike is up next with sports. >> mike: so you're the lone soul not watching the national championship game tonight. hi, i'm mike gillespie, we
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of this program. there's a little football going game going on right now, the national championship between clemson and alabama. currently in the fourth quarter, clemson leading 24-21, deshaun watson 19-31, 228, two touchdowns, one interception, hunter renfrow with two touchdown interception, clemson's defense has forced five sacks. we'll have a full recap tomorrow. you can always log on to for up-to-the minute news. not only is clemson football undefeated and looking to stay perfect, carolina basketball also undefeated, one of two remaining undefeated basketball teams in the country. carolina has jumped to 19 in the newest associated d ess poll with a 15-0 record. the gamecocks face alabama wednesday night in tuscaloosa. frank martin saying if alabama football wins it could be a rock atmosphere wednesday night in tuscaloosa. >> who knows what's going to be going on in tuscaloosa based on the outcome of today's game,
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so i can only imagine if they win tonight, every football fan and player and everybody will be in that gym. >> mike: clemson also with a big week, the tigers knocking off 17th-ranked louisville on sunday afternoon for their third win in a roach the tigers 3-1 in a.c.c. play with duke on the horizon tuesday night. but brad brownell turning the talk to football this week, saying his team is watching the national championship first. >> we just want to win the national championship in football. let's not worry about the duke game yet. there's a bigger game on monday that we're all going to be glued, to hopefully this win is just the start after good couple days for the tigers. >> mike: and guys, alabama just nailing a field goal, so it's 24-24 with about 12 minutes left i believe in the fourth. >> alicia: my blood level has gone up and down, up and down through this whole game. >> ben: what a game. john farley is up next with
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>> alicia: stay close. >> john: tonight cold, tomorrow is kind of chilly, a little windy, and as you see, temperatures run fairly cool, right through thursday. next rain arrives here on friday at which point the temperatures will be pretty close to 60. and it will be a little windy. but it's only going to be with us for one day, after that you see the temperatures come back down and by the time we get to sunday and monday, we're back at it, feeling a lot like january, low 50s and upper 20s for temperatures. so kind of cool. >> alicia: about what we can expect for january. >> ben: i like that seven-day forecast. sunshine, cool, and cold
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i'm okay with that. i thought maybe we'd have it for christmas and new year's, but it didn't happen. >> john: the peaches need, peach crops need a certain number of days below freezing so this is good. >> alicia: good point. that's the time for us here at abc columbia news at 11:00. we thank you for making us your choice for news. >> ben: peaches are funny to mike gillespie. we'll see you back here at 6:00 and 11:00 tomorrow. captions provided by caption associates and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ice cube. from "downton abbey" joanne froggatt. and music from city and colour.
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