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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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.. the republican response to president barack obama's state of the union speech took a dig at the presidential frontrunner. south carolina governor nikki haley didn't mention trump by name, but was the reference clear? new developments. the gunman responsible for a deadly rampage inside a movie theater last summer left behind a journal thanking and accusing charleston shooter. a powerball jackpot too big to fit on billboards, tonight's numbers are revealed. chilly one again tonight. there's warmer weather headed our way and with it some rain. we'll go over all the specifics. abc columbia news at 11:00, it starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11:00. donald trump admits he's angry. good evening. thanks for joining us at 11:00.
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>> and i'm alicia barnes. tonight, donald trump is responding to governor nikki haley's official response to president barack obama's state of the union address. >> in it, hailey cautioned for responding to the siren call of the angriest voices, code for donald trump. during a stop in pensacola, florida, trump wasted no time from the apparent jab. >> one of the commentators said to me that nikki haley, a very nice woman, she said i'm an angry person. they said to me, they said you were an angry person. i thought, i said, i am. i'm very angry. because i hate what's happening to our country, i am angry. (cheers and applause) >> very angry. >> while the governor's speech is receiving mixed reviews from members of the republican party, governor nikki haley says she stands by what she believes and hopes the american people can take away the meaning behind the remark. hailey says she's strongly opposed to trump's proposed ban
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but she says he's not the only presidential candidate she does not agree with. >> i have disagreements with other presidential candidates, jeb bush's common core and marco rubio's amnesty. what i would say is, mr. trump, don't take it personally. >> hailey is said to be on the short list for republican vice-presidential nominees. she says she has plenty to get done here in south carolina so a v.p. nod isn't something high on her mind but nothing she's ruling out. the republican field will gather for the first g.o.p. debate in north charleston tomorrow night. >> donald trump will join six others hosted by our fox network. the primary is february 20th. we're first in the lineup and first in the south. on the other side of the coin, a small democratic field about travel to south carolina in a few days.
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debate set to happen in charleston. senator ted cruz has picked up a bearded celebrity endorser. duck dynasty store phil robertson >> robertson said cruz is godly. he defended robertson after he declared gays are sinners and african-americans are happy under jim crow laws. jesse jackson was in columbia tonight while talking to civic and educational leaders as well as local clergy at second nazareth baptist church. >> in touching on the civil rights era, he talked about the u.s. health care system which he says is a big issue for voters come november. >> they must attack the problem not attack each other. so much name calling and one liners and entertaining. citizens black and white need and deserve medical care. >> jackson is traveling across south carolina this week talking
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helping people register to vote. also tonight, new developments in the capture of ten american soldiers who drifted into iranian waters and now tonight they could have turned into a major crisis. instead, it ended with their release just 24 hours later. >> all thanks to our new diplomatic ties between washington and tehran. earlier today, one of the american sailors apologized for the mishap on iranian tv. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. it was a misunderstanding. we did not mean to go into iranian territorial water. >> the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. we thank you very much for your hospitality. >> the sailor is not identified by name in the clip, but the tv interviewer says he's the commander of the group. the u.s. says tonight the video appears to be authentic, but government officials are unclear as to the conditions of
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was experiencing at the time. an early look at your forecast this evening. clear skies and some chilly temperatures tonight. >> i think we're just getting used to the cold. >> it's january. >> it's january, what can we expect? when we wake up in the morning, that's the big question. is it still going to be cold? chief meteorologist john farley is joining us live from the weather center. >> a cold night will lead to a clear cold morning. the temperatures freezingish. camden down to 28 right now. a little warmer as you go west because there's wind out of the west. as the wind dies off overnight, the temperatures are going to go down. this is how far down they go. most of us mid to upper 20s here. columbia 29. but some of the cold spots down to 25 or so. a little bit of wind, not much. it will continue to die off as we go overnight. getting up going to the bus temperatures freezing. it will be pretty chilly. sunrise tomorrow morning at
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the winds from the southwest tomorrow will bring in warm air. by tomorrow afternoon we'll be in the low 60s. that will bring rain our way. we'll talk about when that happens. also, something very unusual, a tropical storm in the middle of january in the atlantic ocean. yeah, the first tropical one of the season. crazy. i'll show you where it is and where it's headed. that's coming up in a bit. inside the statehouse tonight where today a house panel heard from people who say they have more problems with the department of transportation than just potholes. >> contractors told a house legislative oversight committee saying they're having problems getting d.o.t. to pay for work. they're also waiting phonan audit of the agency. d.o.t. says chrissy hall will face a confirmation hearing next week.
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her plans for improving education in; being is. >> she wants to offer students a chance to graduate from college debt-free while providing up to $200,000 a year to build and maintain schools. the governor along with the superintendent joined together in rural gaston. college students will be able to receive $7500 in tuition scholarships for four years if they commit to working eight years in a district with high teacher turnover rates. in the estate, a subcommittee is taking steps to help terminally ill patients get access to experimental drugs. >> well, the right to try bill has already received a key approval. abc columbia jennifer ready explains. >> in a unanimous vote, the right to try passes. the bill, if made a law, allows terminally ill patients access
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approved. but on a path to phase one of the approval process. >> if they give consent and know the consequences of the down side and upside, then they have the right to get into this new drug and give them one more chance to survive. >> right to try bill exists in 24 states across the country. doctors first must recommend the treatment for their patient. it's then up to manufacturers whether or not they make the treatment available. the bill protects treating physicians from liability. >> in the bill there is an indication where the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors and physicians, anybody within the course of treatment are immune from the adverse effects of the investigational new drug. >> on their website, the f.d.a. says they take no particular position on a state's bill. the sponsor ultimately decides whether or not to provideexperimental therapies to patients. next, the right to try bill head to the full health committee.
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head to the senate floor. from the statehouse, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. tonight, investigators are hoping that you can help solve the first murder of 2016 in lancaster county. braden reese was found shot inside his truck near john everall road 1:30 tuesday afternoon. investigators know where he was monday night into tuesday morning, but now they're looking for anyone who can help fill in the gaps between then and when he was found dead. a new police chief will report for duty in the town of north. lynn shier will take over next tuesday. the chief and two officers resigned over the fallout with carson. carson asked him to violate standards he said and micromanaged his department. there are new disturbing details on the lafayette theater shooter.
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people and injured nine others last july before turning the gun on himself. investigators found his journal at the motel where he was staying before the shooting. in it, hauser praised accused charleston shooter dylann roof saying, quote, thank you for the wake-up call, dylann. roof shot and killed nine people at emanuel ame church where he specifically targeted african-americans. being a member of the force is no desk job. lott was where his deputies were searching for a serial burglar who had been breaking into several homes and buildings. they found him hiding behind a building and chased him to the apartments where he was later caught. the big news of the night. are you a winner? it's the largest jackpot in american history.
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grabs, moments ago the winning powerball numbers for tonight's mega jackpot were revealed. here they are. 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball is 10. so after taxes, here in south carolina you're looking at taking home about $497 million. not too shabby. >> you and jacob have gotten the powerball in the last couple. >> a couple times. >> did you all have ten. >> i don't know, i didn't look at the numbers. i get scared to read the numbers live on television. you feel if you messed up on one, someone is coming to look for you. >> jacob is home. >> i highly doubt we won. we help the education system. >> makes you feel better.r. >> yes. one restaurant is winning praise for the gender neutral bathroom policy. this notice going viral on social media tonight. we'll explain why. plus, when a pillian woman
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health, she never could have imagined the emotional support he would provide as she cared for her dying father. this amazing story coming up. hey, guys? are you feeling lucky. we're finding out if anyone is waking up a billionaire. we've got the latest on the largest powerball drawing. that's when you join us tomorrow
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starting at 5:00 a.m. news tonight... columbia police have made an welcome back. we have breaking news to tell you about tonight. columbia police have made an arrest in a weekend shooting in the vista. police have charged 23-year-old michael robinson with the murder in the death of rodney francis iii. his body was found early saturday morning in the 1,000 block of lady street. we're going to have much more on this arrest tomorrow morning beginning at 5:00 on good morning columbia. well, this next story is one of those that you have to see to believe. there's no question that animals can offer a special kind of support in stressful or tragic situations. >> we've shown you the impact that therapy dogs have made in nursing homes, hospitals and schools. one pelion woman is getting through difficult days with a different kind of furry friend by her side.
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>> down a dirt road in rural pelion, you're bound to see a deer or two. if you happen to spot this one, you'll notice a collar. >> he draws a crowd, he's become quite popular. >> donna rescued the buck when he was roughed up by a couple of dogs. that was a couple of weeks ago. >> he's the sweetest thing. just so nurturing. >> you could say she saved his life. what she could never have known that roscoe p. coal train, lover of potatoes of all forms would save hers. >> roscoe is our therapy deer. he's our therapy buck. he just seems to have a keen awareness as to what's going on with daddy right now. he really does. >> a few months after taking roscoe in, she took her father in, to nurse him 24 hours a day as he ends his battle with dementia. >> he's just amazing. he'll come in and he'll lay down beside daddy's bed and he'll go
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he's okay. >> roscoe chews with his mouth open, takes the steps in one leap and he's limited in his ability to show love, but he stayed by aaron's side and waits patiently by her father's. >> that to me is the love of what god is all about. >> a deer to you but an angel for this family. in pelion, grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> roscoe p. coal train, we do want you to know donna is licensed to do wildlife rescue through the department of natural resources. she tells us she did all the necessary paperwork through continuer to keep roscoe legally. while he does like napping on the bed or in front of the tv, roscoe does venture off to explore in the woods during the day. but when erin calls, roscoe comes running home. >> that is such a neat story.
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a pizza restaurant in charlotte has gone viral after the owner posted the letter in this restaurant. it explains to switching to gender neutral restrooms. the store's owner said that she was inspired after talking to single parents, parents of children with disabilities and members of the lgbt community. >> i said when i started to hear about all of these instances and it really as i opened my ears and heart, it really started to weigh on me. >> though it's getting a lot of attention now, the letter has actually been up for five months. now they're getting letters of support from as far away as norway and australia. coming up, john farley is going to let us know about some
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>> we'll be right back. tonight we start with something very unusual. a tropical system in the middle of january in the atlantic. let's show you what's going on here. we go way, way, way out here. this is africa, here you are, there's portugal and spain. that right there, that little circulation right there is subtropical storm alex. it's subtropical in that it has characteristics that are tropical and some that are a normal winter storm. the point is, it still has a name and because it has a name and has some tropical characteristics, this is the first tropical system of the season and really in the middle of january. this is really, really unusual. this thing is going to be passing over t t azoress with decent wind. it will generally die out in the north atlantic. again, really, really crazy. this is a very unusual situation but thought i'd bring it to you. for us back at home, let's talk
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a good pocket of moisture here in the gulf. that's going to track our way. it will take two days to get here. tomorrow is quiet but by the time we get to friday, this low will be tracking along the coast when it does, it will bring us rain, decent rain but it won't last that long. it will be a friday event and done in time for your weekend plans. let's give you timing on that. tomorrow is quiet so i won't show you that. starting friday morning at 7:00. we have clouds all over the place. watch what happens. we get to the middle part of the day and it's raining, raining pretty good. that's when we start within a couple of hours of noon. that's when the first wave will get here. we'll fine-tune as we get closer. watch for r e afternoon and evening. we get soaked, especially east of columbia. that's where we'll see a fair amount of rain. you see the yellows in here? that's heavy rain and even some oranges by the time we get into the latter part of the afternoon and evening. but noticel it doesn't last very long. it's gone by the time we get going on saturday morning, it's clearing out. as i say, the left-hand will be
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let's get through tonight. it will be clear and cold. temperatures below freezing for all of us. tomorrow as we go through the day, it will be a pretty nice soon. winds coming out of the southwest, 60ish, low 60s in the lower spots. a look ahead. there's your friday, there's the rain, pretty solid. beyond that, it clears out for your weekend. it cools off next week. we'll see temperatures back down low 50s, even some 40s and overnight lows down into the 20s. it will be warm for a couple of days and then the whole thing comes crashing back down. back to you. >> thanks so much, john. half of this year's clemson starters will be playing. we hope to find out more next. >> clemson and hoops rolling tonight.
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sports. hoops for carolina teams. hi i'm mike gillespie. busy night in hoops for carolina teaming. thanks for staying up with us. i'm mike gillespie. the last time carolina started hoops was in 1997. dave sharp was like only two years old. the gamecocks tonight at alabama. carolina and tuscaloosa tonight taking on alabama. norris averages six points a game, though he decides to hit his first fire chief three-point jots. bama feeling it early. they're up by ten. this guy puts in 18 point in the first half. look at the inbounds play and the alley-oop to dan atte hall. the three is no good but the put-back by michael kessons.
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passes to dozier, shot no good. bama gets the rebound, up to hall who crashes. extreme monday goes down with a gash above his eye. he's taken out of the game. rough one on the road. carolina's on an undefeated season. carolina now 15-1. 2-1 in conference play. up in greenville, brad trying to build clemson to duke status. speaking of the devil himself, there he is. clemson hosting duke. tie game. nails the three from the corner. tigers with the first lead since the two-minute mark in the game. clemson up two. roper from three bucket. clemson up by five. one-point game, under 20 seconds to play. jordan roper with the ball driving. this man just has a blossoming game.
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clemson won 68-63 for the first time in school history that a school lost the national championship game in football and then beat a top ten team in basketball in the same week. here is brad bur nel after the game. >> another big win for us. you know, exciting in some ways because we had so many guys playing to get it done missouri announcing it's vacating all win fraz the 2013-2014 season after a 19-month investigation by the university and ncaa into the program and former head coach frank hathe. missouri saying a donor provided impermissible benefits to three players that season. it included $520 in cash, transportation, ipads, meals and the use of a local gym. the investigation is still ongoing. the college football circle of life. at one point you're watching them win a championship and then
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news. we start with the good. running back wayne who holds the season running record will come season. he had over 1500 yards. time for the bad news. defensive back alexander will their support. today he's considered a potential first round draft pick. clemson kurst making 62 tackles this year for the tigers. he's considered a first round draft pick. defensive end dodd will join jackson in the draft. he had three sacks, 12 overall all year. that was second on the team. that will do it for sports.
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the break. yeah, it's cold out there tonight. but look at tomorrow afternoon. right around 60, beautiful. some rain on friday, but it will be out of here for your weekend plans. >> earlier we rattled off the powerball numbers. soon after that, california lotto comes out and says, they sold a winning ticket. >> right. but it doesn't mean that's the only winner. the only winners we're waiting on. again, the powerball numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball number is 10. so again, we said that the winning ticket so far was sold in chino hills, california. >> so if you were in chipo hills recently -- >> south of pasadena, east of los angeles. not quite the riverside. if you happen to be there -- >> not quite to riverside. >> happen to be there and you
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abc columbia news, we're a happy
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