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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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candidates gather for the sixth debate in charleston. >> good the g.o.p. front-runners play nice or go to war? plus a pay raise could be on the way for some south carolina employees. >> and it won't come on the backs of taxpayers. also the president may get misquoted from time to time. >> but you don't expect the mistake to come from the white house. rain is gathering in the gulf and headed our way. we'll talk about what that means for your friday. timing on the rain and if it will be around for your weekend.. abc columbia news at 11 starts now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. the frontrunner and his closest competitor tanglee at tonight's presidential debate. good evening. i'm alicia barnes. >> i'm ben hoover. boy, did they ever. if there was anything left of the unofficial alliance between donald trump and ted crews, --
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when cruz took trump to task on his new york values not meshing with south carolina values. trump bit back hard. >> very hard. >> t t gloves are off. >> you're worried most of all about keeping your homes and your families safe and secure. you cannot give hillary clinton a third term. >> the top 7 candidates in the republican race shooed -- stood shoulder to shoulder. >> the good news is the next commander-in-chief is standing on this stage. >> before the prime time match-up, three other candidates, carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum, participated in an undercard debate. fiorina, known for her singers continued to deliver. >> unlike another woman in this race, i actually love spending time with my husband. you cannot wait to see the debate between me and hillary clinton. >> others focused on the president. >> we have a president who seems to be more interested in
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image of sis -- islam than he is protected us. >> one candid missing from the debates, rand paul, who refused to participate. >> i'm going to take some of rand paul's time for a second. >> time ticking for voters to make up their minds. >> citizens, it is time. we must take our country back. >> you want a fighter? you want a winner? i would appreciate your vote. >> i ask for your support and your vote. thank you. >> i'm mary moloney reporting. >> alicia: let's talk about the other side of the aisle. he's in. martin o'malley will get to participate in the democratic presidential debate this sunday in charleston. this despite averaging just 4.6% in iowa. the rules read in order to participate candidates would have to average at least 5% nationally, or in one of the states with an upcoming contest, but both hillary clinton and bernie sanders requested o'malley get the extra percentage boost. >> it looks like a lot of people tuned out president barack
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tuesday night's speech had its lowest tv rating in 15 years. according to nielsen data, 31.3 million viewers on average watched the president speak about the future of the nation. 31.7 million tuned in last year. and despite the dip in viewers, the commander-in-chief is taking his state of the union message on the road. the president was greeted by a friendly crowd in baton rouge. he talked about the economy, criminal justice reform and finding a cure for cancer, all part of an effort by his administration to fend off the notion of lame duck status. when asked about his biggest regret from his time in office, the president reiterated his thoughts from tuesday, saying politics have become more rankerous and polarized during his presidency. >> there is a big different between impetus and impotent. the white house twitter account
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comment president barack obama made during the town hall. the president said the main impetus for better politics is going to be the american people. the tweet's quote says the main impotence for better politics is going to be their american people. they have to demand it. the white house deleted the tweet and sent out the correct version instead of the quote. >> ben: tonight the u.s. condemned the terrorist attack in jakarta, indonesia. the national security council has said it will stand by indonesia's government as it works to bring those responsible to justice, adding the nation's thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims. two people died today and 20 were hurt. five attackers were also killed. indonesia is the world's largest muslim majority country. backers of the extremist group islamic state have claimed responsibility. >> alicia: we're going to take a break now on the news side. let's talk weather.
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meteorologist john farley in the weather center. >> ben: john, will we see another 60-degree day tomorrow? >> we'll get in that range but add rain to it. here you go tonight temperatures not that cold, and in fact, they're not going to drop much more than what we have in many places. upper 30s, a kim of low 40s here. so i'll give you the suspects in terms of the overnight lows. notice, yeah, they're in the 30s, no 20s out there for sure. winds will pick up out of the south, and as they do, they will bring in more clouds and that will shut down the cooling. so whenever you get clouds out there, the cooling stops. morning commute, the early part of the commute will be dry, but if you're a later commuter, 8:30, 9 and beyond, that's when we're going to see some showers start to pick up, and then as we go through the day, we're going to get soaked here. middle part of the day, plenty of rain. it continues into the afternoon, and it will break up as we head toward the evening commute. so we'll talk more abobo how much longer that this will last.
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that's in just a few minutes. >> alicia: on the crime beat, an arrest is made in a deadly weekend shooting near a downtown restaurant. columbia police have charged michael robinson with murder in the death of rodney francis. according to investigators, around 3:3:3 saturday morning, francis was leaving club rue 77 on assembly street with several other people when he was shot several times. officers found him lying in the 1,000 block of lady street. he died a short time later at a local hospital. police believe the shooting may have stemmed from an earlier altercation between the victim and the suspect. >> ben: a 39-year-old sumter man tonight is charged with 15 counts of child pornography. according to investigators, william phillips was sharing files that contained child pornography over the internet. >> alicia: an infant who died after being carried into a creek in horry county now has a headstone. this gravestone was paid for by
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at the grave of 5 month old grace santa cruz at a cemetery in conway. the child's mother, 33-year-old sarah lane tony is charged with homicide by child abuse. she told authorities she was carrying the baby in a creek back in november when the child was washed away. >> ben: an accused jewel thief had her bond denied. 24-year-old abigail kemp. prosecutors say more than $4 million worth of stolen jewels still missing tonight. kemp is accused of six jewelry stores -- of robbing six jewelry stores across the southeast, including one in bluff ton. >> alicia: talking politics now, inside a south carolina statehouse, a bipartisan group is fighting for a 5% cost-of-living raise for state employees. >> if it pass, they could see more money in their paychecks come july. here's eric wise felt.
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more people are calling the palmetto state home. more industry is moving here, and the state has a budget surplus of $1,200,000,000. so why has the number of state employees on the payroll gone down? some south carolina senators hope to reverse that trend. >> the state employees are the backbone of state services and state government to the people of south carolina. they cannot be forgotten as we go forward. >> south carolina state employees have only received pay increases two of the last seven years. senator john courseen will -- core son will tell you a proposed 5% cost-of-living raise won't come at the hand of taxpayers, so there is no better time to give back to these workers for a job well done. >> well, i think it's time to thank those public employees, state employees, who protect our road to highways, who help with the flood, that massive flood we had last fall and tell you thank you. >> so next step, the senator
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put the proposed pay raise into their appropriations bill to keep it in the senate. if not, he says he'll make every effort to get it in there. in the studio tonight, i'm eric, abc columbia news. >> ben: responsibility at fort jackson has changed. the army's largest training base held a ceremony for new command sergeant major lamont christian. previously the brooklyn new york native served in the drill sergeant academy. >> alicia: in the entertainment news, very sad news to pass along tonight. singer celine dion's husband has died. deon's publicist confirmed the death of renee angelo and released this statement. renee angelo, 73 years old, passed away this morning at his home in las vegas after a long and cure courageous battle against cancer. the family requests their privacy be respected at this moment.
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old, married in 1994. the couple has three children together, a 14-year-old and 5-year-old twins. >> ben: british actor alan rickman has also died. sources familiar with the actor say that rickman also had been battling cancer. rickman was known for his roles as hans gruber in die-hard and professor snape in the harry potter series among many, many roles. he was 69. >> alicia: well, smoking a hookah or water pipe may seem cigarettes. >> but a new study suggests one hookah session may contain many cigarette. andrew spencer explains in this health minute. >> as cigarette smoking rates fall, the popularity of hookahs is on the rise. a university of pittsburgh
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smoking hookah exposes the user to 125 times the smoke, 25 times the tar, two and a half times the nicotine and 10 times the carbon monoxide compared to a cigarette. the researchers looked at the results from 17 previous studies that -- to come to the conclusion. here's why it's important. the cdc says hookah smoking is slightly more common among high school students than cigarette smoking. the pittsburgh researchers admit it's difficult to compare the two forms of smoking since people generally smoke multiple cigarettes in a day and hookah smokers may only use it a few times per day. ultimately, they believe the practice needs to be examined more closely than it currently is. for today's health minute, i'm andrew spencer. >> alicia: interesting. >> ben: that's news to me. i did not know this was like a big fad with high schoolers, smoking hookah. >> alicia: i think it's more of a fad, like a trend thing, because there are all different
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>> ben: we were at an event. >> alicia: they had a hookah bar? >> ben: they did. >> alicia: i thought it was oxygen hookah. i don't think it was actually hookah. >> ben: that's what we'll go with. >> alicia: coming up, no one in south carolina won the powerball jackpot, but there still were winners here. >> ben: we'll have that, and the festival that's a gift to all of columbia. we'll explain when we come back. the presidential hopefuls are busy crisscrossing south carolina. we'll take a look at the latest g.o.p. debate before the democratic presidential candidates hedge ahead in the low country this weekend.
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at 5. this programming is brought to you in hd by time warner cable. whatever you're passionate about, we invent better ways to love it even more. time warner cable, enjoy better. >> ben: tonight we're still waiting to learn if the three big winners in wednesday's one and a half billion dollar jackpot, powerball jackpot, will decide to be nonanonymous, to be public, i guess. >> alicia: to come out. but some south carolinians are walking away with a very handsome prize. in some cases, it was $50,000 from what i understand. beth rousseau spoke with some of our lottery winners and has more.
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good luck. >> a $1.6 billion powerball drawing that dashed the dreams of all but three winners. >> probably would have traveled a lot. >> buy a better car, pay off some bills. >> pay off some student loans. >> i would have given most of it away. >> while no south carolinians hit the jackpot, a record number of more than 366,000 winning tickets were sold in the state, five of which were for $100,000 and another 11 for 50,000. as contestants are collecting their cash, the department of consumer affairs is warning against scams. >> like i said, this has been in the news. it's one of those common scams that never goes away. >> following the record breaking jock -- jackpot, the department is encouraging powerball players to be weary. >> definitely don't want to engage with anybody contacting
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over the phone. >> 43% of the money spent on tickets. >> i bought three tickets. >> 30. >> i bought 2. >> 4. >> is going towards education. >> i could definitely use some money to help me through college, and i know other people could use it, too. i'm glad it would help people out. >> that's why it needs to go. in columbia, beth rousseau. >> alicia: dubbed one of the 20 coolest festivals in the world, plans underway for the annual film festival indie grits. this year's festival is waterlines. it allows the festival and artists to document and interpret october's historic flooding through the festival. the folks with indie grits tell us this year promises to be one of the most successful. >> we've made a point of broadening the scope of the festival to include a wide range of different elements of new southern culture.
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puppetry, crafts, theater, all kinds of different things. >> and new this year, all movies and events will be free with the help of a 50,000-dollar grant. indy grits runs april 14th through the 17th. >> ben: we now know who the nominees are, nominations for the 2016 academy awards were announced this morning. it looks like the experts are saying that the big winners could be leonardo dicaprio's the revenant with 12 nominations and mad max fury road with 10. for the second time, chris rock will host the show. the oscars are broadcast right here on abc, sunday february 28th. you can watch it right along with us. chris rock. i didn't know he hosted last year. i missed all of that. >> alicia: he's very funny. quite good. >> ben: up next, john farley with details on your weekend forecast in the 7-day.
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stay close. >> ben: welcome back. before we get to our weather, i'm going to start with something that is really, really unusual. we talked about it last night. we'll talk about it again tonight, and in fact, things have intensified. this out here is hurricane alex. hurricane alex. now, this is january, the middle of january, and we have a hurricane out in the atlantic, the first named storm of the season. now, what's going to happen with this is this is going to continue to push off to the north. they're going to get a direct hit from a category 1 hurricane in january. it doesn't happen very often. in fact, the last time i was able to track down -- i'm not sure this is exact, because i wasn't able to verify everywhere, but best i can tell, the last time there was a
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january was 1938. long time ago. so this is one of those things that just doesn't happen very often. by the way, once it goes by, it's going to head off and the water will get much colder, as you would expect this time of year, and it will die off, but still a hurricane in january. back here at home, let's talk about our weather. notice the high clouds are starting to stream overhead. there is the moisture around new orleans. that is headed our way. tomorrow is going to be a pretty wet day. wouldn't be surprised if some of us got as much of an inch or maybe a little bit better as it goes through. in terms of the timing, let's show you what's going on. it will start just about the end of the morning commute. here's 8 o'clock in the morning. there you can see the showers starting to work their way in, and then a solid swath of rain comes in from the southwest. here we go. 10 o'clock in the morning, yeah, there's a good batch in there. noon, we're all getting soaked. so if you have lunch plans tomorrow, have your umbrella. it will be coming down pretty much for all of us. going into the afternoon, watch
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bit. there's 2 o'clock, and then by the time we get to 4 o'clock, there's the early part of the commute. many breaks, and then the heaviest rain pushing off to the north, and then after that, we're just talking about a few scattered showers as you head out tomorrow evening. and clearing, bright clearing overnight. in fact, we'll see the skies clear by the time we get to saturday morning. it will be a lovely day. so here is a look at your forecast for tonight. it doesn't change much. temperatures don't move much from where they are now. upper 30s. tomorrow is a wet die. highs tomorrow, in the warm spots around 60, cool spots around the mid 50s. so in that range, and again the range in terms of the rain, that's going to be happening basically middle part of the day. here's a look ahead. saturday warm and sunny, 65. sunday a few clouds as the storm brushes us off the coast. we won't get much out of this in terms of anything but clouds and cool air. next week, that's when the real cold air settles in. monday and tuesday, 40s for highs with overnight lows in the mid 20s.
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time we get to early next week. alicia and ben. >> ben: well, the panthers have not been shy this week about wanting revenge for last year's playoff loss to the seahawks. >> alicia: and the carolina women on the road in a huge conference game on the road tonight.
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sports. trying to stay undefeated.hi i'm mike gillespie. >> mike: carolina trying to stay undefeated. hi. i'm mike gillespie. the gamecock women on the road tonight at kentucky trying to stay undefeated this season and go to a perfect 16 and 0. gamecocks just 1 and 6 in lexington since 2009 coming into tonight's contest against ninth ranked kentucky.
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misses the hook shot. she puts it back and the foul, kentucky up 7. later in the third, down 3, carolina transitions it into a layup and foul. down one. carolina down 4. se misses the layup. wilson puts it back, draws the foul. south carolina wins 73-62. carolina with 38 points in the paint tonight, something dawn staley pleased with in the second half. >> we noticed from playing in the first half, we didn't do a great job of getting our post players touches in the paint. they have to do a better job at posting up and giving us a bigger target to give them the ball. so we just made an adjustment to make it easier to make some post entry passes, and then it balanced everything out. >> mike: over to football in, three days the panthers hosting `the seahawks in a rematch of
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last year didn't go too well in seattle. out of teams cam newton has faced at least three times in his career, the seahawks have held him to his lowest completion percentage and yards per game in the contests. the coach is excited about playing the team. >> i like the attitude about wanting to play against the best. again, these guys are defending afc champs. i think josh said it very well. if you want to be the champs, you've got to be able to beat them. i like our attitude about wanting to play against their best players. >> we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. you know what i'm saying? that's kind of the must-see tv. you know, you've got good players on both sides of the ball with special teams, fensively, defensively on both teams. that's why you pretty much come to the league when you're looking and you're odd matchups are like this. >> mike: finally clemson
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with another award, named the best college quarterback in the country by receiving the manning yard today. and finally guys, alabama running back, derrick henry declaring for the nfl draft today. of course, he had a monster performance in the national championship game monday night. >> ben: and so did deshaun watson. he broke a national championship record, didn't he? >> he did, but he can't declare until next year. >> alicia: thanks so much. on the way, john farley gives us one last look at your 7-day forecast. >> we'll be right back. from main and gervais, this is abc columbia news with ben hoover, alicia barnes, weather with chief meteorologist john farley, and sports with timim hill. experience abc columbia news at 11. abc columbia is on the radio.
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103.9. we get a good little soaking tomorrow. it will be here pretty much most of the day right up to about the morning commute into the early to middle part of the afternoon, and then it clears out tomorrow night. saturday lovely. how about 65 and sunny? we'll take that. sunday a few clouds, and that will do it monday, and into next week it cools off. >> ben: thanks so much, and thank youor joining us for abc columbia news at 11. jimmy kimmel is coming up n nt. >> alicia: that's right. and if you missed any part of our big stories, please check us out online at we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 6 and 11, and wake up with good morning columbia tomorrow starting at 5 o'clock in the morning.
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