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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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is on the chopping block? plus, striking a cord. call from new york city does not call well with supporters. one family is ready to step into the spotlight andet everybody know they have one of those winning powerball tickets and what they had to say that made all of under the circumstances chuckle. abc news colombia at 11 starts right now. live from main and gervais abc columbia news at 11:00. >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm alicia barnes. ben hoover has the night off we begin tonight with a check of our forecast. weave saw a lot of rain today, so will it actually clear out for the weekend? let's turn things over now to chief meteorologist john farley who joins you live from the weather center. john john thanks, alicia, we got a pretty good soaking. berry. here in columbia almost
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the rain is gone. if you have been outside tonight the rain is blowing, the skies a a clearing. temperatures falling but not terribly far. here you see we are still in the 40s, all of us. we will settle down a few more degrees overnight but not too many more. not a cold night tonight. and by the time you get up tomorrow morning, 8:00ish, 44. not very cold. all day tomorrow lovely. a little breezy, but tomorrow's highs, low 60's. beautiful way to start the weekend. now, the second half of the weekend is going to be cooler. we will see some clouds. we will go over specifics on that and a look ahead to next week as well with. that's all coming up. >> alicia: all right, thank you so much, john. let's talk politics right now, talk from senator ted cruz about new yorkalues does not sit well with some the city's strongest supporters. new york daily news for one told cruz to drop dead. written in bold on the cover of today's cover drop dead ted with an image of the statue of liberty giving him
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well, at the bottom the paper wrote you don't like new york values go back to canada. it has been a line of attacks for cruz, recently, in knocking donald trump for inviting what he calls new york values. now, doubled down on that line during last night wants debate. so when he was asked about it earlier today during a campaign stop right here in columbia, if he was actually sorry for the remarks, the texas senator doubled down with a unique apology. >> i apologize to the millions of new yorkerss who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. they are fed up with policies that don't fight for the working men and women of this country but, instead, further the elite, liberal views that taken this country down a path that is not working. >> alicia: trump has respond to do cruz's remarks by praising new york city's resilience in the wake of
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former republican presidential candidate and south carolina senator lindsey graham is endorsing jeb bush for president. in a news conference in charleston, graham says that the former florida governor is ready to be commander and chief of the country's armed forces on day one. and that he is has been a consistent voice on the issue of immigration. >> i have concluded without any hesitation, without any doubt, that jeb bush is ready on day one to be a commander in chief worthy of the sacrifices of the 1% who have been fighting this war. >> graham also said on february 20th south carolina voters are going to give jeb bush the momentum that he needs and deserves to win the nomination. well, trump wasting no time taking to twier to respond to senator graham's endorsement tweeting out senator lindsey graham embarrassed himself with his failed run for president and further embarrasses himself with the endorsement of bush. >> alicia: in the democratic
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expect former president bill clinton to be his wife's attack dog. this election he is focusing on shoring up support for his wife and leaving the criticism to biggest democratic opponent. brianna reports. >> hillary clinton's so-called not so secret weapon stumping in iowa today. >> she is the best, knowing how to find common ground and then if you make her to stand her ground. >> as the race tightens, bill clinton so far is staying away from attacks like the ones he leveled at barack obama in 2008 an approach that ultimately back fired. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i have ever seen. >> hillary clinton is unleash ago blitz of criticism calling sanders' plan for a single payer healthcare system unrealistic and expensive. today clinton accused sanders of purposely withholding details about how he would give all americans health coverage
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insurance companies. >> basically what he is doing is saying hey, we need to start all over again. it. details to be forthcoming. and another big national divisive debate which i just don't agree with. >> sanders says he does not want to scrap obamacare. >> clearly, despite the gains of the affordable care act, we have got to build on it and go much further. >> some estimates say sanders' plan will cost taxpayers $15 trillion. so far he hasn't offered specifics on how to pay for it. but he says those details are coming before the iowa caucuses. >> we will come out with that we have an outline for that certainly before iowa. >> with the race in iowa a dead heat and sanders commanding a big lead in new hampshire, he is dismissing clinton's stepped up rhetoric as sour grapes from her campaign. >> they are mad at me today. they are mad at me yesterday. they are mad at me tomorrow.
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do they like me? no. >> they are mad because of this. >> there are two democratic visions for regular glaghts wall street. one says it is okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. >> ad highlighting clinton's ties to wall street and his promise to break up the big banks. the clinton campaign accusing sanders of breaking his pledge not to run negative ads. a charge sanders rejects. >> you are looking at a public official, a u.s. senator who has won elections and lost elections. been in a number of elections. i have never run a negative radio or television ad in my life. [cheers and applause] >> alicia: our brianna reporting for us tonight. president barack obama answers tough questions through youtube. obama spoke about several issues with popular youtube personalities the interview was live-streamed from the white house's youtube account. well, the interviewers also fielded questions from
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#youtube ask obama. >> if our democracy is going to work. >> um-huh. >> we can have big arguments. we can disagree on a lot of stuff. we do have to have some basic boundaries where facts are facts. we don't make stuff up. we don't assume malice on the part of other people. the only way to enforce that by the way is ultimately for people to vote. >> alicia: the white house says this tradition started after the president's state of the union address in 2010. today, governor nikki haley has released her 7.5 billion-dollar spending plan. abc columbia's jennifer ready breaks down the dollars and cents. >> alicia, governor nikki haley's' spending plan includes a total of $7.43 billion for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. that includes tax cuts, improving education, and funding for the thousand year floods. >> the thousand year flood didave a cost to it.
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providing money in her spending plan to cover the cost of the historic floods. >> our state match off of what fema gave was 75 million. we are covering the state match. we also want to do dover d.o.t.'s match which was 280 million to make sure that they didn't have to deal with that. >> the flood also brought to light several issues with damns across the state. in turn it, the governor is including funds for dam improvements. >> there will be legislation that really kind of goes to the private owners of what they need to do and what is expected of them. also we thought we could do better by adding inspectors. >> other key items in the budget proposal, roughly 'hundred million dollars towards education. with 3.7 million to improve school facilities. nearly $345 million towards funding roads. with certain stipulations. >> this whole budget takes into account what we said last year which is doing the 10-cent gas tax increase and the 2 percentage income tax reduction. >> the governor's spending plan is dependent on the
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[gavel] >> she is hopeful they can work together. >> i always look at the budget as a template to say, look, here's how we do it. we want to support you in how to do. this let us know what you need to do that they have worked with us great on education. i expect them to work great with us on domestic violence. i hope they will work with us on roads. >> the governor's budget proposal also includes funding to fight criminal domestic violence as well as additional money for corrections officers and bus drivers. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> alicia: okay. thank you, jennifer. an all-male gospel quartet and full gospel choir from the west columbia church are headlining the musical festival beginning in a celebration of monday's martin luther king day commemoration. the martin luther king junior gospel festival takes place tomorrow at cover center. it features the gospel choir. pastor shawn jones and the believers gospel quartet from alabama are also performing. the university of south carolina graduate, the
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will make the remarks. authorities say a civilian on a beach notified the coast guard about two marine helicopters that crashed off of hawaii. the marines were alerted after the helicopters failed to return to their base as scheduled. all 12 crew members are still missing tonight. the coast guard says that 10 to 12 naught winds and breaking surf are complicating the search and rescue efforts. actor shawn penn is now opening up about his controversial interview mexican drug lord el chapo. instead of bragging that he may have helped bring down one of the world's most wanted men he makes it clear that his meeting did not lead to el chapo's capture. calling that assertion from mexico call officials a myth. >> here is the things that we know. we know that the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did.
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smarter than the d.e.a. or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact, upon which we were able to facilitate >> alicia: that interview actor said he want to do start a conversation about the policy of the war on drugs adding that his article failed to accomplish that. there are reports tonight the singer celine dion is break. just one day after her cancer. according to several us sos dion's brother daniel is also dying of the disease and has just days to live. celine has cancelled upcoming las vegas shows to take time to mourn her husband's death. the actor known bringing grizzly adams to the screen has died. dan haggerty lost his battle with cancer. he was best known for life and times of grizzly adams where he played a mountain man who rescued and cares
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haggerty was 74 years old. meet the robinsons, coming up, one of the owners of the powerball jackpot winning tickets comes forward. plus, the wait is almost over. prepares to make his big debut. you are watching abc columbia news at 11:00.
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gervais. america's largest retailer is closing hundreds of stores across the world...putting >> alicia: thanks for staying with us tonight. america's largest retailer is closing hundreds of stores across the world putting thousands out of work in the midlands. closing doors. 154 of those stores are in the u.s., including the super center on highway 321 in wins borough. the company says approximately 10,000 u.s. employees will be impacted by the closings. the first winner of wednesday night's lottery jackpot has stepped into the spotlight. meet the robinsons, a tennessee couple who claims though to have bought one of the three powerball winning tickets in nashville. john and lisa went to the lottery headquarters to get their ticket verified and claim their massive jackpot. he bought four tickets at a grocery store near their house on his way home from work on wednesday night.
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the hallway screaming and crying and i said you have got to check the numbers. he woke up in a dead sleep. he is all startled, what, what? >> did you sit on the bed? >> no. he was on the couch. i was in the back. and long story short, he looked at them three or four times and he says, baby, i think these are the right numbers. and he said but i won't say anything. we won't get our hopes up until we hear it in the media. >> that is so great. the other winning tickets were sold in chino hills, florida and florida. >> worn in august in washington, d.c., panda cub bea bea is set to make his public debut at smithsonian national zoo on saturday. diane gallagher has the story. >> reporter: get ready for pandemonium at the smith sown yum baebae. the zoo's giant panda club is days away from his public debut.
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panda keeper. >> it's so much fun getting to hold a panda. come on, getting who hold a panda? who does that. >> he says the it 0-pound cub is bigger than his big sister was at this age. >> we feel bae bae is bigger than his sister. >> he has been keeping bizy. >> mostly sleep. a little bit of play. some wandering around chasing his mother and then eating. that's pretty much what he is doing. >> reporter: soon, he will be hanging outside like the rest of his panda fam. zoo screerps to pet the yard. >> make sure it's safe for him. >> and keep him healthy, too. right now the littlest panda isn't the easiest patient. >> good. >> reporter: he will be trained like his big sister bow bow. they may look like tricks. >> we use the same trick that's use for your dog at home. >> reporter: these serve a medical purpose.
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the animals without putting under anesthesia. >> reporter: 5.5 million views so far on the panda cam. when it comes to catching a glimpse of bae bae in person. >> i have heard people standing in line for four hours. i can't imagine it being any different with bae bae. >> reporter: get ready pandemonium starts on january 16th. in washington, diane gallagher, reporting. >> alicia: how cute. even a panda hat. oh so cute. up next chief meteorologist john farley has details on
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stay close. >> john: welcome back. the temperatures out there
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as the wind continues to blow. and what's going to happen is we go through tomorrow, it's going to be warmer and then maybe a shower in the morning on sunday. we'll get to that in a second though. let's give you a peek of what's going on in terms of the satellite and radar. see the storm that comes through today. it's exiting quickly for us. clouds lick gearing i notice winds coming in from the west there are a couple of showers in here. they are not going to amount to anything. a splash and dash would be it and that would be the whole story. as we work our way to the south and southeast. what you are going to see here is nothing, right now. but, there will be a storm that's going to track by. and what's that is going to do is bring in colder air for the weekend, including the panther's game which happens at 1:00 on sunday. here you go. the low is going to track off the coast. it may touch off a shower. but really what it's going to do is bring in some cool winds out of the northwest. and as i say, it's going to be a little cooler for us. and maybe a shower. and that would do it.
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going on out here. there it is. there is your sunday forecast. what i want to show you here is for us it will be cloudy and then maybe some showers. but as you go farther north as in north carolina and on up into the mountains, there may be a brief period of snow out of this. nothing that's going to accumulate but a brief period just something to look up and say yeah, i see some flakes go by and that will be the whole story. let me show you. through the day on sunday green for us. farther north a little blue in there again, nothing to get worked up about. this is not a big snowmaker but maybe a few flakes flying on sunday especially north carolina and farther north from that all right. so let's talk about what's going on for us tonight. clearing out as the wind continues to blow the clouds through. temperatures not going down that far, mid 40s or so. tomorrow, check it out. it will be a lovely day. a little breezy at times. but, overall, look at these temperatures. mid 60's. winds coming up out of the southwest, a nice day to start the weekend.
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is your morning shower. but then things will be clearing out and then the cooler air settles on in. check it out. tuesday, especially in the morning, we will be starting out here in columbia in the mid 20's, back to winter. tuesday we don't even get out of the 40s and then as you see the rest of the week thing do moderate back up into the 50's. notice, it's dry, really right through friday of next week. alicia? >> alicia: looks like a good forecast to me. all right. coming up, uc men's basketball looks to bounce back from first loss of the season with a big sec home win tomorrow. a national awards keeps bying up for football coach
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unless you're barry switzer in the nfl, or larry coker in >> tim: i'm tim hill. hope your weekend is off to a good start. coach ago football team to a championship, you some serious credibility. that's why sweeney needs a new trophy case today the clemson coach racking up two more coach of the year honors 10 total. the tigers just the eighth big boy college football team to win 14 games in a season. and for the second straight year, sweeney will send a bunch of players to the nfl. carlos watkins won't be one of them. today the deadline do announce for the nfl draft. number 94 announcing he will be back next year. today he did not declare for the nfl draft. says he is on his way back to tiger town. the all sec first teamer had 67 tackles on the season as a red shirt junior. kevin, and clemson defensive back jay ron off to the nfl. carolina's best player now officially head to do the pros as well. farrell cooper 10 more
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than the rest of usc receivers combined. doing it all for offense for the last two seasons. cooper the only carolina player held headed to the nfl early this year. tackler last three seasons originally was going pro-but the linebacker changed his mind but he will be back to play for will muschamp next year. the man to orchestrated upset against the gamecocks south carolina. mike houston interviewing to be the next head coach at james madison. bulldogs 9-4 last season. nfl news panther's receiver ted uinn says he will play against the seahawks. not practicing today because of a bad knee. listed as questionable. carolina kicks off sunday's game against seattle at 1:00. gamecocks basketball in action tomorrow at home against missouri. muschamp will speak to the crowd at halftime. martin hoping bounce back from his only loss of the
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alabama wednesday night. missouri coming in to columbia tomorrow 8-8 on the year. the game will air on the sec network. clemson looking to make tiger history at home against number nine miami. wednesday night's win against duke ranked opponents for the first time since 1989. tomorrow they will go for three in a row for the first time ever in greenville 2:00 tip time. gamecocks women keeping their perfect season going. wilson making a sweet 16-0 with a come back win last night against top ten ranked kentucky. wilson ended up two blocked shots away from a triple-double. one of the reason she is back-to-back player of the year. making the list for 20 players eligible for this yearwooden award that goes to the best player in the country. >> we came with a different mind set. came in saying we are not going to leave here without a win. i think we all really buckled down and focused on
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i think that's going to carry over. >> we will see, alicia, the gamecocks in the middle of a tough stretch, five straight ranked opponents, texas a&m afternoon. >> alicia: i am not worried. they are going to do well. thanks so much. tim. john farley has one last
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stay close. >> john: welcome back. check out what's going on tomorrow going to be a beautiful day. southwest bringing some warmer temperatures. how about low to mid 60's. awfully nice, plenty of sunshine, beautiful day to get out and enjoy the weather. sunday, we're talking panthers, right they are at 1:00? >> tim: you got it.
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you are a little early. 1:06 over. here's the story. we will get a weak little front come by here. what it will do is it may touch off a shower or two for us. maybe for them as well. not out of the question that there could be a snowflake flying for a minute. it's not going to add up to anything. it would be like a wow factor, hey, we are getting a little something out of this, and it will be a little breezy at the game as well. if you are going, bundle up, chilly out there. more like 40s for us. then, as you see on the 7-day forecast, i just pointed to it there. i really was. i was pointing to the whole thing. cool off a little next week that's the story. >> alicia: going to be a good game. >> tim: 20's next week that's what i want to do show you. >> alicia: thanks so much. that's all we have for columbia news at 11:00.
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