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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to make sure you vote in e ery election. make sure that you are registered to vote, and that you go out and vote, no matter what the conditions are here in south carolina. >> a joint effort at making mlk's dream a reality. >> just last week, governor nikki haley ruled out an initiative on -- rolled out an initiative on education reform. ultimately it will be up to lawmakers to see what is passed. we have spoken to legislators, and they say that education will be a top priority during this session. for now live at the state house, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> ben: all right, thanks. the democratic candidates for president typically attend king day at the dodome. during election years, and this year was no exception. >> alicia: jennifer ready joins us more with how today's event became a campaign rally. >> ben and alicia, hot off last night's debate, all the democratic presidential candidates attend today's rally, using it is as an opportunity to honor the work
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as a campaign platform to relate to south carolina voters their plan if elected president. >> to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king, democratic presidential hopefuls vowed to continue his work. >> dr. king died with his work unfinished, and it is up to us to see it through. >> dr. king said "change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle." and that struggle is ours. >> let us not look at dr. king as just an historical figure. let us look at a man who tried to transform this country. >> dr. kining dedicated his life to making change in america by fighting for many issues, including education equality. at the rally, all three candidates taking a strong stance on how to strengthen education. >> this day is devoted to improving education, and i
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children of south carolina progress is possible. >> senator bernie sanders promotes a tuition-free plan for public colleges and universities, while former governor martin o'malley supports a debt-free college plan. >> we need t t take actions that make quality education a reality for every child in america, regardless of his or her zip code. >> back on the same stage after the fireworks of sunday's debate where clinton and sanders sparred over gun control. clinton references the charleston massacre and the need for change. >> when black people are killed worshipping at mother emanuel with a gun bought through a legal loophole, this isn't just a public safety issue, it's a civil rights issue! >> fourth tier canandate dr. willy wilson was in attendance for today's event. all the candidates are expected to make several more campaign stops in the palmetto state before the primary next month. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> alicia: thank you so much, jennifer.
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presidential candidates in town. happening right now, republican hopeful ben carson is participating in a discussion on law and the constitution with attorney general alan wilson. ben carson is currently trailing donald trump and ted cruz in south carolina, according to a winthrop university poll. >> the city of columbia also held ceremonies today honoring mlk. usc president served as the keynote speaker at this event held at mlk park this afternoon. the event preceded by a wreath-laying ceremony at the martin luther king memorial marker in five points. there were some tense moments at a work site off piney grove road today, columbia firefighters say just before 11:30 an employee fell into a 15-foot trench near the piney grove intersection. o hours later the person was freed frommhe trench and then airlifted to the hospital.
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among 12 missing after a helicopter clicks -- collision in hawaii. >> searchs by air and sea have turned up very little this evening. shell lemon spoke with members of the marine's family who was waiting for word. >> picture of jeremy sempler sits on a table, a reminder of the man he has become. >> jeffrey was so smart, he lit ramally could be in -- literally could beat any person at any job. anything he wanted to do, he could have done. he wanted to be a marine. he wanted to serve. >> jeremy bouvier knows him better than just about anyone else, he raised sempler along with his mother and watched him go from a boy to a man. >> he definitely wanted to be a help to the the community. and i know he was going to come back to this area and -- >> but that future right now is uncertain. sergeant sempler and 11 fellow marines, missing for days after two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. the days of waiting excruciating for his family. >> after the marines came to
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you see it in movies, and you are like that's horrible. but when it happens ... there's no ... you know, you don't have -- even if you thought in your mind that you had a plan for that, there's no plan. >> beautiful -- bouvier said the marines are highly trained. he told us of a conversation he would have with his son of his unit and how proude is to be a part of it. >> he was telling me stories about the helicopters and, you know, how they don't just drop out of the air, they have -- that they are trained, the pilots are trained to land them, even if they lose power. they can auto rotate down. i mean, they are very well trained. but you can't train, i don't think, for what happened. >> bouvier said it is hard to remain optimistic. for now, they are focusing on the young man and his dreams.
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raised him. >> veered towards going into law enforcement and kind of following in my footsteps, and he had also considered being possibly a school teacher. i am just real proud of him. he went a long way. he did a lot. >> alicia: a blustery martin luther king day out there today, so what can we expect for the rest of our evening? >> ben: i think we can rule out warping up for sure. -- warming up for sure. john joins us with a look at what ee can expect. hn? >> no chance of warming up for a little while. check out what's going on. the camera focused on the state house across the street. this is the wind coming in from the west. it's ushering in some pretty cold temperatures. let's give you a look at thosese temperatures right now, andnd you will see, you know, in some places already down into the mid-30s. check this out. saluda and winnsboro at 36. it is only 6:00 at night, so we are going to take a deep dive into the 20s tonight, in some cases maybe even a few teens. here's the forecast for the
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here in columbia, it stays windy, but as the night grows belong -- long, the wimd dies off. temperatures plummet. here in columbia by the time we get to 11:00, we are in the upper 20s. overnight tonight we go way down. here's the numbers. and again, some spots down into the teens. what will happen especially places like winnsboro, newberry, the coldest spots, teens. this could be the coldest night so far this year. what will happen, you get the kids out tomorrow morning, be sure to bundle them up in everything you got. there won't be a whole lot in the way of wind, but the temperatures way down there, and they are not going to rise very quickly as we go through the day. let me give you a look at what's going on here in terms of the rest of the day. we only get to the low 40s, cold air going to be with us for a while. we will talk specifics on how long in just a few minutes. >> thank you so much, john. of up next, a weekend robbery attempt ends in gunfire. >> gas prices continue to nosedive. we will run down the list of prices, plus what's behind the
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at 6:00. the richland county sheriff's >> alicia: welcome back. thanks for staying with us tonight. the richland county sheriff's department is investigating an armed robbery that happened at the video express in the 2700 block of two notch road. investigators say the suspect entered the store and demanded
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according to deputies, the suspect shot the victim in the lower body, causing non-life-threatening injuries. >> ben: a suspect was killed while engaged in a chase with a lexington county sheriff's department. investigators with the state highway patrol say just after 5:00 this morning, the suspect lost control and hit a tree on harvey berry road. deputies with the sheriff's department say the suspects in the car were wanted in connection with two early morning robberies at area truck stops. the driver of the car died at the scene. the passenger was taken into custody. >> alicia: how low will they go? according to gas, talking about gas prices, and here in the midlands, they have dropped 4 cents in the past week, bringing the average to $1.67 a gallon. experts say the drop in the price of crude oil is allowing gas prices in virtually the whole united states to continue plummeting. and we are not complaining. >> ben: no. >> alicia: good news for us. up next, john farley has your
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>> ben: stay with us. >> john: welcome back. a cold one today for sure. now, let me just talk about this. this is only the second time this winter where the temperatures have not at least reached 50 degrees. so, again, pretty cold one out there today. the last time that happened was earlier in the month we only got to 44 on one day here in january, but this winter it's been a fairly mild one, but it won't be that mild as
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going to take until we get to the end of the week before you notice a significant change in the temperatures. bitter cold out there tonight. that wind is blowing in cold air. it is going to settle right in tonight, be with us tomorrow, and then slowly this thing loosens its grip as we go later in the week. we will get to the specs fix on that in a second -- specifics on that in a second. you are saying what causes this sort of thing? well, really, youot a lot of wind, you factor in the wind, and the temperatures, these are the windchill numbers. feels like 29 right now in saluda, 32 in columbia. again, the story is this. you get the jet stream that kicks down to the south, and this pocket of cold air is originating from the center of canada. a very cold pocket. it is kinking all the way down, it will be with us for a total of four days. it started yesterday. be with us today, tomorrow will be the coldest, morning and afternoon, and it will finally start to feel a little warmer as we head into thursday. then by the time we get to friday, things will be different completely.
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look at this. deep dive, very cold dip in the jooem, the -- jet stream. we are in the blue, but blue nonetheless down into the 20s. now, watch as we go forward here, what you will see is, it takes as we said until thursday before we start to see yellows and greens work their way in. that's going to be courtesy o o a storm that's actually going to come come in from the south. it will bring us rain and warm the temperatures up. so that's where we head. but it will be late in the week as i say before we get there. here's a look at temperatures overnight tonight. awfully cold. we get down here to 22 in columbia. again, that means teens: suburbs. clerk as a bell tomorrow morning, but cold. 8:00 in the morning, 22 degrees. going into the afternoon, we will only bump it by about 20 degrees. it won't be a real warm day by any means. this could be the coldest we see this season, with temperatures generally low 40s, even a couple 30s with the wind oozing down out of the north.
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i said, that's when things start to warm up some. thursday, maybe a shower or two. friday, that's when we get our main rain out of this thing, and then into the weekend as you see it clears out, and it doesn't cool off that much, but it definitely clears out for the weekend. over to you. >> thanks. coming up, clemson basketball's big turn-around has caught the attention of top 25 voters across the nation. >> alicia: and usc's ben
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sports is next.backing up the national hype with a national award.hi, i'm tim hill.aja wilson came to carolina from backing up the national hype with a national award. ainge a wilson came -- aja wilson came to heathwood hall as the number one recruit in the country. a new individual award for aja today, after a couple of monster games espnw naming her the national player of the week. wilson scored 26 points and blocked 8 shots against both texas a&m and kentucky. she averaged 10 1/2 rebounds
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gamecocks play again thursday at ole miss. frank martin and the usc men play oxford tomorrow night. carolina losing the first game of the season last week, but staying in the new polls after bouncing back with a win over missouri. gamecocks number 18 coaches poll, 24th in the ap. our mike gillespie reporting from the colonial live arena.a. >> two tough challengege on the road for carolina, at ole miss on tuesday, then at tennessee on saturday. now, with a win over either one of those programs, the game cox match their win total from last year with 14 games left in the regular season. the players and coaches saying earlier today the feeling of this year's team, much different than in years past. >> this is -- i believe we are part of something special. >> special isn't duly the word duane notice would use to describe the last two gamecocks basketball seasons. >> you look at the players, the stats, you can see the body language, the way they are sitting on the bench. >> how bad we were our first two years, just compared to
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>> with a combined 45 and 54 record over the last three years, frank martin wasn't feeling the love from anyone. >> no one had an interest in talking to us about our basketball team. your own campus didn't care about your team. your media didn't care about your team. players didn't care about the team. [ cheering ] >> but now, 16-1, halfway through the regular season, carolina noticed and the coaching staff now feeling something a little bit different. >> we have been recognized much more. more attention when you are walking around campus and stuff, just to see the progress that's being made.. you know, rome wasn't built in one day. >> success brings attention, and with attention comes the dynamics, we have to understand how to manage and handle. i would rather manage the dynamic we got right now.
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what a successful back half of the season would look like for his team. he responded, "i don't know. i take these things one game at a time. i don't mean to give boring answers. that's just who i am." at colonial life arena, mike gillespie, abc columbia sports. >> thank you, mike. for the first time in the brad brownell era, clemson earns ap poll votes. jerome blossomgame, number 27 in both polls today. blossomgame earning acc player of the week honors, averaging 21 points in last week's two big wins over top racked d de and miami. tigers, three straight wins over ranked teams for the first time, four in a row tomorrow night at virginia. planning on high school highlights, plus football news coming up tonight at 11:00. >> always looking for football news. >> alicia: of course, this time of year. up next, john has one last look at your seven-day
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>> ben: we will be right back. welcome back. i have determined, alicia, this will be your least favorite night of the year. you are a fan of snow but you hate the cold. you got nothing here but cold all night long. look how cold it is going to be. it is going to be a pretty cold night all the way through.
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i like the cold weather, i was thinking like if you are snowboarding. i like to snowboard. if i am going somewhere cold, you know to wear a jacket. >> yeah. >> that's where i was going with it. >> little miscommunication. nonetheless, cold tonight, rain by the end of the week. >> ben: i thought you were thinking what i was thinking. i did not peg you as a snowboarder. >> yeah, i am. i lived in california. surf, board, everything. thanks so much for watching. you are watching abc columbia news at 6:00. >> ben: world news tonight coming up next. see you back here tonight at
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breaking news tonight. taking sides. donald trump taking aim at ted cruz. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> but tonight, key conservatives come out with their own message for trump. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fierce battle for iowa tonight. the new fallout after those unexpected moments. the dangerous commute. the change reaction crashes. 95 million americans from the dakotas to virginia to maine in
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and now, the next major system
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