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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> alicia: thank you so much, beth. today's incident was not the only time a midlands officer has come under fire in recent days. >> ben: richland county deputy was responding to a domestic disturbance call saturday when investigators say a man with an ex-continue -- extensive criminal history opened fire. jennifer ready joins us with this story. this was a close call for deputy bagby. >> that's right. officials say the suspect, arkeem breeland, fired at least seven shots at deputy bagby saturday night. sheriff leon lott said the incident started on friday. when breeland's parents filed a report against him, claiming he was threatening them. deputy bagby explains how things escalated to shots being fired on saturday. >> you never get used to being shot at. >> richland county deputy bagby recounts being called to a domestic disturbance call. >> we were just around the corner. it is a small cul-de-sac full of houses. as soon as we turned the corner he engaged us.
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responding to the call, he found suspect arkeem breeland outside his parents' home. before exiting his patrol car, breeland allegedly started shooting, firing at least seven shots, striking the windshield and wheel well. >> it was a shock, because, i mean, we knew from the dispatch he was possibly armed, trying to get into his parents' house. but i wasn't expecting to be standing in the driveway and engaging him. >> deputy bagby did not return fire. instead, calling for backup to help secure perimeter to ultimately apprehend breland who fled into the woods. >> we had one thing going for us that night, it was cold. our deputies were dressed for the cold; breeland wasn't dressed for the cold. >> sheriff leon lott said breeland is no stranger to law enforcement. he was released from prison roughly two weeks ago and carries an extensive criminal record. >> only two weeks and he's back doing the same thing he was sentenced to prison for, and that's using violence and firearms. >> breeland is now facing several charges, including attempted murder. >> breeland is one that needs
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he does not need to get out. >> alicia: again -- deputy bagby has been with the richland county sheriff's department for almost three years. he also served in the united states marine corps in a sniper platoon. he said his military background helps him in situations like saturday by reminding him to think before acting to lay out a game plan. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> alicia: thank you. a record 50 thousand south carolinians sought to buy guns or carry could be sealed weapons in december. -- concealed weapons. the post courier contained the statistics from the fbi background check system. the spike came when president obama indicated he would tighten gun control measures. the number does not indicate the exact number of guns sold in december. some requests were declined, and others purchased more than one gun. >> ben: the kershaw county sheriff said a man out on bond for burglary led deputies on a 30-mile chasesehis weekend. sheriff jim matthews says at 2:45 saturday morning, deputies attempted to shop
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they say sumpter took off, leading them on a chase through neighbor looked, even a couple yards. -- neighborhoods. eventually sumpter rolled the suv he was driving onto its side, and that's when they arrested him. >> alicia: citadel's president said the cadets' photographed singing christmas carols in white hoods did not intend to be offensive. lieutenant general john rosa said his investigation into the december incident found no ill intent, but did show poor judgment. the civil rights organizer called for rosa to step down as president of t t military college after the photo was posted to social media. >> ben: the south carolina church that made national headlines last summer when nine parishoners were shot and killed has a new pastor tonight. for the first time in emanuel a.m.e.'s history, more than 200-year history, the pastor is a woman. reverend dr. betty deas clark delivered her first sermon yesterday. and the message was hope. clark succeeds the late reverend and senator clamenta pink any, killed in --
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summer's massacre. >> alicia: politics now, a south carolina representative is switching sides in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. this afternoon, orangeburg representative justin bamberg announced he is endorsing bernie sanders. bamberg previously supported hillary clinton. he said after reviewing senator sanders' policies, that he believes sanders is a game-changer. >> it's important that i show my constituents that we as americans have the right to choose. i'm not here to play the game of politician -- politics. i along with bernie are here to change the game of politics. [ applause ] >> bamberg replaced sellers in the house after he left for an unsuccessful run as governor. sellers a staunch hillary clinton supporter. >> ben: we are close to the caucuses and the primaries when the endorsements start flying.
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furious today on both sides of the aisle. this morning former presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry endorsed senator ted cruz. perry said of those who have a chance to win the republican nomination right now, he believes cruz is by far, quote, the most consistent nservative. >> alicia: a south carolina wants to do more business in israel. charleston post courier reports the state is sending a delegation on a trade mission to the middle east thursday. the commerce secretary, bobby hicks, says israeli companies have invested nearly $9 million and created 140 jobs in the state since 2013. >> ben: this weekend's winter weather being blamed for a fourth death in south carolina. lieutenant kelly hughes with the department of public safety said 61-year-old driver ran off highway 9 in jonesville saturday afternoon, hitting a ditch and a tree. authorities say an elderly couple in greenville died of carbon monoxide poisoning during the storm. another man died when he was
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icy patch in the road. >> thankfully nothing like that in the forecast right now. so hopefully we can expect some calmer weather. >> alicia: especially since this weekend. john farley joins us with current conditions. >> john: did you see any flurries this weekend? >> alicia: i saw snow in lexington. i tweeted it. you could see it on the roof a little bit. but it was a little dusting. >> just a dusting. >> we had flurries at our house. the children ran out the door barefoot. >> absolutely. they loved it. yeah. but that's all we got, basically flurries, and nothing like that in the forecast. here's a beautiful night. nice shot of the state house right here. and we will give you a look at temperatures and what you will see is, it's warm, relatively speaking. check out these numbers here, we are in the 50s all of us, except for manning and bishopville. compared to last night, some cases, 13 degrees warmer than we were last night at this time. we are starting a bit of a trend. let's give you a look at the slope tonight. not that steep.
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to 11:00, a few high clouds in the mix. tomorrow morning, your commute will be fine. through the day tomorrow, check it out. we start at 35, we end ought 67 so, yes, making a run at 70. that said, that warm air is eventually going to bring in rain. we will talk about when that arrives coming up. >> alicia: thank you so much. a the end of an era in the vista. a popular night spot closed its doors. a sign was posted at the door of jillian's, directing employees to a law firm to collect their final paychecks. spokesperson for the vista guild says they have not spoken with jillian's owner directly, but has been in contact with property manager arnold companies, who says, quote, there's something in the works for the location. going to be missed. >> julian -- jillian's been there a long time. >> yes. a great place to play pool. going to be missed. >> alicia: carolina panthers are super bowl-bound, and we are excited. >> ben: yeah. but if you want to go to the
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stay with us for more details
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news at 6:00. panther fans are fired up after their team punched its ticket to the super welcome back. panthers fans are fired up after their team punched its ticket to the super bowl last night. cam newton and carolina stumped arizona in the nfc championship. they will take on peyton manning and the denver broncos february 7th. it is carolina's second trip to the big game. the panthers lost to the patriots back in 2000. >> alicia: we are excited. if you are going, hey, you are one of the few, because super bowl appears to be only a rich man's game.
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tickets for the february 7th game between the carolina panthers and denver broncos,s, more than $5,000. that's according to ticket price tracker seat-geek. a pair of club seats mid-field has already sold for more than $12,000 each. making them the most expensive seats sold so far. super bowl 50 played in levi stadium m santa clara, california. >> ben: as the old team looks atop the football world, michael scurlock is running to be york county's next sheriff. scurlock played defensive back in the nfl for five seasons. including one season with the panthers. >> alicia: $5,000! >> ben: for one ticket. you don't get to see the commercials. >> alicia: i will not be there. up next, chief meteorologist john farlly has a look at your -- john farley has a look
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at your seven-day forecast.has a look at your -- john
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seven-day forecast. >> john: hope you had a nice start to the week. certainly warmer than over the weekend. check it out. today we got all the way to 60 after starting out with a chilly 28. now, what's going to happen, warmer tomorrow, we get some rain in the middle part of the week, and then we warm it back up as we get to end of the week. let's talk about where that warm air is coming from. as always, it's coming somewhere from the south, or southwest, and that's what's going to happen. we will get winds coming out
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then as we go into wednesday, that is going to tap into some moisture. what we get on wednesday, it is not a well organized storm. just going to be a blob of moisture that comes up, wrings out some rain on us and blows on through. probably a few lingering showers into thursday, but then that will do it. let's give you a look at how things will play out. tomorrow is dry, i won't show you that. wednesday, here's 7:00 in the morning, so probably a few showers just starting t tard the end of the commute. and then as we get to the middle part of the day, have your umbrella with you. then in the afternoon commute, again, wet. for the evening commute, and then after that, like i say, maybe a few lingering showers into thursday, but that would do it. that should take care of business. it should be a one and done. let's look what's going on tonight. not very cold, certainly compared to the last several nights. 43 at midnight down to 35 by the time we get to 8:00 in the morning. some clouds in play at times, but overall, a mostly clear
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it should look pretty out there tonight. let's give you a look at what's going on for the forecast for tomorrow. there you have it. temperatures, 66, 67, 68, somewhere in there. pretty warm, winds out of the southwest, there is your rain on wednesday. again, coming through, main part of the day, a few lingering showers into thursday and beyond that, check it out, there are the temperatures warming into the weekend. hugh about mididto upper 60s, saturday, sunday, and monday. all right. that's a look at your forecast. >> thank you so much. coming up one former gamecock faces a big decision. go to hawaii for his first pro bowl, or stay home expecting his first child. >> ben: tough one. and one carolina panther and another former gamecock say champipiship game injuries won't keep them out of the super bowl.
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switching the script for the super bowl.hi, i'm tim hill.all season long the carolina panthers hi, i am tim hill.
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panthers have been playing for something to prove, not getting the national respect they thought they deserved with the 15-1 record. cam newton clearing that perception hurdle last night with a dominating win against arizona in the nfc championship game, crushing the cardinals 49-15. that has carolina now early super bowl 50 favorites against the denver broncos. super bowl number two for the panthers franchise. cam newton has always had one question for others in the organization about panthers super bowl number one, a dozen years ago. >> in 2003 when we went to the super bowl, now we are paving our story right now. we are not done. our pen has more ink left, and i am happy to say that, and blessed to say that as well. put ourselves in this situation that we created, and it's great to see. >> this was not team leader
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arm in the nfc championship game, a freak play, a kick by the arizona tight end. davis had surgery today. panthers coach ron rivera said if all goes according to plan, davis will play in the super bowl. and a former gamecock thinking the exact same way. broncos safety darien stewart went down with a sprained knee in the afc championship game yesterday. stewart had an interception and a few big hits before that. stewart played at usc from '06 to '09, ended up going undrafted, says his knee will be ready just two weeks in between games. another undrafted gamecock will play one more game this season. atlanta falcons fullback patrick dimarco named to the pro bowl. dimarco said he was pumped to accomplish a career goal. it did present quite the dem -- dilemma, though. his wife expecting toive birth to their first child in the next few weeks. he is not going to make the trip to hawaii with dimarco, patrick is. he said, quote, hopefully the baby stays inside for a while. gamecock basketball at home
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carolina -- sec games. carolina falling out of the top 25 after loss number two at tennessee over the weekend. usc still in the coaches poll, down from number 18 down to number 22 today. frank martin said his team after four road trips in its last six games are tired, he thought, last week. and he is taking the longview about losingwo of his last four ball games. >> we are not 10-77 -- 10-7, we are 17-2. we have won 7 of 9 games away from home. you know, we've won two road conference games. that's the most this school has won since probably the earth was invented. you know, that's when eddie fogler coached, by the way. [ laughter ] you can quote me on that. >> i'm sure coach fogler will appreciate that. tomorrow's's game starts at 7:00 at colonial life arena against mississippi state. it will air on the sec network. the gamecock women stay ranked
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dawn stall -- staley and company staying perfect with a tough win at mississippi state yesterday. tiffany mitchell leading the way, especially late in starks ville. usc will play next at ole miss coming up on thursday. basketball season really heating up, guys, and a lot of carolina panther fever now that they are headed to the super bowl. >> yeah. sports people all over. loving it. love it. >> up next, john with one last look at the seven-day forecast.
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and gervais. >> john: check out the forecast. it warms up. tomorrow, 67 degrees. beautiful. now, wednesday, we get some rain, a few showers lingering into thursday, and then we are back at the warmup. how about the weekend? back into the 60s, a lot of sunshine and that carries us into early next week. >> john,, thanks. hope you can join us at 11:00. there is a waiting list at a midlands shelter that's helping families get back on their feet after the historic flood back in october. tonight, we'll have the story of one family and how the shelter helps families kind of navigate the twists and turns of the complicated road to
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>> alicia: so many are still struggling from what has happened with floods. you have been watching abc columbia news at 6:00. we thank you for making us your choice for news. >> ben: stay tuned for "world news tonight with david muir" coming up next. see you back here tonight for news at 11:00.
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2016. the ripple effect coast-to-coast. 30 killed, a mother and child in their car as her husband was digging out. thousands of flights cancelled. is there another storm brewing?
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