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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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both expressed a strong desire to create a council that works well together to make informed decisions. we will head back inside. watch abc columbia news at 11 for a full report. >> ben: thanks. the state law maker who wants journalists to register to work in south carolina spoke out today. >> alicia: jenniferjennifer ready live with more on the legislation. >> jennifer: the bill would require journalists to register with the state to make sure they are upholding all ethical standards. while representative pitt says he doesn't believe it will pass, it proves his bias on the bill of rights. >> jennifer: the bill is structured similar to the law requiring gun owners to register to carry a concealed weapon in south carolina.
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against the second amendment, mott just the second but other portions of the bill of rights and that the media as a whole will only come to the fight when it looks like the first amendment and only a portion of the first amendment is under attack. >> jennifer: in explaining the reason for creating the bill representative pitts citeds scams of what he believes is bias and hypocrisy during the confederate flag debate. >> i became the face nationally of the guy thatten whatted to keep the flag flying. >> jennifer: several argue pitts made his point. >> the point has made. the question is going to be whether or not we all step back and begin to respect the idea that all of those amendments matter. >> jennifer: other members
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political statement is inefficient. >> we should be dealing with matters in south carolina. we should be looking for solutions and introducing legislation that addresses the issues. >> jennifer: while representative pitts says he would love to debate the bill again he does not believe it will pass. no committee date has been set for this bill either. >> ben: south carolina state university is asking for $30 million. the university made the request during a meeting of the house ways and means committee today. according to numbers compiled by the times and democrat, much of the money will go towarard repaying debt and repairing buildings on campus. >> alicia: all eyes may be on iowa, but the gop frontrunner is making a stop right here in the midlands. tomorrow, donald trump will hold a campaign rally at harmon tree
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doors open at 5:00 and the convenient starts at 7:00. the event is free and open to the public according to the trump campaign. >> ben: things a little closer on the democratic side. a new cnn-orc poll finin hillary clinton tops her nearest rival bernie sanders 52 abouters to 38 percent. 38%. clinton's lead is smaller than it has been at any point since the field narrowed to three candidates. >> alicia: unemployment is holding steady in south carolina. the department of employment and workforce says the jobless rate in december was 5.5%, the same as in november. the national unemployment rate is 5%. what a difference a day makes. not nearly as chilly today. what can we expect this evening?
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south carolina. >> alicia: i even left my gloves in the car. >> john: 64 still in columbia. compare this to 24 hours ago. we do this a lot in weather. where we are then and where we are now. it is a lot warmer. going out this evening you will not need the gloves. temperatures settling to the low 50s. overnight tonight the temperatures don't go down that far. we continue to see the clouds in play and as you send the kids out the door, have the umbrella. it may not be raining exactly at that time but on and off through the day we will see showers. temperatures tomorrow morning starting out around 50. going through the day we are not going to warm all that much. maybe three degrees. up to 53 tomorrow afternoon. on and off showers. this isn't going to be one of those soaking wet rainy days. one of those gloomy days. nothing but battleship grey and
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the that will cover it. you looking for warm sunshine? i have it in the seven day. we will talk about when it arrives in just a bit. >> ben: today we learned the identity of a man shot and killed trying to rob a barber shop. the 35-year-old was shot by people with concealed weapons permits inside next up barber and beauty on fort jackson boulevard at some point overnight into saturday. hannibal's last known address was in new jersey. let me clarify the shooting was friday night. columbia police are looking for a second suspect this evening. we have new details tonight about an officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of a texas murder suspect. >> ben: beth russo has who are more on the shooting that happened monday night and the crime behind his death. >> reporter: the 42-year-old fugitive from houston, texas, was wanted for the murder of his
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as authorities approached a gunfight ensued. >> this was a very dangerous individual that already killed someone in texas who has traveled here into the columbia area. >> reporter: as officers were attempting to serve damon james with an arrest warrant he retreated to his vehicle, grabbing a handgun. >> he started shooting at the officers and there was a short gun battle. and once inside the vehicle there was a single gunshot from inside the vehicle. >> reporter: the richland county coroner believes it was this gunshot that claims james life. >> he was hit by other bullets but the contact wound to the head is the fatal wound. >> reporter: local law enforcement officials applaud the swift action of the u.s. marshall task force. >> bob: they. >> they contained a very volatile situation. >> these are folks that are evading justice that do not want
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and often times and, unfortunately, they do everything that they can to not be apprehended. >> reporter: the investigation into the incident is ongoing. rcsd says they are looking into why james was in the midlands. we will have details as they become available on our website, >> alicia: thank you so much. a man was not as sick as he was letting on. 45-year-old dennis paulson was convicted of scamming federal agencies out of more than $1.5 million. he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and discharged from the navy in the early 1990s. he claimed that he couldn't use his hands and feet and he was wheelchair bound. but he continued to leadadn active lifestyle playing sports and riding his motorcycle.
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a man they say is helping discount. police say he shop lifted items from lowe's and home depot. if you know where this man is you are asked to call the richland county sheriff's department and you can call crime stoppers at 1-800-crime-sc. >> ben: the mayor announced that seth zig leer zeigler will take over the department and replaces former chief troy crump. shake, rattle and roll. what experts think caused a rumble in the low country. it was all over social media. >> ben: and how to kick the winter blues.
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6:00. buzz on social media in the low-country earlier today...what was that >> alicia: welcome back. it was all the buzz on social media in the low country earlier. the big question was, what was the rumble? some wondered if it was an earthquake but the u.s. geological survey says there was not a quick. officials speculate the shake was caused by a sonic bloom. a loud explosive noise caused by the shockwave from an aircraft
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of sound. the charleston area is no stranger to t t phenomenon that can be caused bypassing jets. >> ben: a long time tradition athletes. the law enforcement torch run for special olympics south carolina kicked off this morning. officers for law enforcementagencies gathered at the statehouse for this announcement. >> there is one thing that i found equal to saving lives and that is changing lives. that is what we do for special olympics. we might volunteer to do it but once we meet athletes like josh and see his personality and realize what we get back from it, that is why it grows every year. it really does. >> ben: nebraska have awe have a huge list of participants in south carolina. more than 22,000 athletes from the state take part in the spokes olympics. >> alicia: for some, these dreary cold days can have an
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it is estimated at least 12 million americans suffer from a type of depression called seasonal effective disorder also known as sadd. you can help by modifying your diet and exercising more and that are specifically designed light boxes used to treat those with seasonal depression and if the problem becomes serious some doctors will recommend antidepressants or psychotherapy to help patients get through the dark days of winter. the wind blues. >> ben: exercise gets the endorphins going. >> alicia: makes a big difference. chief meteorologist john farley
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forecast. >> john: a warm one today. 68 in columbia. it has been awhile since we have seen that. after an overnight low of 32. i tell you, the warm weather is going to take a respid for a couple of days and then it returns. this is how things play out here. tomorrow the showers and that will cool things down. it will stay cool through thursday. friday back up. and how about the weekend? closing in on 70, once again. here is a look now at what is going on in terms of the rain headed our way. notice this storm front and i might be overstating it by calling it a storm front. just a blob of moisture. fizzling out the farther north you go. we will get a little bit but that is also breaking apart as it gets in here tomorrow. this is how it looks like it will go. tomorrow morning commute, 7:00 the showers started.
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over where you are or not, it will about he in range some where in there. so be prepared for a slower morning commute. and then as we go through the day, notice on and off showers but not a soaking wet day by any cool. the winds at the surface coming out of the northeast. raw. but in terms of a lot of rain, not a whole lot in terms of measure. showers. and then things start to clear thursday. tonight we have lots of clouds. not very cold. 50 degrees for the low. tomorrow, again, morning commute, give yourself extra time my suggestion for you. because there will be off and on showers and it doesn't take a lot to slow things down. on the commute, temperatures around 50. through the day it doesn't move very much. the warmestst spot only mid 50s. a healthy wind out of the northeast all day will keep the temperatures in check with the off and on showers. a look ahead. thursday, we may get -- well, we will have early morning clouds
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but that will do it. the rest of thursday things clearing out. kind of a cool day and then look at that. the warming begins by the time we get to sunday we are close to 70 with all kinds of sunshine and that extends into the middle part of next week. over to you two. >> alicia: thanks so much. coming up, clemson football will play on a thursday and friday night this coming fall. see the newly leased tigers schedule after the break. >> ben: and the most exciting player makes carolina coach say
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that's next. >> we are not 10-7, we are 17-2. >> in a good spot for late januarar i'm tim hill. frank mar tip and usc hoops going into the home game against mississippi state dealing with two losses in the last four games.
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way. keeping the team in the game at tennessee. martin happy to see him capping his career on a high note. >> i don't think i have ever been around a guy that is as juiced up and thussed for every single game -- enthused for every single game. his passion for life and his passion for our team is kind of what we have tried to build our program on. >> jamal gregory recently working into the playing rotation for the gamecocks. that is what happens when you come off the bench and do that. throwing down dunks that end up on sportscenter. martin says gregory has time prove on the defensive end to prove to his coach that he can be counted on to play more minutes. >> he brings a certain level of athleticism and excitement. he makes the wow play. we need him to learn how toake every play. wow plays bring attention. making the right plays is what
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and that is where his growth has to continue to be. i know he can make the wow play. we need him to work to make the simple plays, the everyday plays. >> tonight's game set to tip off just after 7:00. we will have highlights and post game reaction on a busy night in the sec tonight at 11:00. clemson basketball back in action tomorrow night at home agaiait pittsburgh. game time set for 7:00. deshawn watson will be recognized at halftime. clemson football releasing the schedule today. the a.c.c. the last conference in the country do so. ac player of the year deshawn watson and company open up at auburn on december 3. four times in the last five years clemson starts and ends its regular season sense a team from the sec. the first half the schedule. an interesting start in conference play at georgia tech
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back home to host louisville and then at boston college on a friday night. the tigers and florida state a bye on october 22, the week before what has become the de facto acc championship game the last five years. sad news. mourning the passing of coach terb yville. he took nine teams to the state championship game and won five state titles. that will do it for sports right now. you are watching abc columbia news at 6:00. here is a look at the area's most widely held stocks. the financial report is
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if >> john: cooler tomorrow with showers. the high only low 50s. same thing on thursday morn. thursday afternoon brighter and then the warm-up begins. how about sunday? 70ish. >> alicia: look at that. >> ben: is that a nice 70ish or is that a muggy 70ish? >> john: no muggy there. you are good. relative humidity no factor at all.
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>> the citrus fruit on the tie over there. details. >> alicia: celebrating clemson, huh? you have been watching abc news columbia at 6:00. >> ben: world news is up next. we'll see you back here at
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