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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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donald trump out of tonight's g.o.p. debate. plus shoplifters caught on camera. >> making away with more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise. can you help investigators identify these men? and volunteers hitting the streets for a count of those living in shelters and out on the streets. >> if the gloominess has been a little too much for you, i have good news. stay right where you are, and we'll talk about the sunshine headed our way. abc columbia news at 11, it starts right now. >> live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i'm alicia barnes. >> ben: i'm m n hoover. we just received information into our newsroom. the richland county coroner's office tells us it's investigating the death of a usc student. >> the student was found at the hub student housing on main street.
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considered a suspicious death. an autopsy is planned to tomorrow morning. please stay with abc columbia news as we have more information on this case. >> ben: fox news chahael debate moderator megan kelly has called him the elephant not in the room. donald trump is boycotting tonight's g.o.p. presidential debate from des moines, iowa. >> the trump rivals mocked the billionaire who refused to take part because of his feud with fox network. he chose to host a nearby event billed as a veterans benefit. >> you know, we wanted to be about 15 minutes into that hour so that by now they're all tuned in. look at all the cameras. this is like the academy awards. this is the academy awards.s. we're actually told we have more cameras than they do by quite a bit. so that settles it. >> ben: without trump on the debate stage, ted cruz played
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from his next closest competitor, marco rubio. >> rubio said cruz's campaign is built on a lie about his stance on illegal immigrants. mary moloney shows you other key moments from the debate. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. dodonald trump has chosen not to attend. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid fat and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> it's not about donald trump. he's an entertaining guy. he's the greatest show on earth. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. >> also in iowa, donald trump putting on an event, he says, honors veterans. >> this is like the academy awards. >> two other presidential candidates who also won past iowa caucuses were in attendance, governor mike huckabee and rick santorum. the spotlight felt on senator
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>> if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> the other candidates tried to take the focus away from the circus and back to their own appeal to voters in iowa and beyond. >> there is no reason why you can't stand for principles, go and fight for them, and be able, also, to have to get things done in government. >> i don't think you have to give up your liberty for a false sense of security. >> there's three lanes, the establishment lane, the antiestablishment lane and then there's the kasich lane. the reason is that i've been a reformer all of my career. >> i will gladly confess that i'm the only one on this stage with no political title. >> i guess i'm part of the establishment because barbara bush is my mom. i'll take that, too. but this election is not about our pedigree. this is an election about people that are really hurt, and we feed to leader that will fix things and have a proven record to do it.
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so a rainy thursday. are we in for more showers in the morning? >> chief meteorologist john farley joins us in the weather center with the details. >> the answer to that is no, and here's why. you see behind me, these are the flags on top of the statehouse, and the wind is coming now the out of the west whereas for much of the day it was coming out of the east northeast, so going that way. now it's going to the opposite it was going the opposite direction so by the time you get up in the morning it will be clear. but watch what's going on here. >> newberry at 37. the rest of us than that as we know he overnight the temperatures will drop. the morning commute, will be mid-30's. some places may be low 30's. clear skies and no problems at all. and tomorrow you won't see a cloud in sighting. temperatures warming to 60 and
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the main course how about 70s many that's in the 7 day all coming up in a few minutes. >> so if you have a student at westwood high school there will be class tomorrow. you know why i'm making that clear tonight. the school had to be evacuated today after school leaders smelled what they called a suspicious odor. two students had to leave class. crews were checking gas lines. but, again, they feel confident enough for the students to report to school tomorrow morning. >> volunteers taking to the streets to get a better understanding of the homeless population. >> beth has more on how counting the homeless can help better care for their needs. >> volunteers out and about count and surveying the homeless in shelters and on the streets. >> there are a group of folks out on the streets who aren't in the shelters. they're not getting the help.
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ran into last night. >> it happened annually nationwide providing a snapshot of the homeless population on a specific night. >> we want to know, if the person has any illness, substance abuse. any medical i iues. where their last home was. >> numbers from the count aid in determining how much federal funding the department of house and urban don't will allocate. >> it's a tough challenge. none is easy and it's why it takes a group of agencies to come along people and help them. >> reported more than 5300 homeless a.6% increase. united what i said increase or decrease the numbers are important to know. >> this helps us understand the population and what their needs are so we can offer better
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>> volunteers will be out counting and surveying. reporting on main street. >> state senators have made christie hall the director of transportation. it was approved earlier today. she steered the department through the flood. >> investigators are looking for a suspect in a shooting that took place the day after christmas. they say the man is we land, and they say december 6th he shot a man and is now wanted for attempted murder. if you know where he is call the sheriff's department or crimestoppers. >> check out in the surveillance footage of three men they were looking for a discount. the trio in this video took more than $9,000 in merchandise. you can take a look there, if
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people call crimestoppers. >> a year long investigation led to three arrests and drugs and money and guns. yesterday afternoon his officers served a search warrant, and they found crack cocaine, marijuana and several handguns. jackson, and jones, and, kirkland were all arrested in the raid, they made under cover drug buys building their case against the suspects and others. authorities say more arrests are expected. well officers shoot and kill a 27-year-old man after his family called 9-1-1. >> they are not saying much about how it all happened. brown though spoke to the man's aunt. >> just after 4:00 wednesday afternoon deputies responded to an an incident at a home here in
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a man was shot and killed from the incident. >> all i can say is we do have an officer-involved shooting. anything from this point forward you have to contact them. >> didn't need to get shot. >> phyllis says she's the aunt of the 27-year-old man who was shot and killed. her parents called after a problem with him who was their grandson. >> the police came and he locked himself up in the bedroom. >> a short time later shots were fired and her nephew was killed. >> can you not shoot him in the leg and arm. why shoot somebody. >> state police are investigating as they do in officer involved shootings. this investigation could take some time.
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look at the numbers behind the problem of human trafficking. they work to present it, released its stats. in 2015 there were 61 cases of human trafficking from south carolina reported to the national human trafficking resource center. the majority were related to cases of sex-trafficking. >> the boy known as the affluenza teen is back in texas. he gained notoriety was given ten years' probation in a d.u.i. crash that killed four people. prosecutors are working to get it moved from juvenile court but the hearing was delayed because couch was not there the. >> has vowed to raise $10
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he is worth $3.3 billion. the n.b.a. team owner says he will help flint but unclear how much or his plans to tap into business owners to spur economic development and improve nutrition and health. >> the pentagon is setting a standard when it comes to maternity leave. it's good news for two branches of the military, it might be disappointing for a third. >> today i am setting twelve weeks of fully paid maternity leave as the standard across the joint force. doubling this benefit from 6 weeks from when i entered office. >> carter says -- the secretary says that he will ask authorities to increase paternity leave from 10-14 days.
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make it attractive. >> six astronauts died when challenger took plight 30 years ago. the families gathered to mark the anniversary of one of the most hyped journeys. it ended in it tragedy. >> the 7 cheerful adventurers prepared for disaster but somehow it seems so distant. as usual it's a real pleasure to be at the cape and participate in something that the cape does better and that's launching space vehicles. >> i am so excited to be here. i don't think any teacher has ever been more ready to have two lessons in my leave. january 28th a few days later would be colder, freezing at the launch pad. >> liftoff of the mission.
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could be defined as boldly go and then safety first. >> 1:15. 30 years after the remains streaked the sky after its pieces were recovered. 30 years after blame was laid out we tell see the space shuttle through this lens. one of the many sadnesses of the accident is that it took the focus how magnificent this machine is and put it on how deem russ it is. 7 brave astronauts are dead and six are alive living in space aboard a space-station that could never be reproduced.
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i was inn third grade when that happen. so many remember where we were that day. today was the last day for the public to shop at one local walmart. that's the next story. >> when we come back we also have more on barbie and her body.
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s nearly two weeks after announcing it will close 154 >> thanks for staying with us. two weeks after announcing it will close 154u. is stories one wall mart is closing for good. 321 closed about an hour ago. cell of the employees are hoping they can transfer to a neighboring store. they slashed prices at the store. approximately 16,000 employees will be impacted. the company said happy focusing on the supercenters. >> well if you are living in west columbia tonight they are under a water boil advisory. >> you're now asked to boil for one minute prior to drinking or
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>> taking pizza back to its roots that's the mission of blaze pizza with more than 80 stores across the nation, the restaurants is going to the midlands with south carolina store. >> this restaurant is the 109th restaurant that's opened and our goal is to get to 1,000 in ten years. >> to celebrate the grand opening it will offer free build your own pizzas from 11-1179 anyone who follows it, on instagram, twitter or facebook. >> girls and women don't come in one shape. barbie won't come in one shape either. it will now come in fourdist body types. 7 skin tones with 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles.
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says that the changes are the most dramatic ever made to barbie since she hit the shells in 1969. it comes after years of criticism about her standards of beauty for girls to try to meet. very good. >> people have been saying this for years. it's so important for younger girls and whoever plays with barbie to see themselves. >> it's so hard to try and achieve. >> i think all the different sizes and shapes you don't see yourselves but your friends. >> there's a big barbie collector in columbia. >> i can't remember his name. >> he has them. >> i know you know who i am talking about. >> well, coming up, a look at
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be right back >> ben: welcome back. tonight i start you with visibility, because we have a little fog out ther we have fog out there and this is all in miles. so'.3 meals. you can see the rest of us mostly less than 10679 there was some fog and the win is picking up out of the west. i don't expect this to be a problem in the morning. by the time you get up in the morning we'll see sunny skies when the sun comes up here. near 70 degrees by the time we get to the sunday. so, the rain and moisture leftover and it won't be with us very long. the rain is kicking off the coast behind it. the white clouds, those are the high ones and they are also
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as we look farther to the west there is nothing but clearing out there. there's a storm up to the north. but, in terms of west of us, it will be clear. a lot of sunshine and noticeably warmer. let's start you with what is going on there. skies clearing. and 30's. shouldn't be a problem. afternoon either side of 6067 win out of the west. just beginning tomorrow night will be chilly. and after that, check it out. sunday 71 degrees. and low 70's. wednesday it will tell be warm but we'll add some rain to t. but we're headed towards a warming trend. >> thank you.
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slugger has a new home in the baseball. >> they try to run it to 44 in a
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team sports on abc columbia presented by nissan of orangeburg, doing business the easy way. looking >> looking for 44 in a row. steve spurrier most proud of his 18 home-game winning-streak and tonight looking for number 44 for u.s. c. women's basketball at home. always helps to have the player-of-the-year back on the court. mitchell and staley hosting ole miss. 2-4 record. wilson, helps u.s.c. get out to an early lee. gamecocks on defense. the steal, mitchell she will
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15 point's the ballgame for her. wilson leads with 17-9. carolina wins it. 44 straight for staley with another big goal in sighting. >> we want to win this league again. a lot of programs have only two programs have won it three years in a row. we feel like we got the players and we got the experience to do so. so that's one of our goals. >> win next game would be a big step. number 10 attics texas a & m. you might remember, u. is c. escaped with a win. >> columbia two top women's team in in the country.
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spring sports, u. is c. softball making preseason all s.e.c. team page. league in every category. and, set records, 15 homeruns and u.s.c. opened february 12th. >> that means baseball season not too far. carolina comes in 23 in the preseason poll. >> not making the tournament. u.s.c. finished, 32-2525,. >> team practice friday. >> steve pierce a tampa bay ray. pierce hit 36 homeruns for baltimore. says so pumped for the opportunity to help bring a championship to florida. hit 21 homeruns as a gamecock. after a dozen screws and a steal
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lot better today. davis speaking for the first time sense he broke his arm. he is confident he'll play in the super bowl. he'll play with a brace and still be able to tackle just fine. >> a knee injury keeping stewart out of practice. broncos coach says he feels good about his safety playing in the super bowl. picked off tom brady and a couple of big hits before he sprained his knee. done at missouri, kicked off the team where he was snorting cocaine. the new coach says i believes it was from a long time ago and not being kicked off the team for
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that will do it for sports >> some fog but look tomorrow afternoon sunny and 60, this weekend mid-60's and even low 70's by sunday. going to feel like spring. >> all right. we're enjoying that. for how long? >> through wednesday. >> if you need her she'll be on the boat. >> i will. what do you do for fun? >> i row your boat. [laughter] >> everyone knows that.
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