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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we'll tell you when they arrive. abc news in columbia start, right now. good evening. i'm ben hoover. >> i'm alicia barnes. after months of campaigning this is the first presidential contest that counts. the iowa caucuses. 30 delegates at stake. now, projections are ted cruz is the winner in the republican iowa caucuses. he has a strong showing with 28% of the vote to donald trump's 4% and marco rubio 23%. rounding out the top 4, bernie sanders with 9%. again, ted cruz, the projected winner of the republican iowa caucuses. >> cruz is close to addressing voters in iowa. trump addressed them earlier saying it's on to new hampshire. now, on the democratic side. 4444 delegates are up for grabs in that state. hillary clinton and bernie
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close to call. hoping to gain momentum. tonight, clinton with 50% of the vote, bernie sanders, very close behind with 49%. again, too close to call between sanders and clinton tonight, although the clinton campaign has sort of pulled a -- you don't see this much -- but a self-declared winner. no response from bernie sanders yet. but again, eight years ago, the last time she ran for president, she did not do too well in iowa. according to sources, martin o'malley with less than 1% of the vote will suspend or end his campaign. on the gop side, mike huckabee is quitting the cal pain as -- campaign. >> they are watching for two types of voters. the establishment or the first timers which according to abc news is down from 2008. now, still turnout on pace to set a record. >> no modern candidate has won the election without finishing top three in iowa after iowa,
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well, donald trump, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and jeb bush all holding big rallies tomorrow in the state of new hampshire. the next one in the line to hold primary. >> let's talk about bernie sanders. his campaign released a statement saying that he's returning to florida to take a break before campaigning for a few days but they add he's still staying in the race. and ted cruz, skipping new hampshire instead of coming here to south carolina, rally with cruz gets underway tomorrow at 6:30 at the td convention center in greenville. >> on wednesday, former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife at allen university. that's on wednesday. the event held in the john hurst gym is set to start at 6:00 p.m. wednesday evening. doors open at 4:00. before that, clinton will meet with state democrats to scuts the issues facing south carolinians. >> let's look at new hampshire.
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currently hold big leads in the granite state. >> 30% of likely voters are backing trump. that's more than double the support of his nearest competitor, ted cruz who stands at 12% of the sanders is showing 57 to clinton's 34%. marco rubio taking third place in iowa tonight. he was very happy. >> so strong. >> very happy for that place. now, preparations are, of course, underway in the south primary happening right after new hampshire. >> and gop leaders closely watching the caucuses to see which candidates can maintain and gain traction for south carolina voters. >> for the past two election cycles, the winner of the wick has not done particularly well after the iowa caucus. >> that theory sure to be tested in in the next few weeks. >> democrats are more interested
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>> if it's trump or if it's cruz, a lot of their candidates will have to walk back a lot going into the general election. it will turn up independents and here in south carolina, we have a significant independent voting population. >> the republican primary is february 20th and the democratic primary just one week after that on february 27th. last month was the deadline to register to vote. the world of endorsements, marco rubio is set to secure the endorsement of tim scott. that announcement expected to formally happen tomorrow. >> ahead of the all-important south carolina primary presidential candidates from both parties have been invited to south carolina to take part in a discussion on faith. >> in the 2016 faith and family presidential formum, it's planned for february 24th in greenville.
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the eat vent along with oran smith. >> if you missed any of tonight's result, you can go to had, twitter and on on the abc columbia facebook page. turn into good morning columbia starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. pretty warm one out there. you noticed that if you stepped outside. in columbia, still at 61. now, remember, our average high isn't that warm. so we're way warmer than that at almost midnight. what's going to happen overnight, the temperatures will fall but not that far. here's a look at the morning commute. low 50s. a couple of clouds. a quiet morning commute. as we go through the day, the clouds thicken. but it stays pretty warm. low 70s. that's nothing. i would not change my plans. i put that in there in case something goes by like what happened today in orangeburg or south. we may get a sprinkle.
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it's a biggie. it will touch off significant severe weather in the southern plains and into places like arcan saw, -- arkansas and louisiana and move into the midlands. we'll talk about when it arrives and what that means for you -- coming up. a front porch focus with a commitment to pulling more seats up to the table. steve macdougal delivered his state of the town address tonight. grace joyal reports. >> reporter: it's a 20,000 her person town that as many as 100,000 people pass through every day. >> when i first moved here, it was a small town. no traffic. tiny little town. >> reporter: in 15 years, lexeston has grown by --
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>> our goal is to be aestheticly apleasing while makingenransments that a will attract visitors. >> reporter: at the state of the town address monday night, macdougal said they used to have to make calls to get people to build. they have $70 million in new construction. >> now we're getting the phone calls and people are asking what we have in inventory. >> reporter: and there is a lot of dirt left which means the common issue -- >> the traffic zblskt is at. >> reporter: is at risk of getting work. the five intersections that have been outfitted with the new technology have already increased traffic flow by 18%. >> we have crews out every night installing those cameras, installing the lines that will carry that signal to and from those lights.
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19 up this year, and 16 more in 2017. >> i think they are probably on the right track with the traffic. >> reporter: drivers in rush hour traffic along main street pass below what used to be the lexington pond. thebefore the flood, lexington was about 60% done with the deal to add a walking trail around the pond and install a bridge because the town does not own either. >> we advocated for the pond with fema. >> reporter: mack doingal said it will take as much as 5 million to fix it. fema could split as much as5% of the bill. >> we meet with them the middle of this month. we'll see what the returns are. >> reporter: the time lapse would could extend. it's an unexpected hurdle. lexington is keeping its head up
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grace joyal, abc columbia news. residents had the opportunity to air out their grievances at consultants met to discuss the results of a recent study. >> we put a lot of faith in the professionals that designed the sound system to make sure that, you know, the speakers that were selected and the way we operate our venue will be as -- i guess the lease amount of intrusiveness to the surrounding communities. >> i don't agree with it. i mean, i don't think that the sound is gonna be muffled by the trees and buildings. >> until we have events and the and decibels can be tested not just in the neighborhood but on five points until all of that is
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right now we just have good guesses or bad guesses. >> opening day for the columbia fire flies, i should say, is april the 14th. a job fair will be held february the 13th at the columbia metropolitan convention center. the world health organization says the zika virus is a public health emergency of global concern. the agency says the mosquito-borne is spreading rapidly and the lack of vaccine spurred the w.h.o. into this action. [ inaudic inaudible ] >> after a review of the evidence, the committee advised
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and other neurological complications brought an extraordinary event. >> world hege leaders said there could be at least 3 million zika infections over the next year. zika is linked to a birth defect with babies being born with small heads. there's no conclusion cluesive condition. coffee? if you are not careful, a starbucks trip here and there can quickly add up. >> really add up. >> good news coffee lovers. the price of beans are at a two-year low. it doesn't mean you will spend less for the cup of joe. mary moloney explains. >> reporter: the type of coffee beans starbucks buys and serves to customers is now cheaper.
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cost $1.65. it's now about 1.11. that's a 33% drop and it's only expected to get cheaper. officials in brazil expect coffee farmers to have a big harvest this season creating an oversupply of beans which means more of a drop in prices. but don't expect to save any money when you buy that high-end cup of joe. for a company like starbucks, coffee beans only make up 20% of the overall costs. other factors influencing the price you pay, how much employees make. take-home pay for baristas is going up. starbucks is also paying tuition for 4,000 employees. but you can trim your coffee budget without cutting the caffeine buzz. the most obvious, brew at home. whole beans tend to be cheaper than pre-ground dofffy and a coffee grinder can pay for itself quickly and buy the
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it you can't give up the daily coffee shop ritual, look for gift card and loyalty programs like those from a smartphone app can come with perks with a free drink. don't forget to the bring your own cup. many places offer a small discount if you have your own gear. who knows? saving a little cash may make that cup of coffee a little better. for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney. what's being described as a spacewalk. check it out. a surfer recently taking a terrifying tumble from the crest of a mammoth. look at this thing. mammoth ocean wave. . >> the guz niece, he survived. adele says goodbye to trump. the grammy-award winning artist makes it clear she's not associated with the controversial presidential candidate. hey, guys.
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focused on the hawkeye state. we're taking a look at who took
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klum" starting columbia." adele wants her fans to know she didn't give
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wants her fans to know she didn't give donald trump permission to use her music at his events. adele is not the first artist to make it clear that she's not associated with the donald. ary resmith front man steven tyler previously asked trump to stop using the band's classic "dream on" and tyler ordered his attorney to send a cease-and-desist letter to trump's campaign. wow. big news from chipotle, the train's e.coli out break appears to be over. dozens reporting getting sick after eating at the chip poti restaurants. to win back customers, they are planning deep discounts for the upcoming super bowl weekend. next weekend it will close all
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with its employees. >> a picture is worth a thousand words. tonight one veteran is overcoming pain through creativity. the nonprofit healing organization, the big red pan offers a free monthly art workshop to serve as a safe haven for veterans providing an experience of camaraderie and hope. >> of purpose of trying to -- the purpose of trying to determine whether i was gonna be a man with a disability or just a man with. >> for more information or to sign up for class, look for the story at that's wonderful. >> yeah. all right. you are about to see a profretional surfer who is used to gigantic surf breaks but none
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tom dol sand fellland fell about 40 feet while trying to ride a giant wave. he said it felt like being in a car crash. he said he was blinded for a few seconds because of the strong sea spray. this video was reported and put on instagram. the olaw ha state has been hit by huge waves thanks to el nino sending the surfers tumbling. that's just incredible to be able to see. thankfully he's alive. but can you imagine the fall? >> i mean to all of the nonsurfers we think what did he expect? >> yeah, but for somebody seasoned, i, you feel you can take it on. up next, chief meteorologist
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we'll be right back. strangest at media day. strangest at take on the tonight they super bowl. tonight they take on the strangest at welcome back. we're going to get right to the forecast here and show you that there's a storm brewing in the middle part of the country. already some thunderstorms here in oklahoma city. that's all tied in with a storm system that is centered out in the four corners. the jet stream is kicking this up. it will touch off significant weather east of where the line is right now. basically, missouri down to eastern texas and points to the east. that line of storms will be in here on wednesday. by the time it gets here, i want to emphasize it will be much weaker. that said, we'll probably get a thunderstorm out of this. here we go. wednesday at 8:00, some showers. notice the line working its way in from the upstate. the one thing we have going for us, it's not coming through during the warmest part of the day. noon is when we get the front edge of it coming through. as we get into the afternoon, notice it's starting to kick up to the east. so it looks like the timing on
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if you watched in at 6:00, it looked like it was gonna be a midafternoon, late afternoon. now it looks earlier which is better for us in terms of any threat of significant storms. so there's the forecast for you tonight. it stays warm. tomorrow, another warm quiet day. we'll see temperatures here generally low and mid-70s. wind, northeast at times. southwest at others. there's the line of storms there on wednesday. likely out of here, maybe a couple lingering on thursday. but likely out of here early thursday and then after that, it's back to february. 50s during the day and 30s, even a couple of 20s at night. that's your weather. >> thank you, john farley. coming up -- the carolina panthers take on the strongest in sunday's super bowl. tonight, they take on the strangest at media day. >> oh, yeah. as all media days are and the
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might not be coming to carolina after all.
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up. you want me to kiss your wife? [laughter] >> i don't think i can do that. >> super bowl media day goes prime time. i'm tim hill. i'm stuttering. that's made for reality tv. usually tuesday before the super bowl, not tonight but media day kicking off in prime time for both the panthers and broncos. taking turns on center stage where the sharks pay. cam newton. some football along with a lot
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newton asked if he was born for big games. >> i don't think i was made for it. i just hope i'm prepared, you know, to thrive in it, you know, when i'm in that position. in a game like this it's about reacting. you can prepare all you want to and watch film and do all of your research on the team, but in the heat of the moment is how one player or person reacts better or faster than another person. >> toms davis says he will wear a hard brace, not a cast on his broken forearm. he had surgery one week ago after breaking it in the nfc championship game. he's the latest from davis himself after practicing today. >> it was a light day. i took every opportunity that i could to hit it up against
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i know it would be different when you are out there and those things are live and you are playing the game but at the same time for it to be my first opportunity to get back out there, i really feel good. >> looks likes usc football might not be getting tyren jones. he kicked off the team after the 2014 season. played out of junior college last year. he now reportedly will not sign with carolina football wednesday on national signing day because of academic issues. he hopes that will get cleared up and he can come to us dr. inc in the summer. that could open it up for yafari werts. he committed and was recruited to carolina as an athlete. waiting for a scholarship honor. and the future of dolphins
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last month, the running game tied for 96th in the country. top rushing back brandon wilds has graduated. david williamsupposed to be the co-starter struggled. basketball moving back into the top 25. duke out after 167 straight weeks. the fifth longest run ever. the 25th ranked gamecocks missing out on s.e.c. player of the week honors despite averaging 27 points and having 10 points and two better than mosley. they play at jo tomorrow night. the first of at least 11 games left on an sfnlts e.c. schedule. that will do it for sports right now.
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11:00. welcome back. we have a big warm welcome to brooklyn rose lapointe. by the way that's tim. he works with us e makes us look good. a lot of people behind the scenes. congratulations baby arrived this afternoon. >> a little girl. >> terrific. >> welcome to the family. >> 8 pound, 1 ounce. >> very good. >> all right. captioning provided by captionassociates >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, kate winslet. from "madoff," richard dreyfuss.
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with cleto and the cletones.
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