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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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on the denver broncos in super bowl 50 tomorrow. first it was a super bowl across the midland today.. national dayay of service as abc columbia news at 11:00 starts right now. abc columbia news at 11:00. >> thanks for staying with us after the debate. i'm grace joyal. tonight's republican debate was a final chance when the candidates make their mark. carly fiorina did not make the cut. candidates tackle issues like emanant domain, and fighting words between jeb bush and donald trump prompting intense boos from the crowd directed at trump.
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apologizing for the caucus night tactics, and trump is pulling highest. rubio close behind followed by john kasich, bush, cruz, crist christy and carson. grab your wings, nachos and bean dip. the highest title in the land. mike gillespie kicking off the super bowl 50 coverage. game one day away. expwh it can have the most distractions out of any game there is, and cam newton hoping he and panthers handle the
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>> and all the festivities of the media, and anything leading up to it. all you see is panther bronco conversations, and fs it's a dream come true, and hopefully we are prepared come sunday. >> andthank you, mike. >> be glad the super bowl is out in sunny cam cal, and you could see a bit of snow. michelle is in the weather center. temperatures above the freezing mark for now. today topped out around 5 # 3, and now we are sitting generally
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much of the area, and 44 for sumter. we have a voas aloe there. that's where all the moisture is coming from. before it does, that's why you are seeing a few showers, but a majority of the showers staying well to the south. as we start to drop down, we could get a little bit. overnight hours very, very early morning, and you could see a little bit of sleet, and give yourself a few extra minutes, and warming up to the lower 50s, and we will talk more about a cold snap in just a few minutes. north korea launched a long range missile. the action was immediately condemned by the u.s. as
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the rocket headed towards space, and based on the trajectory is not a threat to the u.s. or the allies, and u.s. and japan and south korea filed a security council meeting. state law enforcement division charged 23-year-old gino brown with attempted murder outside coaster's nightclub. the deputy was not hit and returned fire. two sumter parents have been charged after the 9 week old baby was found with multiple bone fractures. alicianderson and adam little are charged unlawful conduct toward a child. police were contacted by the department of social services after the baby was brought to the hospital with a broken femur, and doctors found other fractures and various stages of healing, and the baby is expected to be okay.
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a job site in spartanburgrgs back in custody. south carolina department of corrections says james buckner faces escape charge and will be placed in a higher level facility. if you have plans to hit the west columbia river walk, listen up. it has been closed because of flooding. once the flood waters subside, the city will announce when all areas of the west columbia river walk are opened to the public. the city of columbia celebrated black history month by taking part in the statewide black history parade. people turned out on hardin street to see local leaders, march in the annual parade. the grand marshal was columbia native angie stone, and stone talked to abc columbia about why this month is so important. >> it begins with the history in our home state, and why i say
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glance to glimpse over south historians, and you will be interested to see 40u78 of us paved the way for greats like the martin luther king's. families could learn more about black history whil enjoying entertain. ment tomorrow might be about the super bowl but today was about the super bowl of caring. the national day of service, and things kicked off with a breakfast at spring valley high school. >> tomorrow is the big game, and that's when the super bowl of caring is really going to take place, and the churches at your civic centers, you can donate cans of food to any local homeless shelter, and just go on the super bowl website and let us know how much you raised. >> super bowl of caring is a businesses, community organizations and places of worship that are all fighting hunger and poverty.
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>> just because you can't afford a $5,000 seat doesn't mean you are not shelling out the big bucks for the game. keeping your heart happy and healthy. we have got a free opportunity
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you are on track. one day away from the kickoff of super bowl 50, and for some, it's as much
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one day away from the kickoff of super bowl 50 and for some it's as much about the parties as it is about the big game. analysts determined that millennials will spend the most on game day. people ages 25 to 34 will show upshellout $140. that's compared with the overall average of $82. millennials will spend most on food and new tv's. mental health celebrating february's heart month by getting you excited about your heart. the hospital held a health fair to help you understand the risks for heart disease and stroke, from free blood pressure and bmi screenings to activities for the kids. it was a final way to get you thinking about heart health. >> it's very important that you take care of your heart, and of course prevention is always the best measure, and we are giving people a lot of information
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cholesterol, lower their sodium, prevent diabetes and all of those things will help them take care of their heart and keep it healthy. >> if you didn't get a chance to stop by the health fair today, palmetto health will be there tomorrow from noon to 6:00. taking strides to support our military families. long run returned to downtown this morning. they were raising money for the u.s.o. south carolina. >> it's going to give an opportunity for us to get together with the community to give back to a good cause. >> this is the 75th anniversary. uso south carolina makes sure military service members to protect u.s. service. >> how about those gamecocks.
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just a bit. it's chilly out there, and we could see a dusting of snow
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we have all the details next. this saturday evening, not a
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temperatures are slightly below average, and you are looking at 53 for the high temperature for columbia, and 52 for winnsboro newberry, 53 for lexington, and st. math us 53. orangeburg slightly cooler, around 49 degrees, and now temperatures starting to fall a tad lower, and still holding strong above the freezing mark, and freezing mark around 32 degrees, and about 46 degrees, and 45 in camden, and 45 inn bishopville. manning on the other hand starting to see a little bit after change 37 degrees, and take a look at the last three hours. a low pressure system developing off the coast of the carolinas and that's going to slowly pull away towards the north and east, and prior to all that, a lot of moisture moving in, and if you are seeing anything, mainly going to be in the southeastern portion of our counties here, and for now, it is going to be just rain, as temperatures continue to fall well into the
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overnight, more like after 4:00 a.m., and maybe we could start to see a little bit of sleet mixing in there, and it's a fine linealking about before it completely pulls away there throughout the day on sunday, and you get the counterclockwise rotation, pulling in the moisture all the way into columbia, and that's going to pull off and lift off towards the northeast. hihi pressure off to the west, and as the low pulls away, it will start to scootch in there, and you will see clearing happening throughout the day on sunday, and of course the green representing all the rain showers, and white showing you the cloud coverage, and you can see a little bit of sleet mixing in there, and watch what happens. it starts to pull away by sunday afternoon, and clear skies expecting sunshine and temperatures to rice rise to around the 50s, and we will definitely be right above the freezing mark there during the
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afternoon hours, of course, and early morning, and after 4:00 a.m. we could start to see a little bit of that mixing occur, and keep that in your mind, and give yourself a few extra minutes, as the roads could be a little bit on the slick side there, and nonetheless we are forecasting 35 degrees, and the chance is there, and chance of rain, and maybe snow later, and wind speeds will be picking up, too, and a little bit on the breezy side throughout the day tomorrow there, and clouds in the morning, and we will start to see the clearing, and getting to a high of 52 in the afternoon hours, and the rain chances stay with us for monday, and a cold front will move through on monday, and look what it does to the numbers, and we go way down below average, and it's going to be a day especially on wednesday, and looking at 27 degrees for the morning low on thursday morning, and it will be back in the mid-50s with sunshine by the weekend. grace? >> all right. we will be sure to bundle up this week. thank you, michelle.
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coming up in sports, an incredible game tonight at college station, and you will see the highlights, and super bowl sunday is one day away, but this day it has a different title to his name.
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sports. sound like the start of a joke...but a sea lion walked into a this might sound like a start of a joke but the sea lion walked into the restaurant. the staff at the marine room said this sea lion cub came in on thursday, and gazing out the window. sadly, though, the pup was pal nourished and she's at sea world in san diego where she will be fat thanked up and hopefully returned to the wild. we are taking a quick break, and we will take a quick look at
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forecast. cam newton winning the 2015 n.f.l. mvp. excuse me, we didn't know it was coming, but now it's officially official. cam newton honored with the league's most valuable player award tonight. this is the first time he won the prestigious honor. here is what he had to say tonight.
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>> here is what the numbers would indicate. last year. >> veteran guys. >> i would also like to thank the fans, and without the fans there wouldn't be me. thank you for supporting me and unwavering way for so much in my career, and also like to thank every person that doubted me, because you made me better. thank you so much. >> congratulations to cam newton. carolina in a match-up that could decide the winner in the sec title. frank martin and the gamecocks on the road, and we begin this one in the first half. carolina down just one point, and then nails the three, and
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gives the gamecocks the lead. then carolina with the three and takes an 8-point league, and the aggies make a run to end the half. carolina goes into the half down three. carolina still down three. look at it again! the pride of spring valley. my goodness, and four minutes left, and gamecocks up 2. nails the three, and gamecocks take a five-point lead, four seconds to play, and aggies trying to inbound the ball but they can't do it. carolina steals the ball, 81-78, and gamecocks second in the sec stand thinks andstandings. >> we can in like a a good team does.
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lot of things that haven't happened in a long time. i have been part of high level basketball teams in my career. this is a high level game, two good teams going after each other. >> clemson tigers on the road. tigers on the bubble in the ncaa tournament and quality wins in the month of january, and this is not the day for the tigers, and 17 points, and tigers down three, and they can't get a shot off, though, and we found up losing this thing 60-57. down in orangeburg south carolina state bulldogs taking care of business today. they went against kauffman state down there, 88-83.
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yukon taking care of business. lady huskies, and no. 1 versus no. 2, and they beat bcu92-46, and both of these teams going to be undefeated. head coach don staley telling us later today south carolina wasn't expected to be undefeated. everybody suspected yukon would be undefeated, and we were the question mark. i'm very proud of them for doing that. but not surprised because we were led by seniors who have been, you know, in these types of situations before. >> and that will do it for sports.tosses back to anc just keep in mind that early, early morning hours we could be doing a little bit of a wintry mix there, and most of it going to be a rain event, and sleet is a possibility for the
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we will start to see the clearing late sunday afternoon to mostly sunny skies, and get up to 52 degrees, and 55 on monday with rain showers and once the cold front passes through, though, we will see clear conditions throughout the mid-week, and very cold temperatures, and going to take us a couple days to rebound there, and you are looking at returning to around average temperatures, and around it by the weekend. grace? >> thank you, michelle, and that is where we will leave you tonight, and thank you so much for watching. we will see you tomorrow at the super bowl.
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