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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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working and students getting graded on how they grade ads on super bowl 50. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. hello, everyone, the biggest night in football overtook a stadium in santa clara, and your tv screens. the panthers took on the broncos for super bowl 50 and abc columbia's mike gilespie will have the details. securities were around the stadium and there were drones and flight restrictions. san francisco did not organize large scale viewing spots downtown, unlikekeith other sporting events in years past.
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multi agency command post six miles from levis stadium. it was to keep fans safe. no snow, but it was chilly and ended up being a beautiful day. greg, we're looking at a cold start to the work week, correct? >> it is february, we do expect that. we had a lot of cloushg but more bark than bite. most areas did see wet snowflakes mixed in well east but most areas a quarter inch or less of rainfall. a quarter is east and northeast. you can see we have cloud cover hanging around but he continue to thin this down and ask clouds begin to thin. tomorrow morning, temperatures mid 30s. the biggest picture, a strong area of low pressure off the coast continues to move away.
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room for the next frontal system, giving us more cloud cover, maybe isolated rain showers tomorrow into tomorrow evening. behind that, colder conditions that will stick with us throughout the week. the rest of the forecast is going to look like this. morning sunshine, 36 degrees we increased cloud cover by noon, temperatures mid to o per 50s, slight chance of showers but colder temperatures in the seven day. we'll talk about it coming up. the first in the nation primary just two days away, some candidates are spending all of their time and money for supporters. >> reporter: in a recent poll of likery republican primary voters the winner is ted cruz, marco rupo, second place and donald
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>> i picked up a lot of delegates in iowa. >> rubio says he plans to pick up the same approach. >> same strategy. we want to get as many people to vote as possible and will move forward. >> reporter: the same poll for likely democratic voters showed senator bernie sanders leading with 58% compared to 35% by hillary clinton. >> when we began we're 30 points out in the polls. >> reporter: despite sanders' lead, hillary clinton remains optimist optimistic. >> i don't know what is going to happen, but i'm behind and in
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>> reporter: i'm jeremy reporting. >> delles says sanders is the only democrat that can beat the republican nominee in the fall. >> when looking at this moment the country is, the economy the way it is, student debt the way they are, bernie sanders is the candidate everyone is clear will reign in these banks and make sure they're not accountable to us. taiwan's government updated the number of those killed to 26 today, two dozen people were pulled from a apartment building and dozens might be trapped there. it's one of 11 buildings and 121 people are still unaccounted for
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north korea is claiming it's successfully launched a satellite into orbit. this is said to be video of the launch provided by tvasia. north koreans applauded the launch. >> so, we feel it. the great strength of the nation able to do anything with our great leader kim jong un. so i will dedicate my youth for the country. the reaction from the u.s., japan and south korea has been swift and unanimous. all three are condemning the rocket launch by north korea. >> each of these provocations, each illegal action requires a robust response. because of the dprk's decisions and actions we'll ensure that
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serious consequences. china says it regrets north korea went ahead with the launch and is urging all sides to exercise caution. russia and the uk also condemned the launch. if making a movie of the event they might have called it gone in ten seconds. media outlets report that is how long it took to implode two smoke stacks that the ranger generating station were brought down with small explosive charges. the company started operating the plant in 1966. and it was retired four years ago. the sheriff's department says residents are the continued
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they're hosting a free seminar that starts at 7:00 at night at the sheriff's office. experts will discuss the different types of identity theft and how you can protect yourself. south carolina education department lowered the passing score from the ged from 150 to 145. 600 is the amount of people who have taken the test since january 1, 2014 who did not make a passing grade and now do with that score. eat any chicken wings tonight? they're a staplpl and national chicken council says americans starved down 1.3 million of them.
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kyled in the u.s. to have four wings each. carolina students were more focused on grades than nachos. their grade depended on it. did you have a fave rit ad tonight?
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means right after this. before the kickoff, lady gaga kicked things off with a rousing performance of the national anthem, with dramatic fly overs. coldplay and bruno mars completed the show for a fun performance. the nfl released it's own commercial, the ad opens up with a statistic that wing cities see a rise in births nine months
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the crowd comprised of super bowl babies, born nine months after their parents' favorite team win a super bowl. students in advertising at south carolina got together to watch the game and rate the best commercials. they were judging them on likability, persuasiveness and brand identity. >> i always liked the super bowl. i am going to focus more on ads versus the game. i'm excited to be the voice for carolina. so that is pretty unique. this year they had to shell out the big bucks, costing a record breaking $5 million. details on colder
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midlands on monday, next. good sunday evening, temperature wise, not so bad, so 54 degrees but we're into the 50s. if you like the 50s you're going to have to enjoy monday's
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it will be 59 at the rest of the week, temperatures running below average so colder conditions in turn in the seven-day forecast. so enjoy monday. the rest of the night, clear, cold conditions and mostly clear skies, temperatures drifting intohe 30s, increasing crowds by afternoon and slight chance of showers. the bigger story is a strong cold front moving into this direction and behind that, much colder conditions, probably the coldest we can see so far this year. get ready, february is going to feel like it this week. the bigger picture shows most rain today pushing north and east, and west, here is the next frontal system working into this direction late tomorrow into tomorrow evening could give us a slight chance of rain but the bigger story is a cool down behind that.
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in the 50s with breezy conditions and increasing clouds. tonight, clear skies throughout the overnight, temperatures drifting into the 30s, tomorrow morning it's cold but we have sunshine. the crowds are on the increase, frontal system gets closer. we pop rain showers, temperatures into the 50s and winds gusting 20-25. we push the front east. and monday night we can see temperatures back, lower 30s and tuesday, that is when you'll notice a big difference, temperatures ten degrees colder and back into the 40s, mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions. tomorrow's forecast, enjoy the 50s. 36 degrees to start, breezy conditions, mid to upper 50s and a slight chance of showers. extended forecast, tuesday,
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temperatures in the 40s and
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and lows back into the 20s.
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super bowl 50 having almost everything a franchise could want. the mvp, best record in the league and more pro bowlers on the roster than any other franchise. the only thing that franchise needed was a super bowl. that could change tonight. >> charlotte product and warriors guard steph curry pounding the panther drum. the panthers one of 13 franchises to never win a super bowl. reigning mvp cam newton facing peyton manning whose last game could be this super bowl. panthers down 3-0, newton sacked by vaughn miller. he loses the football. recovered by denver for a touchdown. quickly, it's 10-0, broncos. but then in the second quarter, jonathan stewart finishes off a panthers 73 yard drive with a one-yard touchdown run.
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well in the 4th quarter for cam newton and the panthers. newton dropped back to pass. fumbles the football goes down to the five yard line. broncos have possession with four minutes to play, up six, then, the dagger. cj anderson with two-yard touchdown one. broncos win and cam newton and panthers stopped dead in their tracks at the end of the season. let's talk basketball. number one versus number 2, 1 of the top ranked huskies coming to visit. number two ranked gamecocks. 87 to 62 was the final a year ago. the game brought up multiple
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full this game could be different. >> they're different than they were but you don't harp on it to the point where our fans are dejected about it. we did good things in that game and did some things we want to correct. >> yukon has been in that predicament before. and it's a very effective team. we weren't ready lasas year. >> right after the game, we kind of saw we grew from that game. so i do think it does something. >> we'll have more on this match up tomorrow night at 6:00. that, my friends will do it for news.
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the break. another look at the forecast, tonight, it's clear and cold, notice by noon we jump to 51, then, into afternoon mid to upper 50s is where we should be this time of the year. a bit of a nuisance with a breeze gusting 20-25 miles per hour. could see a late day shower. it's a strong front moving through. notice after monday, look at the cool down tuesday, wednesday, into thursday, high temperatures into mid-40s, lows in the 20s. >> did you order pizza hut tonight? the popular take out restaurant decided to blink out garlic knots. random customers got this, a pie
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it has nearly $100 worth of edible 24 carat gold. tune in to good morning for more
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