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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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hey, jonathan? >> good afternoon, guys. yeah, we're seeing plenty of sunshine for us here in the capital city. but i think it's going to be short lived for us. right now, as we look at the roof cam here at main and gervais overlook towards the statehouse. 57 degrees. mostly sunny skies and starting to pick up those breezes. still out of the south and southwest at around 10 to 15 miles per hour so that's good. we have the wind coming from the southwest. that usually brings us our warmest air and does look like it will hang on to the warm air at least for a little while longer. albeit maybe short lived. 57 right now in the capital city. 57 in lexington. 55 in a lot of other spots there as you go up towards bishopville. also in the mid to upper 50's. saluda is our coolest spot at 51. some clouds are filtering in, see a few rain showers up towards greenville and a few snow showers as you get towards asheville, north carolina. our winds prevailing out of the south. that should continue to bring us warm air and combat that rain and other stuff coming in from
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look for temperatures to stay relatively warm right now. big cooldown coming our way. details coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. the weather is not the only thing giving some people the cold shoulder. >> indeed, super bowl 50 not quite the ending panther fans had hoped for. the denver broncos dominated this last night's super bowl beating carolina panthers 24-10. carolina panther cornerback josh norman visibly upset on the sidelines and cam newton showing his frustration post game. the newly crowned league m.v.p. even walked on reporters yesterday after answering a handful of questions. still, panthers coach ron rivera says he's still giving his team credit and looking to the future. >> this is one of the things that is going to hurt and hurt everybody for a while. hopefully after a few days or whatever it is, we'll get over it and we'll move forward. >> and the panthers fans have a chance to turn the bitter loss into something sweet. krispy kreme keeping their panthers football deal of $3.99 for a dozen glazed donuts.
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celebrate a a etty sweet season. i would say it was pretty sweet. >> very sweet. >> while the super bowl is mostly about the big game, some of you may have been in front of the tv last night watching those famous ads. >> there were plenty of them. that's the case for the super bowl advertising class that did more than get a good laugh. the class of 100 students got together to watch the game last night and rate the best commercials. they were judging them on likeability, on persuasiveness and brand identity. >> watched the super bowl. always been around various sports. so it will be a little different that i'm going to focus more on the ads vs. the game this time. but i'm still really excited to do it and to kind of be the voice for carolina as far as what our favorite ad is. that's pretty neat. >> yeah, this year, the car companies, the soda giants and others had to shell out the big bucks. we're talking a spot costs a record-breaking $5 million. super bowl advertising class will present the winning ad with the cocky award once those
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our mike gillespie will have much more for you on the broncos win and a lot more from last night's game as well coming up a little later in sports. we have some scary moments for north carolina governor pat mccrory following last night's game. >> that's right. officials say governor mccrory sustained minor injuries after the vehicle he was riding in was rear ended shortly after the loss. mccrory's press secretary says the car the governor was riding in was totalled. according to a statement issued by the governor's office, mccrory experienced minor pain but declined treatment and was able to continue to his destination in another vehicle. mccrory says "we were very fortunate. and while i am still proud of the carolina panthers, this puts the game in proper perspective." back here at home, richland county sheriff's office says a suspect in connection with the attempted murder is back in custody this afternoon. >> officials say saturday night, tony gilmore was the victim a robbery and transported to richland e.r. where he was taken into custody.
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escorted out of the hospital, gilmore broke away from deputies and fled. after a search, deputies say they located gilmore yesterday in the 4800 block of monticello road. an inmate to walked away from a job site in spartanburg over the weekend is also back in custody this afternoon. south carolina departmentt of corrections says james buckner faces new escape charges and will be placed in a higher level facility. and two sumter parents have been charged after their 9-week-old baby was found with multiple bone fractures. 20-year-old alicia anderson and 22-year-old adam little are charged with unlawful conduct toward a child. police were contacted by the department of social services earlier this week after the baby was brought to the hospital with a broken femur. after a closer look, doctors found other fractures in various stages of healing. the baby is expected to be ok. >> now turning our attention to vote 2016. we are just one day away from the first in the nation primary
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and the latest cnn/wmur tracking poll shows donald trump is growing his lead in the granite state. 33% of those polled say they back the billionaire businessman going into tomorrow's vote. the race for second place pretty tight one between florida senator marco rubio, texas senator ted cruz, and ohio governor john kasich. the g.o.p. presidential hopefuls are working to win over voters after saturday's debate. candidates tackling issues like eminent domain, north korea and immigration. chris christie hit marco rubio pretty hard and there were fighting words between jeb b bh and donald trump. prompting intense boos from the crowd directed at trump. ted cruz found himself apologizing to ben carson for his caucus night tactics and you can see more reaction on our website at >> fireworks not the only thing going off with the g.o.p. race. the democratic debate happening as well. hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to go at it. >> that's right. cnn will host the democratic
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month. flint is the city currently dealing with the toxic water crisis. the march 6th debate will take place two days before the michigan and mississippi primaries. on the other side of the political spectrum, a former naacp president ben jealous has thrown his support behind democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders. the civil rights activist was in columbia over the weekend campaigning for the senator and jealous says that sanders is the only democrat who can beat the republican nominee in the fall. >> when we look at this moment that our country is in, our economy the way that it is, our students in debt in the way that they are, bernie sanders is the candidate who is, i think, everyone is most clear will reign in these banks and make sure that they're accountable to us and we don't see a repeat of the great recession that we've just come out of. >> according to a "washington post"/abc news poll, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders 55% to 36% here in south carolina.
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switching gears a little bit. seth zeigler took a seat as the department head today. zeigler chapin native was sworn in this morning replacing the former chief. abc columbia's jennifer ready was there this morning. we'll have much more coming up tonight on the news at 6:00 and 11 11:00. city is presenting palmetto health foundation with a donation for bosom buddies. mayor benjamin will announce the total funds presented at the event. it's a charity working towards ending breast cancer. the event starts at 2:00. >> as we honor black historyry month, we pause to remember the most horrific tragedy of the civil rights movement. >> that's right. 50 years ago at then south carolina state college, the orangeburg massacre took place. three young men were killed. 27 students wounded after south carolina highway patrolmen opened fire into a crowd of students on campus. s.c. state university is holding
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commemoration ceremony today at 3:00. it will be at the martin luther king jr. auditorium. reverend joseph darby is serving as the keynote speaker and the university is also recognizing dr. cleveland sellers and the orangeburg chapter of the naacp as a recipient of the 2016 smith hammond middleton social justice award at today's ceremony. ange your lunch plans. there's one restaurant that will only be serving up a little disappointment this afternoon. >> that's right. the doors being locked across the country.
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12:30. >> all 15 members of the u.n. security council are condemning north korea's rocket launch and going to launch a new resolution are significant sanctions. >> john kerry spoke by phone to the foreign minister of south korea and japan to reaffirm america's ironclad commitment to their security and defense. and it's a sign of hope following the earthquake in taiwan. four survivors have been pulled out alive from a toppled apartment building including an 8-year-old girl. this two days after the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit. at least 36 are dead and more than 100 people are still missing. >> well, if chipotle is your usual go to lunch destination, you'll have to cook up a new idea. chipotle says it's closing every 16 one of its locations for four hours today until 3:00 this
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that move comes after an e-coli outbreak at the mexican restaurant that was last year. about 500 people were sick. now, at the meeting, employees will go over an updated food safety program implemented by the chain last month. here's the deal that's easier for smartphone users to swallow. according to tech blog nine to five, apple will soon pay for broken iphones. it's an upgrade to the current trade-in program that gives customers who trade their old model phone credit towards the purchase of a new model. this move hopes to encourage people to upgrade their phones instead of just replacing broken screens. >> it's almost outdated anyway. >> just upgrade it. a little food for thought out of newberry this afternoon. county sheriff's department says its residents are being targeted by scammers. >> they are trying to reduce this problem by hosting a free seminar on keeping this from happening to you. the event is taking place tonight at newberry county sheriff's office. experts say they'll talk about
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theft, how to protect yourself from the most popular scams that you should be aware of. no scam here. the windy, cold weather you feel outside this afternoon, it's absolutely real. >> yes, it is. how low can we go? the full forecast is next.
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>> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. about 12:45 now on this monday afternoon. and it was very cold this morning. kind of a brutal time to get out especially at the morning after the super bowl. but we are seeing an improvement in the forecast. albeit it's probably going to be short lived. we look down at the vista from the rooftop of main and gervais. the traffic picking up. everybody going to lunch right now and not a bad time to do it. right now, 57 degrees. mostly sunny skies. getting a little breezy. so maybe don't eat on the patio. it will be nice to kind of be walking around. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's at the moment. saludadaehind there at 51. 57 downtown. warm up a few more degrees probably close to 60. may not see everybody get to 60. i don't expect that. but based on where we're at right now with winds out of the south and the sky cover that we're seeing, i think we have a few more degrees to eke out for most areas today. satellite and radar, as i mentioned, quiet at the moment but cloud cover is trying to filter in slowly.
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filter in as well as you look back towards north and west. more of a westerly component with that wind picking up and pulling that rain a little closer to home. so keeping our eye on that through the afternoon. rain chances are likely to pick up for us. but as of right now, no sign of a frontal passage. winds still out of the south. and southwest. once the front does pass out of the west and northwest. that's the big indicator, obviously, cloud cover not really here yet. winds still in place for us. so we're still in the warm sector of this cold front that's moving through in parts of south carolina starting to see some better rain towards charlotte and those areas there. still some snow as you get towards the north carolina mountains smokey mountains from north carolina and tennessee. for us, this little extension of rain is kind of going to swing through the area and bring a quick system of rain, not expecting a lot from it. i'll be surprised if anybody sees more than 1/4 inch of rain. more likely, be surprised if anybody sees a 10th of an inch of rain locally.
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about this is the cold air. it's bringing cold air. we'll see that really kind of filter in over the next couple of days and bring in a much cooler forecast as we head later into the week. so we're looking at rain moving through very briefly today. not really a big issue for us, i don't think, by any means. i think it's more of a coastal system at that. and then the snow stays well back to the west thankfully for us. so we'll be in the upper 50's or so today. 47 as we hit tomorrow so much cooler for us. stay in the 40's for much of the remainder of the week. will be a lot of sunshine. we'll need every bit of it. temperatures wililbe much colder for us especially as we head towawas the end of the week. >> brrr. great time to take in a movie, i think. >> i know. i know. inside would be the best place to be. >> right. a look at tinseltown in the 1950s and a filmmaker's tough
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that's coming up next. >> welcome back. well, hollywood isn't always all it's cracked up to be. as a movie maker finds out the hard way in the new box office flick. >> will the film dazzle or drop the act for audiences? here's abc columbia's movie reviewer matt perrault. >> welcome to another monday. apparently, there was some kind of big sporting event this past weekend that may account for less than stellar attendance at theaters. kung fu panda retained the top spot. of the three new releases, the one that did the best is the one
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in second at the box office. so let's delve into that ever crazy world of the cohen brothers with their newest film "hail, caesar!." our movie begins in mid 20th century hollywood. eddie maddux is the head of physical production for capital pictures and more important, the studios "fixer." his main job involves saving face for the studio and its movie stars by eliminating any possible controversies. we see him working from predawn until long after dark just trying to keep all of his plates spinning. the studio's big upcoming movie release will be "hail, caesar!" starring the huge star bear witlock played by george clooney. one day during filming, he is abducted in between shoots. upon finding out one of his stars is missing, he believes he's on a bender only to receive a note for a ransom. he finds himself neck deep inn problems. along with having to come up with the cash, he finds himself dealing with a director trying to direct a film using an actor way out of his almost.
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is a huge hit in one genre but being forced to switch to another and having to protect the image of a pregnant starlet that can't have her name tainted. he has to create stories and making false promises. as the movie progresses, we see all the disjointedness of a cohen brothers film begin to show through. as we witness maddux's attempted juggling act, we begin to realize how much times have changed. suddenly, we're inundated with communism, same sex relations and other extremely taboo subjects from that point in time. we find ourselves wondering how this is going to play out and being that it is a cohen brothers movie, we know anything could possibly happen. plus maddux suddenly receives a lucrative offer from an airline company so washing the hands of the entire mess is entirely an option. what to say about this movie. after seeing it, i knew that this was going to be a very hard review to write. i knew going in that the movie was going to be wacky and discombobulated but i really had
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be to summarize. i was excited about seeing it because i'm a fan of most of their movies. but i have to be honest, this one let me down just a little. a little less fargo and a little more "burn after reading." there are parts in it that just drag and i know it's supposed to be a comedy but i found that the laughs were too few and way too much time in between. it's almost like the cohen brothers grabbed a bunch of their friends and people they've worked with before and said hey, you guys are funny. you guys are amazing actors. do your thing. unfortunately, it just didn't come together how i hoped. although it does make you a little angry at channing tatum because that man can do anything and he does it well. you might want to check it out once it comes out on home video or hbo or whatever. i wish that was the route i would have taken. because then at least i could have seen "pride & prejudice and zombies" that, if nothing else, would have been mind numbing entertainment.
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i'm not running to the theater for that one quickly. >> it definitely has a star studded cast. >> that's true. >> that's for sure.
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seven day outlook coming up. >> enjoy the sunshine and the warm air while you can. we have some quick moving rain and some cooler air coming our way this afternoon. after that, very cold rest of the week. >> you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. thanks for making us your choice for news.
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have a great day. >> announcer: hang up the phone and throw away those take-out menus because we are having a make-it-yourself monday. clinton's in the kitchen and making a curry in a hurry. then, mario's getting the deets on dumplings from chinese food expert danielle chang. plus, it's "chew" to the rescue week. carla is taking a trip to meet an inspiring group of girls. >> the girls club is really a
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>> announcer: and giving them a
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