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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you do? tonight's new hampshire primary appearing to set the tone for the unpredictable nominating race that lies ahead. we have the breaking results from new hampshire. while here at home, south carolina, prepares itself to host the first in the south primaries only weeks away. also tonight, an abc columbia exclusive. >> we take a look inside the state's largest maximum security prison where inmates areinmates are finding comfort in music. today we had a few flurries around. but now it's just plain cold and windy. how cold does it get and how long does it last? abc columbia news at 11:00 starts right now. a blast of cold weather is
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temperatures to parts of the midlands. this is a live look at downtown columbia. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm alicia barnes. >> i'm ben hoover. the latest from new hampshire in the primaries up there in just a moment. but first we saw a few snow flurries earlier today. we know you. you are probably wondering when winter's grip will let up. >> a few is really accurate. chief meteorologist john farley joins us live now in the weather center. >> we got a couple of pictures in. this is a good one. in is from frederick in gilbert. a little bit of snow on his car. most of us saw this. i got a picture from a guy in kershaw county who had more than that. like a dusting on his car. in some spots? it's a, it's more oppressive. here is the line of snow left over. it's not gonna accumulate to anything significant. maybe a little on the car. but some snow out there tonight. the temperatures are
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we'll continue to dive down as that cold air continues to blow on in from the north and west. bundle the kids up in the morning. it will be a cold day at the bus stop. it will be breezy. the temperatures, way down in the 20s. upper 20s here and then as we go through the day tomorrow, it will be windy just like today with highs only in about the low to mid-40s. this ling this will thing will be with us for a while. we'll go over that in a little bit. >> all right. let's talk politics now. voters in new hampshire make their choice for the republican and democratic presidential >> yes. there. it's still very fluid. but here's what we know -- donald trump is no longer looking like a political rookie. new hampshire. he's the projected winner, first place. trump with 34% of the vote and in a surprise finish, abc news predicting john kasich will
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the former ohio governor, tonight, kasich with 16% of the vote battling for the establishment vote and a third-place finish tonight, ted cruz and jeb bush. that's still up in the air. third place, which would be considered top tier. the latest results showing cruz in the lead for third place with 12%, with bush, 1 -- 11%. those two battling it out for third place. marco rubio and chris chris christie. bernie sanders inned out hillary clinton. sanders, 60%, to hillary clinton's 39%. well, exit poll results show that 30% of registered new hampshire voters say the economy topped their list of concerns. nearly half of those voters are saying they made up their mind in the last week. >> the economy was up there for democrats. exit poll finding that democrats want an experienced leader.
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drew support from voters looking for an outsider. bernie sanders gained support from a broad coalition of voters gathering from men, women, independents and voters under the age of 45. sanders, of course, that's up near his home turf. tonight's big winners thanked supporters in victory speeches not too long ago. >> take a listen. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we'll be back a loot. we won'ta -- be back a lot. we won't forget you. you started it. you started it. >> the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their superpacs. >> we'll fight for every vote in every state. we'll fight for real solutions
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people's lives. >> the next primary challenge for sanders in south carolina where hillary clinton holds a strong lead with women and minority voters and is the favorite to win. next in line after south carolina to hold the presidential race is nevada. i believe that the democrats go to nevada first before they go to south carolina. we'll check on that. but the next up is the gop coming here to south carolina for the first in the south prim. many are bringing their momentum to south carolina. trump set to hold a rally tomorrow at clemson university. john kasich will campaign tomorrow in charleston. >> and t tz ted cruz and chris christie will be here in myrtle beach and charleston. and we know that hillary clinton will return to south carolina on friday. we're still awaiting those details of that visit. after tonight's sixth-place finish christie said he willcancel all events here in south carolina to take a breath. >> marco rubio coming to
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he will be at colonial life arena at 3:00 p.m. with south carolina next up at bat for the republicans, both voters can casttheir b blots. done. we're not talking about candidates campaigning. >> beth rousseau joins us live in the studio. beth, what type of work goes into making a presidential primary happen? >> prepping for a primary election is no small task. in fact, work for the prime began six months ago. chris whitmire with the state election commission gave an inside look with what the planning process looks like right here in the palmetto state. soon voters will be filing in and casting ballots. there's more than coordinating an election than just turning on the machines. >> when one is over, we're getting ready for the next one. >> preparations that require extra work when it comes to the presidential primary.
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we're used to doing that but it's also on two different states. dates. >> decides the dates is first. and a task made more difficult by the dates. >> wedding and thingsweddings and things like that and that church is normally used as a polling place. it might not be available. >> next up, creating a voting database one for each of the state's 46 counties. >> all of the electronic ballots and the paper are built from the database. >> once that's built, it has toobhas to be installed in each and every voting condition. >> a large county could have a through voting machines. that's a lot of hands-on work to get those voting machines ready for election day. >> finally, counties must select and train poll managers who continue the work until the polls close. >> there's really nothing like it, where, you know, a million
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on one day with so much at stake. >> the election commission says you can help things run smoothly on election day by bringing the correct form of identification. they are also reminding voters you can only participate in one primary election. the gop is february 20th and the democratic on the 27th. for more information about the primary visit sc >> thank you, beth. hollywood comes to south carolina to the statehouse. >> that's right. angela bassett and vivica fox led the get out t t vote efforts for hillary clinton, at least here in this state. they appeared with more than 20 state lawmakers who previously endorsed clinton as part of the campaigns canvass of historically black colleges and universities across south carolina. well, today, they brought bible values back to politics right here behind us on the statehouse grounds.
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took part in a prayer rally today at the statehouse grounds. reverend franklin graham is touring capital cities urging for politicians at all levels to root their message in biblical principles. he will deliver a similar messag tomorrow in atlanta. staying with politics here locally, inside the statehouse tonight, a panel has ordered bobby harrell to pay more than $113,000 in the next six months. in a unanimous votes, the committee fined him $1,000 and publicly reprimanded the once powerful politician. back in 2014, he was sentenced to three years probation of a pleading guilty to six counts of misusing his campaign accounts for personal benefit. one son died in a fire. the other entered a plea deal
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sentence, the parents are talking about the tragedy. >> courtney francisco has the story. >> r rorter: from flames to the courthouse, julie and mike hill lost two sons in less than a year. >> he said in the courtroom, that was his best friend. there's no way he would hurt him. >> reporter: matt morgan told deputies on march 6th he was baby-sitting his brother, woke up to a nap of flames and couldn't save him. >> he feels horrible that this happened to his brother. he cries every time he thinks about it. >> reporter: days later, we reported that the teen admitted to setting the fire after his parents say he underwent hours of interrogation. >> an hour or so with me, i can have him do any story i want him to you. i'm his dad. >> reporter: while the parents say morgan has developmental delays, the court found him competent tuesday. the taped confession does not
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investigators to record interrogations. >> it's one reason why she says her son agreed to a plea deal of 15 years for involuntary manslaughter and unlawful conduct to a child. >> we don't want this to happen top any other family. >> reporter: courtney francisco, abc columbia news. a program at lee county correction am institution is hitting -- correctional institution is hitting all of the right notes with inmates.
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next. in this next thanks for staying with us tonight. in this next story, you won't see very many faces. that's because we're taking you inside a prison. we're not allowed to film them. >> you probably don't think of incarceration. but within the walls of our state's largest maximum security prison, that's what can be heard. our grace joyal went there to listen and put together this story you will see only on abc columbia. >> reporter: from the outside, it's harsh and bleak. >> it is a level 3 which is our highest level of custody. a lot of folks here will be
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>> reporter: but on a tuesday in february, there's something magical happening inside lee correctional. >> music is everything to me. >> reporter: media is usually not allowed to interview inmates. they made an exception for this story. we were only allowed to identify the inmate by his first name. rob. >> everything you you have can be expressed by music. >> reporter: for the past three years, inmates from blik have gathered for a week of collaborative song writing. this year about 40 inmates have brought their open minds, focus and creativity. >> i think music has the opportunity to draw out things in people that nothing else can. >> reporter: from new york city brings the music to life. >> we're working about four,
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women that we work with and the goal is to create new art together, collaboratively. >> reporter: department of corrections director brian stirling says this type of program is not just an outlet for the people serving time. it's a safeguard for the people working within prison walls. >> this gives them something to look forward to. if they are just sitting in a cell all day, it's very dangerous for officers. >> reporter: for productive instead of destructive time behind bars. >eople who are depressed, when they channel into their music, usually what comes out is something pretty awesome. pretty beautiful. >> reporter: dakota's justice director claire bryant has gotten used to witnessing it. >> they are like my brothers. i -- i am so proud of the work that they've done and not just
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they continue the work. >> reporter: rob helps coordinate about ten inmate music teachers who collectively teach up to 1 20 inmates every work on the cell low, cello, man mandarin and guitar. this is one he looks forward to all year. in bishopville, grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> aroundle culmination of this program is a special concert that participants present for >> neat program. >> yeah. coming up -- you will need to wear a lot of layers heading out in the morning especially if you are heading out early. anybody that. outside. chief meteorologist john farley
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just in case you missed it, we got some flurries today. we caught some on our tower cam. if you look closely, you will see some flurries. a couple going by there, and as we went through the night here in some spots, it added up to more. this picture was on my facebook page. jame's nissan is getting covered. this is in kershaw. this is as much as we'll see anywhere. midlands, let's give you a look at what's going on in terms of the radar. there's kershaw right here. lancaster county, the southern edge there. and as you see, not a whole hot left. it's pushing it's way dune into kershaw county. places north of camden, you will get a little bit out of this. there's not a whole lot left. we'll get a few more flurries and that will app wrap up the
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flurries tonight, blustery tomorrow. it will be windy and cold. we'll have more sunshine to deal with. it will grab you when you step outside. it will set us up for pretty cold temperatures all week long with a resurgence of some very cold numbers here over the weekend. that by the way includes valentine's day. let's give you -- explain to you why this is all going on here. we got 30s all over the place right now. and all of this is courtesy of a big pocket of cold air that originated in canada and is oozing down the east side of the will park itself here for the next several days and so it will be with us, as i say, through the weekend before there's any relief on us. it's early next week before there's any significant relief. here we go. overnight tonight, a few more flurries, we dip down to 27 in columbia. the cold spot, probably maybe mid-20s, maybe cooler than that. but because there's so much wind, it won't allow the temperatures to fall as far as they could otherwise. now, getting going in the
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you will just need the heater for sure. the temperatures are in the 20s. breezy as well. now, as we go through the day tomorrow, the wind will not let up. it will be another blustery day. temperatures low to mid-40s. that's all we'll do. we'll see gusts to 25, maybe as high as 30. especially on the lakes. they will be stronger than that. here is the seven-day forecast. it stays cold all week and then really cold sunday, saturday night is when this next batch of cold air comes in here. saturday night into sunday, we'll see temperatures struggling to get out of the 40s. lows in the 20s here in columbia, meaning some spots in the teens. so, winter hasn't really grabbed us yet this year. this week is getting our attention. >> it sure is. thank you, john. coming up -- cam newton admits he's a sore looser but henot hedoes not apologize for it. and basketball continues with one of the biggest players
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that's next. i've been on the record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a loser and i will show you a lose. >> cam newton channels his inside vince lombardi. but first, frank martin coming off one of if not the biggest win of his carolina career over the weekend. p.j. dozier, usc winning at number 8 texas a&m. now the gamecocks get the next number one draft kick, ben simmons. another sellout crowd at colonial. we'll watch usc battling it out for first place in the scc. absolutely no pressure on the
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coach. >> there's pressure when you are trying to survive. when you don't know where you are gonna eat your next meal, that's pressure. when you don't know how you are gonna pay your next bill, that's pressure. when you are in a place when you are competing for first place, we've been there. we should be ecstatic about the opportunity. that's all i've talked to our guys about. near big game for usc when kentucky comes saturday. the wildcats crushed a georgia team that beat, 82-48. florida beats ole miss 77-72. tennessee blows out auburn. the tigersose their sixth straight. just shot 24%. mississippi state, annihilating arkansas, 78-46. stairry moment in the acc -- scary moment in the acc. roy williams yells at an official, goes to a timeout huddle and collapses. had to be helped off the court. would not return. this happened early in the
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unc officials say the cause was vertigo. tar heels won it, 68-65. cam newton continues to be a dual threat. most valuable and most vocal player. players cleaning out their lockers. still trying to get over losing the super bowl. cam newton and the rest of the offense played poorly in san francisco. cam newton cut his press conference short. today, not even considering the concept of reacting anybody different. >> who are you to say that your way is right? that's what i don't under. we haveunderstand. you have all of these people saying he should have done this and that. what makes your way right? i mean, i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser, i will
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i'm not here to to -- it's not a popularity contest. you know what i'm saying? i'm here to win football games. >> one play in particular didn't look that way. this late fourth quarter fumble newton said it had nothing to do with the outcome of the game, a game he plans to return to very soon. >> we will be back. and i mean that. like, we will be back. i say that with so much emphasis and -- if i offended somebody, that's cool. but i know who i am. i'm not gonna bend for anybody's expectations because your expectations will never exceed mine. >> wow. cam and the panthers dealing with the loss, and then celebrating a win with the broncos. von miller, looking a bit like a sheriff with the hat and the man who newton calls the sheriff says he only played a small part in that win. >> no question our defense led the charge.
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we made plays at critical times. everybody contributed. all 53 guys on the roster played a huge role in the season. that helped us win a super bowl championship. >> so peyton manning and cam newton continue to be polar opposites and if i offended you in that sportscast, that's cool. >> we're going to break anyway. you will be safe. >> peyton manning has such cast. still ahead, chief meteorologist john farley has
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we'll be right back. okay. cold one tonight. still a few more flews. flurries. temperatures 27 in columbia.
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tomorrow, it will be a blustery day all day long. we'll see temperatures barely 40s. factor in the wind, it will feel like the 30s. the difference between today and tomorrow, tomorrow we'll have more sun. that will help some but it will be a cold day. the wind will grab you. now, going through the week, it stays cold. a reinforcing shot of cold air, just for you a, alicia. saturday night into sunday, that's un-- that's uncomfortable. we haven't had much of a weather. remember, december was 13 1/2 degrees warmer than normal. we're making up for a little bit here this week. >> yeah. >> so the sun will greet all of the presidential candidates coming to town tomorrow? >> yes. >> welcome to the -- welcome to the sunny south. >> the sunny south. >> right. what time is the big game with
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