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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> businessman and reality tv star donald trump is running full steam ahead to be the next president of the united states. >> what a crowd, wow. >> leading almost every gop poll trump has no political experience but has set out to make america great again. it supports giving tax relief to the middle class. >> when i announced i was running for president on june 16th, illegal immigration wasn't even a subject. if i didn't bring it up, it wouldn't be talked about. >> but despite the strong lead, some question if trump defies conservatism of the party. the outspoken has called for banning muslims and suggesting former president george w. bush is responsible for the attacks on 9/11. >> the world trade center came down. >> governor nikki haley called
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>> that was a sad day in america, and a tough time for the president and to sit there and put him down in front of my say to that. there were no words. >> the current commander in chief is currently speaking out against donald trump. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president, and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the america people. >> despite the critics trump finished first in the new hampshire primary and second in iowa and has a strong lead heading in therimary. >> donald trump will be campaigning in south carolina leading up to saturday's primary. tonight's visit in tum ter starts at 7:00. the latest from the rally. from jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> one gop candidate hoping voters go nuts for him is dr. ben carson. >> he spoke to potential voters, at a local shop famous for the
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to overcome low numbers in the polls and turn south carolina voters his way. >> and i blew it. >> always there to help. >> and jeb bush letting it slip when former first lady barbara bush will be joining him on the campaign trail. she's expected to do campaign events. >> and campaign crisscrossing, continues, and senator attitude cruz will be for a meet and greet there and remarks at faith and freedom coalition. >> i would say mr. trump, you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult
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even in the frivolous lawsuits this takes the case. if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad, claiming it's defamation, file a lawsuit. >> and what was a busy day for campaigns across the state, ohio governor john kasich campaigned today for campaigns in low country. >> democrats still have a little over a week until their primary here in south carolina, and first up up it will be this weekend. a new cnn poll has voters in nevada split evenly. 48% say they support clinton, and 47% support sanders. this saturday is the republican presidential primary, and the democrats will hold their primary next saturday, and that's the following saturday on february 27th. stay with abc columbia news for the latest on vote 2016, and we will have live updates online
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the daughters of a columbia man found murdered in his home are raising the reward hoping it will lead to new information about his death. >> and beth russo sat down with the two of them as she has more now in the search for justice. >> and ben and alicia it's been five months since the body was found inside his home here. two daughters are determined to find answers and they say they are chipping in the only way they know how. >> it's been the most difficult five months of our lives. >> september 8th, 2015, a day that will always stand out for lauren barnes and her sister caitlyn hof hoffstetler. she said lauren, your father has died. >> columbia police found the father's bododnside his home during a welfare check. it was ruled a homicide, and
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upper body. >> i thought we had so much more time together you know, i can't believe it. >> while the investigation continues without an arrest, the two say they feel hopeless in the search. >> getting justice for him. it's the most important thing to me. they will never be able to be here for our children or to walk me do not the aisle. >> and the daughters are hoping increasing the reward for information to $5,000 will hp find whoever is responsible. we want answers and we want to know why, and we are begging anyone to come forward, say something, please, please. >> and answers and information that both agree are essential to their comfort and closure. >> he was always saying how proud he was of us and we just
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it's just good for him. >> and the daughters have set up a justice for charles facebook page where people can share any information or tips they might have about the murder, and we will have the link to that on the website. abc columbia news. >> and all right, thank you, so much, beth, and anyone with information that could help out investigators with this case call crime stopper at 1-aaa-crime sc. >> and looking for a teenager that hasn't been heard from in more than a week. dominic mccray left his home after an argument with his mother on new year's eve. he reached out to the father on february 6th. but the location is still unknown tonight, and if you have any information, you are asked to call the sumter police department. >> taking a look outside the outdoors. >> what can we expect this
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meteorologist john farley. >> beautiful night we have going on out there, and let's get a look at the temperatures, and here we sit, 50s, pretty comfortable, and lovely really, and there are a couple of clouds, but that's going to do it, and here is on look at your evening forecast, temperatures 50s and then 40s, and clear skies all the way through, not much in the way of wind, no problems as you get going in the morning, it's going to be a quiet commute for you. should be. no inclement weather. sunrise just a little after 7:00, and this is one of those nights where, you know, we start in the 30s and as we work our way in the morning, 40s, and afternoon mid to upper 50s. the wind is going to take the temperatures down, and still a very lovely day, and of course we have friday and the weekend to talk about, and that's all coming up in just a bit. >> out of the stays house this
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south carolina roads. biggest debate is over the proposal to pay the gas tax. urging lawmakers to vote on a bill very soon. turning the page for a new generation, and columbia kicks off an effort to in still a love of the written word and a new generation of readers. >> and giving more in the midlands a reason to show off the pearly whites.
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back. need will have more access to free dental people in need will have
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eye care in the midlands. united way announced its expanding its clinic by more than 5,000 feet and the new facility is a wish come true. >> it was christmas all over again, because i got to say i can go to the dentist, and i can have my teeth cleaned and any exams that i need to have done and not have to worry about a gh bill at the same time. >> for more on the clinic services please go to our website at abc >> the city of columbia wants you to open your mind by opening a book. the city, along with richland school district 1 kicked off the together we can read project today. third grade students across the midlands will read katy's cabbage by summerville native. it's a way to broaden your young minds. >> it's an opportunity to show
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do and what they can be even at a young age. >> this is the eighth year of the together we can read initiative. >> it's hump day, and really good on reading, and every wednesday at barnes and noble on forest drive, to whoever shows up, it's free, and we encourage everybody to come out b bween 7:00 and 8:00. it's important to help kids understand. >> and you can do that a little bit because your mamma was a librarian growing up. >> a big change in the weather with the warm-up, chief meteorologist john farley will tell us how long the temps will stick around.e tonight. your forecast is next. coming up,
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main and gervais. let's start with the almanac today, and today was exactly average, the low of 37, that's average. high of 62, a degree above. today was almost picture perfect for what we would expect for this time of year. give you a look at what's happening outside, and just a couple of clouds, that's it. sun is set, nice night, and we are going to continue with the clear skies for several days here, temperatures, there we sit, 50s, and again, a comfortable evening if you are going outside, and you don't need the warm jacket or the
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going to need as you go out and have errands or stuff to do tonight. in terms of headlines, let's see what's happening, clear skies for several days, and near 60 for the next couple, and as promised talking about 70s, and yes, they are on track, still in the seven-day forecast, and what's going to keep the temperatures in check the next couple of days, is a breeze coming out of the north northeast, and with it kind of cool air, because the origins of that air up around pennsylvania, and that's why it'soing to be a little bit cool. as we go into the weekend, that wind direction is going to shift, and as it does, it will allow the temperatures to bubble up in the 70s. let's get you going with tonight, clear skies eventually dipping down to 35. as you see no problems at all. tomorrow, beautiful day, and we start you out with a bus stop forecast here, and clear skies, and temperatures in the 30s, and this is one of those mornings where it reminds you that it's still not quite
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as we go through the day, a wind out of the north. 56, and winnsboro, 61. looking ahead, friday, a few degrees warmer, and saturday and sunday, that's where we get the wind shift, and as a result, the temperatures climb low 70s, pushing mid-70s by the time you get to sunday, and monday what's going to happen we see clouds and a storm system is going to develop, and it's going to be a fairly slow mover, and get a few showers late monday. the main event should be tuesday, and lung erring showers at least in the first part of wednesday. >> coming up former clemson quarterback, this time it turns presidential. >> and a clemson wide receiver decides to play his senior season somewhere else.
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next. deshaun watson's good at hitting moving targets.hi, i'm tim hill. sean watson is good at hitting moving targets.
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right now as wide receiver you. freshman deon kaine suspended from the national championship game. one rising senior wideout decided he will finish his college football career. tigers announcing jermon will transfer. 317 yards, and one touchdown, and he had 71 catches for almost 800 yards in three seasons with clemson, and he does plan to graduate this summer and another team wnt to school immediately. >> battling out with former carolina quarterback conner shaw, and a much different type honored tradition. shaw endorsing marco rubio in
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shaw z 3-0 as a starter against the tigers. clemson basketball in action tonight, and tigers need to get on quite a run to get back to ncaa tournament consideration. a must win consideration hosting boston college at 7:00. eagles winless in the acc. not many highlights last night for frank martin and the gamecocks, usc basketball dealing with back to back losses for the first time this season. carolina came back from an early 15 point deficit and ended uptaking the lead, and missouri not looking like the sec's last place team down the stretch. those other tigers getting their first back to back sec wins of the season. gamecocks dropping to 8-5 in conference play, 72-67 the final score. tied for third place with texas a&m and in florida, and gators coming saturday.
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just the second ever win in knoxville on monday, and that is at least a share of a third straight sec championship for the gamecocks, and carolina can lynch with a win at home. staley not afraid to admit she's hoping for the first undefeated season in the sec, something her team missed out on inhe loss. >> they were here last year, and they you said stood what could have taken place last year, and i think in the back of their minds, that's what they want to accomplish. but we are not out there, because once you say it, you lose focus on the task at hand. you are trying to get to the finish line. >> and gamecock softball, opening day at home, and ray tanner, and in attendance today, and we have pictures o o it. how about that? nice sunshine at the new stadium. gamecocks down 1-0 in north
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tar heels helping out the home team, not the kind of defense they want to play, and jordan augustus, leads to a 6 run inning for carolina, and goes onto the big 9-1 win, and they will host the carolina classic coming up this weekend. what a great day for softball, guys, over at the stadium there, and anticipated great day for baseball's opening day coming up on friday. >> tim, thanks. a look at your seven-day forecast again. >> stay with us.
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gervais. we are looking at plenty of sunshine over the next couple of days, and temperatures upper 50s. low 60s by the time we get to friday, and we will jump 10 degrees over the weekend. terrific weekend weather and also check out the overnight lows, up to 50 degrees or so through the weekend. next week we will get some rain, and the focus will be tuesday, although we will get early showers that will com in here on monday, and a few lingering into wednesday as well. >> all right. we have our crews at the marco
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endorsed him and a crew in sumter for the donald trump rally, and we will have the latest on all the other candidates tonight at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three ds before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. a judge now demanding apple help the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the moments that follow. the a aeged imposter accused of posing as a doctor for more than a month, undetected, examining patients. the sting right here tonight.


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