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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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for joining us for abc columbia >> good afternoon. we're glad you're joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric weisfeld. >> and i'm rochelle dean. we are live from main and gervais. we are just one day away from the first in the south primary. the g.o.p. candidates are still reaching out to voters right here in the capital city. >> within the hour, marco rubio got a big boost here in south carolina. governor nikki haley, representative trey gowdy and senator tim scott joined rubio as he reached out to voters during a rally this morning at the columbia marriott hotel. >> it turned out to be a new american century, the greatest era in our history. we have a chance to be the authors of the greatest chapter in the amazing story of america and that's why i need your support tomorrow so i'm asking for your help. >> well, meanwhile, john kasich held a town hall before heading to conway, mount pleasant and charleston. >> g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump will be in charleston campaigning.
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island and then myrtle beach. meanwhile, jeb bush is busy in the upstate hitting the road with his mother, former first lady barbara bush in spartanburg, greenville and central. ted cruz and ben carson will also be campaigning close to home. >> they will indeed. ted cruz will be holding his own rally in west columbia at the eagle aviation hangar. that will take place at 5:30 and ben carson will be making stops in north charleston and florence as well as rock hill later today. and donald trump is softening his response to pope francis who claimed the g.o.p. frontrunner is not christian if he favors using a wall to stem illegal border crossings. during last night's town hall here in columbia, trump said the pontiff's comments were a little nicer than first reported. now, trump's competition jeb bush is taking time to speak out on the pope's comments. >> i believe that we ought to
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border patrol. using technology and using g.p.s. technology. across the board, we ought to have a strategy to protect our border and that is clear. but that is not -- that's not an un-christian thing to do, to make sure people don't come across our board illegally. that's a just thing to do. >> and developing news within the democratic party as well this afternoon. presidential hopeful hillary clinton has just been endorsed by representative jim clyburn. >> that's right. representative clyburn the highest ranking black member of the house of representatives made the announcement this morning. clyburn saying in that announcement at allen university that he admitted to knowing and working with both sanders and clinton but he says the next president needs to be a fighter. shoes he believes hillary can fill as commander in chief. >> this comes a day after hillary clinton and bernie sanders took the stage in las vegas for a town hall before saturday's caucuses in nevada. during that town hall, clinton
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to the democratic party. accusing sanders of attacking president barack obama and her husband, former president bill clinton. these are claims, though, saers denies. >> and reminder for everyone who is taking part in the republican presidential primary. it is tomorrow, the democratic presidential primary will take place next saturday, february 27th with all of this information on our website at and we'll also have live updates throughout the day tomorrow for vote 2016 on air and on line. >> another story we're keeping a close eye on is the weather. it almost looks like we're welcoming spring today, doesn't it? gorgeous. >> it does. only 30 days away, can you believe that? >> is that right? >> that's right. >> someone is checking that calendar. can't wait for it. we'll turn things over to meteorologist jonathan kennedy for a look at the first forecast. hey, jonathan. >> good afternoon, erin. good afternoon, rochelle. lots of sunshine for your afternoon and things are heating up here at home as well.
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following into the mid 50's for us with sunny skies. winds out of the east and southeast should make for a beautiful start to your afternoon. and we should hang on to that sunshine for the rest of the day today as well. temperatures climbing into the low to mid 50's. we're at the warmest spot right now at 55. many spots still in the low 50's but we'll likely see that gradual warmup throughout the afternoon expecting nothing but sunshine for your day today and really no sign of any cloud cover and certainly no sign of any type of rainfall. now, winds are out of the east and southeast. we saw a cool day overall yesterday. winds are out of the north. that kept our temperatures in the upper 50's. i think the winds moving more out of the south, that will help us out a lot. it will bring moisture into play. we're like to see clouds move our way later today but not seeing anything in the way of cloud cover as of yet this afternoon. look for sunshine and highs near 62. tonight, partly cloudy skies and cloud cover going to help us stay a little bit warmer. speaking of warmer, look like a nice warm weekend. details coming up in a few minutes.
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of the supreme court gathered to bid a final farewell to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> scalia's casket draped in the american flag will lie in repose for the next two days for those he served to have a chance to pay their respects. president obama and the first lady attended a private ceremony. a restaurant owner charged with murder has made his first appearance in court this morning. >> that's right. in court, police said gregorio leon called 911 and admitted to shooting his wife and her lover. gregorio turned himself in following sunday's shooting in a parking lot. leon is the same man federal prosecutors say paid a man connected to former lexington county sheriff james metz to keep his employees at his mexican restaurant from being deported when arrested on minor frnss. we are still waiting to hear back from our beth rousseau who is in court as to whether or not he will get bond. we'll have more on that story tonight at 6:00.
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school prompted them to go to the child's home where authorities say they made a gruesome discovery. a school resource officer conducted a welfare check on the child's amsterdam drive home and found the child's parents dead. richland county coroner gary watts says stephanie wallace died from a gunshot wound to the head. her estranged husband, keith wallace, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> a richland county man is suing to block the resettlement of refugees here in south carolina. the lawsuit was brought by walter brian bilbro who warns resettling refugees brings a potential for terrorism or violent crime. suit names governor nikki haley, department of social services and two nonprofits that help resettle refugees. and as many as three dozen members of congress will be here in the palmetto state next month. lawmakers plan to explore the role the state has played in the fight for civil rights and to worship at the charleston church where nine black parishioners
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the faith and politics institute announcing the three day pilgrimage to south carolina will start march 18th. u.s.c. women'sasketball definitely on a roll and it appears they are hitting jumpers all the way to the sec. >> they're working it out. tim hill has more coming up next
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gervais. >> welcome back. we are talking sports on a friday afternoon and u.s.c. women's basketball back where it's been the last two years.
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>> that's right. we're talking girl power. tim hill explains in the sports minute to win it. >> dawn staley still the queen of the sec. gamecocks, 17-4 second quarter capped by sessions' buzzer-beater leading the way to a 61-51 win over georgia. tiffany mitchell with a game high 19 points. the two time sec player of the year earning her third straight sec conference championship. last night's win gives this year's title all to the gamecocks still a perfect 13-0 in conference play. >> it's great, you know. it's great. you know, it's bittersweet. i would say that. because, you know, at this point, you want to play your best basketball and i don't think we're -- i don't think we displayed that tonight. you know, i don't know what it is. i think our players are mentally drained at this point but we got to find a way to dig deep and, you know, rest up. and figure out a way that, you
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the way we want to close it out. >> that was tim hill reporting. opening day will get carolina baseball fans outside this afternoon. >> u.s.c. starts its new season at 4:00 against albany. chad holbroke and carolina looking to bounce back from last year's pretty disappointing season. u.s.c. missing out on the ncaa tournament for the first time this sunday. carolina coach says he can't wait to see what his new team can do. we're continuing our countdown to the academy awards with one movie nominated for a true story that really put a spotlight on a massive cover-up. >> indeed it did. matt perron has more on the movie that took the stain glassed windows off the catholic church. >> welcome to day three of the oscars overview. time again to review another one of the nominees that is based on a true story. much like my last true story review. this one contains a great ensemble cast. it tells the true life tale of the boston globe department that
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scandal in the catholic church. so without any further adieu, here's my take on "spotlight." our film begins in 2001 boston. "the boston globe" newspaper is bringing in a new chief editor and everyone is fearful of losing their jobs. one division of the paper is the spotlight staff. they are an investigative team of four that take from a week up to a year to write a story so that they can really get to the bottom of an incident. the new editor finds out about a priest who has been a repeat child molester. seeing that no coverage has been assigned to this, he gives this story to spotlight to investigate. spotlight team begins digging not realizing what they are about to get themselves into. the catholic church is a huge entity in boston and protected by almost everyone. team hits obstacles at every turn. from victims not willing to come forth to lawyers involved in the case not willing to share information to files that have been sealed that should be opened to the public, every attempt is rebuffed and then the investigation finally finds some information that seems unbelievable. they discover that not only has
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that many priests fall into the same category. it is also discovered that this behavior may be known and covered up all the way up the ladder. as the movie progresses, we see the spotlight team uncover more than they ever thought possible or even wanted to know. there is excitement and adrenalin in discovering that what you are looking for but finding out said information has a way of eating at your soul for knowing that these things occurred. the church itself has no response to these allegations even though it's been proven these priests were moved from district to district after each transgression. as the story breaks, the team knows they've done something great but there will always be doubts whether or not it will make a difference. much like "the big short", this isis one of the movies thahayou what happened behind the scenes that was fascinating. apparently, it was a bit of a struggle to shoot. re-creating the events without any records of how the team did it was a daunting task but the cast is fantastic. they do an excellent job showing
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journalist and a human being. it's remarkable h h often this crime occurred and how much it was just swept under the rug. and when you see the exponential amount of children that it affected, it's just mind boggling. the fact that this team amidst the cover-up was able to sift through and discover what was going on is what makes this movie fascinating and maybe i'm just biassed because i work in the journalism. but i always do enjoy when a story that is true is just as enthralling as the most far out there work of fiction. it's not the most feel good of movies but definitely one worth seeing. be sure to come back on monday for the next of our nominees. this has been your oscars overview. back to you. >> all right. that sounds like another one to watch. >> absolutely. >> you definitely won't need a spotlight for the weather. you can see behind us we have plenty of sunshine. >> we are watching mother nature for sure and even better, the
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your full forecast next. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. lots of sunshine for your friday with sunny all day but it's been a little bit of a slow process to warm up. right now, we're in the mid 50's. clear skies.
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five to 10 miles an hour. should shape up to be a beautiful afternoon. most of us right around 54 and 55. nobody warmer than that. but not really in many places cooler than that either. so very uniform heating. we're seeing very uniform sunshine across the board. no cloud cover really anywhere to speak of across the midlands and that will be the case throughout the rest of your day today. at least through the daytime hours. probably add a few clouds later on tonight. no sign of any cloud cover here this afternoon. drier air for us. we got high pressure to our north. satellite and radar has been nice and quiet all day today. was a cold start. many areas right around freezing. so 30 to 32 for most locations. could see a couple of spots a little bit warmer than that. not by much. nobody really warmer than 35 early this morning. winds out of the east and southeast around five to 10. that will be the case throughout the day today. that is typically bringing us some warmer air. it will bring warm air. not as warm as we might otherwise see due to the cold air that we're seeing over the ocean right now. we're seeing a little bit of cooler air. that will keep areas along the
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for us, we'll see more of the inland flow. we'll see a slightly warmer afternoon. i think highs climb into the 60's today. and as you can see, there is nothing to worry about in the way of cloud cover at the moment. there's no clouds in north carolina or south carolina or georgia or tennessee or alabama so we are sitting pretty with the sunshine for us here this afternoon. it is opening day for the gamecocks. they take home albany at 4:00 today and for the first pitch forecast, especially in february, you never know what you might get. sometimes we've had snow. but thankfully today, 62 and sunny. light breeze out of the southeast. that should bring the ball going out to center field a little bit. but for the most part, should be a beautiful day today. if you're sitting in the shade, it's not going to feel like 62. if you're going to the game, be prepared. especially when the sun goes down, it will feel a lot colder than 62 sounds. we'll see it through the evening, temperatures pretty moderate for us. see a littleit of cloud cover later on tonight and that will keep our temperatures generally in the 50's through 10:00. high pressure over our area keeps us nice and dry through
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a very nice weekend come our way. probably going to be a little bit cloudier but also going to be warmer for us. most sunshine today with highs expected to climb into the 70's for both saturday and sunday. >> he's not making that up either. >> whoa and the numbers are looking really good for saturday and sunday. >> still ahead for you, we introduce you to a four legged friend sniffing out a forever home. could it be yours? >> i'll tell you next and
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live from main and gervais. >> welcome back to the corner of main and gervais where i'm joined by elizabeth childers from pawmetto lifeline and also a hound mix. >> yeah, he's 5 months old and he's very energetic, very sweet. the breed is very unique. they are very intelligent and inquisitive, curious. but they're also very loving and very loyal so -- >> what kind of family would be great for arco? >> the family that is ready for an active dog. you can tell he doesn't really sit still right now but he is good with other dogs. he's in a kennel right now with another dog and they just play 24/7. >> he has such a great disposition, doesn't he? >> he does. he will need, you know, dedicated training. he will need someone that is going to have the time to spend to really train him. once they do, he will be a great dog.
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to bark to the park. >> yeah, yeah. we're doing bark to the park on saturday, april 9th. you want to jump up here? jump up here? and so our website is live, bark to the so go ahead and sign up your teams. get ready for it. we will -- we're expecting about 1,000 people this year out in finlay park and we're so excited. >> for people who don't know what bark to the park is. tell us what it is. >> it's 1.5 mile fun walk that we do. people are invited to bring their dogs out with them. and we have a great time out at finlay park that saturday. and then afterwards, we have a little fun after pawty in the park with some vendors and our sponsors. >> great place to bring arco to get his energy out. i love the way that it's like phantom and opera. half of his face is black and half is speckled gray and white. if you aren't into dogs and you'd rather have a cat, this is a great opportunity for cats as well.
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>> we're still doing our $20 cat spays sponsored by the pet smart charities grabtnt. if you have want a female cat that you want to beat the heat, if you want to make sure she gets spayed before she goes into heat and the chance of a litter for the spring, bring her in, call our clinic, the number is 465-9100. and set up your appointment, only $20. can't beat it. >> if you are more into the dogs, arco is looking for a forever home. he is waiting for you.
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from main and gervais. >> well, lots of sunshine for your friday afternoon. highs top out in the low 60's. add some clouds but actually add some heat fort upcoming weekend. >> all right. thanks, jonathan. thank you. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. thanks for making us your choice
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studio two in new york city, "the chew" brings you flashback friday, legends of hollywood. we are rolling out the red carpet and getting you ready for oscar sunday. mario's serving up an award-worthy dish that definitely can't be beat, then michael symon's going for the gold with a mouthwatering dish that's ready for its close up. plus, clinton's in the kitchen with the legendary darlene love, and they're baking up a cake that will be music to your mouth. all the glitz and glamour starts right now on "the chew."


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