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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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wednesday night, who would rob a women in the wheelchair, someone did just that, in southwest philadelphia, and stabbed her in the process. also did the nfl commissioner get caught in a lie? a bomb shell revelation in the ray rice abuse scandal. but the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news a plan just filled out by the president to take on isis terrorist. >> our objective is clear, we will degrade, and ultimately destroy eye sell through a comprehensive and, sustain counter terrorism strategy. >> reporter: president obama just wrapped up that speech about 45 minutes ago, and in
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it he said that the united states will wage a military campaign begins i isis and major reversal, deepen the military presence in the middle east. >> that means taking the fight against isis also known as isil into syria launching air strikes on key isis targets. >> i have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorist who threaten our country where ever they are. and that means i will not hesitate to take action against isis in serial as well as iraq. thinks a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find, no safe haven. >> the president was quick to say that this new effort will not be a ground battle. in fact, he says that the campaign won't involve u.s. combat troops on the ground, at all, but the four part strategy involving air strikes, intelligence, and foreign fighters will send an additional 475 u.s. service members to iraq. and the president said he will draw on an international
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coalition, to bring what he called, quote relentless source toes end the isis threat. >> back here at home we are following breaking news from vineland tonight, at least one person was hit by a car in the 1,000 block of west landis avenue. it happened 8:30 and chopper six was over a scene a short time ago. we now know that two medical helicopters were called to the scene which is near wal-mart but at this point we only know of one injury. developing right now, in atlantic city a deal could be breathing new life into the now defunct revel casino hotel. someone wants to buy it and, it is ready to go sold. now comes the wait to see if, and when, the site will be back in business. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in ac with the very latest. kenneth? >> reporter: well, yes, shirleen there is no telling when these barricades will come down but mayor of atlantic city told us days ago there was interested in parties, when it comes to
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buying this building, but they wanted to remain anonymous. that ended when documents were filed notifying federal court this building has a serious potential buyer. a two and a half billion dollar building for the low, low price of $90 million. >> that is a steel. >> yeah, really. >> i think any business is good at this point, anybody willing to come in. >> reporter: news spread on the atlantic city boardwalk that the building formerly known as revel has a bidder. last week twice bankrupt casino and hotel closed leaving so many to wonder what will become of the 47 story luxury state of the art glass tower. >> the the city said it could be months even spring before new buyer came along but wednesday, a south philadelphia mega developer by the name of glenn straub made a offer revel could not refuse, cash. >> that would be excellent, because the city is really suffering, you know, three casinos closing, you know, with the atlantic club and, you know, we need the money
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here. we need jobs. >> reporter: sixty-seven year-old straub, who deposited ten million-dollar in an escrow account set up the company polo north country club incorporate todd purchase the property. the name is similar to his sprawling 2200-acre resort palm beach polo and country club in welling ton, florida. it is unclear if he plans to turn this into condos or operate it as a casino. that could be a even more costly move considering the state of the gambling industry in atlantic city. >> crazy investment, if it just goes under five years from now. i wouldn't want to see that happening. >> reporter: revel will go up for auction two weeks from today which means that someone can come along and out bid straub and his company, a bankruptcy judge will have to have approve any sale. reporting live from atlantic city tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. kenneth, thank you. an attack recorded in an elevator at that very hotel
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casino helped end career of an nfl star. >> question now is who could get the ax next, now that a bomb shell allegation has emerged suggesting that the nfl might have known more then it let on about the ray rice domestic violence video. "action news"'s sharrie williams takes it from their life at the big board tonight, sharrie. >> reporter: brian and shirleen this story is picking up more steam today, well respect news agency says it has proof that the nfl has had a copy of the video from inside the elevator for five months now, and people are weighing in on social media. they are talking about this, using the the hash tag fire goodell, people are actually tweeting this tonight, and in response to this. they are calling for commissioner roger goodell to step down, and they are not the only ones talking. the national organization of women, one of the country's largest feminist groups, is also calling for his resignation. the nfl is still scrambling to get back on offence three days after ray rice's brutal attack
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on his then wife, surfaced for the world to see. commissioner roger goodell, tuesday, in an interview with cbs news. >> reporter: did anyone in the nfl see this second videotape, before monday. >> no. >> reporter: no one in the nfl. >> no one in the nfl, to my knowledge. >> reporter: but now is there a cloud hanging over the goodell's statement. today the associated press released a report saying a law enforcement source sent the surveillance video to the nfl back in april, and the ap source says that it has a voice mail to confirm it. critic question why they needed to see at salt before taking action. document obtained by abc news show that the severity was clear almost immediately after rice knocked his wife out in an atlantic city elevator seven months ago. police said that rice punched his wife, quote, rendering her unconscious. >> the the league was never strong enough, quick enough,
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decisive enough in the whole situation and now it is trying to play a game of catch up that it can't win. >> reporter: members of the congress from both parties sent a letter to goodell demanding the highest level of transparency. while players are taking to social media, and to the microphone, calling out the commissioner. >> the the commissioner should be held accountable for his actions and that is the spectation, of the players. >> reporter: now the commissioner sent a letter to the 32 nfl owners to day. this is a cop/have that very letter. in his very first point, he maintains the league did not see what happened inside that elevator until monday, and i think it is safe to say on this, shirleen, there will be more fall out to come from this story, brian. >> we have not heard the last of this, sharrie, thanks very much. young brother and sister are recovering tonight after being hit by a pickup truck in northeast philadelphia a driver struck the ten year-old girl and seven year-old boy as they tried to cross the street at academy and byberry roads. two nursing students were driving nearby and rendered
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aid after seeing the injured children and a panicked 20 year-old driver. >> she was really scared for the kids. she kept saying i didn't see where they were, i didn't see them, i didn't see them, are they okay. i just kept reassuring her we're here for the kids, we're helping them. everything should be fine. just try to relax. >> one of the good samaritans was able to use victim's cell phone to call their mother, both kids are being treated tonight forehead injuries. it is now, up to a jury to decide the fate of a former day care worker accused of kidnapping and raping a five-year old girl. cristina regusters attorney suggested that she might have helped someone else carry out the brutal assault of the child in the west philadelphia home. prosecutors reject that theory saying tips and dna evidence on the victim's shirt point right the to the now 21 year-old as the only suspect. regusters did not take the stand during the two week
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trial. the young victim made a brief court appearance. while summer is not out just yet accu weather says get ready for a hot one tomorrow and that could mean storms, for some of us. meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board following all of this tonight, adam. >> brian, heat will be biggest story tomorrow, not the storms. you can see it building from little rock at 92. nashville 89 degrees. louisiana 95. dallas mid land texas over the century mark today and a little cooler off to the north. as that warm air pushes in tomorrow, the the dew points are also going to rise. the it will feel very humid, between 65 and 70 degrees but that is only for one day because those dew points crash back into the 40's, by friday. and in fact we will look at future tracker at 2:00 in the afternoon feeling like 29 from trenton to philadelphia 94 in wilmington. ninety in reading and millville feeling like 90 degrees. looking at storm tracker six live double scan that heat comes first, and then we have a cold front we are watching
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bringing severe wetter from st. louis, senate toy cleveland but as this pushes to the east it will lose a lot of the steam. so much of the way of severe weather will break apart, but nonetheless we are still going to track some scattered storms that could be on the strong side tomorrow afternoon, we will time that for you brian coming up in the full forecast and also talk about a fall chill, as well in that seven day. >> adam, thank you. 600 nurses at crozer-chester medical center are walking off the job sunday morning. the striking because they have been without a contract since june and they claim their employer is violating federal labor law. contract negotiations are at a stand still that walk out runs from 7:00 a.m. sunday until 7:00 a.m. following tuesday. camden county held a informational session for local veterans tonight in gloucester township. veterans and their families got the opportunity to ask questions they may have on services and benefit programs. local officials say town hall meeting is a good way to share
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information and get feedback. g mail users beware there is a good reason to change your pass word tonight. also a woman says, some video shows her being a boosted by a casino security guard, now she's joined a list of harrah's customers who are suing, dann? >> reporter: well, police in southwest philadelphia are looking for a man responsible for a rash of attacks on the elderly and he seems to spare no one, his latest victim was in the wheelchair when she was stabbed and robbed, a live report coming up. protests are not over in ferguson and neither are the the arrest of those, who are protesting. and, this reminder "action news" at tennis now one hour long, stick around we will not go anywhere for quite sometime, we will be right back.
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in an "action news" exclusive tonight we are learning about a violent attack against a woman in a wheelchair. it happened right here in the middle of the shopping center in southwest philadelphia "action news" reporter dann cuellar spoke to the victim and dann, she's not alone. >> reporter: that is right, shirleen it turns out, that police are looking for an evil
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doer responsible for a rash of attacks on senior citizens here in southwest philadelphia. in this latest incident, this 61 year-old victim was in her we are chill when she was stabbed and robbed of her money. >> i went to play my lottery at shop rite like i do every morning. >> reporter: she says she was on her wheelchair at 10:20 on her way back from the shop rite at island and lindberg. she said a young man jumps off his bike and runs toward her. >> he said give me all your money. i said i don't have no money. give me all your money. everything you have. or you will die. >> reporter: victim who has suffered with ms for over 34 years says she was struggling with the man for her handbag when he pulled a knife and stabbed her in the right shoulder. >> all there was, $80. but i had any license and my credit cards and things. >> reporter: for $80. >> for $80 it hurt, i'll tell you i'm going through pain right now. >> reporter: police believe this assailant is same one who
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stabbed and robbed a six three-year old man monday at 5:00 in the afternoon. >> we're concern in this area. we have a strong residential population and a big commercial district, and, this individual is clearly out there, on a bike and asking for public's help in trying to identify who this individual is. >> reporter: the attack on morales is third attack on the disabled person across the tri-state area since last week. for her part she never imagined she would ever be attack while in a wheelchair. >> someone has a little bit of respect. >> reporter: for a person in the wheelchair. >> sure. >> reporter: morales is a resident of a property for disable, ce of of english is outraged that someone would attack a person in the wheelchair. >> from my perspective it is a special place in hell for people who do these things, and we as a society have to come together and protect each other. >> now the attacker is describe as a black male between age of 14 and 18, last seen, riding a dark colored mountain bike. police are working to secure
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surveillance footage here at pen rose plaza. if you have any information, on who this attacker is you are asked to call the police. we are live from southwest philadelphia, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right dann, thank you very much. >> now to the forecast. if you like warm weather, you will like tomorrow. >> you better enjoy it while it lasts. meteorologist adam joseph is live at the big board. >> so, calendar says that we're still in summer but, in a meteorology world, meteorological fall, it the began september 1st. so technically in the weather world, we've already hit fall and it will feel like that through much of the seven day. in fact high today 82 degrees which is a couple degrees above the normal of 8o your record high 97. today's low 68 degrees. the numbers are right on either side of 07 degrees right now with the exception of millville and pine barons a clearer sky dropping that temperature. last hour to 65 degrees. the satellite and radar we've got southerly winds that will be pumping in tomorrow and out
10:18 pm
of the southwest ahead of the cold front. you can see to the north and west. a few light showers and central parts of pennsylvania holding together. maybe give it a couple of sprinkles late tonight but overall we will be watching the front with the threat of the few storms tomorrow afternoon. but as you wake up tomorrow morning, you head to work and school, a lot of clouds work some sunshine out there, 68 at 6:00 o'clock, 70 at 7:00 o'clock. by 8:00 o'clock we will touch that 07-degree mark. we will have a decent amount have of sun once the morning clouds burn off. by 4:00 o'clock cold front arrives from the west. you can see this is not a solid line of storms, so it will be very scattered, as it pushes through, during the afternoon and into the evening hours. in fact, the storm threat begins in the afternoon, to the north and west reading 86. downingtown 86. quakertown tomorrow 85 degrees. the right around philadelphia, glassboro, wright the town down to middletown, warm and humid. storms will come a little later on in the afternoon in
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some communities. they will be very hit or miss, and then same thing for sure, breezy, muggy but storms will hold off until latter part of the evening hours. cape may 83. dover 88. speed well topping off at 86 degrees. shirleen when we come back with the seven day forecast we will talk about a big drop in temperature, brian, as well, and you will see some real fall-like temperatures by the weekend. >> all right. >> okay. >> adam, thank you very much. it is wednesday, that means you know what we're already looking forward to next eagles game. >> yes, we are. ducis roger is live in the "action news" sports center with a first look at sports tonight, hi ducis. >> hi there shirleen and brian. unfortunately we are talking about injuries. for a unit that is big, and beefy eagles offensive line is suddenly very thin. two of the five starters will be out for monday's game against the indianapolis colts. andrew gardener and dennis kelly will be fill ins. they will fill in at right tackle and left guard due to injure to evan mathis anal even barber. today lineman have face in
10:20 pm
their new line mates. >> i'm very confident regardless of who is in there. we have good players waiting to get a chance. two offensive line has played great all season and they are guys familiar with the offense. >> we will do what we do. we will not change nothing. they have been here the whole time. they know the offense. they know is what at stake. >> eagles monday night in indy, six abc and phl, 17 have you covered. count down to kick off, all of the action starts monday at 8:00 p.m. here on phl17. to the phillies, is there a hit parade going on at citizens bank park. only problem is it is pirates doing all of the hitting. jerome williams gets lit up in the fifth inning. he gives up four runs and five innings. andrew with the big blow in the fifth. this goes for an inside the park home run. the pirates bang out 13 hits and phillies lose this game, six-three. coming up next half an hour phillies interim president pat gillick address those rumors
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demonstrators in ferguson, missouri plan to block part of busy interstate to protest the killing of michael brown.
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they were warned to stay away, and when some didn't, they were arrested. it is latest round of protest since unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a white police officer last month. darren woodson has not been charged in the brown's death which is fueling protests like this one. controversial toronto mayor rob ford has been admitted to the hospital now. officials say ford had been complaining of stomach pain and tests show that he had a tumor in his ab. ford just return to work in june after completing a stint in rehab. he admitted to using crack cocaine while in a drunken stooper. want to get moms across the region educated about football safety for their kids. more than 200 mothers took part in the safety clinic at the novacare center. they learn about proper equipment, concussion awareness as well as heat and hydration. our very own jamie apody moderated a panel on the topic.
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fifty-three lovely contestants vying for miss america crown were judged in the preliminary competition in atlantic city tonight. miss kansas won the talent portion and miss oklahoma won for lifestyle and fitness. on the stage miss rhode island who fainted yesterday, from a bought with dehydration. and, coming up, at 10:30 a crook hits a check cashing store, and you won't believe what he got away with, this evening.
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plus woman says she was roughed up by security team at harrah's and she has video to prove it, stick around to see this altercation, go down. to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator. this is crazy i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - upload speeds as fast as your download speeds join now at verizon.
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if you are just joining us at 10:30 here are the big stories we are covering on "action news" at ten on phl17.
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>> president obama says the united states will expand its offensive against islamic state militants. during a prime time speech he announced he is authorizing military strikes in syria now, that declaration intensifies, u.s. efforts to confront extremist group that is over run parts of iraq and syria and recently beheaded two american journalist. for ray rice saga a law enforcement official says he sent video of rice punching his then fiance in the elevator to an nfl executive three months ago. that person even played a 122nd voice mail from april, in which someone confirmed the video arrived. commissioner roger goodell sent a memo to all 32 teams saying he never saw the video until it was posted on tmz on monday. revel casino says that the developer willing to buy it for 90 million-dollar cash. that two $.4 billion casino closed its doors last week. before that, sale can take place it need to be approved
10:31 pm
by a bankruptcy judge and it is in the clear whether the proposed buyer plans to use it as a casino. we've got several new stories tonight at 10:30 a gunman got away with $31,000 tonight and philadelphia police are trying to track him down. man robbed don's check cashing around 7:30. in the 1200 block of east hunting park avenue. suspect was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans at the time. no one inside was injured. chopper six also flew over this two alarm fire in trenton, new jersey tonight. you cane smoke coming out of the roof of this home on north overbrook avenue. fire started around 7:00 but was knock down by eight. no one was injured here either and fire fighters have not yet told us how this fire started. excuse me. security force at harrah's casino in atlantic city is once again in the spotlight. a 26 year-old nurse says she was roughed up two years ago and it is all captured on tape. amy walsh spoke out,
10:32 pm
surrounded by her legal team. she was at harrah's in atlantic city for her cousin's party. the cousin is legally blind there were six girls sitting at a vip table by the pool, three of them were blind and they all asked to sit together. walsh says that as the night went own bouncers at the hotel told them only five people could sit at the table and that when the altercation started. twenty-six year-old says that she was brutally beaten, grab by the throat and pinned to the wall. >> it was brutal. i really did fear for my life in that moment, i didn't know why i was being treated the way i was, what i could have done to be treat that had way. >> you would think that harrah's security, board of directors of caesars would want to know what is going on? lets look at our surveillance video? what the heck is happening? >> walsh says she was ashamed to talk about what happened until others began to share their stories.
10:33 pm
there are nine lawsuits against harrah's citing excessive force. a six two-year old cherry hill, new jersey man was arrested after police say he arranged to meet an under age girl for sex. the 14 year-old he allegedly thought he was talking to on line was really an under cover officer. officers arrested thomas mcgregor yesterday, when they say he showed up at an undisclosed location in mount holly to meet that teen. investigators found vodka and condoms in his car they say, mcgregor was book in the burlington county jail and his bond was set at $07,000. vineland police say this man is responsible for a deadly hit and run. twenty-nine year-old juan cruz garcia surrendered to police earlier this morning. detectives say he was driving a white pickup truck, when he hit and killed 49 year-old air manned owe lopez last month. it happened near intersection of delsea drive and landis avenue. authorities credit police work and a tip from a confidential informant for a break in this
10:34 pm
case. some cabdrivers in south jersey tell us that they fear for their lives. they have had guns pointed in their face, and now they are helping police find the thugs. since june 4 drivers from vineland yellow cab have been rob. bloodies still on the seats of the most recent victim. >> he hit he mountain head right here, right here and all over my face. within guy had a big shotgun. he put the gun on my ear, too bad, sitting in the back, he said give me all of the money. >> reporter: did you think you were going to die? >> yes, i think report. >> police say they are aware of is what going on and that it is a regional problem. vineland is working with other departments to try to find and arrest the most violent thugs in the area. montgomery county boy scout troop marked 13th anniversary of 9/11 attacks with the flag tribute. they planted american flags along the tookany creek parkway tonight. flags were placed between
10:35 pm
jenkintown road and central avenue. each flag symbolizes one life that perish on that dread full day, 13 years ago tomorrow. meteorologist adam joseph joining us tonight. >> you want summer feeling back for a day or so. >> yes. >> monday. >> whatever we can get. >> yes. >> as we take a look right now live on sky six we have atlantic city sky line there you can see ferris wheel on the steel pier, still a glow, late this evening, and a little warm down the the shore and turning muggy overnight tonight as we look at the accu weather live line up, looking at double scan live, present temperatures and that front pushing east to chicago, and moving in the eastern part of the ohio valley and set to arrive here, tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. but double scan live we're dry around the region but looking to the north and west near harrisburg green on the radar, a few light showers pushing ahead of that front that will spill more in the way of clouds our way and maybe a
10:36 pm
couple spotty showers or drizzle will late tonight in the lehigh valley and poconos. otherwise everyone basically between 66, 67, 68 degrees to the north and west and in new jersey, and delaware, we're cooler in the pine barons, 63 hammington. vineland 65. woodbine 65. warmer wet's long the shore because of the ocean temperature of 74, and upper 60's throughout the state of delaware. here is the front, that front is pretty powerful, brought severe weather earlier today in parts of the ohio and indiana, that is pushing to the east but much of this will be begin to fall apart as it pushes closer toward the mid-atlantic. so ahead of it we have a surge of southeasterly wind. 88 degrees. feeling like lower 90's and we will watch for a chance for some scattered late day thunderstorms. in fact at 4:00 o'clock you can see the line, again, not the a solid line and very thin and pep erd throughout the region. if you get hit by these storms they will have heavy rain witt, maybe gusty wind but not everyone will see it,
10:37 pm
by 5:30 right around philadelphia to wilmington and off the coast quickly by 8:30 and as you can see we are clearing the sky to the north and west behind the front. what to expect with these storms in they are scattered, locally up to 2 inches of rain. could cause ponding on the roadways during time of rush hour tomorrow evening and even some isolated damaging wind. then on friday, lots of sun, refreshing northeasterly wind with a temperature, topping off on friday below average and only at 78 degrees. in the lehigh valley tomorrow 85. clouds and sun, with that afternoon thunder storm, likely in spots. down the the shore tomorrow most of the day is dry, warm and hot. 84 degrees with the chance of evening thunderstorms. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast 88 tomorrow. some storms in the region in the avenue. humidity drops. bright sun friday. seventy-eight. saturday begins with a lot of clouds through most of the day, a few afternoon light showers of 72 degrees and then we can even winner is sunday
10:38 pm
at 74 and as we go through beginning and middle of next week most of the days are dry with the exception of tuesday, first some showers and then temperatures below average, only in the mid 70's, where we should be around 80 degrees. fall is trying to race in here guys. >> yes. >> it will be a few more. >> okay good. >> adam, thanks very much. still to come a man sleep walks off a cliff and lives to tell bit. you won't believe how far he fell and hear from him after the break. check out this high flying, we will take to you open night of the cirque du soleil new show in philadelphia a.
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bodies of five young missing children from south caroline after been found in alabama. their dad, admitted to murdering them. investigators say timothy jones traveled three states with their bodies, in garbage bags and then dumped them on a rural dirt road. the kids ranged in age from one to eight. last saturday police in the mississippi pulled him over. they say he was under the influence carrying meth making chemicals and there was blood in his car. that is when he confessed. police don't know motive but jones neighbors say there had been concerns about the children's well-being before.
10:42 pm
>> he was walking around filthy, i think they wore the same clothes. winter came, they didn't have coats on running around in shorts and all. little boy always had diapers hanging down to the ground, full of dirt. >> police say they still don't know how the children were killed but father had custody but it was their mom who. >> reporter: ed them missing after she could not reach their ex-husband. a camping trip in kentucky turned catastrophic but the ending is down right unbelievable. friend of ryan campbell said they watched in horror as the 27 year-old got out of his hammock abe sleep wall over the edge of the cliff. he fell 60 feet straight down in pitch dark conditions, and rescuers scrambled to get down to them and when they did. >> i was pretty shocked that i could not really find any injuries. >> i was sure i was dead, and i -- or at least severely messed up. you don't think you are going to fall that far and walk away
10:43 pm
from it. >> campbell did just walk away with just minor injuries. rescuers say they think he landed in a small bush which cushioned his fall enough to save him, and campbell says he has in plans to go camping anytime soon. >> i don't blame him. it was opening night for cirque du soleil's verakai at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. this tribute to the spirit and sole of circus tradition, opened to a packed audience. fans witnessed breathtaking performances as 60 of the best acrobatic athletes from 18 different countries, took to the skies. verakai runs through sunday and ticket are still available. employees at the taj mahal get promising news, why the casino might not have to close its doors in november after all. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team to get morning's top news headlines, weather and traffic at 4:30 a.m. only on six abc.
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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so when we heard singing to plants helps them grow better our farmers had an idea ♪ farmers singing every tasty tomato
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vine ripened, hand selected ♪ sabra salsa made with love made fresh lights will stay on at trump taj mahal at least for now. bankruptcy judge ruled that the casino's parent company can continue to operate, using cash, loaned to it by billion air karl icon. in addition, the judge ruled that the company can continue
10:47 pm
to pay its employees and vendors while it works on a debt restructuring plan. yesterday employees received notices warning them that layoffs are a possibility. trump entertainment resorts filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday and will close november 13th fit is unable to stabilize its finances. as we mentioned earlier, a florida developer has offered to buy revel casino which closed last week for $90 million. a bankruptcy judge must still approve the cash deal with thousands of casino workers out of the job, they flock to the convention center to day with the hope have of finding new employment. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim has the story. >> reporter: former casino workers line up to get inside a job fair today at the the atlantic city convention center. >> it helps, it helps, and we are get ago lot of resources here. >> motivate me. that is why i'm here. i come out good. >> i'm always positive. >> reporter: four casinos have
10:48 pm
closed so far this year leaving thousands trying to figure out what to do next. new jersey lane or and work force development organized this job fair to help workers connect with potential employers. this job fairies largest one so far by the state, 60 employers and more than 1500 potential job openings, some here in ac, others further away. >> it is no question it is a tough situation, decades in the making and it all hit the fan at same time were four casinos. >> reporter: while some are looking for work outside the casinos, others hope to roll role dice again. >> would i like to stay in the casinos, they pay better but if i have to go, i have to go somewhere else. >> they open, they close, they stay open, they close. >> hopefully we get something. >> reporter: state of new jersey has set up a web site job search where you can search for jobs on line, they have a specific tab with jobs within a 50-mile radius of atlantic city. in atlantic city, eva pilgrim
10:49 pm
for "action news" at ten on phl17. 5 million g mail addresses pass words appeared on a russian forum today but google says tonight its servicer were not breached, instead it is a collection of pass word exposed in previous attacks. guying it does not know if the list is even authentic but warning affect users to take steps regardless to protect their account. this includes creating stronger pass words, and using two step awe then case. it is time for sports tonight. >> ducis rodgers live at the big board, ducis. >> hi there shirleen and brian ask any football coach at any level and message will be the same. game is won up front along the lines. eagles o line is not as good as it was a week ago but confidence remains. due to injuries evan mathis and adam barber, they signed wade smith for depth. andrew gardener will likely start at right tackle monday night begins the colts. dennis kelly will get nod at left gar.
10:50 pm
gardener and kelly have limited experience. >> just do what you can to be ready. so i'm going to prepare like i have to, if i am going to start. you know, i'm excited. >> communication is key and you know, we have to be on the same page with everybody else. >> eagles and colts monday night, six abc and phl17 have you covered. first up pregame special count down to special followed by the game itself. action starts monday at 8:00 p.m. here on phl17. a day after nfl commissioner goodell said no one from the league has seen that ray rice elevator video before this week, a law enforcement tells the associated press that he sent the video to an nfl executive some five months ago. nfl says it is lag into the matter, also tonight ray rice is getting support from former teammate and current eagles carry williams. >> i know that ray rice made a mistake. i necessity him as a man, as a
10:51 pm
teammate, as a friend and what he showed in that tape was not him. i have been there. i have lost my temper. i have said things that i have regret. i have done things that i regret now. i was granted a second chance at life. i think we should do the same with this guy. >> to baseball now barring a miracle phillies will miss the the playoffs for third straight season. naturally speculation surrounding reuben amaro's job status continues. jamie apody asked president pat gilllick the question point blank. >> will ruben be back next year. he is under contract through 2015 and absolutely he will be back. but no, he will definitely be back. >> phillies and pirates tonight, phillies up three-two when jerome williams gets hit hard. andrew will hit the rare inside the park home run. he has 23 home rips this
10:52 pm
season. >> wow. >> too batters later, russell martin hits a home run the conventional way. pirates had 13 hits. phillies lose six -three. big cue for jay wright and villanova jaylen brownson has chosen the wildcats. 6-foot one guard is considered a top 25 recruit, he averaged 21.5 points per game last season, as a junior. that is sports. >> ducis, thank you. update now to that tiny tip eagles player, lesean mccoy left while dining at pyt in northern liberties. now another celebrity is stepping in and helping out the waiter. check out this receipt posted on the restaurant's facebook page. it appears mccoy left 20 cents tip on a $62 bill. mccoy reportedly felt he was mistreated inside the restaurant. well to day charlie sheen tweeted that he is pledging $1,000 to rob the wait shore was stiffed. he said just want to help with
10:53 pm
the hash tag no judgment.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
what is going on with weather. >> you know what it is like tomorrow morning. >> of course. >> welshing we will take a look at the forecast as we head out the door, you will see temperatures between 68 and 07 degrees, clouds and some sun and it will feel more humid when you step outside tomorrow morning for that
10:56 pm
summer humidity is back along with the humidity will come heat in the afternoon 80 degrees at 11:00. eighty-four at two. eighty-seven at 5:00. watch for scattered storms some could be on the strong side in the afternoon but not everybody, will see them, guys. >> that is is what up. >> that is what is up. >> thanks, adam. >> well, in florida a woman is hoping to kick start a new fashion craze, dog hair. she's trying to raise 15 grand on kick start tore start a business where she turns dog hair into high end purses. she takes dog fur from the groom their would normally go in the trash, sterilizees it and turns tonight to yarn. it takes her 50 hours to make one purse. >> they are not cheap. >> they go for a thousand dollars a bag but she hopes to lower the cost if she goes into mass production. so, there you go. >> how about this, who says cats and dogs can't get along. check out this cheetah and her puppy pal. they both live in the san diego zoo. cheetah recently needed surgery on her leg, you can
10:57 pm
guess who was right by her side through the whole ordeal. they have been inseparable since meeting when they were just a month-old and just check that out. >> i call that a perfect pair. >> yes. >> we thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten, modern family is next followed by friend. >> for shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers, we hope you have a great night. we will see you back here, tomorrow night.
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