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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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wednesday night, the list of nfl players accused of domestic violence is growing, again, another player has been arrested tonight. and a local layer is sending his personal fortune, $50 million, of it, to sure up drexel university's law school. but the big story on "action news" is breaking news, we have been following the story of an attack on a gay couple in center city tonight. we have learned new details about who was involved. >> "action news" reporter kenneth moton live at central detectives tonight and kenneth, one person suspect in the assault with an employee at a local catholic school,
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knit. >> reporter: that is right, brian, the philadelphia archdiocese just made that statement a moment ago saying that one of the people suspect in the attack was indeed an assistant basketball coach at archbishop wood in bucks county. they were notified tonight, and they also tell us he was not a teacher and he was fired this evening. meanwhile investigators spent the day interviewing people from that group as various police locations and including this one. >> would you like to say anything or do you have any comment about what happened that night. >> he has mountain been named as a suspect or charged with a crime but wednesday night we tried to talk to one of the men who was with this large group of suspected center city gay barbers. he is montgomery county attorney walk into central detective for questioning. >> the the investigation is in progress, we're cooperating with it. i think it would be wise to await the outcome of it. >> reporter: thursday night ten to 12 suspects severely beat and robbed two men at 16th and can't lor streets.
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police sources say it is important to get a clear picture of what happened which why is there has been no rest warrant for what philadelphia police called a hate crime. but we have learned a philadelphia district attorney's office says, that sexual orientation is not on the list of hate crimes, so the the attack cannot be prosecuted as one. some lawmakers have tried to change that in harrisburg but failed. >> just legalized marriage for homosexuals, and pennsylvania recently so, i mean we're not the that far yet but we're getting there i would like to think. >> reporter: police say social media played a major role in identifying these people, effort which resulted in the discovery taken at a restaurant near the scene. we now know this is a large party of old friend from archbishop wood catholic high school in warminster bucks county. the philadelphia archdiocese confirmed former students are suspect in the beating and made it clear that the school does not tolerate or conn down the violent and hateful behavior in this senseless
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attack. once again new developments tonight, philadelphia archdiocese says one of the men suspect in this attack work at archbishop wood asiana cysttent basketball coach. that person has been fired. also says they say we expect all those who worked with students in our schools to model pope eighth christian behavior, at all times. now we don't know how many people have have been questioned throughout the day or out of that group of 15. once again no arrests, no charges in this case. reporting live from central detectives, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> thank you for that update, kenneth. no arrest yet in the shooting that killed a man in chester tonight. police were called out to the 1100 block offhand cock street around 6:30. they found one man shot at that location, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. communities have come to a stand still in the section of rural, pennsylvania where the the hunt for a cop killer is intensifying. authorities are still looking for eric frein right now.
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meanwhile search continues, many are pausing and remembering corporal brian dickson. his viewing took place tonight. "action news"'s sharrie williams live at the belmont barracks where that trooper work for a time, sharrie? >> reporter: and brian, heavy hearts here where he once work and around the state, family, friend, even strangers came to say good bye to corporal dickson and to reflect on his life have of service. it was a show of support as thousands came to pay their respects to fallen officer brian dickson. mourners wore blue and black ribbonness honor of the slain pennsylvania state trooper. the public viewing with an open casket was held at merry wood university, among the the mourners were fellow members of the law enforcement from all over the region, there to support and remember one of their own. corporal dicksop was ambushed and killed on the ground of the state police barracks in blooming grove township near scranton during a late night shift change on friday. another trooper was critically
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injured. while many in the uniform mourned, others were on the clock. a heavy security presence was noticeable during the viewing a reminder that the accused shooter eric frein is still on the loose. >> eric frein has a long standing hate for law enforcement and government in general since at least 2006. >> reporter: police say frein was part of the simulation group that of reenacted history. >> in his current frame of mine frein now appears to have assume that role in real life. >> reporter: life violently taken at the age of 38, while law enforcement pledges to hunt down the killer. >> in the event you are listening to this broadcast on a radio, portable radio, while in some cold damp hiding place i want you to know one thing, eric, we are come for you. it is only a matter of time until we bring to you justice for committing this cowerly act. >> reporter: a vow to hunt for frein continues, funeral services for corporal dickson
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are set for tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. st. peters cathedral in scranton. dickson leaves behind a wife and two young children. live from wynfield heights, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right, sharrie thank you. in camden a woman's family cannot understand why anyone would savagely attack their loved ones. they joined camden county police in handing out flyers looking for the men who beat and raped a 54 year-old victim tuesday morning. >> so we are just asking from the family, you know, if you know who did this please step up. >> did they rob her? >> they didn't rob her at all, nothing. they beat her up for no reason. >> woman is homeless and 1500 block of mount evefram. she says at least four men were involve in the assault. there is a thousand dollars citizens crime commission reward in this case. well, a stretch of picture perfect weather is staying put for a little will while but tomorrow, we will look different from today.
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meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board with the first word from accu weather tonight. >> we have a nice string of wet are and that will continue through the upcoming weekend. temperatures will go up a little and then slam down and then we will recover them by the weekend. right now it is on the chilly side in the suburbs, 55 in allentown. double nickels on the board for lancaster. millville 56 degrees. the at shore one of the warmer spots because of the ocean temperature that is still very pleasant, and at 73 degrees. the satellite and radar we have some clouds early this evening. kind of playing off of that sunset, however there is a front off to the north and that front is now pushing south of the u.s. canadian border and not much in the way of moisture witt. just a few clouds passing through tomorrow, afternoon as a cold front progresses through. but for tonight we are mostly clear, comfortably cool. by the the morning 46 in allentown. forty-eight in reading. fifty-six in philadelphia. fifty in millville and between about 57 and 58 along the shore communities. but, behind that front that is
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pushing in from the north, note thinks winter chill where temperatures in some places are below freezing, and in fact poconos could see their first frost before the weekend. we will talk about this cool air that will be pushing in, brian, and also we will talk about the return of summer just before officially, exits the calendar coming up in that full accu weather forecast. >> just in time adam thank you. yet another nfl player has been bench tonight accused of abuse. late today arizona cardinals deactivated running back jonathan dwyer, he has been arrested on charges connected with two altercations at his home in late july allegedly he involving a 27 year-old woman and a 18 month-old child. the cardinals say they only became aware of this situation today. meanwhile minnesota vikings moved early this morning to ban adrian peterson from all team activities, that is as he deals with allegations of child boost of his own. that marked the change of course for the team which just
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yesterday reinstated that embattled player. >> we made a mistake and we needed to get this right. >> elsewhere, carolina panthers defensive end greg hardy will also in the play this weekend. he too is dealing with allegations of domestic violence. the head coach of the delaware state university women's basketball team has been rhea sign tonight, amid an ongoing investigation. university would not say if coach tameika lewis is the focus of have that investigation but a delaware newspaper received a copy of the letter detailing allegations of quote dehuman icing behavior to the players. she has been there since 2012. willingboro township police department has made an arrest in the theft of 12ipads from the school district. earlier today detectives a arrested, fedderi mitchell, mitchell works at the crisis intervention counselor as a district and has access to the
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ipads. police believe he act add loan. they have in the been recovered. crozer-chester medical center is getting ready to be without its nurses for five days stretch. nurses union announced a two day work stoppage beginning on sunday. then the hospital fired back with a three day lock out, to punish the union. today the the sides negotiated but did not reach an agreement. crozer has signed a deal with the private company now to fly in replacement nurses for those five days if needed. the union and hospital management have been in contract talks since april. and still ahead on "action news" tonight, a 50 million-dollar gift for drexel university's law school from one man. and, apparently bananas are good for more than a snack, a robber used one in the hold up, and yep, the whole thing is on video. toronto's marries known for defending himself from sensational headlines but tonight he is fighting for his life.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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drexel university school of law has a new name tonight and comes with the very generous gift. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has a look at how a local attorney is shaping his future for lawyers, for generations to come. >> reporter: one of the largest gift ever to a u is s
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law school drexel university tonight renamed it law school after renoun trial lawyer tom kline. >> this is, a proud day for me. >> kline of the law firm kline and spector one of the top law firms announced he was giving drexel 50 million-dollar to make his law school among the best in the country. >> we have a great heritage and we have a great institution, and we have already a great law school to build on. >> reporter: what do you do with 50 million-dollar? >> you can invest in scholarships, you can invest in fact all the. >> reporter: included in the gift is iconic beneficial building at 12th ape chestnut that will be home to the institute for child advocacy. the announcement put latest major moment for drexel which has been growing by leaps and bound next to the neighbor the university of pennsylvania. >> i think now we stand side by side with the university of pennsylvania, which is a great and proud university. >> reporter: kline is a graduate have of duquesne university law school. how do you think duquesne feels right now? >> but he sits on drexel's game of trustees and board of
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advisors to the law school. interestingly kline taught sixth grade in the hazelton school district before changing careers and going into law. winning millions for his clients. >> i have been very, very blessed. >> reporter: kline says he has high goals for this law school. >> i want to see that young people have the opportunity to grow as lawyers, to be trained as the finest advocates in america. >> reporter: is there only one other thing he asked of future graduates of the kline law school. >> i just want one president of the united states out of the group. >> reporter: in university city, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. and now to the accu weather forecast on the heels of a picture perfect fall-like day. >> adam joseph tracking some change that he is may make us feel more like summer in that next few days. >> those folks who like summer are saying come on, give us a little bit before fall officially arrives, and you will get it this weekend. right now 75 is the high temperature in philadelphia. 3 degrees below normal of that
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78. low this morning a little bit on the cool side, much like what it will be tomorrow morning, 56 in the city and your record are is 44, and 94 degrees. right now beach haven 66 degrees, dover, at 61 but wilmington we have slipped to 59, 55 in lancaster, and trenton right now sitting at 60 degrees. temperatures across much of the lower 48 states feeling like fall. you can see all the way from raleigh-durham, st. louis, omaha, bismarck, 56 to 66 to 67 degrees. but south of that area there is some heat starting to build up, dallas to wichita, new orleans and upper 70's to 80's and some of that has to migrate to the east before fall officially pulls in. satellite and radar we're clear right now. we have had some cloud earlier but there is a front off to the north and we will see light showers working from the west to the east along this boundary. that energy stays off to the north but this front will slip through tomorrow afternoon but for tomorrow morning, the
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sunglasses again, partly sunny cool start, 56 at 6:00 in the morning and jumping up to 59 degrees by 8:00 o'clock and as we go region by region for your thursday, sun and clouds, very comfortable north and west, 57 in reading. seventy-three downingtown. up in allentown lehigh valley 74. from wilmington to philadelphia to trenton anywhere between 74 to 76 degrees, mostly sunny tomorrow, some clouds with the front in the afternoon, berlin 75 and a light breeze at the shore and a summer beautiful day, if you are lucky enough to be down there, 74 cape may atlantic city. and dover topping off around 76 degrees. in that accu weather seven day forecast coming up we will talk about a cool down for friday but then let you know how long that summer heat that is going to return will last, brian in just a little bit. >> adam we will see you shortly, thank you. president obama reit ratted his stance on combat troops in iraq. he did so while speaking to
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troops in florida. >> as your common inner chief i will not commit you and the rest of our arm forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. >> right now the 1700 u.s. troops in iraq are split between a command center in the northern city of irbill and facilities in baghdad. in addition secretary of state john kerry testified on capitol hill today saying that the u.s. is organizing an international coalition to fight isis. american aid worker in infect with ebola is expect to make a full recovery. doctors treating rick sabre are optimistic he will be able to leave a nebraska medical center real soon. he contracted the potentially deadly disease while working in lie beer y he received an experimental drug for seven days. he was also given blood from a fellow doctor who battled the disease and recovered. and embattled toronto mayor rob ford has cancer. ford has been hospitalized,
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for a week with a tumor in his abdomen. a colon rectal surgeon at mount say any hospital describe the tumor as very rare, and very difficult. ford withdrew his reelection bid on friday as he under goes treatment. that move ended a campaign he persued despite a stint in rehab and calls for him to quit amid drug and alcohol scandals. time for our first look at sports tonight and a familiar face in a rival uniform. >> jamie apody is in for ducis rodgers tonight and she's live from the "action news" sports center. jamie, eagles next opponent includes a former teammate. >> yeah, i'll say so we know this guy. it is time to begin preparing for d jack, desean day. eagles begin prepping for redskins today and desean, of course. darren sproles name offensive player of the week after a career high 152-yard receiving in the dynamic performance monday night. so all eyes point to the first division match up, and eagles
10:20 pm
verse redskins and more of eagles verse desean jackson. >> we cannot make the game about the eagles verse desean jackson. we just can't worry about that. we have to go out and play a game and win the game. it is a division game. >> we have played together for five years. so it will be strange. i think one thing we have to understand is it is eagles verse redskins not desean verse jeremy or anything else. >> um-hmm. okay. desean did not even practice today still nurse ago this shoulder injury he suffer on sunday but have no fear he will be here. jackson tweet today i don't plan on missing this game. he also texted shady mccoy that he he will play. >> i pride myself on missing any games and preparing myself in anyway i can to help my team. when it comes time for a game i will do everything i can to give myself prepared and ready so crazy to see him in another uniform here. phillies just underway in san diego tonight.
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on health check at ten tonight researchers looking for a possible connection between post traumatic stress disorder and over eating. in examining 50,000 women they found those with the most symptoms of ptsd, one in five, also reported having a food addiction. as compared to just 6 percent of women with no symptoms of ptsd. researchers say this is a remine their psychological stress does effect, physical health as well. it is that time again when people say good bye to their locks in exchange for supporting a worthy cause. home wood sweets hosted saint baldrick's foundation signature head shaving fund raise tore day this man was within of 20 who volunteered to go bald for the sake of childhood cancer research. the family friendly event also had tons of activities, and games, to enjoy. the shops at liberty place was a buzz tonight with all things fashion, and beauty. whether you like it long or
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short, pixy or bouncey models rocking the the latest hair style strutted down the runway tonight. annual fashion fest brought out the cities top salons and design tours give us a look of fall from head to toe. the event honors philadelphia's growing fashion scene.
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here are some stories we are working on right now you'll see next at 10:30 tonight. we will tell you which toy is
10:28 pm
being banned in atlantic city and move lawmakers hope will catch on across the country. controversy in the pennsylvania legislature has cats, dogs and pigeons on the mind of top lawmakers. wait until you hear this
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if you are just joining us
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at 10:30 here are big stories we are covering on "action news" at ten on phl17. >> high school coach suspect in the beating of a gay couple has been fired from his job, tonight. just a short time ago we have learn he work at archbishop wood in bucks county. two men were beaten by a large group last week in center city. no arrests have have been made but police have started to talk to members of a group caught on this surveillance tape. this evening, there was a memorial for corporal brian dickson, the pennsylvania state trooper who was shot and killed last week, the manhunt continues for eric frein, the man investigators say killed him. another nfl player is facing domestic abuse allegations right now, arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer was arrested today on aggravated assault charges in connection with two incidents at his home, involving a woman and their 18 month-old child. dwyer has since been deactivated. new tonight, atlantic city officials have voted to ban the sale of toy guns.
10:31 pm
while the the just for play some of them look extremely realistic, and have even been used in crimes. that is why police are trying to get them off the street. toy gun ordinance passed just a few hours ago, banned the sale and possession of an imitation firearm, unless it is a bright color, clearly indicating that it is in the real. one council member says he has gotten calls from philadelphia and d.c., he hopes the idea catches on. also new at 10:30 tonight a man is recovering right now after being shot by a delaware state trooper. shortly before 3:00 the trooper was sent to a home on jidith road in heartly kent county for a welfare check. at some point the man and trooper got in a altercation and she fired her gun. the suspect was air lifted to christiana hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the trooper was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. an eight year-old's death is being called a tragic accident in west philadelphia
10:32 pm
little girl opened the screen at her bedroom window this morning, investigators say she was looking out when she fell nine stories to her death. the screams of her 11 year-old sister could be heard all throughout this building a at fourth second and locust. their father ran down the the stairs but not in time that little girl could not be saved. so forget a gun tonight police are looking for a man who held up a grocery store with a about a nan a thinks surveillance video from the grocery store on poplar in mantua. if you look closely you can see the is suspect grab a banana and stuff tonight his shirt. he wanted to it look like a gun. he then demanded money and cigarettes from the clerk. the is suspect took off in a bike. tonight we are still waiting to find out what caused this truck to catch on fire. chopper 6hd was over philadelphia international airport this morning. we are told a u.s. airways express catering truck caught
10:33 pm
fire near a maintenance facility. it was extinguished within 30 minutes. a new candidate launched his bid to be the next mayor of philadelphia today, this morning ken trujillo announced his can dayscy for next may's primary. sixty-four year-old attorney and leader in the latino community once served as city solicitor and former federal prosecutor. he said that education is the seminole history issue of our time, former nutter administration official announced her candidacy this month. a familiar face to most philadelphians will be soon back in the political arena former district attorney lynn abraham is planning to enter the mayor's race in 2015. spokesperson for abraham says she will probably make a formal announcement sometime in november. lynn abraham of course was city's d.a. from 1991 to 2010. before that she held a variety of jobs in philadelphia government. philadelphia has never had a woman serve as mayor.
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meteorologist adam joseph joining us tonight with the accu weather forecast. one day we cannot complain about. >> not one bit. >> you will finally get your taste of sum they are coming weekend but it will be very short. little bit so to speak. as we look at the accu cam in center city on south broad street. you can see city hall a glow in the backdrop and then you know what these have have been some beautiful nights if you are able to dine outside. we are looking at accu weather live line up, looking at double scan live radar. those present temperatures northwest and southeast and satellite and radar whether it is a front pushing from the north. double scan live radar showing nothing going on. quiet upstairs. the numbers north and west, market street down to 53. tannersville down to 45 degrees. quakertown, 50. pottstown 55. saint david is 53. kenneth square 53 degrees. this is around the fourth night we have had these really cool temperatures, already by the 10:00 o'clock hour. a lot of five's on the board
10:35 pm
from glassboro, vineland, hammington, bridgeton, hockessin delaware and warmer right along the the shore. you don't go far inland to the shore, or you get a big jump in temperature and it is because of that ocean of 73. trapping some of the heat right near sand and the boardwalk. satellite and radar high pressure in control. clouds have fallen apart there is a front to the north. most of the energy is slipping over northern new england but behind that front temperatures aren't anywhere near fall. it is more like winter right the now in the eastern part of the canada around the hudson bay, this will be pushing to the south, we will moderate, temperature wise but we are still going to feel that fall feeling so to speak so you can see cooler temperatures and contour is here but as we get through friday high pressure comes in with that front. we are talking about a deep freeze and western new york all the way into northern new england with temperatures in the 20's. we will be at 61 degrees friday morning. high pushes east, winds wrap in from the northeast keeping
10:36 pm
it cool in philadelphia 70. fifty's in new england and high retreat, cold front arrives from the north and west and that will spike temperatures by the weekend back above normal in the upper 70's to lower 80's. the as we look at the the forecast in the lehigh valley tomorrow, temperatures will be around 74 degrees. chilly start but partly sunny. heading to the shore nice day down there as well. light breeze. decent sunshine. just a few clouds at 75. ape there could be rip current if you are at the shore because we have hurricane well off the coast sending some large swells along the the shoreline. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast 76 tomorrow and slightly cooler behind that front on friday. seventy-one in the city but it will struggle to get out of the 60's in the northwestern suburbs. we will jump the temperatures for last week even of summer 78 saturday. morning cloud. giving way to sun. eighty-three on sunday for the eagles. the transition day machine with a few showers of 77 and first official day of fall
10:37 pm
tuesday is cooler, at 70 and rosh hashanah begins sundown wednesday with mighty fine day on wednesday at 71 as well. >> thanks, adam. don't mess with momma, this is one amaze would go man right here, she for the off a purse snatcher and gave birth all in the same day. you've got to hear about her brave story. plus a stroller rolls on to the train tracks and what police say parents were doing leading up to the moment their little one needed rescuing.
10:38 pm
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terrifying scene played out in australia over the weekend. it is video you have got to see. watch as this baby stroller rolls off the platform and on to the track. according to reports the parents of the toddler were drunk at the time, you can see several good samaritans helping the child, and who suffered minor injuries. tennessee daddies facing charges after police say he forced his teenage son to drink, until he passed out. thirty-five year-old man was reportedly trying to teach the 15 year-old a lesson after he caught him with alcohol. but that is not what police say dad was drunk too and
10:41 pm
started fighting with people in the home who tried to make him stop. teen was hospitalized but has been since released. some critics might see a woman nine months pregnant as a easy target but one guy found out the hard way, don't mess with momma. the kristin thompson was putting groceries in her car when a man snatched her purse. she didn't think twice and ran after him. the suspect push her down and she has scrapes to proof it. kristin got up and continue after that man, and that is when she saw some friend playing basketball. they caught the crook and hell him until police arrived. the excitement didn't end there, kristin went into labor and five hours later her baby boy arrived. >> unaudible. >> in the hospital, all of the nurses loved him. >> kristin says that she asked the crook why he pick on her that day. he did not have a response. >> wrong woman.
10:42 pm
apple releases its new operating system, what you can expect from ios8. pigeon is a cross the state are flying high are tonight why they don't to have fear for their lives, anymore. don't forget to wake up with the a "action news" team get morning top news headlines weather and traffic starting get morning top news headlines weather and traffic starting at 4:30 a.m. only
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a controversy in the pennsylvania legislature has cats, dogs, even pigeons on the mind of top lawmakers. >> they must decide if protecting cats and dogs is more important than a tradition, that gun rights advocates want to protect. "action news" reporter walter perez has the store friday reading. >> reporter: this whole thing started after a small number of butcher shops across pennsylvania, started selling dogs, and the cat meat n response house bill 1750 designed to out law human consumption of common pets was quickly put together and flew through the house but when the measure went to the state senate an amendment was added calling for a ban on live pigeon shoots in pennsylvania as well. that attracted critics from
10:46 pm
the national rifle association, who say banning pigeon shoots will lead to further gun restrictions abe senate majority leader dominic pilleggi says when it comes to the nra you have to pick your battles. >> they are a powerful interest group national thely and in pennsylvania, that is not a piece of news or a revelation. >> reporter: animal rights groups every coming out in force holding a rally with think week in harrisburg in support of house bill 1750. one of the speakers was state senator daylen leach of delaware count hoy say pigeon shoots have no place in civilized society. >> this is just slaughter, it is barbaric and embarrassment to pennsylvania. >> reporter: damon morris from maine who also spoke at the rally say it is important to note banning pigeon shoots has nothing to do with gun rights but it has to do with cruelty. >> we are only state that allows this to happen, pennsylvania gaming commission said this is in the a sporting, this is in the hunting and this is not sport. what it is at the the end of the day is cruelty, animal
10:47 pm
cruelty, for fun and profit. >> reporter: animal right supporters say bills addressing live pigeon shoots in pennsylvania have been reintroduced every legislative session over the past 26 years. the current session end in less than two weeks and as of right new there is in plan on putting it up to a vote in the senate. for "action news" at ten on phl17 i'm walt youer perez. apple's new operating system has arrived. the it offers a handfull of new features including weather updates sports scores. answer phone calls on a mack. and third party keyboard on your iphone and ask siri what song is playing on the radio at any given time. you can share itunes purchases with your family, you need have to have an iphone four or newer to down load ios8 and available on every ipad, except first generation models. you may soon be able to satisfaction your star bucks craving, for a lower price and fewer calories. star bucks is said to be
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testing a fran chin owe mini, the 10-ounce blended coffee drink is cheaper and has fewer calories then the the 12-ounce tall version. star bucks is testing them in denver and houston and it is a coffee mini, it is the -- fit is a hit, it could expand to other market. you have heard the phrase happy wife, happy life. well, it turns out there might be some truth to this. researchers at rutgers found if a wife is happy she will go the the extra mile to create positive experiences for the couple study involves 400 couples married for nearly 40 years. researchers found husband rated their marriage slight thely more positive then their wife's. eagles fans are riding high after two straight wins, both incredible come backs. >> and jamie apody is live at the big board and jamie, i guess the the question is, can they keep this up.
10:49 pm
>> we sure hope they can, back to work, for birds. eagles are two-o and neither nick foles or shady mccoy has yet to play to their potential at all. guys who are really going to have to step up their game, this week defensive back. d-day is coming for the defense. desean day. their old buddy will be back on the field at the link. don't you think for one second that shoulder injury will side line him says shady mccoy. >> you know he is playing. first thing he will say is he is playing. we expect him to have a good game, at least to have a good game, try to. he is a good player but overall we win the game that is only thing that matters. >> we know what type of receiver he is, the strengths and weak necessaryes. as far as scheme wise we don't know, exactly. we have been watching it. we will get more in depth as the week goes but you know, it helps to go against him. >> jackson didn't practice today. that shoulder is still sore but he is tweeting that he is
10:50 pm
just fine and took to twit tore say i don't plan on missing this game. he texted shady mccoy that he is going to play. >> being in philadelphia my first six years and playing there, you know, accomplished some of the things i have accomplished to start my career was obviously a huge time in my life, huge part of the beginning of my nfl career. obviously it will be a huge game for myself and something i will always look forward to ever is since, with everything that went down the way it went down. >> after backlash from sponsors and charities, vikings reversed course and banned adrian peterson from all team activities until further notice. he will remain under vikings control and earn his regular salary until his legal situation is resolved. peterson's next hearing on child abuse charges is october 8th, but a child could take up to a year. unless he pleads guilty, he could be out the the rest of the season. phillies may have lost
10:51 pm
three in a row but seven of their last ten as well but cole hamels goodies against his hometown team. eight and two, with 15 career starts with the padres. guess what he is off to a good start in san diego again tonight. a couple of early strike outs, however, right now it is scoreless in the third, phillies and padres. umpire joe west was suspended for one game, without pay, for grabbing jonathan papelbon's jersey in the incident in which papelbon grabbed something else. he was suspended for seven games and fine as they booed him off the field. the umpire admit there had was a bet war i to handle the the situation. >> you put that very delicately. >> you are a word smith, thanks very much. philadelphia 76ers held open auditions for the season's flight squad, the squad performs high flying tricks and dunks at every sixers home game, being a member also requires interaction with the community by leading cheers, delivering
10:52 pm
birthday packs to fans and attending charitable events. group takes part in the team's summer basketball clinic. students at villanova university celebrated constitution day with a founding fathers volleyball game tonight. the teens hit the grass wearing wigs, t-shirts and said federalists and anti federalists. it commemorate formation and signing of the u.s. constitution by 39 men, in on this day, in
10:53 pm
know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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people are filling sandbags in arizona as they prior to get slammed by up to 5 inches have rain from tropical storm odial. the national weather service says heavy rain is expect across most of the state, and last week the remnant of hurricane norburt caused deadly flash flooding in arizona. tive rent version of the similar picture here nearly 2 inches of rain fell in springfield, in miss sure think morning making the morning commute rather treacherous. one driver got stuck in that retention pond but good news he somehow managed to get out of that truck. what a mess. how did he get in there in the first place is the question? grass is all around it. >> things that make you go um. >> exactly. >> we need rain around here, unfor the in a we will not see any but fortunately, it is a nice stretch, nice quiet one amounts we take a look outside tomorrow morning stepping out the door, with your little
10:56 pm
kids, as they helped to the bus stop 56 degrees at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. it is cool again. light jacket. 59 degrees at 8:00 o'clock in the morning and as we go throughout your thursday, sunshine will dominate, there will be a few clouds that develop during the afternoon. sixty-nine by 11:00 o'clock. 2:00 p.m. 73 ape at 5:00 o'clock 75 degrees. we are inching closer to a more typical day for this time of the year and again we will get around 80 degrees this coming weekend. >> boy, boy. >> all right. >> going outside. >> thanks, adam. holy canoli a bakery in manhattan is trying to make the world's largest can knoll i. we are talking 12 feet long, 350-pound and 50-pound of chocolate chips. >> wow. >> these bakers want to beat the current record which is 7 feet long and 150-pound. they already started baking the shell and this weekend they fill it, bucket by bucket. >> um. >> i love that thinks even a
10:57 pm
world record. >> my mouth is watering. we thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten modern family is coming up next. well, for shirleen allicot, adam joseph, ducis rodgers as well as jamie apody, i'm brian taff. have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow and we will see you right back here tomorrow night. >> dreaming about canolis. >> ♪
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
honey, honey, look, look. she's doing that thing with her jaw again. phil: poor kid. she puts so much pressure on herself. it's an obsessive-compulsive thing. i have read like 100 articles about it. where does she get it from? yeah, it's -- it's a mystery. i know. [ clicks tongue ] alex... honey, hi! hi, hi, hi. why don't you take a little break? mom, the test is tomorrow morning. i'm not taking any breaks. just a little -- oh, okay. she does that jaw thing every six seconds. it's like the hippopotamus at the miniature-golf place. ohh, i've bounced so many balls off those big teeth. it's all about the timing! luke! oh! [ laughing ] so close! stop it, you idiot! hey, hey, luke, go to your room. go on! she's got to eat. i did it out of love. go. [ chuckles ] look at her with the little harmonica.