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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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doing the things that i used to do normally before this ebb happened. >> wednesday night prosecutors change of heart will keep a mother out of jail as many wonder why she would be sent there in the the first place. and we are learning more, about a suspect in the gay couple attack that rocked center city. it turns out there were troubling signs in her past. and the the big story on "action news" is deluge that is on the way, and the brunt of it is going to get right in the way of your morning commute. >> as a result of the coastal storm and meteorologist cecily tynan is watching storm tracker six as it creeps this way, cecily.
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>> brian and shirleen, storm tracker six live showing we do have some rain now. this is not a deluge this is light rain, wilmington, baltimore, millville, atlantic city and all areas to the south report ago this light rain but the actual intense rainfall, with the coastal storm has not made tonight to our region just yet. storm tracker six live double scan, a wider view. as lou down here off the coast, that is some very heavy rain and that will be pin wheel nothing as we head through the overnight hours. even wider view showing you that the actual center of the storm is off the north carolina coast and this will be slowly moving up the eastern see game. that rain would be intensifying in the overnight hours, as that storm system gets close to us. future tracker is showing this is not what we want to see for the morning commute. 8:00 in the morning you can see all that red and orange. that is heavy rain that will be right over, the the delaware valley for the morning commute. this is definitely going to be
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a morning you want to how plenty of extra time. future tracker showing another problem with the storm system is the intense wind. at 8:00 tomorrow morning that storm will be very close to wildwood, and you can see the stream flows out of the east pushing in the water, win gusts atlantic city, 45 miles an hour at 8:00 in the morning. when you get that push of water it will cause minor tidal flooding at the shore. so your morning commute forecast, doesn't get much worse than this. it will be rainy, windy, i cannot stress enough to how plenty of extra time. we will be dealing with ponding of water on roads at 6:00, 59 degrees. by 8:60 degrees. we will talk more about details on the storm system when it moves out and have some really good news for your weekend in the accu weather forecast, shirleen. >> sound good, thanks. when weather changes stay on top have of it by logging on to the 6a wbc storm tracker six app. it is available on your apple and android devices freer.
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two people remain hospitalized following a shoot-out that killed one man and it happened in front of the school that was reacts of frighten parents who came running to the pan american academy charter school in north philadelphia today. police say the driver of that car there got in the shoot-out with a pedestrian on the sidewalk, the driver died, the pedestrian was injured, a third person was hit by that after i veered out of control. police don't know what touched off the shoot-out. all three suspects wanted for the attack on the gay couple in center city of surrendered to philadelphia police. tonight, arraignments were set for 26 year-old kevin harrigan, 24 year-old catherine knott and 24 year-old philip williams. as legal process plays out we are learning more about one member of the trio and what many are calling a history of questionable behavior. and "action news" reporter kenneth moton takes us from their life tonight at central
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detective, kenneth? >> reporter: hours after catherine knott was named as a suspect her twitter account went viral. tonight she has been suspended from her montgomery county hospital job and now even her police chief father is under the microscope. all three ara accused of a violent attack on two gay men in center city but as 24 year-old catherine knott who is getting most of the attention thanks to her very public twitter feed some tweet where is homophobic. >> i represent a young woman who has never been in trouble, coming from the wonderful family. she has a law enforcement background in her family. >> reporter: knott's attorney is talking about her father bucks county police chief karl knott, a lieutenant in abington township when his daughter tweeted about special treatment from her dad. one tweet claimed she went on a police raid and kick down a door in december of 2012. abington's police chief bill kelly says the young woman was on a legitimate ride along but the rest was false. as for the other tweets they also appeared not to be true.
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>> there is no allegation against any member of this police department that goes unresearch regardless of whether it ace none must or how it comes in we research it because we value the reputation of our police department. >> reporter: kelly spoke with other officers and even chief not the not and exemplary officer he has men for 30 years. >> he was an outstanding individual and i respected him tremendously and so did all of the members of the department. >> reporter: is there more trouble in the water for catherine knott who works as a er tech at lansdale hospital. ate percent she also tweeted patients x-rays from her job, a possible federal crime. abington health suspended knott and said it is investigating. as for that attack attorneys for the is suspect say it wasn't gay bashing but a mutual confrontation. >> with respect to how it escalated that is unfortunate but it only escalated after one of the victims struck one of the young girls in the face out on the street. >> reporter: knott and other two male suspects are expect to be arraigned sometime tonight. we contacted the chalfont boro
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where in the not's father is a police chief. an administrators say on the advice of legal council, no comment. reporting live from central detectives in spring garden tonight kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. shirleen. state police have performed a test on soiled diapers found in the area where they are looking for a killer in the poconos. they believed the diapers and empty packs of serbian branded cigarettes were left behind by eric frein. the search for him is in its 12th day, and there has been at least one sighting according to state police but he is still on the loose in rug he had terrain that has helped him remain hidden. frein is the lone suspect in the killing of the corporal brian dickson and wounding of a second trooper still in the hospital. a pennsylvania woman had the book thrown at her when pulled over in new jersey over the gun that she was licensed to carry. the problem is she was only registered in her home state. her punishment was heavily
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criticizedded. but as "action news" reporter dann cuellar reports the atlantic county prosecutor has done an about face and dann, the woman says ray rice case played a role in this. >> reporter: that is right, shirleen, the the prosecutor consulted with the attorney general's office, to clarify the law on allowing first time offenders to enter a no jail time program. now the prosecutor says it will no longer seek jail for a south philadelphia matter of two for merely carrying her gun across the bridge into new jersey. her legally owned gun. >> mommy is not going to jail. >> yeah, wow. >> reporter: reaction after 27 year-old shanein allen broke the news to her kids that she went go to jail after all for bringing her legally own gun into new jersey. she will now aloud to enter a pretrial intervention program. >> i don't to have wonder what is going to happen to them, now i know they will within me. >> reporter: after being
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robbed twice allen got a gun with a run to carry but she was later arrested in hamilton township new jersey after telling state trooper she had a gun and a concealed carry permit issued in pennsylvania. she said atlantic county prosecutor wanted to make an example and have her then in jail for a minute mum on have three years. >> scared me very much, telling me my maximum was 11 and a half years. i cried. i wanted to run out of there. >> reporter: single mother of two went on social media to tell her story. she pointed out that the state prosecutor was letting football player ray rice go without jail after being caught on tape punching and knocking out his wife but threatening to send her to jail. >> they are trying to tell me i had abused and hurt someone to get off and get a second chance, you know, i already did 46 days in jail. >> reporter: many were outraged, various gun rights groups, also got involved raising $60,000 for her defense. now the prosecutors, that had a change of heart after the attorney general's office
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clarified state law. >> i'm looking for this to be over so i can stop being so stressed and the point that hurts the most is not knowing what will happen to my boys. >> reporter: allen will be back in court tomorrow morning where a lawyer says the charges will be either formally dropped or she will aloud to go into the new no jail program, known as a pretile intervention program and face no jail time at all. we're live from penns landing, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right dann, thank you very much. it is now official the price of cigarettes just went up in philadelphia. that means an additional $38 million per year for cities public school district. the the superintendent, doctor william hite at his side governor tom corbett signed that cigarette tax bill today adding a $2 a pack sales tax to smokes sold in philadelphia. the $2 hike is in addition to
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the 1.60 excise tax leveed by the state of pennsylvania. it was a nice night for an outdoor celebration of the jewish high holidays. that is exactly what several people did in rittenhouse square this evening. they enjoyed a live concert and a traditional rosh hashanah a service, hosted by death em betties rail a synagogue located on 18th and spruce. the event was free and opened to the public. this full hour of "action news" continues with the word for apple users tonight. if you didn't get most recent upgrade you might want to be glad about that. a race car ledgend will keep his freedom, a grand jury has spoken about the deadly crash that killed a fellow driver. it is called a fantasy sword but it is behind veryal ts stationness berks county. reality star known as the situation has a serious situation on his hand, and could face years in prison.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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u.s. says arab allies carried out more air strikes begins is is target in syria. pentagon says a dozen sites were hit including an oil refinery that was generating millions of dollars a day for the islamic state. also hit was staging area used by militant to movie quip.
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across the border in to iraq. today's strikes came as president other bam a will rallied leaders at the united nation to get behind his military campaign to stamp out isis. nascar champion tony stewart will not face charges in that deadly tragedy on the race track last in month. a grand jury found there was no basis to change to charge stewart with the crime. d.a. says that kevin ward, junior, the driver stewart struck on the track was under the influence of marijuana which impaired his judgment. ward's family said late today that they will continue to quote, pursue all remedies. well, if you were planning to update the ios operating system on your i pad or iphone you can. complaint prompted april toll make it unavailable to solve some major issues. "action news" reporter sharrie williams has details with that tonight live at the big board, hi sharrie. >> reporter: this has been a big talker today, update is meant to fix problems but
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today it caused problems. of course, users took to social media to share their experiences. this operating system just came out last week and today was its first update to sort out some of the problems. instead some users say that things got worse. >> a number of people in the repair center. >> reporter: apple store in center city buzzing tonight, many are buyers, anxious for the new iphone six. others though are seeking help after their iphone or tablet started acting weird. >> i'm not getting text messages from everyone. >> i'm having so many problems. i need to order a new phone and i have to wait for that to come in. >> reporter: customers around the country says issues started after they down loaded ios update or ios8.0.1 which apple released to day. users complained that the new software shut their cell services down or fingerprint touch id feature was in the working so apple pulled the update. >> that is not what you want.
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>> reporter: she said she knew something was wrong as soon as she started to down load. >> it says 15 hearst for an update. i said that doesn't sound right. >> if i send text messages it says i'm receiving one. it is just doing weird stuff. >> reporter: apple issued a statement saying we are actively investigating these reports and will provide information as quickly as we continue, so stay tune, there will undoubted be another update to the update. meanwhile on another apple note, have you seen this piece of video. it is being called iphone been test. this was posted after a few report posted of their iphone six plus was bending after they left it in their front or back pockets during the day. iphonies made out of aluminum which is a soft metal but despite this bending the iphone six and six plus both received high ratings in a recent breakability test by square trade but apple has yet to comment on the bending
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situation as of yet. >> people who still have black berries will say we don't have those problems. >> thanks, sharrie. the company has just unveiled a new smart phone call the passport, yes, black berry has a passport. it is square and has a large screen and remains to be seen whether the phone will help black berry regain the prominence after apple and android phones were introduced. passport will be available to at&t customers by the the end of the year and $599 on amazon for a limited time. drexel university in west catholic has a brand new place to practice tonight. they will share a new synthetic feel located at drexel's athletic complex in west philadelphia. maguire field will give the university's athletic teams another weather resistant location. the west catholic high school's football team will also use that space. >> this is a dream of 24
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years, since 1989, west catholic high school has been without a permanent practice site for our games. >> the field was made possible by 1.5 million-dollar gift from the maguire foundation. new to the accu weather forecast. the as we await the arrival of some rain. >> a lot of rain, and coming with wind. meteorologist cecily tynan has latest on the the track and timing tonight, hi cecily. >> i will tell you, all this fall it has been dry, comfortable. of course, fall only started monday night but now things will change. satellite six with action radar showing we are seeing the clouds, light rain generally south philadelphia but the the actual center of this low pressure is well to the south. you can see we do have some heavier rain developing off the coast and this will be moving in the overnight hours. it is not the amount of rain we're getting but the timing during the the morning commute. win speeds right now are sustain wind out of the east 15 miles an hour at the atlantic city airport. wildwood 17.
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philadelphia 12. wind are intensifying as storm system gets closer. we will get wind off the ocean, from the east, the and piling up the water on the coast. because of that coastal flood advisory posted for high tides between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning for atlantic county and areas up in the north. we are not talking about major flooding but minor flooding. if you are in these area and you live near a place that typically floods when we have storm systems good idea to move your car to a place that doesn't flood because this will be problems for the morning. future tracker showing early part of the morning commute we will deal with heavy rain south of philadelphia, as we head to about 8:00 o'clock you can see this really fills in. so the the morning commute is going to be a wet, windy one. the good news is by lunchtime heavier rain will be north of philadelphia and all dissipates, lingering showers in the afternoon. so the evening commute on thursday will not be nearly as
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difficult as the morning commute. so the first storm of fall, heavier rain occurring between 1:00 o'clock and 10:00 o'clock in the morning. how many times have i said this now? a slow morning commute. don't be surprised by this. good idea to get out on the roads earlier and be very patient. good news it all tapers off in the afternoon. although a lot of people don't like rainy days, we could use the rain. we are coming off a very dry summer. we are looking at one to 2 inches of rain, not enough to cause any river or stream flooding, locally up to 3 inches. much needed rain. behind this system the the weather will be clearing out and warming up dramatically for the weekend. i'll have details on that for the weekend in the full accu weather seven day forecast, brian and shirleen. >> silver lining there, thank you. first check of sports tonight and questions about a top eagles performer. >> jeff skversky in for ducis rodgers. we're talking about lesean mccoy's somewhat slow start. >> shady off to a slow start and lesean mccoy, of course,
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eagles running back was top running back in the nfl last year. so far this year he is running 17th in rushing yard. what is the problem? good question. of course, injuries to the offensive line could be an issue. jamie apody has more on shady as he gets set to face san francisco. >> we do need to be more productive in the running game. >> chip kelly says an area of strength forbidder has become one that need work. >> i'm a competitor this game is made of people compete. it can get frustrating because you want to make plays and do what you are used to. >> reporter: last year mccoy had his entire line for the entire season this year they are held together by duct tape. good news eagles proved last week they can win through the air. the fact that the passing game is working should alleviate some of the pressure shady is facing. >> you got the best running back in the nfl, you should try to stop him. >> reporter: shady stats are eye opening through first three games last year he rush for 395 yards.
10:22 pm
this year only 175, on just few carries but only numbers that matter are in the standings. >> i can't be focused on this, just winning games. last year i jump out early but we were one and three. not too great feelings to have about that. >> one thing i necessity about lesean is he wants to win. >> if i'm pissed off we are in the running the ball as well, and we're winning what does that look like. i want to win. that is what is mess important. >> reporter: with the eagles jamie apody for "action news" at the ten on phl17. and mccoy coming up in the next half an her plus what the eagles are saying after the nfl said that hit on nick foles was legal, plus phillies, we are right back.
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the f.d.a. will update its black book label on the anti smoking drug chantix. that label the strongest from the f.d.a. which was first issued because it was thought users could suicidal behavior, agitation or hostility but studies found little evident that psychiatric problems or
10:26 pm
suicidal tendencies in patients. the situation, is really in a situation. this time, it is not with snooki, no, former jersey shore star mike the situation sorentino is facing tax fraud charges. three three-year old jersey shore cast member and his older brother were hit with a federal indictment for filing fraudulent tax returns on nearly 9 million in income. the two brothers pleaded not guilty at newark federal court
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getting a hole in one is hard enough, coming up at 10:45 meet a young golfer who has a lot to brag about she got two holes in one, for a whole in one. >> whole in one. >> in a single match. >> we will figure it out. there are new developments in the search for missing u.s.a. college student hanna graham, coming up at 10:30 we will tell but the big break cops got this evening. search is on for serial bank robber considered armed search is on for serial bank robber considered armed and d the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. search is on for serial bank robber considered armed and d the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest, ...baddest, ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest, ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. the best or nothing.
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if you are just joining us at 10:30, here are the big stories we are covering on "action news" at ten on phl17. two people remain hospitalized following a shoot-out that left one man dead. it happened in front of the pan american academy charter school in north philadelphia today. police say that the driver of a car, got into a shoot-out with someone on the sidewalk. that driver died. a third person was hit by a car after it veered out of control. all three suspects wanted for the attack of the gay couple in center city of surrendered to philadelphia police. twenty-six year-old kevin harrigan, 24 year-old catherine knott and 24 year-old philip williams are expect to be arraigned this evening. as for that attack attorneys for the is suspects say it wasn't gay bashing, it was a
10:32 pm
mutual confrontation. but we will begin tonight with an accu weather alerts. is cecily tynan in for adam joseph tonight. we have rain, win, we have a mess tomorrow. >> we do it is not a very strong system but fact that it is pulling in wind off the ocean, our first rainy morning we have had in about a in month now. >> that is right. >> it will impact the morning commute. storm tracker six live double scan showing what is going on right now. we have a new scan every 452nd and you can see how that light rain is now, reaching philadelphia in areas to the south. this is just the the appetizer to the main event. philadelphia right now, that very light rain as well. atlantic city, cape may, dover, and wilmington. this is all moving up from the south at center of the low pressure slowly creeps up the eastern see game. temperature wise, abe, slating ton 60 degrees. pottstown 62. warrington 62. center city 65 degrees. hammington, 63. boardwalk in atlantic city,
10:33 pm
68. glassboro 64. sea isle city 68 degrees. temperatures uniform due to the fact that the ocean temperature is 69 degrees. we will get wind off the ocean. it is pulling in temperatures in the 60's. pulling in lots of cloud cover and, starting to get the moisture involved. satellite six along with action radar is showing you have to look out to the atlantic to see is what coming our way. do you see that area of heavier rain. this is beginning to blossom this will be pushing in through the overnight hours. so future tracker is showing, tomorrow morning, 6:00 o'clock in the morning we have some heavy rain, generally around philadelphia, areas to the south and continue through about eight or 9:00 in the morning and then, all lift up to the north around lunchtime, and then it will be dissipating in the afternoon. afternoon it will be damp, drizzly, some showers, but really that heavy rain will be occurring in the morning hours, bad timing for the morning commute. the main impact with this storm system we are looking at one to 2 inches of rain, generally. locally close to 3 inches.
10:34 pm
not enough to cause any river or stream flooding but there could be some minor tidal flooding due to that easterly flow. wind gusts, windy morning, 25 to 35 miles an hour, inland, closer to the shore where we don't get friction on with the land, 35 to 45 miles an hour, and again, minor tidal flooding tomorrow morning generally atlantic county in the areas up to the north. so driving down the schuylkill tomorrow it is not going to look anything like this. it will be slow. it will be rainy and wind which ponding and water on the roads. temperatures on the cool side at 6:00 o'clock 59 degrees. by seven and 8:00 o'clock 60 degrees. we will be in the 60's all day long. it will be a raw, rainy, windy day, heavy rain in the morning, showers in the afternoon, 66 degrees, great day for indoor activities. friday though, storm system out of here. sunshine returns. 75 degrees. for the the weekend, wind shifting out of the south. that brings us a return of
10:35 pm
summer-like warmth. 81 degrees on saturday. is sunday more sunshine 82. monday we will hold temperatures in the 80's. 80 degrees. we will cloud up late in the day monday. and then tuesday, next cans of needing your umbrella cool with clouds. 72 degrees. wednesday, mostly cloud which a high of 70 degrees. so not good timing for the morning commute but the timing could be worse if this rain occurring over the weekend. we will get it in and out tomorrow, and weekend is looking beautiful. >> no complaints. >> don't mind that. >> thanks, cecily. new developments tonight in the search for a missing uv thea student, man last seen with her, has been arrested. three two-year old jesse matthew was pick up in galveston, texas. hes charged with abduction with intent to defile. matthew was the last person seen with hanna graham on september 13th. the 18 year-old vanish after leaving an off campus party. a patrol car was struck by
10:36 pm
a bullet in pemberton township. chopper 6hd flew over the scene around 3:45 this afternoon. patrol car was park at the intersection of lemon avenue and norcross lane when it was hit. the bullet struck the roof but thankfully didn't make its way inside the car, no one was hurt. tonight investigators don't know what prompted the shooting. a young man is dead after he was shot in the head tonight. right now police are looking for three men who ran from the scene, victim was shot around 5:00 p.m. in the 500 block of watkins street in south philadelphia. he was rush to the hospital but did not survive. at this time police say they don't know motive for this crime. pregnant woman and her unborn baby were gunned down in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. gunfire erupted just before 1:00 at 20th street and wednesday nedro avenue. 259 year-old victim was eight months pregnant. first responders were unable to save her child. second victim was hit in the back and the leg.
10:37 pm
he is in critical condition tonight. sources tell "action news" he is wanted for questioning in the homicide that happened on tuesday. tonight we've also got pictures of the man who robbed a bucks county bank this afternoon, investigators don't think this is the first time he has struck. take a good look at the suspect he wore a mask and gray wig to make himself look like an old man. around 2:00 p.m. he walked in the wells fargo branch in county line road and chalfont. he pulled out a gun and demanded money. he fired one shot, fortunately no one was her. investigators think this same man hit the bank on june 13th at the wells fargo branch on germantown avenue on june 2nd. the man is considered armed, dangerous, if you have any information, call the fbi, 215-641-8910. meanwhile investigators north of reading are looking for a young man who held up two gas stationness bethel township using something called a fantasy sword.
10:38 pm
police released these surveillance photos from red inner's quick mart sunday night. officers say same man used the same decorative knife which is used in costume role playing games to rob a gas station on friday night. if you recognize the suspect call the the pennsylvania state police. atlantic city's tropicana casino rolled out red carpet tonight for wounded warriors. more than 20 woundedded veterans and care takers arrived at the the resort for three days of events in their honor. service members stay is free of charge. all this is part of the announcement that atlantic city will be home to war fighters sports. that organization helps severely injured veterans by involving them in adaptive sports. new jersey governor chris christie made several stops throughout camden today. he was touting school and public safety programs. he caught up with him touring a visit at camden high football team. they have asked christie for new bleachers and a field house. governor says he plans to
10:39 pm
return one friday night, and watch these guys play. families ushered in the jewish new year tonight in north philadelphia congregation muchom celebrated rosh hashanah through several spirit songs this were performed by members of the temple's choir and traditional services follow. joan london shows off a new look today grazing the cover of people magazine bald. we have her story straight ahead. nsa leaker edward snowden is being honored wait until you hear why swiss are praising him and how they are planning to help him out. suspect in the boston marathon bombing wants his case, moved out of state, now a judge has spoken, these stories and more after the break.
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helper. make it yours. trial for accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will not be moved out of boston. federal judge denied that motion today. tsarnaev's lawyers argued their client would not get a fair trial there. authorities say that tsarnaev and his older brother set off two pressure cooker bombs in 2013, killing three people and injuring more than 260 others. tamerlan tsarnaev was kill in the the shooting. the trial begins, january 5th.
10:43 pm
a georgia father accused of leaving his toddler in the hot car will in the face the death penalty. justin harris was indict on eight counts in his son's death including felony and malice murder. harris's attorney called the charges excessive and said child's death was an accident. prosecutors announcedded that they will forgo the the death penalty at this time but did not elaborate on that decision. nsa leaker edward snowden is being honored. he is recipient of the swedish human rights award. according to his web site at ward is given for courageous and effective work, human rights, freedom of the press, civil liberties and combating climate change. foundation also says that it will fund legal support for snowden. the department of justice has charged snowden. he faces up to 30 years in prison. he is currently living in russia. up next, you'll meet one heck of a teenager with quite a golf swing this teenager
10:44 pm
pulled off a much bigger feat on the fair way. >> hole in one twice. don't forget to wake up at "action news" team get top news headlines, weather and traffic start agent 4:30 a.m. news headlines, weather and traffic start agent 4:30 a.m. only on six
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh a 16 year-old golfer is being cheered tonight after doing the seemingly impossible. hitting two holes in one, in a single match. she didn't even realize what she had done. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim has more on samantha stout, the only girl on the all boys team at coatsville high. >> reporter: there is no question 16 year-old samantha stout has a great golf swing, one of the top players on the coatsville high school varsity boys team, but yesterday, she did something that none of the boys have ever done. >> i hit it an it happened to be right at the pole and it just hit, and spun, and rolled 3 feet in the hole. >> reporter: not only did she get her first hole in one right here on the fifth hold at this golf club, in avon grove high school she got her second hole in one too, just three holes later. >> i was up there and i could not see anything.
10:48 pm
i guess it rolled off, i didn't see it. then the guy from the other team from avon grove went up and he looked in the hole and he put his arms up. how can i compete with this. this is ridiculous. >> been around golf a long time and every once in a while you'll see an article in the golf member who had two holes in one, but very, very rare. >> reporter: at the end of the round she turn in this score card her coach had to check his math before he realize exactly what she had done. >> she was just smiling. >> reporter: sam started playing golf after a chance meeting in an after school program in elementary school. >> who thinks they can throw a ball. her hand went up immediately. all right. let me see. so she threw one, and i could not believe what i saw. >> reporter: eric asked her dad if he could teach sam golf and the rest is history. >> sam should be an inspiration to all that it can be ton you just to have work hard. >> reporter: this pass summer she won state junior golf title and says playing with the boys definitely helps.
10:49 pm
>> i have to hit it farther but when i play begins gulfs i'm throwing it past them. >> reporter: several schools have have expressed interest in sam but she's an exceptional athlete so she has to decide if she wants to play softball or golf in college. in chester county eva pilgrim for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> what an awesome girl. former good morning america anchor joan london is bald and beautiful. check out her picture on the cover of the people magazine. london was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in june. london did the cover with no hair to quote try and help others and show women that it is not the end of the world. magazine hits stand, on friday, and boy she looks great. >> she does. >> it turns out eagles are still fighting mad over sunday's on the field fight. >> yes, jeff skversky is live at the big board with more on that, jeff. >> hi guys, you think you are confused about these nfl rules? hey even the eagles every confused a toss why that
10:50 pm
so-called cheap shot on nick foles is considered legal. coach chip kelly is in the too happy bit. kelly says it is his understanding redskins tackle chris baker blind sided fold on sunday but nfl says it was legal because whistle had not been blown, foles was in the vicinity of the ball and bake der not hit him in the head or neck. kelly plans to call the league about it. is players call it a dirty play. >> whatever the the nfl said it was legal, it is legal, you know, it is what it is. this is their game, we just play in it. i'm an employee. >> the way things have been going right now in the nfl you cannot be surprised. it is unfortunate they didn't see that it way but it is what it is. >> now what is up with eagles running back lesean mccoy. he is averaging 2.9 yards per carry this season, only three running backs in the nfl have been worse, shady, obviously not happy with his slow start. hopefully the real mccoy gets
10:51 pm
it going sunday in san francisco. >> i'm a competitor. this game is made of people competing. it can get frustrating because you want to make plays and do what you are used to and that is why the defense plays like that. it is a respect thing but still you really want to go out there and dominate. even though you want to go out there and play your best, you know and put the stats up and to all of the great things but we're winning games. that is what is important. >> short stop jimmy rollins remains out of the line up with that sore hamstring and were four games to go j roll makes a pint to say it would not be wise for him to play again. as far as next year j roll says he will be here. kyle kendrick may not. kendrick could be saying good bye not to his family but to his baseball family. it could be his final start tonight. kendrick has a career high three hit using ryan howard's bat, howard's bat doing work
10:52 pm
in the seventh, rbi double. first run in my am any 16 innings. comes from the pitcher. but he gives it backup bottom of the event, enrique hernandez the double. tied at one. the kendrick allows one run in seven innings. phillies retake the lead in the eighth. marlon byrd with the rbi single. jonathan papelbon returns for first time since that lewd gesture and makes eerie quip. adjustment right there and makes another save. nothing to mess with after this outing, phillies win two-one. it could that be final w for kendrick will be a free agent. >> a lot of memories here. i will miss, if it happens, i will miss my teammates first, you know, the fans, everything about the city, so, it was a really motional night. >> emotional. he spent eight years here won a world series, he grew up here, so if this is it, it will be a tough good bye. >> will be remembered here
10:53 pm
financedly for sure. >> thanks, jeff. packers quarterback aaron rodgers made a little girl scream, 12 year-old annie lost her twin brothers two years ago to cancer. she started a childhood cancer awareness project called gold in september. she thought she was doing an interview about when she got a huge surprise. >> oh, my god. >> well what do you think. >> do you want to knock on some doors. >> for three hours, the packers star went door to door, encouraging people to wear gold. this video has gone viral and viewed more than 240,000 times
10:54 pm
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cecily has one last look at the forecast tonight. >> storm tracker six live double scan showing that the light rain is here from philadelphia area to the south but it will be intensifying in the overnight hours, and future tracker is showing by thursday morning, we're looking at a general, one to 2 inches of rain, a few areas could get up to 3 inches and again, the bulk of this rain will be occurring during the morning commute, also dealing with winds, gusting up to 40 miles an hour at the shore. 30 miles an hour inland. so the morning will be messy and definitely encourage you to tune into "action news" at 4:30 tomorrow morning. david murphy and storm tracker six live will be working overtime. >> bright and early set the alarms.
10:57 pm
>> yes. >> get those umbrellas you have been warned. we thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten modern family is next, filled by friend. >> for shirleen allicot, adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and jeff skversky i'm brian taff, i have great night tonight, tomorrow and we will see back here tomorrow night. >> ♪ haley, hurry up!
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