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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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. sunday night, i'm walter perez, eric frein's family is talking. >> and ebola outbreak up spirz villanova university nursing students actionp. and the big story on "action news" is a little girl in critical condition after the family dog attacked. we're told the 8-year-old suffered bites marks all over her body. her 15-year-old sister is now called the hero in this story. kenneth moton is live outside children's hospital of philadelphia where the victim is
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now being treated. kenneth. and walter, this 8-year-old girl lost a lot of blood. she has a number of what's called soft tissue injuries to her arm. she was flown from ai due front chop, where doctors are trying to save that arm. at the newark delaware home at councilman todd rubbingle there's signs warping outsideers but the family dog turned owe on rubbing ms 10-year-old daughter. >> i feel awful. >> police, paramedics and animal control rushed to the home 1 p.m. where the pit bull viciously bit the child all over her body in the basement and caused a number of injuries to her arm. it was 15-year-old sister who had to beat the dog off the girl and put pressure on her severely bleeding wounds. >> it's heroic to step in and put yourself in harm's way to protect someone you love. >> the teenager called 911 but
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the dog was blocking their way out. once officers arrived the girls escaped and police opened fire killing the pit bull. there's no word in the councilman was at home. his wife's ex-husband says his daughter was in the house at the time of the attack and she's safe. >> it's an american pit bull great dog. >> your daughter was here as well. >> i was worried about both kids. i don't know. >> they are friends with the-year-old victim of the mother worried for the safety of all the children. >> the dog was locked separately and they would have no contact with that. >> at last check the victim was listed as critical here at chop. newark police say they are still investigating this pit bull attack. walter. reporting live, kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you, kenneth. charge have been filed in last night's hit-and-run death of 73-year-old man in
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philadelphia's east mt. airy section. the man just picked up his 13-year-old grandson from football practice. they were driving through the intersection of east gorgus lane andardly when a suv hit the car. the driver and passenger were caught a short time later. the 73-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital and the 13-year-old is expected to be okay. >> out of the new jersey newsroom a multi-alarm fire brought -- flames broke outside inside the warehouse on whiteon avenue. tanks of molton glass ruptured. no reports of injuries. >> also in new jersey a police in moorestown are looking for this man. he held up a 7 7 lech early this morning. the robber reportedly threatened the clerk with a gun and fled with unknown amount of cash.
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>> the manhunt continues today for accused cop-killer eric frein is heavily wooded section of monroe county. a hard drive reveals he was plan ago tack against state troopers for two years. they also say that hard drive shows he searched for information about how to evade policeman hunts. frein is accused of opening fire at a state police barracks blooming grove september 12 killing one troop erin injuring another. his sister-in-law spoke with "good morning america." >> any idea why his brother may have shot at the troopers. >> we have no idea. >> how is michael doing. >> he's in shock. that his brother would be capable of doing something like this. >> investigators have recovered a bunch of clues within the perimeter they set up including weapon and ammunition. there's been several sightings of person in the woods believed to be frein. >> an arrest warrant is issued for concierge in center city accused of burglarizing an apartment where he worked. leonard burton was caught on
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surveillance camera. it happened at the west bury apartments on 200 block of south 15th street august 23. 7800 worth of items were taken. >> well a peace rally took over the streets of wilmington today as dozens called for an end to gun violence there. >> stop the violence ♪ >> stop the violence ♪ give us peace ♪ save our children ♪ members of a dozen churches and community groups carried tee shirts representing victims of homicide over the lasts two years. demonstrateers pointed out 4 people were murdered in wilmington since december of 2 2012. >> this is an important march from folks all over newcastle county to come out and spread a message of peace to make it clear to the people of wilmington that we care. and that we are engaged and witnessing peace on the streets of wilmington. >> and today's one mile peace
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march ended with valley at brown burton winchester park. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist karen rogers is here. >> would you like one more. >> absolutely why not? >> you can have one. let's look temperatures around the region. 69 degrees right now. not bad. feeling all right. temperatures short drop from 84 high today. 6 at allentown. 65 wilmington and 60 millville and mild area long the boards in ac. 67 degrees. i love this image of satellite 6 and action radar. you can not see. it it looks broken there. in fact no clouds out there yet. you have to go a little wider to see clouds in pittsburgh maybe moving way to central pa. our region staying clear and nice in the overnight hours though we dip once again getting down to the low 50s in the west and clear skies and overnight low in the city and 51 millville and 57 cape may and watching
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patchy fog. if you head out late tonight in the overnight hours watch for that. we'll come back to changes for the workweek. >> a group in chester county is doing the part to help those affected by the deadly ebola outbreak in west africa. today the volunteers received help from students at villanova. annie mccormick reports. >> 70 villanova nursing students are packing to save lives filling containers with medical supplies for kupt is in need. students, sister jacqueline miak have been in the receiving end of native ken yaxt. >> mission relief headquarters is working on over time. >> we have hospitals where patients are just literally on the floor.
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so no beds and equipments are just needed but missing. >> we select from a wide area and build these 40 foot containers for africa and of course with ebola, it's really ignited our business. >> jim harrison found mission relief he gathered supplies from local hospitals and with the help from the organization likeville never anursing he packs the containers. he relies on donations for the 5,000 shipping costs. >> funding for shipping dollars is a big hurdle this is easy part. collecting and getting things together. >> the hospital wants to -- it dpe pendz on beds they have. >> receiving one container is enormous help and packing one is lesson. and how much of an impact they have beyond villanova. >> it is a global perspective and what we teach now. it's not just what's happening the united states it's just part of the world culture.
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we're part of everyone. and we do teach that in the classroom. >> and take a look at boxes completed with the help of the villanova nursing program and a mission relief is looking for more organizations and companies that will come out and help them sort and box forshipments they had in the future. reporting in coatsville, annie mccormick, for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> 95 veterans from the greatest generation were honored td at the at the glassster county and recipients included men and women who served in world war ii. they have issued more than 5,000 medals sinl the award was created in 2001. >> a college in texas is mourning loss of four student athletes following a bus crash in oklahoma. and also a volcano erupts in japan stranding unlucky climbers as ash spus into the sky and george clooney takes the plunge in venice. video of the oscar winner on his
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>> as you can see here a volcano erupted in central japan catching dozens of klipers off guard. mount antaka spewed into the sky covering the area with ash and sending people running. 40 injured climbers are stranded.
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cannot use helicopters to rescue because of thick ash. they cannot reach them by foot until tomorrow. 7 climbers are reported missing as well. small college community in texas is mourning tonight after four members of the school softball team were killed in a bus crash. the crash involved a north central texas college softball team and it happened right around 9:00 last night in davis, oklahoma. a tractor-trailer jumped center dive dieder and smashed into the bus. there with were no median bars years on to the the high wasn't and they're looking into whether a barrier could have prevented the accident. four players were killed. a dozen others were injured. >> these ladies are are, of course, our own and we love all of our students. the investigation includes toxicology tests on drivers involved. >> things are slowly getting back to normal at parents across the country. flights in own out of chicago
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and midway are cancelled and had a ripple effects on flights across the country. this afternoon 800 flights were cancelled at o'hare alone. an employee attempted suicide and started fire he survived and will be charged. >> damage at international airport in phoenix today. powerful storm forced officials to evacuate the air traffic control tower causing ground stoppage for an hour. high winds topleleed power lines and some falling ton cars. cries were working to restore power to thousands of customers. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecasts. meteorologist karen rogers joins us once again. we've been saying it what a perfect day karen. >> it was a perfect day, right, 84 for the high. your weather lineup, stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing we are dry right now. this will be the best look of the rain when it comes later this week. dry tonight. how about the temperatures. it's getting cool already.
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61 in martins creek and 58 in quakertown already in the 50s. 60 in pottstown and st. david's and 65 right now in chester and looking at suburbs in new jersey and delaware, 64 ewing and 64 browns mills and 65 degrees in surf city. a lot of people went down to the shore to enjoy the beautiful weather. 58 bridgeton and 6 12 in dover, delaware. satellite 6 and action radar showing harldly any klouts out tlvrments we have a few streaming in. you see them out moving towards central pa right now keeping ion that and most clear skies tonight. cool night tonight. nice one. look ago head to tomorrow morning. 58 at 6:30 in the morning if you head out early to services or visiting grandma. 56 allentown and 57 millville. temperatures will be dipping in the overnight hours and then as we look at the day ahead on sunday 11 a.m., 73. feeling good already by 11 a.m. in the morning and this is a look at 11 a.m., lehigh valley, 70, 72 trenton and millville and
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we'll be warming up from there it will be another day very much like we had today for beautiful weather headed your way. if you head out to ep joy and allentown mostly sunny skies, warm, 83. and down the shore if you finish your weekend off in atlantic city, you can expect lots of sunshine and nice high of 79. a lot of people in dover, delaware for the big nascar race weekend xtd we picked a great weekend for sure. beautiful 9 a.m. 1 p.m., 78. walter looking good for you tonight and tomorrow. >> sounds good. thank you, karen. >> he once said he would never marry again. tonight george clooney is officially off the market. sorry, karen. >> the actors confirmed the human rights lawyer amal, it was all smiles as they took the grand canal to the private ceremony. he rubbed hands in and as he
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disappeared into the hotel's tenth covered pier. congratulations. >> chelsea clinton is now a new mom. she gave birth to a little girl last night. chelsea announced the news last night saying she and her husband are filled with love and aw. former president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton say they're blessed, grateful and happy to become grandparents. cheryl's other grandmom is former montgomery county congress woman margie margolis. >> let's look at sports after the break. he was not about to let a crippling knee injury keep them down. crippling knee injury keep them down. in
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>> an incredible lesson in determination was handed down in central pennsylvania last night. shawn smith of work revolution hit a game tying home run game three of atlantic league playoffs and he hit first base funny and knee buckled and went down.
10:21 pm
he hopped all the way home as the crowd grew louder and louder. he shrugged off help along the way as well. when he arrived the team was there for the big celebration and turned out smith for tore his acl. he didn't have to hop any further his teammates carried him. >> jeff skversky is live at the "action news" sports center with more on eagles. tomorrow in san francisco. jeff. >> hey, walter, after a very long six hour flight from philadelphia to san francisco eagles' coach chip kelly was so concerned about the entire team being jet lagged he had all of the guys stretching at the team hotel outside on the front lawn right by the lobby. that is not a joke. take a look at chip kelly and eagles who are no, i rejuvenated and fresh-legged. eagles in santa clara tonight after the hotel stretch into the hotel eagles are hoping to stretch the record of 4-0. beating 49ers will not be a
10:22 pm
stretch in the park. ducis rogers catching up with the eagle snrz 1-2 you expect them to be desperate team. >> i wouldn't use the word desperate. you're coming into their hometown in their stadium. you know they'll be eager to get a win. we have to play football. >> they have veteran guys and won a lot of games in the past and in the past couple years, too, i'm def nutly sure they'll be fired up for this one. >> it's football. not a happy homecoming in happy valley for penn state. runs for three touchdowns including this to put penn state down 14-0. christian hackenburg and bill arguen't sidelines. 29-6 the final. worse loss at home in 13 years. >> -- care about this team and
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christian hackenburg and playing better than anybody. i love those kids. we have to get it fixed and help them out. >> more college football coming up later in sports. we'll take a look at temple owls a big win for them and why aj burnett is trying aavoid a market is by steve carlton. more on that coming up later in sports, walter, back to you in the studio. >> talk to you in a bit. old friends for old high school in philadelphia took a walk down monica malpassry lane tonight. action cam was there at the double tree hotel for germantown high reunion class of 1974. 40 years later the old classmates mingled and reminisced. classmates mingled and reminisced. germantown high no longer exists
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. that's the sound of local
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wedding talent. some families were told for the groom to serenade the bride before they tie the knot. paepts of the bride hosted the party. live dancing followed after the groom professed his love before closest family and friends this is uniquely south philadelphia italian tradition. >> i never heard of it. >> coming up on the next half hour of "action news" a father from florida says a loaded begun
10:27 pm
was left inside his rental car and what's worst the 2-year-old is the one that discovered it. and teenagers break out of
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>> here's some of the stories
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we're cover fog you tonight. an 8-year-old girl was mauled by family dog and it happened inside the home of counsel ill man todd rukkre her sister beat the dog off the sibling. >> the hunt for eric frein entererd its third week today. they believe they had contained the survivalist to a five mile search of his family's home. >> a hard drive search says frein plotted attack before he ambushed corporal brian digs son at the blooming grove barracks. >> police are looking for a person that shot and killed a man in strawberry mansion overnight. i 30-year-old man was shot once in the head west oak dale street before 1 a.m. he died at temple university hospital. at least check police were working to identify the victim.
10:30 pm
>> authorities are searching for a man from northeast philadelphia who suffer from alzheimer's. jean, juan ba teeingt was seen at his home on the 6300 block of algon avenue. he suffer from alzheimer's and he speaks limited english 5' 6" tall last seen wearing green shirt with black design and pants. if you see him call police. >> well, police in new jersey have released 911 call after last weekend's bear attack. >> we started running and it started chasing us. i was scared out of my mind for them. >> 22-year-old doris patel was killed hiking with friends in the nature preserve last sunday. officials say they found a 300 pound black bear circling his body. that bear was shot and killed. patel was a senior at rutgers. they anoupsd they're looking for
10:31 pm
two other hikeers in the area to help out about the investigation. a search team brought in k-9 units with home of finding students from university of virginia that vanished two weeks ago. the 3-year-old is expected in court on thursday. to face a change of abduction with intent to defile in hannah graham's dace peerps. she was reported missing september 13 and leroy matthews junior is believed to be last person to have seen her. >> officials in tennessee are searching for last of three teenagers that escaped from a detention center in nashville. they overpowered a guard, took his keys and open the door to let others run out of the wood land hills youth development center. all but one 16-year-old was captured and found. 3 tone ageers escaped earlier prompting statewide evaluation of youth detention centers.
10:32 pm
>> a father if florida is outraged tonight after he says his toddler found a loaded gun inside the rental car. he represented the car from enterprise yesterday to take the girlfriend and daughter chloe on a road trip to cocoa beach. afterwards they cleaned out the vehicle and returned it. the 2-year-old was collecting toys when she made the terrifying recovery. >> it got quiet i looked over to see she was kayann i seen her holding it like this. just like this in aw. >> he grabbed the gun and at first he thought it was fake. then he noticed clip an bullets in the chamber. enterprise is investigating this case including who had vehicle before. meantime police davies florida took the gun and are working to determine who the owner is. >> meantime a little boy who vanished from his roma long florida gulf coast is back with family tonight thanks to reporter covering child's
10:33 pm
disappearance. >> it was emotional reunion after 1 hours of searching, paul fagan disappeared from his grand mother's home thursday. yesterday morning reporter cameron palon arrived on scene to cover the story an he spotted boy in the neighbor's yard. he was hide ago frayed he would get in trouble for run ago way. palon took the boy to police who reunited him with his family. >> joys of having children. >> they were happy to see him. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. how many times with can we say it was perfect. >> perfect. >> another good day coming. >> looking good. >> that's my last stretch of having color. >> last time. >> let's tie a look now at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region now. we're dry, staying dry today. let's head out to see what it looks like now. and sky6 is looking liver right now at the popup park in penns
10:34 pm
landing. so much fun. everybody is out there. looks crowded. having a great time with picture perfect weather enjoying whatever you're doing out there. we have a beautiful city. enjoy it tonight. let's look at the accuweather almanac. we were 10 degrees above average. lows only a few degrees above. we started off cool and ended nice and warm and tomorrow is similar setup. we dropped a bit from 84. 69 currently in philadelphia. just until the low 60s and in the lehigh valley about 65 and trenton only 58 degrees. dipped already down to the 50s in millville, new mexico and a bit bet area long the coastline where you stayed in the mid 60s in new jersey and 62 delaware. satellite 6 and action radar showing clear skies above. hardly a kloutd out there. few clouds streaming to the west. moving to werp and central pa. none over our region yesterday that's because of high pressure providing great sunshine.
10:35 pm
takes weekend weather cop tipping trend for tomorrow. it will stay nice and warm more of south wrlly flow tomorrow. with the flow we'll get clouds to the southeast to mix with sunshine. otherwise beautiful and brought and clouds mixing with sunshine. we have a good one tomorrow. let's plan the day ahead. look at the temperatures, 62. fog early morning hours and 10 a.m., 71, 1 p.m., clouds mixing with bright sunshine 1 and by 4 p.m. mostly sunny skies and 4. late october, early november that's peak of fall foliage in philadelphia faen you're in the poconos you're a couple weeks away from it. i have been enjoying viewer pictures on facebook and twitser. look at the great orange color already she's looking watt trees out there. so fun to look at pictures and thanks for sharing them. we'll continue to share them with you. tonight mainly clear skies. patchy fog late. 59. winds are calm in the overnight
10:36 pm
hours. and let's take a look now at your forecast. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast warm for sunday under mostly sunny skies, 84. tomorrow fan appreciation day at the phils couldn't pick better weather for it and monday increasing clouds. that's a big change. 84 to 7 forever the high monday. looks like we stay dry on monday and get that cloud cover and knock the temperature a bit and tuesday clouds and rain. looks best chance for rain in the afternoon and evening hours. 74 forever the high. that may spill over to wednesday as we have a coastal system moving through the area. mostly cloudy, early rain and 72. we dry out nicely in time for union. thursday, partly sunny skies and 71. friday mostly cloudy skies and 73. we celebrate yom kippur at sundown and decent evening for that saturday, warming with sunshine. decent weekend as well. 79 for the high with some sunshine mixing with clouds. walter. >> aetch approaching football
10:37 pm
weather. >> feeling like it. >> opera fans gathered outdoors in the city to enjoy oldie but goody. ♪ >> what you have here is opera on the mall right there in front of independence hall. we're dipping alfresco and barbara aseville performed in hop hor of 40th season. this is a day to celebrate 225 birth day back in 17 9 when county separated from chester county. neighbors here gathered at the courthouse on front street and media for living history festival to mark the occasion. >> still to come alleged pot farmner las vegas could be poster child for think before you put it open line. how police caught one this
10:38 pm
social media suspect. >> and lost in the mail a new meeping. a postal worker has been meeping. a postal worker has been hoarding letters for years.
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>> a freak accident claimed the life of a former congressman who was convicted of taking bribes and kicked in and out 2002 died. he was injured on tuesday when vin tanl tractor flipped over on top of him as he tried to park
10:41 pm
it in his barp. he was 73 years old. and uber driver attacked one of his clients. a dispute erupted by the route that the driver was erupting. >> driver stopped the vehicle and asked everybody to get out of the car. and then he proceeded to assault the victim with a hammer. 6-year-old patrick karhua pleaded not guilty but was suspected from uber. the recovery will take months. a map from las vegas learned the hard way be careful what you share open line [bleep]. >> investigators busted this marijuana grow operation
10:42 pm
yesterday. they were tipped off after someone reported contents of several youtube videos. buddy nuggets 78 documented growth and progress of marijuana plants week by week. local police officers saw the video and did investigating and eventually tracked down the site. >> we were able to research it. utilize some electric equipment we have and old school surveillance and help from the community. in my opinion the most after gant of all i've seen. >> during the raid yesterday officers discovered 200 maerm marriage plants growing in garage and bedroomch the couple rented the house. they were arrested. the man that posted video has a history of drug and weapon as rests. >> coming up, jeff joins us to tell us the un usual way the birds that were jet lagged in san francisco ahead of tomorrow's game and bowlers fight cancer a
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>> tomorrow is philadelphia's annual purt wreak app day parade.
10:46 pm
here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. it has been six years since matt novak senior's son was shot and killed. >> i can't believe these guys are still running round the streets. i have to tell you. i mean i get angrier and angrier this time of year. >> sunday, september 28, 2008, 24-year-old matthew novak and two friends were headed home from philadelphia's annual puerto rican day parade when their car broke down 6th and green northern liberties surveillance shows video sure vaipts ins of novak getting in the car with them. he got out of the car and they shot him in the legch the blue chevy this new jersey tags and license is difficult to read. >> i would want someone to come forward. someone to just there's a $42,000 reward f it's not for a
10:47 pm
good heart do it for the money. you know that's a lot of cash that can go a long way. >> all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission 2 15-546-tips or call 2 15-686-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> we were very close. we were friends. i miss that a lot. i really do. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> well the wildfire that scorched 150 square miles in northern california is 78% contained. that's the word from crews battling east of sacramento. cool, wet weather aided in workers getting upper hand. still 30 0 structures remain in danger zone. down from 21,000 earlier their week. >> a hole opened under this vehicle yesterday morning after a water main break. fortunately no one was in the
10:48 pm
van at the time. crews were able to pull out the vehicle from the crater and start the process of repairs. >> and in brooklyn a postal worker is arrested for failing to deliver thousands and thousands of pieces of mail and keeping them for himself. according to a federal complaint the man held on to 40,000 letters, magazines, and bills because of "personal problems" problems" and inspection turned up 2500 pound hall in his home, locker and call. some of the mail was post marked as long as go as 20 05. >> big game tomorrow. >> huge. >> should be interesting second half. eagles scored 74 points second half and 49ers, three. >> chip kelly was so concerned about them being jet lagged as soon as she got off their flight he had the entire team stretching on the front lawn of their hotel by the lobby.
10:49 pm
will chip kelly stretching ritual stretch the record to 4-0. tough match xwrup they played for the super bowl. kaepernick can beat with you his arms and legs. nobody better with the blitz. two quarterbacks in nfl have higher sxleetion percentage. >> when he gets out of the pockets and scrambles we stay disciplined and grab a receiver and not let anybody run free. >> you know he's dangerous in everything he can do. he has a very, very strong arm and obviously the added threat he has more than anybody else we faced in terms of being runner. >> aj burnett is avoiding becoming first fullys pitchner 41 years to whip 18 dpaimz in a surprise. steve carlton hall of famer lost 20 in 197. phillies braves playing second to last game of season tonight ryan howard with three most he
10:50 pm
had in month including this homer in the second. just 23rd ties it up and tied 2 in the 7th burnett gives up two-run homer to justin upton. phils down 2. bob mcclure comes out to talk to burnett who doesn't appear interested. bad body language there in what appears to be intense conference. speaking of body language. braves closer with the unique stance on moupd and phillies stand behind them look at this. it doesn't work. bases loaded. 4-2. burnett owe losses 18th. for homecoming today, penn state didn't have names on back of jerrys but the way they played there's a good chance players don't want name associated with this one. suffered worst loss at home in 13 years. things not so happy in happy
10:51 pm
valley. christian hackenberg, 1st quarter within 8. picked off by anthony walker. 49 yard return. ugly game for lions, don't score a touchdown. lose first 29-6 to northwestern worst loss at home since 2001. >> temple coming up history today against uconn look good. 93 yard return. temple wins 36-10 start season 3-1 for first time in four years. >> villanova making long road trip to penn. 34-0 lead. gary underwood takes direct snap directly to end zone. 54 yards. villanova runs away, 41-7. >> what a celebration between dell dem and james madison combined for two touchdowns and send top ot. that's delaware taking the lead and their defense makes goal line stand open 4th and 1 and
10:52 pm
blue hens win 30-23 in ot. >> while flyers captain claude giroux and steve mason and other fliers stars spent day taking patting practice in the quillies the rest of the team playing a skimage tonight. flyers in allentown playing with the fan tolls toms. probably shoot and scores. jason at kin son who made it okay and is a rookie last year, scores 2. >> union fighting for playoffs today and fighting against d.c. united. things get heated. best team in the east gets best of union. tenth minute louis wins and we drop millville to 4. there's more magic to go. games getting teps for the union. >> back you, jeff. >> i lively competition raised money for important because in northern liberties tonight.
10:53 pm
if you're at the north bowl lounge lanes for dude hates cancer supporting document. philadelphia native timothy maxwell shared charity nine years ago and after his father was diagnose the with leukemia. he was big fan of big know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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>> the one on the -- there's [bleep]. >> gee i wonder what are she said. australian company has whale of a tale toll tell. two hump back whales swam up and said hello. it lasts an hour giving them plenty of time to snap whale selfies and december despite their incredible size they never felt intimidated for afraid of their new friends. >> there you have it. >> unreel right? >> i would say so. >> time for check of the accuweather forecast it's a great weekend. >> it is a great weekend continuing that trend look at those temperatures, 69 in philadelphia. 60 allentown and 54 degrees in the poconos. we've got a nice, cool night ahead. 63 trenton. dipped into the 50s millville and 62 in dover. here's a look at the morning for you as you head out. i know you are not rushing anywhere. but maybe going to any services in the morning mainly clear,
10:57 pm
school start, 6 a.m., 58 degrees and by 8 a.m., 6 will be warming up to 84 tomorrow. >> mib a final trip to the beach who knows. >> sounds good to me. >> thanks for joining us at 10. >> the rest of the "action news" team will be on 6abc tomorrow starting at 6. for melissa magee, karen rogers and jeff skversky i'm walter for melissa magee, karen rogers and jeff skversky i'm walter perez, have a great
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[lively music] ♪ >> welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. today these two teams will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names. and if that weren't enough, our teams today will be joined by two real life, honest-to-goodness celebrities. yes,s, real celebrities walking the earth as if they were like us. our teams today are lenna and trisha and tosiha and d'nez. >> yay! >> you guys are up first. i'll get to you in a minute, ladies. come on then. >> whoo! >> hi, guys. >> hello, how are you? >> oh, i'm all right. how are you guys? tell me about yourselves. >> i am fabulous. >> let's do it. >> let's do what? what? tell me who you are first. i want to check. >> i own a professional minor league football team call


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