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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> sunday night. we begin with breaking news out of philadelphia's mantua section. investigators say a little girl was hit by suv that took off at 42 and pens grove street 6:45 tonight. family members say 7-year-old alura mcclain was playing outside when struck. she was taken to chop. she's in guarded condition. investigators released a picture of the striking vehicle right there mit sue bishy out lander pa daingz jky 7458. "action news" spoke with the victims grandfather tonight about what happened.
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>> came around another car and basically hit her than ran over her, stopped, looked back and seen he hit someone or she hit someone and took off and kept going. whoever it is i hope you are manor woman enough to turn yourself in. >> the driver is man of medium build with facial hair. we'll bring you updates as that information becomes available. >> the other story the death of the president and ceo of camden based cooper health systems. >> 72-year-old john sheridan and his wife were killed in a fire and tonight the circumstances surrounding their deaths are under investigation. firefighters discovered their bodies early this morning in their home in montgomery township central jersey. kenneth moton has more details from cooper university hospital tonight. >> reporter: there are a number of questions tonight about that deadly fire scene. while investigators work to figure out what happened here in camden, cooper is remembering his leader responsibility for the major growth of this campus.
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those who enter cooper university hospital or drive past had here in camden may not know the name john p. sheridan junior but see his work. he's credited building up the health system at cooper over the years and giving back to this community. sunday, 6 a.m., 7-year-old sheridan and 69-year-old wife joyce -- fire investigators spent hours on the scene. somerset prosecutor's office say the circumstances surrounding the couple's death is under investigation. the sudden news sent a shock wave of surprise and sadness through the healthcare and political communities. for decades an attorney, he was a high powered political figure in the case serving ob a number of boards that would help his passion. improving healthcare. george e. norway cross chairman of cooper board of trustees called him a true gentleman and outstanding leader.
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it's hard to overstate how great a loss john's death is to his family, friends, co-worker and cooper. he was a friend, mentor and role model. sheridan joined coopner 2005 was appointed ceo in 2008. those under him said he believed the hospital not only could make a difference in people's lives it had an obligation to do so. sheridan transformed coop were construction and expansion of robert's pavilion and was committed to revitalizing camden. mayor redd said she has known sheridan since 2001 we worked closely as cooper enhanced campus. john's leadership and friendship is a loss for so many including myself. autopsies are scheduled for sheridan and his wife. again the cause of that deadly house fire is still under investigation. reporting outside cooper university hospital, in camden, kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a blaze in the port richmond section of city sent one person to the hospital. the fire started in warehouse on the 4500 block of aramingo
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avenue and crews were able to contain the flames to one building and cause remains under investigation. and investigators are referring to a fire in mt. airy that places dozens of people at suspicion. the flames broke out on the first and third floors. and investigators reported a strong smell of gasoline. in fact, they believe a specific tenant was target. neighbors hearsay there's been suspicious activity at the complex over the past few weeks. >> a fire alarm wept off again 4:30, we smelled smoke. we ran out. and someone's car had been fire bombed. >> very chaotic. we don't know what is going on. we want it solved. >> a 56-year-old man and 61-year-old woman were hospitalized with unspecified injuries. red cross is helping those who lost their homes. a man was killed by a septa regional rail train this morning as he walked along the tracks 10:00 just south of ferm rock
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station in city olney section. the train was headed in the direction of airport with 70 passengers on board. he was rushed to einstein. no word who he is or why he was walking on the tracks. >> a truck burst into flames on i-95 this afternoon blocking traffic in northeast philadelphia. an action news viewer captured images of the tractor-trailer on fire in northbound lanes near woodhaven avenue. nobody was hurt. all of the northbound lanes were blocked until the burned truck could be tow away. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. well, police believe suspected cop-killer eric frein may have bobby trapped a dense woods where he's hiding out in the poconos. the manhunt is now on day 16. authorities say they shift the search slightly southeast today but not saying why. they think he's contained within a 5 square mile perimeter around his parents' home. he is accused of killing a straight trooper outside his barracks earlier this month.
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>> puerto rican parade returned to ben franklin parkway today for 52nd yearthe sounds of salsa and tradition rang through the air. more than 1,000 participants marched down the parade route. families say this is a chance for again rations to come together and celebrate a vie brapt culture and all it has to offer. >> you know i've always said parades should be held in summertime and it felt that way today. >> really? even though it was fall. >> it was hot. >> at the end of the weekend you wish it could go on longer but especially this weekend. >> no kidding. >> it was so nice. first weekend of fall. look at the highs, yesterday, 84. today, little bit more as far as high, thin clouds. that trapped dem tour 1 degree. 83 is 10 above normal. this was summer's encore. philadelphia, currently 70. you can see little cooler to the west, pittsburgh 61.
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we will gradually cool down adds we head through the week. satellite 6 and action radar shows a lot of clouds. but there's high pressure at the surface. that's forcing clouds to the upper atmosphere. they're high, thin clouds and tomorrow we will see some filtered sunshine. the morning rush forecast, we'll see clouds, mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog. dense or widespread and 5:00 i should say wow that's early 62. 7:00, 64 and 9:00, 66. i will talk about falling temperatures and chance of a few days of rain coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> we knew it owe could not last forever. >> nice while it lasted though. >> a family of delaware welcomed new edition into the world today and in a very unlikely place. they were on the way and the baby couldn't wait. fortunately for mom the rest stop was nearby. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in christianne
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and takes the story from here. hi, annie. >> hi, sarah, this is one little girl that could not wait to say hello to the world. her grandmother is at the wheel driving quickly. and mom was in the passenger seat trying not to give birth until making it to the hospital. the grandma made the decision to pull over to the rest stop and call paramedics. >> she seemed more scared than anything. obviously she just had her child on the side of the highway and her first child. >> she gave birth at a delaware rest stop. paramedic travis dustin got there moments later. >> i clamped the umbilical cord and cut it and proceeded to take the baby wrap her up and move her to the ambulance where she could be warm. >> the mom, grandmom and aunt realized the little girl was coming and called for help getting step by step instructions. >> on the backseat was the patient's little sister she's
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the one that called 911 and gotten directions from the dispatchers on using shoe laces to tie off the umbilical cord and her mother was outside the car waving us down. >> family left the rest to the professionals and mom and baby are are resting comfortablely tonight. >> hopefully we have a family very pleased with the services they received. >> and we heard there were no complaints coming from the family. and again, mom and baby are expected to stay the night here at christianne hospital. that's where we are live in delaware. annie mccormick, phl17. >> thank you, annie. eagles second-half magic faded tonight as 49ers handed them first loss of the season in san francisco. birds offense scored no points. nick foles threw two incomplete passes to the one-yard line in final minute. eagles fell 21-26 and 49ers avoid aid three-game losing streak. full highlight later in sports
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with jeff skversky. >> coming up at 10, more turmoil in furgeson. a doctor is closely monitored here in the u.s. after being exposed to deadly ebola virus. >> and george clooney and new bride are all smiles flashing rings as the honeymoon
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>> al qaeda is warning jihadists worldwide will strike back to coalition strikes. there was this video of air strike yesterday and it shows a missile hitting isis compound. other air strikes hit two armed vehicles at boarder crossing with turkey and u.s. views terrorist organization and separate from isis. syrian rebels say targeting the group will cause more chaos in the ongoing civil conflict. american doctor exposed to e bowl ahas been admitted to national institute of health outside of washington d. c. unidentified physician will be placed in special isolation units for observation.
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the officer approached two men in furgeson lingering outside a community center last night and ran away. the officer chased after them. and that's when one of the men turned and shot him in the arm. he's expected to survive. and investigators do not believe last night's shooting was related to the ongoing protests over the death of unarmed teenager michael brown. >> it didn't happen with proximity of protest area and this is area that is fairly secluded and i would not have any reason to believe right now that it was linked in any way, shape, manner or form with the protests. >> the officer did return fire but investigators did not think either suspect was hit. and the first weekend of fall has been sdruingttive one for bunch of communities in south and southwest. new video shotz moment high winds tore roof from terminal phoenix international airport yesterday. torrential downpours caved in roof of a woman's home while sleeping leaving her homeless.
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heavy rain soaked central florida as well. trees toppled and roads were flooded north of daytona beach. >> calm but unseasonably warm. cecily. hi, cecily. >> at the big board now with the details. >> sarah, walter, i put a call out open the channel 6 viewers on facebook to ask them to post some of the sunset photos and what have you tom's river, sentence me this. you can see the beautiful colors of the sunset. what happens you have a longer raise of the sun so the shorter wavelengths blues and greens of color spectrum are scattered it leaves red and orange there for us to see this is gorgeous photo from lake knox mixon. tracey showing that and it gets interesting when you have cloud cover at sunset and we had scattered clouds. today, certainly didn't feel like fall. morning low, five degrees above normal oovrp high 83.
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10 above normal. not quite a record. 91 set way back in 1886. it was warm today. but certainly not record breaking. right now, it's pretty mild in quakertown, 61. pottstown 65. center city currently 68 degrees and kennett square checking in at 6. south jersey, feeling pretty nice. sea isle city 69. boardwalk 69. ocean temperature 70. temperatures close to 70 on beaches. glassboro 65. hockessin delaware currently 63. satellite 6 and action radar showing yes there is stormy weather down to the south across florida but what we have is high clouds streaming in. high pressure is at the surface and it's like a protective dome. these clouds are forced high into the atmosphere. even tomorrow we'll see a lot of cloud cover. there will be some fillederd sunshine featured tomorrow. it will be a pretty nice day and certainly will be mild. future tracker showing tomorrow morning, 7 blg, philadelphia,
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65. allentown 61. millville 61 degrees and as we head into the afternoon not quite as warm as today. temperatures will manage to make it up into the upper 70s. so the bus stop forecast for tomorrow. lots of clouds. could be a little patch didn't fog here or there as the kids head back to school. the bus is moving slowly tomorrow morning. it's monday. 6:00, 62, by 8:00, 65 and i'll talk about the chance of mid week showers and rain next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. those kids will be late to school tomorrow. >> the kids will be moving slowly too. >> thank you, cecily. >> officials outside loss ankle less say actress lee aremedy and lopez and singer two kids were involved in hit-and-run with suspected drunk driver. renini was driving lopez's suv when rear ended they got out to assess the damage and that's when the man in other vehicle reportedly got back into his pickup and drove away.
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nobody was injured and suspect was quickly arrested a short distance away. >> george clooney and wife are showing off wedding bands. they hopped into a water taxi for a ride down the grand canal. human rights attorney, his wife, had a thin band studded with diamonds. >> only the best food and whine was on the table for taste of newark. they flocked to sample the cuisine from 50 restaurants in newark. 30 of the finest area districttors washed it down as well. >> after the break we'll check in for a look at the heartbreaking loss for the eagles. >> he wanted a few bucks to make eagles. >> he wanted a few bucks to make potato salad.
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roy halladay dined sugarhouse. they had a chance to dine and snap a few photos. he's one of two players in baseball history as we all know to pitch a perfect game in the postseason. >> sticking with the theme, time for sports. first loss of the season for your eagles. >> we'll go live with jeff skversky in the "action news" sports center hey, jeff. >> hey, perhaps the best way to put out firepower a fire alarm. nick foles woke unup in the middle of the night when the fire alarm outside their hotel went off. perhaps foles and eagles a little tired today. foles and offense failed to punt a single point today in san fran. unfoals like. eagles get all their defense from special teams. sdarn sproles 82 yard punt return longest of his career. he was up 21-13 at the half despite zero point of offense.
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and kaepernick how does he stay in there on tipy toes. san fran takes the lead. eagles down five, under two to go from the one. eagles take the lead. nick foles over throws jeremy maclin. eagles have arguably their worst offensive game under chip kelly commit four turnovers and lose 26-1 first loss of the season. >> we just got whooped up front. we're not very good up front right now. we have a lot of guys banged up. that's not an excuse just the reality of it. >> they have a very good team and they got us today. but we'll look at this film critical like we always do and will be betser for it. >> they'll be days one of the phases is not playing well and you hope the other two can bail it out. they got it close we could not finish offensively that's on us you. >> much more on the eagles coming up later in the show. phillies closing out the 2014 season and what cole hamels and
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company are saying about next season. >> for now we're live in the sports center back to you, sarah. >> okay, jeff, thank you. a memorial service in bucks county today honored first restoppeders to died in line of duty over the last 100 years. >> since 19 15, 28 fire fighters, par medies and fire police officers have given their lives while serving communities in the county. memorial at the courthouse in doylestown was expanded today
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>> it all part started with a man's on-line joke. zach danger brown created a kick starter campaign for ten bucks to make potato salad. the campaign went viral and he ended up raising $55,000 in donations and instead of shooting for a world record amount of potato salad he vowed to use extra money to raise funds for a good cause and so, potato stock was born. we set up a fund columbus foundation that will pay out to the non-profits working to end homeless and hunger. >> some of the money went to making potato sal aid. 00 pounds of the side dish was made and during yesterday's 'vent. >> coming up on "action news" new details on the bus crash
10:28 pm
that killed four college athletes what the driver told officials about what happened moments before impact. >> police investigating a night club shooting that injured more >> police investigating a night club shooting that injured more tan a dozen anyone miami.
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>> welcome back, everybody, if you're joining us at 10:30 here are the stories we're covering on "action news" tonight. ceo of cooper health systems died. officials in central jersey discovered bodies of john sheridan and his wife inside their home in new jersey today a fire had broken out inside their home. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. a child is hospitalized after struck by a hit and republican driver in philadelphia's mantua section. a man in lime green mit you bishy out lander with pennsylvania license plate jky 7458 hit the 7-year-old at 42 and pens grove she remains in guarded condition at children's hospital. also investigators are looking for gunman behind after overnight shooting that sent four to the hospital in philadelphia. all four men were wounded before 6 a.m., 2800 block of hope street and taken to temple for treatment. so far no arrests in this case.
10:31 pm
>> and the driver of the truck involved in yesterday's crash that killed four college softball players says he was distracted by something in his cabin. oklahoma highway patrol is not saying exactly what distracted the driver. the 18 wheeler crossed median and slammed into a bus carrying members of the north central texas college women's softball team near david, oklahoma and investigators have obtained serve warrants to collect evidence from the truck and bus and a dozen people were also injured in that crash. >> and overnight shooting wounded 15 people at miami night club. the victims include five girls between ages of 11 and 17 years old. police say the gunfire erupted inside a club called the spot 1bg in the morning and investigators have no motive and no suspects and they are also looking into why so many under aged children were inside of a night club. >> and rescue crews who reached peak of still erupting volcano in japan found 41 bodies.
10:32 pm
it spewed white ash yesterday trapping dozens of climbers on the popular summit. rescue crew from retrieved four bodies and discovered 27 others. there's reports some victims were found inside a lodge and others burried in knee-deep ash. >> chaos in hong kong overnight as police used tier gas to clear thousands of pro democracy protesters the protesters are demonstrating about limiting democratic reforms. dozens were lehigh valley hospitalizeed. china took control of hong kong after great britain transferred sover earnty to beijing several years ago. protesters fear the autonomy will change. >> a monster truck crashed into a crowd and one child is dead. the video was cap cured here. you see the driver of the truck
10:33 pm
losing control, running over a row of cars right into a group of on lookers. the driver is being questioned like a police. >> autumn has come in like a lion in parts of the country. severe storms and power out annuals and flight delays. abc tom yamas reports [ sirens [ sirens ]. >> a streak of nasty weather swept through the southwest. >> oh, my god, the trees broke off. >> this grandmother is now homeless and lucky to ab live after heavy rains sent her roof crashing down as she slept burying her dog in the debris. she had just enough time to save her best friend before everything caved in. >> it looks like we're in kansas. you know, where is toto and dorothy. >> torrential downpours and whipping winds toppled more that a dozen power polls. >> the good thing is everything fell into the street. >> thousands lost electricity. >> lights flickered and went out after that.
10:34 pm
>> this outdoor music festival was another storm cash tixt rain routed fans as for performers. >> rain started pouring we were driving all instruments. we pulled off shoelaces and were tying this tents together that had our gear in it and we were tying the sides together so all the water would not blow in it was raining sideways. >> rushing runoff swept away this woman's sandals at sky harbor airport storm winds ripped the roof off unof the terminals and that adds to travel woes from last week's arson fire faa facility outside of chicago the ripple he eekt resulted in flight days nationwide. longz lines and short tempered travelers at o'hare and midway where 600 flights were cancelled sunday. no word when full service will be restored. tom yamas for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> as mentioned flight cancellations continue to playing chicago's two
10:35 pm
international airports and now the government is stepping in. there is word tonight that the faa will replace the entire central computer network at the control center where operations halting fire took place friday. a contract employee now faces felony charges for allegedly setting that blaze after trying to commit suicide. at the hite of this situation, 2,000 flights were cancelled in and out of chicago. cecily is back with the accuweather forecast and summer is holding on tight. >> perfect timing and ad right in time for the weekend. a lot of folks headed to the shore. sky6 looking live in atlantic city where folks flocked to the beaches this weekend with temperatures in the 80s. and plenty of sunshine. it was a great weekend to get outdoors no matter where you were and weather will change a little bit as we head through the week. the lineup, we'll show you a dry start to the week. some showers by midweek and temperatures will be cooling off. stormtracker 6 live double scan
10:36 pm
showing we have dry conditions out there tonight and very comfortable and today, temperatures again in the 80s. yesterday, 84 degrees with wall to wall sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. today we have high, thin clouds drop down to 83 and that's ten degrees above normal and even now, it's pretty mild out there. philadelphia, currently 70. allentown 6. wilmington 68. millville 62 and trenton 69. satellite 6 and action radar showing a stream of moisture in the form of clouds. moving up from the southwest. that's also the direction of wind flow pulling up the warm air. we'll see a lot of clouds tomorrow. it will be thin in the upper atmosphere and should not block out sunshine and morning will be dry although a little patchy fog. 55 morning low in allentown. >> 62 philadelphia. normal low this time of year is 55. temperatures definitely on the mild side. millville 55 and cape may tomorrow morning 60. a wider view of satellite 6 and
10:37 pm
action radar showing a cold front across the northern plain this is moving on on wednesday and moyingts tour to the south trying to get the act together and really having trouble doing so. future tracker showing tomorrow 7:00 in the morning clouds and through the day mixture of clouds and fillederd sunshine. as we head into tuesday the front getting closer so we could have a few showers at 2:00. you can see really not very significant and again chance of showers on wednesday as the front slips through. bulk of wet weather will miss us to the west. much better chance of rain by saturday. by next saturday. the day planner tomorrow showing we wake up in the morning, 7:00, fog around. 63 degrees by 10, 70 and by 1, 76 and by 4, 78 degrees still 5 above normal and not as warm as weekend. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, mixture of clouds and fillederd sunshine tomorrow. 78 degrees.
10:38 pm
tuesday, partly cloudy, again maybe a few afternoon showers and 79. so still mild. we step it down to 74 degrees on wednesday. mostly cloudy skies. few afternoon showers possible. with that cold front passing through and thursday behind that system closed off and getting brighter and sun is back by the afternoon, 7. friday, partly sunny, dry start to yom kippur. 75. and looking to next weekend doesn't look at spectacular, saturday clouds, occasional rain, 7. looks like we clear an dry things out in time for surprised partly cloudy skies high of 72. and really 73 is normal high for this time of year. we're looking at temperatures getting back down to really where they should be by the end of next week. >> had to happen. >> reality. >> thank you, cecily. >> philadelphia police were able to safer the last game of the season for phillies. officers who work security at citizens bank park today were treated to lunch before the
10:39 pm
game. courtsey of local philanthropist cav rugman. >> still to come on "action news" investigation is underway in colorado as children with contagious enterovirus are experiencing paralysis. a national alert tonight. >> one of phillies fastest growing communities comes out to put heritage on display and we'll look at george clooney and tell you more about the purity wreak an parade. tell you more about the purity wreak an parade.
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was a day to celebrate the xwut full eye land of puerto rico. today was the puerto rican parade in philadelphia. >> the sounds of salsa rang through the air along the bep gentleman min franklin parkway as more than 1,000 participants marpched in the city's 52 puerto rican day parade. >> red, white and blue of puerto rican flag anying in the breeze on festive masks and even on tee shirts of energetic zumba dancers along the parade route. >> the annual event is chance for again rations to come together to celebrate their culture and all it has to offer. >> we're having fun. like i did with my parents when growing up. and i want them to get the same
10:43 pm
adventure we did basically they learn about the culture and learn what it's about and they'll go and experience it because we have not been top puerto rico in so long. and the traditional dances are what maury loves to watch. >> back in the day danceers, little skirts and song from puerto rico. it's fun. it's exciting. >> and there's excitement over the parade. there were numerous neighborhood festivities including food
10:44 pm
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10:47 pm
rapidly spreading respiratory illness is cause of paralysis in children in colorado. four ever the nine kids experiencing muscular weakness tested positive for enterovirus and lost feeling in limbs. the doctors issued a nationwide alert even though no connection confirmed. enterovirus is diagnosed in 21 states including delaware and new jersey. >> crews are getting closer to knocking out the king fire in california. officials say recent rain -- the blaze scorched more than 151 is square miles since it began two weeks ago. more than 80 buildings including a dozen homes were destroyed. >> pope benedict joe's pope francis for ceremony in st. st. peter's square honoring grandparents today. he hailed the value of elderly and grandparents contributions to society. pope embraced frail 87-year-old
10:48 pm
pope emeritus who walked with a cane. >> time now for a check on sports. >> jeff with the eagles highlights after the first loss of the season. >> yeah the offensive line issues injuries catching up to eagles in this one. even eagles calling it embarassing. offense zero, nothing, nada, not a single point today and whopping four turnovers. birds didn't get the call into san fran territory until end of game. eagles fans fired up trying to stay perfect on the year. good start. nineers back to punt. how about the block by trey burton. brad smith falls on it for the touchdown. it's 7-0 eagles. ugly start to 2nd quarter. nineers quarterback colin kaepernick throws owe cross the field to wide open frank gore.
10:49 pm
55 yards. longest of his career. eagles down 10-7 defense comes back and makes a big time stop. jenkin picks off kaepernick. third in as many games. watch him go. 53 yard return. eagles take a 14-10 lead. speaking of returns in later in the second darren sproles on punt return, sproles 82 yards the longest of his career. eagles up 21-13 at the half all points coming from special teams and defense. their quarter 9ers flex their muscles. how did he stay in. on tipy toes. ohh. lead cut to one. nineers take the lead on two fieldgoals, eagles down five three to go in the game. foles to jeremy maclin one handed what a catch. take a look. it's first time today they're in 49ers territory. are you kidding me? later in the drive eagles go in
10:50 pm
front from the one under two to go foles for maclin. no way he's getting this one. incomplete. and eagles first from the season 26-21. ducis rogers has more from the ugly loss. >> let's play the numbers game the offense today failed to score a single point. >> and we're not very good up property. we have a lot of guys banged up. that's not excuse. it's reality. jason peters was only person playing position he started at. >> i feel bad now. can't really describe the feeling. two yards away from win and they stopped us. i mean it hurt we didn't execute. i won't break it down. we didn't execute in that situation.
10:51 pm
i have to give the guys an opportunity to make a play. i didn't do that. >> eagles offensive line will get help. lane johnson comes off suspension on sunday. with birds in santa clara. "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. ducis. last time the eagles beat san fran 2010 and believe it or not came on same day phillies won last playoff series. yeah it's been that long for the phils they finish up a long and ugly surprise today. >> well, what we've done this year we would like to say thank you for showing up. we know it was rough. but hopefully we made you guys smile and look forward to seeing you next year. >> jimmy rollings addressing fans before the finale against at plan tan. cole hamels gives up lead off homer. phils taking it on the chin. why not in finale. taking the fall off the chin. ouch, hamels stays in the game. goes 8 innings allows two runs
10:52 pm
finishs with 2.6 era lowest of career and new low point for the team. last time in 14 years. 2-1 final. playoffs once again changes are coming. >> all good things come to an end and all can i do is go and play. so i understand you know the organization and what they have to do. things will be different. and who we don't know that and kind of try to answer that question. but we'll find a way. >> let's hope so. flyers lose to devils tonight 3-1 in preseason action. coach so fired up about it he calls it unacceptable. regular season starts a week from wednesday. nascar in dover, delaware today, jeff gourd an wins third race in chase for the cup. playoff race and fifth overall at dover and drives into the next round. he's guaranteed a spot in next round of the playoffs.
10:53 pm
kurt busch among those eliminated from contention jeff skversky jeff the only winner town. >> derek jeter has been given a made in maine parting gift from red sox. ll beaten maim a pair of custom peen boats. they feature yankee logo and color and feature years jeter and bronx bombers won world series. why does it hurt to say that. given to jeet they are weekend final siris in boston. >> hundreds showed up their happy feet. running for answers 5 k. theme of the race crazy sox. running for answers 5 k. theme of the race crazy sox. this is no fashion parade.
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>> tomorrow not bad. not as nice as today. morning rush shows mostly cloudy skies. patchy fog. doesn't look deps or widespread. 5:00, 62. by 7:00, 64 and by 9:00, 66 degrees. so a mild start to the day and tomorrow, we'll manage to make it up to 78 degrees with fillederd sunshine and is that the still 5 above normal we're saying bye toe temperatures in the 80s probably until next sgling we're spoiled now. >> thank you, cecily. >> thanks for joining us tonight. election 2014 in focus is next
10:57 pm
nexted by friends. >> i'm sarah bloomquist. nexted by friends. >> i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great
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>> this is election 2014 "in focus." an in-depth look at the races acting the philadelphia region. alike two dozen six and 2010, there is no apparent powerful support for either democrats or republicans. unlike 2006 and 2010. in one of the open congressional seat in the philadelphia region. i talked to ryan castillo. what he has to say