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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> saturday night, i'm walter perez, an ill passenger prompts ebola scare on flight to newark, new jersey. neighbors in port richmond want to know who slashed tires on several cars including one that slashed tires in philadelphia. >> official word that a respiratory illness rapidly spreading coast to coast claimed life of 4-year-old boy from new jersey. little eli waller was a preschooler yardville elementary school hamilton township. officials confirmed he contracted entrovirus d 68 and that illness led to his traumatic death.
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another boy from that same school is being tested. our kenneth moton is live outside children's hospital where dr. s are treating and monitoring several children with several symptoms of the virus, kenneth. walter, here at the children's hospital doctors are waiting on those results for those three children. meanwhile, hamilton township says there's no need for panic after death of 4-year-old and there's need for parents to remain vigilant when it comes to hygiene. yardville elementary school in hamill top township, new jersey, blue and gold ribbons for eli waller who died from a disease that has millions of parents in the u.s. worried. >> i mean -- our main concern was what am i supposed to look for. is it something mild or something serious or everything? >> concerned mornlz attented saturday news conference where mercer county officials talked of the death of the preschooler and what's next after centers for disease control confirmed the boy died of entrovirus d 68.
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>> d 68 straint is viral aunt strain of enter row that would attack young children, preschoolers, toddlers, who have for the most part, compromised immune systems. >> there's a second boy from the same school at risk. officials say he came down with the symptoms of sudden muscle weakness seen in children across the country. cases popping up in 40 states linked to 4 other deaths. at the children's hospital of philadelphia doctors reported three cases. children with weakness and one or more limbs with changes in the spine. the boys in hamilton township that both went home sick september 19 shared the same classroom but not at the same time. the health department is optimistic the results from second boy will not show d 8 strain. they're asking parents to remain vigilant. >> coughing, sneezing, tissues, throw them out. cough in your elbow. if you feel you or your family
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member is ill refrain from huking and kissing. we have cleaning in all our schools not just this school but schools across the district. extra staff, additional hours. >> tonight, chop says the conditions of the three children here have not changed and there are no new cases. while hamilton township continues efforts to keep schools clean and warm parents that community plans to honor the 4-year-old boy that died. little eli was a triplet that liked to play baseball, walter. reporting live in university city. kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. kenneth, thank you. a sick passenger brought hazmat crews to newark international airport today. the man is believed to be traveling from liberia prompting ebola concerns. officials ruled out the deadly virus and still it prompted quite a square for everyone on board. a.j. ross reports. >> it's been a long and frightening day for passengers on board united flight 99 8 brussels. according to sources a man on
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board was vomiting prompting concerns of ebola. as you can imagine every safety precaution was taken. just a few hours before united airlines flight 99 was scheduled to land at newark international erpt an alarming announcement was made to passengers. >> we were told that someone was sick on the flight basically said there was a medical emergency. >> they asked if there was a medical professional on the flight. >> a 35-year-old man liberia boarded the plane and suddenly became hillen began to vomit. sparking fears of he bowl a once on the ground cdc swarmed the plane with one tweeting the passenger from this follow inside. >> it was scary sfwlt man and his daughter were escorted off in full hazmat gear and taken to university hospital for treatment and tests. >> looked wobbly and this is -- i didn't see them until they were walking him offer the plane. >> i never could have imagined
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that he would be sick. >> henery costa knows the passenger from the homeland where ebola viciously touched lives of money. >> he didn't look weak. he looked strong. to say he was vomiting. his temperature was not that high. he looked well. but you can never tell. >> according to officials both father and daughter were screened in isolated er and showing no symptoms of the deadly virus. meanwhile other passenger as board the plane say they were mostly left in the dark throughout this ordeal. which involved several hours of questions and screening in customs. >> after we got off the plane it didn't seem like they knew what to do and how to handle us. >> that was a.j. ross reporting from our sister station wabc and meantime the condition of the man treated for ebola in dallas has taken a turn for the worse. thomas dunk sin listed in critical condition. previously he was listed in serious and stable condition. about 50 other people who had contact can dunkin have still
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being watched for signs of the deadly disease. that includes 9 people believed to be at higher risk. >>p tonight police are investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian in camden. officers arrived at west field and rosedale aechz about an hour ago and man in 50s hit by a car which did stay on the scene. the victim was taken to cooper where he was pro nounlsed dead a short time later. no word on charges at this time. >> a man from montgomery county is under arrest tonight for allegedly holding a woman against her will. the victim told upper merion police she was attacked and escaped from a house on south warner road. that's where they arrested a man named shane gallagher a short time later. officers say they found several bullet holes and broken windows arounds the home. the woman was physically unharmed. gallagher is now awaiting arraignment for simple assault and unlawful restraipt and reckless endangerment. >> we learned a home in chester where a fatal fire broke out overnight has been fire bombed in the past. 52-year-old anthony goreman
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senior died in the blaze which broke out 2:30 on the 1000 block of baldwin street. firefighters were able to get the fire under control in 20 minutes or so but it was too late. he was unable to escape. still no word on how the fire started or if this incident is somehow linked to the previous fire. ed 3200 block of frankford near allegheny. one heard a rush of hair from the prunk toured tires overnight. >> we heard that last knight. i live on the third floor and their alarm wept off in the hon daxt you hear more of the same noise. >> this happened a mile away from two other tire slashes this weekend. two women and a man were caught on camera danls cars east roell and potter streets. >> no word this these cases may
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be connect sfwld time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and cold weather moving our way. >> yeah, walter you will feel the difference as early as tonight and we'll show what you is going on satellite 6 and action radar we have a clear to partly cloudy sky overhead in the wake of the showers we had earlier this morning wherein philadelphia we picked up quarter of inch of rainfall. all of that moving on off to the north and east and changes north and west. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you we have freeze warnings and frost advisories from the upper midwest all the way down across the ohio valley and the higher terrain of mid-atlantic region we'll tap into a piece of this colder air as early as tonight and as you wake up tomorrow morning. so the call from accuweather tonight partly cloudy, cooler, 3 for the low untilen and tone 40 trenton and 48 for overnight low in cape may. and here is philadelphia, we are forecasting a morning loy temperature of 45 degrees. so if we hit 45 degrees it would be the coldest low temperature
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we've seen since april 30, autumn chill will stick around for second half of the weekend. we'll look at these numbers and see how low they go with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. >> a commuter is hospitalized after a car crash froced him to spend the night inside his vehicle in fairmont park. police say midnight the 34-year-old man lost control of his car on forbidden drive and rolled down and embankment. he was found by someone 6:30 this morning and emergency crews were able to free the man. he remains in serious condition at einstein. >> a man with millsboro delaware is charged with du. i after a crash involveding two state troopers. robert rickroad junior lost control and hit a marked cruiser yesterday afternoon on beaver dam road in harvest top. the two trooper suffered minor injuries. rickroad has been charged with driving under the influence of heroin and vehicle urar assault to remain two.
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reremains behind bars on 10,000 cash bail. >> these are images of two help that robbed a hotel guest in bucks county at the comfort inn lincoln highway bensalem. a woman answered a knock at her door and came face to face with two armed men that forced her into a room. they took her cellphone, laptop and cash. anybody who recognizes these suspects should please call bensalem police. >> a 15-year-old girl who was killed by a stray bullet was honored tonight by classmates. students at dell dl valley charter school released purple balloons for ayesha at their homecoming football game. they heard from the family of the girl gunned down outside of einstein last week. investigators have since charged 15-year-old quadeer gibson with murder and conspiracych the star football player are father judge was ka caused of instructing the trigger man to open fire in that location. >> a 70 million investment aimed
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as helping kids in camden stay open the right track opened to the public tonight. the action cam was there as neighbors explored the salvation army ray and joan proc community center. 120,000 square foot facility is located in kramer hill neighborhood. children and teens will find plenty of half cool fun at the gym, pool and water park. this space will house early childhood education center and senior center as well. still ahead on "action news" tonight the toll of last night's fire at the 9/11 memorial in shankville. >> and chilling news from a text by eric frein before he opened fire at a pennsylvania state trooper barracks. >> it is not safe to go back trooper barracks. >> it is not safe to go back into the water we'll show the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. trooper barracks. >> it is not safe to go back into the water we'll show the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest,
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...baddest, ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest, ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. the best or nothing. mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch.
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crave those crazy squares even more. ♪ ♪ don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. eric frein wrote a text message
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saying saul good hours before he allegedly opened fire on state police barracks. the times tribune reports 6 p.m. september 12 frein text aid friend saying he was headed to delaware. later that night, investigators say frein instead went to the state police barracks in blooming grove killing one trooper and injuring another. authorities have been searching for him every sglins a couple in indiana is pleading with isis to release their son from captivity. ed and paula released their
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message one day after the terror group threatened to be head their son peter kaysik. >> we ememploy those holding you to ememploy mercy and let you go. >> kassig islamic militants made a threat against his life. and they announced a beheading of allen henning. >> a flag from 9/11 was destroyed during the terrible fire in shankville last night. flames ripped through three buildings of the headquarters flight 93 national memorial. complex is miles away from the actual memorial site still in construction. today the staff tooken convenient torrey of what was lost in the fire and the flag destroyed flew over the u.s. capitol september 11, 2001 and was donated late month and the cause of the played was not determined. >> meteorologist melissa magee
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is here with the forecast. >> we had showers earlier today and early this morning all of that activity moved offer to the north and east and the showers and cold front setting us up for a cool finish to the second half of the weekend. high today in the city climbed up to just 70 degrees. average for us this time of year is 71. record 88 setback in 1941. no 80s on the board coming any time soon in fact these temperatures will be tumbling as early as tonight. with you feel and see the chill in the area. numbers currently 5 5. allentown and lehigh valley down to 4 degrees. so you can see that colder air up individualing our northwest suburbs in reading, 49, 47 lancaster and 53 currently outside in trenton. and if you think it's cold where we are, check out this picture. it's carlton county, minnesota. this is snow. light snow they had earlier today and early this morning across areas in the upper midwest. the first reports of snow anywhere across the western great lakes we saw white snow to
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half inch of snowfall and even chicago reporting third snowest and earliest on record and definitely too soon top say across the delaware and levies and satellite 6 and action radar was fishing off north and east and -- upper great lakes a lot of that activity fizzles out east of the appalachian. we have mainly clear sky fort rest of tonight. we have you covered future tracker 6 showing you as you wake up tomorrow morning 8:00 in the morning the numbers along the 95 corridor only in lower 40s. upper 30s in the poconos and as we get into the afternoon hours, by sunday afternoon, 1:00, that number only at 57 degrees here in philadelphia and in fact, most locations in the middle and upper 50s. coming up, walter, we'll take a closer look what you can expect for the second half of the weekend and egglees are at home at the had linc. >> feels like football weather.
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>> a trio of kayakers survived a close encounter with a great white shark and we have the bite marks to proof it. >> holes from a great white shark. >> how about that? the kayakers sure vaivd the damage as they were pulled from the water by two fibbermen. two brothers in a boat 60 miles off sanity barbara heard may day call yesterday and found one kayaker clinging to damaged water craft. >> may day, may day, may day on the radio. and i picked it up and said roger where are you at. >> the shark knocked this guy out of the water or 9 feet through the air. >> the brothers pulled the men to shore and an hour later the same brothers rescued another to shore and an hour later the same brothers rescued another group of kayakers
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that is up to him. you. >> see here dozens of teamed braved the schuylkill for annual philadelphia drag boat festival. those taking part in boats down the river. it's become a 13 year tradition. >> and meantime sound of runners woke up animals at the philadelphia zoo today. first annual i ran the zoo 5 k.
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people pounded pavement bright and early to benefit the kelly anne dolan memorial fund. it will help people caring for children with serious injuries and i willnesses all across the tri-state. >> time for sports. jamie apody is in for jeff. live at the "action news" sports center with eagles preview. hey, jamie. >> hey there, walter, there may be three in one. eagles playing across san francisco and a chance for redemption. eagles often -- well they had trouble. birds dealing with nay sayers all week now that it's apparent offense has flaws. nick foles not as fluid as last season and having trouble getting on same page as receivers and made mistakes inopener tune times against san francisco how does he focus on moving on. >> i don't watch, listen or read. it makes it a lot easier. so, doing that i just focus on what i can control.
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and that is coming in here. i know what i need to work on. i know where my flaws are. i'm not blind to that. i know what i missed on i can see it and feel it. obviously you don't want to to make mistakes. i made mistakes last time and i know that. that's why i come out here. don't need somebody telling me from afar. i all right know. >> coming up later more bird talk and all the local football action that's coming up later in sports. walter. >> sounds g. thank you, james jury. villanova university is celebrating a 3 million addition to the radnor campus the higgins soccer nrom plex was dedicated earlier today. they have new fields for the varsity soccer teams and room for club sports and including special olympics. development of this facility was made possible in part thanks to a one
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>> circus performers are showing off their skills in the is they. philadelphia jug letters festival is underway. the stars dazzled with a solo act and others teamed up to practice their craft. the show welcomes everybody from begin others to pros as well. coming up in next half hour the search is resulting in more focus for airline's plane that vanished with 250 on board. >> a nun is one step closer to
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>> if you're just joining us so:30, welcome, here are the stories we're following for you tonight. officials in new jersey confirmed a 4-year-old boy died from entrovirus d 68 respiratory try russ sick eping kids across
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the can'ty. eli waller died last thursday and atened preschool at yardville elementary. a second boy that goes to school there is test the for entrovirus. police in philadelphia are serving for person that shot a man on the roadway in west oak lane. it happened 4:30 this afternoon on the 69 0 block of ogontz avenuech the victim is described as 44-year-old man and he was shot in the chest, groin and wack and taken to einstein hospital where he remains in stable condition. >> and we begin with neighbors in port richmond that woke up this morning to find out that vandals or a vandal cost them a lot of money. tires on several cars were slashed including one owned by the city of philadelphia. "action news" reporter kenneth moton spoke with angry car owners. >> "action news" was there as philadelphia police were tat again. taking more reports of more tires slashings, this time in port richmond. >> i don't think we should be doing that. it don't matter who did this if they were mad at them or not mad at them.
10:30 pm
so i think it is plain wrong doing that. >> reckless. >> definitely reckless. >> saturday morning owners of vehicles in the 3200 block of busy frankford avenue at allegheny woke up to flat tires and repair bills in the hundreds. it appears eight vehicles including city of philadelphia van were hit. for some multiple tires were targeted for the vapdle or vandals. neighbor carlos says he remembers hearing rush of air from the prunk turz overnight you. >> here pssspssss. >> you heard that last night. >> i heard that when the alarm went off i looked out the window didn't see anything. an hour later you hear more same noise. so i don't know who got the capacity to do this. >> tlees searchp for surveillance a mile away and few days aago camias captured two young women and man slashing tires and the 4,000 block of potter street. at last check investigators were still trying to track down the
10:31 pm
suspects from the tuesday night, wednesday morning crimes. and police have not said if they think this case is connected in the port richmond one. i'm are way residents are on the lookout. >> it's expensive for tires. like all them tires right there they're 100 bucks a piece and these are 100 bucks a piece it's a lot of money. >> officers should come out and stay here more often. >> many tire slashing victims on frankford were able to get cars towed away or have tires charged on the scene and others like the city vehicle will remain. these detectives are looking for tips and for that one in juniata park. kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a fire in aston delaware county left behind serious damage overnight. it broke out 4 a.m. on the 200 block of norman street. fire tighterscy what they arrived flames were shooting by a rear bedroom. so far no word on the cause. >> investigators are trying to
10:32 pm
find the person who stabbed a teenager overnight right across the street from philadelphia police headquarters. and did happened 12:30 naem franklin square park 8 and race streets teenage victim got into some kind of argument two men stabbed in the chest and rushed to the hospital in serious condition. moving ton scary situation inside a plane bound for newark, new jersey. a passenger believed to be traveling from liberia became violently ill propertying fears of he bowl owe on board. united flight 998 from brussels was quarantined after the 35-year-old man started vomiting. the man and his daughter were escorted on the plane in full hazmat gear and taken to newark for treatment and tests. other passengers felt left in the dark throughout the whole ordeal. >> it was scary. but it would have been nice to get better information. >> officials tonight announce the man is ill but he does not
10:33 pm
have ebola. meantime the plane passengers and crew were allowed off the plane after 90 minutes. >> and after a four-month hiatus flight search for the boeing 777 disappeared march 8 with 239 people on board renewed hunt will ghin des late strep of indian ocean after months of ocean floor mapping. previous searches proved fruitless with no clues to the plane's final resting place. the first ship is expected to arrive in the cherch zone tomorrow. malaysia and australia are are funding 60 million to fund the search. >> hundreds packed the church to see a nun rich sainthood. first gratification mass ever held in u.s.. sister marianne theresa died in
10:34 pm
1927 at the age of 26. she is given credit for faith healing of a young boy's eye disease in 1960s. today's sayre meany if first snep an onization progress in wilmington people brought fots church today for a special saturday celebration. they observed the feast of saint francis today. dogs and cats were invited to attend a pet-friendly service to be policed with david reverend andrews. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. you'll feel a chill overnight tonight. >> that's for sure, walter. >> keep the windows open. >> it feels nice and an extra blanket you feel too. >> if you open the windows don't forget the blankets. >> there's a lot to say here. stormtracker 6 double scan showing you it's quiet out here. no issues with precipitation. rainfall earlier this morning moved offshore. it's nice and quiet, quleer,
10:35 pm
partly cloudy and that chill like walter was saying is on. channel 6 outside in sky6hd is looking at center city sky line on saturday night and not a whole lot of cloud cover to talk about and you will need extra layer if you step out on the town later tonight and for that matter, as we get into the second half of the weekend. and as we look at the accuweather live lineup it is all about the temperatures and how low they go tonight and tomorrow morning and eagles are at home at the linc. we have a preview as far as the temperatures are concerned. check out the numbers. tanersville 42 degrees. slatington 45. fleetwood also in the middle 40s. 47 pottstown and center city at this hour coming in at 53 after high today at philadelphia international coming in at 70. along the coast from tom's river down to the boardwalk temperatures in middle and upper 50s. hockessin 50. glassboro coming in in lower 50s satellite 6 along with action
10:36 pm
radar a cold front moved in early today you can see moisture and precipitation moving off to north and east. the cold front moves off to the east and cooler air funnels in in the wake of this front ol boundary. there's also an upper level low sitting and spin ago cross areas in the great lakes and because of that, we are picking up a bit of tight pressure gradient which means it's not only cool but on the breezy side. these showers, however that you see over the eastern great lakes will start to dissipate as they travel east of the appalachians and here's the setup for you as we get into sunday. lots of sunshine on the way. but the winds of change will be around. high temperature in the city of 61 degrees. it's a good 10 below where we should be to have the westerly wind we'll tap on into turning south wrlly as we get to the afternoon hours and high pressure in control. nonetheless that chill will be round. if you head over to the linc tomorrow as eagles are at home taking on the rams kickoff at 1:00. that kickoff temperature 58. 60 degrooz 'get into the 4th
10:37 pm
quarter. definitely fall feel in the air and that fall football feeling in the air as well. mostly sunny, northwestern suburbs tomorrow, allentown 59, 60 for high in reading, 59 for high in lancaster tomorrow and 95 corridor, trenton 60. wilmington 60. and 59 high in middletown and 59 for the high in millville and 61 cape may and mostly sunny you have a breeze to contend with by sunday afternoon. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. fall take over tomorrow. you will feel and notice difference high temperature of 61. quick rebound in temperatures monday high 70 and tuesday, clouds and sunshine, 75 degrees and late tuesday into wednesday we're tracking some rain on the way. especially wednesday morning with high of 75. and 73 thursday sunny and comfortable. we'll stay in lower 70s as we get to next friday and with that comes threat of more wet weather. get ready for a cool change on the way on sunday walter. >> sounds good. >> thank you, melissa.
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>> still ahead parents of hannah graham make a desperate plea for help finding missing uva students three weeks after she disappeared and someone sends out e-mail to hundreds of students at harvard referring to them as impending tarring nets a shooting. latest open the search for a shooting. latest open the search for a person behind that
10:40 pm
please, please, please, please
10:41 pm
ends this nightmare for all of us and bring hannah home. >> that was emotional plea from parents of missing uva student hannah graham abducted september 1 3. despite houses of tips and ongoing serve police have found no trace of her. jessie leroy matthew junior has been charged in her disappearance. forensic evidence also connects him to the death of virginia tech student morgan harrington who vanished in 2009. >> harvard university restaurants on alert after hundreds service a tlaetd threat today about impending shoot on campus. the message came in form of e-mail addressed to 500 students referred to as target. harvard says their investigation indicates the threat may have come from overseas and school's police force appears to be racially charged and directed at members of the on campus asian community. no activities were cancelled and local police patrols have increased. >> twiter is investing 10 mili glon mis.
10:42 pm
the money -- mit. they are investing in laboratory for social machines. research he'sers say they will study social media interpret content and dissect social paters. it will give mit access twitter realtime public stream of tweetsw. >> ft. iphone 6 plus is not big enough for apple phanatics another gadget in the works. reports that the company will hold an event october 16 to highlight updates for the ipad line. apple will reportedly show off a new imax and latest oxx operating system and ipad sales struggled lately in the last quarter. ipad revenue slipped 8% from last year. jamie joins us for another look at sports and preview of tomorrow's eagles match-up against the rams and eagles officials need your help finding the person that -- you that's tonight's "crime
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>> a frajic fire claimed lives of members in a family and there are hope a 6 figure reward will prompt snoun come forward with information. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. >> at 3:30 a.m., november 18, 2003 a fire erupted in a home on the 100 block of widener street
10:46 pm
in philadelphia's olney section. four members of the santiago family were killed including oldest of five brothers, 23-year-old john santiago and also killed santiago wife clorisaa and daughter jacqueline and fourth victim was family mate rearch francesca de jesus and fifth victim alex sandiego died from his injuries. fire officials are investigating the case as ors on after the discovery of the remains of plastic container in the living room with remnants of flammable liquid inside. >> that night there was numerous calls that came into 911 and one call in particular we're interested in if they are reach out to us that stated they just fire bombed the house. >> the citizens crime mission is administering a rewaerd of up to $100,000 for arrest and conviction of person responsible. >> if you seen somebody, these
10:47 pm
individuals, an individual, do this act i just can't stand how you could live with yourself knowing five people died all you have to do is call 215-546-tips and all calls will remain anonymous. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams for "action news" at 10 on phl17. one of three afghan soldiers seeking refuge in the u.s. is speaking out tonightch the group is held at a federal detention center in new york state. they fled a military training exercise in massachusetts last month. but they were captured by canadian authorities that turned them over to the u.s.. the men are not charged with immigration violations and maybe sent back to afghanistan. one of the the soldiers said he tried to runaway to escape violence in his country and going back now would be a death sentence. >> our government and defense ministry they will put us forever? jail. >> the soldiers are expected to return to court sometime next
10:48 pm
week. >> haidyes former dictator juan claude has died. an attorney named baby dock said aen up rising back in 1986 resulted in a 25-year exi'll in france. he returned to haiti back in 2011 where he was brought up on charges of crimes against humanity. fist of kind celebration for veteran's day in the works in d.c. and they're already on board to go there. i agree concert will be on the ground of the national mall named concert for valor. bruce spring string, metallic will, m & m and met able a. tox hanks, meryl streep, are also expected to make aexperiences. jamie apody is here for jeff and we're talking football. >> game on. less than 24 hours a day away
10:49 pm
from the date with the rams austin davis is not only up drafted out of college but not recruited out of high school in fact most birds defense add mets they never heard of him. eagles has their own issues run game or lack of. it lesean mccoy hopes to have a breakout game after all getting buddy lane johnson on the line and rams allowed 100 yard rusher in each game this season. chip kelly quoting great philosopher when saying they need a bounce back performance next week. >> mike tyson says everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face. we got hit in i face and we need to response. >> i got my running backpack and moved todd to original position. we'll see what happens. >> hopefully i can open up lanes and get run game going so we don't have to rely on nick as much throwing the ball. when you can get the ground game going it takes pressure off nick. >> this is agood football team
10:50 pm
could be 4-0. talking about a team five returns for touchdowns already. so, you know, they play well and we have our hands well defensively. should be 4-0. all right. rough day for andy talley villanova football coach got suck in hotel elevator by himself on hour going up and dproun lobby to ninth floor and back and team bus left-out him and fire department had to rescue him. up and down taken day and went out and coached cats to big victory in maine. they road their quarter back and he throws for four scores in three straight games and ran for 58 yards too. villanova crushed maine. they are 4-1. delaware hosting sacred heart. excited looking for fourth straight win. despite early lead they can hold on losing tight battle 10-7. they're 3-2. penn visiting dartmouth.
10:51 pm
quakers could not stop dartmouth quarterback david williams rushed for three touchdowns and quakeers lose 31-13 they're 0-3. penn state and temple had buys today and they visit michigan sunday in frame time. the owls will host tulsa. >> not only can katy perry sing but pick em. she picked number 11 'ole miss to upset alabama. guess what happened, bow wall is through for two scores in the fourth quarter and led devils back to a roar. 24-17. and celebration on field afterwards a teenage extreme for many 'ole miss students only thing missing fireworks. those were all katy perry song references. >> day one of bonding trip in cape cod in the books. they went on paint ballad venture geared up in masked and
10:52 pm
camouflage. coach got in on the action. i ask claude giroux about it yesterday. >> it's been four days with your teammates that's breakfast, lunch, dinner and just whatever time you spend with your teammates you get to know them better and care a little more for them and yeah i'm a strong believer for that. >> sixers final day of training camp in first year stockton college college atlantic city new jersey students there definitely enjoyed having sixers in town and as for players a successful few days on the court not so much in the bowling alley. >> it's true the coaches did not lose to the players. very important. 2014 bowling tournament was won by the coaches. and we remind them of it all the time. >> poor sixers player they need to work opt court and bowling. >> work never finishes. >> no. >> thank you, jamie. >> students in la decided to do something nice and give a baseball fan a big gift that can
10:53 pm
only come in october. shocked to see this assembly gather ford him. he works as school janitor there and yesterday he became a ticket old holder to the dodger's playoff game that night. kids contacted dude be nice a clothing company with a charitable arm and encourages kids to say thanks in a create itch way. students knew exactly who to nominate. >> we put a lot on him with our trash and he never complains about it. he always does it with a smile. >> it's my first ever, ever -- in my whole life. i never expect to go to playoff game. >> how cool is that. he had to leave school early to >>[ male announcer ] tomcat bait kills up to 12 mice,
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♪ we put it all together ♪ we can drive it home ♪ ♪ with one headlight [ male announcer ] great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. time for a typeal check ever the accuweather forecast. >> cold tonight colder tomorrow. looking at the day planners 45 degrees. if we hit 45 for our morning low temperature we'll be the coldest low we've seen since april 30 that autumn chill willing in the air. mostly sunny. eagles at home with the linc temperature in upper 50s. any changes in the forecast meteorologist chris sellers will have the latest own 6abc. >> thank you, thanks once again for joining us action us news at >> thank you, thanks once again for joining us action us news at 106789 10 for melissa magee jamie apody and jeff skversky i'm walter perez, good
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> welcome to los angeles, california! welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. today, these two teams will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names, and if that weren't enough, our teams will be joined today by two real life celebrities, will be here! >> whoo! >> yes! our teams today are pierre and lauren, and lisa and bridget. >> hi, everybody! >> well, i'll talk to you guys in a minute. lisa and bridget, come over! tell me all about it. who are ya? tell me about yourselves! >> we have been best friends and bandmates for 12 years. we sing in a '50s, '60s, '70s group called the wonderelles. >> which i started about 16 year ago. >> adorable! >> yes! >> everything from cruise ships to behind the booth at tiny-- >> to car shows.