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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> sunday night we begin with breaking news. concerns over the ebola outbreak now reaching the state of delaware. officials confirmed to "action news" a child from liberia was checked into kept health dover yesterday. the child was put into isolation and is now being monitored fort disease following new cdc guidelines to be clear the child is past 21 day maximum incubation period. and not showing symptoms. cdc said likelihood is extremely low of him having ebola in fact
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the child is not being tested for it now. health officials are keeping a close ion the situation. we'll update you as any new information becomes available. >> now to the other big story on "action news" parents in central jersey came looking to answers after the death of a 4-year-old boy. officials confirmed eli waller of hamilton township died from entrovirus d 68. parents were invited to attend a meeting to get information about the virus and what's being done to prevent the spread. annie mccormick is live in hamilton township with details on what the officials had to say, annie. >> and sarah, this little boy's death is gripping this community. tonight many parents in the same school district came out to ask questions and make sure their children will be safe when they head back to school. >> i need to know what they're going to be doing to take care of everything. >> parents went before a panel of health, state and school officials with concerns.
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>> certain rooms have nop ventilation whatsoever. >> and suggestions and questions. >> why aren't -- being swabbed to find out -- >> do we have to keep the children home if they start sneezing or coughing. >> eli waller a 4-year-old preschooler from yardville elementaryhool died from entrovirus d 68 on september 25. the medical examiner confirmed cause of death saturday. another 4-year-old boy with symptoms is waiting for results from his sample set to cdc. two boys shared a classroom. one in morning preschool and the other afternoon class. officials say there is no way to pinpoint where eli contracted the virus. the superintendent reiterated change in procedures. >> we'll do above and beyond cleaning and wiping out deaths and making sure water fountains are cleaned down. >> and alerting parents as quickly was as we can.
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>> we said we would ramp that out and try to get out and communicate as quickly as we possibly can and we've been doing that sending it out. >> while the school fights the virus they're still mourning eli a triplet with two sisters. remembered by his father and part this statement released sunday "he was a beautiful mix of eagerness and hesitancy, need and striving, caution and surprise. all of which were grounded in a pure unconditional love" and superintendent says the school nurse is in contact with the state health department monitoring children who do go out on sick days and monitoring their progress. there's a hot line set up on hamilton school district web site for parents who have questions questions at any timement reporting live in mercer county new jersey annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a philadelphia highway patrol officer was tossed from his
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motorcycle on i-95 earlier today and investigators say it happened in the northbound lanes near academy road. we're told unsecured ladder fell from car forcing drivers to slam their brakes. the officer hit the car in front of him and landed on the roadway where he was nearly hit by another vehicle. he's being watched overnight at frank ford aria where he's treated forehead trauma. investigators are looking for the description of the vehicle carrying that ladder. >> that injured officer was on his way to pay respects and say farewell to a trooper killed during a training accident last week. people gathered for a live celebration for trooper david kedra at the givnish funeral home. he was accidentally shot in the chest by a gun instructor tuesday at the montgomery county public safety training complex. tonight his family and friends remember his love for his job. >> he was a great guy. and it's ashame it would happen
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and it is his dream to be a trooper. he could only do it a couple years. his life was tragically cut short. >> trooper kedra's funeral will be tomorrow morning. earlier today police officers gathered in center city to remember officer daniel faulkner. the meeting came as his convicted killer abu jamal delivered graduation address to students at a vermont college. here's more on the couldn't vaers yl speech and reaction. >> reporter: that graduation was closed off to media and time was changed because of security threats. 30 minute of silence at the memorial plaque that bears the name daniel faulkner. abu jamal delivered the address at his school in vermont. >> they don't grade you there's
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no teachers and advisors i don't know who is advising them but they're not doing a good job. >> dozens of police officers including reports and supporters of the faulkner family stood for silent vigil 13 and locust center city. they believed today would be shift the focus to the prerecorded audio to 20 grads that showed him as the speaker. >> take it what you know and apply it in the real world. help be the change you're seeking to make. >> faulkner's widow said abu-jamal will be honored and goddard was glorifying the fell on because he's a cop-killer. there is merit on what he has a say a man that claimed innocence and garnered international support it's important we surprise nort complicated inquiry and freedom of speech. state representative mike beart has a bill in.
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>> unless we build production videos in prisons for these thugs we continue to rib the scab off the victims' wounds. we have to do something. >> if pass today could be met with first amendment challenges than is not the first time jamal made a commencement speech but it's been 15 years while on death row. of course we know a judge converted that sentence to life in 2001. reporting live in the satellite center tonight, ken, "action news" at 10 on phl17, wanter. >> thank you, kenneth. melissa is here with the accuweather forecast. people went hunting for the police jackets today. >> that's right and earlier this morning it was on the chilly side. and the chill sets back in later tonight. we'll show what you is going on as we look at the temperatures across the mid-atlantic region. philadelphia 6. north and west buffalo 45. pittsburgh 49. charleston west virginia 47 currently. here's satellite 6 and action radar queue eight cross much of the region.
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there is clouds off to the west. they will stay well away from the region for the rest of tonight. moon lit and lots of stars on the way. the call from accuweather showing you will drop down to 37 allentown and 47 in the city and 51 in cape may for overnight low and to northwest sushz even though we do not have frost advisory in place there say concern for patchy nroingt some locations north and west of that 95 corridor. so talk about what's ahead if you stay in or head out. extra layers will be needed tonight not as harsh back to work monday as we talk about how quickly temperatures rebound and also we do have chances of some rain this week. i'll have the details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> that 38 gave me chills. >> brr. >> cold. >> all right. melissa thank you. in other news tonight one man dead after triple shooting in west philadelphia that happened overnight after midnight. outside of cousin danny's exotic lounge south 52 street. it started as an argument
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involving several people and investigators found two men in the street both shot repeatedly. ten minutes later a third victim walked into mercy philadelphia hospital with a bullet wound to the leg. so far no arrests have been made. >> in kensington two people were injured in a shooting outside of rising sun motorcycle club 1800 block of east essentially street after midnight. police tell "action news" there was a fight and then the gunfire. one man was rushed totd hospital in critical condition and other is in stable condition no arrests were made. state police are investigating how a fire truck overturned on its way to call this morning in dover, delaware. the emergency vehicle from the life sick volunteer fire company flipped on east denny's road 4:30 a.m. investigators state truck's left side tires apparently went off the road shifting weight as it passed other crews. five firefighters on board were not harmed. meantime other crews tried to
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save the barn down the road with no luck. it was leveled and the damage is estimated at about 200,000 dollars. no word yesterday out to started. >> no word yesterday on "action news" tonight a search is on the way after two u.s. air men are are swept off to sea during a typhoon in japan. one come vad confirmed dead. >> president obama dead indicates the first national >> president obama dead indicates the first national memorial for the veterans
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>> blocking the streets of hong kong getting stern warning from police. they'll say all necessary measures to clear roads for beginning of workweek. some demonstrateers agreed to remove barriers and others refused to budge. protesting restrictions on the first direct election for hong kong top leader. >> meantime today group of them great britain held a memorial service for allen hening in his hometown. he's british aid worker be headed by isis scream aiingts announced friday. hennings widow sat at the front of the church for multi-faith service in reflection of sol darety. >> a 1-year-old marine lost at sea is believed to be the first american casualty against the fight against isis. corporal jordan spears bailed out of military aircraft like this one in persian gulf
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wednesday. the off spray lost power after taking off. they were able to find another crew member that jumped and spears remains missing u.s. air force reports one air smap dead and soot washed to sea by a typhoon the search off the coast was interrupted by seas. the typhoon could dump as much as 16" of rain on the main island. >> meteorologist melissa magee is standing by details from accuweather, melissa. >> walter, sarah to talk about the typhoon a little more when it made land fall it was packing wind gusts 101 miles an hour. here in the atlantic conditions it's quiet across the delaware and lehigh valleys and in fact it's all about the chill. we had a chilly start this morning in philadelphia having a morning low temperature coming
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in at 43 and coldest morning we've seen so far this fall season in fact lowest temperature we've seen since last april april 25 with morning low of 43. good news temperatures rebounded nicely today high of 61 that's in my opinion shy what we should be. ang this time of year 70. we were nowhere close to that today with clear conditions and mostly sunny sky overhead outside tonight 53 in the city and moving across the northwest suburbs allentown lehigh valley 42 and reading 48 and lancaster trenton 46 along the coast in beach haven and number in sea isle city. satellite 6 and action radar queue eight cross much of the mid-atlantic region and we look west and track an area of low pressure upper level low across northern section of ontario and few pieces of energy line up along this low as we get into monday a head of that activity
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however we tap into southwesterly wind and monday 68 and 69 reading and pottstown down to downingtown and 70 wilmington and 69 for high temperature tomorrow. middle tune cross cape may, 71 for the high atlantic city and quick rebound in the temperatures and breezy in the afternoon high temperature of 71. nice rebound monday there's a slight chance of rain showers for some tomorrow. and more opportunity of rain we'll talk about those details in the accuweather forecast we'll send it back your way walter. >> thank you, melissa. first national memorial honoring disabled veterans opened today in washington d.c.. president obama helped dedicate american veterans disabled for
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life memorial and men and women honored here provided can't write example of strength and character. >> our wounded veterans sat out on that long road of recovery we need move heaven and torj make sure they get every single benefit and every single bit of care they earned. that they deserve. now the monument features star shaped fountain and ceremonial flame surrounded by grove of trees. >> glamour and a girl's best friend had people opening wall nets berlin. ticket sales from 10,000 diamond raffle going to women and children battling cancer and second annual wigs and wishes fundraiser will by wigs for woman who are receiving treatment. it was start bid martino kardiay. he was inspired by a close friend. all proceeds benefit the charity
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friends by your side. >> a first look at today's win by the birds. >> bubble trouble a man's dream by the birds. >> bubble trouble a man's dream burst as he tries to run
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>> villanova eded young friend at a stadium today they dime radnor nor children's hospital of philadelphia 13 annual buddy walk the 2 mile trek around the track races funds for patient care and research for downs syndrome at children's hospital. the philly phanatic went by to get everybody bumped up to a fundraising mission. >> this one mile walk in wilmington for the animals is delaware hugh main association biggest fund razor of the year they help 5,000 pets each year because of tens of thousands of donations collected through this event. time for a check on sports. jamie apody is in for jeff as he is live at the "action news" sports center with more on eagles, hey, jamie. >> everyone okay. your fingernails survive. anyone need heart medication.
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>> i woke in a flop sglaet it was not for faint after heart by eagles are 4-1 really that's all that matters. let's look at the highlights. what a game. you're probably wondering where the prolific offense has not scored in 18 straight drives. foles threw riley cooper at the break. when foles found maclin for 24 yard touchdown towards end of third eagles up 34-7. rams came back with 21 unanswered and was under five minutes go austin davis had quick to quickly cut the lead to 6 if you were not nerve ur you're lying look at coach kelly. defense allowed 466 yards for pretty bad rams team. and eagles survived. 34-28 final despite the ramp had more yards and ran more plays and scored more touchdowns on offense but hey sometimes it's better to be lucky than good hu? >> i think obviously offensively we have to do a better job of
10:23 pm
finishing people off and we're up 34-7 and we talked on the sideline about not being complacent and let's finish it off and obviously couple key players there we should have made continue to made we need a bert job offensively. >> to win initally it's a blessing. and we do have to learn how to finish better. but that's -- we're not there yet. as i team we're not there yet. we'll continue to grind because the guys in the locker room want to strive to get better each and every day. >> eagles won 7 straight home games and next up new york giants on sunday night and the giants won tonight. so that's going to be quite interesting show down. we have much more coming up later in sports as well. walter, back to you. >> sounds good, thank you, james jury. passionate flyers fans is another kind i wonder passional flyers fans were competing to hit the isa long side pros. the action cam stopped by tryouts for the ice team at the flier practice facility inside
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the virtua facility. ten will make the cut. they'll debut with new squad for ten will make the cut. they'll debut with new squad for home-opener
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transported him to an air station to be checked out. according to his web site he was trying to run from miami to bermuda in an attempt to promote world peace. >> still to come in the next half hour of "action news" two people on the mend after two shark attacks today along the same stretch after beach and officials say these kind of attacks are not unusual after this beach in florida. >> michael phelp said he is taking a break from swimming and lead trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at decay. it's the opposite of evolution. the absence of improvement. and the enemy of perfection. which is why you can never stop moving forward. never stop inventing. introducing the mercedes-benz gla. a breakthrough in design,
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>> if you're joining us so:30 breaking news out of delaware and concerns ebola reached the first state. >> a child from lie beebia arrived at bay health general hospital in dover yesterday and after an abundance of caution and following new cdc guidelines and child past the 21 day maximum incubation period. and not showing symptoms. cdc says likelihood of ebola infection is extremely low and cdc will not be testing child right now but patient continued to be monitored. we'll update you as any new information becomes available.
10:30 pm
>> the latest american diagnosed with ebola is on the way back to liberia for treatment in the u.s.. he is ng taken to the nebraska medical center. meantime first person diagnosed with disease in america continues to fight for his life in texas. elizabeth her has this report from dallas with the latest. >> walter, sarah, at this hour hospital officials will only confirm thomas eric dunkin remains in critical condition and his girlfriend tells "abc news" she is worried. >> unconscious and heavily sedated thomas dunkin is on ventilator unable to breathe on his own. his family tells "abc news" he's on dialysis with kidney failure. >> his situation has taken a turn for the worse and we're hoping for his recovery. >> his family under close watch remains symptoms free. officials say they're among some
10:31 pm
50 people that require daily monitoring for the 1 days. >> at cdc we've seen the level [ 21 days. at cdc we saw the level increase we were get 50 e-mails before the initial patient was diagnosed it's up to 800 calls or e-mails per day. >> with the nation on heightened alert the result is false alarm. saturday after a man traveling from liberia to energy until got sick on the flight he later tested negative for ebola. in massachusetts former ebola patient dr. rick sequa is back in the hospital placed in isolation and, doctor dozen not believe it's a relapse he has like many people upper respiratory infection or cold if you will. he did not feel and does not feel nor do we feel that this is anything to do with ebola. >> as for dunkin officials say right now he's receiving supportive care not experimental drugs out of fear they say his
10:32 pm
condition may get worse in dallas i'm elizabeth her "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> police in camden say a man is shot as he gets out of his car and officers responded to 2900 block of carmen street after 4:30 a.m. and this as a 31-year-old man with bullet wound to his chestch the victim arrived home when he was approached by someone and shot so nar no arrest and word on motive in philadelphia summerdale section police are looking for masked man that heldp a bar determined overnight. a 21-year-old woman said she was cleaning up at elis bar when the robbery happened. a suspect with a gun came up behind her and took off with 270 in cash and that bartender was not hurt app a woman in the car that was hit by two men fleeing from state police in newark, delaware has died.
10:33 pm
state trooper say 32-year-old steven squevrry and passenger took off after a trooper saw them using heroin in the car. the car was carrying 53-year-old smith and she died on friday. prior it her death jefferys was charged with assault, dui and traffic offenses and state police say now those charges could be upgraded. >> a police officer was rushed into mnl surgery fol a shooting in a wall marlt in alabama. a shoplifting suspect opened fire open the officer that tried to sop him at the store in montgomery county. gunman ran into the parking lot where he carjacked a vehicle and drove off. authorities say he cross nod louisiana where captured earlier tonight after a foot chase. wounded officer is now out of surgery and said to be in stable condition. >> protesters disrupted st. louis symphony with own
10:34 pm
performance last night they chanted and bike out in song calling for charges to be filed against the furgeson police officer who killed mike and brown and others unraveled banners from the balcony and the demonstration lasted four minutes before they voluntary left the building. melissa here with the accuweather forecast after a crisp, fall day looking ahead to the workweek you. >> know once we get to the start of the school and workweek temperatures come up quickly tomorrow. so, cool for our sunday and coming for monday. sky6 live in hd as we look at center city sky line on this sunday night we have a mostly clear sky overhead and one more night temperatures lower than they should be this time of year. as we get to tomorrow afternoon we'll tap to southwesterly wind once again and that will warm temperatures up to seasonal levels. we'll show you accuweather live lineup and pop up stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you quiet across the region and no
10:35 pm
issues with precipitation and all about the temperatures today and earlier today well below average and high in city climbed up to 61. 9 shy of normal. up in tanersville 35 degrees. in fact some parts of poconos are underneath a frost advisory. the frost advisory will stay up for poconos until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning in some locations north and west of town are underneath patchy frost concern. slatington 48. fleetwood 48, pottstown 4 3. st. david 4 cents are city 47 and chester 47 as well. down across new jersey and browns mills 44. ewing 44. hockessin in lower 40s. sea isle city 56. here's satellite 6 along with action write dar queue eight cross much of new england down across the mid-atlantic region an upper level low spin ago cross canada and piece of that energy drops down to the south and east. so ahead of that disturbance we
10:36 pm
are tracking we'll tap no southwesterly wind tomorrow and that warms temperatures up to seasonable levels. we'll show what you is going on as we look at temperatures in philadelphia, 53. pocket of cool air across the upper midwest and great lakes. chicago 51. bismarck north dakota 45. you focus your attention down to the temperatures to south and west memphis 70. wichita 69 and 78 dallas. we tap into a piece of milder air as early as tomorrow afternoon. future tracker 6 has you covered. waking up 5:00 in the morning perhaps. chilly north and west of poconos, 39, 41 allentown and 48 in philadelphia and we rebound nicely by the afternoon monday. 3:30 late in the day temperatures upper 60s. lower 70s along the 95 corridor and middle and upper 70s popping up east and west of town. the 7 day forecast showing you in a minute as we look at the morning rush. clouds crisp start.
10:37 pm
6 a.m., 47, and 7 a.m. 50 is the number at 8:00 tomorrow morning. here's that accuweather forecast showing you temperatures moderate quickly bhop high temperature of 71. begin that upper level low starts to rotate through across the northwest suburbs monday night. some spots north and west of 95 corridor could find a quick shower and stay otherwise dry. tuesday, cloudy, evening rain developing high temperature of 73. some of that moisture could carry to wednesday otherwise turning sunny high temperature of 75. thursday we're okay with high of 68. but late in the week we have another chance of finding rain with disturbance moving ob through. friday, saturday, even potentially into next sunday tracking moisture. all in all not a bad start to tomorrow. officials responded in same beach front in florida today for two separate shark bites in veluca county. a 15-year-old boy suffering was
10:38 pm
bitten on his right foot. he tweeted patient from his hospital bed. then cry arrived on the scene a mile away after a 29-year-old surfer found his foot in jaws of a shark this part of florida is known as shark attack capital of the world. >> because of turbulent and murky water they're getting confused they see a foot and mistake it for a mullet or other type of bait fish. >> experts say anyone who swims along that stretch of coastline has likely been swimming within 50 yards of a shark. >> still ahead in next half hour of "action news" harvard students told via e-mail they were target of shooting not and received another e-mail from the same person this one apology. we'll explain. >> and we took a look at favorite philadelphia tradition whether polish on not at the favorite philadelphia tradition whether polish on not at the annual polaski day parade
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>> thousands of people park the parkway for the polaski day parade. "action news" reporter amy buckman was there. >> polish pride fill the benjamin franklin parkway for the 81 annual polaski day parade. celebration honors general koz mere polaski who became father of american calvary aiding
10:42 pm
george washington during revolutionary war. red and white of polish flag for proudly on display as folk dancers joined marching bands and in a celebration of polish culture. >> philadelphia is home to about 65,000 people of polish deseptember and for many today's day was a way to connect to native land tradition and pass down to traditions. >> tell me what did you in the parade today. >> danced. did did you have fun. >> yes. >> it's important we don't have family here in united states. and we want to be able to see people it's a special day for us is. >> we see the polish community is large in the united states and it's where we come from. >> you had fun dressing them up. > yes we did. >> whole family. >> just so show them it's
10:43 pm
important to be proud of your heritage and where you come from. >> general polaski was mortally wounded in combat 2 35 years ago and for today's parade it's clear his legacy and strength of polish community in the area are still going strong. and on the parkway, i'm amy buckman for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> it was a celebration of a life well lived in center city today. family and friends gathered to wish conceta paylieny a 100th birthday. she was born and raced in south philadelphia and heat her husband on the steps of st. st. rita's church. when asked thousand feels to be 100 14e she laughed and said i when asked thousand feels to be 100 14e she laughed and said i would rather be young ♪ oh yeah old el paso's got a bold new stand n' stuff shell that's blasted for nacho cheesiness oh yeah!
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10:47 pm
metal feeling all this stuff. like time slowed way down. >> the driver, 42-year-old woman who could be seen crying after the crash was believed to accidentally stepped on the gas instead of brake in the parking lot. the investigation continues. >> students at harvard whouvrt got a threatening e-mail got a second message containing apology apparently from the same e-mail account. hundreds got the e-mail friday with message threatening mass shooting on campus on saturday. the second e-mail that arrived yesterday apologized and told resip yints the threatening e-mail was written by the writeers younger brother and he didn't mean. it e-mails appeared to be directed with people at asian surnames police increased security and did not cancel events. they continue to investigate. >> america's oldest congressman is recovering after a car crash in texas ralph hall was air-lifted to a hospital in plano yesterday. he was a passenger in a car hit
10:48 pm
by another vehicle. hall is listed in fair and stable condition with hip injury, cuts and bruises. he's scheduled to leave office in january after losing a primary election in may. hall was first elected to congress in 1980. >> gold medalist michael phelp is headed for rehab. he announced on twitter he will take a break from swimming following second dui arrest he said "i'll take time abay to attend a program to provide the help i need better understand myself. the winningestage fleet olympic history was found with blood alcohol content well over the legal limit and pulled over for speeding in baltimore. he was previously arrested for dui in 2004. >> time for sports. james jury is here with details on today's egglees game wow they survived. >> one day we'll win the game easy. >> i like next year. >> it was not today. >> if i tell you high powered
10:49 pm
offense went 90 minute over three games without" touchdown and ended today 4-1 wow believe me i would not either. eagles hoped to exceed the offense explode against rams mediocre defense and it was special teams making impact early. taken to the end zone for early 7-0 lead. eagles up 13-. foles and cooper get on the same page. cooper grabbing jump ball. 27 lead into the half. in the third how about defense? trent cole hammering austin davis. cedric thor it takes back for first career touchdown first since in ice high school. eventually go up 43-7. mistakes put rams on track. nick foles taking off, someone has to team him out to fly. you can do that. fumbled the football. davis pictures up secondary. now it's 34-21. now under five minutes to play.
10:50 pm
davis's third score. brian quick cut the lead to 6. somehow the defense held on the defense that gave up 466 yards you know what all well that ends well and ended well. eagles win 34-28 to include 4-1 they scored 7 touchdowns special teams including five in the last 7 days. >> there goes the run, davis, let's it fly. it's incomplete. eagles will survive. >> fortunate that's the simple way to describe the eagles not only after this game but at this point in the season. they're 4-1 despite not having played their best football. >> it doesn't matter you're 4-1 and it's same thing. >> nfl is tough week. it's to win and it's blessing and we do have to learn how to finish better but we're not there yet i know games are close
10:51 pm
we won the game we can got whole year having games like this we'll take every game like this. >> today's victory featured touch doundz from defense and special teams unit. it's true sense of team when everyone con tributes. >> we're not expecting or going out and getting touchdowns and those are nice we want to do that. we want to do the jobs and be accountable. >> next sunday night the giants at the linc eagles could hit the bye 5-1. with the birds i'm ducis rogers for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> wrapping that up as you said it sets up some show down against the giants sunday night especially the way the g-men were playing. they came back to falcons down 3. eli mapping to beckham. that's a rookie. 1st down pick first game after fighting through a hamstring
10:52 pm
injury and it did not affect dancing skills giants win three straight. over time battle in texas cowboys and texans tied 17. led brian loong at that grab that set up winning 49 yard field goal. they won four straight for the first time since 2011. here's nfc east standings everyone said a weak division so far both birds are tide 4-1 and giants stand a game back. flyers continue bonding trip in cape cod before starting season in boston wednesday. sitting out practice with boot on left foot. practice good against the rangers. american league playoff as voiding a series sweep. david price. nelson cruise. this is gone. tigers -- this fan -- he doesn't want the ball give it back. 2-0 lead and in the 9th or yaelz
10:53 pm
turn series play win 2-1 to take the series dance for alcs for first time in 17 years and royals up 8-2 they could sweep angels. >> what saw that coming? >> well there were only two things you should have been doing on beautiful fall day today wawvrping eagles or picking pumpkins. the blackboard pumpkin festival checking out the recent gourds. they had a chance to paint own pumpkins crafty people built own scare crows. >> a boy from new jersey battling cancer got a wish granted tieshawn had a make a wish moment starring in a scene on chase street in camden. after cliffton powell was in town directing pilot. this bear refuses to believe
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
summer is really over. so you found the pool in hanover township for one more dip. he made him or herself repeatedly adds homeowner security captured the whole scene. they didn't know about the wild guest until they saw the video later. the pool was not damaged but crushed one of the kids' basket balls. >> it is understandable pool days are numbered now. today was cool.
10:57 pm
>> you're going to freeze if you get in that pool later tonight. >> all right. >> unless you're a bear. >> if you're a bear you're okay. >> 49 degrees mostly sunny 59, 10 a.m. 1:00 in the afternoon, 67. upper 60s. temperatures moderate quickly tomorrow even though it was cooler today meteorologist david murphy the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> thanks for joining us tonight on "action news" at 10. election 2014 in focus is next on "action news" at 10. election 2014 in focus is next followed by
10:58 pm
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> this is election 2014 in focus. an in-depth look of races affecting the philadelphia region. now your host, steve. >> the third and final debate between tom cor bet and tom wilson for the race for governor is tonight about a month to election day as taxes, schools, email porn, minimum wage and who is being honest rage the issues. coming up. lieutenant governor candidates defending their running mates. later, a progressive and conservative talk. and the committee of 70s says in politics it's definitely good to be clean. a c