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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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and the more we required them to be negotiated with us, the not, imposed upon us. >> monday night, brian is off, the the rift between philadelphia cool district and its teachers is wider than ever. months of negotiations are off, and as of today, teachers are without contracts. and the the wait is on for another family waiting to hear whether their son has the same virus that killed, his school mate. but the big story an "action news" is at rest of the suspect in the violent robbery and sexual assault. surveillance video tells the story of the victim a business
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owner in china town who was just about to start her day at work when she encountered the violent attacker. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is following the big story live tonight, dann, what is the latest. >> reporter: shirleen, detectives working swiftly from the special victims june to it make an arrest have charged 25 year-old brandon, in the brutal sexual assault and robbery as it turns out police say he wan the resident of the homeless shelter just a few blocks away from the art school here in chinatown, where the incident happened over the weekend. police say they are confident that brandon menially is man captured on surveillance foot and beating the the 45 year-old woman inside her art studio in the 100 block of north ninth. >> he enters in the front of the store and forced her in the rear office area of the store itself. >> reporter: it was around 8:00 a.m. the own are had opened the doors for the start of children's art classes. she was still loan inside when the suspect walk in and the beating and sexual assault
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happened. >> very violent assault. you see a good portion of it on the video. >> reporter: police say victim offered him machine toy stop so he took $600 fled. sources say they caught up with menially at the the burroughsers place shelter a residence for homeless men a few blocks away. one resident who did not want to be identified was there when police moved in on the suspect. >> when i came out of the door i saw the police staking out the place, staking the grounds. he is mentally sick, to do something like that. that is somebody's daughter. >> assaulted this woman and come in here to hide. >> reporter: another resident was outraged someone could do something like this and hide among them in the shelter. >> it is a bad day, you can't do something like that because if somebody do something like that to your family you wouldn't appreciate it. >> reporter: the sign on the front door of the building read the the business is closed because of an emergency. this afternoon people in chinatown were just learning of the a assault. >> i feel bad for her. >> something happens every year, you know, especially
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over here in chinatown. >> reporter: police are reviewing reports checking for similar crimes. menially's calm demeanor suggest to investigators that he seemed practiced at this stuff, smiles, laughs at times making it possibly has attacked before. >> like something that he is used to doing in terms of he may have done this before. whether it was in this city or someplace else. >> reporter: now victim is recovering from her injuries, including a head laceration, menially has been charged with attempted murder, rape, aggravated assault, burglary, robbery are and related offenses. he is awaiting his arraignment. we're live from chinatown, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on p6789l17. >> dann, thank you. the move came suddenly, this morning. philadelphia's public school teachers had their contract canceled, by the school reform commission. the district administrators say it had to happen, and the teachers union is promising a fight. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live in spring garden tonight, sharrie?
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>> reporter: shirleen, some were calling this move, sneaky but in speaking with the src, it had to actually file litigation in court to make this move happen and says that is why they played it close to the vest. meanwhile, teachers union is calling it a cowardly move, and illegal, and says it plans to fight it. >> with swift action, and very little discussion, the school reform commission voted to terminate the teachers contract. the stunning move came in a last minute special meeting, the announcement was met without burst. >> shame. >> is this the way to build trust. >> reporter: with the contract scrapped, the teachers health and welfare funnies also dismantled, that means teachers will now be forced to pay anywhere from five to 13 percent of their medical plan, they currently pay nothing. >> almost every american i know, and every district in the commonwealth, except for one, the teachers pay for their health care. >> reporter: district say a the change will generate more than $50 million which will
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immediately be used in the classrooms. >> we now have increased our stable predictable revenue by approximately 212 million-dollar when you combine the cigarette tax, the sales tax, and this action today. >> reporter: superintendent hite backs the option and says it is better than mandating layoffs or salary reductions. >> given the fiscal environment in which we are facing, we all have to share in the sacrifice in order to provide our children with what should be very basic resources. >> reporter: the teachers union and its supporters are outraged. >> perfect example of the total, total disrespect for the teachers and other school employees who work for the school district of philadelphia. >> the teachers are bail paper, they are buying supplies, they are doing two jobs for the price of one. they have a lot of nerve saying that the pft members
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don't sacrifice. that is an out right lie. >> reporter: as for had it will mean in dollars, teachers could be paying as much as 60 to $14 a month towards their health benefit, and if this were to go through. at this point it appears to be what will happen, for the teachers but the the teachers union says it plans to go to court to fight it, if necessary. live outside the school advertise trick, headquarters, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right sharrie, thank you. economics are not the main sticking point for teachers in ridley township. they staged this informational picket, saying that they need guarantied prep time. it is one of the main reasons ridley education a association and ridley school board are unable to reach a contract agreement. the teachers have been without a contract, since june. a family in hamilton township is waiting to find out whether their child has the same virus that killed a fellow preschooler.
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four year-old eli waller died of enterovirus d68 on september 25th. her son was in the same classroom at yardville elementary, although in the later obsession he is out of the hospital but spent four days in intensive care. >> right now he had has no symptoms of cold, right now, we just have the wheezing, and shortness of breath that is still going on. >> cdc is evaluating the test that will determine whether her child has the the virus, eli waller's sister has been -- sisters have been tested and are all awaiting results. two additional patients at children's hospital of philadelphia are experiencing acute muscle weakness. the hospital reported the development to the cdc today. now there are five patients, experiencing the weakness, hospital officials are still working to determine enterovirus d68, is to blame. we have had picture perfect weather on this monday but will it hold up for the
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rest of the week? meteorologist adam joseph a has word from accu weather at the big board, adam. >> we have good timing on our side as we go forward for the next couple days. we have had a nice recovery since yesterday 61 degrees. it was a beautiful take but chilly side on the breeze. normal is 7o we will bounce above that today, we will recover by a good 11 degrees. wheat hit seven two. looking at numbers 58 in trenton. fifty-six in millville. rest of us are in the mid to upper 60's. sixty-seven at the boardwalk. sixty-four in reading as well as wilmington. although you had may think that is cool, compared that to 24 hours ago, when temperatures dropped, big time across the area. right now we're 21 degrees warmer then this time last night in the lehigh valley. 21 degrees warmer in millville. 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia. at the the shore 20 degrees warmer. it is all because of the southerly wind ahead of this system. a weak front that is basically moving to the north and west,
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so all of the precipitation you see here, it is basically going to ride by to our north and west. we could see a couple sprinkles but overall clouds really will be the main story overnight as this passes through but there is a secondary system behind this system that will rush in here, tomorrow night and into early wednesday morning and that could bring us a quick round of showers. we will have timing on that with future tracker, shirleen and show you rest of the week in the seven day. >> thank you, adam. a legend in philadelphia broadcasting has died. bill campbell's voice was heard over some of the most memorable moments in the city's sports history. including the moment wilt chamberlain scored 100 points and the eagles 1960 championship win. campbell passed away at cooper university hospital in camden. he was 91 years old. cameraman who contracted ebola in liberia is back in the u.s. tonight. the cameraman walk off a plane
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in nebraska, before being transferred into a hospitalize lacing unit. a nurse in space is first person to contract the disease outside of africa. officialness madrid said she treated a spanish priest who died from the the virus last in. president obama says the chance for an out break in the u.s. is extraordinarily low, but his administration is going to do more. >> most particularly we have to make sure our health workers are informed. we're also working on protocols to do additional passenger screening both at the the the source and here in the united states. >> the the patient diagnosed is dallas thomas duncan in dallas that is, thomas duncan remains in critical condition with kidney failure but there is a bit of hope, duncan is being treated with an experimental drug approved just today by the f.d.a. science has few weapons that will fight ebola effectively but dallas ebola patient is using an oral drug
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developed to treat other viruses and it is being developed to fight small pox. work is underway to produce more z map which is completely used up, two americans working in liberia were treated with that drug and survived. world health organization has endorsed using blood transfusion from his an ebola survivor to a current patient. test results show a young liberian patient as they help kent general hospital in delaware does not havee bowl a the child had been placed in a private isolation room as a precaution. hospital staff will continue to monitor the the child until the cdc and doctors dermitis save for the child to go home. and, still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten, hope in the fight against alzheimer's, it involves getting ones memory back. also tonight the convict and the commencement speech, is there big fall out following mumia abu-jamal's weekend obligation.
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heroin at day care, students showed up with the wrong thing to hand out to classmates. with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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the supreme court cleared the way for same sex marriage expansion today by doing nothing. the justices turned away a
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appeals from five states seeking to ban the the gay and lesbian union, the move end delays in indiana a, oklahoma, utah, virginia and wisconsin effectively making same sex marriage legal in 30 states. freedom of speech is at the the heart of a new controversy involving mumia abu-jamal. he is a convicted cop killer but he is also a commencement speaker, and as "action news" reporter kenneth moton reports, that has set off a new you fire storm. >> governor tom corbett stood at support for a bill that can stop convicted felons like mumia abu-jamal from could go what he did over the the weekend, delivering a commence amount dress. bill allows prosecutors or victims to ask the court to stop offenders from causing more mental anguish but bill is shore to face a hurdle. >> we are not even near infringing on first amendment rights. the the intent here is to
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protect, the scabs that exist on our victims from being torn off again, and again. >> reporter: abu-jamal record that had graduation speech by phone by graduates in college in vermont. the the man quick for 1981 killing of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. sunday, silent vigil was held in center city at faulkner's memorial plaque. >> it is disgusting, that this cop killer would be affordedded an opportunity to address college students, quite frankly. but, more importantly this legislation is just about giving victims a voice. >> these rights are not determined by public opinion. legal rights are determined by long standing legal and constitutional principals. >> reporter: that is were attorney tom kline says the bill would have to find a balance, between freedom of speech, and the the protection of victims. >> it has to be carefully worked through, and looked at, in a very careful, legal way and constitutional way.
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>> reporter: victims rights bill was voted out of the house committee and it is making its way through legislature and could be on governor corbett's desk by next week. kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> it is time for the the accu weather forecast and we will send it over to adam joseph over at the big board. now the sunnies setting much earlier at 6:35. right now in trenton we are in the upper 50's. lehigh valley lower of's. elsewhere, low 60's like lancaster and dover at 61. warmer at the shore sea isle city to the boardwalk we're at 67 degrees. we have large low pressure center in southern central canada right now and that is a pin wheel of cold air, that
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just rotating around itself and we have some pieces of energy, one over the the ohio valley that is rotating around that low and then a secondary one diving out of the northern plains and this one also following its track and that one will have a little more moisture witt, and that will pivot through here tomorrow night. for first system passing through tonight, mainly it throws a lot of clouds our way even to the the shore, but very early in the morning hours, at 3:30 for your tuesday. there could be a couple showers or sprinkles in the lehigh valley but by morning russia lot of the clouds will escape and we will see thinning in the clouds and then a little bit of sunshine. as you head out tomorrow morning on your drive to work, or dropping off the kids at school, breaks of sun, not as cool as this morning as it will be 59 degrees at 6:00. sixty at 7:00. sixty-two at 8:00. north and west tomorrow we will above normal, partly sunny, 74 in reading. seventy-two lancaster. downingtown 73 degrees. if tomorrow is your daze off you pick a good one.
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74 degrees in wrightstown. seventy-five glassboro. seventy-three in west chester. sun and clouds. any showers coming in later on at night and at the shore we have that southeasterly wind, very comfortable, 64 in speedwell and right along the shore because of those wind. coming from the southwest, we will take a couple of degrees off from cape may to atlantic city, between 71 and 72 degrees. shirleen we will show you future tracker six tomorrow night when more showers pass through and show you rest of the week and upcoming weekend in the seven day. >> sound good, thank you adam. in health check at ten a study that suggest memory loss from alzheimer's can be reversed. scientistness california put patients on a rigorous, therapeutic program that changed their diets and lifestyle. after three to six months, they claim nine out of the ten patients with progressive memory loss of their symptoms reversed. steps included eliminating processed food, starting yoga and taking vitamins. the one person who did not improve had late stage
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alzheimer's. and it is time now for sports, ducis rodgers, live in the "action news" sports center, hi ducis. >> hi there shirleen the eagles sit at four and one. they own a share of the division lead but it does in the feel like it, not the way they have been winning the the games and not the way the the offense and defense looked recently. jamie apody has more. >> easy to be monday morning quarterback after a loss but in this case chip kelly was preaching after a win that happened to feel like a loss. safe to say his team has work to do when they won four of five but his coach knows his offense is not a machine clicking on all cylinders. >> it is not just one magic quick fix where we walk in the staff room and say hey guys if we do this everything is straight. we have to continue to work on it and get better. we're working from a situation where we're four and one, trying to get better. four and one, one and four doesn't mean you don't dress the the problems we have. we are in the consistent on the offensive side of the ball if we want to be. >> problem starts with nick
10:21 pm
foles who has eight turnovers in five games. twice as many. if not for seven return scores their record would be very different. >> our defense has really been, up to three-quarters played outstanding. we're getting good play out of our special teams. it takes all three phases to win a game. >> reporter: kelly praised the defense and surely his team wouldn't be four-one and there are glaring deficiencies. cary williams has not played well at all. >> we need a better job. they were right there. but when the ball is in the air they have to make a play. >> considering the schedule gets much harder from here. jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> yes, giants are here sunday night. >> coming up next, singing of the national anthem takes a twist or a slip, we will explain, you have to see this video, more news
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coming out of something like this without serious injury. watch as this car crash right in a small crowd at a street race in northern italy, yesterday. incredibly, because the car flipped front end first, it didn't land directly on
10:25 pm
anyone. most of the injury, were cuts and scrapes from flying debris. it was a big night for some talented students from across the city. >> ♪ >> it was a pack house, and royal cafe live tonight as these young performers took part in the big hooray at the annual event benefiting live connections, a program, that provides these children, free music,
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sculpting the sleek body of the all-new mercedes-benz gla took nearly 600lbs of high- strength steel. setting industry-leading safety standards took 20,800 crash simulations. and perfecting its engine took over 1.1 million miles of extreme driving. but, this may be the most impressive number of all. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gla. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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we have much more coming up next, including the arrest of a delaware mother accused of sending her daughter to day care with a backpack full of drugs. plus a couple is rush to the hospital, have after a pit bull attack, the decision police say, they had to make to protect everyone on the street. and at 10:45 a halloween bridge strikes, a a woman walks away with festive decorations and what she doesn't realize it is all caught on camera. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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tonight teachers union are promising a fight. this morning the philadelphia schoolteachers had their contract canceled by the school reform condition. they have to pay part of the medical plan.
10:31 pm
they say it had to happen. it generates more than 50-month-old. tonight a family in hamilton township is waiting to find out if eli waller died of enterovirus. and taba that vassey's son was in the same class and also has been sick. a 4-year-old brought heroin to a selbyville daycare. the drugs were in a pacquiano b. when she saw them she thought they were candy and gave them out. 30 year old ashley tull was arrested and endangering the welfare of a child. the children are in custody of a
10:32 pm
relative. a bia pit bull was shot and killed at 10th and bennett streets. both a man and women were attacked. people were trying to hold down the dog. the wilmington officer feared for the safety of others. both were taken to the christiana hospital. authorities say that she submitted fake overtime. as part of her job she had access to septa tokens. she took 17,000-dollars for her own personal use. an armed thief that targeted
10:33 pm
an overbrook deli. this was from lebanon deli. the man walked in and pulled a gun and demanded money from the female clerk. if you recognize this man contact the police. a fire in broke out on friday at the flight 93 meteorological in shanksville is not suspicious. this flag was destroyed. it was presented by the speaker of the house a month ago. it was the same flag in flew over the capitol on september 11th, 2001. and those lost in the fire, were not in fireproof safe as they
10:34 pm
were prepared. >> we had a chance for the commanders ruled out arson. it's a couple of weeks for the investigation to be complete. >> the generosit outpouring froe community is outstanding. they are seeking permission to terminate the pension plans from the taj mahal employees. trump entertainment has said without concessions from the union they will close the taj november 13. and the letters that spelled out trump were removed from the trump plaza. donald trump and his daughter have filed a lawsuit to have a their names stripped from the taj~mahal and the company itself. they say that the company
10:35 pm
allowed to fall in such disrepair. adam joseph joins us on a lovely night. as we take a look at action cam along thede along the delaw. it's 97% full. the full moon comes late tomorrow wednesday morning when there will be a total lunar eclipse. the clouds may block us from viewing that. we'll look at temperatures and satellite and radar where there is a couple of systems pushing through. as we look at double scan live, not much going on. we have clear skies above. 59 in quakertown and fleetwood is 58. kennett square at 60.
10:36 pm
as we look at numbers south and east boardwalk is 67. dover in a 62 degrees. satellite and radar one chunk of energy. the clouds are entering from the western suburbs. most of the showers are pushing well to the north and west of state college. a few sprinkles tonight. on the heels is another system diving out the northern plains. a low north and west o of the area. tomorrow in the evening at 9:00 that is when the showers could break out. one or two heavy downpours pouring through.
10:37 pm
if you think of the lunar eclipse it does not start until 4:25 a.m. you have to set your alarm early in the morning. and the totally is close to sunrise. this may not be the run to get up as late it happens own low on the horizon. all is quiet in the atlantic and the caribbean. the quietest in two decades. 94 and 92, in 1987. we are getting into a cycle.
10:38 pm
and showers linger, south of philadelphia 66. the eagles looking good. 68 and 70 come monday. thank you, adam. tonight we are dedicated to celebrate and supporting children that are born with challenges. the calley's genee provides support of chronically disabled children. it was in support of her daughter born with a condition. and tonight she reviews a less on that will tear apart her family for the next four nov years. >> an emotional plea from a missing u.v.a.
10:39 pm
10:41 pm
the parents of hannah graham
10:42 pm
grahamare pleain are pleaing for the whereabouts of her daughter. >> somebody listening to me today either knows where hanna of is or knows someone that has that information. we appeal for you to come forward. >> jesse matthew was the last person with hannah before she vanished from a charlotte'sville mall. d.n.a. evidence ties him to morgan harrington. they hope that someone will come forward and claim the $100,000 reward.
10:43 pm
>> teresa juhi was shocked. it warned her not to sign the contracts without reading. they she vowed to be more caution. one of them is always with their four daughters. hundreds of designer bags and shoes are stolen from sacks fiftsaks.and now the search is r this holiday grinch. get the morning's top news headlines weather and traffic get the morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting at 4:30 a.m.
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♪ oh yeah old el paso's got a bold new stand n' stuff shell that's blasted for nacho cheesiness oh yeah! how do you helper? make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. helper. it's ground beef's perfect partner. a port richmond family getting in the spirit of the changing season was singled out by a thief. he used the cover the night to commit the crime.
10:47 pm
the surveillance camera was rolling outside of the home on caster avenue. john rawlins has the details. >>reporter:this surveillance video indicates it was shy of 5:10 on sunday morning. this woman let herself in the front yard. there was a display of pumpkins and mums autumnal delights. the lights were which were wired inside of the house were impossible to take the thief takes the pumpkins that were home-grown by the kids in the backyard. it catches the woman closer and returning. >> and coming back with all my mums, all my plants. her hair is pulled back in a tony tail. a white female. she had on a frankford high
10:48 pm
school t-shirt with an "f" on the front. >>reporter:it's not about what was and it says the homeowner. it played out feet from the front room where her little boy and husband and fallen asleep watching tv. >> this person is doing this this close to your house, it's very disturbing to me. >>reporter:john rawlins, "action news." they stole hundreds of bags from saks flagship store in manhattan. they received information from 20 saks credit card holder. they rang up the sales of chanel and valentino. other accomplices picked up the items and sold on the black
10:49 pm
market. it's time now with sports ducis rodgers at the big board. >> consistency. that is what chip kelly is looking for in his offense. the special teams unit were difference. they were late blowing a 27 point lead. and coach kelly knows where the short coming are. he is working on solutions. >> it's not a magic fix. hey, guys, if we do this everything is straight. we have to work on it and get better. we are working from a situation we are 4 and 1 trying to get better. it doesn't mean that you don't address the problems that you have. we are not consistent on the offensive side of the ball that we want to be. >> are you ready for some basketball. the sixers play their first pre-season game.
10:50 pm
and bret brett brown and tony r. what about noel. and 6:40 left to play. they had many athletes and great moments. one man was there to catch many of them. bill campbell decide today. he called games for sixers and warriors. it brought wilt chamberlain's 100 point game. merrell rees calls him in the greatest in philadelphia broadcasting. bill campbell dead at 91. madison, he throws the ball
10:51 pm
away. and nats win 4-1. they trail the series 2-1. the flyers have not begun their season yet. they are talking health issues. it appears that wayne simmonds skated at practice as he recovers from a left foot injury. they are taking a cautious approach. >> if there is any chance to getting worse, i don't think i would lace up the skates today. if anything is going to happen, i don't think there is a chance i am going to play on wednesday. >> we'll see. i felt as good as i could be out there today. and wednesday before the game, i'll be able to tell by then. >> the national anthem is a tough song to sing and the canadian anthem may be harder
10:52 pm
especially on ice skates. ♪ our home and native land true patriot love. in all thy son's commands ♪ he is still singing. he tripped on the red carpet. >> that is not his fault. they should not put the carpet there. >> it's red and this wide. he should have been able to see it. come on now. the poor man. it's hilarious. thank you, ducis. a day after their win against the st. louis rams we found some of the eagles volunteering. they were stocking shelves for the habitat for humanity re-store. you can buy building supplies. the money raised helps families
10:53 pm
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gina arrived on wheels to no one's surprise. she was paralyzed six years ago. and john proposed gina told her dad there was something that she wanted to do. walk down the aisle arm and arm
10:56 pm
with him. two trained for the big day. >> hwhen you are backing up and doing it and having dad on my arms your emotions are floating. >> the big day was beautiful. she stood up with the help of her dad walked down the aisle. after that her husband swept her right off of her feet. look at the smile on her face. it's priceless. a beautiful day. a beautiful day for her and for us around here. as we step out of the door at the bus stop. the morning is 59 at 8:00. as we go into the afternoon the sunshine remains in control. high clouds around the times. 65 at 10:00. 71 at 1:00. by 4:00 the temperatures above average at 74. many areas going into the
10:57 pm
mid-70s and more showers pushing in late tonight. most of the day is beautiful. thank you for joining us us for "action news" at 10:00. and "modern family" is next followed by friends. fou ducis rodgers and brian taff i am shirleen allicot. good night. see you tomorrow.
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