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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 7, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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tuesday night, a violent stabbing in the northeast philadelphia grocery store, has both police and the health department on the scene. and more accusations of excessive force by police in this time, it is resulted in a lawsuit in indiana. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a stormy night for parts of the viewing area and it is moving in as we speak. >> don't be surprised if you are awakened by some thunderstorms. the question is what kind of a effect will this system have on your morning commute.
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here's meteorologist adam joseph. >> it will have no effect on the morning commute. it will be out of here, very early in the morning, as we look at storm tracker six live, double scan, we have a batch of some downpours, rumble of thunder near dover and then another batch, west of lancaster that will be pushing in, after the midnight hour but this first batch of steady rainfall is mainly affecting the state of delaware and southern and central new jersey, and also parts of philadelphia county, delaware county, and montgomery county. no lightening strikes in this vantage point at this present time, but as you can see, many of the major thoroughfares around philadelphia and center city and as you head toward south and east, very wet, slow go on 295, and route 13 and 322, and the yellows, from gibbstown, woodbury heading toward center city are some heavier bursts of rain, as it heads to the north and east. so northwestern suburbs although it is mainly dry right now will get a second
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batch that is pushing in, just west of washington and richmond, this does have some thunderstorms with it. the as it pivots up to the north and east you can see that line of storms to the west of washington south of hageers town and in the last 15 minutes, 155 lightening strikes, no severe storms but as this rushed up to the north and east we will watch them after midnight hour what to expect here overnight tonight? downpours, a rumble of thunder and if you hear, a rumble of thunder, isolated wind gusts could receive around that 40 miles an hour range. quarter to a half inch of rain but it does exit the the coast every where by 5:00 o'clock in the morning. so perfect timing for that morning rush. we will time these rounds of rain on future tracker, shirleen, and we will talk about a beautiful wednesday in store in that seven day. >> sound good, thank you adam. >> to keep up with the changes in the the forecast with our storm tracker six app, always available for down load and android devices. produce section of the local pathmark was a scene of
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the savage crime tonight. police say that is where a man was stabbed, twice in the face and neck. it happened in the store on cottman avenue in northeast philadelphia that is where "action news" reporter kenneth moton has the latest details tonight and kenneth, police have made an arrest now. >> reporter: they have, brian, i'll give you ab update on the victim as well. he is in critical but stable condition at temple university hospital. philadelphia police say it appears that the man knew his attacker, but at this point investigators don't know why they were arguing. they just know it ended in bloodshed. it was busy, right in the middle of that evening rush. >> it was crazy but no, i have never experienced anything like it. >> reporter: employees and shoppers at this northeast fail pathmark watched another man stab another in the neck, the weapon a kitchen knife. >> laid writes screaming, his wife or partner, you know, girlfriend or something. there was no telling. >> reporter: philadelphia police rush to the grocery store just before 6:00 p.m. on
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the 800 block of cottman avenue near rising sun. investigators say 509 year-old victim was arguing with the 40 year-old suspect in the produce section when that knife came out,. >> i have been in the pathmark 32 years and first time i have ever seen something like this happen. >> reporter: police say some teens tipped him off and suspect was walking on than nearby railroad tracks. chopper six was overhead when they took the man in custody and recover the the knife. officers say the victim was in the parking lot when they arrived, suffering from stab wound to his neck and face. >> it is a trail of blood throughout several aisles because our victim did bleed heavily so we had to have the the store immediately closed, and we were bringing out the department of public health. >> reporter: investigators were pulling surveillance video of the brutal attack. >> it makes me nervous to think i might have been here when it happened. safety wise and also just trauma wise, i mean seeing something like that. >> reporter: customers like, v iv i, stunned but thankful she
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and her daughter were not inside. >> you think you go in the safe place, going shopping for food, you don't expect vialens. >> reporter: police say there were one hub employees and customers in this now closed store. they have a number of witness statements. the suspect was taken to northeast detectives for questioning, and he has been charged with aggravated assault and other offenses, no names have been released in this incident. reporting live from northeast philadelphia tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> kenneth, thanks very much. new jersey's health department is now confirmed more cases of enterovirus. today's announcement means the state now had has 14 determined cases. one new case is in, mercer county but not connect to the death of the four year owed yardville elementary school student. there are two new cases in morris county and one in middlesex county. officialness camden county say they have one new case bringing that county's total up to two. >> ten days ago was when he was actually brought to the
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hospital for care. so, basically he is not infecting anyone and that is one of the most important things to know. this is a second case, neither one of those children, they have both been taken care of. they are both under the care of doctors. >> health officials stress that had good hygienist the best defense against infection. a senior citizen had a frightening encounter with an intruder in her camden county home. now police are looking for the the criminal who tried to rob her in the middle of the night. we spoke exclusively to "action news" reporter dann cuellar and he is live in lindenwald, dann? report report well, shirleen thinks a compelling story of a woman who wasn't about to give into her assailant despite being pepper sprayed in the face. looking back at it now she surprised even herself, that she fought off her assailant in some kind of survival instinct kicked in. it happened here in the joel court at 1:45 a.m., 66
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year-old retired school teach shore asked we not show her face was coming down the stairs from the second floor when she saw a man starting to come up the stairs. >> i, of course, said something ridiculous like who are you? and, he was very quick and he came up and i proceeded down. >> reporter: instead of running away victim charged down the burglar whog bpepper y face. >> my eyes were burning but i kept my eyes opened because i had to get out of there he tried to grab my purse but it fell, and i'm screaming and making all this noise. >> reporter: the 66 year-old widow was so angry that someone would break into her home by breaking a basement window. with her eyes burning from the pepper sprays and having difficulty seeing she made such a racket she scared the guy away. she runs out of the house screaming and having difficulty trying to dial 911 on her phone. >> i'm screaming help me and, of course, nobody is hearing and i'm impatient. i came back in the house which you are not supposed to do i came back in the the house and i called 911.
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>> reporter: victim described her assailant as a slender white male in his late teens to early 30's. wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt with his face covered by a black t-shirt. as she recuperated tonight she pondered over the the stroke of boldness that got into her. >> i guess i'm surprised that i respond that had way. i don't know how i even got past him down the stairs, i was very, very fortunate. i really was lucky. >> reporter: now victim noted that the burglar used his left hand to spray her with pepper spray so likely he is left-handed. if you saw something or think you may know who this person is you are asked to call the lindenwald police department. live here in lindenwald, new jersey, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right dann, thank you. suspect in the double murder says he confessed to the crime, because he was threatened by detectives. this man, is defending himself in his own trial, and took the stand today.
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montgomery county prosecutor say he killed, ten month-old saanvi convenienta and the the baby's grand mother in a plot devised to settle gambling debts. he claims that two men forced him in the family's household and then they kill the victims. the 27 year-old defendant could face the the death penalty, if convicted. police say a freshman criminal justice major is behind a threat against his school, widener university. that threat was posted to yik yak a social media app, investigators were able to lose louise andre vel a to the message by tracing the ip address. student is facing charges of making terroristic threats and unlawful use of a computer. a football player at the university of pennsylvania is on suspension, and facing criminal charges. cameron countryman is charge with simple assault and reckless endangerment for an off campus incident september 28th. he will be off the team until his case is adjudicated by the
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authorities. atlantic city's failed revel resort and casino has a new owner tonight, and a second chance at success. a federal bankruptcy court judge approved the the sale of that property today. toronto based brookfield asset management paid 110 million-dollar or just five sent on the dollar for that building and beach front property, the casino cost 2.4 billion dollars to build and never turn a profit. its former management says new owners are the best fit for its future. >> we're pleased with the outcome. we have maximized the value of the estate. it was a comprehensive, complete process to find an appropriate bidder. >> brookfield said it will operate as a casino again but it has not yet commented on any other plans for the resort or when it might reopen. surveillance video shows a bank robber at work in south white hall township, suspect walk into the national penn bank on the 4200 block of tillman street yesterday and
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handed a demand note to the teller. police say he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. call white hall township police if you recognized him. philadelphia police want to you call 911 if you run into this woman seen on this video. she attacked another woman inside whispers bar in ogontz avenue on october 1st. the the 23 year-old victim was punched and had a pint glass thrown at her head. police say don't approach the suspect if you see her. "action news" at ten continues, this full hour of news, with the word of -- word for coffee lovers, if you are addict you might not have a choice in the matter, it could be in your dna. also there is an update tonight on the child who took 249 bags of heroin today care, and someone is now and rest. and did police officers take this arrest too far? a family says yes, and they are suing. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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chicago police captain is in critical condition right now, after being shot, on the job tonight. shooter has in the yet been located but investigators think he or she is still in the building where that officer was shot, just a short time ago. there was a very large police
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presence as the search continues even as we speak tonight, and the injured captain is said to have severe head and chest injuries. and indiana couple says that this excessive use of force, started over a seat belt violation. >> unaudible. >> that action prompted a federal lawsuit filed against hammond police saying they feared for their safety. the couple kept their windows up as tensions escalated during the traffic stop september 24th, when the officer smash the glass and taserd the man this played out in front of their children. the department says that the officers were acting in the interest of officer safety, and two involved have been sued for excessive force. white house says more passenger screening procedures will be announced in the next few days to prevent the spread ofe bowl, that move follows thomas duncan ace arrival in dallas. he contracted the disease in
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liberia but was diagnosed here. meanwhile officials in the nebraska have announce that had video journalist, will receive the same experimental drug, as duncan, approved just yesterday. now the pentagon says that the u.s. military efforts to stop the spread in west africa are expect to cost $750 million, and 4,000 troops are now deploying. >> we have sufficient personal protective equipment for ourselves and we will continue to make sure that is the way throughout the process. >> in spain, four more people are quarantined after a nurse there was diagnosed with ebola, the doggies being euthanized as a precaution. and now to the accu weather forecast, as that rain continues to move in. >> yes, some of you will see showers after midnight, some are already seeing it right now. adam joseph tracking the arrival of the system. adam, what are we looking at. >> we are looking at steady rainfall in the state of delaware, southern new jersey, and the fringe areas of philadelphia, delaware county, even now, parts of the
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southern bucks and montgomery county as well as mercer county. we have a secondary batch pushing into lancaster county. is there a little wedge of dry air in between the two. as we go to double scan live closer to, you can see path turnpike as it cuts from bucks county into montgomery county, and very wet right now work some steady heavy rainfall east of willow grove and also just to the the north and west of bensalem, but this extend all the way down to the south, through the southern part of the new jersey where we have one lightening strike right now, south of woodstown and also just north and east of salem and route 49, and so there could be a clap of thunder or two during the overnight hours that could jolt some of us out of bed at anytime between midnight and at least through 4:00 in the morning. as we look the at temperatures right now allentown 64. sixty-five in millville. it is a warm night. when that warm air and somewhat of a southerly wind ahead of this very energetic
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system it is supplying some of those late fall storms around the region. the there is that second batch that will be passing through in, fact future tracker will show at 1:00 in the morning another round of heavy downpours or thunderstorm. best chance for a thunderstorm will be in the state of new jersey tonight and then future tracker by 5:00 in the morning everything is pulling away and we are already drying out to the west for that morning rush hour. speaking of the morning rush, as we get on the road, early in the morning just a few clouds but breezy. 60 degrees warmer at 6:00. by 8:63 degrees. you'll need sun glass toes start your wednesday morning. looking good in the afternoon going above normal lower 70's, mostly sunny but wind whipped around here with wind gustness excess of 25 to 30 miles an hour, and in fact, lots of sun in that i-95 corridor with temperatures around 37 to 47 degrees. at the shore tomorrow, early morning clouds at dawn and then quickly that sun returns and even warm there with that westerly wind, no sea breeze 47 at the shore. when i come back we will talk
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about the seven day forecast with another wet period ahead does it effect weekend, coming up. >> sure hope not. >> thanks, adam. as thermometer dropped we will move closer to winter, is there good news burr winter heating bill. the energy department predicts americans won't to have crank up the heat as much this year because a frigid winter like last year is unlikely. the department says natural gas, electric, heating oil customers should all see their bills drop. wal-mart is rolling back, health insurance for some of its part-time workers. now employees work fewer than 30 hours a week will no longer qualify for benefits. companies says the change will affect 2 percent of it u.s. work force of 1.3 million people. time for a first look at sport tonight where despite their winning record eagles are facing rather uncomfortable questions. >> ducis rodgers is live in the "action news" sports center with more, ducis.
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>> the eagles need to clean up some things before sunday night's big game against new york giants. quarterback has been inaccurate at times while secondary has given up big plays and big yards. jamie a apody reports. >> you guys coming off a win does it feel weird to be talking like this? >> no, it is philadelphia media. >> cary williams may in the be happy with us but philadelphia media cannot overlook the fact that the bird secondary that is given up 13 touchdown passes, most in the nfl. eagles controversial defensive back having to defend himself today, defensive coordinator bill davis says he will in the make a change at cornerback. williams says being the fall guy is part of the job description. >> it is a hard life for a corner back. obviously we have been giving up plays, obviously guys have made good plays for us. we could be right there and guys making nfl plays. it is not a confidence drainer. >> reporter: williams not only one forced to defend his play,
10:21 pm
nick foles is in the the same boat but he understands he put himself in a impossible situation after throwing 27 touchdowns and two interceptions. >> people will have expectations, sure, that is human nature but that is within of the things where i want to continue, our team is four and one right now. one game season right now. we are playing the the giants. we need to continue to grow as a team. i'm not worried about the stats, i'm not worried about whatever it may be. i need to be a better play for this team. >> reporter: with the eagles for "action news" at ten on phl17. ahead next half an hour a five-year old boy gets to live out a dream, story that will certainly touch your heart, more news coming up after it tud
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10:30 with phl17 continues. hello if you are just joining us at 10:30. a man was stabbed. he is in critical condition. a senior citizen had an encounter in her home. they are looking for a criminal that tried to rob her in the night. he pepper sprayed her in the face and tried to grab her purse. she scared him off. more cases was enterovirus is confirmed. >> and an active radar out there adam joseph.
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we need a good drink the water. we have one batch from philadelphia to south and east to the state the new jersey. there is a break in the western suburbs. there is secondary batch passing through in philadelphia. everything is moving quickly to the north and east at a good 40 miles-an-hour. we have gusty winds. one lightning strike south of glassboro. you can see center city is getting hammered by moderate rainfall. no thunderstorms. all the way to west oregon avenue it's wet out there. as we head to the you the south we have a thunderstorm near elmer at route 40. it's lifting from the north and east. wind speeds up to 60
10:32 pm
miles-an-hour. then we are drying out. it dropping rainfall, rainfall an inch or an hour or so. add the downpours and thunderstorms passing through. they are moving fast. we are not dealing with any flooding. 59. it's warm south of warrington. chester 64. 65 in bridgeton. it's a warm october. i was going to say august. october night. as we look at satellite and radar, the second batch pushing through. a lot of energy wrapping through the mid-levels the atmosphere. at midnight you see it mist out with the rain. by 2:00 a.m. the storms pass north and east. by 6:00, the clouds linger south and east. it's a 50/50 shot here depending on the location if you see the
10:33 pm
lunar eclipse wednesday morning. the sun's rays bend around the earth giving the moon a blood orange color. it begins at 4:56 a.m. that is when the shading starts to happen on the left side of the moon. atit's a shadow of the earth. at seven o'clock the moon sets. it about the six o'clock hour is the best viewing. and the best viewing is west of the city. it's off the coast and sun returns. winds are gusting to 30 miles-an-hour tomorrow. it's a warm day. the seven day forecast is bright and windy. it cooler. looking good on thursday. 66. a pair of 64s for friday and saturday. both days are mimicking one another. a wet period friday afternoon into the first part of saturday.
10:34 pm
hopefully we can dry out on saturday afternoon. 63. damp and dreary again on monday, 70. comfortably warm on tuesday. we had a dry, long stretch. hope to salvage a sunday. wwe will. the police are investigating a fight inside a huntington park high school. they attacked a 14-year-old at thomas edison high school. the victim was taken to saint christophers for observation. charges have not yet been filed. a 4-year-old accused of bringing heroin to a delaware daycare and passing it out to her friends. we are hearing from a daycare worker about the experience. >> they found it right when she passed it out. thank god they had a watchful eye. none of the children were
10:35 pm
injured. >> the troopers say that the girl's backpack was ruined. her mom gave her a different one to use. when the little girl arrived at the selbyville daycare, she opened the backpack and thought it was candy. 30 year old ashley tull has been arrested. her three children are in the custody of a relative. the police have made an arrest in the murder of a 41-year-old man in torresdale. james kelly killed his stepfather. they were called to a holly road on sunday. they found santiago in a pool of blood there. santiago was shot in the face. the victim and suspect lived together. a memorial service took place pore john and joyce sheridan.
10:36 pm
they died in a fire. it was intentionally set. the couple leaves behind four grown sons. the football season is over for a high school in central new jersey following allegations of hazing and abuse. the elite program has been canceled after intimidation and bullying was discovered. the superintendent states that the prosecutor's office are handling the investigation. they want to know what was donate players and who knew about it. >> this district, this board of education is making a unified stance to say no, no to bullying. >> traditionally one of the best programs in the state, the fayersville football team has won three championships in four
10:37 pm
years. doctors and their patients learned a thing or two from the four-legged friends. it's the best friends batch. they have dealt with similar conditions. partnership allows the doctors to discuss cases and learn from each other's techniques. still ahead at 10:30, larry johnson lands himself in jail. plus, jennifer lawrence has harsh words for anyone that looked at naked photos of her that are leaked on the internet. and the announcement that that are leaked on the internet. and the announcement that stephen collins
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pillsbury pizza crust. make dinner pop he played a pastor and doting dad on "7th heaven." he is shunned by hollywood. he molested several young girls. it happened during a therapy session with his wife faye
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grant. the police in new york say they are investigating allegations that collins molested a 14-year-old back in 1972. since the story broke collins has been fired from "ted 2" the movie. he resigned his position and pulled reruns of 7th heaven. and jennifer lawrence says "it's a sexual violation. anyone that looks at the pictures should be cowwe cowardh shame. it comes out next week on ""vanity fair"."
10:42 pm
jesse will spend six months behind bars for violating his terms on probation. his legal troubles came to light after he made headlines with his dit to miley. >> larry john tory is facing aggravated battery charges. he cut a man at miami nightclub. johnson was arrested this morning. he plays for the nfl from 2003 to 2011. andrean peterson has plead guilty. he never planned on spanking him
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state marketplaces open enrollment wants from february 15. i am nydia han on phl17. the iphone 6 plus have people pulling their hair out. it snags their strands and rips them out of their head. the follicles get caught between the glass. they are using #hairgateand#beardgate. they looked at voice activated systems from six automakers. they tested them in a lab and in
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a simulator while driving through a salt lake neighborhood. >> some of the voice-based technologies are stealing attention from the driver so they are not paying attention to the road. >> triple-a says that distracted driving is responsible for 3,000 fatalities each year. >> and time for sports. ducis rodgers is live at the big board. hi, there, doe ducis. the eagles' defense is banged up as well. ryans ha has an injury. they make an defense a poor showing against the rams. don't expect any.
10:50 pm
>> there was a change to be made i promise you to make it. it has to be for the right reason. can they get it done? yes to that. we continue to grow an be the defense that we want to be. >> it's not a confidence drainer or anything like that. we go about business as usual and learn from the mistakes that we made and get better in area that is we can. the flyers drop the puck on their season tomorrow night in boston. the flyers were bouncing in the playoffs. the long off season is serving as motivation. >> it was painful. every day life, anytime you lose like that you take it personal. people let you know. and i mean, it's a motivation to kind of want to do better. think what we went through it's a good thing. we have to learn from this. i keep moving forward. >> game four of the dodgers. dodgers up 2-0.
10:51 pm
kershaw as good as he is not in the post seen. the cards win 3-2. they win the series in four. it's their fourth straight trip to the nlcs. moving onto the college football news. wayne harden was enshrined in the hall of fame. he was the all-time winningest coach. the owls you the out to a good start. 3 and 1 averaging 39 points per game. coach is not ready to praise his guys just yet. >> every daytime for us is dangerous. we are not a god team yet. we are fighting to be good. we have three wins between them. we have a stretch of six game wes are facing good teams. understanding hour goals to try to be a good team. >> finally with the sixers one day we need to become fans of
10:52 pm
the utah jazz. they inked him into a contract. j.p. has leukemia. he is a huge fan of the jazz. he was watching the game since he was 1. how about the big dunk there. look at the swagger running back down court. you can't teach that. he is holding his own among 11-footers. to him they are. thank you, ducis. can you believe it 11 weeks until christmas. if you are wondering what to get your sweetheart we have early ideas. the neiman marcus christmas book came out. it full of pricy ideas. you and the guest can attend the academy awards. you get a stylist ready for the big event and attend the most
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adam joseph with one final look at the forecast. we have rain passing and thunderstorms out in time for the morning rush-hour. you don't need the rain gear for the kids. you need the sunglasses. and clouds mild in the low 60s. 63. at 8:00 in the morning. the day planner for wednesday it's bright. wind speeds 25, 30 miles-an-hour. the warm temperatures with the sunshine. 1:00, 70 degrees. we are heading into the middle 70s for some of us during the peak of the afternoon. thank you, adam. it turns out that cats are not the only ones with nine lives. they survived. gracie and they are owner were hiking when the dog fell off of a trailer. the owner felt that she died and hell a memorial service.
10:57 pm
a few hours later the passing hiker heard the wimper. and gracie survived just scratches and bruises. beautiful. thank you for joining us. "modern family" is next. for shirleen allicot and ducis rodgers i am brian taff. see you back here tomorrow night. see you back here tomorrow night. see you.
10:58 pm
♪ oh yeah old el paso's got a bold new stand n' stuff shell that's asted for nacho cheesiness oh yeah! ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh weird seriously? what? they're magically delicious!
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honey, what is all this? hey! hey, mom? i'm trying to write this stupid college essay question, and i really don't even know where to start. okay, what's the question? tell me. "what's the biggest obstacle you've ever had to overcome?" didn't my third grade teacher say i had, like, a.d.d. or something? oh, no, honey. she said you couldn't a-d-d, and she put it that way because she also knew you couldn't s-p-e-l-l. wait, slow down... ohh! sweetheart? what's this? we talked about this last week. i said i'm building luke a tree house. you said "fine." you know, sometimes i think you just tune me out. i never told her. she just would have said "no." i don't remember agreeing to this, phil. this is like the time you backed down the driveway with a hang glider sticking out of the car. if you'd let me keep that, those geese would have followed me to the wetlands.