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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thursday night, the jury has spoken in the trial of a man accused of killing a ten month-old baby and her grand mother in a botched ransom scheme. and accu weather says get ready for a dip in temperature, and you might want to keep those umbrellas hand tie. but the big store own "action news" is a joke on an airplane that did not get many laughs, in fact, it got a mandytained. >> it started with a sneak on board a u.s. airways flight from philadelphia to dominican republic. then, the the sneezing passenger, mentionede bowl a "action news" reporter sharrie williams live at the big board and that is a word in one is
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taking lightly these days. >> reporter: it is just nothing to laugh about what is so ever this virus has claim life of thousands of people and it is a great concern especially when talking about spreading it on an airplane. nothing to joke b plane was actually kept in isolation on the tarmac in mexico for nearly two hours, all because of a health scare which turnout to be a hoax. a trip to paradise, turns sour before passengers could get their feet in the sand. a flight attendant begged for order on board u.s. airways flight 845 from philadelphia to the dominican republic yesterday. a according to the airline, a man on board said he had ebola which started a chain reaction. many passengers looked around and disbelief while the steward gave her honest opinion over her loud speaker. >> i have done this for 36 years i think the man that
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said this is an idiot. >> reporter: the attendant warned passenger that health experts would be coming on game. >> i need your attention, okay. >> reporter: and then, on walk four workers in blue hazmat suits wearing protective masks. passengers popped out their cell phone cameras to capture it all. >> please stay out of their way, let them do their jobs. >> reporter: their job was to find the man who allegedly made the comment and question him, as they talk to the passenger questioned he could be heard saying he was only joking. but this was no laughing matter at cdc issued strict guidelines for u.s. airliners in regards to ebola. the passenger finally exited the plane but not before making a statement that he wasn't after rick can. >> you could hear the boos as he exited the plane on u.s.
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airways issued a statement. it a apologized for the incident but said its safety of its customers and its employees is its priority. meanwhile, also happening today, in relation to airports and what is happening with ebola around the world, some of the employees at laguardia airport went on strike today, they say they don't have the proper equipment or proper gear to fight ebola and for that reason brian, they went on strike today. >> all right, sharrie thank you. suburban dallas deputy in the center of eerie bowl a scare does not have the virus. michael was part of the team that delivered a quarantine notice to the home where thomas eric duncan stayed just before he died yesterday. duncan was a native of liberia but first ebola patient diagnosed in the united states. there are growing concerns about that virus spreading internationally, and today director of the cdc issued a warning on ebola. >> in the 30 years i have been working in public health the
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own thing like this has been aids and we have to work now so that this is not the world's next aids. >> researchers are working on possibly bowl a vaccines tonight, and one of the most recent effort underway in africa. university of maryland scientists say three health care workers in maui have received the experimental shots. there is a guilty verdict in the double murder trial of the montgomery county man accused of killing a baby a and her grandmother. now his punishment, must be decidedded. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is following the raghunandan yandamuri trial in norristown, dann. >> reporter: raghunandan yandamuri chose to defend himself, the result he faces a possible death sentence after being quick of two counts of murder one. >> i think it is fair to say he was stunned. he thought that he would have a different verdict. >> reporter: raghunandan
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yandamuri showed no emotion, 28 year-old information technology work shore came to the u.s. on a work visa from india was convicted of killing 61 year-old grandmother and saanvi venna in their king of prussia apartment. >> we've gotten one step closer in the closure of this for the venna a family. it has been a long struggle, for them, two years. >> reporter: prosecutors have argued yandamuri plot todd kidnap the baby for ransom to feed his gambling habit which was spiraling out of control but things went wrong and police say he later confessed to the killings. yandamuri argued during testimony that the confession was coerced and tried to blame two strangers he says forced them into it but he never explain how he encountered the men or why he didn't go to the police for three days. his stand by lawyers believed he made a terrible mistake representing himself. >> absolutely. as i lawyer i would have represented him in a different direction and hopefully would have come to at least save his
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life report report late today during the penalty phase face of the trial defense presented yandamuri a's mother who traveled here from inn use. she testified that her child was traumatize by the loss of his police officer father to terrorist back in the home land. she begged the jury to spare her son's life. >> it helps paint the picture of a troubled boy who went through a whole lot and helps to explain how he could have gotten into this mess. >> the defendant has his mother, to beg for his life, but that same opportunity was not given by the defendant for saanvi venna's mother to big for his life. >> reporter: the defendant's mother was put on the stan first, taken out of order because of her visa expires tomorrow and she has to return to india. the penalty phase face of the trial will resume tomorrow morning at 10:30. we are live at the montgomery county courthouse, i'm dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right dann, thank you. two, 13 years old boys
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happened suspended from their southwest fill school due to an after school sexual encounter with an 11 year-old girl. that female student at tillman middle told an administrators she saw a boy looking at video of the incident the next day to day. police were called and a rape kit was collect. so far no criminal charges have been filed. the two men vying for your vote in the pennsylvania governor's race each got a big boost tonight from the stars of their respective parties. new jersey governor chris christie, held this rally a at valley forge military academy, he is backing incumbent governor tom corbett, uphill bit for reelection. he was characteristically blunt about asking for help. >> we need you to go out there and say that the future of my children and grandchildren being safe and secure and prosperous in a hands of a governor with honesty and integrity rather than a governor who will lie in order to obtain power. it is important enough for me
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to spend ten minutes a day. >> democrat tom wolf got some help from hillary clinton tonight, former secretary of state appeared at the constitution center and touched on the issue about which christie a said wolf was lying. education funding and need to restore it. >> when education funding gets cut and your kid pay the price that is a down payment on decline. it need to be reversed and the person to do it is tom wolf. >> time is ticking, election day is less than one month away. well, i hope you enjoyed today's warm sunshine because rain is on the way, and it is going to feel like fall. meteorologist adam joseph has the accu weather word from the big board, adam. >> yesterday we were above normal will near 75 degrees. today back to normal around 70 and we will fall in the 50's for highs tomorrow, double scan live will show it quiet right now around the mid-atlantic. there are a few showers and
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breaking on it in the ohio valley. that could be here during the morning hours tomorrow but more healthy system in the nation's heart land from kansas city to st. louis, this all along a boundary that is snaking its way across the eastern part of the ohio valley and eventually to the mid-atlantic around philadelphia, down to wilmington. this will be the train track for the clouds to push along, during the day tomorrow, so at 7:30 it is cloud a cross the area, especially south, maybe a couple of sprinkles as we get in the afternoon and in time for the evening rush hour, steady rain will be breaking out and that will be coming with some very cool temperatures as well. when this rain will be around, friday afternoon, into the first half of saturday, so, friday into saturday morning, you take a look at the four models that he we typically pay attention to and you can see in general it is a quarter to a little more than a inch of rain so overall we will go with half inch to an inch of rain and about a 36 hour period, so some rain heading
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our way. we will let you know how exactly how long it linkers in to your weekend, and also brian, we will give you that full accu weather seven day in a bit. >> see you shortly adam thank you. delaware's board of education voted to close wilmington's moy's contacted my charter school tonight. school has been threaten with closure before and it is being shuttered at the even on have the year for poor academic performance. moy era contacted my serves mostly low income black children. school will challenge the the closure with the help of the naacp. quick action by administrators and maintenance workers prevented students from encounters a racial slur painted on their school. someone defaced even rants of the hall man catholic girls high in spring garden overnight. driver spotted it and called police who notified the school, and cleaned up overnight before students arrived early this morning, police have been pouring over surveillance video for any clues as to who did this. next time you visit the kimmel center you'll get an up
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close look at some of its stars. tonight officials unveiled a photo gallery featuring the musicians of the philadelphia orchestra. they have been install in the first and second tears of the center and will be a permanent fixtures. officials say this is a tribute to every note that they play every night they perform in the city of philadelphia, and the abroad. that is new sound brass band welcoming guest toss glow in the park this unique event was held in the strawberry mansion music pavilion in ease fairmount park guests enjoyed food, entertainment and glow of candle light. there are fire pits to help keep people warm, creative menu provided by award winning philadelphia food trucks, proceeds from ticket sales go toward the the fairmount park conserve. great fall night to do that. >> yes, it was. still ahead on the full hour of "action news" at ten, first it was an iphone and now
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another big name involved, in its own bend gate. and pastor admits sleeping with church members, but it is what he did not tell them about his health that forced him out of the pulpit. police make an announce b. sarah palin her family and big brawl that had them throwing punches. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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a pastor in alabama made a shocking admission from the pulpit, he has aids and has slept with members of his congregation. juan dimitri mcfar land said he knew he had aids but did not tell that to his partners this happened at shiloh baptist church in montgomery. he also admitted drug use and miss handling church money. he was removed as pastor. this past sunday. a crowd, has been protesting shooting death of the 18 year-old in st. louis, killed by an off-duty police officer. police say unidentified three two-year old policeman was working for a private security company at the the time. police chief says the the officer started chasing a trio of men by car and then by foot. ballistics show that, myers fired at the officer three times and the officer fired, 17 shots, back, killing him, myers mother claims her son was not armed but a gun, was
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recovered from the scene. on health check at ten, the government says signing up for obama care will go a little bit easier this go around. federal health officials unveiled cleaner web site and sign up process. the web site ran into some technical difficulties when it launched last fall, next open enrollment period begins november 15th. some young cancer patients and survivors received a free lesson in how to cook healthy meals tonight. cancer treatment centers of america, hosted the event, the at the philadelphia free library, registered dietition and a chef were on hand to create meals that can help with side effects from treatment and health rebuild a patient's strength. now to the accu weather forecast. more on the timing of that rain, adam mentioned. >> he is live at the big board with the very latest on the track of that rain. >> it looks like it will be the evening rush hour that
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could be wetter then the morning rush hour tomorrow, but for today, pretty perfect out there with that sunshine, and 51 the low. exactly normal. the high temperature just 1 degree off. pretty much perfect. seventy the high. normal 69. the records 35 and 86 degrees. the numbers have really, cooled off, we have that northeasterly wind now, it is raining in so we will drop to 59 in philadelphia. fifty-nine in wilmington. fifty-eight in allentown. fifty-seven in millville. numbers, will be very hard pressed to get out of the 50's, at least until saturday afternoon. satellite and radar we have had some clouds streaming in during sunset and now we have broken some of the clouds especially north of philadelphia but more clouds are waiting to the west to push back in and that will happen overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. so future tracker at 7:30 you can see heavier thicker clouds to the south, maybe a little bit of filtered sun to start north of philadelphia then in the afternoon some showers will break out, very light,
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maybe some mist or a drizzle for evening rush, this is at 6:00 o'clock and heavier rain comes in friday night and for the first part of saturday. so tomorrow morning's rush hour it is generally mostly cloudy, again, brighter north of philadelphia there could be a spotty sprinkle south but temperatures do not move. they will get stuck in the lower 50's, throughout the morning hours and in the afternoon, don't rise all that much, upper 50's for highs, that is it in the north western suburbs from downingtown at 58, allentown 57, under mainly cloudy skies, afternoon showers will break up from the west to the east, and cloudy and cool with high temperatures in the upper 50's. maybe a couple 60's through salem and middletown and head to the south temperatures are warmer, closer to the shore into the lower 60's with that raw northeasterly wind, with drizzle and showers around. so overall it is not a wash out tomorrow but with all of the clouds and that cool nor'easterly wind, not the best of days and turning wet by tomorrow evening. we will talk about just how
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long that rain lastness to your saturday and what about sunday and the eagles and your seven day come up next. >> all right adam thank you. big night for flyers fans, at orange and black at home ice, for the first time this season. >> lets check with ducis rodgers for very latest on that, hi there ducis. >> hi there brian and shirleen a wild one in south philadelphia between flyers and the devils. the flyers rallied back from a three goal deficit, take a look at highlights, three to nothing devils in the second period, the flyers scored three unanswered goals. wayne simmonds front foot and all scores twice in less than a minute. game tied at three. new four-three devils in the third vinny lacavalier, hoping to bounce back from a difficulties a appointing season we are tied once again. midway through third, sue us before a former flyers doesn't it work out that way always? his is the game winner, the the flyers lose this one, six-four. >> it is not a good spot being
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in zero and two. we would like to be two-o absolutely but there is plenty of games to go, no need to push the the panic button. >> to the eagles now beginning to sound like a common refrain michael kendricks missed practice again with that lingering calf injury. he is looking to be a licensing shot to play sunday with the giants. demeco ryans was back at practice although limited by his frown injury. eagles defense will be put to the test sunday night, of course, the defense has had issues. giant quarterback eli manning is on a role, eight touchdown pass necessary his last three games. new york has won three games in a row. bird feel the key to stopping giants does not lie in the air. >> it always start with stopping the run first. if we can make them one dimension allophanes then it falls on us up front getting to him and making him uncomfortable. >> coming up next half an her we will get a live from jeff skversky on that wild game between flyers and devils,
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brian and shirleen, back to you. >> thanks, ducis. and tonight, we have learn philadelphia eagles have lost one of its longest most loyal fans. >> i'm steve, you can believe it. >> and we believe it. the minute we walk into steve's home last year, we believed it, showed hourlies a thomas laury his collection of eagles memorabilia, every ticket to every game he ever attended over the last 75 years. he was a super fan. and tonight the 87 year old passed away after suffering several strokes at cooper hospital. one thing he was hoping he would be around for was when eagles win a super bowl. we know one thing for certain he will be there in spiri
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no, this is not the iphone six, a tech blogger from you been blocked therapy is bending the new samsung galaxy note four, same person went public with the video showing him bending the iphone six. that video set off a wave of criticism from users. the the blogger puts samsung's new flagship phone through the same test and found it bend in
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the same spot, no reaction yet from samsung. well, you have heard of pop up restaurant now one group is hosting a pop up park for puppies. the park popped up at 20th and sansom outside shake shack tonight and dogs who stopped by got to enjoy a few treats. make some new four legged friends. it is all part of the designed philadelphia festival and that park will be opened until october the 17th.
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a wilmington teenager was
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sent home from school because of her outfit, we will show it to you at 10:45. they say diamonds are forever but, can they lead to divorce? how the size of your diamond and cost of your wedding could be an indication of whether your marriage will last. up next the plane crashes in new jersey this evening, we will tell you how it
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if you are just joining us at 10:30 here are big stories we are covering on "action news" at ten on phl7. >> raghunandan yandamuri has been found guilty of murder in 2012. whoes to defend himself at the trial, yandamuri now faces a possible death sentence. man learned the hard way, ebola jokes are not funny when you are flying. a man sneezed aboard u.s. airways flight from philadelphia to the dominican republic and said i've bowl a once the plane landed a medical team in hazmat suit boarded and checked the passenger out. he does not have the disease that has claimed thousands of lives. new tonight at 10:30, chopper 6hd flew over a small plane crash in lumberton, new jersey late this evening. pilot of this plane was getting ready to land when he missed the runway. he came to rest in the grass, medics responded, the pilot was fine though just shaken
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up. southwest philadelphia man is recovering after he was stabbed in his bed this morning allegedly by his neighbor. police say that the suspect then bolted out of the house and started threatening school children who were waiting for the bus outside. police eventually captured him. neighbors say it appears that the attacker suffers from some kind of a mental illness, victim was treated for two stab wounds in the back and expected to make a full recovery. meanwhile police identified suspect in the slashing seen here inside an upper darby bar. now they are like for miguel, investigators say he stabbed another man inside the bar and restaurant on market street last night, the the victim is, hospitalized in critical condition. tonight we have an update on the fire that broke out at elwyn care center in middletown township. chopper 6hd was live over the scene last night at 10:30. since then we have learned six three-year old william myers was killed in the assisted living facility, investigators
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are still looking into the cause, fire fighters say an electrical problem may be to blame. only spent a few hours on this earth but baby shane left a lasting impression. he was welcomed into the the world earlier this morning by his parents jena and dann haley, of drexel hill. early in the pregnancy they found out their son had a birth defect and wouldn't live long, they created a bucket list and went viral on the facebook page they posted today at 6:15 after meeting his entire family and being baptized in the cabbing lick faith baby shane died peacefully in his mother's arms. we are so grateful for time we were bless todd hold and hug our son. shane touched so many, that chronicled the family's journey has more than 820,000 likes. tonight, three philadelphians were honored for their efforts to end sexual violence. women organized against rape hosted its third bridge of courage award at lowes hotel,
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honored tonight were honorable vincent hughes, maria battle and doctor susan till man. they were recognized for promote ago wearness, education, advocacy and policy research to end sexual violence. chester county spca was beneficiary of a gala at radnor hunt tonight. there was even a silent auction. if you are ever looking to extend your family the shelter has plenty of adorable cats and dogs looking for forever families. we are told there are a few guinea pigs that need a good home tonight. whatever pet you are in the market for they have got it. >> even guinea pigs. >> i had one of them as a kid. >> difficult. >> how long did it survive. >> don't even answer. >> the the accu weather forecast. >> we will just leave it at that. >> nothing traumatic in the forecast. >> no, we have some rain, heading our way but it is not a wash out of the weekend as we take a look at sky six from earlier this evening down in
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atlantic city looking at the back bays, absolutely beautiful. you see a glow on the horizon as a little sun was squeezing out in some spots. as we look the at the accu weather live double scan live radar around the region very chilly temperature and the system that is stretching its legs across much of the country. that has been push all the way east off the atlantic. looking at double scan live radar nothing going on right now but those temperatures or the cool side. fifty-two from coatsville, 50 in kenneth square. fifty-five in slatington. tannersville coming in at 48 degrees. the to the south and east, 53 in browns mills. hammington 56. all the way over to smyrna 58 degrees. at the shore we're warmer at 64. satellite and radar we have a frontal boundary that has draped between philadelphia and rally, east of cincinnati, st. louis and all the way in the central rookies where low pressure is developing along this boundary. all that has to, again, push east and it will take a few
10:35 pm
you days to completely clear the coast. future tracker shows at 7:30 tomorrow morning clouds are in places specially south of philadelphia, maybe a little bit of extra sun to the north first thing in the morning, clouds continue to dominate in the afternoon and by 5:00 o'clock you can see those showers working in the entire region. evening rush tomorrow will be on not only damp side but chilly side and it rains pretty much on and all all of friday night into the early morning hours of saturday, saturday at 6:00 a.m. still rather dreary south and east but we are starting to clear in the poconos first thing saturday morning and that clearing line could puncture south of philadelphia, with some returning sun, sat the take afternoon, so again, it is just a very beginning part of saturday, that will be wet. so, with the clearing outside saturday afternoon and sun take leaf peaking this weekend ace approaching peak in the poconos. hickory run state gap, delaware water gap and northern part of the new
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jersey and toby hanna and, goldsboro state park looking good to capture some of that color. as we look the at the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow only 59 for a high. chilly, cloudy, raw, wet with that northeasterly wind in the afternoon. morning rain saturday and then we will try to return that sun from north to south, clouds maybe stubborn up at the shore saturday to break at 62. sun in the morning. the clouds in the afternoon on sunday and then for eagles it is dry, cloudy and cool with temperatures in the 50's during the game. sixty-three for a high in the afternoon. then we will warm as boundary goes to the north monday but more cloud coming in, a spitting shower monday and then warm, breezy some sun tuesday at 76, and then another area of low pressure comes in wednesday with more rain and 74. normal thursday at 68. >> little active over the the next seven days. >> keeping you busy. >> trying. >> thanks adam. delaware teenager is sent home for school for her outfit but was it really all that
10:37 pm
bad. we will show you. plus investigation is now over find out if sarah palin and her family will face charges after a brawl, and next we will tell you why prosecutors want to see adrian peterson behind bars while's weights trial on child abuse charges.
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prosecutors in texas want to revoke adrian peterson's boon and have him rhea rested. the running back allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana while he is out on bond. peterson is currently on paid leave while he waiting for his child abuse trial to begin. earlier this month he admitted to using a wooden switch to spank his four year-old son causing injury but he says he did not intend to harm the boy. tonight we're learning new details about jesse matthew the last person seen with missing uv a student hanna graham. he has been link through dna evidence of morgan harrington, she was murdered in 2009 after a metalica concert at the college. it turns out that night matthew was working as a cabdriver and that vehicle has been now seized by police. as for hanna graham there is
10:41 pm
still no sign of her, she has been missing since september 13th. tonight fbi is trying to figure out if a man yet to be identified killed a alabama, 33 years ago, is same man who bludgeoned his family to death outside of washington tc. bradford bishop is on their ten most wanted fugitive list and today they exhume the john doe that was hit by a car in 1981. it was a funeral homework shore realized two men resembled each other. fbi will gather dna and use dental record to determine if it is bishop. he is accused of using a sledge ham inner 1976 to murder his wife, mother and three children in maryland. investigators say, it is possible bishop hid in the mountains for several years and hitchhiked 200 miles to alabama. former alaska governor sarah palin and her family won't face charges after a bloody brawl at a party. on september 6th police were called to the home for a fight.
10:42 pm
according to the guest daughter bristol decked a guy several times and her brother track hit another guest who used to date sister willow. it resembled a scene from jerry springer, once the fight broke up, palins have took off. police closed their investigation. up next we are taking a closer look at this air cleaners that promised to rid your home of dust anal begins. find out which ones work and which ones don't. love and marriage can cost big bucks, but can the size of your ring determine the divorce? it is a story you've got to hear. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team get morning's top news headlines weather and traffic at 4:30 a.m. only on 6 abc. it's on?
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oh yeah. with who? the citizens banker lady. she made things way simple for me, like how to deposit a check from my phone. she's even gonna send me alerts if my balance gets too low. total special treatment. you do know the alerts don't come from her personally, right don juan? mr.tobin, you forgot your phone! thank you. you left that there on purpose, didn't you? yeah. wow. award winning mobile banking from citizens bank. it's one way we're helping you bank better by keeping things simple. a delaware teen was sent home for school for her outfit and tonight, parents, are not too pleased this is what 17 year-old emily schaefer wore to brandywine high school in wilmington. it appears to be blahing leg ins boots and jacket and long shirt. school asked her to change her clothes because that outfit violated the dress code. school officials say
10:46 pm
schaefer's top was not long enough. >> they are permitted for students, as long as they are pared with an appropriate length top, and according to our dress code guidelines the appropriate length is 4 inches from the top of your knee. >> but, during the time "action news" was at the school our cameras observed a number of students who appeared to be in violation of that code, as it was described to us and emily and her parent think she was unfairly sent home. in consumer news air cleaners promised to rid your home of pollutants like dust and other allergens, but tests done by consumer reports show that some are far better than others. here's consumer reporter nydia han with the details. >> reporter: consumer report tested dozens of air pure fires to clear the air about what really works... air cleaners may claim like captures 99 percent of allergens and irritants.
10:47 pm
removed allergens like dust, pet ander and pollen and healthier fresher air. consumer reports tested 26 port able air clean tours see how well they work. the testers pumped contaminantness this control chamber. >> we want an air clean their will remove smoke, dust from your room quickly and quietly. some of the models we tested were slow, and not terribly effective. >> reporter: before we reveal which model consume are reports recommend here's a tip. >> even the the best air cleaner isn't going to be enough, if you are not very pro active about removing contaminants, vacuuming, dusting, making sure rooms are adequately ventilated and that you are in the doing things like smoking in the room. those things are actually much more important then just using an air cleaner. >> reporter: if you still want an air cleaner consumer reports say stay away from electro static ones. >> they can produce small amount of ozone which can add to allergies and asthma.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: use filters clean the air instead. consume are reports recommend this one from honey well for $250. it is relatively quiet and compels at removing dust, pot even and smoke. consume are reports also tested whole house filters for homes heated and cooled with forced air. they replace a standard filth inner a forced air system. the 1550 for $30 is very good at removing dust and smoke, and it is one of the least expensive tested. like many whole house filters it will need to be installed by a professional. i'm mid yan hand for "action news" at ten on phl17. they say a diamond is forever but can it lead to divorce. ladies, you might want to hear this one. researchers at emery university suggest bigger tight monday the shorter the marriage. the it is not just about the blink. study suggest more expensive the wedding, the higher the divorce rate. 3,000 adults who have been married at some point were surveyed, it turns out men who spent between two and four grand on a wedding ring were
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more likely to be divorced then men who spent less. women who had a wednesday ago this had 20 grand or more are 3.5 times more likely to divorce then women who spent between five and ten grand. >> more proof that love is not about money. the rock and roll hall of fame, may get a bit more attitude, nominee where is announced and they include green day and joan jett and the black hearts. jett might have a good chance. we know she loves to rock and roll. also nominated are stevey ray vaughn, bill rivers, 9-inch males, rapper nwa and sting. he is in the hall of fame the with the police but now could be in on his own. class of 2015 will be announced in december. >> something for everyone especially if you are 30 and above. >> you got it. >> it is time new for sports. >> ducis rodgers live at the big board, hi there ducis. >> hi there guys flyers had little offense last night in the season opener. that is not their problem tonight in the home open's begins the devils.
10:50 pm
defense is. three to nothing new jersey in the second period. claude giroux on the power play. hopefully he gets off to a good start. the flyers down three-one. a bit later, wayne simmonds, front foot and all, scores twice in less than a minute this one on the power play as well. simmonds also with an asses. four-three devils in the third. vinny lacavalier on the rush. we are tied once again. but midway through the third, the former flier dannius hits the game winner. the flyers lose six-four. lets get a live post game report from jeff skversky at the wells fargo center, jeff. >> reporter: another season, and yet another slow start by your flyers. they are zero and two for third straight year and how about this, they have lost three straight home openers for the first time in team history. >> it is not the start that we want. we have a lot of work to do. >> we have had a couple slow
10:51 pm
starts but we are working hard, battling back and we are doing some good things. >> it is not a great feeling but we have to stay positive. we have a good team in here. we will win hockey games. we will get prepared for the next game. >> reporter: not only did they lose the the game tonight but flyers found out beforehand they will use brayden coburn their defenseman for foreseeable future. he was seen walking on crutches tonight. hees out with the lower body injury. they are also without kimmo timonen top two defenseman and for a team that allowed six goals tonight that ace major blow. goalie steve mason says he has to step up. live at the wells fargo center jeff skversky for "action news" at ten on phl17. to the eagles now it seems like it is same old, same old with michael kendricks, calf injury keeps him out today. linebacker is looking to be a long shot to play sunday with the giants. deme co ryans does return to practice but limited due to his groin injury.
10:52 pm
better chance that he does play though. the defense and will be all hand on beck. eli manning in his last three games, get these numbers, eight touchdowns begins one interception. the birds feel the key to keeping him contained toys make him feel uncomfortable. >> you make him uncomfortable it changes all quarterback. but when you don't they can all get in rhythm. eli is one guy that can get in a nice rhythm if you let him. >> that is with any quarterback you put your hat on him a bit game change. >> pressure will make any quarterback change and he is notive rent from anybody else. >> it should abby good one come sunday night. >> certainly will be. >> all right ducis, thanks. faces of many childhood memories growing up in philadelphia has been transformed into an exhibit. tonight the philadelphia history museum, debuted how philly plays, 115 years of smith memorial play ground. through historic photos, videos and toys visitors will
10:53 pm
be transported to 1899, when plate ground f
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
students at lansdale catholic high school was treated, tonight for christopher ferguson. that has log more than 40 days in state aboard shuttles atlantic and endeavor. his son graduated last spring. captain ferguson retired from nasa in 2011 spoke to the kids about careers, science, technology and engineering and
10:56 pm
math. something else pretty cool here, this is a pulsear a rotating knew tron star in space beaming electro magnetic radiation. it may not look like much but it is putting out as much energy as 10 million sons and that is a whole lot. this is the the brightest one ever discovered but went unnoticed incredibly. nasa astronomers thought that this extraordinary light was a black hole. >> pretty wild. >> that they can actually zoom in like that and understand what is going on. >> yes, speaking of the planet what is going on up there. >> we are talking about clouds tomorrow morning, maybe filtered sun, north of philadelphia but generally dry for the bus stop, could be a spotty sprinkle south of the city but temperatures holding steady around 53 degrees. bundle up the kid tomorrow, it will be a very chilly day, even into the the afternoon, temperatures do not get above 59 degrees, and the the best
10:57 pm
chance for showers will come late in the day, and especially in time for the evening rush hour. >> okay. >> thanks adam. thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten modern family is next followed by friends. >> for shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers, i'm brian taff, have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow and we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> see you you.
10:58 pm
mmmmm. ring ring! ring ring! progresso. you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well, vegetables... shhhhh! ...taste better in our savory broth. vegetables. no, soup! oh, soup! available at walmart.
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(gasps) did you see it? does she know? this is the last thing she needs today. no! busy day at the dunphy compound. we have a wedding tonight, and this afternoon, claire is debating duane bailey in the race for town council. (lowered voice) and now the "weekly saver" says that some voters find claire-- quote-- "angry and unlikable." to those voters, i say, "wait till she sees this." no one can mention it to her. we can't have some unscientific poll shaking claire's confidence. phil... what poll? too late. she knows. who told her? what is this, a witch hunt? oh, my god. i have to go. well, i just don't think it's a big deal. i mean, how many people read the "weekly..." "saver"? "saver," anyway?