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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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saturday night i'm walter perez. fbi is helping in the search forearmed bank robbers in delaware county. philadelphians join forces to send needed supplies to west africa to bring the ebola out break to a stop. but the big story on a "action news" tonight is happy ending after a home burglary, little dog from north philadelphia right there has been through a lot over the past few months. she was dog napped and then sold, but thanks in part to a report on "action news", the lucky dog has been back hope. kenneth moton is live at central detectives with more on the police investigation that continues, kenneth.
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>> reporter: well, walter tonight, the dog's owner is thanking central detective here. "action news", and a good samaritan, who lost a lot of money. this little one has been a regular at mecca a salon on broad street in north philadelphia a hanging out with customers, going home with barber henry collins who bought him off a young man who claim to be a temple student. >> he said he was leaving for the the semester, and he could not take the dog home because of the airplane ride. >> reporter: that was a couple months ago. fast forward to tuesday, and that is when collins saw an "action news" a report about the thieves who stole electron i goes abe a four year-old from a girard avenue home. police were finally able to reheat surveillance video of the suspect from the july 30th burglary. dog's name, cheesepa. >> they called her chichi, she was like oops. i said this might be the dog. >> reporter: central detective investigator pick up the dog saturday and check her micro
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chip. we have a match. >> and when he sent me the video i was like that is my dog. >> reporter: ten weeks after she was dog napped she was back in the arms of her owner, penn state nursing student mia corea. >> i'm just happy we were able to get her back. it was a long time. >> it wasn't a hard decision to make but it was right decision to turn in the dog. >> reporter: collins who paid $550 for the dog said his three-year old son will be devastated but corea plans to give him bread so collins can have one of her puppies. he was so happy for me to get my dog back. that was his main priority aside from everything else. so, it was all good. >> reporter: police are looking for tips on those thieves, tonight. and in a strange coincidence chichi's owner was in that north philadelphia a salon a couple weeks ago but that day, chichi wasn't there. reporting live outside central detective here tonight, kenneth moton for "action
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news" at ten on phl17, walter? >> thank you, kenneth. delaware valley has dried out after a wet day but the chillies sticking around. meteorologist melissa a magee is at the big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> we had a soggy start to our saturday. good news all that moisture we had earlier today and this morning has moved off shore but with the clouds and the rain overhead today, it was definitely cooler then average. high today in philadelphia a only climbed up to 57 degrees, that is 11 degrees below where we normally should then time of the year, average for us is about 68. a as we look the at the temperatures outside tonight most locations, still only in the 50's, even the 40's north and west of town. allentown 43. poconos 43. philadelphia a is coming in a at 52 along the coast in sea isle city, 54. same thing in dover. here's satellite six with action radar, the moisture has already moved to the north and east you do notice fair amount of cloud cover in south jersey, right the through delaware but you will notice, we're starting to tap in a a
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northerly win. dryer air will punch southward as we progress through the rest of tonight and for that matter in the second half of the weekend. one thing to note we have a frost advisory mainly for carbon and monroe counties up through poconos. frost advisory goes into effect, into the overnight hours, lasting right through 8:00 a.m. on sunday. good idea to protect sensitive plants. we will talk about what ace head for rest of our weekend? clearing will continue. tracking patchy fog during the overnight hours and it will get the dryer, and the sun will make a come back for second half of your sunday, details with the accu weather forecast, walter. fire fighters in gloucester count write called to the old manufacturing plant, tonight, flames broke out the at 7:00 p.m. at a vacant building at edge the water and red lion avenues in westville. it used to be homes of morris braddick. second alarm was struck before crews got the the upper hand no word how the whole thing started. it was a frightening morning for employees of the td bank in wayne. when the bank opened two men
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burst in and forced employees into a safe. tonight a $7,500 reward is being offered for information. these are surveillance pictures from inside of the location, on lancaster avenue. investigators say both men were wearing masks and one was armed, with a 9-millimeter handgun. >> one of the males, did as i say, brandish a weapon and put ate begins one of the tellers necks forcing him to open up one of the safes. >> the employees were then taken into the safe, before the thieves got away, with an undetermined amount of cash. officers, hope to get more surveillance from stores in the area, the the fbi is also helping out with the investigation. screening for passengers potentially infect with the ebola virus began today at jfk airport in new york city. all passengers a arriving from the african nations of liberia and sierra leon are being checked for fever. they are being asked to be in contact with anybody with the virus. federal health officials say the measure adds another layer of protection, and to keep
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people from spreading, still may have missed this process, it is not perfect. >> no matter how many of these procedures are put into place, we cannot get the risk to zero. that will not be the case but this additional layer should add a measure of security and assurance to the american public. >> the the ebb hansed screening process will include four other major airports, starting next week, including newark liberty international in new jersey. meantime a church community in mt. airy may be located in the u.s. but their hearts are in lie beer y today they came together to send to much needed aid to a a region at the epi center of the ebola out break. as our nora muchanic tells us for some this project was personal. >> reporter: they work at shifts in enan tabernacle baptist church collecting and sorting through boxes of donated medical supplies and canned foods, all of this, destined for liberia now in the grip of the ebola a crisis. >> they need basics, fundamental things that we often take for granted.
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we're good at doing our best, our level best to get these supplies to them as quickly as possible. >> reporter: bleach, medical masks, hand sanitizers and wipes, these are items being donated and collect to the church's heart for liberia project. >> the most pressing issue on this earth right now, from our position, is the ebola crisis. >> the ebola victims they are getting in after after rick case so substandard to which we are receiving here in america. >> reporter: with ebola a cases rapidly multiplying working to supply supplies is personal for lisa hopkins who has been directly a affected. >> volunteering here today on behalf of the family that i have, and we lost a uncle, august 28th with the ebola crisis. >> they need a lot of stuff. >> reporter: even young david friedman understands the need. over 250 boxes were packed with supplies, enan tabernacle has a relationship with the
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log carry mission and school in liberia. >> we hope that we can be a help in halting the spread of the ebola a virus in liberia and surrounding area. >> reporter: all of the items will be shipped to the school in brewer town liberia, and distributed from there, to those who need them. in mt. airy i'm nora muchanic for "action news" at ten on phl17. woman remains in critical condition after a terrible hit and run in new castle will delaware this morning. crash took place just after 1:00 a.m. on new linden hill road in pike creek. investigators say it was a 2009 volkswagen jet a a that slammed into 25 year-old a alyssal bineis car, traveling her inside. the driver got out and took her out on foot. she had to be pulled from the jar. driver is described as a white female, 20 to 25 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and wearing a red sweater. if you have any information, please call the police. a seventh high school football player has turn himself into answer charges of
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sex crimes, in connection with hazing of younger players. the students, all of whom attend sayreville war memorial high school are accused of brutally attacking four boys last month. players are all facing a list of allegations, in fact, three are facing aggravated sexual assault charges. the the school's football season was abruptly canceled this year in light of the allegations. first lady michelle obama is coming to philadelphia this week to try to sway vetters not final weeks before pennsylvania elects its next governor. the mrs. obama has head line and grass routes event for candidate tom wolf who leads the polls. event will be held at dorothy emmanuel recreational center in northwest philadelphia on wednesday. the demies taking on incumbent governor, tom corbett, on november 4th. verizon wireless is helping survivors of the domestic violence in delaware start all over. today the company gave $30,000 in grants to a group called la esperanza and safe place program, it will help mission of the both organizations,
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namely, supporting victims and helping them transition into their own homes. the donations are made possible, through verizon's hope line program when encourages customers to turn over their old phones to directly benefit domestic violence prevention programs. all right. coming up on "action news" at ten a deadly respiratory virus affecting children all across the country has claimed another victim. dear hunters in the poconos get good news as search for eric frein, continues now four weeks after he allegedly murdered a state police officer. a terrifying moment at a zoo out west, after a toddler falls into a big cat exhibit. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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we need somebody over here on the little rock zoo we had a babe that i fell in. >> that enclosure belongs to the jaguars, at the little rock zoo in arkansas. yesterday officials say a three-year old boy fell 15 feet the in the pit and right into the jaws of two jaguars. zoo keeperd heard crying for help and rush in the exhibit spraying fire extinguisher at the big cats. after they dropped the boy he was rushed to arkansas's children hospital for puncture wound and fractured skull. today the toddler was upgraded to stable condition. a toddler in detroit has become latest victim of enter owe virus d68, first child in michigan to die of the virus. last week you may remember a boy from hamilton new jersey, four year-old eli waller, died of event owe virus d68 that brings to five the number of people infect with the virus
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who died, even though precise role the virus played in those deaths remains unclear. as of tonight, 691 people in 46 states, and washington d.c., have been diagnosed with enterovirus d68. hunters have have been given the okay to return to parts of the woods, previously off limits, because of the manhunt for eric frein. the those areas in northeastern, pennsylvania were restricted, after police discovered pipe bombs, allegedly left behind by the cop killer. it is now you four weeks to the day, since a manhunt for frein first started. yesterday one community, in the search area, canceled halloween activities as frein remains on the loose. thousands of people traveled from, all around the country to st. louis, missouri for weekend of protests, rallying against deadly police shootings. they are also calling for charge's against the office shore killed unarmed teenager michael brown back in august. the four day demonstration has been dubbed, ferguson october. it was organized after a st. louis police officer killed a
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teenager during a shoot-out this past week. a powerful storm has made land fall in japan, lashing the southern island of oak now a it is being attributed to the typhoon and wrist tone nine. the wind and rain have knocked out power to thousands, flights were cans told day as well and ground transportation has come to a halt. land fall in japan's main island is expect tomorrow but the storm packing 100-mile per hour wind. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee, hi there, melissa. >> hi there walter, we have good news on the way for second half of the weekend which looks to be dryer then how the weekend started today, on the soggy side. we will check out rainfall totals. we have pick autopsy cross the region. the atlantic city, and it shows a half an inch in wrightstown, i should say, same thing for philadelphia, a quarter inch of rainfall for will allentown and also, into quakertown. the as we check out the the neighborhood numbers a across much of the region most locations, north and west of philadelphia, are only in the 40's, it is 43 in allentown.
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forty-eight in reading. 47 degrees in lancaster. fifty-two in philadelphia along the coast in sea isle city coming in at 54 degrees. here's what is going on satellite six with action radar. the moisture we had earlier today already starting to push off shore, we have a front aal boundary and that front has, sipped down to our south, and because of that front to our south, which is tapping into a northerly win. northerly wind making these temperatures cooler then average but as the night progresses, we will tap into much of the northerly wind that will dry everything out into the second half of the weekend and the sun will make a brief a appearance for the first half of the the day, tomorrow before things cloud backup. we will talk more about that. down to the trough, we will keep awe close eye on tropical storm fey, wind sustained at 07 miles an hour. just to the south of bermuda this will hook to the north and east later on sunday and then on monday we are tracking a cold front that will brush the the system well away from the u.s. mainland. definitely not a threat for u.s. mainland and staying away, to the east of bermuda
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tomorrow, over to the north and west of philadelphia, sunshine, afternoon clouds, we will have a cooler day. sixty-one allentown. sixty-two in reading. pottstown coming in the lower 60's. sixty-one in lancaster a long that i-95 corridor we are maxing out in philadelphia 63 degrees. average for us this time of the year is 68. sixty-one in middletown for the high temperature. partly sunny down the shore tomorrow, light breeze. temperature in atlantic city coming in at 65. coming up, we will take a closer look as to what we can expect for second half of the weekend and what next workweek has in store as well, details coming up in a little bit, walter. >> thank you, melissa. an owl is feeling better after spending a few minutes behind a grill of the car. bird found himself in this fix in minneapolis, minnesota this week. pled for was apparently swooping down to, catch his next meal when it got hit by a car. driver tried to pull the owl out by himself but he was a little ownry and started biting. we are happy to report that the bird was successfully least moved by police and taken to the wild life shelter to be check out.
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he should be okay. check in with jeff for our first check have of sports with the break and story fit for halloween, in fact, it is one family's real life horror story. we will tell you hoe they dealt with the infestations of thousands of have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes.
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meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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rain only added to the fun touring this race in liverton, new jersey. the those taking part to the messy during the the inaugural mud, sweat and tears race, a 3-mile course that included obstacles and forced run tours get down and dirty. organizers hope to make this an annual event. rain also didn't stop people from standing out parkinson's in fairmount park. people brought their umbrellas for 3-mile walk along west river drive and meteorologist cave i had murphy could not bring sunshine but did he bring himself to deliver opening marks. all money raise today will help support parkinson's research and education in the delaware valley. time for a check on sports, jeff skversky is live in the "action news" sports center and tomorrow promises to be chip i with the giants. >> yes, we will start with the flyers right now, walter. flyers trying to avoid yet another zero and three start for the third straight year, of course, everyone knows what happened, last year. they started zero and three, and they fired their coach.
10:22 pm
while everyone says this year is different, talk is cheap. craig beruby not at the hot seat at this point not like peter laviolette last year but he has to be worried. flyers wayne simmonds is red hot. he scores two goals against montreal. flyers would take a three to nothing lead but canadiens score three goals in the third and they tie it. the game goes to a shoot-out and oh, boy, he beats ray emery, and wow, flyers lose four-three. they are still looking for their first win. perhaps things will go better for your eagles tomorrow. those are the new york giants. they don't like philly. well, welcome to town. tom could have lynn, eli manning arrive in enemy territory. we are 24 hours away from kick off at the link and if the eagles expect to walk a away from this nfc east bat 58-one, ron jaworski said they need to cool off giants offense which
10:23 pm
has scored more than 100 points over the last three games. >> eli has got tremendous confidence, in his receiving core. victor cruz is always a problem. ruben randall ace good receiver. they have a by that can fly. odell beckham can fly. he got out on the field last week for the the first time and made plays. the the whole group up front is doing a good job playing as one, they are running the football. eli has been terrific with the play action passing game. he is not turning the football over. clearly giants are coming in as a hot team as well. >> and we will have much more on the eagles coming up later in the show, plus college football, big game for penn state at the big house, and a big win for temple. that and much more in a half an hour. now back to you in the studio. >> thanks, jeff. youngsters got to see fire fighters in action tonight in delaware county. middletown fire company said things are a a blaze at annual thrill show, they show kids how to put out these flames and even gave them a chance to
10:24 pm
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! next story sound like something out of a steven king novel, exterminators had to take extreme measures to remove thousands of poisonous spieders from a home in missouri. it looks like the the circus is in town there but this home is more like site of the freak show. people who live here had to abandon the property because they said, brown recluse
10:27 pm
spieders were bleeding from the walls. the experts estimate 5,000 of the potentially deadly spiders were inside that home. this infestation probably started with just a few. >> you buy things at an auction, a garage sale, you inherit furniture, you have furniture in storage, you bring it back to your house, many times, brown spiders are carried right into the the house. >> folks who live here of since sued previous homeowners saying they should have been notified of the infestation, the the house was thoroughly fumigated last week at a cost of about $4,000. coming up in our next half an hour of "action news" as temperatures fall, so do the numbers at the pump. in fact gas prices in the delaware valley could dip below $3. they find their dream dresses a and fight cancer at the same time, i'm they find their dream dresses a and fight cancer at
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if you are just joining us at 10:30, here are the big stories on "action news" tonight. radnor township police and the fbi are working to find armed crooks who robbed a bank this morning. officials say pair burst in the td bank on lancaster avenue in wayne just after 9:00 a.m. employees were forced in to a safe and suspects got the away with an undisclosedded amount have of cash. $7,500 reward is now being offered in this case.
10:30 pm
also a precious item lost, during a home burglary has been returned to a woman in north philadelphia. chichi the dog was dog napped and then sold four months ago. today person who unknowingly bought the stolen four year-old talk this past summer came forward after seeing a story at a story this week on "action news". dog nappers remain on the loose. a church community in mt. airy is doing its part to help those victimized by the ebola out break in west africa. e nan tabernacle church boxed food, bleach and medical masks as part of the project called heart for lie beer y items will be sent to a school in liberia and distributed to the people in need. state police in cape may county, new jersey less than 24 hours to make an arrest after a deadly street shooting. xavier guys goer of dennisville has been charged with, murder and aggravated assault. he killed 41 year-old damon feyshaw in woodbine thursday night after the the fight. after troopers found victim's
10:31 pm
body on a local street, witt tonightes tracked him down to his grandparents house. he is being held on $750,000 cash bail. in philadelphia, police are still looking for the person who the shot up a car, and brewerytown overnight killing the driver. investigators found a 28 year-old man with multiple gunshot wound to the chest, on the 2600 block of nicholas street. even the officers believed the the shooting actually happened two blocks away. investigators believe the victim may have tried to drive for help but he was eventually pronounced dead at temple hospital. a 19 year-old female passenger was also shot in the leg and police also say that both victims, had criminal histories. flames, left philadelphia fire fighters to a hair salon in north philadelphia overnight. fire broke out at heads turn, on the corner of north 22nd and west lippingcot at 3:00 a.m. crew where is met with heavy smoke but they got the up are hand in about 20 minutes. still damage -- or the shop was badly damaged no word yet
10:32 pm
what sparked the fire. police in new jersey are looking for a man accused of trying to kill his estrange wife 506789 year-old vincent whiteys wanted on a string of charges, including attempted murder, kidnapping, and then making terroristic threats. investigators say the allegations stemmed from an incident in magnolia, camden county last week. anyone with any information on his whereabouts, should contact the the police, right away. two local acne supermarkets are shutting town because of sagging sales. the the the locations on east street road in warminster, and west butler avenue in chalfont will close by november 13th. 130 employees will lose their jobs, but acme officials say they will be offered positions at other stores. both locations will have liquidation sales, beginning on october 24th. demolition crews are clearing out the the former sunoco refinery, in delaware county to make room for new business. action cam was there as workers removed the old flare stacks, and large oil storage tanks in marcus hook. cities being converted into a
10:33 pm
major center for processing and shipping natural gas. although this marks the end of one chapter, neighbors hearsay it marks the beginning of a new chapter. >> it is the start of a new history. this is going to be probably one of the biggest shippers of propane and natural gas on the east coast, so, the next five or ten years marcus hook will be the place to be. >> sunoco said it plans to begin propane shipments through marcus hook industrial complex by the end of this year. how about a little good news tonight. this one will make you smile all the way to the gas pump. today average price for gallon of regular in new jersey was down to $3 even. 8 cents less then last week. commuters in delaware are pennsylvania paying three-point 08. in philadelphia prices are, higher at $3.31 on average. here's the kicker, analyst say gas prices will likely continue to fall in the coming weeks as fewer drivers hit the road and crude oil prices decrease. >> good news. >> that was very good.
10:34 pm
>> yes. >> i don't do it very often. >> thanks for sharing. >> that is my job. >> time for a check of the accu weather forecast. rainy this morning. >> um-hmm. >> it wasn't horrible. >> it definitely was not a wash out. it wasn't a good looking day. we do have trier skies that move in for the second half of our weekend so that is something to look forward to more good news to share with you. >> at least for the moment, today. >> live double scan radar, it is dry right now after the rain we had earlier today. so we will show you the picture outside. sky six live in hd, we are giving you a shot of, penns landing on this saturday night, and that shot looks okay. but there are some locations where we are dealing with some patchy fog and that is the case as we do have some, a lot of low level moisture even though conditions will continue to dry out for the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours. checking out some of our numbers, north and west of town, slating ton 49 degrees. tannersville just 43. for carbon and monroe counties during the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning is there a frost advisory that is
10:35 pm
in effect. some spots in the poconos could get into the upper 30's as we get in the overnight hours. the quakertown 42 degrees. center city 50. saint david's 50 degrees. kenneth square also at the 50. down across south jersey in, toms river, 49 degrees, as we head inland in in cinnaminson, 51. same thing in hockessin. dover coming in at 54. in philadelphia we have moisture overhead we have a half inch of rainfall but overall across the region we saw anywhere from a quarter to three-quarters worth of rainfall, and you can see all of that moisture starting to push off shore. that frontal boundary is dipping to our south, and we are going to move to the north of that boundary which means these temperatures are cooling then average today. it is also north of that boundary we will start to tap into a northerly win. notice clouds are starting to dissipate and staying away. that will be the case overnight and early tomorrow morning. here's a so the up for you on your sunday. lots of sunshine. high pressure, moving southward across the region just a few high clouds that will move in by the afternoon, the high temperature tomorrow,
10:36 pm
coming in at 63. and tomorrow, afternoon this ridge of high pressure will move off shore, we will tap into a southeasterly wind and those clouds will start to increase as we get into tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. and it is going to be a better day, perhaps you are doing some leaf peeping, the fall foliage count showing you that we are near peak colors in the poconos. moderate color just north and west of the city and low peak colors here, in philadelphia, and much of south jersey. leaf peeping is perhaps not your thing, well, eagles are at home tomorrow at the link in a prime time match up. it is partly cloudy. we have a fall chill taking on the giants. kick off temperature around 58 degrees. once we get in the fourth quarter we will drop down to 55. call from accu weather for rest of tonight, clearing and cool, dropping down to 36 in the suburbs. forty-six in philadelphia, and north and west of town, patchy fog developing, late. here's the exclusive seven day forecast, sun to clouds, for your sunday, high temperature up to 63. on monday, mostly cloudy day, high of 07 as we are tracking a disturbance that will move on through. a stray shower is likely,
10:37 pm
shower, around and in spots, on tuesday as well, otherwise that high temperature is coming in the at 77. and as we get into late wednesday into thursday we're tracking a frontal boundary moving through so showers and storms, more numerous by wednesday, a high of 73. thursday, and late next week temperatures in the lower 70's, so a brief appeared from the sun, early tomorrow morning, walter. >> i miss the sun. >> i do too. >> thanks, melissa. employees from csx corporation spent their sat the daze helping to spruce up a community center in king sessing. employees painted murals on the walls inside and spruced up outdoor furniture this make over took place at the francis zest myers rec center as part of the dedicated day of services to help improve communities all across philadelphia. still ahead, in our next half an hour of "action news" she was found guilty of murder 17 years ago and now though a judge says that the system failed her. we will tell you why this mother's murder conviction was overturn. it has been more than a year since a mother lost her
10:38 pm
son to gun violence in point breeze and now she's hoping you can help her find the killer, that is tonight's crime fighters report.
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
more than a year after her son's murder in point pleas a a mother is still searching for answers. with the reward for the right information, she hopes someone will come forward soon. the here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report.
10:41 pm
>> paul was a happy, outing, young man. he had his whole life ahead of him. >> reporter: thirty-five year-old karlberges had gotten off work may 30th, 2013. he helped todd his home in philadelphia's point breeze section. >> he went to his grandmothers where he lived in the 1500 block of ringo. >> reporter: just before 11:00 p.m. the father of three took a walk with his oldest daughter. down the street his daughter went to a neighbor's house and shortly after, police were called for a double shooting. berges and another man were both found suffering from multiple gunshot wound. berges died at the hospital, the the other man survived but according tobergeses mother had in the been helpful to investigators. >> so it has been a year, you know, no one has come forward just yet, so it is like we're back to square one. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 for information that loads leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission tip
10:42 pm
line at 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> it makes me feel angry. you know, it is like it change my whole life. it is like i'm not happy anymore. we have no closure and all we want is closure. we just want to know what happened. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. jeff joins with us a preview of the eagles/giants showdown. the just because they are not wearing pink does not mean these brides cannot support breast cancer awareness. nora muchanic takes to us a very special sale in support of the cause.
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october is breast cancer awareness month making it a good opportunity to get much needed information and testing. earlier today aria health offered free breast cancer screening for uninsured and under insured women. the screening took place at aria health campuses in philadelphia, and bucks county. but don't worry if you missed it these exams will be offered through the the rest of the month. meantime in center city today brides to be turned their upcoming nuptialness to an event to help other women. brides against breast cancer gives ladies a chance to score deals on great dresses and can contribute to breast cancer research at the same time. "action news" reporter nora muchanic has more. >> i just got my doctorate and
10:46 pm
i just got my dress. >> tears of joy streamed by margaret roberts face, the the germantown woman recently earned her ph.d. in business and is already making deals. she paid almost half price for the wedding gown that she just pick out. >> i tried it on, maybe four or five and that was it. >> and then this one. >> this was it, i knew. i knew. >> reporter: margaret was one of many who came to the sunesta hotel for brides against breast cancer national tour of gowns, designers, dress shops and former brides from around the country donate new or gently used wedding gowns which are then marked down 25 to 85 percent. proceeds from the sale go to support women with breast cancer. >> we have people in our family that are survivors of breast cancer, so it is a pay it for type thick. you can go anywhere and spend thousands of dollars on a dress but to be able to on your wedding day contribute to a cause like this, it is the right thing to do for me.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: two million-dollar was raised from last years national tour that money goes toward programs, and services for cancer patients, and their families. >> we're excited to, create as much a as we can to find programs for not only cancer patients but family members, children, caregivers to make sure they don't have to go through that alone. it is beautiful the way it fit, made me feel, it is me. it is talking to me. >> reporter: so many aisles and satan and layses, brides against breast cancer business saying yes to the dress and helping a good cause. >> i figured if we're spending money on a dress i might as well make that money do good, if you can, so i'm happy with it. i love this. this is great. >> i'm nora new channel for "action news" at ten on phl17. a mother from california woke up this morning a free woman for the the first time in 17 years. susan mallon held her grandson for the very first time yesterday, as she left the courtroom in los angeles yesterday. the the 59 year-old broke down as a judge overturn her life
10:48 pm
sentence, for the 1997 murder of her former boyfriend. the judge decided that the key testimony against mallon came from a liar and that her legal defense was inadequate. mallon said she still cannot believe that she is free. >> i'm feeling overwhelmed, just nervous, excited, i just think i'm, i don't even know, i'm numb, i haven't had my break down yet. >> mallon has always maintain her innocence even writing the word freedom on the souls of her shoes. she has a lot of catching up to do with her three children and grand kids, her grown son says first up a trip to disney land. all right. time for a check of sports, jeff skies verse ski is here with a little flyers update. >> little flyers update. last year when they lost their first three games, they fired their coach. it doesn't seem to be this serious this year but another bad hole for your flyers, all aboard the wayne train. flyers desperate to avoid their third straight, zero and three start but they jump on wayne simmonds back early
10:49 pm
tonight but the flyers forward cannot do it all, he needs some help to overcome yet another bad start to the season. simmons brings his a game against montreal, how about less than four minutes in the first period, flyers scored twice, simmonds, through go, flyers take a two to nothing lead. their first lead of the season, and less than a minute in the second, simmonds again, his fourth goal and most in the n hl, he didn't have this much until almost thanksgiving last year but flyers have a in melt down on the ice in the third. they gave up three goals, and seven and a half minutes. alex, beats ray emery with we're tied at three. game goes to a shoot-out. it is all parento, he beats emery, it is the only goal in the shoot-out. wow. the flyers lose four-three. they are still looking for their first win. >> you know, they took it to us and i think we respect that team. we know what they got and how they can buzz around, you know, it is unfortunate that we cannot hold a lead like
10:50 pm
that because we definitely should be able to. >> the eagles have an animated cartoon on their web site of east lie manning crying, because he is so scared of the eagles defense. yep, it is giant week and that usually means one thing. the trash talking is amped up. can you wait the for sunday night? here's giants coach tom could have lynn and eli manning arriving in enemy territory tonight. g men said they don't like philly. eagles were hoping to send them back home just as unhappy tomorrow night. manning has lost more games against the eagles than any other team in the nfl. so how do you beat him? you hit him. >> as a great quarterback you just can't give him nothing because he definitely will take advantage. he is a a great quarterback. that is what any quarterback you put your hat on him the the game change up a a little bit. that is what we are hoping to do. we need to rattle him. bucks county native jams franklin can say he takes one game at a time, only ones but
10:51 pm
when he looked at the penn state schedule to start the the year, there is one game that this coach has circled on his calendar. at the big house against michigan, james franklin, not happy, look at this, snaps at his offensive coordinator on the sidelines but nittany lions get the offense going. the christian hackenberg to desean hamilton. they take a six-point lead. that is all they get rest of the way. shut out in the second half. while michigan makes field goal, after field goal. wolverines go up, three early in the fourth. so penn state down three, two and change to go. they will go backward. third and 19, hackenberg sacked for a loss of 13. penn state loses their second straight 18-13. this isn't something you do every day, temple football has been one of the best defenses in the entire country. that is right owls who historically has been one of the worst college football teams are soaring so far. temple, the way they are playing is music to their ears, it is home coming, tulsa
10:52 pm
never hear his this coming. in the second they fool everybody, fake field goal, connor riley runs it back in. temple takes a 14-seven lead. owls down three. and then, tj walk tore fitzpatrick. temple wins, 34-24. team is four and one for the first time in four years. villanova's offense has scored a school roared 40 or more points in five straight games. they have won them all including today against road island. john roberts throws fourth tough downs. they score 44 points. they win 44-21. union tonight their playoff hopes in the major league soccer league, riding on a w against columbus, union up two to nothing. you are not going to believe it, andrew wagner gets them up two to nothing but it falls apart. columbus, comes back, yeah, all the way back, they scored three goals in a four minute span, even worse than flyers melt down, union lose
10:53 pm
three-two. they're limb nateed from playoff contention. with the phillies out of the playoffs their players well, had a lot of free time on their hand to shop for maroon suits, yes marks ruin suits and to go to college football games. that is where we will find closer jonathan papelbon today. >> i got the real thing though. i got the real thing. >> that is papelbon, a guest on espn college game day this morning. he picks up mississippi state bull dog in that maroon suit. papelbon pitched in college so he is routeing for them against auburn today. his team won, and the bull dog looks happy. >> that was a great game by the the way, mississippi state. >> thanks, jeff. a member of the "action news" team was honored for her outstanding work, order of the sons of italy recognized alycia vitarelli during the columbus day celebration in pennsauken. alycia was chosen for accomplishments and charitable
10:54 pm
efforts and positive impact that she has haddon the italian american community. she was honored alongside wildwood
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
time for a check of the forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. >> caught you off guard there. >> i'm speechless. >> yes, we have a day planner, at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. it happens. 47 degrees. we've got sun to start the day, sun will give way to increasing clouds, and 10:00 o'clock in the morning
10:57 pm
53 degrees. the as afternoon wears on a few more high thin clouds move in. temperatures will be below average for second half of the week and we will max out at 63. >> okay, thank you. rest of the "action news" team will be on six abc tomorrow morning at 6:00. broadway fans don't have to travel to the big april until this weeks six abc loves the arts karen rodgers gives us a inside look at people coming to the academy of music. it starts at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning on six a. bc. thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten, vent thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten, vent name game is next followed by
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v [lively music] ♪ >> hi! welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. today, these two teams of beautiful, excellent americans will battle each other for a huge prize in a game that's all about famous names! am i goin' over the top a little bit? little bit. as if that weren't enough, though, we will be joined in this studio by real live celebrities. real ones! our teams today are daniel and kelly, and eric and brandee. talk to you guys in a minute. eric, brandee, step right up. >> come on! >> we'll do it. gosh darn, you kids are adorable! tell me about yourselves. >> oh, we've been married for ten years. >> congratulations! >> we have two boys. >> yep, we got two boys. >> three and four.