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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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tuesday night, montgomery county jury has spoken, the man convicted of killing a baby and her grandmother now knows his fate, also... >> because it was laid on my heart to do whatever i could do for her and i stuck with that plan. >> safe to say he and his wife, know a thing or two about making marriage work, tonight they are celebrating 65 incredible years. >> plus the big story on "action news" tonight is ebola and the the concern that what is being done just isn't enough. >> the world health organization warns that west africa could see up to 10,000
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new ebola cases a week in as little as two months. and now, 70 percent of those infect are dying. up from 50 percent, the the federal government is working to adjust its response, now that dallas has its second case, becoming ground zero for ebola in the u.s. local health departments nationwide are preparing for more possible cases. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is following the big story live from the satellite center, dann. >> reporter: shirleen in, a admission today the nation's top disease fighting agency says it failed to do all it should have done, that it could have done more to prevent ebola from spreading from a liberia man who died last week in dallas to the nurse who was treating him. the the director for centers for disease control and prevention say they've bowl a response teams that will be sent out to hospitals, as soon as the patient is diagnosed with ebola, also, more training will be offered to health care workers as cdc tries to calm fears nationwide in retrospect with 2020
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hindsight we could have sent a more robust hospital infection control team and been more hand on with the hospital from day one. >> reporter: texas nurse, nina pham has been improving and her condition upgraded to good as officials continue to investigate how despite wearing full protective gear she contracted ebola while treating thomas duncan the patient who died last week. >> we are surging resource these to dallas to examine what exactly has happened. >> reporter: seventy-six other health care work hours treated duncan in dallas are being closely monitored. these latest development come as the world health organization projected that the pace of infections accelerate nothing west africa to as many as 10,000 new cases a week within two months. here locally in delaware county officials announced formation of the ebola and infectious disease task force. >> viruses do not have any borders or boundaries. so we have to be prepared. >> reporter: task force which is made up of emergency
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responders, hospitals and municipal health officers as well as police and educators have been all trained since the summer on how to respond to an ebola case. >> being educated, knowing symptoms, recognizing what to do, having a protocol for response, knowing who to call, these are really, really important parts of the dealing with a public health threat like ebola. >> reporter: task force members will be fanning out across delaware county to educate public on dangers ofe bowl, what to look for and what the symptoms are. on friday they will be reaching out to the liberian community in delaware county and upper darby. live from the sat center i'm dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> dann, thanks very much. coastguard is searching tonight for a missing jet skier in the area have of stone harbor, new jersey. sixty-eight year-old thomas graham has in the been seen since 2:30 this afternoon. helicopter and rescue boats have been concentrating between stone harbor and wildwood. if anyone has seen him you are
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asked to call middletown ship police. a jury has now spoken, the man behind the murders of the ten month-old girl and her grandmother in king of prussia will die for that crime. "action news" reporter kenneth moton following the penalty phase face of ragu yandamuri's trial, he he is live in the montgomery county courthouse and kenneth, you've got details tonight. >> reporter: brian, this jury was called methodical and attentive, it took, four hours to decide ragu yandamuri should die for his crimes. as the moment 28 year-old ragu yandamuri learned wow receive the death penalty for murders of the ten month-old saanvi venna and her 61 year-old grand the mother, he sat quietly inside the montgomery county courthouse and took a sip of water. >> perhaps he was in denial. he certainly felt like he was going to win the trial itself which anybody watching knew would not happen. >> reporter: yandamuri was quick last week for slayings inside marquis apartments in king of prussia october of 2012. the motive, ransom to get
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money for his gambling problem. jurors said in court that the circumstances that led to the brutal murders were the reasons they chose death. >> we hope it can bring a little close another for the vennas, this has been a very difficult to second years for them. >> reporter: forensic psychologist testified that yandamuri suffers from by polar disorder which has gone untreated since coming to the u.s. defense attorneys said they have prepared the man who represented himself in court that the death penalty was likely. >> both mr. heck man and i felt if we expressed remorse that we would have had a better chance to save his life, but that wasn't his strategy. >> reporter: victim's family has been in court since the beginning but they were not present during the the sentencing. >> i'm sure that they are going to be relieved, it is not going to give them back what they lost but it is as mr. seal said it is a sense of closure for them. >> reporter: yandamuri's family was also not in the courtroom, his mother has already back in india. man was also convicted of less
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are crimes, so the judge said yandamuri's official sentencing was death penalty will take place in 45 days. reporting live from norristown tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17, shirleen. >> thanks, kenneth. wilmington's police department is counting on its brand new homicide june to it help find killers in that city. a team of four veteran officers and a supervisor will make up the unit. launch date is october 20th, wilmington's residents and anti violence groups have pushed for a solution to unsolved murders and rising gun violence. warm is the the word for tomorrow, but enjoy it while you can because downpour, it is coming our way. meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board with the first word from accu weather, hi, adam. >> we can see an inch of rain on average come tomorrow night and especially into thursday morning but for today that warmth really pushed in with those southeasterly winds. philadelphia 79 for a high, allentown also 79, we will get
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a third time trenton 79. wilmington 1 degree shy of that and wildwood a temperature coming in at 75 degrees. in fact as we take a look at overnight lows tonight it is more typical for our daytime high temperatures for this time of the year, 63 in allentown. sixty-six in philadelphia. sixty-five in millville as well as dover and 67 in cape may and with the humidity up just a little bit that heater if you have had it on and in the really going to kick in overnight tonight. looking at storm tracker six live double scan all quiet right now at the home front but as we widen out we have a major system coming from the west but the the good news with this as it has been pushing from the west it is falling apart and losing its punch with respect to severe weather. we have those wind coming from the south east and we will see this pipeline of moisture developing into carolinas and that is set to arrive here early afternoon tomorrow on the western suburbs and then a lot of part of the day which is closer to philadelphia. so future tracker at 5:00 will show a couple areas of
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downpours to the north and west as well as baltimore, washington region but at that point most of new jersey and delaware at least through 5:00 o'clock tomorrow will not see much in the way of activity and hold off until tomorrow night. when i come back we will talk about the timing of the heavier rain as it pushes through, also a huge change to come this weekend in that full forecast. >> okay, thanks adam. two persons of interest are being questioned in the brazen robbery of the bensalem restaurant. police are linking them to the hold up at bar louie last friday when several gun wielding masked men terrorized employees, robbing them of their wallets and using a stun gun on some. robbers also made off with one worker's mustang, police executed a search warrant in fox chase this afternoon and took two persons of interest into custody. police released 911 tapes from the very moment the fatal fire consumed home of cooper health systems ceo and his wife. the fire which investigators way intentionally set on
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september 28th broke out near john and joyce sheridan's bedroom. one caller said he saw smoke and heard what he thought was someone banging inside that house. >> are you able to get the door open. >> are you able to force the door open prosecutors in somerset county believe that noise was not made by the sheridans but the fire, as it raged inside of that montgomery township home. although they have called the fire an act of ars on investigators have said little more about who they think did it. the nfl and it players union met today to talk about changes to the league's personal conduct policy, but there was some disagreement over the issue of due process. the union says it stressed to process is a right for players. it want to discussion of the personal conduct policy to be part of the official collective bargaining
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obsession two sides agreed to meet again, soon. former nfl receiver irving fryar will go to trial in the mortgage fraud case. fryar and his mother turn down plea deals that caused them to turn down theft by deception which would have guarantied three-year prison terms. both air accused of trying to steel money through a mortgage scam. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter made an important contributions to the philadelphia history museum tonight. he presented his 2008 phillies world series championship ring, as well as a hat and t-shirt given to him by the taney dragons after their incredible run in the little league world series. it was all part of the museum's first city social, museum also select mayor nutter and his wife lisa to be the first honoraries. ♪ >> oh, yeah, boys two men return to their roots, home time favorite gave a private
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show at philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts. that is where they famously met more than 20 years ago, and the concert, although private tonight will be broadcast on sirius xm, next week. >> yes. >> doing the running man. >> still in. >> they still sound great. >> yes, they do. >> still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten a few pointers on making marriage work. >> you have to let him know that i am the woman. >> a local couple is celebrating more than six decade of holy math money, tonight they tell us the key to success. tech companies are adding egg freezing to their list of benefit, the the reason in health check. police have a suspect in the murder of a 90 year-old woman, he is ten years old. hiiiii.
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between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. a homeless man with the violent history has been arrested in stabbing of two boston park rangers. it happened this afternoon at boston common. investigators say 34 year-old hutchinson attack the rangers and then, fled but witnesses followed him and provided cell phone video to police. one ranger suffered life threatening injuries, the other is in stable condition.
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new revelations from the oscar pistorius sentencing hearing. prosecutors now say that pistorius offered the family of reeva steenkamp $34,000 after he killed her. steenkamp's family reject it because they didn't want quote blood money. pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend inside of their home. he said he thought she was an intruder. the judge has wide latitude on sentencing. he could receive a suspended jail term or as many as 15 years in prison. now to the accu weather forecast and little bit of short sleeve weather, a little bit of rain jacket weather. we have everything. >> all over the the place. meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board. >> and by the weekend you may need a fall jacket as well. we have changes coming up over next few days but today, very warm, the low this morning is 16 degrees, above normal. we should be, bottoming out around 49 degrees. we were at 65 this morning. seventy-nine this afternoon. normal high is 67 degrees.
10:16 pm
you kwan see that normal high is closer to the low temperature, right now, so it is kind of opposite of where we should be, in fact, as we look at the numbers it is still very balmy outside. seventy-two allentown. seventy in philadelphia. seventy in wilmington. close to that 70 degree mark at the shore. we are cooler at the shore because ocean right now is 66 degrees and we have that persistent wind that is coming in out of the southeasterly direction, at speeds between eight and as high as 15 miles an hour and that wind will stay up overnight tonight so we are not going to see development of fog. otherwise we would if we didn't have any wind just because of how warm and humid, it is out during the fall season. looking at satellite and radar low pressure still way back to the west near chicago and st. louis, associated warm front is way to the north and that push through last night and awaiting cold front to arrive which is in the virginias and carolinas, but that front won't be here in time for morning rush tomorrow.
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very warm. mostly cloudy. there will be a few peaks of sun. 70 degrees at 6:00. we are jumping to 71 degrees already by 8:00 and in fact as we go region by region 77 in reading and downingtown. mostly cloudy. in this region watch for some afternoon showers developing, and then tomorrow some peaks of sun, from philadelphia to trenton to wrightstown around 78 to 79, very mild. any showers will be very late in the day, and there and then not until probably the evening hours for the shower, otherwise, mainly clouds and sun and dry for the day but wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. speed well 77. dover 78. cape may we are coming in at 75 degrees. heading out tomorrow morning, some areas need sun glass west peaks of sun but don't for get rain gear because that arrives tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. we will talk about how much rain to expect by thursday morning, brian and that big change arrive for the weekend coming up in the seven day forecast.
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>> thanks, adam. started with a simple compliment blossomed in a life time of love in the family tree with more than 50 branches. tonight john and vivian huff mark 65 years of marriage and as sharrie williams tells us their love story is far from finish. >> reporter: john and vivian huff a couple truly in it for the long hall. they were married october 14th, 1949 and 65 years later they are still going strong. retired teacher, vivian is now 84. she remembers when the two met like it was yesterday. it was a sunday nearly seven decade ago when he paid her a compliment as she walk down the streets of north philadelphia. >> he started following me and asking if i wanted to go out with him. i went out with him. >> reporter: john, now 90 years young places his wife first and said he has learned over the years how to smooth things over and keep her happy
10:19 pm
>> ice cream, come back and i hand it to her. i said you were hot when i left. i got you this so you could cool off. >> john and vivian says staying together this long has not always been peaches and cream but they say it has been a sweet journey because they have done it together. >> i think we're in love because we're here and god is love, so we try to struggle together whatever it is to be done we try to do it together. >> with seven children, 20 grandchildren and more than 25 great and great, great grand the huff were surrounded with family to mark the milestone with 65 years under their belt, they have figured out how to make their love last. >> being honest and being fair and be together with whatever come along whether it goodies or bad. >> reporter: east falls sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17.
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>> there is hope. >> yep. >> that is what i got from that. >> just that compliment on the street, wonder if that would happen these days. >> you never know. >> be nice is the moral of the story, great story. no matter how you slice it, it is a rough start for flyers so far this season. >> it just got worse. jamie apody in for ducis rodgers tonight. she's live from the "action news" sports center. >> all off season about getting off to a quick start after the first three games last year and three losses, cost their coach their job. who have would have thought it would be even worse this season. they won in game four last year. check it out, flyers and ducks, can't blame this one on lack of effort. down two to nothing. down three-two with 50:00 to score, jake voracek ties it at three. it goes to the shoot-out. you know, that is in the good. william carlson in the first career shoot-out attempt keeps the flyers win less as they follow their second straight shoot-out, four-three.
10:21 pm
sixers preseason knit in syracuse, new york. michael carter williams still sidelined with a, shoulder surgery. nerlens noel had two points and 11 rebound. double/double for the kid. many coming from above the rim. but sixers lost it 84-77. you know kickers, in football are used to scoring but usually that only comes three-point at a time. we will check this out. look at number 96, kicker for university of dayton. over the weekend maris return man lawrence dickins fumbles this kick off and he picks it up, good old number 96, the kicker and he goes to the end zone. get this his name has to be william will. he scores a touchdown on his own, kick off, added extra point and field goal in the game. he scored three different ways. i wand fur that ever happened before a kicker scoring on their own kick off guys.
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apple is one of two companies giving up to $20,000 in benefits, to workers for infertility treatments, sperm
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donors and egg freezing. facebook is the other. the company's are trying to bring in and retain more woman in their ranks. it is a rare one, almost unheard of for insurers to cover the cost of egg freezing for non-medical reasons like careers, or education. the renfro center of radnor held a open house tonight to show off renovations, the centers which first opened in 2007, provides outpatient treatment for women suffering from eating disorder. renfro center has treated more than 65,000 women and has trained more than 25,000 professionals around the world. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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just one day after he played one of the best nfl games a player is pick up for shoplifting, wait until you hear what he was caught with. and at 10:45 it is a view unlike any other, in new york city, we are taking you inside what is going to be the the tallest, residential building in the city, and not everyone is happy about it. and next up at 10:00 year-old boy is behind bars accused of killing a 91 year-old woman. wait until you hear what he told a pennsylvania trooper when questioned about the elderly lady's this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure
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women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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it is 10:30. we have breaking news out of trenton. a girlfriend was inside a car that was stolen. she was inside a tan ford escape when a woman stole that car from the 500 block of brunswick avenue. it has new jersey plates. if you see that car or the little girl call trenton police. over at the big board a 10-year-old pennsylvania boy is behind bars accused of murdering a 90-year-old woman. it appears that he is the first 10-year old in the state's
10:31 pm
history to be charged with criminal homicide. this is what we know. he's a fifth grader from wayne county. now something else that we have learned about his state of mind and court papers. his mom stated that her son has mental difficulties and violent in the past. this is another tidbit. when his mom took him to the police station the boy told the trooper "i killed that lady." helen novak's body was discovered in deded in the coun. nobody was home at the grandfather's house at the time. there was a neighbor that was willing to talk about this
10:32 pm
horrible crime. >> i was shocked at her. like i said i was not really surprised at the same time either. the kid has emotional -- i don't know how to explain it. >> she was not surprised. the. >> the boy is held at wayne county correctional facility under wercholo24-hour under car. the matter could end up in juvenile court. a hearing is set for tomorrow. brian. it's incredible shirleen. you in a bucks county psychiatrist is convicted of fondling 7 patients. he is undergoing an psychiatric evaluation. in 60 days we will be sentenced. he could spend up to 5 years behind bars.
10:33 pm
they investigate the crash that killed a mother of 3 media. it happened as lisa demaio's car was flipped several times. she was on the phone with her husband at the time. >> she said oh my god, someone cut me off. he heard a pause and then a scream. then he did not hear anything more. he heard air like the phone was no longer in the car. >> the police and the demaio family are pleading with anyone with any information to come forward. a severely malnourished dog was rescued from a backyard in
10:34 pm
chester. this is pearl. she can barely stand up. the officials say that despite that all she has been through pearl is a sweet and affectionate girl. the spca is accepting donations to help to care for pearl. dashcam videos cannot be withheld. the supreme court ruling comes a month after chris christie ordered that new police cars must be equipped with the cameras. they sued to get video of their arrests. they are denied by the police. it shows nothing more than what the public can plainly see. it is therefore a matter of public record. a bankruptcy judge will decide whether they will terminate the union contract at taj~mahal. it's necessary if they are going to keep their doors open. if that happens, it will be the
10:35 pm
fifth casino is atlantic city to close this year. time for the accuweather forecast. first warm and then the wet stuff. and adam joseph has the accuweather details. >> i tell you the warmth and humidity is pumping a lot of rain as you see on double scan live radar. up from the south. it's going to push to the east. it's going to push its time late tomorrow night into early thursday morning. a look at temperatures across the region. it's warm 69 in quakertown. and 70. kennett square 69. chester at 70. and levitttown, the south and east warm and a muggy tonight. 69 in browns mill. and dover we are also coming in a that 70 degrees. the satellite and radar shows we have a pipeline and moisture coming up from the south on
10:36 pm
double scan radar. it's dripping into southern canada. the cold front is pushing through. it's going to bust the warm heat for this time of year and high humidity and ring out of the atmosphere and a couple of thunderstorms. we will see breaks of sun to the south and east. a lot of cloud is littering the sky at times. by 4:00 in the afternoon we watch for the showers and dows to work from the west punkuringg the dow. anpuncture-- downpours. and the train of moisture is at 7:30. many will have a wet morning rush on thursday. in fact, future traffic as we taktracker,wednesday afternoon y
10:37 pm
morning a good inch of rain across the board. some areas can see above. an inch half of you. getting the training effect and storms moving over the same locations. that could be the case. we are not looking at a major flooding around the region. it would be high for downpours and street flooding. the atmosphere really juiced up so to speak. we could see gusty winds. that is a moderate risk. the severe weather with tornadoes and hail looks to be low as it pushes to the east coast. that is good news. in addition, the tropics are heating up gonzalo is north of the san juan. for a second weekend in a row
10:38 pm
bermuda will get wacked by a tropical tropical storm. this week it's a hurricane. it is passing close to the island. it's warm as the rain arrives from the west to east tomorrow at 79. an on thursday, rain first and then returning sun at 72. dropping humidity. we finish out of week. it's dry and breezy on friday. 07 degrees. it's a beautiful start to the weekend on saturday. 70 degrees. it's a chilly finish. a cold front arrives saturday night dropping the high to 59 degrees. the second half of the weekend. it stays cool monday and tuesday. you take your pick. and 80 tomorrow or a chill on sunday of 59. >> a little bit of everything. adam, thank you. coming up next. gabgy heads out on a mission.
10:39 pm
wait until you hear how much it will cost to you live in the tallest residential building in ♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪
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crave those crazy squares even more. ♪ ♪ don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. today gabby giffords kicked off a campaign protect all
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women. she held a roundtable discussion in augusta, maine. crimes against women like abuse and stalking, back in 2011 give1 giffords was shot in the head. >> ke$ha is launching serious allegations him. dr. luke, abused her physically emotionally, sexually avenue verbally over the last decade. it created the eating disorder that forced her into rehab. dr. luke is firing back and accusing ke$ha of extortion. and joseph randall was arrested after allegedly stealing underwear and cologne from a department store. it was the best game since
10:43 pm
joining the cowboys last year. he has a $4.23 million. no word if randall will lose any playing time because of this. >> we'll talk about high-flying drama. an american airlines plane made an emergency landing after the walls started to the buckle. the passengers were not in any danger. it did not stop them from panicking when it happened. >> it worked in. bang, bang, bang and then it buckled in. the captain check it out. all the popping was air being forced to have blown airduct. >> it's scary. it sure is. it's everyone talking about a
10:44 pm
building. we are taking you inside it. have you ever wondered what is inside chicken mcnuggets. ask and it will answer. wake up with the "action news" team. the top heels, weather forecast team. the top heels, weather forecast starting
10:45 pm
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new york city filled with tall buildings. a new one is setting a record. if you are looking for luxury living 432 park avenue is the place to be. it has a view like you will not believe. it's 96 floors tall. of course, it doesn't come without controversy. here is laurens glassbur lauren. >>reporter:now the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. >> the feat of technology is stunning. how the logistics are putting it together is shocking. >>reporter:1,396 feet. that is taller than one world
10:48 pm
trade and dwarfs the empire state building. >> people are going to follow suit. there will be more like it i hope. >>reporter:he works in the real estate world. >> you see it from far away. way north. that doesn't mean it's good. >> the higher the better. i disagree. >>reporter:the virus above and beyond. the price tags are above and beyond. a penthouse like this sold for $95 million. they come for this. if not here the buyer can find a similar experience at 157. both are splendor and super highrises the kinds of the buildings that concern margaret newman. she is with an advocacy group. >> there needs to be more oversight by the city.
10:49 pm
if they are casting shadows or taking away public amenities there is no review process. >>reporter:this building is here to stay and forever will change the city's skyline. >> i am not finished yet. i am hoping it looks nice when it's done. >> $95 million. that was lauren glassberg reporting for us. >> do you know what is in the mcdonald's chicken mcnuggets. they are going to tell you. they are answers questions about the quality of its food. it's called our food your questions on its website. they can find out how mcnuggets are made and what meat is in those burg ers. >> they soon will need their fingerprints to board a flight. they are testing a fingerprint scanner in washington state. they are allowing the customers
10:50 pm
to try out the device that some day could replace boarding passes. it's working to make sure that the technology is fool-proof in order to be approved by the t.s.a. and jamie apody is live at the the big board. jamie. >> it's hard to believe after all the talk to get out. the flyers find themselves winless for the third straight season. they held up signs for support. and he was tweeted. he came back to tie in the second. what do you say about wayne simmonds. his fifth in three games and second in the nhl. 5:20 play jake ties it to three and sends it to the shootout. that snot good. they keep the flyers winless in
10:51 pm
four games. they drop two shootouts and seven dating to last year. they are 0, 2 and 2. that is depressing. there is a homecoming for michael carter williams and sidelined with a shoulder injury. he and tony rozen face the sixers with 12 points each. he had 11 rebounds and four steals. the 76ersers lost 84-67. and don't look now. the temple owls are 4 and 1. their schedule is much tougher from here starting friday night in the houston. what is the key against the success against the cougars. >> we have a good opportunity to win the game. it comes down to holding the
10:52 pm
ball tight and not throwing interceptions or mistakes or fumbles. just being prepared on that. >> the royals have a 2-1 lead. the royals have a 2-0 series lead. the giants and cards tied a game a piece. and randy throws it away on a bunt and that is a game-winner. brandon grawford scoring the winning run. they take a 2 heroin 1 lead in san francisco. 2-1 lead. and >> not fined is denny hamlin that pounced on him in a post-game brawl. it's interesting you are fined
10:53 pm
for fighting but you are fined for fighting with your cards. >> it's like the w.w.e. >> it's fascinating stuff. thank you, jamie. martin romeo is gone. his legacy will be living on. for the kids in his neighborhood before his death in january he asked make-a-wish foundation to fix up the baseball field where he spent a lot of time. they improved the field and made it easier to the grandparents and parents to cheer their kids on. there is a painting of martin. >> it's a situation that you can't even shed a tear like i am now. just remembering him on the field. >> there is a push to get one field. >> there is a push to get one the fields renamed after
10:54 pm
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10:57 pm
developing west of the city. by the time of the evening rush there could be downpours around the city. 79 by 1:00. thank you. adam. thank you for joining us. for shirleen allicot and adam joseph and ducis rodgers and jamie apody. i am brian taff. and jamie apody. i am brian taff. have a great time tonight.
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morning. hey. you sleep all right? no. you? i missed you up there. i know i got kind of carried away -- no, no, no. you don't need to apologize. i don't think that i was apologi-- you were right to be mad. sometimes i just feel like i have to scream to let you know how upset i am, but you get it now, right? not. no idea whatsoever. ohh, if i knew, but... no. good. so let's pretend the whole thing never happened. what were we even fighting about, huh? [ chuckles ] what the heck happened in here? the raccoon get through the dog door again? yep. the raccoon got in, and your mom fought it off with the fire extinguisher.