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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 15, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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wednesday night, the u.s. is reevaluating it's bowl a protocol now that a second patient has been infect, in this country. and the discovery inside of a home in somerton has police walking five people out, in handcuffs. tonight. but the big story on "action news" is the scattered downpours, and drenched today and they are sticking around for the night. >> that is right, flooding forced people to do u turns on roads in fairmount park tonight. the question is what, if anything, this rainy weather will do to your morning commute. meteorologist adam joseph watching storm tracker six double scan live at the big
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board tonight, hi adam. >> hi brian. we have a lull across the area but we have hit or miss shower and a couple of downpours around. looking at philadelphia, not much going on right now, in and around center city but as we look at double scan closer to the south you can see this batch of showers head ago long route 49, 47, south of millville, fortskew right to the tip of cape may. is there downpours embedded within that area of green near yellow there heading just to the east of millville, so at this point, getting a little bit of a lull but things will reignite through the overnight hours. we will look at rainfall totals. the it is all about location. barely much fell during the day to daze in southern new jersey. just over a trace of rain, anywhere between a quarter or half inch in the state of delaware. in philadelphia just over a half inch. we were hammered in lancaster county and berks county nearly, three plus inches of rain that caused some flooding especially on the roadways and those western suburbs, and so
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heaviest was west, less was east and now we will flip that during overnight hours as heaviest pivot into new jersey by tomorrow morning. double scan live radar shows that we have a lot of moisture to the south that is going to push off to the north until a cold front comes through tomorrow morning, to wipe everything off the coast n fact taking a look at the what to expect over the next few hours, into the predawn hours, we are looking at another round of rain that will develop. heaviest will be i-95 to the east of new jersey, areas that can handle will the rain because it didn't see much today and as we get into thursday morning from the commute, there have after, showers will exit, and clouds will break, for some peaks of sun. when i come back we will talk about that beautiful stretch of weather that returns tomorrow, and a big cool down, we will let you know when that arrives in the seven day. >> thanks, adam. storm tracker six app is always available for to you track weather as it changes, down load it for free, anytime for your apple and android devices. we have got some breaking news tonight at a philadelphia
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somerton section. that is where a drug bust has landed several people in handcuffs. the the action cam was there as five men were taken into custody and put in the back of the police van. at rest came after officers raided a home on the 600 block of avon street, few details have been released at this hour but police say narcotics were found in the resident. the investigation is ongoing even a as we speak. there are growing fears, about the possibility of more, ebola cases in the united states now that the number of confirmed patients have multiplied. tonight we know of two, both are nurse hose cared for the liberian man died of the virus at a dallas hospital. that second infection, has federal authorities reworking plans to treaty bowl a patients in this country. that is where "action news" reporter sharrie williams picks up the story live from the satellite center. sharrie? >> reporter: shirleen, cdc is establishing an ebola response team, one that can respond to a new case, within hours, and
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one official warning tonight, more cases are likely, in the united states. meanwhile there is a race on to get this latest american patient, the care that she needs. in a bright yellow protective seat ebola patient amber vincent walked on her own into emery university hospital in atlanta. the 29 year-old is second health care worker to contract the ebola virus, while treating thomas duncan in dallas. >> this is a heroic person, a person who dedicated her life and is dedicating her life to helping others. >> reporter: the day before vincent started to display symptoms she was on a frontier airlines flight from cleveland to dallas. 132 people were on the flight and each one will be interviewed, and potentially monitored. the ctc's director says vincent should not have traveled. >> because at that point she was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to
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ebola, she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> reporter: but tonight, a different twist to the the story. a federal official says that vincent calls the cdc before boarding the flight, and told them that she had an elevated temperature of 99.5, but she was told it did not meet the 100.4-degree threshold. federal source said she was never instruct not to travel. meanwhile president obama canceled his travel today, and called an emergency meeting of agencies involved in the response. >> what we have been doing here today is reviewing exactly what we know about what has happened in dallas, and how we're going to make sure that something like this is not repeated. >> reporter: as for the nurse's health tonight vinsonnies said to be ill but not seriously ill. nina pham is the other nursery covering from ebola and she's in that dallas hospital and she is said to be in good condition and also today, experts from emery have been
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flown into dallas to help treat pham. live from the satellite center, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> sharrie, thank you. concern over spread of this and other viruses, has health care workers taking precautions. today we visited a number of philadelphia city operated walk in clinics where staffers told us they have in the been issued full body protective gear. city fire fighters, including medic 19 which serves one of the america's largest liberian communities also told thaws they do not have adequate protection. some told us off camera this that they fear getting called out to a possible case. it is, no surprise that protective suits are in demand, here and in west africa. the epi center of the ebola out break. as a result companies that manufacture those suits are increasing production, wilmington based du pont is among them, the company says that when worn properly the suits offer the highest level
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of protection. in light of all of this, it is shock ago this anyone would use an ebola reference to taunt a young person from a west african nation. that is exactly what happened in northampton county today, when students encountered a rival player from west africa. as "action news" reporter kenneth moton reports the incident cost two people their jobs. >> reporter: it was lack of sports man ship that has sparked an investigation in northampton county, nazareth high school student and soccer player, abraham tacara say players from northampton high chanted ebola at him. he fridays west africa. >> unaudible. >> the 16 year-old junior was thrown out of the thursday night match, for fighting. >> being from western africa and having family in that area, it didn't take too kindly to those remarks and went after one of the players on the northampton team. >> reporter: nazareth soccer coach edward parker, who
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happens to be a lehigh county police chief, is also the teen's legal guardian. he said three years ago the boy moved from west after rick cat country that border liberia where the ebola out break rages on. >> there were tears coming out of his eyes. he was visibly shaken by this. he was really upset that it got to that level, you know, on the field. >> reporter: northampton head soccer coach craig carbon and jason metlynn resign. it is unclear how many but several student athletes are also facing disciplinary action. >> thinks part of the educational process, to make sure that students understand sports man ship and really what is happening out here in the world. >> we are all citizens and nothing -- unaudible. >> abraham's parents are still in west africa and war business them daily but getting support from his fellow nazareth students who have rallied around him. kenneth moton for "action news" at tenor phl17.
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south jersey man ran into some trouble on the water when his jet skis battery died, he then spent the next 13 hours, in the ocean, before being rescued. sixty-eight year-old thomas graham was stranded off stone harbor last night. he tried to walk back to shore but thick mud prevented him from doing so. coastguard helicopter found graham sitting on his jet ski this morning after a sleepless night. >> try not to fall off the boat. it is hard sitting on the wave rider and you start to dose off and you do worry, you will go in the brink. >> i really thought he was a goner, i didn't think i would see him again. to me this is a miracle. >> well, that was graham's final ride of the season, and probably his life time, he says he is thinking of selling that jet ski. it turns out that the brazen robbery of bar louie in bensalem was an inside job. police have charged patrick mcill henie and randy sanchez
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and sanchez work there pair suspect of forcing employees in the freezer and using a stun gun on them, while robbing the restaurant last week. more arrests are expect, and investigators credit "action news" for a tip they have got from a viewer about the suspects. discount designer retailer century 21 will open its doors in philadelphia on october 28th. it will the anchor tenant the of the gallery, a product of revitalization efforts in the market east corridor. the store's specialty is high end merchandise marked down bias much as 65 percent. it promises to fill the the 95,000 square foot facility with deals. this is century 21's first venture outside of new york. six abc's community advisory board continues its celebration of his paneling panic heritage month. tonight the region's mexican americans were honor at an event in hunting park. the room at this columbia restaurant was fill with community leaders, advocates
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and some members of our team, dann cuellar, a proud mexican american himself, our news director tom davis, and gm bernie prazenica and women heading up our community advisory board, niki hawkins. >> great people. still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten tonight doctors have a new tool in the fight against enterovirus nationwide and it comes in the form of a test. also an update to the ten year-old accused of killing a senior citizen why his family doesn't want to bail him out of jail. nike says knock it off with the knock offs, shoemaker is suing a long list of other companies, tonight.
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we have breaking news from north philadelphia, police are investigating the murder of a 50 year-old man on the 2500 block of north 19th street. the man was shot at least four times just before 9:00 o'clock. police are looking for three male suspects who may be teenagers or in their early 20's. we will stay on top of this breaking story, in north philadelphia. elsewhere a man was killed after a bizarre attack on his way to the connecticut casino last night. several passengers on a tour
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bus from new york called 911 to report a man, stabbing people on board. the bus driver managed to pull into a construction zone on i-95 and flag down a state trooper who then shot the suspect, when he refused to drop his box cutter, two passengers were slashed, in word on what spark the violence. prominent d.c. rabbi has been arrested charged with secretly recording women at his temple. six two-year old rabbi barry fundelis accused offsetting up a hidden camera in the part of the synagogue where women took ritual bats. at least six members were victimized between june and september, the camera also allegedly recorded him setting up the device. he is charged with voyeurism and has been suspended, without pay. and in health check at ten, health officials expect to see a nationwide jump in cases of enterovirus d68. that is because of a new tool for faster diagnosis.
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the cdc has started to use a quicker test to pinpoint the respiratory illness, it is expected to help process, four to five times as much specimens each day and reduce agency's backlog. enterovirus d68 is being blame for the deaths of six children, including a four year-old from new jersey. the penn one center has a new name tonight, it is now paul f harring junior lung center, late chester county member's family donated ten million-dollar to the center in his memory. university of pennsylvania president amy gutman jammed his family and other distinguished guests for tonight's renaming ceremony. new to the accu weather forecast which includes a little bit of everything, warm temperatures, cold temperatures, rain, you name it, we got it. >> but tonight more rain then anything else. adam joseph is live tonight. just a nasty night. >> we have wet roadways, windshield wipers at times on the slow mode or intermittent and then needed in the fast mode, and it business these
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pockets of downpours passing through and double scan live radar right now we will show, generally where we're seeing light scattered showers around the region especially north and west of philadelphia, but there is a batch of some downpours about to enter lancaster county a and that is lifting off to the north the at speeds of around 30 miles an hour and in general that is the direction everything from south to north and eventually, it will shift to the east overnight. but as we are's watching that next batch of rain pulling up lancaster we have a flood advisory that has been extended until 4:00 in the morning, we have already seen over 3 inches in spots from reading into lancaster all points in between and with more rain coming in it is just aggravating some have of the water that has ponded either on the roadways or gathered in some of the smaller streams. the as we look at the temperatures though it is still very mild up there, temperatures around 70 degrees which is still above average for this time of the year for daytime highs and on top of that we have the high humidity. we have a conveyor belt of
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moisture pulling in off the atlanta and then the the cold front. you can see that dry wedge of air and more clouds behind it. there will be a transition period tomorrow morning as the rain exits, the sun returns, before more clouds also come back. your morning rush hour tomorrow an early shower if you leave, before say 6:00 o'clock in the morning, otherwise, clouds breaking, after six or 7:00 o'clock with temperatures in the middle will 60's and as we go region by region to the north and west lower 70's once again tomorrow for highs, closer to average and lower humidity as we dry things out a in mixture of sun and clouds. on i-95 similar temperatures 71 trenton, 72 salem. we will see sun returning in the morning but then the clouds return quickly in the afternoon as that humidity drops and then closer to new jersey and the shore 72 degrees, that early shower at least through 7:00 o'clock or so in this region and then we are looking at a nice afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds. when i come back we will take
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a look at that seven day forecast shirleen, which will show a huge drop in temperature. get ready to bundle up for much of that seven day forecast. >> okay, thank you for that adam. it is hard to picture a sheet of ice where this fountain is where it is so warm outside but new rothman institute ice rink will be up and ready for skaters in a month and we will get temperatures changing by then, because of corporate underwriting admission to the rink will be $4 for adults, $3 for kid, ten and under. six abc proud to be a sponsor of that as well. can't wait for that. >> time for a first look at sports and what could be a glimmer of hope for star crossed flyers. >> jeff skversky is in for ducis rodgers tonight and he is live in the "action news" sports center. >> hey guys, the flyers are week into the season and yes, they are still looking for win number one. they are off to the worst start since 2008 but perhaps some help is on the way for saturday's game in dallas. apod. >> to the back hand, centers
10:20 pm
and he scores. break down defensively. >> reporter: almost impossible to believe, the flyers winless to start the season, again. >> there is nothing you can do about it now. it is behind us. we have to focus on what is in front of us and just keep going forward. >> we're not as bad as last year. >> reporter: at least they have been in these games and can't finish them. coach craig beruby says that makes it harder to overcome. >> mentally draining for them plus we talk today. i said we have to fight through it. no one will feel sorry for you. come out tomorrow, practice and lets get that w. >> reporter: there is a bit of good news to report brayden coburn was back on the ice after missing the last three games. he was on crutches only six days ago and now he hopes he can play. >> it is tough to sit down and watch games. everybody wants to be in the line up and playing and my goal, to take it one day at a time. >> they will take whatever spark they can get n voorhees new jersey, jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17.
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>> thanks, jamie. coming up later in sports why the first place five-one eagles are a work of art even though chip kelly may in the believe so. plus a team is heading to the world series that and much
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whole foods is asking consume tore consider taste when it comes to picking produce. supermarket chain started to roll out its responsively grown label system. fruits and veggies will be listed as good, better or best, based on the supplier's farming practices. practices includes water and energy use. shoppers at whole foods 400 stores can find the labels, on, price signs. nike converse brandies taking legal action against dozens of companies it says are making knock off, chuck taylor shoes. converse is suing sketchers, wal-mart, fila and 28 other companies. lawyers say they are all infringing on trademarks that cover the the look of the chuck taylor shoe. sneaker was name after basketball star chuck taylor in the 1920's but nike only started to deal with trademark violationness 2008. tonight the city's leading theater company opened up its
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angeles county, the allegations coming up in the next half an hour. this video is just hard to watch nanny is caught on camera abusing a one year-old child, what she had to say when the mom confronted her and the ten year-old child accused of killing a 90 year-old woman faces a judge today, why his family is asking that this child, stay behind bars.
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hello again if you are just joining us at 10:30 here are big stories we are covering on "action news" at ten on phl17. >> nurse diagnosed with ebola arrived in atlanta this evening for treatment. twenty-nine year-old amber joy vincent is second nurse from dallas to be diagnosis. she care for thomas duncan before he died from the disease, last week. and five men were arrested during a drug bust in some are ton tonight. police raided home in the 600 block of avon street a short time ago. they say narcotics were found inside of that home. we have now learned that a robbery at bar louie in bensalem was an inside job. police charged, patrick mc illhenie and employee randy sanchez. the paris accused of forcing employees in the freezer and robbing them last week, more arrests are expect. we will begin now with the
10:31 pm
latest on this dreary, weather, this was a very wet wednesday, and really wet wednesday might. >> adam joseph is tracking the system and joins with us more on what we can expect next time around. >> improvement going through tomorrow morning but right the now on storm tracker six live double scan you can see that moisture that continues to pull up the eastern see game. we have a break to the west and then there is another area have of low pressure just to the west of pittsburgh, that is the upper level low that will try to swing here through, tomorrow afternoon. but let's go a little closer on double scan live street level and you can see in southern new jersey there are a few light showers that are pivoting off the ocean from cape may, sea isle city right up the ac expressway to hammington, into parts have of the center city now but as we go to the north and west, we are also tracking not only some light showers in eastern and northern chester county near malvern and also parts of the devon, but way to the west of lancaster, this is an area that already saw over 3 inches of rain, through central
10:32 pm
lancaster county and more heavy downpours, beginning to push through there. if you are heading out to the midnight shift in lancaster or berks county, make sure you pay a lot of attention because now that we don't have the sunlight you cannot see how deep water is over some of the roadways n fact, codey sent me this picture to my facebook page from lease port pennsylvania from berks county. he has a rain gauge and already picking up over 3 inches of rain. there is little red line. that water is filling up his rain gauge and it continues to rain heavily in parts of the berks county. rainfall totals so far 3.37 inches in lancaster, downtown reading, closing in on 3 inches. lehighton close to 2 inches, walnutport 1.38. little less in philadelphia just over half inch of rain. only a trace in southern parts of the new jersey so it is all about location as to how much we have seen. upper 60's to around 70 the air temperatures to the north and west. it is a very warm, muggy night. zero seven hammington, vineland as well as woodbine
10:33 pm
and then in smyrna right now temperature coming in at 68 degrees. as we look at satellite and radar there is that belt of moisture coming off the atlantic but you can see that very definitive line of where cold front is that will swing through, to kick the rain out but then this area have of clouds and a few scattered showers will pin wheel through tomorrow afternoon. at 6:30 for the rush, still at times some of that heavier rain that lifts to the north and sun returns during the mid-morning hours for everybody and then in the afternoon, the clouds will start to take over late morning in the afternoon and in western areas there could be a spotty shower to even the day. speaking of how tropical it feels here, the tropics itself heating up, hurricane gonzalo a category three, 125 wind, classic center eye wall forming in the center and gone solo making a direct aim closer to bermuda on the eastern side which is more dangerous side of the storm. bermuda by friday afternoon wind sustained at 115 as a
10:34 pm
category possible two hurricane as a passes by, so if you are heading to ber mood awe may want to try to change plans until after friday. as we look at the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast early shower tomorrow, returning sun but then some clouds bubbling in the afternoon at 72. pair of 07's, both days nice, friday and saturday before temperature take a nose dive sunday. fifty-eight for a high with the chilly breeze and we will stay in the upper 50's for highs through the middle of next week, tuesday there could be a couple more showers, overnight lows in the 30's and 40's. so temperatures are going way below normal as we get into what will be the eye think third week of october. >> i believe you are right. >> yes. >> all right, thanks, adam. new tonight a man was seriously injured in west philadelphia this evening when he was hit by a car. "action news" was on the scene. it happened around 8:00 on cobbs creek parkway near delancey street. police say the driver stayed
10:35 pm
on the scene. the accident is under investigation. a ten year-old pennsylvania boy accused of beating a 90 year-old woman to death will stay in prison. his family says they simply don't feel comfortable care for him. lawyer and jury requested to have that fifth grader released, over weekend nine year-old helen novac's body was discovered in wayne county, investigators say the boy put a cain around her neck and punch her in the throat and admitted to killing her. ten year-old is charge as an adult but his lawyer is trying to get that case moved to juvenile court. convicted killer told judge he is guilty of murdering his mom and doesn't want a trial. steven pratt has only been out of princeton days when investigators say he killed his mom, gwennlynn pratt's body was found sunday inside her atlantic city home. pratt's bail is set ate a million-dollar. two people were rushed to the hospital after a fire in wilmington this was the scene
10:36 pm
at 100 block of north scott street around 5:00 o'clock this man suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital, a second person was also hospitalized and investigators have not said what caused the fire. philadelphia police are investigating after vandals damaged vehicle unless one part of the city. windows of several vans, cars and suv's were found smashed along wayne avenue along penn and colter. police are on the scene viewing damage this afternoon. if anyone has any information about who is behind the vandalism you are urged to call the the police. a philadelphia schoolteacher has launched an all out effort to find her dog which was stolen along with her car. this is louie, two-year old black lab, inside jj pierce's honda crv when it was taken from the parking lot of the south philadelphia home depot. the car was found days later in north philadelphia but still no sign of louie. >> i don't care about the car and i'm not worried about
10:37 pm
pressing charges or anything and i just want mize dog back. >> tonight police are process ago this car for fingerprints, if you have any information you can call the third police district. jj has also set up this facebook page called help, louie, get home. real housewives of new jersey star joe prison sentence just got longer. he accepted a plea deal in the case involving false identification charges. he is accused of using his brother's identity to get a driver's license after his own license was suspended. guidice was sentenced to 18 months in prison and they will be served concurrently with the 41 months he has been sentenced to for bankruptcy fraud. he will head to prison after his wife teresa finishes her 15 month sentence. a delaware man woke up after a colonoscopy and was wearing pink women's underwear. thirty-nine two-year old didn't find it funny. now andrew walls is suing the delaware surgery center. he claims he suffered emotional stress, and mental
10:38 pm
anguish, following the october 2012 incident. first lady paid a visit to east mount air toy day, campaigning for democratic candidate for governor tom wolf. he is, of course, running against incumbent tom corbett who campaigned today in pittsburgh. first lady said wolf would refuse to accept crumbling classrooms and teacher shortages. she's urging everybody to cast their votes on november 4th. meanwhile another member of the west winning will be here tomorrow, vice-president joe biden will be at pens land to go talk about infrastructure investment. mr. biden will be joined by senator bob casey, congressman chaka fattah and bob brady. neighbors in kensington had a unique opportunity to sit down with the people who serve and protect their streets tonight. the mcdonald's on lehigh avenue provided a freeze cup of joe for anyone who came out to coughe with the cop. members of the spanish american law enforcement association bonded with residents and answered questions and in support of hispanic heritage month
10:39 pm
mcdonald's made a $500 donation to the event. tonight residents in bensalem got an up close view on what fire fighters do, more than 400 kids and familiar will list were invited to ask questions, play games and enjoy rides in a real fire truck. the department also simulated a rescue, and total vehicle as if someone had been trapped inside. the exciting evening of learning was one of many events being held for fire prevention week throughout the evening. nanny is out of the job tonight and take a look at the video behind her firing, little girls mom talks about seeing the video and confronting would the man that she trusted with her babies. >> so disturbing to see. >> next another investigation has been launch into actor steven collins, we will tell you what the seventh heaven star is accused of doing to a young girl.
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l.a. county sheriff's department has launched an investigation into seventh heaven actor steven collins. there are new allegation that is he spokessed himself to the minor three decades ago. department is working with debts where collins is a accused of having sexual contact with two young girls.
10:43 pm
the last week an audio recording surfaced of the man police think is collins, and in it, he confessed to sexually abusing, at least three under age girls. and it is a video no parent wants to see, their child being abused by the nanny. what you are about to see is pretty disturbing. lets take a look. in it you can see women shaking a one year-old girl. there is video of her covering her mouth with her hand and even swinging her by one arm. child's mom showed her video and asked her about it. >> she put her head down and, she says, i made a mistake. i said that is not a mistake. not a mistake of yours to make. she was fired. it took all of me, not to, you know, want to physically hurt her. >> thirty-four year-old dana cash has been charged with child abuse, cash was hired, through the child care remember site wow. toy yet ace recalling half million lexus cars in the
10:44 pm
united states, the car maker says a gasket can leak fuel and possibly cause a fire. recall involves ls mod else from 2007 to 2010. gs and is from 2006 to 2011 are also part of the recall. toyota says no fires, crashes, or injuries are connected, to this particular issue. well, hbo is cutting the cord making it easier for watch its hit television shows, details next. candy is always a highlight of halloween but in several states there is concern kids could end up getting drug laced treats, that story is ahead. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team get morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting at 4:30 a.m. only on six abc.
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starting saturday you may be able to leave your cash and credit at home, that is if you have the new apple six. a leak memo from walgreens as posted by mass rumors claiming apple pay will launch, this weekend. if you have the new ieven if six just use the phone's fingerprint scanner and hold device up to the register. short range radio waves dot rest. charges go straight to the debit or credit card linked to
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your apple account, similar feature is already available on other devices. android, windows and black berry phones work with google wallets, soft cards and pay pal. if you pay for cable just to get hbo, hbo is cutting the cord. starting next year you will be able to buy a inly subscription, to hbo go. that is welcomed news to the millions of americans who have canceled their cable to save money but love certain shows on hbo like true detective and game of thrones. halloween is just, two weeks away and as a parent you worry about what end up in your kids trick or treat bag n colorado, where marijuana is legal, officials warning parents that candy like pot can look very similar to candy kids eat every day. here's clayton sandal. >> most cost effective way to bring that to the market is to use knocked off candy. >> reporter: police in denver, colorado are trying to take one trick out of this years
10:49 pm
trick or treating. releasing this warning to parents, to be on the look out for marijuana infused candy. colorado is one of only two states in the country where recreational marijuana can be sold legally. the problem, say police and marijuana businesses is that pot infused candy looks identical to regular candy. >> the problem is that some of these products look so similar to candy that has been on the market that we have eaten as children that there is in way for a child, parent or anybody even an expert in the field to tell you whether or not a product is infused or not. >> reporter: it is not just colorado. last year in canada kids ended up in the emergency room after eating lolly-pops with synthetic marijuana in los angeles lapd warned parents about edible pot pot, packaged to look just like candy's kids are used to eating. so what should a parent do? >> any candy that your child is going to get should be in a sealed professional, commercial grade bag. it should not be, they should
10:50 pm
not consume anything that is in a homemade bag especially from a neighborhood or from a house that you are not familiar with. >> reporter: clayton sandal, abc news, denver. >> horrifying thing to think about shame. >> exercise caution. >> time once again for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky is live at the big board, hi there, jeff. >> hi guys, flyers are off to their worst start in six years. how do they get this thing going. defenseman braydon coburn said they need more of a killer instinct. coburn back at practice and hopes to play saturday in dallas. so what is wrong with the flyers right now? i don't know you are the captain, claude giroux and company trying to turn things around after another slow start. last year they started by losing seven of their first eight games. their worst start in team history. they still made the playoffs. thankfully it is not that bad. >> there is nothing you can do about it now. it is behind us. we have to focus on what is in
10:51 pm
front of us and keep going forward. >> it is magnified more. mentally draining for them a little bit but we talk today. i said listen we have to fight through it. in one will feel sorry for you. >> we are still better than last year. they are notes bad as last year. >> not as bad as last year. few two teams to knock phillies out of the playoffs now trying to knock each other out, st. louis and san francisco in game four of the league championship series tonight. we have a tie game in the sixth. cardinals are trying to even up at two games appease. in the american league we have a royals flush, kansas city royals sweep baltimore orioles winning game four tonight two-one. they are going to the world series for the the the first time in 29 years. their run remarkable, george brett going nuts. they have won eight straight, their longest streak in baseball history. royals are kings of the american league tonight, by the way raule ban's monk former phillies on than that team. he is going to the fall
10:52 pm
classic. eagles corner brandon boykin is celebrating read to go day, boykin at west oak lane elementary school this morning talking about the importance of literacy, something that boykin says was stress todd him as a kid by his parents and the kids getting some high five's as well. birds are in the bye week. while some have said bye-bye work and football for a few days chip kelly a football fanatic now will have sometime to scout college players if he chooses to. he may not have to go very far eagles coach visited temple football practice and watched some of their games at the link this season. kelly is friendly with matt rule and perhaps kelly's winning ways have worn off like eagles, temple has won four of five to start the the year. >> just fantastic. we try to mirror the things that they do just from a philosophy standpoint. he has been an ear that i can text or call and ask him questions, who i can get down to watch. why learn from my own mistakes when i can learn from the experience of others, who did
10:53 pm
it at the highest level of college. >> eagles so eager to getaway for a few days. if you will remember chip kelly shot their team photo in four minutes and 40 seconds. chip who does everything fast wanted to take a picture fast. >> lets get this thing taken and let's go. it is in the like it is hanging in the philadelphia museum of arthur anything. >> oh, really, you are not going to believe it but team portrait is on display at the are the museum. philadelphia museum of art posted these photos on their twitter account today, the eagles, yes, they are a work of art all right, how about that. >> yes judge that picture is interesting. >> yeah. >> little more. >> yes. >> jeff, thanks. time magazine has named influential teens of 2014 and one is a name we know very well around these parts. mo'ne davis, 13 year-old pitcher from the taney dragons featured on the cover of the sports illustrated after throwing a shut out in the
10:54 pm
little league world series. mo'ne davis beat out the first daughters sascha and mallia obama for the number one spots.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
returning, especially after 7:00 o'clock. sixty-seven by 10:00 and in the afternoon. we will kind of fight the sky with the sun and clouds throughout the day dryer out lower humidity and temperature at 72 degrees. all right good stuff. thanks for joining us, tonight for "action news" at ten, modern family is next, followed by friend. for shirleen allicot, adam joseph, ducis rodgers and jeff skversky, i'm brian taff, have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow and we will see you right back here tomorrow night. >> we will see you.
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