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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> friday night police have a valuable clue in finding suspects that attacked a school bus filled with students. >> and an update on hurricane gonzalo massive storm moving now over the tiny island of bermuda. >> the big story on "action news" remains ebola and the effort to calm unnecessary fears and remaining vigilant in preventing an outbreak. >> and while criticism is flying here and abroad there are new developments showing the government is not taking this lightly. >> "action news" reporter ali
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gorman and first we go live to the epicenter of this country ebola concerns that is dallas as, texas outside of the presbyterian hospital and dann you have the latest. >> reporter: that's right, brian, in the wake of criticism of how texas health presbyterian handled dunkin staff members here staged a rally in support of the employer and staff members that cared for dunkin. >> carrying signs which skate stated i'm am presby proud they rallied outside of the hospital today. the rally comes a day after a texas nurse's union and staff members criticized the hospital for failing to give proper information and training on how to deal with ebola. two nurses subsequently contracted the disease and are being treated at emorry in atlanta another at the nih in
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bethesda, maryland. 70 others that cared for dunkin are asked to stay away from public places until danger of developing ebola passed. rick perry says mistakes were made from cdc to hospital in handling of ebola. >> air travel is in fact how this disease crosses borders. and it certainly is how it got to texas in the first place. >> with the exception of medical teams fighting ebola the governor is calling on ban for air travelers from currentyes hit by the virus. >> based on recent and ongoing developments i believe it is the right policy to ban air travel from countries that have been hit hardest by the ebola outbreak. >> also today a carnival cruise ship was turned away from mexico as learned a healthcare worker that handled specimen from dunkin was on board. the cruise line says the worker was in isolation and exhibited no symptoms and from national insti use of health, word dallas nurse nina phams with fatigued
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but from good spirits. >> she's not deteriorating. i cannot tell you at this particular time why we have said fair because of patient confidentiality she is stable now and reging comfortably. >> in closing there is little doubt that the events of the past few days raised public anxiety. but in a bit of encouraging news tonight dallas mayor michael recallings is telling us that one of the first 48 people to come in contact with dunkin has been cleared that he has shown no signs ever the virus and in the past 21 days and is no longer under quarantine. reporting live from dallas, i'm dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. dann, thank you very much. the world health organization is admitting failures in efforts to stop the unprecedented ebola outbreak in west africa. internal memo noted people responding to the outbreak should have realized traditional methods of containing infectious disease with not work in the
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region due to poor health systems and open borders and blamed incompetent staff and own bureaucracy. there has been mainy fingers pointed at centers for disease control. "action news" reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the headquarters in atlanta with more on that. >> cdc has faced criticism but decision to appoint a new leader makes sense because health officials here already have their plates full and this job will not be easy. >> any help is welcome. >> that cdc medical officer francisco alverado reacting to at noupsment that president obama named ebola guard. he is ron claim. in the past he served as chief of staff to both vice president joe biden and al gore and he tackled the financial crisis. but some say this challenge may be his toughest. to lead the nation's response to ebola and prevent cases spreading here in the united
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states. he doesn't have a medical background. but he's said to be effective coordinator which is why president obama says is needd after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we're crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's going forward. >> white house says -- will be to find out what needs to be done and see that it is. >> it will be mr. complain's responsibility not make that decision overruling government agencies but rather to convene the kind of conversations that are necessary to make these decisions that reflect the government's equities and make sure those decisions happen promptly. >> one of the priorities will be to make sure that healthcare workers that treat ebola patients are properly trained and protected. reporting from atlanta, ali gorman for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> other news now police are investigating a murder in southwest philadelphia. there are no arrests but her
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killer is not believed to be a stranger. "action news" reporter vernon odom is following this one live at police heads quarters, vern n vernon. >> reporter: good evening, tonight police have a man they want to question in connection with this murder. they wion't call him a suspect yet. or a person of interest. but they're looking hard for him tonight. in connection with the brutal murder after veteran city of philadelphia employee. tonight, this house in the 2800 block of south 63 remains a brutal crime scene. the 17 years it was home of veteran city corrections officer rode denny who lived here alone. her brother found her inside this morning dead from multiple stab wounds. she was assigned to this alternative and special detention unit in university city. her -- became suspicious when co-workers said she did not report to work today and have not seen or herdz from her since leaving work tuesday afternoon. inside the house detectives
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found the victim deceased on living room floor after a struggle that appears to started upstairs and no sign of forced entry. police believe the 51-year-old city employee new the killer. she had a male friend who had a key to her door. >> reporter: now a late-breaking development in this murder in south philadelphia tonight please say they recovered her truck which was missing all day. tonight, the local representative of prison guards called her a be lovered officer, good friend and great co-worker i'm vernon odom for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> vernon, thank you. a woman shot in chester, delaware county tonight has died. someone fired the fatal shot in 29 0 0 block of west 11th street aunt victim was hit once in the chest and police have not made any arrests. police have a suv that carried five women connected to a road rage incident with a school bus. now they just have to find the
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suspect. police say two of those women attacked the bus filled with students open the roosevelt near della road yesterday. st. katherine drexel students on the bus were arguing with the women in the suv. >> during the course of this verbal dispute the suv cuts off the bus and two women get out of the suv and come out -- one comes out with baseball bat and begins striking the school bus several times breaking a window. >> one student suffered minor cuts from the eded glass and was treated at the school. >> less than one hour ago the eye of hurricane gonzalezo made land full in bermuda. the outer bands were last seen on the island all day. nearly half of bermuda 70,000 residents are in the dark right now. no electricity. there have been reports of fires and significant damage to homes and buildings. it is expected the storm will continue to batter the island for several more hours. meteorologist adam joseph live
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at the big board with gonzalo's location right now. >> we take a look at bermuda you can clearly see the eye of the storm a void of rain and calm winds. it did techniquely make landful:30 p.m. atlantic standard time, 7:30 p.m. our time as brushing buy the island and in fact that eye wall right now is knowledge of bermuda rights here and you can see heaviest rain bands lifted north and there's a fwoond left with winds westerly wrap around that eye there will be another very potent heavy tropical rains as well as gustier winds to move in before everything lifts out. right now, wind sustained 48 meyers miles an hour and gusts 70 and when it made land full the storm was calm. not much going on over chicago. we will watch that as it spins
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fronts through over the upcoming weekend. weekend outlook looking not too shabby. afternoon clouds building with front and wind will kick up, 68 degrees. and they we drop do 56 the second half of the weekend it's windy and chilly and with a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll have more on zonzalo and of course the 7 day forecast coming up where it turns more unsetsled for us shirleen in the accuweather. >> a federal bankruptcy judge decision could save trump taj mahal from becoming next casino to close. he voided labor contract trump entertainment and investor says the business would not be able to survivor without cutting workers pension and healthcare ben aitsen the company threatened to shut the casino on november 13 laying off 3,000 people ft. judge ruled against it. >> governor chris christie's income tax returns have been released he's reported owe in making nearly 700,000 dollars most is pat christie's income
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she earned more than 475,000 as director of investment firm and from part time job on wall street. governor reported about $160,000 of taxable income from the state of new jersey. the couple paid more than $193,000 in federal and state taxes and they gave $29,000 to charity. >> philadelphia is birth place of some of the most well known sought after d.j.s and what they contributed was very evident at event tonight mural arts program had crowd going at tonight's block party off to the -- owed to philly d.j. mural program to kickoff and all day long various events and mural celebrate the rich d.y. culture and heritage and of course tonight features some of the best djs as well. >> and sitting president experienced credit card problems from time to time and incredible
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stories happening to him and his wife next. starbucks is checking out the feature to make starbucks shorter. >> you think bono wears sunglasses to be cool. think again. sunglasses to be cool. think again. they've got more to do with his
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>> 27-year-old michael dunn was convicted of first degree murder in september and prosecutors argued, dunn, white, fired ten times into an suv carrying four black teenagers because of volume of the music coming out of the vehicle. 17-year-old jordan davis died. dunn apologized to the young man's family in court today and the life sentence is mandatory and prosecutors are rye seeking the best penalty. abducted by terrorists and there's a cease-fire with islamic scream wiingt borco her on. kurt thousands were killed in
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africa's most famous nation and it could mean release of girls within hours or days. skepticism runs high tonight as they made no public commitment to free them. turning once again to the weekend and that all-important accuweather forecast. >> yes, it will include dramatic change saturday to sunday and adam joseph life at the big board with details certain waiting to hear about adam. >> dramatic change. the good thing is we're not going to deal with really wet weather in between these huge temperature swings that we typically would get this type of year and some good news for the weekend. the low this morning above normal, 57 degrees. same with the high temperature, 73 with the normal being 66 and record 34 and 9 degrees and then sunseting now a lot earlier at 6:19 and only a couple weeks from now will be changing those clocks back an hour. as we look at the temperature 6 right now in allentown a. 61 reading and lancaster 56 degrees and philadelphia at 63 so
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numbers still running fairly warm for overnight lows this time of year as we look at great lake temperatures it's falling, international falls, 41 to 43 and couple front will swing in north from west and one comes in tomorrow morning and second one tomorrow afternoon and second one we'll really siphon in jump in temperature fort second half of the weekend. everything is pin wheeling towards north and west and we'll see clouds with the front but showers will hold at bay to the north and so tomorrow north and west morning sun afternoon clouds and that wind will pick up as well. 68 reading and 67 downingtown and 66 effort aand as we go along i-95, philadelphia, 6, salem 68, trenton 67. surpriseable for this time of year and afternoon winds gusts 30 mimes an hour and mainly sunny tomorrow at the shore. late clouds coming in with that
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second front, 70 atlantic city cape may and 69 dover 68 degrees. but as we look at future tracker temperatures by sunday morning at 7:00 it's 38 degrees in mount pocono. 43 allentown and 45 wilmington this is more typical of the temperatures we should be waking up to. however, it will get even colder come monday morning. and then it turns unsettled there after. we'll talk about that and much more on gonzalo. >> frost already. >> in "healthcheck" at 10 a bill. >> is headed to governor tom corbett's desk. bill cleared the state senate allowed prescribeers and dispepsers of drugs access to database of who is being prescribed drugs like vicodin, xanax and robe tuesday inwith
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codeine. they want to prevent people from dr. shopping and get prescriptions from several different prescriptions -- physicianphysicianen wonder why bono wears sunglasses all the time. it's not a rock star thingsch the u2 singer is suffering from glaucoma a buildup of pressure that -- and why we're always wearing sunglasses and bono says don't worry he'll be fine and he did not he lab try why he's just talking about that condition now. >> by the way the sunglasses make him look cool, too. >> still a rock star. >> there you go. >> eagles getting well deserved weekend off and they might want to use it wisely. >> jamie apody is in for ducis rogers live in the "action news" sports center hey jamie. >> hi, guys, hopefully eagles are getting rest on their bye week. once they're back no rest for the weary. ten games they have left to go. eight of those are against winning teams that's a tough road says espn an light ron
10:20 pm
jaworksi. >> number one arizona. terrific defensive team. second game, houston, texas all i got to say is j.j. wa. it. it you know they can play defense and carolina in philadelphia monday night and by the way cam newton playing good football and green bay, aaron rodgers you know that will be a battle. the next four games although they're very tough i think we'll find out a lot about this eagle team. >> fall classic -- it will be giant and eagles they hope in world series. surely some guys won't be around you have to wouldn't per dom brown won'tble around. he'll work his tail off after second worst batting average among left fielders. the team chemistry needs to improve. >> team bond and gel i don't think chemistry and all that
10:21 pm
went the way we wanted it to this year. but with time i think with the guys and names we have i think we'll be back to playing grait grade a baseball. >> we caught one brown today at the ballpark he was with his mom hosting a food jab for needy families in the delaware valley. friday night lights for temple plus chip kelly's good deed what might that be. i'll sculpting the sleek body of the all-new mercedes-benz gla took nearly 600lbs of high- strength steel. setting industry-leading safety standards took 20,800 crash simulations. and perfecting its engine took over 1.1 million miles of extreme driving. but, this may be the most impressive number of all. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gla. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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president of the united states the answer is credit card conundrum. he was dining out in new york city last month when credit card was deklibd. they thought he was victim of identity theft. turns out the transaction was flagged because as president, he just doesn't use his card all that often. thankfully the first lady's card worked. the president told that store didn't today as he announced a plan to tighten security for debit cards. >> even his card gets declined. okay. chefs across the region cooked up for guests on the third annual feast in south philadelphia. money raised benefit the
10:25 pm
horticultural society civic harvest programch the event was held at the navy yard and featured recycled props from the philadelphia nower show. >> this was annual parade of pumpkins at chester brook academy. students, parents and school staff dressed up, carved pumpkins showed off halloween costumes. this event was a fundraiser set up by third graders. money raised will benefit bringing hope home and -- home home and organization dead indicates supporting families home and organization dead indicates supporting families affected by cap
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>> joining us at 10:30 and stories covering fwhoel america on "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> president obama named ron complain as ebola czar. he has no expertise but is former chief of staff to the president. he'll report to national security advisor and homeland security advisor. >> carnival cruise ship a woman that handled ebola samples.
10:31 pm
she did not have the direct "dunkin and has no symptoms and officials in mexico refused to let the ship dock there. >> two nurses treated for the disease amber vincent is treated at emory hospital in atlanta. she flew the day before she was diagnosed and frontier is in the process of reaching out to everyone on that plane. and nina pham is being treated nih in maryland. >> here at home tonight city and towns are preparing for the possibility of ebola in their communities. and in trenton, first restoppeders are training to handle whatever hazards may come their way. "action news" new jersey correspond ept nora muchanic got a firsthand look at preparations. >> these are on every sing of one of ambulances and fire trucks. >> emts from trenton's emergency medical services are getting refresher courses on suiting up in personal protection equipment preparing for the possibility they may one day handle a patient with he bowl a under neem the suit, mask and googles
10:32 pm
is emt darryl wilson. >> if it's something i am worried about of course that's why we wear protective kloming. >> 911 dispatchers are prescreening asking about symptoms and whether patient have been in or had any contact in people who have been in countrys with ebola out breaks. >> if in fact those key points get hit dispatcher notifies responding units whether it be ambulance or paramedic units, fire department as well. >> that way about they ina riff first restoppeders can protect they willself. >> we want to protect mucous mem braipz, mouth, eyes. >> there's some level of nervousness with all the news reports coming out and hearing about this disease it does make me nervous coming to work. >> a little more cautious and little more alert. >> these emts say with heads up from dispatch and right gear and training they can handle ebola case. trenton fire department rescue one unit has decades of experience handling hazardous
10:33 pm
materials including an tax in 2001. >> there's fresh water this one and in here solution. >> they have trucks full of special equipment and walk through decontamination trailer used to sanitize first respoken r sponders in ebola case or other hazard. >> we can set up hoses and set up soaps to help get rid of whatever chemical we're dealing with at the time. >> for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> south philadelphia drug store has been shut down tonight due to structural concerns. this is video just into the newsroom cbs 10th and wash tox. pillar in fronts of the store began sinking and crack around 7:30 tonight and that's when the store was evacuated and closed. it it is not clear when it might reopen. >> tense moments tonight in port richmond a 1,000 gallon propane tank started leaking. firefighters were called to emerald street in heart lane
10:34 pm
6:30 tonight it took an hour they were able to get the leak could be tind. no one was injured or evacuated. autopsies will be performed tomorrow on two pottstown men. they were found shot to death early this morning in berks county. a school bus driver discovered bodys in a parked vehicle on forth dale road washington township. the victims are 20 and 27. police are not looking for any suspects at this time. a delaware couple is accused of beating a little girl to death. police have charged 26-year-old mother. it anasia mill began and 35-year-old boyfriend willie reader with murdering her 4-year-old daughter autumn. autopsy revealed the little girl was severely beaten and died a slow death. her body was found in newcastle motel. the couple is locked up on $106,000 bond. >> realtors in delaware county are sounding awarning tonight
10:35 pm
about thieves who are taking advantage of open houses. agents say they're seeing uptic of criminals who pose potential buyers in order to wander through homes while and tended. they strike, stealing whatever they can fit in pockets and walk out. one realtor told us how it happened to them in cliff ton heights. >> i received a phone call from owner of the property she's said i have been robbed. >> i went upstairs to get medicine and it was gone. >> delaware county drug task force added realtor to help address that problem. police say before you hold an open house you should remove any valuable jewelry and precipitation medicine from your home. it's also a good idea to take down driver's license information of any and all potential buyers. hurricane gonzalo is over bermuda now being hit with heavy rain and 100 mile an hour winds. people have lost power and there are reports of significant
10:36 pm
damage. for more on gonzalo and weekend forecast let's check in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> all right. he is standing by in the studio with more on what we see there in bermuda and home. >> here at home everything is quiet now as we look live on sky6. it is warm out there. at least for this time of night. and with a quiet weekend ahead despite wind we have nothing to complain about. in fact let's look at latest with hurricane gonzalo winds now at category two status sustained at 110 miles an hour. there you can see how it hit bermuda air algerie few hours ago but moved rapidly north, northeast. that's one good thing about the storm the eye is north and east of island of bermuda and will continue to pull away. it's still bringing some pretty hefty wind speeds on the island of bermuda anywhere from st. george to hamilton which is capitol. winds sustained 60 miles an hour gusting to 74.
10:37 pm
there is the eye. now to the north of bermuda winds before the eye came in we're out of the southerly direction. now it's switching west even eventually northwest. there you see one last band feeder band wrap around that eye that will bring torrential rain and also even higher wind gusts possibly the 90 plus miles an hour by 4:30 in the morning that band lifts north with the eye and you can see things are calming down and wind speeds out of southwest start to diminish quickly in wee hours of the morning. there as we look at gone sdal owe in island of bermuda improving away quickly clouds clear as well. back at home quiet on the eastern sea board and have own low preesh aarr south. winds counter clockwise like hurricane and fronts swipinging through threw up coming weekend. temperature-wise 60 quakertown and 61 warrington and st. david 61 and oxford 5. as we look at numbers through
10:38 pm
southern new jersey and delaware 60 hammonton and smyrna 60 and warmer at the shore at 6 a5. first front comes through tomorrow morning. you won't know it. it comes through dry. 68 with morning sun. some afternoon clouds will develop. winds kick up when the secondary trough access behind that front swings through in the afternoon. and that opens the flood gates here for wind gusts of 30 miles an hour seconds half of the weekend and cold stayed so far -- coldest day so far since spring sun and clouds 56 degrows. winds and cloud and early morning south, south west by the afternoon starts to switch north west and in the evening 6:00, winds 25 in philadelphia and 27 millville and that that cop continues sunday to northwesterly direction speeds between 25 and 30. overall it's a pretty windy weekend. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast winds changed. saturday and sunday as we drop from 60s to the 50s and early on monday morning there could be
10:39 pm
some widespread frost in areas highlighted north and west. and interior southern new jersey and be on guard gore that monday morning. and 60 monday, unsetsled tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday and clouds and showers and temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. >> all right. thanks adam. >> hundreds of people cam out for 73 annual uso gala tonight. it was held at the mariott downtown several honors handed out including service member of the year award. tonight was also a celebration of the non-profits more than 7 decades of serving needs of military and their families throughout pennsylvania and south jersey ♪ recognize that tune? it's glory gainer's i will survive. the sounds of the 70s took over the kimle center tonight as the philly pops kicked offer its
10:40 pm
36th season. along with various discohits this weekend's show also pays tribute to the music of abba best known through success of best nope musical mama mia. >> and then motion grantedlees flooded germantown avenue as they kicked off 4th annual chestnut hill harry you potter festival. it was costume contest and pub crawl. events continue through tomorrow and authenticate quid itch tournaments. >> fun. >> grass prices are following and nobody's wallet is complying. we found place so cheap it's hard to believe. >> take me there. >> this woman is on cloud nine. high flying adventure turned into one of the happenest days of her life. talk about being in the right place at the right time. a cop saved the woman's life and we've got the video after the a cop saved the woman's life and we've got the video after the break
10:41 pm
10:43 pm
>> parents of murder virginia tech student marked 50th anniversary of her death tonight the last spot she was seen alive. morgan harrington parents were
10:44 pm
joined by parents of hannah graham. he is uva student that disappeared last month. they linked his dna to harrington case and no charges filed. morgan was found dead of a metallic aconcert at uva. >> his quick thinking saved a woman's life and it was all caught on camera. officer ejay new juingtd pulled a truck over. what with you cannot see is that another truck pulls up behind him and another truck runs up behind him. he assumed she wanted directions but she was choking. he started the heimlich maneuv r maneuver. >> first two or three compressions nothing happened. and on the third or fourth one i felt her body go limp like pass is out on me. i gave her little extra thrust and as you can see the camera it flew out of her mouth.
10:45 pm
>> she starts crying and thanks the officer and then gets in her truck and drives off. officer is hoping the woman will come forward he would like to meet her. >> who doesn't love a deal. wait until you see super cheap gas and people are filling up tonight. >> tell me where. police introduce you to a woman >> tell me where. police introduce you to a woman addicted to pumpkin spice latte
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>> you may have noticed and maybe it made you smile gas price prz fall, national average $3.14 >> that says $2.58 that's in texas. you can remember the last time you saw gas that cheap. we saw them drop more than 20 cents in the last month alone. in 23eu8 philly if you come back to the big screen i'll show what you it is. $3.21 down from $3.40 and in new jersey always cheapest $2.94 and last month $3.20 state of delaware $2.93 cheaper than jersey last month $3.3.
10:49 pm
cheap out there let's get driving. >> i need a full tank of gas. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> the line at starbucks can be long bit you can cut your wait time by preordering. yes, you k just use starbucks app on your phone and skip the line at the store. this is part of starbucks plan to expand its sales over mobile devices and service is just rolling out in portland and it should be available nationwide by 2015. >> fall has finally rivd and so has pumpkin spice latte sthn is the only time you can get the tasty drink and an illinois woman is stocking up if an obsession. ten years in the making. at first, she would get them at the gas station. then she started making her own. now, she hoordz boxes and boxes and boxes of pumpkin spice latte. she has 52 at her house now so she can enjoy them all year
10:50 pm
round. >> i love pumpkin pie and it's like pumpkin pie we whip cream in a drink i can drink it and it's less calories. >> she loves pumpkin spice so much she could drink annen tire box a day. >> that's a little much. i love pumpkin coffee but that's excessive. >> really. >> time for sports tonight. jamie apody live at the big board. >> i could drink a bop of coffee a day and i box now. the bye week. round of golf. day at the spaxt trip to the hospital to visit the enemy. giants wide receiver victor cruz revealed today eagles' coach visited him in the hospital monday a day after the star suffered season ending knee injury. in a rivalry that burned all sorts of trash talk all week talk about classy move from the coach. >> after announcement of six games continues ron jaworksi
10:51 pm
says it's not too far fetched to think big, real big. what we it take for the team to say dare we say it super bowl contender? >> i think it was kind of look behind the curtain of how good the eagles can be. we all know this offense has been dynamic and explosive. but i think what gives everyone a hope for championship was play of defense. i thought it was best game i have seen defensively in years. obviously it was a shutoutch the first shutout in 18 years that's a long time between shutouts. >> eagles at temple, owls are hoping yes hoping for a 5-1 start stot season in texas. their version of friday night lights. >> don't start getting nervous or excited just play. >> double head coach fired up before tonight's game. first half not the start he was
10:52 pm
looking for, t. j. walker picked off by stew quart wart. temple trails 17-10 3rd quarter now. baseball it is never good folks when one of your own coaches says you would be better off elsewhere. in interview today ryan howard you who is still owed 60 million is american league player now given 25 homers and 100 rbi inspite of 190 strikeouts this season most in majors. >> i would be shocked an american league team wouldn't say you know what i'll take 25 and 100 4e would be my d. h. personally it would help him to get off his feet and not having to stand out there 9 innings every night. we'll have to wait and see. i think american league team you can help american league team. >> all right. ism isers top draft pick joel embiid flew back to cameroon to be with his family.
10:53 pm
he skipped the team game the coach did to be by embiid's side given he was 6,000 miles from everyone he loved. the team needed to make sure they did not feel alone. >> for him to be away from his country and to you know ab way from his family in a time like this, you you just try to do your best to help him get through this. and only time will have a chance heal him a little bit. don't look now fran dumbfy in mid season form less than a month away from college hoops. trying to get people pumped. men's and women's teams open season november 14. let's get going guys and gals. season november 14. let's get going guys and gals. >> all r
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mmm! ring ring! progresso! i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. a former military appoint
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lot took a girlfriend from first flight military jet and made mem sglabl before we do arrow batics look in the bag to your left and find the checklist. put it on and will you marry me? [ cheers ]. >> oh, my god. >> that g force is not bad at all. yes that was marriage proposal. holly you see in the video was on cloud nine literally the two
10:57 pm
were planning a destination wedding. >> i'm surprised she didn't pass out because of the g force. >> that's a woman i love it. >> saturday morning sun. clouds in the afternoon. front and winds kick up. and warm, 68 degrees and get ready for winds of change sunday very killly only 56 for a high. so one season to the next. enjoy. >> thank you adam. >> thank you for joining us tonight on "action news" at 10. "modern family" is next. >> for all of us on "action "modern family" is next. >> for all of us on "action news" have a great week
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[door opens] oh, good. you're up. oh, it is such a beautiful day. let's go have brunch somewhere outside where i can wear my new sunglasses, huh? ew, gross! what happened to you? i'm hot. - now i'm cold. - oh, no. [crying] and we have that concert tonight. i know, but that's the furthest thing from my mind, okay? we had amazing seats for lady gaga, and he gets sick. i'd been looking forward to that concert for months. it's the one gay cliché i allow myself. [birds chirping]