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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i know that police officer had shown me, you know, inmates and i just said that looks like me. >> tuesday night, local business owners, clear their names after being accused of a heartless crime. and good news for two americans who are fightinge bowl, one of them just beat it. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the wild dirt bike, and atr display that brought crowded chaos to the philadelphia's bus yeast street. >> there was little regard for safety as chopper six shows they are blowing red lights and weaving in and out of traffic.
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while they were breaking the law, police did little to stop that ride. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is following this story live and dann, riders say that they did this as a tribute to a murdered dirt bike enthusiast. >> reporter: ahh, that is right shirleen for a while this afternoon city streets were taken over, in what was supposed to be a memorial tribute by men on dirt bikes and atv's but for hundreds of hot motorist and pedestrians across the city, things got down right scary and dangerous. it was supposed to be a vigil in memory of the slain fellow dirt biker, but it quickly turned into a dangerous ride of hundred men on dirt bikes and atv riding through some of the it is busiest streets. >> it was wild, it was dangerous. >> yes. >> they drove from broad in south philadelphia to broad and north philadelphia and at a whim they turned down one street and then another, here they cut off a gasoline tanker and weaved through traffic at the intersection there were multiple times when they cut
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off school buses a and drove around on both sides of them. elaine stern was in her car at forty-sixth and lancaster on her way home and got caught up and could not move. >> i called 911 and it was frustrating. operator kept grilling me, did i see any knives. did i see this? did i see that? i said iowas in my car, i had been surrounded, there is a mob scene you need to send someone. >> reporter: high speed raising wrong way in on coming traffic this he were driving on sidewalks. here they ran right through a red light. >> coming off as a thuggish type of atmosphere and they run through red lights but to me it is dangerous. >> reporter: it was supposed to be in memory of tyrone tyler, dirt bike rail, he achieved local fame for videos he posted on vine and you tube performing stunts on his dirt bike. he wases gunned down last week sitting in a car in the 2100 block of south 60th. police say he was shot nine times by whom, unwide still
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unnode. his funeral was held at broad and lombard and many of the dirt bikers decided to do the memorial ride. >> everybody loves rail, all over the world, you know what i'm saying. show my brother love. >> reporter: they did fly by police officers and police helicopter was tracking them but no action was taken to stop them. >> in a statement police say they were mindful that the men were paying tribute after a funeral but some of the activity was unsafe to them and others. they were making a push tonight they say to make sure those bikes were off the streets, which were not even legal to be on the streets to begin with. we are live from north philadelphia, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right, thanks, dann. two west philadelphia business owners say their reputation where is destroyed and their efforts to help their home country of liberia delayed because of the a wrongful prosecution. "action news" reporter kenneth moton reports. >> reporter: they are back in
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their west philadelphia hair salon, in the gallery trying to piece their lives back together. >> we spent three weeks in jail and that was just like hell for us. >> reporter: in april, southwest detectives said this man kidnaped and 80 year-old woman from market street and emptied her bank account. he and his wife live close to where the victim was taken were accused. "action news" compared images that night and questioned police. they say they had the right man. >> it is clear, that they are not the same person. >> reporter: attorney thomas fitzpatrick says a few weeks ago a judge dismissed charges because of the lack of prosecution. his clients have no criminal history and moved here 30 years ago from liberia. using facebook, their community collected their $50,000 bail. >> it has been a great deal of damage done to this point, beyond their community, to their businesses, and to their reputations. >> reporter: d.a.'s office would only say it is reviewing
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judge's decision and we are considering what our next course of action will be with these defendants. >> we believe in hard work, we believe in working to live, if you want to live a good life. >> reporter: couple continues to support liberia, he also owns a company dedicated to bringing renewable energy to his home country is providing ebola relief with operation crush ebola. >> the ebola crisis in my home is giving us an opportunity to bring back the the community. >> reporter: d.a. says passports for the two planned to travel to liberia once the ebola crisis is over, and they say they will not commit this crime. and they are praying for elderly victim. kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on p hl17. officials now say that they are making headway in the search for an ebola vaccine. world health organization, says it could test at least two experimental vaccines, on more than 20,000 people, as early as january. most of them health care workers in west africa.
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out break in that region has kill more than 4500 people, and mostly in liberia, new gunie and sierra leon. new travel restrictions limited anyone flying in the united states from west africa to just five airports, new york's jfk, dulles in washington, o'hare in chicago, and atlantis, heart field jackson and newark new jersey's airport are the only ones with enhanced screening in place to handle passengers potentially effected by ebola. cdc says 94 percent of travelers from the virus a's hot zone enter the u.s. through one of those airports. and there is word tonight that freelance photographer, is now ebola free. the nebraska medical center said he will ab live to leave a bio containment unit tomorrow. he became sick working in liberia. tonight he tweeted out this saying the knowledge that there is no more virus from my bloodies profound relief. i'm so lucky. i wish everyone who got sick
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could feel this still thinking of those nurses and looking forward to the day you too get news, like this. and, it turns out that day may be nearing. the condition of one of those nurses ebola patient nina pham has been upgraded from fair to good condition. the 26 year-old contracted the virus while treating thomas eric duncan in dallas. he died on october 8th. pham is being treated tonight at the national institutes of health in maryland. lots of good developments. rain, will be moving through, overnight and it might be an issue for your morning commute. meteorologist adam joseph is at the big board with the word from accu weather, adam. >> they are starting to push over our region which will develop a new low off of the coast and right now double scan live radar you can see motion of the showers kind of wrapping to the north of new york city, and also some moving in from the south here. so we have a spiraling effect going on here as we widen out, we will note that is some of these showers especially in southern parts of the maryland will start to pin opinion
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wheel themselves up that 95 corridor later on tonight and first thing tomorrow morning and then that le will sit to our north and east not only wednesday but also into the day on thursday. so that morning rush hour tomorrow, you will want to allow extra time because of some wet roadways and area of rain 567895 degrees at 6:00. holding steady through that morning commute at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. really what to expect for your mid week on wednesday, period of rain, on and off, about a half inch to an inch of rain, in general. very chilly northeasterly wind of speeds up to 30 miles an hour. not only dealing will with showers but a very potent wind out of the north/northeast and that will hold temperatures in the 50's, well below average throughout the entire day. kind of similar day on thursday, little bit of improvement. we will talk about that in that seven day forecast, also the upcoming weekend will also be a much more brighter, with some good stuff as well. >> things to look forward to thanks adam. officials have not said when schools will reopen in
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the poconos. community of fitzwater. that is where the search for eric frein intensified again today. state police and fbi are responding to a tip that the suspected cop killer had been spotted near a donation bin and abandoned shack on route 611. police closed schools and search them as a prehe caution today. thirty-one year-old frein has been a subject of the manhunt since two troopers were shot, one fatally, five weeks ago. wilmington police now think they have pinpointed the neighborhood where disturbing video surfaced of a four and five years old, violently fighting each other. yesterday we showed you footage of the kids throwing punches as adults cheered them on. investigators are looking at 200 block of rodney in the hill top section. brittany caputo record that had police video and she reported it to "action news". as a teacher she's worried about long lasting effects of this kind of trauma what we learn is just behavior, shaped
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at a very young age. you are a product of your environment. if that is what those kids are raised around, somebody has to step in. >> police say the adults could be charged with endangering the welfare of a child, but so far, no arrests have been made here. there are many accolades from malala yousafzai but only one regarded in the heart of philadelphia teenage advocate for children's lights was in town to receive the distinguished liberty in medal tonight and "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live at the national cops dogs center, where malala was honored, hi sharrie. >> reporter: hi, shirleen and what a night it was. the ceremony was inspiring. it was powerful. at times, it was just very moving. but 1400 guests pack inside to hear what the 17 year-old had to say and to applaud her efforts. welcome with roaring applause and standing ovation malala
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you so sigh holding it before so the crowd could see before placing it around her neck. >> it is not just a golden medal which you wear but it is hope, it is courage and it is support. >> reporter: presented by the national constitution center, to a person who actively fights for liberty, malala is an advocate for children's right to education, especially for young girls. gunned down by the taliban for her belief, she survived, and tonight, on independent mall, she spoke on how that moment empowered her even more. >> weakness, fear and home lessness died and strength, power and courage was born. >> reporter: a line up of powerful woman of all ages took part in celebrations malala's bravery. the audience was filled with students, inspired by this young girl, who is changing the world. >> i'm just so honored to see her. >> it doesn't matter if you are a girl or if you are young you can still have power to do
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something. >> it is an honor because even though she got shot for standing up for what she believed in she still for the and kept doing what she loves to do. >> reporter: malala is youngest recipient in the history of the liberty medal. she said her work is far from over and tonight she challenged world leaders to fight the good fight with her. >> a kentry is strong when its people are educated, future generation is educated. so lets take this concept and trying to focus on people. >> reporter: she received numerous rounds of applause, during her speech tonight, she thanked philadelphia for a warm reception, taking note that this is america's birthplace and eye tiehl for freedom and liberty, what she also stand for. she also said that he does not want to be a person of just words, tonight she announced she's donating her hundred thousand dollars cash prize, to the children of pakistan.
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we are live from independent mall, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right sharrie, thank you. that young woman will be an icon for generations to come. >> very deserving. >> awesome night. full hour of "action news" at ten continues here with one bobcat that it seems nothing can keep this south jersey pet from escaping his home, which could complicate ongoing legal battles. on health check diet supplements and why it just might be could go more harm then good. and jealous much, woman's boyfriend puts her in the most embarrassing of situations as she stood there right beside the president today. with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation.
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and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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u.s. officials now believe that three american teenagers, who were stopped on their way to syria were attempting to join terrorist groups there. the three girls, are back on u.s. soil tonight, and two days after they hopped a flight from denver only to be arrested in germany. investigators say girls became radicalized on line and thought to join a jihad movement. they were only caught because one of their parents notified authorities, who quickly flagged their passports. well, president obama cast his ballot for midterm elections early yesterday in
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chicago. it seems another voter could not help but to have fun with the command inner chief. unaudible. >> well, the president expressing mock annoyance after a man shark guy right here passed him by and said don't touch my girlfriend. as you can see would the man next to the president, that guy's girlfriend got embarrassed by the whole thing and had to a pol guys. the president didn't mind much, joking and even giving anna a hug and a kiss directly disobeying the man's other. mike jones, man behind the joke says he saw the opportunity, and just wanted to break the silence in the room. lucky the secret service didn't move in there. >> lucky that the president didn't take offense to it. >> yeah, right. >> all right. it is time for the accu weather forecast, cold now but it is going to be changes tomorrow morning. >> yes, may take offense to what i have to say here in the middle of the week. double scan live radar we have
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some light showers in southern lancaster county, southern chester county and western part of new castle county. these showers drifting up from the south as low pressure is starting to get its act together off of our coast. warm day to day. 70 degrees with the unshine. normal high 65 degrees. the low 52. normals are 47 and it can get as cold as 28 degrees on this date and 86 degrees, on the upper even. fifty-five in allentown right now. fifty-six in reading. philadelphia is still sitting at 62 degrees. fifty-five in dover. so it is warm for overnight temperatures right new for october but the number will get cooler thomas nor'easterly win starts to pull in and through can see some of the energy pushing from the west to the east as a low will develop off of our coastline and it will really depend on how far to the ease that low develops compared to the coast as to how much rain we will see here during the day here tomorrow. in fact, future tracker will show in matter what the clouds are in play for the the morning rush at 7:30, again
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with some scattered showers and downpours especially, south and east of philadelphia, closer to the low, that is where heavier rain will fall and 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon not a whole lot really going on but there will be some scattered activity from the north to the south and then again, mainly closer to the shore but those wind will be felt by all out of the north/northeast tomorrow afternoon, 24 miles an hour, in allentown, 34 in lancaster, and at the shore lake hearst as high as 36 miles an hour. on and off rain tomorrow, less than half inch. less to the north and west. fifty-nine reading. fifty-eight lancaster and downingtown. anywhere around a half inch to probably up to an inch on i-95. philadelphia only 59 tomorrow. sixty glassboro, doylestown 58 degrees. could be an inch of rain, rain and windy at the shore, atlantic city 60. cape may 62. millville coming in at 60 degrees. brian and shirleen when i come back with the seven day
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forecast we will try to brighten the mood here. >> all right, we will love that adam thank you. tonight flyers were hoping to stretch out their winning streak to two. it is not been a good season so far which cannot be said of the flyers opponent tonight. >> jamie apody in for ducis rodgers live in the "action news" sports center, jamie. it took flyers until their fifth game to get that first win of the year and lets just say base on the start tonight it might take longer to get that winning streak. i don't know, but flyers/black hawks scoreless in the first, all these shots on steve mason. he cannot stop them all. brandon dodge converts to give chicago a one to nothing lead. less than a minute later, less than a minute later it would be two to nothing. patrick sharp, patrick cain rebound, flyers don't have enough patrick's obviously. they are down three to nothing in the second intermission. after a long week without football they are finally back at practice after the bye week rested and much more healthier
10:21 pm
then they were before. great sign, machining guys who returned to practice michael kendricks who missed four games with the calf injury. not sure if he will play sunday but he should be able to go, and mcl sprains, looked really bad. wand are how this team will come out against arizona on sunday. they are well rested but might they be rusty too. coach says that is in the true. >> you hope that they have had sometime off. we will see. there is a lot of guys in here yesterday on their day off getting treatment, check film out on their own. i don't anticipate these guys, not being ready to go. it is a good group that way. >> coming up i'll tell you who else was a surprise back at practice for the bird. else was a surprise back at practice for the bird. we
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. else was a surprise back at practice for the bird. we but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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rocky the bobcat has done it again, the 38-pound, hybrid escaped from his owner's stafford township home this morning and remains on the loose, right now in ocean county. just last month a judge order that had rocky's escapes have become a danger inn nuisance telling owner jenny fine that her exotic pet would be permanently taken away if he
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escaped again. well, he has, and tonight police say if found, the bobcat will be turned over to a local zoo. on health check at ten tonight, supplement you take to improve your health could actually be doing you harm. that is because they could contain potentially dangerous drug, ingredients, years after safety recalls. supplements bought on line researchers detect hidden steroids and weight loss drug linked to heart attack. unlike prescription drugs diet try supplements don't need f.d.a. approval before being marketed.
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between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. one retailer is going to great lengths to get your business, find out hoist offering free shipping on everything, starting tomorrow. >> um-hmm. >> plus a woman tries to rob a convenient store but clerk thought she was being more of a, well lets say pest, see how, she got rid of him are. next up, coaches at a sayreville high school, at the head of the hazing scandal find out their fate when they can expect to return to their cla
10:30 pm
a look at the big stories we are following on "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. and dirt bikes caught chaos on the busiest streets. they were blowing red lights and weaving in and out of traffic. they were paying tribute to a murdered dirt bike enthusiast. in april, this man kidnapped an 80-year-old woman from mark street and emptied her bank account.
10:31 pm
they arrested two. they spent three weeks in jail before the charges were dismissed against them. schools re-open in the pocono mountain school district. they were shutdown while the search for erin frein has intensified. two troopers were shot. one fatl fatally five weeks ago. this evening they voted to extend the suspensions while the investigations are underway. they will be paid during this time. the allegations are disturbing. they are accused of locking four freshmen in a locker room and assaulting them last month. no adults have been charged. the decision to suspend the coaches at sayreville was difficult by necessary.
10:32 pm
>> it's intolerated acts of bullying going on within that program. >> again the coaches are suspended with pay while the investigation continues. and a consult on carjacking will spend time in jail. cornelius court and johnathan rosa waived his right to a hearing. he carjacked a real estate agent and killed a mother and three children. that is the not proper video to that story. the one we were referencing happened in the tiago section in july. and tom corbett signed into law a bill about crime victims. the signing was interrupted by supporters of the convicted cop
10:33 pm
killer abdumal. it offers new protection for victims of crimes. he was convicted of killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. and faulkner's widow maureen spoke out. >> only to hear him doing commencement speeches on the radio or his face on the wall, movies, it rips open a scab. it's hard to continue to move on in life. >> so the rights group says it's violates constitutional right to free speech. mob boss joey marino was
10:34 pm
under survived release. they did not file the proper paperwork before his parole expired last month. they ordered him to court on friday. and teresa giudici wants to have her sentence in a halfway house. she asked if he she can serve 12 municipalities there instead of 15 municipalities behind bars. the government is opposed to that. she is asking to be housed in costinanother state. once she is done her husband
10:35 pm
will spend time. the probe may come to an end soon. no sign was arson or foul play. a flag in flu offer the capital on september 11, 2001 was destroyed in the fire. parts of ocean county was hit with heavy rain. that made a dramatic scene. he was driving home from a funeral when it started to pour. before he knew it his car was struck. water rising up to his doors, he was stuck inside along with two children. the first responders had to pull them to safety. luckily none of them was hurt there today. that rain hit parts of our area. we saw hail in places. for the rest of us we saw sun. it's a weird day.
10:36 pm
tomorrow is a dreary day for all of us. adam has the accuweather forecast. the low spirals moisture an strong winds around it. ate dreary wednesday on tap. double scan live closer around our region you see showers south of the dover and lancaster. as we press in to street level, downingtown and coatesville and west of newark and lancaster between smithville, quarryville and airville. they are trying to pinwheel back to the north. they are go focus wrap them sefs ithemselves. center city is 58. as we take a look at hammonton,
10:37 pm
32. smyrna, 56. at the shore 66 degrees. the pinwheel is going on. a lot of showers to the north and the south. a lot of cloud cover is locking itself in. the low to the east tomorrow and high pressure to the north. the opposite forces replay the northeasterly wind. it's dries chilly at 59. the on-and-off showers. up to new england the chances of showers in the morning. the winds stick around along with the clouds and cool temperatures. 57 with the winds near 30 miles-an-hour. in the lehigh valley, drier spots. otherwise cloudy and breezy. and the opposite end the
10:38 pm
spectrum at the shore it's raw and rainy. a high of 60. the seven-day forecast, periods of rain heavier south and east. 57. windy. a lot of clouds. left over morning shower. it breaks pops of sun here on friday as the low pulls away. temperatures warm to 64. here we go again. above-average temperatures. 67 and 66 over the weekend. flirting 70 degrees early in the week on monday and tuesday. someful showersome of those shon watch david murphy. thank you of those spend their birthday partying with their friends. no alijah langford.
10:39 pm
they invited 10 cancer survivors. gifts awaited the ladies as they arrived. the entire evening was paid for by alijah. a young man that spent time paying back. >> and stick around to see an unusual video. we are learning more about an indiana man. and ben bradlee and uncovering the
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one of the most storied newspaper editors have died. ben bradlee was editor of the washington post. and with bradlee's blessing, bob woodward and karl bernstein traced the burglars back to the nixon's re-election campaign.
10:43 pm
it forced nixon's resignation. they were looking for more victims of a suspected serial killer. seven bodies have been found in gary. >>reporter:the neighbors that met darren vann describe him as quiet. they walked a neighborhood watch together. >> he was having a good time partying. >>reporter:vann was arrested in his home after aafric after a as
10:44 pm
found dead. four of the seven victims have been identified. vann has been charged in connection with hardee's murder. the encounter with vann is one in 2007 in austin, texas. he arranged to meet a woman and attacked her when she showed up. he strangled her and raped her. she survived. vann was convicted of five years in prison. while they grew apart he was never abusive. vann told him that his killings go back 20 years. >> maybe he is tired and he wants to get caught. >>reporter:she is kept in isolation away from the prison's general population. john ehrlichman, los angeles.
10:45 pm
and she is back in court. they showed the jurors a crime scene photo of travis alexander with his throat slit. they paint her as a victim of sexual humiliation and mental illness. arius admits that he killed him but it was in "saving wit self-. look at the heat in the kitchen. a picture that got a chili's cook fired from his job. oh boy. cook fired from his job. oh boy. the top news headlines and
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target just announced it's going to offer free shipping this holiday season. starting tomorrow you don't have to pay a penny to get the packages shipped to your home. it could be as simple as a $6 lipstick and they will ship it for free. the holiday shopping season doesn't kick off for another
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month. >>jefferson:and a mother can brag about a flavor in lay's. it was do us a flavor contest. she makes home a million dollars or a portion of sales. she was inspired by her grand mom that made sushi. she was up against cheddar bacon and mac n' cheese. check out the sexy cooks was chile's. the man that posted these scandalous photos, says that he used to work at the chillest's , they canned him. >> if you know what is going on,
10:50 pm
you never would eat out to be honest with you. >> some things are better unseen and unsaid. now we can never unsee this picture. do you think that he got a date out of that? you never know. now to sports. jamie apody is live at the big board. i am going to talk about sports. i will pretend i didn't see that one. if they played like they did against the stars they will get killed. now he knows what he is talking about. and look at the shots on steve mason. they give chicago a 1-0 lead. it is 2-0. and less than a minute later on the prior play and the rebound. a little later in the period. brian bickle that rhymes with
10:51 pm
pickle. right now the flyers are down 4-0 in the third period. which wins out? that is the question. and the eagles are back after the bye week. after missing four games with a calf injury. it looked bad. he says he will play on sunday. jason krellcre will play. he may be ready in a week or two. now the guys are prepared for a matchup. and then the momentum after the giants win. >> we want it go out and play our best as best we can. and hopefully we can use it. >> it's something that we did. we can't leave it behind. we have to make it our standard and play it better than against
10:52 pm
the giants. >> they think that the kansas city royals play in kansas. he can play baseball. and in game one in the world series up 7-0 on the royals in the seventh. five and six years ago the phillies were playing in the world series. they signed jerome williams to a one year contract worth $2.5 million. he went 4 and 2 in 9 starts for the phils. college football what a biggie for penn state. they hosted the lions. they are calling for a whiteout. the fans are expected to make the atmosphere miserable for a buckeye's team. >> i think that coming on the rod in this type of environment is going to be difficult and challenging for them.
10:53 pm
i love to see how many times our fans can get them to delay a game or jump on side whatever it may be. i know that our defense is looking forward to that advantage. >> and the fans are going up there. i think that they hear you. wear white. even after labor day. we have permission. thank you. a cashier took matters in her own hands. annabel miller was beginning her shift on sunday night. a woman came through the door with a mask. she threw a black bag on the counter. without thinking she armed herself with raid bug spray and she took aim. >> she pulled they are hands
10:54 pm
back. i was not letting her get to it first. i got mad. i have better things to do in my night than that. >> she angered the wrong woman. what miller did may not be the best move. she is okay.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
adam joseph has one look at wake-up weather. >> not the brightest of days. hey, we will take it. aus step ouas you step out of tr
10:57 pm
bundle up. it's chilly. the temperatures 55. the numbers at 55 do not move up with the wind out of the northwest. that is 20 to 30 miles-an-hour. it stops at 59 degrees. it's a on-and-off rain at times guys. thank you for joining us for "action news" at 10:00. >> for the entire "action news" "action news" at 10:00. >> for the entire "action news" team, have a
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let's go, buddy. school time. oh, and, gloria, if you want to get together with the girls later, i could just, you know, watch the football game or something. that means he wants to watch the football game. i'm not talking to you. and what are you drinking coffee for, anyway? it's my culture. i'm colombian. oh, yeah? what part of colombia are those french toaster sticks from? gloria: babe, i'm not sure about the game. the whole family is coming over for the barbecue. it's today? si. it's the ohio state game. so, everybody can watch. i don't like watching the game with people who don't know the game. people talk. you talk at my football games. for one thing, it's called soccer. your team's scored two goals all season. i'm not taking a big risk. [ hollow clank ] how much of this did you drink? give me a break. i have to climb a rope today.