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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 22, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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wednesday night, and you can only shop there in new york until right now, tonight a high end discount retailer is ready to impress shoppers, while pumping cash into philadelphia's economy. and yet, another security breach at the white house, how this fence jumper is different from other suspects. but the the big story on "action news" tonight is carnage in canada's capitol. >> single gunman unleash a deadly attack, first killing a solder and then storming parliament.
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>> the gun man behind that hail of bull nets ottawa has been identified, and now investigators are trying to figure out his motive for murder. whether he was part of a bigger plan. >> "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in the satellite center with tonight's big story. dann in. >> reporter: hey guys, canada's prime minister steven harper says this was a terror attack, he a says becoming more clear tonight that the man shot death on parliament hill was acting as a lone wolf. dozens of gunshots echoed through hallways of can inadequacies's parliament. >> this is [gunfire] as dozens of officers tried to locate and isolate the gun man, canadian prime minister steven harper rushed away, some members of the parliament were also rush out of the building while others barricaded doors with chairs and tables. >> i just going in to caucus. i hear pop, pop, pop. gunshots. i don't know.
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>> call for shots fired, one solder has been hit. >> reporter: earlier gunman shot a canadian ceremonial solder who was standing guard at the national war memorial. tomb of the unknowns. >> i yelled out oh, my gosh, is there a guy shooting. everybody get down. >> reporter: solder corporal nathan sirill. died in a hospital this picture taken moments before the attack shows him on the left performing his duties. a tourist posted this picture on twitter of her with the the officer at the memorial earlier in the day. violence came to than a end when parliament sergeant of arms shot and kill the gun man identified as michaelal bib bow, authorities say 39 two-year old had coverted to islam. >> we will not be intimidated. canada will never be intimidated. >> reporter: it is the second time this week canada has been truck by a terror attack. for most of the day much on have the area near parliament was on luck done. >> this will leave us to strengthen our reof is and redouble our efforts and those of our national security agencies to take all necessary
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steps to identify and counter threats. >> reporter: american embassy was on lock down for most of the day as the president offered any and all possible assistance to the canadian government. >> we don't yet have all of the information, but whether this was part of a broader network or attack or whether was a individual or a series of individual. >> reporter: canada was on high leather after two soldiers were run over on monday by a man who recently coverted to islam. today's attack happen just a day after canada dispatch war planes to the u.s. led campaign begins isis. live from the sat center, i'm dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> dann, thank you. it has been as you know a damp, dreary day. sky six looking live at philadelphia international airport. it is slick runways, little bit of win out there tonight. we are told delays are averaging about 25 minutes there right now. >> it turns out these showers are going to last, into tomorrow. meteorologist adam joseph is watching storm tracker six double scan tonight, adam, is
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what the word. >> expect those delays to continue tomorrow morning, west tarmac and wet roads for us in the rush hour as we look the at double scan live radar right now, generally it is light rain but still, insult to injure after an entire day with cool temperatures, wind and that rain. as we look at double scan live, the motion coming from the north to the south and most of the steadier rainfall is from philadelphia a, throughout the entire state of new jersey. southern delaware. little bit more potty farther north and west you are from the city of philadelphia. in fact rainfall totals, less north and west away from that low off the coast. tenth of an inch in allentown for reading, less than in a in lancaster but on the verge of half inch or more right along i-95 in trenton to wilmington and closing in on 1 inch in atlantic city. double scan live radar will show that southern new england right now being hammered by extremely heavy rain from boston to hartford with wind over 40 to 50 miles an hour, while here wind are much lighter then that although they are breezy and rain also,
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a little bit less intense then it is to the north. so as we head out tomorrow morning for rush hour, cloudy, breeze which those scattered showers still around. so still allow a little extra time, because of the wet roads, 49 between 6:00 and 7:00 and still very raw 50 degrees, at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we will let you know when rain heads out if it is by tomorrow afternoon's commute, brian in the accu weather forecast in a bit. >> thank you. of course, keep up with the changing forecast by logging on to the storm tracker six app anytime of the day or night, it is always available for apple and android devices and it is free. there are a lot of schooling options for families raising children in philadelphia, so tonight, an event was held to help parents make the right decision for their elementary school students. a "action news" reporter chad pradelli was there. >> reporter: dozens of parents, many with toddlers and babies in hand went table to table inside the franklin institute, their mission,
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their child's future education. >> we're looking forward to getting him into will school. we are investigating different charter schools, area public schools, or private schools. >> reporter: chad has a few years of prek left unlike many parents here is there a predicament, lure of it i living but concerns of the philadelphia school district. >> it is so scary when you are a parent and a lot of times when you in move here like myself and my wife we were children with in children. when your children reach three we are like what are we go to go do. >> reporter: drew murray of the logan square a association and other center city groups began this school fair three years ago as a chance to inform people of their options. >> there is public, charter, parochial and independent schools, all represented. >> reporter: while many of the schools here are alternatives to the philadelphia school district system like friends central and baldwin school in bryn mawr, there are schools from the district and parents say administrators say they are good schools, and parents
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should stay. >> we don't have good public education, have good, bright people staying in the city, the city will witter and all of the get we have had in the city will go away. >> reporter: not long ago the emrick's thought their time living in the side i was dwindling but now they are learning their mind are far from made up. >> it is a process. there are some good choices. right now we are 75 percent sure we will stay in the city. >> reporter: in center city, chad practice will deli for "action news" at ten on phl17. philadelphia police say they will review their policies after allowing dozens of dirt bikes and atv's to recklessly rome city streets yesterday this was the scene from chopper six as bikers ignored virtually every rule of the road. riding up on sidewalks, weaving through cars and buses, driving against traffic and blowing through stop lights. citing safety concerns police declined to pursue that group for much of the afternoon, yesterday. now they say they should have
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responded differently. >> so we are going to be looking at, our performance, strategies moving for. we are going to look in the event we have a situation like this happen again, you know, what those enforcement mechanisms will look like. >> reporter: city council says incident like this are all too common and they continue to look at ways to get those illegal dirt bikes off of the streets. trump taj mahal will not be closing november 13th after all. still trump entertainment resorts say it cannot guarantee that the struggling contact seen he will survive through the even of the year. its recovery plan hinges on 175 million-dollar in state assistance that probably is not coming according to lawmakers. meanwhile, casino union workers upset over contract negotiations, say they will contact taj mahal customers to ask them not to spend anymore money there. new store hopes to be a shopping hub for anyone looking for discounted high end merchandise. it is century 21 and it store
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opened tonight, for some shoppers. and tonight, they had a party and "action news"'s sharrie williams is live right now, hi there, sharrie. >> reporter: hi, shirleen, it is with a party comes food and, of course, champagne, both had for tonight's vip shopping event. take a look for yourself. the store looks great. some shoppers still lingering. of course, the associates cleaning up the store. century 21 is branching out of the big apple and chose philadelphia as its first shop. we're excited about the fashion but this stories also adding to the retail boom in the city. century 21's sneak peak, opened with bright lights, and lots of fanfare. >> i'm actually pretty impressed. >> reporter: shoppers happy with what they saw but city leaders hope that the new store will be more than what meets the eye. >> philadelphia is going to see a whole new market street east. >> reporter: it is in the same building where strawbridges
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once stood and had been vacant for eight years, until will right now. >> national retailers have landed in philadelphia, and to be in the suburbs but they have in the been in the city. what they are starting to discoveries that the city is hot. >> reporter: this location at eighth and market streets is century 21's first store outside of new york. >> the philadelphia is our fashionable, they know brand, they love their fashionista. but they want value. >> reporter: store which features name brand at deep discounts is now the new anchor of the urban mall at the gallery. >> actually i live three blocks away and to watch it grow and evolve and what it is becoming it is so exciting. >> reporter: it is part of the redevelopment happening on market street and in center city as nordstrom rack is set to open up this friday at 17th and chestnut, proponents say all of the right element are there to sustain new businesses, in downtown philadelphia. >> huge growth in the population of millennials,
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tremendous growth in the residential population downtown. the result of is, it is a tremendous market here in philadelphia. >> reporter: so yes, we're excited about the accessories and the the great clothes but we're also learning that this new stories bringing about 100 new jobs that were a part of construction and retail. for the next four days, only loyal members will be allowed to shop in the store, next real grand opening for the public is set for next tuesday. we are live from center city, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> sharrie, thank you. i am super excited. >> i'm with you. and a new opportunity is about to give residents the power to improve their community. the commission on parks and recreation announced tonight they are launching the pitch your passion campaign. dedicated pitch your passion facebook page will allow residents to pitch, innovative ideas like how to pro most
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sustain built, fight litter and from there a staff will choose the best idea bringing it one step close tore becoming a reality. full hour of "action news" at ten continues tonight with an update on the huge air bag recall, now officials say there are millions more of them on the streets and first announced. also this is the most recent picture of an ebola patient from dallas, there is a good reason she's smiling tonight. and denied, reality star got tough news from a judge today, this real housewife will keep her real prison eventens.
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there will soon be new rules for travelers coming into the united states from ebola stricken nations. cdc has announced travelers from new gunie, liberia and sierra leon will need to check in with health officials daily and have their temperatures taken twice a day. they will be monitored for three weeks. for now the enhanced screening will only take place six states including pennsylvania, and it starts on monday. meanwhile, two americans who contracted the virus have now been given the all clear. journalist, was treated in
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nebraska, and is now headed home tonight. the the family of the amber vinson released a statement today saying tests no longer detect any ebola in the nurse's body and she's looking well as you can see from this picture she took after being approved from transfer from the isolation room at emery. vinson was infect in dallas while treating a liberian patient who later died of that disease. well, it has happened again, man managed to scale the white house fence, but this time, he was quickly taken down. an unlike the last time secret service had a secret weapon, dogs. they happened just after 7:00 o'clock on the north side of the white house. the man was jumped the fence, the man jumped the fence and ran across the north lawn when a k-9 unit surrounded him. suspect kick, at the first dog and then another jumped in and subdued him. the dogs were injured and taken to a vet for treatment, but the jumper was taken to a nearby hospital, no word on his injuries, or what charges he will be facing. new details tonight about
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the death of michael brown, an autopsy report shows that he was shot in the hand at close range during a struggle. the report shows brown suffered six bullet wound, but experts say that there is in way to conclude whether the injury to his hand meant he was trying to grab the officer's gun or trying to earned iser. brown who was black, was shot and killed by a white officer, on august 9th. there have been ongoing protests since, including today at the st. louis county police department. a dreary, wet day has given way to a rainy night. >> yah, and more where that came from but is there light at the end of the tunnel. adam joseph is live with the late word from accu weather, hi adam. >> that light will come late in the week but eventually it will be here in time for the the weekend. so that is some good news. double scan live right now not so good news especially east of philadelphia with those steady showers that continue to rap wrap in from the north. in fact around trenton, route one, to riverside, florence, over into new jersey, the new
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jersey turnpike, wrightstown, georgetown and all the way east to ocean city dealing with that steady rainfall. as you can see painted green and it breaks up to the west. as we go to the east right along the shore from surf city to atlantic city and parts of yellow, closer, atlantic city has pick up an inch of rain so far and more than likely surpass that inch before tomorrow morning since the moisture continues to funnel in from the north. fifty-four in allentown right now. fifty-one in lancaster. fifty-three in wilmington. all numbers are actually rather mild for this time of the year but doesn't feel warmth, for the overnight because of that raw northeasterly wind, in addition to that rain but there you can see that low, spinning off to the east and it will slowly drift to the north, over the next 24 to 36 hours and eventually be kick out to the north and east, but the wind will really pick up out of the north/northwest 31 miles an hour in philadelphia. twenty-eight in dover. allentown gusting to 24. at the shore latest hour a at
10:19 pm
26. so, again slow to clear, 7:30 tomorrow morning that low is still basically where it is right now, we will stay windy, chilly, with some of those on and off showers and drizzle and by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night it will start to pull away and we will get rid of the rain but clouds will linger at least through tomorrow evening. as we take a look the a the forecast for tomorrow high temperature wise, much like today, only 56. fifty-seven. maybe 58 in cape may. but with all those morning showers and over all the day is kind of cloudy. dreary. very breathe breezy. we will talk about the brighter side of the forecast coming up in that accu weather seven day in a bit, guys. >> adam, thank you. the eagles are gearing up for a big battle this weekend after getting well deserved west. >> jeff skversky is in for ducis rodgers and he is live in the "action news" sports center. jeff that rest won't be enough for some key players though. >> eagles all pro guard evan mathis returned from practice from his knee explain but he is notable gibel to play for two weeks.
10:20 pm
a as far as guys that are eligible, for arizona jamie apody has more on the battle of the bird. >> eagles are back in the groove and for one guy who said they were over work the time off was much needed. >> it was awesome, just to be able to getaway, and get your mind off of football for a little bit. get kind of refreshed, your mind, refresh your legs, your body, and just spend sometime away. >> reporter: now to have to fly away, way out west to take on the cardinals team that is also five and one. >> it is big time challenge. another nfc opponent. you know, you look forward which we he don't like to do, it could mean something down the the road. >> reporter: in the head lines chip kelly's quote that culture beats scheme every day. coach didn't want to elaborate on that yesterday but shady mccoy did. he said he agrees with him. >> our team is five and one. some people say this, they say that but they have to respect the record. we're winning. no matter how ugly the game is, during that game, is there a chance we will win, a big
10:21 pm
chance. we have guys in the locker room that thinks, now we can play football but also represent this organization on and off the football field. when you have that and you have a group of guys that care about each other, and a group of guys who want to see each other be successful, and you win football games. >> reporter: they hope to win another one on sunday. jamie a apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right, thanks, jamie. flyers in action tonight, of course, in pittsburgh. right now they have a four -two lead with eight minutes to go in the third quarter. claude giroux has set up two of their goals. we will have highlights in 30 minutes. we will be right back after
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some apple pay users are experienced a glitch that charged them double and for that bank of america is apologizing, tonight. about 1,000 transactions were affect, all of them involve apple pay with debit cards issued by bank of america. the bank says a duplicate charges will be refunded. the the federal government now says that there are many more defective air bags out there then previously thought.
10:25 pm
officials say their previous count came up short, by 3 million. on monday, the the national highway traffic safety administration announced that owners of nearly 5 million vehicles with tacota air bags should immediately get them replaced. experts say those air bags can act as explosive sending shrapnel in the face of the car's driver. now federal officials say nearly 8 million vehicles are actually at risk.
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we have a lot more coming up in our next half an hour tonight, star bucks is ready to launch its first holiday drink in five years. we will tell you what it is. at 10:45 we will show you robot made locally that is helping clean up areas, exposed to ebola. and next we will have more from ottawa where a solder was killed in cold blood, the gun man is dead but the the question remains tonight, were others involved.
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tonight, the big story we are covering on "action news" at ten on phl17 is murder of the canadian solder. >> he was gunned down this morning while guarding the nation's war memorial. the suspect again man where he was fatally shot. big question which is or not that gunman acted a alone. abc's susan saltman has the very latest. >> reporter: this shocking video captured the chaotic scene inside canada's parliament building in ottawa. police officers firing shots at an armed man who has burst into the the center of canada's government. that gunman identified as michael zehaf bibeau, witnesses say at least 30 shots were heard while members of the parliament were holding their weekly caucus meetings. >> i thought it was dynamite for construction rather than anything else.
10:31 pm
then security guard come rushing down the hall way. usher us out to the back of the parliament building. >> reporter: parliament sergeant of arms is one who shot and killed the suspect. >> war memorial, call for shots fired, one solder has been hit. >> reporter: earlier canadian solder natal sirill o sang guard at national war memorial was hit. the solder died at a ottawa hospital. police would not say if this incident and shooting inn inside the parliament involve the same gunman. >> there was a man with the rifle shooting a the a bunch of people. so, we, you know, yelled out all of the guys that a guy is shooting to get down. >> reporter: most of the downtown ottawa was put own lock down and residents were asked to stay away from the downtown area while the investigation continue. >> let there be no misunderstanding, we will not be intimidated, canada will never be intimidated. >> reporter: in the u.s. senior fbi and home land security officials tell abc they are closely monitoring
10:32 pm
the situation. president obama has spoken to prime minister harper promising him american support. susan saltman, abc news, washington. new at 10:30 a former tinicum township police officer is heading to prison. sixty-nine year-old jack parker was found guilty of stalking his wife. he faces up to 20 years of a sentence. this is not his first time on the wrong side of the law. in 1996 he was found guilty of holding two women at his stage at gunpoint. at that point he was let go from the police department, after 26 years have of service. a machete wielding robber is still on the streets tonight and police need your help identifying him. this surveillance video shows the man, pulling out that machete inside the 7-eleven on north fifth street in east oak lane early sunday morning. he got behind the counter and demanded money from the clerk. once he had it, he took off. if you recognize the man or have any information about this crime, please call the northwest detectives. a new castle woman is in
10:33 pm
big trouble, after she allegedly called 911, four times, saying that she had ebola. twenty-five year-old chastity lynch was rush to the hospital on tuesday. new castle will county mobilized its task force as a precaution. in the end, health care workers ruled out any threat. lynch is now charged with falsely reporting an incident. police in toms river, new jersey say a heroin dealer was label packets of drugs with the word ebola. marvin davis was arrested at ramada inn along route nine. had 633 packets of heroin and roughly 40 grams of crack cocaine. he is facing numerous drug charges tonight. police say they have caught the man who stroked a woman's toes at a new jersey grocery store. thirty year-old derek johnson of mount laurel, is charged with harassment, the the woman says she was loading groceries into her car earlier this month when a man approached.
10:34 pm
he complimented her toes and then started touching them. woman asked him to stop and he allegedly said he was obsessed with toes, before running off. >> okay. new tonight, real housewives of new jersey star teresa guidice will serve her time behind bars. today a judge refused to recommend to prison official that is she serve 12 months in the halfway house. judge also announced that gu id ice will be assigned to a prison cam in dannbury, connecticut. she reports january 5th, once she has served 15 months for bankruptcy fraud and conn peerscy, then her husband joe will serve his time for the very same crimes. despite the rain, shops and stores in one camden county town had their doors opened wide tonight. downtown collinswood hosted a evening of shopping called 22 on the 22nd cash mob. the event which included discounts and giveaways, asked shop tours spend at least $22 at locally owned stores. organizers say that is all it
10:35 pm
takes on give a big boost to the area economy, and to keep local businesses, thriving. and that rain you mentioned, continues tonight, as you get ready for bed and it will likely will be raining by the time you get ready for work. >> adam joseph is tracking the business system behind this brief stretch of dreary days. >> it will be a good 24 hearst before we can finally wrap this system and move it out. double scan live radar shows lows just to the east of atlantic city, hammering southern new england with wind of 50 miles an hour. torrential rain. little less intense thankfully around our region but we are still dealing with the rain as we go to double scan live a little bit closer here. as you can see that green in the light variety, especially east of philadelphia you have to head up to new york city and in the southern new england to bum in to some of those brighter yellows where they have torrential rain and those very powerful winds but nonetheless it is still rather
10:36 pm
miserable around here as well. right now 52 degrees in trenton. fifty-four in the lehigh rally. only 47 in the poconos. millville 52. at the shore, temperatures are around 54 degrees. pretty uniform ups in arnold the the region. looking at the storm it is spiraling right now, just to our east and you can see that conveyor belt of moisture that is wrapping around this low. so that rain, pin wheeling from the north to the south. you can notice clouds extend all the way back to the ohio valley. it will be sometime before we start to pop that sun back in our region. so early tomorrow morning at 7:30 the clouds are locked in. could be a couple showers around and kind have of a damp morning and pretty much in the afternoon cloud stick around. there could still be some spotty showers to try to pin opinion wheel themselves around that low and it is really after the evening hours tomorrow, we will try to rip some the of the clouds apart. future tracker wind tomorrow afternoon once again they will be powerful out of the northwesterly direction, could be speed higher then what we
10:37 pm
dealt with today, 34 reading. 29 miles an hour in philadelphia. and 31 miles an hour for the the state of delaware. as we look at the forecast throughout your thursday that low again still south of new england a a slow mover, blocking high to the north, so it cannot budge or push anywhere. we have to wait for stronger high to the west, to kick everything to the east, and so 57, that is it for tomorrow, and then on friday that high really starts to make its way in, and sun and clouds but still on the breezy side and temperatures coming in at 65 degrees. lehigh valley tomorrow a lot of clouds, a raw wind as well with temperatures around 56 degrees. if you are going to be the at the shore tomorrow, at any location, looking a little wetest specially in the morning, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour the entire take with high temperatures at 58. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 57 tomorrow and then breezy, sun returns, come friday at 65 and a much milder afternoon on at
10:38 pm
day, we will move it up to 67 degrees, before another front comes through dry, sunday's windy, cooler 63 but that doesn't last long we are back to 65 with full sun on monday and here we go a 70's treat tuesday, wednesday as we approach halloween, we have above average generally dry and couple showers wednesday evening. >> i like that. >> good looking forecast. it is the the master of almas ter bedrooms and a bathroom more like a spa oasis. tonight philadelphia magazine celebrated the kick off of the 13th annual design home, tours of this 7400 square foot lavish living space start tomorrow. tickets are $25.100 percent have the of the proceeds go to manna which provides three meals a day, seven days a week. our very own alycia vitarelli was tonight's host. the house is up for sale as a alycia mentioned if you are interested. >> would you like it.
10:39 pm
renee zellweger had has a lot of people talking tonight. >> she was barely recognizable at a hollywood event monday but tonight she's responding to everyone about her changing appearance. and new charges have been filed against a indiana man who led police to the bodies of a half dozen women this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
10:40 pm
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's
10:41 pm
right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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a man who claims he killed seven women in indiana now faces charges in a second death. darren vann ace accused of strangling 35 years old annette jones, her body was found in an abandon house on saturday. van made his first court appearance for murder of oscar, who was found strange told death in a motel. police say after his arrest vann led them to the bodies of washington university psychiatrist who studied serial killers jeffery dalmer who sees similarities between the two men. >> there is clearly gratification of some kind involved, it may be very, you know, it is considerable deviant. >> during the court appearance vann accuse todd speak and was found in contempt of court. he has another hearing set for next week.
10:43 pm
a two-year old girl accused of stabbing her friend, mythical character slender man was in court today. a knees a royer walk into the courtroom in chains. she is accused, with another girl of stabbing a friend, 19 times, last spring. last month she underwent a series of exams, today, a judge announce that had doctors found her competent and the case should move forward. her lawyer immediately challenge that assessment. move over pumpkin spice, star bucks is to about to introduce a new drink for the holidays. >> yes. >> and, next we will show you robot made by a local company that is helping to disinfect areas exposed to ebola. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team, get the mornings top news headlines, weather and traffic, starting at 4:30 a.m. only an six abc.
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he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands. make dinner pop. if you missed it earlier a dallas nurse who contracted ebola is virus free tonight. amber vinson's mom made that incredible announcement to day. vinsonnies one of two nurse hose caught that virus after
10:47 pm
treating thomas duncan. she's currently being treated at em willry hospital in atlanta. of course medical facilities around the world are using state of the architect nothing to disinfect areas exposed to ebola. they are called decontamination robots and they are made by a company made right here in horsham. lisa thomas laury has that story tonight. >> reporter: robots are made bye-bye owe tech company bioqu el and most effective decontamination technology on the market. they are used locally to disinfect rooms and hospitals at holy redeemer, for viruses like mrsa but have been recently called to duty at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas following the first documented case of ebola in the united states. robots have have also been used in the uk, france, spain, and the national institutes of health. the portable automated technology uses a 35 percent hydrogen peroxide solution with water. which is very concentrated,
10:48 pm
but environmentally safe. >> now the vapor then is pumped up through the nozzle itself, and then dispersed in the room. >> reporter: on average how long will it take to decontaminate a hospital room. >> hour and a half between setting up the room and completing the cycle. >> reporter: how do you know when all of the pathogens are removed from the room. >> we use chemical indicators. we are looking for a greater than six log kill. >> reporter: strength of the pathogens is higher here and as the circles become whiter pathogens are removed. >> correct. >> reporter: air racial unit, then vacuums the hydrogen peroxide from the room. after the hydrogen peroxide is removed from the contaminated area and effectiveness is verified, a hospital room or emergency vehicle can immediately return to service. bio quil expects this technology will be used soon to protect future patients, hospital staff and earned ising communities, and new
10:49 pm
gunie, sierra leon and other parts of the west africa. i'm lisa thomas laury for "action news" at ten on phl17. star bucks is getting ready to release its first seasonal drink in five years. starting november 12th, you can order a chess nut latte, just one more reason to look forward to the holidays, the drink was released in a few cities last year. this year it will be in every star bucks across the country, star bucks also says it is launching a new promotion for its frequent customers, that can win star bucks for life, by swiping their card or paying with their mobile device. so chestnut pray lean latte. >> okay. >> try it out. >> why not. >> why not. >> time for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky live at the the big board, jeff. >> flyers need a espresso to wake them up. they have looked like deer in the head lights. it was embarrassing. that is how flyers described last night's loss in chicago. flyers trying to turn page tonight in pittsburgh against
10:50 pm
everyone's favorite team. before the game in pittsburgh they sing the canadian national anthem out of respect for those out of the shooting ottawa today. tied at one in the first period, pierre, the 29 year-old hits his first goal, how about that. the flyers tie it up. they tied at two. how about claude giroux who was embarrassed last night. how about this to rj umberger. flyers retake the lead. they are not done. two minutes later shawn cat tore yah what a feed to matt read, flyers win five- 36789 their second w of the season. roy emery had both of them, nobody should be embarrassed about this one tonight in pittsburgh. eagles running back lesean mccoy has his work cut out this week. air zone ace best team in the nfl at stopping the run n fact they have not allowed a player to run for over a hundred yard all season. eagles linebacker michael kendricks is running with the defensive practice today in a
10:51 pm
limited role, guard evan mathis returned as well but he will not play sunday in arizona despite cardinals dominance on d, eagles say they will not ab afraid to run the ball even though they will be trying to take the ball out of this guys hands. >> we like to run the football. we will go out there and run the ball, and if it is working, you know, excellent for us. if it is not we will find a way to make it work. it is going to be, we will need both aspects of the offense to come up big to win this game on sunday. >> cardinals coach bruce airans spent six seasons in the 1980's in philadelphia coaching temple. in fact it was his first and only other head coaching job. no, he has not forgotten where it has all started. >> it was a great time, i gained about 30-pound eating pretzels and drinking beer but it was a great six years. i'm still very, very close to all of those kids. eight of them, guys that played for me have been out to
10:52 pm
games here. >> delaware native and former penn state star devon still has helped raise 1.25 million-dollar for pediatric cancer. the cincinnati bengals have sold 15,000 number 75 still jerseys over the the last month. still's daughter is fighting for her life after having a tumor removed last month. game two of the world series tonight kansas city royals had a five run, six innings and they have a big seven-two lead on the giants in the seventh. royals are trying to even up the series at one-one. sixers get a rare win off the court, nba has been upset with the sixers for their so-called tanking philosophy, but will not change draft lottery system. team with the worst record has a 25 percent chance have of winning the topic and will select no worse than fourth so sixers can proceed with whatever it is you are calling they are doing right now. >> tanking may be working out. >> that might work out. >> all right then.
10:53 pm
>> thanks, jeff. renee zellweger has a few word for all of you who say she pulled a jennifer gray and unrecognizable. actress says she looks different because she's living a different, happy more fulfilling life. the 45 year-old turn heads monday night at an appearance in hollywood. since then she has been a trending topic on twitter. she certainly doesn't look like she used to, zellweger hasn't acted since 2010, she says since that time she has concentrated on her health and says since that time she has concentrated on her health and is thr
10:54 pm
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v forget planning this shot it is one thaw should savior, a bar in houston texas is selling shots in the pride of the 1968, which is a rare whiskey for 750. you heard that correctly, $750 a shot. the whiskey was reportedly aged for 19 years, and extra matured, for an additional 15 years. so savior every last sip. >> night for some whiskey, nice and warm. >> i don't like whiskey. >> you need something to warm you up, let me tell thaw much. taking a look stepping out tomorrow morning, it will still be on the chilly side, damp as well and breezy for temperatures between 49 and 50 degrees. but for a couple of the scattered showers around, the showers will start to fall
10:57 pm
apart tomorrow have afternoon but clouds will stick around for your day planner and the wind will remain on the high side between 20 and 30 miles an hour and temperatures will stay cool this time of the year for afternoon highs only hitting 57 degrees by 4:00 o'clock. >> wine, whiskey whatever you got. >> whatever warms your heart. >> thanks adam. thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten, modern family is next followed by friend. >> for shirleen allicot, adam joseph, ducis rodgers and jeff skversky i'm's brian taff, have a great night. we will see you back here tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
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