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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" is breaking now. officials in new york city confirmed the first case of ebola there. preliminary test results came in a short time ago on dr. craig spencer and the next patient to fight this virus this time in the nation's biggest signaturey. "action news" sharee williams has details on the breaking story. live at the big board, sharee. >> brian, this patient say young doctor. as you mentioned his name is craig spencer, 33 years old. he works at new york presbyterian columbia an
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hospital in emergency medicine and more recently was in west africa working with the organization doctors without borders and he just returned to the states last week and today he fell ill. right now the mayor of new york is reminding the 8 million citizens there that this is no reason to panic and that the virus is not spread easily. >> they've been reports about patient's movements and these medical detectives are putting together the pieces of the timeline. we emphasize it's difficult to contract. >> positive for ebola that's the word if a preliminary test for patient craig spencer. he is a physician in new york city. and he had recently traveled from west africa. since returning to the states, he had been monitoring his temperature and today, he began to have abdominal pains and fever. he was rushed to bellevue hospital. transported by an ambulance especially equipped for hazardous material. dr. spencer was in giny one of
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three hot zones in africa working for doctors without borders. last week he flew home connecting through brussels before arriving at jfk airport. at his apartment police officers in masks, neighbors anxious, local councilmen trying to calm fears. >> frankly, people in the neighborhood are scared and some are papiced. i had one gentleman that would not shake my hand because he was scared. >> in recent days bellview has been holding drills in case possible ebola patient were to come throughout doors. and tonight those plans going into action. >> no longer a drilling whatsoever. that hour, health officials are working to trace who dr. spencer has been in contact with. brian, we know that hour his girlfriend reportedly was placed in quarantine. >> all right, shar even, word this dr. went bowling last night. there's a handful of americans that contracted ebola and
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continue to recover tonight or have already beat the virus. nina pham a nurse treated an ebola patient in dal sas now only remaining american ebola patient that has not fully recovered but her condition is sim proofing, vip sent is hospitalized and declared free of the virus. photographer and unidentified american dr. and brent bradley have been released from hospitals. >> just at nigeria is celebrating being free of ebola there's another confirming. i a 2-year-old girl is in mali is the first ebola patient came from neighboring giny. mally is the sixth african country to report the case. nearly all result information death napped liberia, sierra leone and guinea.
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>> the season is now over for bucks county high school storied football team they're forced to hang up pads over allegations off the field. the allegations, about hazing. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the story from central bucks high school west. >> coach, can we talk with you coach about what happened, sir? >> i'm not going to talk. >> even for students' sake or anything. >> head football coach had nothing to say after he and the entire varsity and junior varsity coaching staff were suspend spended immediately this in wake of a hazing scandal that forced the game cancelled against central bucks east and final game october 31. >> for me it was my first east west game i never been. so i don't get to experience that like other kids got to. >> a school district investigation concluded freshman members of the team were forced to perform humiliating acts. the district says one student
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was forced to grab a player's private parts while fully clothed. superintendent wetsle khaingt advertised the staff for allowing team activities to spiral out of control during a preseason gathering. parents are wondering what in the world the coaches were thinking. >> i don't know what they were think. why would you have the weight room or additional facilities open when you are supposed to be outside enjoying a picnic. >> for the hazing? >> my son was never a part of that whole thing. but it's heartbreaking. >> heartbreaking indeed. central bucks west memorial field sat empty tonight as empty as every student here feels. >> it's sad because the rest of the season got cancelled and i'm part of the marching band and senior and last two football games were taken. it stinks. >> the marching band and drill team were practicing tonight. not for a football team that earned a team on usa top ten
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high school football teams since 1980s. >> tunz fortunate for team and school to have to go through something like that. we were supposed to have a pep rally tomorrow. i don't know that will happen now. >> now, in a let to parents, suitor intend enter siz recognize this news will be disappointing and possibly upsetting to many. i believe this swift and firm action is absolutely necessary. tonight, it is up in the air if and when the coaching staff will be loued to return. we're live at central bucks west in doylestown. i'm dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> dann, fourteen age girls seen fighting in this video are charged with aggravated assault. teens say they beat two other girls in farnam park near camden high school and young people looked on and recorded the beating until a nearby police officer spot whad was happening and broke it up. the four girls arrested were 14, 15, and 16 years old.
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>> and tiffany charm place let is center of corruption allegations and former president judge philadelphia traffic court and investigators say thomas -- took 2,000 piece of jewelry from businessman seeking contract with the court. that businessman happened to be undercover informant wearing a wire during alleged transaction. philadelphia district attorney picked up the case after pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane dropped it citing informants own crimes and racial motivation. tynes is charged with prescribery sglont heads were bowed in atlantic city tonight for a vij nil support of the city's laid off casino workers, mayor don guardian joined local clergy at the second baptist church to kickoff faith commitment weekend. the three day event will involve faith communities up and down the jersey shore praying for and showing support for the thousands that have lost their jobs. another dreary night.
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you can expect improvements when you wake up first thing in the morning. meteorologist adam joseph has details. once you will like we think. >> you'll love the end of the week and upcoming weekend. clouds hovering overhead with chilly breeze. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan all the showers are pretty much evaporated by this point as low continues to pull away to the north and east. right now that low you can see is directly east of nantucket and martha's vineyard to the south of cape cod. winds funneling out of the north west along the low, breezy, 15 miles an hour in boston and 10 hartford and you can see less away from the storm in baltimore and winds won't completely calm overnight. and they're not going to completely rid them sales of the delaware and lehigh valleys during the day tomorrow. but a live shot now you see the camera bouncing here on sky6 indicating that the winds are still in town. temperatures, 55 philadelphia, only dropped 2 from the high
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temperature today and because of the cloud cover and clouds pretty much broke apart and temperatures drop faster because you can radiate heat along the surface. that's not the case, 44 mount pocono and 56 wilmington and 54 dover and a little later on tonight the clouds will begin to break apart and that will allow temperatures to drop to the 40s by tomorrow morning. as we look ahead to the forecast, brip, surprise will return and winds relax some and we'll make a run at the 70s somewhere in the 7-day. we'll let you know when in accuweather. >> numbers we like, thank you, adam. tempers are running high for 200 local high school students that took act only to have that test disappear. the students all took that college entrance scam upper darby high school september 13. but in breach of what the company calls standard protocol the tests were mailed incorrectly and lost. as a result the sdunts not get results and cannot retake the
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act in time for most colleges early admissions deadline. >> i thought i did well compare to other test results i cannot put my best foot forward. it's so competitive nowadays i don't know what to do. >> there should be absolutely no way something like this can happen. >> now the act says it rescheduled a new test for next weekend for those affected. it also says it remains hopeful the tests can be found. but regardless it will be too late for most students who depended on them. >> charter school students got a glimpse of their future tonight. philadelphia charter hosted a fair in northeast philadelphia. students had the opportunity to speak with representatives for more than 50 colleges, trade schools and military officials. >> and still ahead here on this full hour of "action news" at 10 tonight video shows how a gunman went on a terrorizing shooting spree in canada capitol and we're learning more tonight about that suspect and faking it to make it, bomb shell revelations at a major
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university show how far some people will go to keep student athletes playing. what about this guy? did he go too far? dallas was ground zero for ebola in the united states and apparently that has inspired one man's choice of halloween apparently that has inspired one man's choice of halloween decorations
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>> a shooting rampage inside dan capital. it shows a car driving up and the suspect gets out and starts running. so does everyone else. and another angle gives a closer look at that same scene once again it shows michael running towards the parliament building after he called a man at the national war memorial. he was later shot and killed inside parliament by kevin vickers whose plays echoed throughout the halls today. the victim role is widely sayre mopeial and likely saved many lives.
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an official with the mounted police recently converted to islam may have been upset over delays in obtaining a passport. >> a new york city police officer suffered critical head injuries when a hatchet wielding mana tacked woud warning. rookie police officers were patrolling in scenes when the suspect approached and started swipinging. one was struck in the head and another in the armch the other two suffered minor injuries. but managed to fire on the suspect. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a female bystander was shot in the back. the us is secretary is identified as azal h. thompson he had a criminal record and was discharged from the navy for misconduct. >> the accuweather forecast as we look live over the ben franklin bridge. dreary morning gave way to sun and cloud. rite now you can't see it lots of clouds out. there better tomorrow morning. adam joseph live at the big board with the late word
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tonight, adam. >> i promise you'll need the sunglasses tomorrow as we progress to the afternoon out of the 50s as well. 58 yesterday, today, 57, and we have the peak wind gusts in philadelphia of 35 miles an hour adding that chill to the air and 53 allentown and 52 trenton, wilmington, 56, 53 along the shore communities and in dover right now 54678 the numbers have not slipped much but eventually they will as we break up the cloud cover and in fact as we take a look at satellite and radar, there you can see the powerful low to the east at -- that brought a half a foot of rain in massachusetts and wind gusts 50 to 0 miles an hour north and much less here. and on the western fringe of the low you're starting to see clouds break up a little west of philadelphia and that will be the general trend as he lot
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phils in and moves away. as we wake up tomorrow morning sun returns and chilly breeze for the morning rush. 48. 6:00, at 8:00, temperatures 51 and into the afternoon tomorrow a nice rebound, seasonable levels. warmer breeze sun and clouds 64, allentown 66, 65 millville and at the shore if you're lucky enough to be there on friday temperatures middle 60s. and perfect time ago long the delaware valley up to the lehigh valley to check out some of the fall foliage and not only tomorrow but upcoming weekend and it's peaking there in the poconos past peak at this point. stay local. and if you head to the south mod flat southern parts of new jersey and delaware and here's a few locations around the delaware valley to check out some of the fall foil judge and mercer county state park and ridley creek and creek state park. brian will let you know in the 7 day forecast when the 7 0s will come. they're eventually coming i'll
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let you know the exact time in a little bit. >> thank you, adam. those working to make a differentiation in the communities were very much in the spotlight tonight. local volunteers and profit leaders were honored for the fourth annual community spirit celebration in vorhees. all right. time for first look at sports as we countdown to this weekend's battle of the birds,is rodgers now live in the "action news"sports center hey ducis. >> hey there brian cross country trip against a team under rated in the cardinals this will not be easy birds are focused on 5-1 arizona and the birds are cleaning newspaper their own house. >> he's lobbing it and has a touchdown. >> eagles have 5-1 one of the best teams in the nfl and averaging 30 1/2 points a game the most in nfc and that does not mean they're a team without flaws nobody has been worse inside the 20-yard line this year. >> we left a lot of yards in the
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field to convert to points. >> eagles' coach chip kelly spent the bye week studying film and finding ways to score. this week, last year's arizona game tape when nick foles threw three touchdowns and two in the red zone. >> we're not going back over plays we did or didn't make it's tut cut and dry hard and fast what we get third and six and 3rd & 7 and 10 what are they doing in the red zone. >> going into the game knowing the scheme and i react. you don't really know what will happen. you react when the play is going on and recognize the defense and what they're doing and once the ball is snapped and going through the drop you analyze in that split second. >> split second decision in the red don't could determine whether or not the eagles leave arizona on sunday 6-1 or 5-2. jeff skversky, for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> coming up next half hour, hear how this sunday's game
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>> some of the real life sceepz
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playing out during the ebola outbreak. but this is all fake. suburban dallas man started to decorate his home with ebola theme for halloween and dresses in a hazmat suit complete with face shield and not surprising but not everyone is laughing. >> the first morning when i drove by and saw it it gave me a pause. >> some like it and some hate it and in the end everything with ebola has turned out good in dallas thankfully except for m mr. thomas. >> of course, mr. thomas to whom he is referring is thomas dunkin. the man who died from xwoel. the police have about to that home and say the owner is not breaking the law. >> facebook. >> people who use the rooms are not required to use real names
10:24 pm
and different nicknames for different rooms they entererd. >> neighbors and dancing filled love park in center city philadelphia. celebrating dewali and celebrated each fall it saying phase light over darkness knowledge over ignorance and phase light over darkness knowledge over ignorance and good over evil and hope or at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward.
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we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. dispair
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>> we've got a lot to come as "action news" continues tonight a pittsburgh researcher is accused of poisoning his own life how prosecutors say he tricked her to drinking cyanide. and millions of cars could have defected air bags. what you need to know. latest at 10:45. disqualified in the playoffs and it's all because one of their team members is a boy. tonight we'll hear from the team members is a boy. tonight we'll hear from the so brian at citizens said one deposit a month waves the monthly maintenance fee. he's so good to me. mom! this is amazing! i know. no fee. no. brian at citizens bank. he gave you a special deal? he's into you. sounds like it's time to get back out there.
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honey, anyone can get one deposit checking. besides, he's younger than your brother. eww. you got that right. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee. here's a look at stories on
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"action news" at phl17. breaking news a new york city doctor has now tested positive for ebola. the result, just came back a short time ago tonight. dr. craig spencer recently returned from west africa where he was treating ebola patients and he was hospitalized in manhattan this afternoon. we'll keep you posted. mother ever the man accused of opening fire in ottawa seemed lost and did not fit in. michael bebo was shot and killed in parliament after launching an attack there. he had drug problems a criminal record and recently converted to
10:30 pm
islam. the day before the big annual rivalry game with central bucks east officials at central bucks west cancelled the rest of the football season and suspended coaching staff. the decision was made after internal investigation into allegations of hazing. it was discovered some freshmen team members were allegedly forced to perform, humiliating acts. in philadelphia, members of a field hockey team are crying unfavor tonight. they've been disqualified ft. playoffs because a certain member on their team is not a girl. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist has the story. >> four teams from across the city faced off this evening in public league field hockey playoffs and until yesterday the central high team thought they would be here too. they found out yesterday they were not eligible because this season a boy, that young man in the gray sweatshirt, played on their team. >> so it was unfair. we had such short sglts their coach linda hartzel never
10:31 pm
mentioned boys were not allowed in postseason. >> we were not contacted. i was not as a coach, about the rule change. in the past boys could play. boys could play endplayoff it's made no difference whatsoever. >> the pennsylvania interscholastic association or piaa which govrps all high school sports in the stateen accounted the rule in june. principals can make exceptions and allow a boy to play on an all girls team during the regular season. but then, that team is considered mixed gender and ineligible to play against other all girls teams endplayoffs. >> i think the ruling should be either girls can or cannot play. i don't think there should be intermediate that they can be open the team and then they're disqualified endplayoffs. >> parents whose girls are on other teams don't think boys should be on the girls team at any point in the season. >> we played him last game he's a goal end tender and it's a key position and made a difference in the team. >> i feel bad for the girls.
10:32 pm
but that was first thing i said i don't really think a boy should be playing against a girl's field hockey game. >> piaa spokesperson said they met with every school director principal and athletic director to go over the rules. they're not sure were there was a breakdown in communication in the philadelphia school district. a spokesperson did not return the call for comment. in germantown i'm sarah bloomquist, "action news" at so on phl17. >> new at 10:30 tonight a man is in custody after a shooting in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood. we have video just into the "action news" room. a 57-year-old man was shot twice once in the arm and once in stomach. he's hospitalized in critical condition. shooting happened in the 900 block offalton street 7:30. police do have the suspect in custody but they have not yet identified him or told us any alleged motive. also new tonight two men are
10:33 pm
behind bars accused of bringing a rifle on to the grounds of malvern prep in chester county. this morning an employee noticed the man drive on to campus and walk into a wooded area with that rifle. shots were fired and the school was locked down. police arrested 22-year-old richardson and michael o'brien as leaving. turns out they had set up target and were shooting at them. they're charged with possession of weapon on school property and disorderly conduct. >> an 8-year-old mill town girl is recovering after burned in early morning fire. a neighbor says he woke up to that little girl new yorking on his door. investigators say she was home alone cooking when a grease fire broke out. neighbors tried to distinguish the flames. >> i saw smoke pour out the door and i looked i opened up her door there was fire in the living room flames yeah high. next i know i ran and got my fire exchange wereer to put it out and now the table is
10:34 pm
burning. >> other neighbors came by with their fire skivrping wishers. the little girl suffered burns to leg, hand and chest. police are looking into why she was home alone there this morning. >> five families were forced out of their homes for the night. right around lunchtime a fire broke out in woodbury gloucester county. it started in one apartment and quickly spread. red cross is helping those displaced tonight and they've been given a place to stay along with food and clothing. >> a convicted burglar is on the prowl right now and seen don't ors in berks county need to be alert that from officials. carlos reyes signed himself out of warnersville correctional facility monday. he wentz to assisted living center posing as concert promoter trying to gain access to senior citizen rooms. reyes will face additional charges when caught. now to the accuweather forecast again a miserable morning.
10:35 pm
not a bad afternoon. and you know what tomorrow will be better, adam. >> we'll brighten the sky for friday and continue the sunny stretch not only through the weekend but majority of next week. look at the ben franklin bridge, camera bouncing and clouds beginning to break up as we look at double scan live radar around the region we're not tracking showers like last night. after half inch to inch of rain and finally dried the air and that's the way it will remain for my gosh the next four, five days. as we look at the temperatures right now in quakertown we're coming in at 51. slatington also 51. spots town 54. st. daivdz 5. chester 53. little cooler towards martins creek and tanersville and anywhere between 44 and 52 degrees and 51 browns mills and ewing and hockessin 54 avenue dover 56 and temperatures have not budged all that much since this afternoon's high temperatures and again it's because of cloud cover overhead.
10:36 pm
it acts as atmospheric blanket. you get rid of the clouds it's like take off your blanket. it starts to get chilly. clouds move away with the low and as we look west high clouds streaming in from the ohio valley and so not a whole lot of clear air or clear skies in the lower 48 but we'll squiz a decent amount of sunshine out here for end of week. on friday, sun and clouds, breezy, warmer, temperatures coming in at 66 degrees and that wind is coming from the north between approaching high and departing low and another front approaches late on saturday but we'll eek out the day with a lot of sun, beautiful, temperatures 67 and as this front passes through saturday night it will kick the winds back up the second half of the weekend. lehigh valley for tomorrow mostly sunny. warmer breeze. temperatures hit around 64. if you head towards the shore tomorrow, looking good there. seasonable, with a decent amount of sunshine and few clouds. temperatures stopping in idle
10:37 pm
60s and city of philadelphia the temperature will be round 66 degrees. again a decent amount of sun so much brighter and it stays on breezy side and not as strong as it was today. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast will show a decent amount of sun kind of liking the 7 day forecast right through tuesday. sun and clouds. normal temperatures right through the weekend. but, sunday we get wind whipped again 10:00 in the morning future tracker showing winds 24, 27 miles an hour in spots. and then it's beautiful here monday of 65 and to the 70s we go on tuesday. 73. and then how about 76 on wednesday. clouds will be building and another front comes through with a couple showers in the evening and that will drop temperatures drier on thursday of 66. preview for the first weekend of november which is next saturday. >> yeah. >> it could be in the 40s for highs. take advantage of the 0s.
10:38 pm
>> definitely will adam thank you. ♪ >> talented young musicians took the stage in the kiple center tonight. more than 100 violinists joined members of the philadelphia orchestra to make extraordinary music. this is the first play in of the season and it's a chance for musicians of all ages and skill levels to play with the orchestra and clearly they're very skilled. pittsburgh researcher is on trial now accused of poisoning his wife. you have to hear how prosecutors say he tricked her into drinking it and tonight several former university of north carolina athletes are speaking out after allegations of academic fraud at athletes are speaking out after allegations of academic fraud at that
10:39 pm
10:41 pm
>> a scandal bogus classes and inflated grades bigger than first thought. now the question is this. what if anything will ncaa do about. it more than -- over nearly two decades more than 3100 students coasted through college and the allegations of academic fraud at unc chapel hill revealed yesterday after an 8-month
10:42 pm
investigation. the main finding fake classes created by university official with a primary way struggling athletes were dprept having eligibility problems. >> if you had a reading level of third grade and you took classes and passed and graduated couldn't be too hard. >> was not anything that anybody thought was wrong. we thought this was part of tradition. >> well, at least nine university employees have been fired or are under disciplinary review tonight. unc says it's investigating with local da and ncaa. >> tomorrow investigators will return to the area where human remains possibly those of hannah graham were found. skull and bones were found last saturday that abandoned property investigators are waiting for positive identification. a missing person's case was changed to a death investigation. missing uva student was last seen why jessie matthew. he's been charged with
10:43 pm
kidnapping earlier this week he was also charged with sexual assault and separate one outside washington d.c. opening statement began in pittsburgh in trial of neuroscientist accused of poisoning his neurologist wife. april, 2013, 65-year-old robber ferante gave autumn kline energy drink laced with cyanide he told her it would help her get pregnant. she collapsed in the home and died three days later. according to police, documents said he did not want an autopsy performed and asked his wife be cream mated police suspected his wife was having an affair. >> you look me are overwhelmed by the e-mail in your inbox the new app that makes it easier to short that out. >> is it your car have defective air bag millions added to the list today and is yours among them. >> don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team and got
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get top headlines and warm and the "action news" team and got get top headlines and warm and traffic on
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- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. >> a major car vawl making dprivrz uneasy. 3 million cars were added to the list of those that may have dangerous air bags.
10:47 pm
the company that makes them is focus of a criminal investigation. here's abc johnerlickman with more on the recall. >> list of cars with potentially dangerous air bags. >> two, one, fire. >> is growing. government safety officials added three million cars to the list moving total to 8 million vehicles that urgently need their defective air bags replaced. air bags were made in mexico and washington state by this japanese company. the problem with the air bags inflator's explosive deployment can send metal shards flying four deaths are linked to the air bags and others suffering injuries. >> this is severe as it gets when you have an air bag designed to protect you to explode to sharp nel and kill you it's scream situation. >> millions of cars are in recall for faulty inflateers include honda, mazda, gm, ford, bmw and mitsubishi.
10:48 pm
"abc news" told this driver in houston his chrysler 300 is on list of cars with potentially defective air bags. >> it's disheartening to think about it. i don't drive myself but have families and kids. >> warmer humid climates could make it worse. >> we're houston, it's hot and humid. >> if toyota runs out they'll disabled until one ones can be installed. los angeles. reynolds american makes money selling cigarettes and next year it's limiting where employees can light up at the office. smoking traditional cigars and pipes and cigarettes will no longer be allowed. indoor spoke smocking areas will be built for those that want to smoke. they'll still be allowed to use ecigarettes while they work.
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>> most have e-mail inbox overflowing but g mail thinks it came one a solution to help you deal with that multitude of messages. the new app called inbox and sorts and turns e-mails into reminders and highlights important information to not read entire message and adds outside info it thinks may be helpful. , for instance, all bills will be placed together and due dates highlighted. the app launched and for now it's invite only. time for sports once again tonight. and ducis rogers live for us at the big board, ducis. >> hey there, brian, getting set fort game sunday. 5-1 against 5-1 eagles are in for a test against as arizona and cardinals are northbound one in the nfl. nick foles may be askeded to do more with his arm. this starts three of four games on the road for birds. they're not letting awe the hype go to their heads. >> we're 5-1 now and you know
10:50 pm
that doesn't guarantee us anything. so we have to act like we have nothing and go play yext week and try to be one and 0. >> most important thing is record not stats and good statistics will be one in because you're doing things right and we're in a position to improve the record. it doesn't matter it's on to next week. this game is most important game. it's one game season right now. >> blood will not be thicker than water sunday. eagles linebacker he man all acho has older brother in the nfl sam acho who plays for arizona. heized to take it to little brother when they were kids. >> i hope this evidence gets to eagles media where we play basketball at the house and play one-on-one first to 11 and i would be up 9-3 4e would quit and put the ball down and walk inside. >> when i was 6, 7, he's harping on the younger times still harping on the past victoryes. >> there's no quitting this
10:51 pm
sunday right? >> not at all i don't plan on them getting out either. we'll see. there's no quitting you can not hit reset button anymore. >> good stuff there. time to check in with ron jaworksi former are quarterback and espn analyst he likes where they are and sees room for improvement. >> number one you have to feel gel about the record 5-1 i don't think they played their best foot bam cumulatively over those six games. i thought the bet game was clearly against the giants. you have to feel good you will start get players back healthy and you had the bye week. you evaluate your football team. i'm sure chip kelly and entire staff as he evaluated every player and scheme they implemented through the first six games. they'll be ready to rock for the next ten. >> sixers preseason schedule comes to close in detroit and they lose 109 to 103. noel saturday play, 8 rebounds,
10:52 pm
five problems, sixers open regular season wednesday at indiana. baseball news for you the phillies 2014 season was a loss. chase utley could still come out a winner. second baseman is finalist for gold glove and winner announced november 11. phillies like what they saw against grady sizemoore. sizemoore batted 253 with phils and fizzled down the stretch and had four hits in a month of september. >> ducis, thank you. one more sports note the head of nfl may be forced to divulge everything he knows about the ray rice scandal. according to roger goodell will have to testify of the appeal of indefinite suspension. he was booted last month after video surfaced of striking the then fiancee in atlantic city hotel elevator. hearing is scheduled for november 5 and 6. rice has also filed a formal
10:53 pm
>> it looks like this little gal
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
needed bare essentials she wandered into an or or show sunday to the surprise of other shoppers as you might guess, about a month old and seemed friendly she wanderedrd tooil aisle and maybe bought a greeting card there and police
10:56 pm
trapped her in a shopping basketch the cub was taken to the vet. she is a little thin and will get tlc and will be released back to the wild next year. >> ah. >> how you can not get on the ground and want to play with it. >> you could. >> not add veesed though. >> not add veesed if you see one in the local store stay away. >> as we look at the bus stop forecast tomorrow morning as we head out the door the sun will be there to great most of us. it's nice to be a little brighter. chill in the air as well. 48 at 6:00 in the morning and 8:00, 51 and as you go throughout the afternoon on fridays we finally round out work and school week, 48 at 7:00 in the morning and jumping to 56 at 10:00 with sun and clouds and 63 at 1:00 with full sun and seasonable for this time of year, 66 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon and if you have to work tomorrow, don't worry, the weekend looking even better both saturday and sunday as well. >> 56 right about the average this time of year.
10:57 pm
>> that's average this time of year and we'll go above and beyond that. >> adam thank you. >> thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at 10. "modern family" is next followed by friends. for shirleen alicott adam joseph and ducis rogers i'm brian taff have a great night tonight and great day tomorrow and we'll see have a great night tonight and great day tomorrow and we'll see you back here tomorrow
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oh, i forgot to ask. did it hurt? did what hurt? when you fell from heaven and landed on earth. i didn't fall from... oh. [ laughs ] because i'm an angel! [ laughs ] why are you so sweet? maybe just 'cause i'm so damn happy. today is jay's birthday. so i'm taking him to hawaii for a whole week. big suite in maui, just the two of us. got manny tied up in the backyard -- big bowl of kibble. [ chuckles ] i'm kidding. he's staying with claire and phil. this whole thing was a big surprise. i did it all myself -- the flight, the hotels. cost me a fortune, but it was worth it. cost me a fortune. in case i forget to say it a few hundred times this week,