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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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. after a wild ride this week philadelphia police are cracking down on illegal dirt bikes and atvs. >> and discovery in a chicken coop could be a clue in the manhunt of eric sgleen a truly terrifying scene for beachgoers in atlantic city. >> near pacific avenue and boardwalk night officers say a mother threw her baby into the water and jumped in herself. "action news" reporter david henery is live in the satellite
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center and people credited with saving lives. >> it has a happy ending. ordinary people thrown together in crisis during coordinate fairy things. in this case a group of fisher bhoen landed catch of their lives. >> it was just reaction. >> louis ortiz and buddies were near the jetty when he spotted woman and baby in the water. >> these rocks are dangerous and water is extremely dangerous. >> witnesses say the woman took the baby girl from the stoleer and walked out on to the jetty and jumped into the water apparent suicide attempt. tom went in after the baby. >> the lady handed me the baby turned her over and patted her in the back she spit up a lot of water. i ran down to the jetty and gave it to the ems people. >> louis spotted the woman 100 feet from the rocks. >> i said i'm going to go in for you.
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but you can not panic and don't try to grab me. i sedan i went in after her. that was it. >> louis was also in danger and seth perkins jumped in to help him get the woman on the rocks. >> i went out to the went and jumped in and the rocks are like far apart and there's nothing to stand on there it was hard to get her up out of the water. >> both the baby and woman were rushed to the hospital. the rescueers were left with mixture of relief and grief. >> i was thinking about why. what was going through that la y lady's mind to put herself and child in danger like that. >> it is sad for her. i hope she can get help sdmret jetty is so treacherous the local fishermen don't gout out without special spiked shoes. today they scrambled to the rescue without a thought for their own safety. >> i've been a fireman many years it's second nature to me.
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for others to extend themselves it shows the human spirit is strong. people care about others. especially a baby and girl. >> atlantic city police are investigating at this point. we don't know who the woman was or whether or not the baby was indeed her child. but we do know that they are both very lucky that some brave men were willing to risk their lives to save them. for "action news" at 10 on phl17 i'm david henery, in the satellite center. walter. >> what a story. thank you, david. >> it looks like septa will serve commuters as scheduled tomorrow and even though union leaders got the okay today to call a strike. more than 1,000 septa workers voted to clear the way for the picket line this afternoon. and union president willie brown would not comment and gave no indication buses and trains would come to a stop. 47 0 0 employees were working without a contract for 7 months and they say they cannot accept septa's current offer. >> we waited and waited and it's time for us to get to what we do. we've been patient and
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understanding and it's about the future. >> i i have 33 years in the company and i put my heart and soul to work here and i'll take it away from us. i can't do that. >> step says it continues to negotiate in good faith and meantime union leaders have announced a news conference for tomorrow afternoon. >> wrapping up another beautiful weekend. >> yes. >> lots of sunshine. hopefully it reaches into the workweek. >> yeah i think so sarah, walter, we'll have the sun that will continue in nice dry stretch and good news the winds are subsiding from wra they were earlier today. peak wind gusts in the poconos, 46 miles an hour atlantic city gust of 38 miles an hour and philadelphia clocking in with gust earlier today of 37 miles an hour and 36 and 5 mile an hour wind gusts for allentown and millville respective limit aas we look at the wind speeds current outside now sustained anywhere from 3 miles an hour in mill stroyl 15 in the poconos. things are definitely starting to diminish where they were earlier today and the wind speed
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sustained in philadelphia. outside in the city it's 57. poconos 48. along the coast in beach haven 5 5. trenton 53 and dover lower 50s. we'll talk about what is ahead for the rest of this week. well the winds will continue to relax for the rest of tonight. and a brief warm-up however is on the way this week and trick or treat. that's a yes i have the answer. the forecast models are doing something interesting friday and we'll pinpoint it as we get to the holiday. >> for sure, thanks melissa. we saw this scream open "action news" last week. chopper 6 is overhead dozens of dirt bikes and atvs poured through the streets of philadelphia and today police cracked down in a big way. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live outside police head qua quarters tonight with more, dan. >> sarah a message to atv and dirt bike operators in the city police say the party is over and they're coming after the machine if they see you operating them
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and once they get them they're not giving them back. >> a city police impound garage was filling up with atvs this is the latest crackdown on the vehicles illegal to operate in philadelphia. >> if you want to be operators -- one had a gun on him he was arrested two wore stolen and we were able to arrest the operators of those dirt bikes. >> crackdown was in the wake of a ride of men on atvs ride be through the busiest streets this in what was supposed to be a vigil in memory of fellow dirt biker. >> it was dangerous. >> they drove from south philadelphia broad to broad in norm philadelphia on a whim they turned down one street and another at one point they gut off a gasoline tasker and weaved through traffic at intersections and multiple times they cut off school buses and drove around on both sides of them. >> come up like thuggish type of
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at mots fear running through the relates to me it's dangerous. >> there was high speed racing going the wrong way on oncoming traffic and driving on sidewalks and here, they ran right through a red light, very reckless and it's a public safety hazard. >> dirt bikes are not cheap and run $5500 each while atvs are before 4 and 5 grand and if they catch you you can kiss them good-bye. >> they don't get them back. >> really. >> seized under the new ordinance and they don't get them back. >> last year police say they confiscated officer 300 dirt bikdz and atvs so far over 100 this year taken offer the street. in all police have a thousand and vehicles dirt bikes and atvs waiting to be disposeded of in some fashion or the other. live in police headquarters dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you, dann. it may be a new clue in the six
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week search for accused cop-killer eric frein. police are testing blood found at a home in can den sis. the person that lives there found blood spots near the chicken coop and there's no sign it comes from one of the chickens. he's been open the run since ambushing straight troopers in september 12 killing one and openeding the area. >> obama administration says it con vaipd concerns to the governors of new jersey and new york about the states mandatory ebola quarantine and a nurse is in garn teen now at new jersey hospital because she had contact with ebola patients in west africa. casey hickcox is showing no symptoms. chris christy says she cannot leave an isolation tept three weeks. hickcox lawyer plans to file a federal lawsuit to get her sglout these decisions should be based on medical fact. not on fear. nor myth. >> top federal health officials
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state quarantine policy is not necessary and called the policy not grounded in science. they fear it could discourage volunteers from traveling to west africa to help fight the outbreak. >> a delaware valley college in doylestown today students did their foort help victims of ebola. they packed more than 272,000 meals. so then shipped them to lie beer why and sierra leone. students worked in two hour shifts to pack up the meals and hope to provide nutrition for more than 700 children. >> the good people of hamilton township, new jersey did their part to help a little boy's legacy live on today. kids put on their halloween costumeselly for smile for eli party. 4-year-old eli waller died in september of entrovirus d 68. his parents started the first day of school foundation in his memory. today local businesses organized this event to raise money for the cause and helping children with special needs. >> things that make me feel better are trying to do stuff like this.
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we have a group of connected and happy and helpful and again russ people helping us out. >> monday's raise will help buy back packs and outfits to help special children have a special 23eu6r9 day of school. more on this event in the next half hour of "action news". >> the race is counting down in the race for pennsylvania governor this is second to last weekend before the election. governor tom corbett took time campaigning in western pennsylvania with an appearance in the company of beaver today. meantime democratic challenger tom wolff was in the same region and visited rallys in washington,al gapey and beaver county today and squares off against corbett tuesday november 4. >> it was love and gratitude for an american hero lieutenant kernel aaronstein direct for tore kavk force and overseas
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operations tonight he reoutta knighted with wife and children and public officials and neighbors. >> more to come on "action news" tonight. police in indiana are investigating a neighborhood shooting and teenager laughter caused him his life. >> and residents of hawaii are warned to leave their home the >> and residents of hawaii are warned to leave their home the latest stats on the flu shot. at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools.
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>> investigators are trying to determine why jaylen fryburg, popular homecoming prince. wept on a rampage that ended withself inflicted gunshot wound. is in unclear if he intentionally killed himself or if it wept off during a struggle. a teacher confronted the gunman probably preventinging more deaths. >> a 13-year-old in indiana was killed because they laughed. he was shot outside his neighbor's home. a neighbor was screaming in the street after learning his house was burglarized. a crowd gathered it included jones. when he laughed the irate
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neighbor opened fire on the teenager. >> 13 years old, children laugh. that's what children do. so you know i don't understand you know i can't figure out why would somebody shoot somebody for laughing. >> the suspected shooter and girlfriend were nine custody. both reneighbor police custody. but as of yet no charges have been filed. >> officials in hawaii big island are going door to door to evacuate neighborhoods as molt on lava flows towards the homes. the molt on love aadvanceed near bahao. neighbors here are given at advance notice telling them to get out within the next 3 to 5 days. the most recent flow started in june at the same volcano that created the eye lawnd. >> it was a bright yen breezy end to the weekend. now we're looking for the workweek forecast. melissa. >> sarah, walter, we had changes on wait and temperatures go up
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and come down and give you a bit of a preview of what you can expect as we get to halloween on friday. you'd today high in tld up to 67. that's four degrees above average despite blustery winds out of the west, northwest today. earlier today in philadelphia peak wind gusts at 37 miles an hour. conditions are definitely calm and winds continue to relax for the rest of the tonight. philadelphia coming in at 57, allentown and lehigh valley 52. 51 read ago long the dmooingt sea isle l aisle city and dover in the lower 50s at this hour. satellite 6 and action radar you can see it's quiet across much of the mid-atlantic region. low pressure is moving out of areas in canada. as it departs you can see clouds cover across upstate new york and portions of new england all of this activity will stay well away from our region for the rest of tonight. so it's mainly clear. and in fact, some locations west of philadelphia you can say it's on the chilly side later on
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tonight. overnight to early tomorrow morning there's a frost advisory that was issued and it's only for lancaster county. it goes into effect 3:00 in the morning lasting right through 9 a.m. monday. good idea to protect any of your sensitive plants. as we look at the forecast ahead high temperatures today in in philadelphia in upper 6 0s. you look off south and west. 86 for the high in memphis and 88 dallas and 78 in st. louis and a piece of warmer air as early as tuesday. not tomorrow. as we get into tuesday changes on the way. here's your forecast. north and west of philadelphia, mostly sunny and pleasant across the lehigh valley, allentown 62. and 62 for the high tomorrow. and lancaster along that 95 corridor in philadelphia, sunshine and cloud. it's seasonable start to the workweek and school week ahead, 64 tomorrow. and in berlin 63. 6 trenton and down the shore tomorrow, partly sunny and temperatures near normal. that temperature in cape may tomorrow 6 2. 64 for the high temperature in dover, partly
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sunny sky. coming up a closer look at the forecast and let you know when the temperatures rebound before they come back down with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> up and down, here we go. >> thanks, melsation. there was a celebration of culture tonight in traditional food, art and dance. "action news" reporter nydia han and received the wonbonbon a graduate school for acupuncture and buddhist techs and it supports mind and body programs including wholeistic treatment for veterans. >> in "healthcheck" tonight flu shot time. despite urging of doctors only half of pregnant women are getting vaccinated. they're trying to debunk myths to keep some money away. contrary to common belief the vaccine is safe during all try mosters. changes in a woman's body during pregnancy make her more vulner toobl contracting the flu. when pregnant women get vaccinated they protect
10:19 pm
themselves during a time they needed. >> those aunt bodies are crossing the placenta providing protection for the baby for the first is six months of life. >> the ob stri trition goes on to say it's good for most tem to get flu shot this time of year. >> still ahead, jeff skversky is looking at today's heartbreaking eagles loss. >> and firefighters test strength after a horse falls in a trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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>> philly phanatic had a bash here at southwest philadelphia. the phanatic and phillies ball girls teamed up to deliver spooky fun a bit early to patients from children's hospital and 100 kids battling cancer took a break from treatment to dress ul and enjoy care free fun here at the embassy suites on bartrum avenue. >> let's look at sports live with jeff skversky in the "action news" sports center a heartbreaker, jeff. >> walter, sarah, nobody
10:23 pm
expected eagles and quarterback nick foles to play as well as last year. foles turning it over at alarming rate. nine interceptions in 7 games most to start a season by eagles quarterback in 25 years. eagles without darren sproles at arizona today because of knee injury and running game suffers. jeremy maclin picks up the slack. career high, 17 yards and two touchdowns. en including that 54-yard score in the third. eagles up three. but the cardinals come back. 90 seconds in the game to go. nate allen. on the move by rookie john braun. carson palmer the 75 yard touch down to brown. overallen, over kerry williams. palmer burns the birds over 500 yards and six touchdowns. one last shot with one second to go. and that is out of bounds. nick foles for jordan matthews is the catch. but again out of bounds and eagles lose 24-0. they go to 5-2.
10:24 pm
it's their first loss in almost a month. >> it's real tough i mean i need to make that play bottom line. >> i'm not going to let this defeat me i'm going to learn and move forward and each and every one of russ. that's the kind of people we are. >> we talk about it all the time. we have to clean it up. especially in a game like this so close against quality opponent we turned it over twice inside the red zone and you do that you lose a football game. eagles 0-3 help in red zone today doomed out in the sdevrment have not won there in 13 years. ducis rogers will have a report from arizona coming up later in sports. now, walter, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jeff. people got heart pumping for worthy goal in camden today they hit the pavement for walk to cure diabetes. it's crowd and meteorologist karen rogers and her daughter
10:25 pm
who was diagnosed with 7. juvenile diabetes research foundation hopes to raise enough
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♪ come and get it. >> a horse they had steevl late water and did more than drink. firefighters had to be called in after the animal got in a backyard until it phoenix arizona keen not get out. they kept it calm until they could tranquilize it and took
10:28 pm
half a dozen men to lift out with straps. it was not injured and was reunited with his owner. >> we love happy endings. >> comedians. >> the final countdown to election day "action news" goes inside the
10:29 pm
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>> a mother tried to commit suicide with her baby in atlantic city. police responded to a jetty on pacific avenue the woman jumped into the water holding the infant. both mother and child were rushed to the hospital and atlantic city police were investigating. >> employees voted today to allow step union to strike, 4700 workers were on the job without a contract for 7 months. they say they're going impatient and will not accept septa current officer. so far there's no indication right now that a strike is imminent. >> and dirt bike and atv rideers in philadelphia need to be aware. police are filling up the impound lot with illegal rides.
10:31 pm
the latest crackdown came after a caravan hit the street for a vigil earlier this week. the vehicles will become the property of the philadelphia police department. >> a couple from mercer county who lost their little boy to entrovirus last month received a rouzing show of support from neighbors and friends today. annie mccormick attended the special event that will help other children through eli's legacy. >> kids in their halloween best traded trick or treat for smiles at the smiles for eli party sunday in hamilton township. morgan bellman knew who today was all about. >> why are we here today do you know. >> for eli. >> she is one of many missing classmate 4-year-old eli waller who died september 25 becoming first confirmed fatality in the u.s. from entrovirus d 68. he was triplet and sitters were not affected.
10:32 pm
they started the first day of school foundation that focuses on helping stwunts special needs in eli's honor. >> he benefit from fitted greatly from it. the teachers in school helped him tremendously. >> we're looking to help special needs students as they're starting off on first day of school experience. we're hoping to gather supplies like back packs and outfits for school. >> am ill ton business owners analyzed the event and money included cash donations for halloween pictures all go to foundation. >> this has given us a purpose as well. >> yardville elementary school principal donated a check from eli's classmates. >> things that make me feel bet rear doing stuff like this. we have a group of connected and happy and helpful and really generous people helping us out. >> and funding from here will go
10:33 pm
to help special ed programs in this area around hamilton township. eli's family says if the program grows they want to help more across the state. >> in hamilton township annie mccormick an for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> out of the delaware newsroom state police are investigating a serious crash in talleyville near the intersection of shipley and wilson road this morning. two vehicles collided forcing suv into a light pole. one woman was seriously injured and mother and two children were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. police in voorhees township are serving for a 58-year-old man that suffers from dementia. john meechham was seen 6:00 this morning and walked away from clicker center for developmentally disabled adults van buren near echelon. he was wearing red pajama pants and wearing an id bracelet with contact 234-6gs. if you see him contact voorhees
10:34 pm
township police. >> america's fighting help and women killed more than 0 years ago were remembered today in penn's landing. they welcomed service members and supporters for a somber service at the beirut memorial. 24 american service men were killed when their barracks in beirut, lebanon were killed. nine that perished were from philadelphia. those that were here took time to honor the driverry and strength of those that lost their lives on that day. >> there was an emergency drill in atco today. firefighters learned to battle this kind of plays. the main goal was to learn how best to protect homes and to effect lively utilize the local water supply. >> melissa here with a check of the accuweather forecast after another georgous weekend. >> yeah it was really nice over the weekendch the only issue today, winds, winds are starting to relax and we have a seasonable start as we get to
10:35 pm
monday. we'll show you the picture outside. sky6 live in hd as we are diving you a nice shot of atlantic city down the shore on this sunday night. we have mostly clear sky. and skies will continue to clear during the overnight hours. so if you are well north and west of atlantic city tonight, more specifically in lancaster county, there is actually a frost advisory that goes into effect during the overnight hours right through 9 a.m. because temperatures in lancaster dropping down to middle and lower 30s. in atlantic city tonight pretty comfortable conditions overnight. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan radar machine you can see it's dry and quiet across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys and no issues with precipitation today. format matter not tracking rain until we get into the middle half of the workweek. neighborhood numbers north and west of town in tanersville, 48, 50 slatington and 50 fleetwood and chester 49. upper 40s center city this this hour oxford 51. down across new jersey and ewing, 47, 48 cinnaminson. hockessin holding lower 50s.
10:36 pm
58 is currently the number in sea isle city. here's satellite 6 and action radar. wake of area of low pressure well to the north of the region moved through canada today and along with that came trailing cold front. with the cold front sweeping offshore we have winds to contend with throughout much of the day. 46 in philadelphia today and 37 miles an hour. the low is starting to depart. fair amount of cloud cover in areas of new england and upstate new york and high pressure works its way east the rest of tonight. it will be all about the temperatures over the next couple days. future tracker 6 showing you 6:00 in the morning monday temperatures across the region on the chilly side in the lower 40s. as we get to the afternoon hours monday 3:30 in the afternoon most locations in the middle and lower 60s. that's not a bad start. philadelphia popping up to 64 tomorrow afternoon. average for us this time of year is 63.
10:37 pm
on tuesday, watch what happens with the temperatures by the afternoon. we're being froming warm front that lifts north ward through the region which means along the 5 corridor with southwest chilly wind temperatures in city by tuesday and middle and lower 70s and comfortable conditions down the shore and north of west of 95 corridor. weekend is coming to end and still we have great colors to see and great activity as well with fall foliage past peak in poconos and peaking in philadelphia and allentown and moderate colors toms river to areas in dover, delaware. >> here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast seasonable start. back to work on monday. high temperature 64. much warmer by tuesday. high temperature 74. wednesday, sunshine with shower around at any point during the day. wednesday we're being froming a cold front. hi high of 67 and in the waix of thursday, cooler, 59. then friday, halloween. lots of clouds. high of 57 and there might be rain around by night i should
10:38 pm
say. the big question will it clear out in time for trick or treaters. that's something we have to monitor as the week wears on. >> it always rains on hall" wean. >> all something we're tracking i know that. >> very important. >> you got it. >> a standup comedy tour tonight the show came to the helium comedy club in center city. three comedians entertained and they raise money for local animal shelters along the way. tonight it raised funds for animal rescue in philadelphia. >> of course, mall owe wean is for kids halloween party for pups today toys and seats for everyone costume or not. some dogs were still open the clock. radnor police k-9 unit showed off skills and some dogs in today's event was seen if a comfortable seat. >> more to come on "action news" at 10 a woman from philadelphia breaks religious barriers
10:39 pm
becoming first leader of her kind. >> first time hopeful trying to unseed a kens grongman in the 8th district and candidates that unseed a kens grongman in the 8th district and candidates that want to represent bucks county. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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>> a bit more than week from now voters hit the polls for midterm election, naenz the fight for the 8th congressional disstrkt a
10:42 pm
newcomer is facing uphill battle as he tried to unseed the incumbant. brian taff looks at the candidates. >> this is the 8th congregational district north east of philadelphia and flights in the heart of bucks county. its rolling landscape runs the game fret industrial toll suburban to rural. the race to fill the congregational seat has not been nearly as bucalic. kevin strauss is waging uphill battle to win it. >> i hear the same thing over and over people are frustrated kevin strauss 35-year-old father of 2 has been knocking open a lot of doors lately. political newcomer that held no elected offices his strategy to win has been to cover as much ground as possible. he knows taking on well known incumbant in a district that leads convenient ambitious. he is too. after graduating college in 2001. >> i enlisted to united states army rangers paced out of fort
10:43 pm
louis, washington and afghanistan three times and iraq once subequipmently went from there and volunteered cia better pat of eight years. >> strauss says that experience will serve him well working with several different aks to form consensus in a way he says congress sun able. until recently strauss's campaign was getsing a lot of help from democratic national party. but the party polled financial support last weeked in to fitzpatrick huge cash advantage and status as odds on favorite. fitzpatrick says he's been doing the job well. >> we have a lot of work to do. >> mike fitzpatrick dad to six kids is seeking forth and final term. in 2006 he lost seat among democratic tidele wave to win it back in 2010. talking to him it's clear his focus is lesson opponent and more on man in the white house. >> whether it's ebola, immigration, middle east, any
10:44 pm
crisis copfy dense with the administration and president has been thrown gauge. >> to that point part of the job is to keep heat on democrats power. fitzpatrick says he is not part of the problem and strived to be part of the solution. he is heavily favored to win on november 4 but given history he takes nothing for granted precisely why both men are working to get every last vote. brian taff, phl17. >> still ahead on "action news" at 10 jeff skversky joins us again to breakdown what wept wrong with the birds and darth vader gets turned away from important election in ukraine. >> that's mr. vader. >> okay. >> and don't forgot wake one snrvr at this poling site darth
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
vader showed up atop a truck. he prowl the streets of city with promises to turn ukraine to gel attic empire then refused to show his face when he came to vote. he took off his mask and cast
10:48 pm
his vote as a mere mortgage sfwlal there you have it. >> time fora check open sports jeff skversky has the details from the heartbreaking -- it was a great game just heartbreaking. >> eagles get back to arizona for super bowl in ten february. they have to cleanup the mistakes tonight. first place at stake the birds beat them snaevlz arizona. eagles turn it over twice in red zone and defense has mental mistakes that everyone is scratching their heads. jeremy maclin doing that to the gatorade table deep down body thirty. eagles thirsty for 2u67 down. in the third, maclin. 54 yard score career high 187 yards and two touchdowns for maclin. eagles up 3. trying to put it away. foles puts it in the hands of antonio cromartie. it would leaded to field goal and tied game. tied at 17. eagles down at the goal line.
10:49 pm
third and inches at the. lesean mccoy nothing with two to go. do you go or kick. eagles kick and take three point. kody park good eagles up three. cardinals get the ball back. 90 seconds to go nate allen fights open the move by rocky john brown. carson palner 75 yard touchdown overallen and williams. eagles down four. and it's not looking good for jeffrey lurie and company. eagles get the ball back with one second and foles to jordan matthews makes the catch out of bounds. incomplete. eagles lose 24-20 and fall 5-2 first loss in almost a month. ducis rogers has more from arizona. >> it is hard to knock a 5-2 team but with eagles it's same old story inability to be effective in the red zone and turnovers they're killing this football team. >> they're a good team that's
10:50 pm
why they're 6-1 you. >> don't want to turn it over in the red zone you want points in the red zone with a great kicker we need to correct the turnover situation. that comes through woreing through the week and getting the game plan. >> it's extremely tough. normally you know this year we were on the other side this today we came up short. open the road you can not turn the ball over like you did and commit as many penalties as we did. >> play of of jeremy maclin. 187 yards receiving and as mack told me after the game it doesn't feel good when you lose. with the birds in arizona ar i'm ducis rogers, for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. ducis. cardinals now tied with dallas cowboys for best record in nfc. eagles never lost a game under chip kelly until today. message to the team in the locker room get on the plane and get ready for houston. eagles in houston next week against former penn state coach
10:51 pm
bill o'brien and texasians. aron foster 103 yards and four touchdowns: jeff carter, mike richard and defending stanley cup champs up next for flyers tuesday at home. since the flyers strayeded those two away they won two cups. flyers well you know. flyers back to work in voorhees today after their big win last night against red wings flyers won three games so far and backup goalie ray emory won it all. the number one guy he says they will do what's best for the team. >> my job to stop the puck i have not done a good enough job with that and if i had done a better job we would not be having this conversation. >> it's a team game and all these guys are valuable guys that we need to win hockey games and you have to use your teams that's part of it.
10:52 pm
nobody is bigger than the team. nobody. not one player. >> soccer union closing out the season today on the road against columbus and meaningless game after eliminated from playoff contention. nice goal by union but they lose final watch 2-1 to the cu. >> finally despite the eagles loss there was a lot of brotherly love in arizona today. eagle's linebacker emmanuel often owe his brother sam is for the cardinals and how about the family the family is torn. they're wearing half eagles and half cardinals and they have ten family members out there and they're all confused who positive positive to route for. >> we're going to cry and we promise whoever losses we buy them dinner and i'm glad to have them out. >> look at the nails of christie
10:53 pm
acho. mom has them evenly painted red, green, every other hand. where wow get something like that done at? >> you can imagine saying i have two sons in the nfl wow. >> wow. >> thank you, jeff. >> a woman from philadelphia made religious history today. rabbi debra waxman was inaugurated as first female president of jewish reconstructionist movement and seminary there's more than 100 kong graitions nationwide. each again ration must reconstruct religion to keep up with evolving spiritual needs and remain relevant. >> task of pro aggressive judeism is identifying what are those values so worthwhile that we should voluntarily submerge our individual desires to them? >> rabbi wax man's inauguration our individual desires to them? >> rabbi wax man's inauguration mark the first time a woman
10:54 pm
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>> melissa here with a final check of your accuweather forecast. >> sunshine and clouds and cool starkts 6 a.m., 46, 7:30 in the morning 45, upper are 40s at 8:00 in the morning. so no issues tomorrow. and temperatures will be climbing as the week wears on. if there's any changes in the forecast, meteorologist david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning later on 6abc
10:57 pm
guys. >> thank you, melissa. >> thanks for joining us on "action news" at 10 election 2014 in focus is next followed by friends. >> for walter perez, melissa magee, and jeff skversky, i'm >> for walter perez, melissa magee, and jeff skversky, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great
10:58 pm
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>> this is election 2014 "in focus," a look at the races affecting the philadelphia region. now your host steve highsmith. >> will know o'neill's make a difference in the outcome either by voting or nonvoting? i am steve highsmith. do they have faith in government? and is the race really getting closer? what the left and the right really want to see done about taxes. will gun rights factor into the election? a