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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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monday night, brian is off, and no septa strike for now but head of one transit union says don't think, it could not happen. and officials are respond to criticism over ebola quarantine restrictions, while a once isolated patient threat tones sue. but the big story on "action news" is sudden shut down of the philadelphia charter school leaving hundreds of students searching for a place to get an education. we're at the the big change this morning and as you can imagine, there was anger. and many, many questions, at a meeting between school
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officials, and parents. "action news" reporter kenneth moton was at the that meeting tonight, and he is live in frankford. kenneth? >> reporter: well, shirleen, closing of this school this morning was sudden but this school says, that the problems and issues have been going on for months. they say parents are put on notice but that still don't stop temper from flaring. >> unaudible. >> reporter: their anger, understandable. tonight, hundreds of walter palmer charter parents demanded answerness frankford after high school abruptly closed this morning for good because of financial problems. nearly 309, ninth through 12th graders, and seniors looking for new classrooms in the city. >> they gave us a list of the schools, okay. we're not getting no answers. >> reporter: found are and chairman doctor walter palmer addressed parents but frustrationed took over. for months, this school has been battling with the philadelphia school district, which is in the process of
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revoke its charter. the the school has k through eight in other locations had 13 hub students. twice the number legally allowed. this month, it held a lottery to cut 250 elementary school students to meet regulations. some families also have teens in the high school. >> my niece and nephew still home from elementary school. >> reporter: palmer took heat as other parents learn of options and enzyme up at other schools. >> i bet you guys didn't necessity what some of the reaction would be i want the city to see it. i want people to recognize these are at risk children and families that people don't care about. >> reporter: while confusion and chaos took over 11th graders, lopez, was upstairs, cleaning out her locker. >> the public schools, my mom doesn't want me to go to the public school. there is a cyber school that she wants to us get into but would i rather have my education in the school at home. >> reporter: district says west philadelphia high has offered to take all of the
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displaced seniors and palmer will be opened all week to help, with the transfers. the school also can answer right now what will become of those teachers and staff. reporting live from here frankford tonight kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17, shirleen. >> thanks, kenneth. tonight, we now know that there are no signs of east bowl a in a five-year old boy in new york city who returned from ginea, meanwhile craig spencer, a doctor who did test positive fore bowl after a returning from ginea is in the same new york city hospital as that child, and he is listed in serious but stable condition. as for that quarantining measure, many states have been adopting, new jersey was among the first, to require people who had contact with ebola patients and west africa to be under quarantine for 21 days. several states, have adopted a mixed bag of similar policies. but one woman held under
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quarantine in new jersey, since friday, has been released from isolation, casey hitchcox, developed a fever after returning from west africa and was then isolated in a tent outside a newark hospital. the once she was the set free for 24 hours she was released and then sent back home to maine. tonight she's threatening to sue over her isolation, and governor chris christie is defending his quarantine policy. >> she needs to understand that the obligation of elect officials is to row tech the public health of all of the people and if that inconvenienced her for a period of time that is what we need to do to protect the public and that is what we will continue to do. >> cdc up daded recommendation is today saying people at high risk for coming down with ebola, avoid public gathering, and commercial travel, even without having any symptoms. today, was so lovely, sky six showing a nice, clear nice outside there, but how bay
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warm up for tomorrow. you can expect another pleasant day, before some changes heading our direction. meteorologist adam joseph is live at the big game. >> shirleen, temperatures were above normal for to take, way above normal tomorrow but as you mentioned those big changes will come for the upcoming weekend. so take in the warmth while we have it. 67 degrees the the high temperature in philadelphia today. sixty-six in allentown. sixty-seven in reading. nearing 07 in wilmington. at the shore equally as warm because of a westerly wind. sixty-six in atlantic city. sixty-four in wildwood. as we look at the temperatures overnight tonight, staying a little bit above normal but still a slight chill in the air with a lot of stars. forty-three by tomorrow morning in allentown. forty-seven wilmington. fifty-one philadelphia. forty-five in millville. right along the shore temperatures warmer because of the ocean water influence ago this air temperature around 52 to five # degrees. satellite and radar will show generally a clear skies but looking to the west and there are high clouds moving in
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pittsburgh. it will fall apart pushing in the dryer air but eventually late tomorrow and into tomorrow night those clouds will thicken up ahead of the next frontal boundary. looking ahead to the forecast, it is gorgeous around here tomorrow, and cool, halloween, little bit below normal for halloween. legal we will let you know that trick or treat forecast and a wintry-like weekend, does that mean precipitation or temperature? we will let you know coming up in the full accu weather seven day forecast. >> it better not mean snow. >> you have to wait. >> okay. >> i'm not giving ate way yet. >> thank you, adam. mylar balloon flying in the poconos is latest tool police are using to find a cop killing suspect eric frein. not only is it quieter then traditional aircraft but cheaper to operation. the balloon is egypt with camera and tethered to a surveillance command station locate add the the top of the alpine ski resort property in henryville. fallen leaves are helping too allowing investigators to see better in heavily wooded area.
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septa's largest union says it may have no choice but to strike, taking 4700 employees off the job. they have been working without a contract for the past seven months, and there has been talks but union leadership's patients is wearing thin and when asked about how long a possible strike could go on, this is the response. >> as long as it takes. the just study our history. we have two weeks in 95, 40 day in 98. so, we had a 44 day were that. so hopefully it don't come down to that. >> union says it all could be settled if septa would gree to pension payment parity. septa released a statement saying tonight it continues to provide reasonable wage, pension and health care benefits for all employees. brown says he will give the riding public 24 hours notice before workers strike, if it comes to that. the row posed sale of pgw
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is as good as dead, that is per philadelphia it is i council president darryl clark who says that council members don't believe the benefits out way the risk. mayor michael nutter argued selling pgw would pump 424 million-dollar in philadelphia's pension fund and maintain low income energy programs. a pennsylvania pastor, defrocked for officiating his son's gay wedding can remain an ordained minister. methodist church's ruling authority deidentified frank schaefer's fate today. he was discipline not only for performing the wedding but because he would not promise never to officiate at another same sex wedding. the church says that it has not reversed its stance on gay marriage. it is immediate retirement for pennsylvania supreme court justice shamus mccaffery, days after being implicated implicata government porn e-mail scandal he was suspended a week ago and today resigned via a letter sent to governor tom
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corbett. supreme court's chief justice disclosed mccaffery sent or received 234 e-mails with sexually explicit content. atlantic city's mayor was honored by an organization he serves, in the the city, he leads. metropolitan business citizen association held it's a ward gala tonight at the trump taj mahal. mayor don guardian, hoist the vice-president, received the community's spirit award for his work supporting non-profit and community improvement projects. the mbca also installed its new board. tonight students and parents were able to go on a cross country college tour, in the exton square mall which hosted 2014 chester county college fair. families are able to shop for a college education for more than 250 different schools from across the u.s. it is an event that saves time, money on college visits and helps narrow down top
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choices. still ahead at ten, the national constitution center is showing off its new acquisitions, reflecting our nation's history. also, the grinch who stole halloween, surveillance video shows a woman's mischief which also happens to be a crime. and there is, such a thing as getting too creative with your wifi network's name, one managed to ground an entire flight.
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a priceless piece has a new home in the national constitution center. "action news" reporter sharrie williams was there as the bill of rights, returned to philadelphia. >> the george hw bush gallery, unveiled... >> a new treasure added to the national constitution center. 225 years ago on october of 1789, george washington, sent to the states, 13 handwritten copies of the bill of rights, and sent one to the federal government, only 12 original copies still exists, and today, one of them is returning to philadelphia. >> freedom is the natural order of things. the bill of rights is our framer's discovery of this
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truth. >> reporter: getting the famous document in philadelphia has been five years in the making and has been made possible by an agreement between the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and the new york public library. it will be housed in a new gallery also unveiled tonight and named in honor of president george hw bush, who is a former chairman of the national constitution center. his son, jeb and current ncc chair made remarks on the gallery being named for his father. >> it is an inspiration to everyone around the world that believes in freedom and liberty. so far that reason i'm honored that this gallonly will be named after my dad. >> reporter: bill of right and new gallery will be opened to the public later in the the year, and will be an interactive space. >> that will how visitors to the gallery and on line and across the world to click on any provision the have the bill of rights to see historical precedence and follow the spread on have have that liberty to constitutions around the world. >> reporter: this historic document will be on display here at the ncc for the next
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three years, after that, it will be on shared display between pennsylvania pennsylvania, and new york, for the next 100 years. on independent mall, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. and, it is time now for the accu weather forecast a beautiful night, out there and a beautiful day tomorrow, adam. >> yes, temperatures will be spiking well above normal above where we sat today at 67 degrees, which in and of itself is 4 degrees above normal. even a lower degree above normal and can get cold as 29, the record low and as warm as 8o we will not get to 80 but we could get close in a couple spots here tomorrow. right now it is 47 in allentown. fifty-three reading. fifty-four in philadelphia notice where the wind, it is voided, we don't have that mixing air, temperatures can drop cooler, 43 in millville, 56 in beach haven and wilmington right now sitting at 52 degrees. the not bad. there is a chill in the air but could be cooler for this
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time of the year n fact as we look to the left, notice the spike in the ohio and tennessee valley. deep south more summer-like but the high today in chicago is 77. eighty-one in cincinnati. eighty-four in atlanta. new orleans 82 degrees. behind that bell curve so to speak bubble of warmth there is cooler air and northern plains that is starting to work in from canada changes are on the way and satellite and radar show high clouds streaming from the west again not going to really bother us, overnight tonight and a few high clouds throughout the day tomorrow especially building in the afternoon that morning rush full sunshine and quickly warming, 50 degrees at 6:00 but 8:00 o'clock at 53. as we look to the regions tomorrow to the north and west first sunny, warm, late clouds pushing in. seventy-three at pottstown. lancaster tomorrow, is 73 degrees. in philadelphia 75, with that fall fever of a feeling. a lot of sun. seventy-four glassboro. seventy-two in trenton a long the shore temperatures cooler
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with the sea breeze popping in 69 in cape may. zero seven in atlantic city. seventy-four in millville. that blue sky was a light breeze. but behind that warmth, is there a cold front double scan live, showing this little will stretch of showers not much in the way of precipitation witt, and that will be sliding over to the south to let you know, when that front pushes through. does it mean we have a lot of rain and what follows it which will be a big drop in temperature and changing in the seven day. >> enjoy it while it last. >> a hot spot grounding american airlines pass eveningers in l.a. for three hours yesterday. someone, named a connection, al qaeda free terror network, and along traveler alertedded flight attendant and everybody was ordered to turn off they're electric tronic. officials never figure out who was behind it but they also say it was not a crime. flight bound for london was rescheduled for, today. friday's school shooting,
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in marisville washington has claim another life, four year-old gia soriano succumbed to her injuries last night. she was one of five students at a cafeteria table when jay len opened fire. investigators revealed he invited his victims to lunch via text message. he then took his own life, three students remain hospitalized. jury selection for the trial of one member of florida a and m university marching band started today. four members are charged with felony hazing and manslaughter for deaths of drum major robert champion. he was beaten to death three years ago, 15 former family band members were initially charged, most settled and will be call as witnesses but three remaining defendants had their trial postponed, to april. time for sports who to blame for eagles loss to the cardinals. jamie apody is in for ducis rodgers tonight and she's in the "action news" sports
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center. hi jamie. >> day after. when you think about that mess in air zone last night there are a lot of what if's, what is being second guessed the most, it is this, why didn't the eagles challenge the spot of the ball on chris polk run in the fourth quarter. he was mark short. in the end birds settled for 20-yard field goal instead of the touchdown. that ended up being the difference in the game. his folks in the booth said it wasn't clear to overturn the spot and that is why he didn't challenge it. cardinals score the go ahead touchdown, which brings us back to why kick the field goal. why in the try to get an inch on fourth down. here's kelly's explanation today. >> i was very confident in our defense and still very confidence in our defense. they had two plays for 155 yards and then i thought our defense played really well. our defense has finish out games. they finish out rams game, red since game. they have been in those situations before i have a ton of confidence in them f i had todd do it again i would put
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it on our defense. >> how do you forget bay tough loss? look at these kid smiles. the incredible chris polk an inside kick batman bennie logan and super mario mark sanchez among eagles who dressed up for early halloween party for the kids are. not hure about tricks but it was a treat for both the the patients and surely the bird, as well. coming up later in the hour we will talk about the monday night football game between redskins and cowboys, monday night football game between redskins and cowboys, plus flyers news, more news at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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in health check at ten there may be a safer, sweeter solution to your child's cough without the need for medicines. a new study suggests something as simple as sugar water can be just as effective. researchers at penn state took 120 coughing children and they gave some sweetened water and some no treatment at all, the ones who drank the water, had noticeably less coughing and congestion, and slept better. they believe that this is due to a placebo effect. tonight, with the return of an awards ceremony, honoring the city's winners, theater of philadelphia hosted the the barry more awards for excellence in theater, it is
10:24 pm
first full barry more awards since 2011, 26 awards are presented in various categories, and the entertaining is being held at miriam theater, 600 people were in attendance. a familiar face, received a formal welcome tonight, in center city, a few months late, the the philadelphia urban league hosted a dinner at capital grille to introduce the city's new leaders, including our sharrie williams. sharrie joined the "action news" team back in march, and tonight, she met a few new friends and learned about the initiative of the
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we all heard of the grin hotch tried to steel christmas, well, this woman tried to steel halloween, tonight the philadelphia woman is hoping you'll recognize a with man who stole decorations off of her doorstep, this isn't the first time it has happened either. check out this giant cat, he is on the loose tonight and his family is hoping you can help bring him home.
10:29 pm
and here are the two big stories we are covering tonight on "action news" at ten on phl17. a lot have screaming and irate parents, this evening, they want answers at walter palmer charter school which abruptly shut its doors this morning because of financial problems. now there are hundreds of high schools, searching for a place on get an education. west philadelphia high school offered to take all of the displaced seniors. a five-year old new york city boy has tested negative for ebola. he was rush to the hospital this weekend after a fever, he recently returned from west africa and a nurse who was quarantined in new jersey, after working with ebola patients is home tonight. today the cdc revealed new restrictions for people at
10:30 pm
high risk for contracting the disease and monitoring for those at lower risk. >> a man dropped the bomb shell on police, he claims he is behind the string of bank robberies, and even a murder. police say dion jordan wore a $1,500 mask and wig to rob banks in new britain and in philadelphia. but than the didn't end there. he also confessed to killing dallas long. his body was discovered zero days ago at eighty-second and lions. jordan was arrested last week after he allegedly kidnaped a man and held him for ransom, police believe the victim met jordan to possibly buy his car. >> test drive, get a few blocks away from the original location. second individual, pointed a gun to the victim's head, taking victim's money but also, giving the victim a call, a family member to meet him at another location with digsal cash. >> when jordan tried to get the additional cash, police were waiting.
10:31 pm
second accomplice has not been charged yet, jordan has not been charged with any bank robberies, the fbi is investigating them. new tonight a maryland man has been charge with the crash in newark. victim is still in the hospital, nearly a week later. investigators say 44 year-old timothy was driving drunk last wednesday when he crash into a toyota prius in front of the dear park tavern. sixty-six year-old victim is in stable condition at christiana hospital. he is out on bond. the death of the rutgers student last month has been ruled an accident. prosecutors say 19 year-old caitlin covacs died from acute ethanol toxicity, friend, carried the unconscious sophomore out of her frat party, 20 minutes later she died at the hospital. authorities say the investigation into the death is still ongoing. tonight there is still no sign of the giant cat named boo which is scaring residents in wilmington. he is not your average house
10:32 pm
cat. he is a savanna cat which is a hybrid, of a wild come particular cat. 30 pounds and has spots and pointy ears. boo bolted on october 17th while chasing a rabbit. and he has in the returned home yet. he was spotted as early as this morning. richard todd says rare cat is priceless to his family. >> he is part of the family, been part of the family for almost nine years, so we really want to have him back and home safe and not scar everybody. >> if you saw boo call police so he can be properly captured. filling up your gas tank hasn't been this cheap, in years. according to triple a nationwide average is 3.04 a gallon, lowest it has been since december 2010. in philadelphia average is $3.12 a gallon. cheap's cross the border in delaware it is $2.86 a gallon and in new jersey, 2.83.
10:33 pm
lets send it over to meteorologist adam joseph with a look at the accu weather forecast on a nice night. >> speaking of dropping temperatures that will eventually happen in that seven day forecast but for now all is quiet, on sky six. camera is now bouncing around not much of a win and temperatures will remain above normal for the the next few days. as we look at the the numbers and storm tracker six live around the region all is quiet, all is dry, on this monday night and this comes off of a very beautiful day, and in fact, karen sent this to me on facebook from ridley creek state park of the beautiful fall foliage near the swing sets and the picnic benches. really spectacular park and she was talking back and forth on facebook and she was saying that because of our recommend dayses, both cecily and i should check out ridley creek state park. she d you can see that brilliant blue skies and orange yellow and red bursting with color in the delaware valley. reds are the sign and the yellow and orange are their
10:34 pm
technical name for that particular color in the pigmentation in the leaves. forty-seven in quakertown. forty-six in pottstown. forty-six saint david. forty-nine in kenneth square. a little cool. pockets to the north and west. south and east 44 in hammington. forty-three in vineland. temperatures are dropping, in central parts of southern new jersey but a little warmer right along the the shore upper 50's with that ocean temperature coming in at 62. satellite and radar high pressure has been in control and these clouds that are pushing in kind fading off of the satellite here but there is a front near chicago that will push through here on wednesday but prior to that tomorrow we have got those southeasterly winds up to 75 degrees. 12 degrees above normal with sunshine, and some clouds, pushing in very late in the day. front migrates through here on wednesday but as it pushes through it has no moisture and just a lot have of clouds, some sunshine and there could be a brief shower with the
10:35 pm
front on wednesday afternoon or evening. temperatures still above average but, a little bit cooler then tuesday at 71. future tracker showing on thursday afternoon, at 3:00 o'clock temperatures falling in the upper 50's, and with 40's lurking just to the north and west. so allentown lehigh valley tomorrow, lot have of sun, a a warm breeze with a temperature coming in at 73 degrees. at the shore, couple degrees cooler in the lehigh valley but not bad still mild, 70 degrees with a light wind and sunshine, upstairs. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast in philadelphia 75. some thermometers will try to push the upper 70's tomorrow and then warm, cloudy on wednesday, a few peaks of sun, maybe a shower with the front at 71. we will drop down to 60, much cooler thursday but a lot of sun in the northwestern suburbs staying in the 50's on thursday, and speaking of 50 ease, that is all we're getting here on friday for halloween, the clouds will thicken up so it will be
10:36 pm
chilly for trick or treaters but won't be wet. but over the weekend it is windy and cold saturday. forty-eight. maybe a couple of showers in the afternoon with wind chills in the 40's, on saturday, we turn the clocks back an hour and then sunday still chilly only 49 with recovery coming in here by monday. so are you ready for that little bit of winter with wind chills. >> darker and colder. >> yes. >> thank you, adam. lava has people fleeing from their homes in hawaii, the hot stuff is heading right towards homes and businesses, we will tell you how it is moving in their direction. coming up, a brawl breaks out at an airport and it is caught on camera how color of one man's shirt sent another man off.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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canadian officials say gunman who opened fire killing a sold inner canada talked about the country's foreign policy and religious beliefness a video before the attack. police say michael zehaf bibeau was deliberate, lucid and purposes full in articulating the the basis for his attack. he was killed when he stormed into parliament. a 16 year-old in seattle was a arrested today for bringing a molotov cocktail to
10:40 pm
school. there was another teen who turned in the student. the school was evacuated and police went from room to room to make sure there was no device. this comes days after a 14 year-old opened fire at a nearby school killing two students, before shooting himself. and a man was attacked because of the color of his shirt and it was all caught on camera. this is video from dallas fort worth, international airport, it starts with an angry man taunting another man because he is wearing a pink shirt. then he kicks and slaps him because he believes he is gay. other passengers immediately jump in and tackled the man until police arrived. he was arrested. a man who was snapped pictures of the new mom, breast-feeding is out of a job tonight. jamie gust taff son was dining at a jason's dell any san antonio last week and nurse herring two month-old son when she caught an employee snapping photos on his phone. his sister confronted a man and reported him to manage.
10:41 pm
he had been let go and restaurant issued a statement saying they support breast-feeding. jamie says that she will continue breast-feeding in public but she might not be as comfortable next time. >> i'm nervous about it and i will probably bring a blanket or a cover, you know, and take a little bit more heat but i will not take my kid in the bathroom to eat. >> jamie is not upset with the restaurant but she has filed a police report. with just days before halloween a grinch is trying to dampen the holiday spirit, woman is caught stealing decorations off this front porch. owner tells us this isn't the first time thieves have hit her house at the holidays. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team get morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting 4:59:30 a.m. only
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10:44 pm
thieves are costly headaches for drivers if allentown, tires are being stolen from cars, and one victim took video of his vehicle, stripped down to the frame. police have seen a rise in these types of thefts, since the spring, and they have been reporting in areas wheat
10:45 pm
streetlights on the city's east side. halloween grinch has struck, and there is surveillance video of a woman stealing decoration from his a south philadelphia home. it turns out this than the is the first time the home in the 1100 block of fitzgerald has been robbed, of their holiday decor. sarah bloomquist spoke to the owner. >> when i woke up in the morning my mom said this. >> reporter: as always the front of josephine's south philadelphia row home is deck out for the holiday and in this case halloween but her new decoration a spooky monster butler is now missing. stolen right off of her front step. >> it was a butler. i had a big bird on its shoulder that talked. he went by and would it talk. >> reporter: josephine's son lived right across the the street and his surveillance camera capture the thief in action. it was october 23rd at 3:24 a.m., the the woman got out of the car and walk up to the front of the josephine's row home. she took her time, carefully
10:46 pm
unscrewing the wire, and then attached the the ghoulish guy to the front of the house. >> the the lights were wired, neck was wired, she actually sat on the step 3:30 in the morning and took her time. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time josephine's home had been targeted by suspects in search of seasonal decor, not the first time they had been caught either on camera. november 26th of last year two suspects a man, woman made off with two santa's from her sidewalk. >> i felt like taking everything down, second time this has happened to me. >> reporter: her neighbors feel for josephine fierce grinches steel christmas and now this witch makes off with this monster. >> that is just cruel, that is not nice but i feel like the way the world is, it will be a lot more of that. >> it is a horrible thing. this is a nice quiet peaceful neighborhood and it is really a sad thing to happen around the holidays for people. man and woman installing sanity a's were captured shortly afterwards when detectives on the case spotted the stolen santa's in the front window of a row home
10:47 pm
just a few blocks away. if you can help philadelphia police track down would the man who made off with the monster you are asked to call south detectives. in south philadelphia, i'm sarah bloom questions for "action news" at ten on "action news" at ten on phl17. harry potter, still casting spells. the the demand is so high at this london hotel that the web site keeps crashing. georgiaan house is offering the chance to channel your inner hog warts. a limited number of rooms called wizards chambers are deck out with potions bottles, and other items from the the popular series. a one night stay will set you back about 300 bucks. one week after apple pay launched several retailers are getting rid have of it. you can no longer use it at cvs, rite aide, the stores haven't given any explanation about why they turned off apple pay. forbes magazine says it could be because cvs and rite aide are part of the group working
10:48 pm
on a rival payment system concerned current-c. sweet news from duncan doughnuts, company is planning to roll roll out something similar to the cronot. this they are calling it croissant doughnut. they will be sold november 3rd. they became a huge hit more than a year ago when a new york city bakery introduced them, since that time a lot of places have tried to replicate them. and, it is time now for sports and send it over to jamie apody live at the big board, jamie. >> all eyes are on tonight's cowboys redskins game. big development, tony romo left after taking a bat head to his bad back in the third quarter. right now, they are leading 17-ten. i have been told that washington up on dallas, and who gets the blame for last loss. he threw for 411 yards and
10:49 pm
franchise record 32 completions. threw two interceptions in the red zone. that makes eight for quarterback in the last four games. eagles team has 17 turnovers and, seven games this season. he has had 12 of those. triple number he had had in ten games. and chip kelly on his quarterback. >> it makes five and two in my opinion. your quarterback on time of how you win and lose. both games we have lost we have had a chance to win the game, on the offensive side of the ball. we did not execute in those situation is of course eagles were exposed yesterday with the safety where nate allen was beat on the 75-yard game winning score. that looking to upgrade the position before the trading deadline which is tomorrow afternoon. the coach says allen, realizes he made a big mistake. >> he bit the cheese. he admits it. but i don't think you can be define by one play. there were two plays, 180 yarder and 175 yarder.
10:50 pm
besides that i thought our defense played outstanding all day long. >> the flyers welcomed jeff carter and mike richards and kings tomorrow. big question is who is in net ray emery has all three wins despite the fact that steve mason is supposed to be their number one guy. craig beruby said he will sleep on it but not a bad problem to have. >> we have two good goalies, and i use them both last year and i will use them both this year. i mean i think we're searching into something that is not really, you know, it is not real. >> news for hockey flares for downingtown that claude giroux showed up to their practice in west chester. i imagine, they, will have a great story to tell, during homeroom tomorrow. rebuilding of the sixers continue, today they traded arenet moldry, for travis outlaw and second round pick in 2019. sixers open up wednesday in indiana. once they returned home fans will get to see, 50 brand new
10:51 pm
367,893rd d lighting system that the team tested out in the wells fargo center. exciting to see also what we have in nerlens noel and some of the other players. high expectations despite the fact this is a guy who is only 20 years old. he has only played one year of college basketball. he will try not to do too much. >> i think my body knew at times but my mind is patient. just, you know, it is a work in progress. i really want to come out and justin to work on things that i need to work on. >> college hoops season upon us, jay wright's team pick to win the big east by the coaches. they will return almost everyone from their record it ising 29-five season last year but coach knows, anything can happen. >> we could be one of the best teams in the country. we could also be at the bottom of our league. it is really that fragile. it will be tough to match last years record but, that goal will be to try to be a better team. >> and they open up
10:52 pm
november 14th. of course they were knocked out by u-conn the eventual national champion. >> trying it again. >> yes. >> thanks, jamie. pretty excited kids tonight, eagles defensive end fletcher cox, crashed football practice in the area tonight. he paid a surprise visit to the wildcats. he talked to the students, fourth through eighth grade students signed autographs and posed for pictures. mcdonald's also gave the kids, cups, featuring some of the
10:53 pm
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lava from a volcano on hawaii's big island is threatening homes. dozens of families, sit in its path. the flow is moving at a speed of ten to 15 yards an hour, and the lava is more than 2,000 degrees, and inn sins everything it touches. dozens of homes, businesses, face destruction, but had hawaii's governor is asking for a presidential disaster, declaration. something that we are all keeping an eye on. >> absolutely. >> scary to see that but it moves so slowly hopefully they had time to prepare. >> that is right. >> divert around it. >> nothing scar bye our forecast. >> no, it is halloween week, it may be scary later but not tomorrow. looking pretty good, a little slight chill in the air, maybe light jacket to start the day but won't need it in the afternoon. fifty at 6:00 in the morning at 8:00 o'clock 53 degrees,
10:56 pm
with sunshine. that sunshine takes control here on tuesday, and then again jackets may leave in the locker so remine them to put it in the backpack in the afternoon. sixty-two at 10:00 o'clock. seventy-two at 1:00. by 4:00 o'clock dropping off in the middle 70's but that big drop in temperature does come by halloween and weekend. >> enjoy it. >> please do. >> thanks, adam. these tiny queens made quite an entrance into the world, courtney, felt the beginning of contractions owe she and her husband decided to head to the hospital. her water broke on the way. the couple called 911 and was told to stay put but they didn't feel it was an option until 15 minutes later there was more drama. >> while he was driving, i still had my clothes on. i said take my pants off. i tack me pants off. and the baby came out and my pants caught him. >> wow. >> okay. >> a short time later their
10:57 pm
daughter was born, but the family, the family arrived, their daughter that is, family arrived at the hospital and nurses brought them inside. they are healthy and their parents say, they were relieved. imagine giving birth to twins. >> i could not imagine it. >> i know you can't. >> thanks for joining us tonight, for "action news" at ten modern family is next. followed by friends. now for all of us here at "action news" have a great the night. we will see you back here tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
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