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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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right here, right here, property, the the republican party. >> we've got you, brother, we have your license plate, your face and everything. >> a state senator in delaware has an embarrassing incident, someone was caught stealing her rival party's political signs. that someone turned out to be her own husband. wednesday night the big story on "action news" is political pill furring caught on video. >> dann cuellar is live in middletown and dann, you have details on the big story tonight. >> reporter: well, brian, police say someone had been stealing republican political
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signs over the last few days owe campaign workers staked out the area to see who was behind this. police say ate appears to be husband of the democratic state senator bethenny hall long who was behind this and it was all captured on videotape. >> what are you doing this for? what are you doing this for? hey, don't stop me. those are not your signs, budd. >> reporter: it was 4:00 this morning republican campaign workers confronted a man who was removing the political signs on delaware 299 near route one intersection. >> there is no name on these signs. >> yes, they are right here. right here, property of the republican party. >> we've got you brother, we've got your license plate, your face and everything. >> reporter: police identified the man as damon long, husband of the bethenny hall long, a warrant has been issued for his arrest. we caught up with him tonight. mr. licensing, any comment on the charges filed against you, sir. >> on the advice of counsel i cannot make any comment at
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this time. >> reporter: what were you doing in that video with those signs. >> on the advice of counsel i cannot make any comments at this time. >> reporter: head of the republican party in delaware is outraged. >> that shoes not happen, in a campaign when it comes to the sitting election official, who has run for office before. it is absolutely should not have happened. she owes the voters of delaware an apology. >> reporter: now in a statement it senator hall long says in part, quote my husband is my high school sweetheart and he loves me very much. i was not aware that he had had allowed his frustration over the campaign attack toss get the better of him. of course, i'm difficulties a a pint 30ed and wish that it had not happened. police expect he will turn himself into police headquarters, tomorrow, to face charges of theft and related offenses. we are live from middletown delaware, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> dann, thanks for that. the showers that dampened the evening rush, are out of
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here but they did leave behind some cooler weather and is there an even bigger dip on the way, for the weekend. meteorologist adam joseph is at the big board with more from accu weather. >> yes, shirleen big story was not rainfall totals but that quick drop in temperature after the front passed through. temperatures took a tumble. at 1:00 we hit the a high of 70 degrees and four short hours later a at 5:00 is there already 54, a 16-degree drop in temperature, and that four hour stretch. right now it is kind of end out. it is 54 in philadelphia. forty-nine in reading. forty-eight in lancaster. fifty-five in dover. at the the shore, in the upper 50's and right now poconos it is a chilly, 38 degrees. a as we look the at satellite and radar you can see that line of showers that passed from the western suburbs around two or 3:00 o'clock and now skirting off the coast of the present time. still some lingering showers anywhere from atlantic city down to cape may, really just a couple sprinkles but with the sky clearing to the north and west we are seeing some
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areas of fog that are developing because of the damp ground but light wind, and those cooler temperatures. so, notice areas of fog, if you are driving around late tonight, at 38 degrees in will allentown. always use your low beams as you bum in to that fog. you don't want that extra light beaming out because it reflects back off of the water droplets. forty-five in philadelphia millville coming in at 41. as we look to the north and west, and northern part of canada near also the north pole, and, 0 degrees, right now you can see all of these very winter-like temperatures way below average. a piece of this will break off with energy and head in our direction. we will talk about precipitation for the upcoming weekend and chill that arrives, in just how cool it will be with that halloween forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. >> police have been combing over surveillance video of a beating in south philadelphia that endedded with a victim being shot. victim says that this is a random attack but from what the a attacker says during the
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assault it seems like they didn't think so, "action news" reporter kenneth moton following this one tonight and kenneth, there could be a element of revenge here. >> reporter: there could be, brian but at this point investigators don't know because sources say victim has in the been cooperating with police. detective are hoping that surveillance video will generate tips but so far nothing. whacked with the baseball bat and shot, police released disturbing surveillance video of the incident that had people in the south philadelphia neighborhood, on edge tonight. >> i just want to make sure walking down the street with my dog, somebody will not come up to me, so i just want to feel safe. >> reporter: investigators say around 3:00 a.m. saturday a 26 year-old kensington man was walking on the 100 block of carpenter street toward second when he was stalk and ambushed by an older man who had a gun and young woman who was arm with the baseball bat. police sources say gunman yelled you know what you did you son of a expletive before the victim hit the chest with
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the bat. man tried to get away but shooter fired twice striking him in the leg. south detectives say man and woman took off toward front while victim was left in the street but he survived. police sources say man had drugs in his system and initially he claim he didn't know his attackers. now, he is not cooperating. >> i kind of get the sense that there is a connection there whether it is more domestic or on is kind of premeditated act. >> reporter: residents told us there have been car break ins but police haven't confirmed if the crimes have anything to do with the violent attack. >> it doesn't look like, they just stumbled upon them in that fashion. this is something that looked more like they are staking him out and waiting to come along. >> reporter: that bat was recover from the scene just down the street here, it was broken. the gun man was white, 45 to 50 years old, stocky and bald. woman white, a brown shoulder length curly hair and both wearing blue jackets. reporting live from south
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philadelphia tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> kenneth, thank you. camden county police officer is arrested in a heroin and crack cocaine bus. ashley bailey is also, married to another one of the suspects, 40 arrests were made today, prosecutors say that the drug organization pushed drugs from the streets of camden to south jersey suburbs and down the shore. the sales volume reached an estimated $1.2 million per year. officer bailey is accused of accessing confidential police information to tip off members of the operation about police under cover investigations. vice cops never expect to run into one of their own in under cover decoy operation. twenty-six year veteran of the philadelphia police force ronald thompson is suspended with the intent to dismiss. he is charged with criminal solicitation and patronizing a prostitute. this is the video that
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stopped so much of the country in its tracks, yesterday, that unmanned rocket and exploding upon launch in virginia yesterday. that blast of course dealt a huge setback to nasa's commercial space flight effort but it incinerated two and a half tons of cargo some of it potentially hazardous fuel, some of it science experiments dreamed up by local school kids. this is very kind of tube that the kids from ocean city high school space flight experiment team haddon board the rocket. it contained a piece of lettuce ande coal i bacteria with the hope of how bacteria behaves in micro gravity. some of the kids were there yesterday as the rock the it exploded, they told to us day just what it was like to see that. >> their jaws dropped and it was just so scary. >> i was terrified. i was so scared. i thought, i didn't know what i thought. i was in shock. >> reporter: district superintendent says good news is that in one was injured and
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they are trying to turn that horrifying event into a lesson. science exploration is never predictable, often requires great risk. over at the big board now and president obama says americans who volunteer to fight the ebola a out break in west africa should be praised not punished and that is exactly what happened today at the white house. he a applauded a group of medical workers who have served or will serve in the hot zone, among them doctor kent brantly who survivede bowl and donated plasma to america survivors. their commitment to fighting ebola in west africa. the the president said it is key to preventing an out break here. >> until we stop this out break in west africa, we may continue to see individual cases in america, in the weeks and months ahead. we cannot seal ourselves off. >> a nurse who volunteered
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with doctors without boarders in sierra leone say she will sue if remains to be forced to be in quarantine for a total of 21 days. she reiterated that stance during a short appearance outside her boyfriend's home tonight. hick cox says she's ending her voluntary quarantine tomorrow. officialness maine say that they will monitor her movements if she leaves her house but they conn not detain her without a judge's approval. who survives this deadly disease? new study published by the new jersey, new england journal, that is of medicine, gives insight into just who survives ebola and who dogs not. over all the average fatality rate is around 50 percent, for this study, researchers looked at a patients in sierra leone. they found people under 21 were twice as likely to survive then those over 45. and also the earlier the the care begins, including lots of hydration, the greater the chances of survival.
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brian? >> shirleen, if you decide to light up in wilmington's public places, you better be prepared for police to stop you. the a an executive order signed by mayor dennis williams banned smoking in city parks, playgrounds and bus stops. change takes effect immediately but mayor's office tells us that warnings will be issued until signs can be clearly posted. city council reject that move in a vote earlier this month. full hour of "action news" at ten continues with the farewell to a favorite at the philadelphia zoo. also, a young girl survives a frightening dog attack, tonight she's tell her very personal story. for last four weeks abington and jefferson health care system have been exploring becoming one and today, they are taking a big step forward, i'm sharrie williams a look at the proposed merger coming up. and on health check not getting enough sleep the effect can vary depending on your age.
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for over 75 years, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to keep pace. independence blue cross. live fearless. two major players in the region's medical industry are one step closer to becoming one very big health system tonight. abington health and jefferson health systems outlined their ambitious plans today. so what does that mean for patients? "action news" reporter sharrie williams takes it from there
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and she's live tonight in center city with the details, hi sharrie. report report hi brian and these are two storied health care systems that we are talking about. leaders from both side said they plan to create a new innovative way to address health care, with great services, and lower costs. two leading hospitals, now have plans to become one. it is a historic a announcement, abington health and jefferson health systems are merging creating the largest health care system in the region. the two signed a letter of intent today. >> this is all about creating a reimagined health care system. >> reporter: doctor steven glass co has been name president and ceo of the new organization. he is currently ceo of thomas jefferson university, jefferson health system. >> we believe that we will increase patient quality and access. we will decrease costs. we will have significant improved patient satisfaction. >> reporter: over the last 30 days the two studied each other inside and out to see if it was a good fit, the
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combined partnership would have five hospitals, three in philadelphia, and two in montgomery county. >> coming together, we bring our collective strength and abilities, that will allow each organization to focus on delivering the the right care at the right time at the right location and the most efficient cost for patients. >> reporter: last year the five health centers collectively handled more than 84,000 hospital admissions and over 1 million outpatient visits. financially both systems are sound. jefferson cleared over 100 million for the 2014 fiscal year while abington memorial posted a profit of more than 17 million. the two insist they are merging not because they need to but because communities in the delaware valley deserve the best. >> health care in the united states and in this region is being transformed from a volume and mod toll one based on value and wellness. >> reporter: both of the health systems like the idea of having reach in the city
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and suburbs. now between the the two there are 13,000 employees, no word was given today as far as any changes to staffing. the merger is expect to be completed by next year. live from center city, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> obviously big implications we will continue to follow that. now to accu weather looking ahead to what we hope is not a frightening halloween forecast. >> adam joseph is tracking changes tonight at the big board, some of those are good and some of those are bad. >> most of it is on the good side especially through the rest of the week as we stay dry, so a nice treat but weekend, that is when it turns wet and sour so to speak. as we look at middletown delaware this evening the sky had a glow to it. those hughs of orange and reds and even purple as sun was returning. this was sent in on my twitter page by debbie. a beautiful shot there. enjoying that glow to the sky as clouds are breaking up, showers are moving away and
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sun returning with those longer wave lengths of light that kind of only pull the oranges and red out of the at months fear. looking at the highs today it was above normal. 70 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-eight in wilmington. seventy-three in millville. seventy-four in atlantic city. wright town 72 degrees. the numbers have have quickly fallen though to the west, where we're starting to clear the sky. forty-eight in reading. better millville 54. fifty-five in dover. where those temperatures have fallen into the upper 40's where the sky cleared out first, notice in that general area, also visibility is dropping to about a quarter mile near pottstown in the north western montgomery county, near green lane, even allentown close to a half mile visibility and much better in southern new jersey, delaware, philadelphia because the clouds are still in play. a couple left over showers near the shore but that clearing air continues to penetrate in from the west and we will be here in time for everybody tomorrow morning as that rush hour.
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lots of sunshine and seasonable start and that seasonal start will feel kind of chilly after the last couple of warm mornings. 48 degrees by 8:00 o'clock and then in the afternoon tomorrow normal is around 62 degrees. we will call it seasonal, sun and clouds. sixty philadelphia. sixty-two millville. northwestern suburbs allentown and reading our highs will be between about 57 and 59 degrees. now numbers will cool even more so as we get into halloween and we will have that trick or treat forecast and those big changes to come with a more december-like feeling for the first week end of november. >> oh, boy. >> all right, thank you. time for first look at sports tonight as eagles look to battle through injury to get their groove back. >> jeff skversky is in for ducis rodgers tonight and he is live in the "action news" sports center. >> most guys who tear their biceps have season ending surgery but eagles guard todd herremans is trying to tough it out on sunday. as far as rest have the the guys houston is a familiar
10:20 pm
nest for some of the bird. jamie apody has more. >> eagles feel right at home in houston. in fact seven current eagles played for the texans at one time or another that is more than 3 percent of the roster. >> we have a lot of key important players on our team here in philly that came from houston. they are contributing and helping this team win games. >> reporter: demeco ryans played his first two years. connor barwin was his teammate there. he spent his first four seasons in houston a lot of my former teammates are still there good to see those guys. i had fun playing in the stadium. it will be different playing for a different team. >> reporter: then is there josh huff who didn't play for houston but was born and raised there he will have 30 to 40 family members in the stand and he wears his heart for houston on his leg. that is a texans tattoo. >> i got the tattoo because the texans were my favorite team and i grew up pretty much, any houston team i
10:21 pm
loved. >> is there plenty have room for some eagles. >> yeah, yeah. >> sound a little unsure. with the eagles jamie a apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right, jamie, he need an eagles tattoo on the other leg. sixers open up the season in indiana. wait until you hear what former sixers coach larry brownies saying about the team tonight, that is coming up and br[ male announcer ] tomcat bait kills up to 12 mice,
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we have heart breaking news from the philadelphia zoo today, the 17 year-old tiger, was euthanized yesterday. vets say she suffered a disorder in her front right paw which prevented her from putting any weight on it. because of her advanced age and poor prognosis, zoo staff decided it was time to say good bye. she grew up in the philadelphia zoo, she made it her home as a cub, in 1998 and became a mom of 13 little tigers, zoo officials say that she will be greatly missed. on health check at ten, sleep causes more problems
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then we first thought. it can make kids hyperactive and often mistaken for adhd. for teens it makes learning harder, trigger acne and causes acne. for adults sleep deprivation leads to weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. some drexel university students had a chance to learn, from the best tonight. >> ♪ >> philadelphia orchestra violin player david kim gave a master class to eight members of the drexel he will orchestra. kim played a piece for them and then allowed them to play one of their own. students received invaluable one of their own. students received invaluable fee
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still ahead tonight coming up at 10:30 for the first time we are here 911 calls the made, that tour bus crash in delaware. plus we will talk to one very brave little will will girl survived a pit bull attack and after a month in the hospital, she's home and talking about her recovery. next up chopper six over a crash in gloucester county tonight that ended way dump crash in gloucester county tonight that ended way dump truck in
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here's a look at the big stories we are following on "action news" at ten on phl17. >> delaware state senator's husband has been caught red-handed, police say bethenny hall long's husband, damon, was busted stealing republican political signs. he was confronted at 4:00 this morning while removing those signs on delaware 299. hall long says that she's disappointed. potential showdown is brewing, between the state of maine and casey hickcox. she's the nurse who treated ebola patientness west africa. she says that she plans to end her voluntary quarantine unless the state changes its 21 day consignment policy by
10:31 pm
tomorrow. officials are seeking a court order to detain her. now to a developing story out of gloucester county tonight, chopper 6hd was just over a crash in franklin, new jersey. the the driver of a dump truck lost control and crashed into that retention pond there. incredibly the the driver walked away from this unharmed. we still don't know what caused the driver to lose control along tuckahoe road near route 40 tonight. we have an update on the story we first brought you last night at 10:30 an arrest has been made in the boothwyn hit and run. javier alvarez of west chester is facing several charges, including failing to stop and render aid. he was a arraigned today and remains behind bars because he could not post bond. alvarez is accused of striking someone last night the in the 500 block of connchester highway and then taking off. new tonight for the first time we are hearing the call for help that came from the scene of a deadly tour bus
10:32 pm
crash in delaware. this was the scene on september 21st when the bus overturn on the ramp from route one to route 13, in new castle. three people were killed and more than 40 people were injured. this is what it sounded like as drivers stopped to help those injured at the scene. >> is there anybody trapped in here? inn investigators say a driver of the bus was traveling at an unsafe speed. the bus driver of flushing new york was behind the wheel and charged in that incident. a driver left a path of destruction this evening in philadelphia it was around 7:30 when someone hit a park suv from behind, knocking tonight to a telephone pole. the pole then toppled over and hit two more cars. this was the scene in the 5200 block of lebanon avenue in the
10:33 pm
overbrook neighborhood. police scoured the area but they have not been able to find the culprit. voluntary manslaughter charges have been now filed against a northeast philadelphia man accused of killing his daughter's boyfriend. voluntary manslaughter charges, a await that man, after those charges and police say 41 year-old charles jordan shot mark cari on last month. father initially told investigators that he thought he was an intruder but charges now indicate that the cari on provoke him in some way before the shooting. jordan is out on bail tonight. this was a difficult day for family of the autumn pasquale, that murdered stein, would have turned 15 today. >> ♪ happy birthday >> this evening her family gathered at a park in clayton new jersey named in autumn's memory. several groups raised money and dedicated a gazebo in her
10:34 pm
honor. she spent time at this park growing up. earlier this week her family announced they are suing several law enforcement agencies saying they did not do enough to save autumn. she was kill october 20,102nd by justin robinson. sheep was strangled, her body dumped in the garbage can. he is serving a 17 year sentence. very brave little girl is home from the hospital tonight and talking about her frightening ordeal. eight year-old emily was attacked by her family's pit bull last in month. it the nearly cost her one of perfect arms. deaths spite that, she's still loving animals and emily spoke to "action news" reporter eva pilgrim about her young life now. >> reporter: rain could not keep eight year-old emily away, she wore a vest over her sling and smile on her face at the mobility challenge at the university of delaware today. >> today, i wanted to come and do some arts and crafts because i really love arts and crafts. >> reporter: emily was just released from chop yesterday. she was attacked by her
10:35 pm
family's pit bull september 27th. >> i'm happy to be at home. >> she's back to being herself. she's got her old personality back. it was touch and go there for a while. >> reporter: after a month in the hospital and number of surgeries doctors still say it will be months and many more surgeries before they will know if he she will regain full use of her arm. meanwhile, her family plans for her to return to school for a half day friday, just in time for halloween with her classmates. >> she was really addmont about hoping to get home to do halloween trick or treating so we're very excited that she will be home for that. >> between local uniform shop, monogram specialty and taylor here on main street they have stepped into donate new uniforms and to modify them to go over her back to school and everybody else which is real important to her. >> reporter: it has been a tough month for this family who says things are starting
10:36 pm
to return to normal. >> september 27th, we didn't know if she was going to live. now she's about 35 days later and -- >> yes. >> eva pilgrim for "action news" at ten on phl17. impressive little girl there. >> turning to accu weather on a day that started out warm and ended up kind of chilly. >> there is more have that kind of up and town in the next seven days. adam joseph is standing by with the very latest. >> it is more down then up as we go forward especially threw up coming weekend. double scan live radar will show those showers, pushing off the companies in southern new jersey and delaware. spitting rain drops. all and all you can see clearing skies to the the north and west and little fog in spots as well. as we look right now with the temperatures to the north and west with the sky, clearing, the temperatures have quickly dropped in the upper 40's and with those temperatures in the upper 40's, the dew point temperature is pretty close to the air temperature so we're
10:37 pm
hitting saturation in these location was that damp ground and that is developing some of the fog but to the south and east with cloud cover still around, the numbers are generally a little bit higher, then dew point so you don't have that condensation forming. fifty-two hammington. fifty-five woodbine. dover coming in at 53 degrees. call can see visibility from wilmington, philadelphia trenton is 10 miles or greater. it is to the north and west in chester, montgomery, northern bucks county and lehigh valley, reading and lancaster where we are dropping from allentown in the poconos and pottstown up close to a quarter mile. that is pretty dense fog and again, as you bum in to fog use low beams not high beams. satellite and radar there is a ribbon of moisture that continues to push off the coast. clearing skies. clouds are ripping apart the two north and west ushering in with what feels like very cold air, because we have been so warm lately. this is actually normal with those lows in the 40's. 60 degrees tomorrow. sun and clouds. much cooler.
10:38 pm
high pressure to the west. very light wind, draining out of the north. then the high stays off of the satellite imagery here and into friday. that will allow some energy to the north to dive in. but not in time for trick or treaters. it is a cool treat, 58 degrees on friday with the blend of clouds and sun. so, for the trick or treat forecast, mainly a treat here mostly cloudy it will be dry, 57 degrees at 5:00 he clock. by 9:00 o'clock, 50 degrees. maybe a couple extra layers under the costume for some of the young ones. as we look at damp and dreary weekend. we will have a very powerful, piece of energy diving in from the north. that will supply some rain showers for us but we will develop a major storm for northern new england and eastern parts of the canada and appalachians will pick up a a few inches of snow. head down to virginia or west virginia in the higher terrain to see any of that. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast partly sunny, 60 tomorrow.
10:39 pm
cooler for halloween at 58. turning windy on saturday with rain showers, kind of a raw day at five two. we will turn clocks back, we will gain an hour sleep on saturday night. sunday, windy, chilly at 49 degrees and then we will warm it backup to the 50's on monday and a have above normal in the middle of next week. we saw, gaining an extra hour of sleep. you know what that means. >> what. >> kids will get up at 4:30. >> if only. >> yes. >> thanks, adam. what could be cuter than this, little mickey, a little yoda with an iron man candy basket and little dog named taco dressed up as a taco. all right, not so sure his name was taco but he is pretty cute. this was a collegeville receiptry club annual halloween parade. fun family event had marchers of the living dead variety, and the costume contest for all ages.
10:40 pm
>> kind of creepy on time though. tonight lava is creeping closer to one hawaii town, the latest on its path, still ahead. plus it is video that has people talking. you will in the believe how many times one woman is cat called just walking on the streets of new york city. professor is found decapitated in the middle of the street, police now say they necessity who dit, that story is next.
10:41 pm
10:43 pm
breaking news from stanton, delaware. we have received this video of a crash as part of the southbound route seven closed, right now. police say a man and woman were injured when their car slammed in the parked tractor trailer. both victims were taken to christiana hospital, route seven is closed, near delaware park, in the area of telegraph road. police on long island say a professor with the decapitated by her son who then jumped in front of the train and killed himself. sixty-six year-old patricia award was identified today. her son derek killed her last night and dragged her body into the street. investigators found a knife inside the apartment. ward's 35 year-old son was known to suffer from psychiatric issues.
10:44 pm
an accused serial killer was in court today, darren vann entered a not guilty plea. indiana man charged with strangling women. he is suspect in the killing of the seven women. vann claimed to have killed even more people dating back 20 years. a woman in new york was met by dozens of cat calls, and it was all caught on camera. her experience was film for the anti street harassment group hollerback n10 hours she got 108 cat calls. video has gone viral and spark heated discussion on unsolicited comments, directed at woman. more stores are telling employees to enjoy thanksgiving at home, find out which retailers are refusing to open their doors. today marks two year anniversary of super storm sandy, a look at how one new jersey town is still trying to rebuild. and don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team get morning's top news
10:45 pm
headlines, weather and traffic starting at 4:30a m only on six
10:47 pm
super storm sandy slammed in the eastern sea board and
10:48 pm
devastated portions of jersey shore. storm is responsible for at least 182 deaths in new york and in new jersey, and caused about $65 billion in damage. toms river was one of the ocean county communities hit hard, to this day people are still rebuilding. new jersey governor chris christie mark the anniversary in toms river today and new jersey, correspondent nature a muchanic was there. >> it seems longer than two years ago to me. it seems like a very long time we have been at this. >> reporter: governor christie spent part of the second anniversary of sandy visiting east dover marina along the creek in toms river. the business was under waist high water after the storm and lost everything. they have been struggling to come back ever since. >> it has been a long time setting to where we are right now but we are trying to put it behind us and our biggest hurt toll get over is getting customers back again. >> you have to answer our questions. >> reporter: members of the group called stop fema now criticized governor christie for long delays and red tape,
10:49 pm
that has led to some storm victim is still waiting for grants. >> it has been a fight the entire two years. whether it be with the flood insurance, the d.c. a with the grant monies. >> i have moved in the last two years, 12 times. i don't have money reserved to rebuild and ask questions later. >> there are 10,000 homeowners that are still homeless in ocean county, shameful. >> you lose 365,000 homes, significantly damaged or completely destroyed in one day, you know, it is a long time and for anybody not back in their home yet they will be frustrated. i understand that. but we can only go as fast as we can go. >> reporter: governor acknowledged problems over last couple years but says grant program forstrom victims has improved. he said it will take years to fix what sandy did but the job will get done. i'm nora muchanic for "action news" at ten on phl17. switching gears it is time for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky live at the
10:50 pm
big board, jeff. >> only thing sixers are expected to compete for this season is number one overall draft pick. they have lowest payroll in the nba and expectations are even lower as the sixers open up the season tonight and not everyone on board with this tanking. look what larry brown a former sixth are coach says he rips gm sam hinkie. i hate is what going on in philly. it makes me sick to my stomach. maybe nerlens necessity he will will change brown's opinion. big man making his debut tonight. noel misses nine of his first 11 shots. nice throw down. he had six points, ten rebound. not everyone believes the sixers will be push overs. malcolm thomas push es roy hibbard. things get heated at the end of the half. sixers making a push for a win tonight. fourth quarter down six, with five to go, that is tony wroten with the slam. twenty-two for him. innings isers within four but the pacers just too tough.
10:51 pm
hibard with the basket and foul. sixers lose their first of many, 103-91. yep, this team is taking baby steps, all right. football new, if the eagles defense didn't get beat up enough on sunday in arizona in the final two minutes now they are hurting. safety nate allen and brandon boykin both missing practice today because of hamstring issues. todd herremans plans to stand and guard quarterback nick foles sunday begins texans even though he has a torn biceps generally a season ending injury. herremans plans to tough it out begins sack machine jj watts and company a lot of it will be todd's determination what he can and cannot do. we will talk to him at the end of the week and make a determination of what he can and can't do a guy like him, that understands, that has been through a lot of battles, and i will leave it up to him. >> if i can do it, todd herremans can do it. he is tough as nails. he is smart enough to adjust
10:52 pm
his technique. >> eagles go to houston on sunday where rookie receiver josh huff grew up. this is not something you see every day but huff has a texans tattoo on his leg. he grew up a huge texan fans. >> i got a tattoo just because texans were my favorite team. i grew up, any houston team i loved. >> is there plenty of room for some eagles. >> ahh, yeah. >> yeah. six years ago tonight phillies won the world series, tonight it will be either kansas city and san francisco in the winner take all game seven. ride now in the top of the eighth giants have a three-two lead over the royals. as far as phillies are rebuilding project is with to begin. piece of news today ruben a mar he says they will bring back ryne sandberg's entire coaching staff including larry bowa, starting tomorrow, day after world series, players
10:53 pm
can start filing for free agency and in five days, teams can start signing guys. >> it begins again. costco is not the only store telling employees to take thanksgiving off and enjoy the holiday. game stop and nordstrom say they will in the open on thanksgiving despite pressure to start black friday early. the trend toward early black friday sales reached a fever pitch last year with k-mart opening up at 6:00 a.m.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
main road in the rural continue on of pa hoa, which is 280 yards away. residents had weeks to prepare for is what being described as a slow motion disaster, this is lava from the kilauea volcano, 50 to 60 homes ape businesses are likely to be wiped off of the map because of it. scary stuff. >> yeah. >> wake up weather. >> no scary stuff around here, that is a good thing. >> as we step outside, the the door and that bus stop forecast there will be a chill in the air but this is typical this time of the year, and, 45 degrees at 6:00 in the morning by 8:00 o'clock we will grab at least three more degrees to that 45, and the day planner for your thursday, 47 degrees at 7:00 in the morning. fifty-one at ten and decent afternoon, seasonable with temperatures climbing in the upper 50's for most, center city hitting 60 degrees with
10:57 pm
southern new jersey and delaware. >> pretty good day. >> thanks, adam. thanks for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten modern family is next followed by friends. >> for shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers and jeff skversky. i'm brian taff, have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow and we will all see you back here tomorrow night. >> see you. o santa barbara
10:59 pm
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to pick up the bassinet. or we can save five hours and go around the corner to baby town. what are you doing all day? jay! it's fine, mom. no, it's not fine. today's manny's birthday. aw, jeez. i'm sorry, kid. don't worry. reuben's family's taking me for a birthday lunch. you see? even the reubens remembered. we'll be back at 6:00, and we're taking you to a special birthday dinner. okay? we are? jay! i'm sorry, kid. i wasn't sorry. it was a setup. we're throwing him a big surprise birthday party. and he totally fell for it, the little jerk. i mean, that's the whole point of a surprise party. you take someone who you really love and you play 'em like a fool. that's not the whole point of all this. manny has been feeling a little bit neglected, and i wanted to give him the most special day.