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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> he was one of the most wanted men in america. but, tonight, he is captured. eric frein the cop-killing suspect is in the custody of police tonight. and he's wearing handcuffs of the trooper he is accused of killing. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is at rest of eric frein. >> for nearly 7 weeks he avoid aid lane forcement respochbilitys authorities suspected he may have been hiding in and out abandoned buildings and tonight they found him in one a cording to pennsylvania state police he was taken into custody at abandoned
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hangar at the birch wood resort airport in tanersville, 40 miles south of where he is accused of ambushing two state troopers at the blooming groop grove state police barracks. "action news" sharee williams has a look at exactly what happened leading up to this moment in the search for frein. >> we'll begin tonight with annie mccormick with breaking developments in blooming grove tonight. an yes, i you have the latest. >> and, brian, that right, eric frein is alive and is in custody and will face charges including murder according to pike county district attorney. that arraignment has not happened at this time yet. state place and the community are glad and breathing a sigh of relief they finally can feel safe again. surrounded by state troopers eric frein arrived to bloominggrove state police barracks wearing handcuffs of brian dixon. these are pictures of the fugitive taken shortly after his arrest today. sources say u.s. marshals
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discovered the 31-year-old if he former birchwood resorts airport and spotted him near abandoned hangar. he was armed and sure ownederd without incident. he is charged with opening fire outside the barracks on september 12 killing corporal brian dixon and wounding alex douglass. pennsylvania state police describe the killing and assault as ambush. frein became one of fbi's most wanted and gripped the community in fear. tonight, residents finally are breathing a sigh of relief. >> back to normal. no more phone calls from the school that they're in lockdown and concerned protecting our children. i'm grateful for it. it's nerve wraking. >> i'm glad they got them. definitely. absolutely. and no other officers hurt in the interim. that's right, life can get
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back to normal. that includes halloween festivities tomorrow originally cancelled we're told a number of them are back on. we're still waiting to hear from state police. they are holding a press conference 11:00 tonight with governor corbett. waiting to hear their reaction to this. again the community can finally feel safe again. for now live in bloominggrove, pennsylvania, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> any, thank you. it has been a very long 49 days for everyone serving for eric frein. and for everyone living in the region around the search area has authorities trying to find this murder suspect. >> "action news" reporter sharee williams breaks down how he got to this point that violent night, september 129 the night the troopers were shot. >> that's what we will pick it up. friday, september 12, someone opened fire out the bloominggrove barracks killing brian dickson and seen yes,
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sirly injuring alex douglass. there was a man walking his dog. we'll get to him in a moment and spotted his vehicle submerged in a swamp. when that happened, that was the big break that police needed. because inside that suv they found frein's driver's license and evidence tying him to the ambush including shell casings. now with his name and address of possible shooter then the search expanded going to canadensis south ever the shooting where he grew up to his parents' homech the search sent the surrounding community on edge and pocono mountain school district decided to cancel school. frein reportedly used his cellphone to contact his paerps. also assuring police he was nearby. >> september 24 a camp site seen in the woods with soiled diapers and cigarettes came up and another camp site found october
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3 with a backpack and food supplies found. bit end of september the amount of officers involved in the search had risen to 1,000. on october 17 a woman reported a sighting of frein south of original area of price in barrett stwp and this is video from october 28 when another sighting happened this time it was around route 390 and today october 30 eric matthew frein is captured alive in an unused hangar at the birchwood pocono air park in and near tantanville. it ramped up the serve and it was reportedly costing more than $1 million a week. >> sharee, thank you. we can believe that. "action news" mornings will continue coverage of eric frein's capture when you wake one live reports beginning at 4:30 only on 6abc. and you always get updates on the 6abc news app. all right. turning tonight for the accuweather forecast and word
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your little princesses and super heros will need an extra layer under those halloween costumes tonight. meteorologist adam joseph is tracking numbers for us tonight, hi, adam. >> that is true, brian, you want them underneath to not cover up the costumes and temperatures going back to normal this time of year. two days ago, 76 for a high in philadelphia, 70 yesterday. today, 60. and the normal is right around 62. numbers are falling though. especially in suburbs. there's a chill in the air. 42 allentown and 45 trenton and 4 millville and 36 in the poconos and little warmer right along the shore between 50 on long beach island to the tip of okay may county coming in at 52. future tracker temperatures early tomorrow morning, 37 allentown and 38 reading and 39 in millville. so, really chilly tomorrow morning and it may sound or feel chilly but this is pretty average for this time of year. at the freezing point in the poconos and as we get to the afternoon tomorrow around 4:00, 54 allentown and 57 that's it in
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philadelphia and 56 millville. so a little below normal tomorrow for high temperatures. as we go into that trick or treat forecast at 5:00, temperature will be generally around 56. cooler in many suburbs under mostly cloudy skies by 9:00, temperatures dipping to upper 40s in suburbs and 50 city and could be drizzle trying to develop only at the shore communities while the rest of us are dry. we have big changes which include very strong wind over the weekend alicia and rain and timing on those in the 7-day. >> adam, state senator convicted of corruption will not send a day in jail for crimes. liana washington will serve five years of probation and three months of house arrest during that time. part of a plea deal that requires her to pay $200,000 in restitution. prosecutors accused her after using her tax funded staff to work on fundraising. this plea deal allows washington to keep her pension pension in
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exchange for information on other investigations. she will resign her office tomorrow. transit union boss willie brown has given septa until end of day tomorrow to produce a contract he likes. if it doesn't, he says he will consider calling a strike which will bring buses, trolleys and subway trains to a screeching halt. two sides went back to the bargaining table today and still have not reached a dealch the union has agreed to give the public 4 hours notice before its 4700 workers walk off the job. the fight against the ebola outbreak in west africa is making progress in some areas tonight. world health organization says rate of infection is slowing by as much as 25% week to week in liberia. still the threat there is very big one. and officials say without more international assistance that crisis will only get worse. nearly 5,000 people have died so far in west africa. >> well that number would undoubtedly be higher were it
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not for one dr. in nigeria that single handedly stopped the virus from spreading in that countrych the late doctor is a hero in west africa but as "action news" reporter dann cuellar tells us she has ties at home. >> meet dr. ameo adevedo and paid with her life. >> she was very courageous and unfortunately paid the ultimate sacrifice with her life when she pass away from the disease. >> it was back in july that liberian diplomat patrick sawyer entererd country and arrived at hospital after falling ill. junior doctor miss diagnosed him as having malaria and she suspected ebola. >> he denied having any contact with anybody who had ebola and wanted to be discharged because had came to nigeria to attend
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the conference. >> he failed to say he was with his sister before he died from ebola and does he manneded to be released. >> the patient and liberian government put my sister under tremendous pressure to discharge him and they said they would sue her because she was violating his human sgliingts she refused isolating patient and protect are her and save as best they could. two days later blood tests confirmed he had ebola and by the end of the week he was dead. less than a month later dr. dr. adevedo and eight others died from the dreaded disease. >> i'm upset that you know unfortunately the country was not ready for this outbreak. she paid the price. >> today her staff is credited for keeping nigeria ebola free. she's seen by many there was a national hero and non-profit trust fund is established in her name to support health care anywhere her area. she hopes this will inspire doctors to fight the disease in west africa to keep it from
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spread around the world. >> it comforts me a little bit there is a lot of pain my loss is deep and life will never be the same without my sister and the fact she's recognized as a hero gives me comfort. >> dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> nurse casey hickcox is ready for a show down for -- hickcox treated ebola patient in sierra leone and is opposed to isolated. her lawyers rejektd scale down quarantine which would allow her to go for walks and bike rides and staying away from public places. she went biking with her boyfriend today. so far she has no symptoms and tested negative for the virus. her 21 day quarantine is scheduled to end november 10. >> the husband of a delaware state senator turned himself into police today to face theft charges.
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dana long surrendered to authorities this morning. all this stems from this video that clearly shows long married to incumbent senator, he's out on bail tonight. senator said she was unaware of his actions. survivors of domestic violence had a celebration thrown in their honor tonight. lutheran settlement house posted the event in hunting park. dozens of brave women who over came the situation was part of organization bilingual domestic violence program. so were the family and friends. >> and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" tonight a terminally ill woman that publicly planned her own death. now says she had a change of heart. >> also a local police department is taking risk out of buying and selling on craigslist. check out its face zone next. >> and turns out the did who operated this rocket blew it up on purpose. operated this rocket blew it up on purpose. their reason
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four people were killed and some injured after a plane crashed in wichita, cap can.
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three of the dead were inside the building and a fourth found on the roof is preassumed to be the pilot. the company behind wednesday's doomed space flight says it intentionally blue up the rocket so as to avoid an even greater disaster. orbital science is the contractor that activated the rocket and it activatedself sgrukt sigh consequence that it became evident it would not make it to orbit to deep from flyinging over populated areas. it destride two tons of supplies doupd for international space station. >> this time tomorrow night kids across the delaware and lehigh valleys will be counting their candy. >> recovering from stomach ache after even too much of. it the worj should cooperate for fun filled halloween night. >> stomach ache and a all a nice night.
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more of a trick that treat for tomorrow. there's eye shot from nancy the face back page newtown tyler state park beautiful shot there against the calm lake and brilliant colors peaking presently. but unfortunately a lot of those leaves are going to be ripped off of the trees come saturday and especially on sunday. 60 the high temperature today. little closer to the normal of 62. low 45 pretty arm with normal low being 44 in your records and 27 and 81 degrees. as we look at the numbers around the region. 342 allentown and 4 reading 46 wilmington and 46 millville and there's a chill in the air with philadelphia trying to match shore temperatures only around r50 to 51. as we look at satellite and radar you notice clouds to the north and west break ago part at the present time as we're kind of losing what was some instability in the atmosphere today. so as we look at future tracker generally it's clear as we start
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your friday the end of the work and school week at:00 in the morning and then into the afternoon. winds wrap in off the water and off the at plantic low pressure develops east and it throws clouds our way i-95 to south and east and there could be even a few showers or dizle that starts to develop sometime in the evening or overnight hours in the shore moving inland. as we look at the morning rush. no pump in the road here nothing scary to start halloween. temperatures 41. 6:00, 44 at 8 with that chilly start and across the region in the afternoon it's below average. 56 allentown and 5 trenton and 57 dover we start with sun and clouds start to build from the east to the west with that fall chill in the air. when i come back with the 7-day forecast, brian, we'll talk about temperatures falling even further over the weekend as those winds whip up and the rain pushes in. >> all right, adam, see you soon. thank you. coatsville area high school class made an unconventional
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choice for homecoming king. you know what they could not be more proud of it. kyle shaveky has avm. despite going up against well-known athletes his classmates elected kyle adds ting king. kyle was overwhelmed by the support of all his schoolmates and says he hopes it shows people with disabilities have few limitations. >> i guess i kind of sowed myself and others that you can do whatever you want to when you -- if you can do it. and you should try it. >> no surprise to us after talking to kyle but his teachers say he is humble young man that will no doubt go very far in life. our congratulations to king kyle tonight. >> i love that smile. >> absolutely. >> time for first look at sports tonight. >> scev jeff is in for ducis rogers in the "action news" sports center hey, jeff. >> hey, guys, running back for eagles darren sproles will he return this week and nate allen can he play?
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center jason tell circumstance of course, important details for sunday's game in houston although head coach chip kelly claims newspaper of that is important to him. jamie apody has more. >> this time it's thrown out to the far side of the bubble sglooen with innovative offense and unique approach to training chip kelly is hot topic in the nfl. on the field poker faced and on podium fast talking and quick whitted intention alley or not. take today's press conference the irony they have 7 former texasian as on their roster. >> and jeff maehl that played for both. >> he's a daily double. >> jeopardy for you. the answer he'll play safety sunday if nate allen's hamstring is not healed enough. question, who is earl wolff. kelly was asked today if wolff met expectations he had for him in the second season. >> for him to start every game, 27,000 picks and super bowl. he has not exceeded that right now. >> kelly is a word smith he is
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no medical profession at. probed by the fact hi as a handoff approach with players injuries he offered up this gem. >> for a guy that tore muscles i can't put my hands together rub them together and make it better. tell me who can play and whoa can't play. >> well, wax on, wax off, and wax poetic coach kelly and mr. mr. miagi would be happy to know eagles are as healthy as they've been all year. jamie apody for phl17. >> if you're not watching karate kid tonight, flyers in tampa looking for fourth straight win.
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>> a terminally ill woman that was going to take her life has postponed her death. she still enjoys quality time for family and friends but she's becoming more sick with each passing week. >> cop assumeer alert tonight
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the federal trade commission says gesher is making false claims about the good start, gentle form laxity gesher claimed it could prevent or reduce allergys in children particularly those that lead to eczema. they petitioned fda to reduce protiens auto for that skin condition. gesher ated there was little sign tisk evident to advertisements and labels. the company did not do that and the ftc is suing. >> it looked like a scene from walking dead tonight on the streets of northern liberties. dozens of zombies took part in pub crawl through the neighborhood the night started off at the north pole where zombies had drinks and took off at the north pole where zombies had drinks and took selfies what else would they newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change.
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elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania. thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you, cable because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes and get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years. sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v km >> more coming up at 10:30
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including parking app causing a lot in philadelphia. >> and one police department's plan top make buying and selling a whole lot safer that is coming up 10:45. >> following breaking news out of the poconos suspected cop-killer eric frein was captured. cop-killer eric frein was captured. we have live details after the
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>> breaking news, long-awaited capture this man, one of fbi's ten most wanted fugitives suspected cop-killer eric frein. he, of course, is accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers 7 weeks ago. one trooper brian dickson died. as frein was taken into custody it was in dickson's handcuffs he was place his wrists were put in
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those to subdue him. he was captured this afternoon abandoned airplane hangar in tanersville. he did not put up any kind of fight with marshalls. his arrest took place 40 miles south of bloominggrovr where he's accused of ambushing troopers on september 1 2. frein is self described survivallist that eluded policep mep for 49 days. there were recent sightings but it was not until this afternoon he was caught. trick or treating was cancelled and now it is back on. there is a press conference set for 11:00 tonight. we hope to learn more in the way of detail how all this went down today. of course, this is a massive story. we'll continue to cover every angle of. it sure to be more developments overnight. it's a -- join us in the morning for the latest beginning 4:30 on "action news". >> brian, thank you. new tonight we have video of a man robbing a dunkin' donuts in
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philadelphia and tonight, police need your help tracking down the suspect. take a look at this surveillance video from sunday knight. you can see a masked man walking into the dunkin' donuts in the 6400 block east roosevelt boulevard as he approaches the counter and lifts his jacket and slashes a -- flash as i gun his waist band and demand money and takes off. philadelphia police are looking for this man. you can see him in this surveillance walking up to a home in girard estates and sfaeling a ups package off the 30r porch. it happened bancroft street in the middle of the afternoon. this of course is the time of year a lot of people are getting packages shipped to their homes for the holidays. >> with when you drive around philadelphia and find a parking spot it can feel like you won the lottery. giving it up may be a hard thing to do unless you're getting paid to drive away. how does that sound. the app monkey parka louz drivers to find people about to
10:33 pm
leave their spot. they can then bid $5 or more to get. it some drivers say it beats drive around until you find a spot. others see plenty of down sides. on street parking is a public asset not private property to be bought and sold and what happens if you notice the driver leaving and putting on your blinker. that could lead to parking space fights which had is one of the reasons he's proposing to out law apps like this one. >> i think we need to stop this before it gets real legs. >> now, monkey parking is getting its start in philadelphia. parking apps like this one are increasingly popular on the west coast and san francisco has already moved to ban them. >> some ladies who call themselves the prominent women of philly beverage came one a festive way to raise money for breast cancer awareness month. brewed a charity beer and serve
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today up tonight. rosanda rose was on top a pink beer. all proceeds ahong with silent auction benefitted patients at the university of pennsylvania. >> i have good news for you. when you wake up tomorrow it will be friday. >> that's right and it will be. >> pretty nice. >> halloween. >> yup. >> adam joseph tracking trick or treat details. >> nothing too spooky here end of the week as we look right now on sky6 in atlantic city. all is quiet right now. atlantic city will be one of the spouts first see drizzle develop tomorrow night and eventually those winds whipping up over the weekend. as we look at some of the numbers around the region it is chilly to the north and west. we're dropping into the upper 30s in pottstown as well as quakertown. and tanersville 38, center city coming in at 44. levittown 43. into the south and east vineland coming in at 4. browns mills 43.
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hockessin, delaware at 42. and a little warmer at the shore. right now the boardwalk, sea isle city, 50. because of the warm ocean kind of hugging that warm air for some of those shore towns. as we look at satellite and radar clouds breaking up after a few develop this afternoon north and west. and any showers over the great lakes that's ahead of energy that will be diving down from dan that will usher in very chilly air especially for the great lakes and northern new england. but in between, friday, we've got the low to the east. we got that energy to the north and west and cool northeasterly wind below high average of 58. chiropractor treat forecast looking g mostly cloudy. again some drizzle will try to develop at the shorement and houp fully that will hold off until after man wrist trick or treaters or ghosts and gob ins head back in to check out the stash they collected. 56 by 5:00 and 9:00, 50. there's the energy tomorrow
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night at 8:00 with initial low off to the east. that difficulties down way to the south. and typical winter pattern this would hook itself and capture a major storm that would pound our region with whipped, snow or rain or a mixture of the two. but, these storms will stay separate over the weekend at 7:00 when it's close by our shoreline. just showers pass through and a period of rain on saturday. and when the lows merge it becomes a monster of a storm for new england. the northern part of it and nova scotia and for us the rain is out of hereby the time it deepens and wind on the western fringe of that low. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, clouds friday, 58, it's school and damp to start the weekend on saturday of 54. and swing those clocks back an hour as you head to bed saturday night and we become wind whipped here day. winds gust 40 miles an hour with temperature coming on of 51. and monday, less wind, milder,
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57 and we go above average next week looking nice for the voters on tuesday. and some showers enter the forecast by thursday. so it looks good halloween. wet start to the weekend and get ready for the winds sunday. >> the kids neat a coat over the costume. >> no, no, no, layers underneath. >> underneath, underneath, underneath, yeah, high, right, >> thank you, adam. >> quite a spooky sight in mays landing for the halloween parade. during the parade the boy scouts held a canned food drive. all will be donated to the food pantry first united methodist church of mays landinging. the area was hit hard with closing of several atlantic city casinos and the food will most definitely come in handy to so many families. >> a treat for families at the shipley school in bryn mawr tonight the best selling arthur carl hopkins came by they read savage harvest.
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it's about michael rockefeller's disappearance in new guinea. what a great opportunity to chat with the author himself. >> a major fortune 500 company said he's gay. why he was compelled to come out of the close sglet this may be one of kid rock's biggest fans. you have to see what happened when he i invited the sing to his 30th birthday and next the company behind all the recalled air bags is feeling the heat. tonight the investigators and air bags is feeling the heat. tonight the investigators and regulate rerz cracking
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playing hard ball with a company behind a possibly deadly defected air bag. they can blow apart sending metal shards flying and regulators want information open production mistakes, lawsuit settlementments and deaths or injuries information the company has gotten. 10 auto maker recalled vehicles with fatal air bag inflateers. >> apple ceo tim cook is proud to be gay. he came out in essay for bloomburg "business week". he said he never denied sexuality but never publicly acknowledged it, either, until now. he writes plenty of xleeingz at
10:42 pm
apple knew and he's hoping by coming out it will potentially help others. cook is first and only openly gay chief executive of a fortune 500 company. >> kid rock gave one man the ultimate birthday president. he showed up at his birthday party. in august he posted a video of youtube showing what a tremendous fan he is and invited sing to 30th birthday. through word of mouth and social media he got the star's attention. monday night he showed up at dan's party in toledo, ohio. >> he said happy birthday. my face light up. i was so excited to meet kid rock. >> oh, yeah and guess what he did not come empty happeneded brought a hat, picture and promised him free tickets to every kid rock concert. how is that for a birthday and birthday present ! >> suddenly i like rid rock a
10:43 pm
whole lot more. >> christmas trees to shipping packages we have not made it past hall owe wean and already people are gearing up for sanity's arrival. >> careful when you sell your things on-line. it can be risky business. up next, we'll tell you how one local police depart
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>> a local smroyment taking stopz protect people who buy and sell on-line. nationwide and locally there's been violent crimes tide those types of services. some officers in our area have a way to prevent the crimes. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist has the story from conshohocken. >> craigslist for example say popular internet state buy and sell almost frevring furniture cars. some are reluctant to give the on-line sales sites a go. meeting one strangeers that typically involve cash joy in not go to someone seas house yes let's me see this furnish sglur we offer as a safe zone. >> conshohocken sent offering parking lot as a safe zone.
10:47 pm
it's concerning you don't want somebody showing up at your home, apartment, work, come to pd sdeen it. >> there's been troubling incidents in the area. in april hunting park two men responded to craigslist add and robbed and shot aic victim trying to sell a bit bike. and tie rel young ever reading responded for a bmw and allegedly kill the car owner and stole the car. nothing sdmreem con hogen and police want it that way. parking lot and lobby have 24 hour video surveillance and phone. >> hopefully people catch on and use. >> i would, there's police there and cameras out sglont conshohocken police got this idea from oysh employment
10:48 pm
elsewhere in the country. it's believed to be the first safe sob zone in our area. police say it's a good way to safe sob zone in our area. police say it's a good way to we'd out people up to no good. if someone doesn't want to meet you to do a transaction you probably don't want to do business with that person. in conshohocken. i'm sarah bloomquist, "action news" at 10, phl17. >> cold, hard truth everyone, chris mass is eight weeks from today. ovrp the next few weeks surely people all over will hit post offices to mail cards and packages and the post office sdpokts handle 15.5 billion pieces of mail and offering festive stamps and gift cards to. make sure your package is delivered on time get them out early. take advantage ever the postal service on-line postage and free package pickup. >> the whitehouse is already getting ready for christmas. and there it is this 88 foot
10:49 pm
tall white spruce was cut down today in minnesota. it will be placed on a truck and then make its way to the u.s. capitol. once it arrives in washington, d.c. it will be decorated with 10,000 ornaments and white house christmas tree is always gorgeous. >> spectacular can't wait to see it happen. >> time for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky live at the big board, hey, jeff. >> who says it's not cold in tampa. for the flyers ice cold. 7 straight games lost in tampa. they have not nroingt three years. flyers fall behind by two. jason garrison on a power play. emery making fourth straight start. down two, pliers fight back. under a minute to go. michael scores. flyers get within one and trying to get even season. firing giroux, strike, nothing, lightning does not strike twice final minute flyers lose.
10:50 pm
they sign veteran defenseman c carli carvocau. >> chip kelly claims he does not know if it's serious because he's not dr. miyagi he cannot rub his hands together and make it better isn't it mr. miaga. watt has the most sacks in nfl though center jason kelce doesn't seem too worried. >> we don't care who we're playing. we're playing offense. he can be -- we have -- run offense. >> anybody that has seen an eagles game knows they run quick. you need to prepare for that throughout the league and make sure communication is on point and knows what they're doing and get lined up and do it properly. defending jeremy maclin isen eric ufor opposing teams. team high 6 touches after
10:51 pm
missing so much last year. espn analyst ronia war okay he's has more. >> to mentally come back with all the setbacks he has injury-wise and play at the level he's playing now is remarkable. he's not only terrific football player he's one of those guys that the players rally around -- he's one of the quiet leaders on the football team. and you just love to see a guy like jeremy maclin have the success he's having because he worked so hard to get himself this position again. >> sixers play their home-opener saturday against miami who don't have lebron james any more. he's back in cleveland. that is the right lebron and caulk are back in cleveland for second day, debut. there it s how about that. against the new york knicks scores 17% in -- le brown comes to philly in january.
10:52 pm
dig alleen mae finally get to the baseball hall of fame overall. former philly starts among candidates on golder error barrett. phils reliever mike adams said headed for unemployment line. he is a free agent and they can start negotiating with free agents in five days. >> all right. >> it is mr. miagi by the way. >> not doctor. >> got a load of this a college student one 10 grabbed after four in at row. first a lay why you have. followed by free throw and they poypder. >> when i made it i looked at the time that is what i was worried about. if you make three the last will be luck. check it out from half worst that's good. that guy is soccer player with
10:53 pm
zero basketball experience. sixers hiring? he doesn't know what he'll do with all that money. he doesn't know what he'll do with all that money. gustavo angel
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>> national guard is sending droops to hawaii tonight as lava creeps towards homes in kanoa. the flow has slowed some. that is good news. the pace has given residents
10:56 pm
additional time to pack up their valuables and get out of harm's way. so far the lava burned a shed, tires and metal materials and of course, lots of hawaii's beautiful vegetation. >> time for a look at the forecast. tomorrow is halloween. >> it is friday and all around for adults and kids as we look and step out the door tomorrow at the bus stop, little chilly. need a jacket. lots of sunshine though, 41 at 6:00. 8:00, 44 degrees. as you go through day planner into the afternoon, decent at of sunshine clouds pull in east to west. 49 at 10:00 and 54 at 1 and really topping off in upper 50s in the afternoon to below average and turns cooler windy and wet over the weekend. >> eye ii. >> all right. thanks adam. >> you might want to serve this one turkey on thanksgiving it's not ordinary cranberry sauce it's sister mary's sinfully
10:57 pm
delicious cranberry sauce and whipped up by the sister mary herself. she is executive director of projects home and shared her recipe at the philadelphia free library culinary center tonight. adam wants to pick up one of those. it's a sale of cranberry sauce which provides one month of employment for 10 residents of project home helping break the cycle of homelessness. so you go, sister mary. >> that's a great program. >> i love it. >> thanks for joining us >> i love it. >> thanks for joining us tonight.
10:58 pm
11:00 pm
(gasps) did you see it? does she know? this is the last thing she needs today. no! busy day at the dunphy compound. we have a wedding tonight, and this afternoon, claire is debating duane bailey in the race for town council. (lowered voice) and now the "weekly saver" says that some voters find claire-- quote-- "angry and unlikable." to those voters, i say, "wait till she sees this." no one can mention it to her. we can't have some unscientific poll shaking claire's confidence. phil... what poll? too late. she knows. who told her? what is this, a witch hunt? oh, my god. i have to go. well, i just don't think it's a big deal. i mean, how many people read the "weekly..." "saver"? "saver," anyway?