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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 11, 2014 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> there is the victorious locker room as the eagles file in. that was before the game with the big flag. there's the eagle. all the festivities of "monday night football" as the eagles come through again on "monday night football." chip kelly is pretty good at this "monday night football" stuff.
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>> he's liking monday night. >> they win 45-21. and kind of unconventional. we thought they'd utilize the running game. sanchez, first game back, he winds up having a really good game. but not the weapons we thought. shady mccoy, 12 carries for 19 yards, jeremy maclin, three catches for 38 yards. but the young fella, the rookie from vanderbilt, jordan matthews shown tonight. sanchez seemed to have a connection with him preseason. seven quarters with sanchez this year, nine receptions, 173 yards the average, monstrous, 19-2. looks like he's got a feel for him with those crossing patterns. >> it was great seeing the young fella get out there and do his thing, working the middle, big tart over the middle. and he can take those big shots and, you know, great hands, a great throw by sanchez on the sidelines over there. great to see him get off to a great start. sanchez did a great job in the pocket, moving his feet and stepping up and delivering the
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ball to jordan matthews. >> here's his cross. right there. late picking him up there. >> i don't know which one it was looking at it. >> their defense, i don't know what to think, whether the eagles were so sharp or carolina just wasn't there tonight. >> a little bit of both. >> right. matthews, seven catches and celek gets involved. but no zach ertz. the last couple games they haven't gotten the ball to zach ertz. i don't know what it means. but when chip kelly looked at the offense, he said it's spread around and anybody can get the football. tonight was an example of that, maybe a little extra defensive pressure on jeremy maclin, knowing where he was on the field at all times, open to some other things. >> when you go back-to-back 1350 yards, you'll draw some attention and opened it up for other areas, jordan matthews and you saw the stats there, celek. and jeremy maclin can expect to see a lot more tension as the season goes along. >> especially next week. chip kelly, he wore the
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camouflage hat tonight and seemed to be happy on the sidelines, everything he did clicked. he's got a quarterback now in his first game was very successful. let's hear what the eagles head coach had to say about this one. >> were you surprised that, you know, things got out of hand so early? >> i mean, i wouldn't say surprised but i thought obviously our defense, i thought they really came to play today. they had a great week of preparation. we're excited about the challenge going against cam and you know, we created a lot of pressure early to start the game with those two turnovers in the first three plays and set the tone for the day. >> the jordan matthews game, was that a conscious effort to get him the ball? >> no, just matchups and we felt we could exploit things inside and think our tight end, i think celek and ertz matched up -- we felt they matched up well and if they were going to play us man they played a ton of man early and felt the inside receivers had really good chances in the matchups. [inaudible question] >> you said don't turn it over.
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>> that's the magic formula. if you don't turn it over, you've got a shot. >> was there anything in the executing? >> he made some really good decisions down there and came out with an all-out blitz when we had jordan and bought more time and got the ball off. he made a few good decisions but missed a couple and there were some early we thought we had and one we settled for a field goal. but obviously for the first game out he did a good job. >> the sproles touchdown, the first one, what did you see there on that play call? >> they were packing the box and we were trying to get the ball out of the perimeter and we thought riley cooper had a huge block on the play and got the ball to the outside. they constantly were doing a good job of taking away our inside run. >> what were they doing to put so much pressure on him? >> i think our pass rush did a good job of getting people off their spot and really got home today. i think they did a good job attacking the throwing arm and created fumbles and going after them. it was everybody. fletcher had a big one.
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vinny was in there the whole time and brandon graham had a good game, trent had a good game and there's a group of guys and the fact we can rotate the group so they're not the same guys in all the time and keeping fresh legs and the defensive coaches did a good job of the rotation. >> they had 17 sacks in the last two home games. is that something they feed off the emotion of the crowd or -- >> i think everybody fed off the emotion of the crowd. it was electric out there, especially early, and we set the tone with the star spangled banner and it was a good day. >> you talk about matthews inside, sanchez's slot, the first one, sanchez threw it too high and he got up and got one. >> i see jordan, i think he's getting better as he gets more comfortable in terms of what we're doing. he still made a few mistakes out there, a couple wrong assignments at times but is starting to feel more comfortable out there and i think you saw his speed a few times and got him matched up in the shallow crosses where he took off and ran and we're finally getting what we have
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seen, the run after the catch stuff which i think was really productive for us. >> connor has 10 1/2 sacks this year, what was the biggest key to what you've seen from him this year? >> i think his preparation in terms of how hard they prepare and train and i thought again, i told them, we had a great week of training and when you have a great week of training it gives you an opportunity to play. so it's a group that really works and i think you're seeing that when we get a chance to get out on the field. >> that is chip kelly talking about sanchez's game. of course jordan matthews. trot, i want to know from you when we get back, where are the eagles in this picture? you know, we've got a lot of team to discuss, including the arizona cardinals. we found out today it was an acl for carson palmer so he's out for the season. the arizona cardinals and the green bay packers and all these other teams will discuss where the eagles play in this playoff picture and we come down the homestretch, the eagles are 7-2
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on the season and they romped tonight on "monday night football," 45-21. and you know the number one show on tv on phl wednesday nights in primetime? "the walking dead." you a "walking dead" fan, trot? >> yes, sir. >> see every episode from 8:00 to 10:00 here on phl-17. back with more of the eagles postgame show after this. merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong?
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>> welcome back to the eagles postgame show, i'm mike missanelli and that's jeremiah trotter. the eagles with the easy monday night romp and the guy in the saddle is mark sanchez and likely will be there the rest of the year. everyone was judging how he'd come out and play tonight. i think he passed his first test. we'll talk about it next week in a second but mark sanchez was asked about the nerves of this game and what it took to actually take a snap from center again. >> i guess i'm just anxious,
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not a -- a different kind of nerves. man, i don't know how it goes, wonder what it will be like monday night, i've been through a lot of this stuff before and i talked about it during the week but i've been through some tough times and been through some great times. i just try to keep a level head and stay calm, rely on the guys around me and they come through, they were bigtime. >> talk about your career with 320 yards and -- [inaudible] >> after playing for a while, you learn a lot. i've made a lot of mistakes, plenty of mistakes and had plenty of games where i've thrown interceptions and hurt the team. but the most important thing chip talked about during the week was for the offense to take care of the football and communicate really well and establish our tempo. and if we can do those things, generally we'll be successful. not always a 100% deal and
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trust me, there's plenty of things to clean up, i don't care how many yards we threw for, there's a couple out there i can't miss and a couple reads that need to be much better than that. by no means is it perfect. >> as far as manageing, did you -- [inaudible] >> jordan just find a way to get open. and it was him and celek tonight is what it looked like, at least what showed on the stats. you have guys on the edge like coop and mack and can run and blow the top off a defense that scare guys with their speed and route running abilities. so, you know, jordan will be the first one to say he's not getting open without all those other threats we have. but it's -- we all did a great job and we're proud of that but jordan had a heck after night. >> how have things changed the last two years with your start? >> obviously getting older. you know, i think when you take a step back, you appreciate it
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so much and you miss it so much and i kept telling myself when i was out that, you know, if i get a chance to get back out there, you know, i don't ever want to be out again until i retire. i want to keep playing. and you just have so much respect for this whole thing and the preparation and what goes into it and i'm just happy to be in a system that we have here with so many good offensive coaches and coach must grave, the way he prepared, everything we prepared and saw with him in our study guides and tests and everything. it was all in there. nothing caught us by surprise. doesn't always happen like that. but more often than not when you have the coaches we have, that's how you feel going into the game, you feel prepared. >> can you answer the question from the outside, people saying can he keep -- [inaudible] >> listen, i don't worry about that, i've got a bunch of guys in that locker room i'm accountable to, everybody in our building i'm accountable to
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and those are the most important people. we're happy to play well in front of our fans. somebody's phone is going off. we're happy to play well in front of our fans, play well and salute to service night is very important for us for all the troops and people watching across the country and around the world. we appreciate your service. we love you and we're praying for you. but, you know, we're accountable for the guys in the building and we don't listen to the outside stuff. >> all right. so that's mark sanchez, keeping it very low key, keeping it very humble. there are a lot of doubters that this guy can pull it off. and you look, he's being judged by his numbers in new york. what could possibly be different here that's going to make him more efficient? he's a guy who a lot of people call a one-on-one guy where he's going to throw a touchdown pass and a big interception and get right back. >> it could be the system. sometimes guys fit well in some systems and some don't. you can't -- a pass is a past.
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what he did was in the past. you have to look forward. from the time he stepped in the offense from training camp in the preseason, he looked very comfortable. he had a certain confidence about him that you didn't see when he was in new york. and whatever it is, hopefully he can continue that and continue to play the way he's playing. >> wouldn't that be the offense making it easy for him? i know there's been a lot of film work with him where the ball is thrown behind the line of scrimmage, the ball is thrown only three yards past the line of scrimmage, making it easy for the quarterback in this offense to succeed. >> here's the thing, coming from new york you have a defensive-minded coach and they didn't do a lot of drafting on the offensive side of the ball in new york. he comes here, you have three all-pro bowl linemen in front of him and an all-pro running back behind him. so that's going to make it a lot easier for you when you have players around you. in new york he was in a bad situation. and here, all you have to do is go in, manage the game, throw the ball when chip tells you to throw the ball and you'll be fine.
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>> all right. buckle your seat belt because i'll put you on the spot in the next segment where the eagles stand in the n.f.c. picture with green bay up next week. it's the eagles postgame show and a reminder action news is coming up immediately after the show. come on back. >> tonight's coverage property to you by temple university. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> tonight's coverage is brought to you by the philadelphia supernetwork g.m.c. dealers. >> the eagles postgame show, i'm mike missanelli and jeremiah trotter who tonight was mentioned on the broadcast. >> got a shoutout. >> talking of michael kennedy ribs being the first pro linebacker since jeremiah trotter since 1959. >> has it been that long? he's playing very good football right now. >> he is. let's find where the eagles are in the n.f.c. picture. there you see it there, arizona, 8-1, leads the n.f.c. right now.
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the detroit lions, we don't know what they're about. they're 7-2. right there with the eagles. then there's dallas and seattle and green bay. right now, where are the eagles in your power rankings? >> i put them in number one. i know they can beat arizona and detroit and still a couple teams that scare me a bit in seattle and green bay. but those two teams ahead of them, definitely better than those two teams. >> when you look -- obviously the first two teams are very important because they get the first-round byes. you think the eagles will be one of those teams? >> i believe that. yeah. >> who will be the other? >> wow, it's wide pope. -- wide open. >> you can't tell right now? you think it will be green bay? something has to give next week when they play. >> they're playing well right now. i definitely think the eagles being there. it could come down to arizona. if they continue to play well, they won the head to head against the eagles and could be those guys, too. >> let's look at the eagles remaining schedule and see how
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many wins this can come out to be. at green bay next week. that's going to be a tough game to win for one reason, the quarterback in green bay is playing out of his mind right now. airon rogers is the best quarterback in the league. tennessee looks like an easy win. thanksgiving at dallas. how do you feel? >> that will be a good game. i still believe the eagles are better than dallas, especially the way the defense is playing now. the defense is playing out of their minds. even in the games where they struggle a bit and make big plays when they need to make them. >> how many losses are left, in your opinion, with that schedule? >> could be next week and possibly seattle. >> two losses would give the eagles 12, 12 definitely gets them one of the first two spots. >> right. >> the only thing you have to worry about at that point, folks, is whether seattle will have to come to philadelphia to play that first game because that team still scares me a little bit. >> that team scares a lot of people. >> all right. green bay next week, mark sanchez's second start, the first one passed with flying colors.
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we'll see about it next week. thanks for joining us on the eagles postgame show, for jeremiah trotter, i'm mike missanelli. stay tuned for the action news. eagles win 45-21.
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that is a corvette being pulled out of the delaware river today and no, it is not an accident. police claim an angry husband going through a bitter
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divorce. last american being treated for ebola in the u.s. business to walk out of a new york city hospital. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a a pair of dangerous encounters with carbon monoxide. it is an invisible killer that could have claimed a number of lives in at least two different homes today. a "action news" sharrie williams will look at how everyone survived inside tonight's big story. >> reporter: it is a life and death situation, carbon machine oxide filling the air at this south philadelphia home at 201 south eighth street sending two men to the hospital. >> they looked like, they were not struggling for breath but just windedded like they could not really breathe comfortably. >> reporter: barry cain is a friend of the resident who is also a doctor. >> i got a text message from my friend saying he was busy and, it what could be the the cause of it. i said there could be many causes. then he said there are two that were also dizzy and headache and could barely walk. >> reporter: philadelphia fire and philadelphia gas works
12:25 am
confirmed that there were elevated levels of carbon monoxide, due to an old heater with rusted and unsafe parts. but the co then spread next door causing this would hand to be transported for treatment, as well. >> when i came outside, they said don't come too close. >> early this morning a dangerous situation at this sicklerville home also with carbon monoxide, levels were dangerously high, neighbors told to stay back. the co was three times the exposure limit. >> 900 parts per million causes, you know, coma and convulsions within minutes. and, it is pretty dangerous. your normal carbon monoxide detector alert around 35 parts per million. >> reporter: 911 call came from inside the home, a a child answered the door and police found two adults who had passed out from the dangerous fumes. the highest levels of co were found in the basement where the heater is. fire fighters say that all of these people are fortunate to be a alive, and that the best
12:26 am
protection is to have a carbon monoxide detector. >> carbon dioxide is odorless and colorless so you need that detector and should be within 10 feet of your doors so you can hear it when it alerts at night. >> reporter: sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. we are in for a very nice stretch of weather, sky six is taking a look outside, and, let's check it out. >> there it is, not a cloud in the sky out there. it is as clear as it can get. you want to enjoy mild weather before the even of the week have the meteorologist melissa magee at the the big board with the accu weather details. >> hi there brian and shirleen. we have got some changes on the way but as you have mentioned we have a few more nice days as well. high temperatures across the region, philadelphia is 63. a mild 37 in memphis. sixty-two for high in chicago. looking off to the north and west north dakota only 23 degrees. so that is marking the beginning of a change that is headed our way. storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing an area
12:27 am
of low pressure over upper midwest and trailing cold front. you can see a smart part of snow moving across areas in the central plains. doesn't look too impressive but i will tell what you does look impressive a at this hour. check out these temperatures across the the northern plains. the teens in bismarck. 10 degrees in casper, wyoming. sixteen in denver, colorado. we will be tracking what arctic push of air working its way eastward and maryland rate somewhat but get ready for a cold shot later this week. we will talk about what ace ahead, enjoy, two more mild days, on the way, and, we are tracking a late week plunge and i will be sharing with you the first flakes of the season, that is possibly on the way. i'll have those details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, brian if we must. >> here we go. a home own shore walk in on a burglary at his home is nursing injuries tonight. thief was armed with the tire iron and attacked him in his own bedroom in the 2300 block
12:28 am
of em son street. police have been dusting the home for fingerprints as officers continue to search for the burglar. philadelphia police say a bitter divorce is behind one man's decision to drive his wife's car into the delaware river today. that move prompted an a all out search for the car and a driver, and new police say he wanted to make that vet vanish in a act of revenge. walter perez has more. >> reporter: investigators say it didn't take long to identify the the suspect accused of driving this 1990 red corvette into the delaware river. primarily because the owner of the carries a suspect's estrange wife. >> the male that we are currently seeking, is making a threat to his current or soon to be ex-wife that he was going to destroy the car and he did call and confirm that he did so. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation identified the the suspect as 49 year-old john crammer of northeast philadelphia. the police say witnesses saw the suspect drive the corvette
12:29 am
in the river just off mcgee avenue in the tacony section. he then escape his submerged vehicle slammed a shore and asked witnesses not to call police. regardless investigators were notified and philadelphia police marine unit spent better part of the next three hours removing the corvette from the water. we spoke with several of crammer's neighbors who say. >> i guess i'm not really too surprised to hear about this. >> doesn't surprise me at all. absolutely not. just from what i hear he is not very good character. >> reporter: meantime "action news" has learn that the suspect is already violated several restraining order filed against him by his estrange wife and he will face criminal charges for forcing police to risk their own safety in retrieving the vehicle from 30 feet below surface of the delaware river. >> just completely unacceptable immature behavior and the person that committed it will be held accountable for it. >> reporter: charges against the suspect will include reckless endangerment. as of tonight the suspect
12:30 am
remains on the loose. reporting from northeast detectives, walter perez for "action news" at ten on phl17. a doctor, from new york city is latest american to beat ebola. health officials announced today that clark spencer has recovered from the illness and will be released from the hospital tomorrow. he contracted the virus while treating patients in new begin which doctors without border but didn't get sick until he returned to the states. many new yorkers were on edge after his diagnosis because he kind out and rode the subway before falling ill. doctor's fee april say and two friend are being actively monitored along with hundreds of others, who may have come into contact with him. and you remember, nurse kacie hickox. well, it has been 21 days days since being exposed to an ebola patient and that means tomorrow she will no longer require self monitoring, for symptoms of the virus. she for the


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