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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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it is wednesday night, the big story on "action news" is breaking news a deadly shooting in south philadelphia. >> two people were shot and we are told that one is an innocent bystander. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is gathering details at the the scene and kenneth, what is the latest. >> reporter: shirleen and brian we have just confirmed minutes ago one of the victims was an off-duty septa bus driver. take a a look at this active scene behind me here in south philadelphia. police just gave us an update. they say there were at least two gunman shooting down this
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block at whether it even street. they are all out of evidence markers because investigators say nearly 30 shots were fired. call came in around 8:00 in south philadelphia, two men were hit but it appears only one was the intended target a 35 year-old man was shot in the head. he was rushed to thomas jefferson university hospital where he was pronounced dead. second person a 56 year-old man that off-duty september bus driver was struck in the chest, by a stray bullet. investigators say it appears he was an innocent bystander, neighbors told us he has lived in this area for several years and he was on this block checking on the vacant property of his elderly mother. >> what do we know about the motive at this point. >> we have no motive at this point. witnesses observed the shooting. witnesses gave us a description of the shooter but we don't have any motive at this time. >> reporter: homicide detective are questioning those witnesses right now, at
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police headquarters while crime scene investigators continue processing the scene. 359 year-old south philadelphia man dead, a 56 year-old man we have confirmed an off-duty september bus driver critical right now after being shot in the chest by a stray bullet. also, this is very important, at the least two gunman are still on the loose tonight and we are working on getting a better description and we will have the latest on "action news". reporting live, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> we will monitor any breaking development on that. get ready for one big chill. >> a lot of the country has reason to be jealous, of our weather, until right now. mild temperatures we have been even eyeing are going away in dramatic fashion. meteorologist melissa magee has details at the big board. >> shirleen and brian i heard moans and groans because we have some changes on the way. we had one last mild day and that was today. check out what we have been dealing with so far. monday 63. yesterday's high 70.
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today we climb up to 70 degrees. average average for us is 58. after today these numbers will start to take a bit of the tumble n fact we will check out temperatures across the delaware and lehigh valleys. most spots in the 40's and 50's, it is 50 in philadelphia. forty-five in allentown. forty-nine in trenton. forty-six in millville but just 37 degrees in the poconos. and this is just the the beginning of the arctic blast that we will continue to work eastward. looking at the numbers across the great lakes, sue saint pennsylvania marie just 24. thirty-five in detroit. 26 degrees in chicago, and we will tap into a slice of this colder eras early as tomorrow. for that matter for a prolong period of time. so we will talk about what to expect as we prep for here in to tomorrow. we're off to a chilly start. thirty's in the morning and 40's by the afternoon. make sure you have extra layers, sunshine to clouds and the clouds will win over because you there is a possibility of evening rain if not some snow showers and
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potentially the first flakes of the season. a all of those details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, back over your way, shirleen. >> thanks, melissa. keep up with the dropping temperatures around the clock with the storm tracker six app, free to down load on apple and android devices. parents, teachers a and school administrators rallied in south philadelphia tonight to protest a proposed casino project. if it gets the green light live casino hotel would be built two blocks from the mastery charter elementary school. parents here could create all kind of problems. a "action news" reporter dann cuellar is there in the satellite center with details on this rally, hi, dann. >> reporter: it was a raucous meeting. one side we have unions looking at the jobs and see what it would bring. south philadelphia residents say, enough is enough. take a listen.
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>> unaudible. >> ibew johnny dougherty was booed off stage as he and others tried to make argument that their neighbors are union members who need jobs being brought in by a new casino at ninth and packer in south philadelphia. >> unaudible. >> reporter: room was jammed packed at stella maris parish as more than a thousand people showed up to discuss proposed live hotel casino which is largely expect to get the next license to operate in philadelphia residents point out it is two blocks from mastery thomas elementary school. >> we don't want this. it is a danger to our students. >> it is completely unacceptable. we think it is irresponsible. >> reporter: they worry about becoming the economic train wreck across the river in new jersey. >> we do in the want to be the the next atlantic city. it is heart breaking.
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>> reporter: with two stadiums, arena and entertainment complex they have enough in their backyard. >> people seem to forgot what the term for the people actually mean. >> we're tired of being dumped on. this is not the dumps anymore. thank you. >> reporter: gaming control board is expected to announce its decision next tuesday at 1:00 at room 201 in the convention center in center city. ninth and packer cities chosen residents vow to fight it out in court. live from the sat center, dan cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. back to you, brian. word came today of the deal to sell the shuttered show boat casino in atlantic city. stockton college has signed a letter of intent to buy that resort. school plans to convert tonight to a satellite campus. that came as lawmakers met to discuss ways to stop atlantic city's steep decline this was the second annual atlantic city summit. governor chris christie says
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it is trying to stop the bleeding following closure of four casinos this year. more charges are expect a against accused kidnapper delvin barnes but for now man charged with abducting carlesha freeland gaither is facing a single federal charge of kidnapping. 22-year old victim was snatched off the street in germantown, and with the suspect in jessup, maryland. he a appeared in court in philadelphia today but did not enter a plea. did he can for a court appointed public defender. barnes was extradited from charles city county, ra earlier this week. it is where he is from, and where he is charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 16 year-old girl who escaped while barnes was allegedly digging her grave. a bail hearing for the suspect is scheduled for friday. fire that killed a mother and her son has been labeled suspicious by police. they are trapped inside a house on the 200 block of washington avenue in egg harbor township in egg harbor city that is.
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man survived. he told police there had been a break in around the time that the fire started, this morning, the young victim was a second grader at sprague elementary. grief counselors will be available there tomorrow. we've got some breaking news right now out of north philadelphia chopper 6hd live over the scene at 21st and oxford street and that is where police are investigating, several shots fired. apparently police were pursuing a suspect when at least one shot was fired by officers, and no officers were hurt in this exchange of gunfire. police on the ground right now checking area hospitals for anyone who might have been wounded in this exchange. no word at this point what led up to all of this but again a shooting incident in north philadelphia at 21st and oxford that happened 40 minutes ago. police fear that someone, perhaps might have been injured in the exchange of gunfire. meanwhile police caught up with the man accused of driving his wife's corvette into the delaware river as an
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act of revenge. john crammer turned himself into police today. he is facing charges of reckless endangerment, harassment and violating a protection of abuse order involving his wife. witnesses say he drove the car in the river and then just walked away. there was a call for help today at a troubled philadelphia high school. chopper 6hd was over scene as dozens of parents, students, teachers and public officials showed up to rally a at bartram high school in southwest philadelphia. in the past month, three teachers there have been assaulted, and aftermath of one of those attacks was caught on camera, and posted to social media. protesters say budget cuts left the school under staffed and vulnerable to violence. >> we have to insist on making sure that the necessary resources are in bartram high school. >> organizers of the rally say cuts to extracurricular activities ape fewer guidance
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counselors are leaving students without needed support. they urged parents and community members to get more involved. a new mural celebrating unique bond between philadelphia, its football team and fans. as "action news" sharrie williams reports an eagles stand out showed he can do more than just sack quarterbacks, he is pretty good with the paint brush as well. >> reporter: it is a painting party and invited guests are eagles fans. >> it is really cool. it is like really fun. >> what is the best part of it. >> well, painting. >> reporter: philadelphia eagles are partnering with the philadelphia a mural arts program to create a massive piece of artwork that will line darien street across from the link. >> it is all that philadelphia and eagles and relationship between the two. it is inspiring. >> reporter: this is what the final memorial will look like but on a much bigger scale. when the mural is done it will be 17,000 square feet but comprised of these individual
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cloths that are being painted and then pieced together. >> as an artist it feels great as a community artist it feels great knowing no matter where it is at in the the city. at the link you will get thousands toss see it. >> reporter: season ticket holders were invited to be part of something unique to the city and team. they also got a chance to sianni paint alongside eagles star linebacker connor barwin. he a apparently knows a little something about painting. >> the eagles do a mural every year at a park that they build. i work on those murals. other than that i wouldn't consider myself an artist. >> reporter: mural artist about getting youth involved and transforming public spaces around philadelphia all while bringing people together. which is why the eagles say they wanted to be part of it. >> drive around the city of philadelphia, you see all of the murals and it defines philadelphia. it just takes your breath away in some respects and hum hams you to be part of something so
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special. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. professional artist will continue to work on that mural right through the winter. they plan to begin installing massive artwork sometime next may. pretty cool. this full hour of "action news" at ten continues with a daring rescue, 800 feet in the air. a pair of stranded window washers are safe but threat of danger isn't over. robber with a big knife has a hold up habit in philadelphia but police don't believe that she is the the only criminal at work here. a day of pan handling ends with the trip home in the mercedes, this one has got shoppers being red out west.
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two window washers were left dangling 68 stories on the ground on the side of the new world trade center to day. up investigators say their equipment malfunctioned leaving their rig suspended with no way to get done. fire fighters cut a hole in the double payned glass and pulled the men to safety. tonight they there is a second problem to tackle that scaffolding is still posing a threat to everyone down below.
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settlement in the death of the only person to die of ebola in the united states. family of thomas eric duncan will receive an undisclosed an amount have of money from texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. he sought treatment and was sent home with antibiotics before he returned to the hospital in an ambulance, just two days later. he died october 8th, his family says that they are satisfied because the settlement will provide for his parents and four children, and because medical record released show he did, in fact, receive a experimental ebola drug. duncan's a fiance will not get anything. obama administration wants congress to authorize a $6.2 billion request to fight ebola in west africa. goal to keep it out of the united states. so far health officials say they have trained 250,000 american health care workers on how to handle ebola patients in this country. time new for accu weather. we hope you have enjoyed these last few days because it
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business to go down. >> hrouda wakening tomorrow morning, melissa has chilly details tonight. >> brian and shirleen, we have big changes on the way as early as tomorrow morning. in fact, we had one last mild day to day, i hope you had a chance to enjoy it. high today coming in at 70 degrees. average is 58. we were above average. unfortunately we are not finding an above average trend over next several days. record of 75 setback in 1879. looking at temperatures tonight those spots in the 40's and 50's with the exception of lancaster coming in at 39 there. forty-five in allentown. forty-seven in wilmington. from the sea isle city to beach haven that temperature is 50 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar we have clear skies across mid-atlantic but looking off to the west and you can see a fair amount of cloud cover across areas of central and western pennsylvania and back to the ohio valley so that is the leading edge of the colder air to continue to work its way
10:18 pm
eastward overnight and into our thursday. future tracker six has you covered 7:30 in the morning. mostly clear and sunny start. only issue that you have is you need extra layers before you step outside. thursday at 4:00 in the afternoon just a spot shower around but as we get in the afternoon hours and with the passage of that cold front there is an upper level low that will plunge southward. as that arrives there is possibility have rain showers along philadelphia and south and east and wet snow showers moving over in the poconos down through allentown, and atlanta and we could find a few flakes here in philadelphia as well. we have to watch the timing and cold air pressing south and east with that. here's call from accu weather looking at those first flakes best opportunity to find that 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 as we get in the morning with rain and snow showers. over i-95 corridor and areas north and west and coating up in the poconos. here's the call from accu weather walking out for
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morning rush. grab an extra layer. sunshine and clouds, chilly change. upper 30's at 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and once we get in 8:00 a.m. that temperature hold ago 409 degrees. unfortunately those temperatures will not get much higher than. that get ready for the chill, shirleen, it is on the way. >> get out those winter coats. >> thank you melissa. holiday shoppers got a lesson on how to stay safe this season. they hosted a self-defense class for women. instructors focused on how to defend yourself against an attack in the parking lot or vehicle. it used speed and efficient motion to try disarm an attacker. when it comes to the eagles there is no time to rest on the laurels of monday night's big win. >> green bay is ready and waiting. ducis roger is live in the action muse sports center. >> hi there shirleen and brian. even the most diehard eagles fans has to be concerned about
10:20 pm
this game. >> it helps if i had microphone on. even most diehard eagles fans has to be concerned about this game. green bay is one of the better teams in the the league with one of the better quarterbacks in the game. first lets focus on mark sanchez trying to ride wave of the performance he turn in on monday night. weather will be not kind. low 20's. who knows it might even snow. >> i have heard some talk about. that we will worry about that in the next couple days. honestly, this team can play in the snow. i saw it last year in the tv. i remember watching the game. you one of coach kelly's biggest thing control what you can control. unless is there somebody in the locker room to control the weather, then we just go play. >> eagles will be tested on defense. aaron rodgers threw six touchdowns last week. all in the first half. roger has only thrown three interceptions all year. eagles have utmost respect for him and he has respect for eagles defense. >> they have a lot of sacks.
10:21 pm
they had a great day last week with sacks and turnovers. they definitely hit the quarterback and they have ways to pressure up the middle and outside they are very talented in the perimeter. >> ahead next half an hour more from maek sanchez who talk about making his first tr
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and a $400 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this pregnant woman and young son are a regular fixture asking for help. but now witnesses are concerned that this may be a fraud. that is because she was spotted driving away in this mercedes benz, and shoppers says woman and boy jumped in the mercedes after a day of pan handling. man in the driver's seat is seen with the woman on a regular basis. shop their followed said she saw them counting the money in the car as they drove, when shopper confronted would the man she said she tried to throw a rock at her. in health check at ten scientists are hoping they have discovered a new weapon in the fight against heart disease. researchers have found that some rare gene mutation giving people naturally lower cholesterol levels are also cutting their risk of heart disease in half. ze tia mimics these
10:25 pm
mutations. new research does not prove that it can lower heart risk but it does give some biological support, to that idea. families in north philadelphia got a chance to learn about health care options a railable in their community. north pen pal center helps ted an open house there, tonight, there was lots of information, about programs, and agencies to help keep kids and families, healthy but they also enjoyed some fun activities as well.
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break up that got everyone talking a man send a message to his x using baby chicks. >> holidays are right around the corner and coming up we will take to you penns landing where crews are busy transforming tonight to a winter wonder land. up next search is on for serial robber we have surveillance video of the woman that has hit more than half a dozen businesses.
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thanks for joining us tonight here are big stories we are coming up with on "action news" at ten on phl17. >> deadly shooting in south philadelphia. police say two men fired shots down the 600 block of winton, a 35 year-old man was shot in the head and died there, they say he was the intended target. the stray bullet struck a 56 year-old man we have learned that man is an off-duty septa officer. police have not yet made any arrests. parent, teachers, school administrators rally with mid south philadelphia tonight, worried about the possibility of the casino coming to their neighborhood. if it gets green light live casino hotel would be built just blocks from the mastery charter elementary school. flyers in egg harbor killed a with man and young son being called suspicious tonight. man who survived told police there was a break in right around that time that the fire
10:31 pm
started. a female thief is terrorizing business as across the city and philadelphia police, these are the many different places that she has hit. seven places in all, in the past month. she's targeted stores and even a person walking down the street. "action news" reporter kenneth moton has story from southwest philadelphia a where one store was hit twice. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured her stabbing her large knife in the counter or pointing her gun at terrified clerks. southwest detectives say this woman wearing a hoodie and mask has been busy. >> i think she is like greedy trying to take peoples monday a way. >> reporter: break down seven robberies and attempted robberies in south and southwest philadelphia since october 3rd. six times businesses were hit and once investigators say the the woman ran up to a 16 year-old girl on the 5900 block of green way avenue but put a knife to her stomach and demanded cash.
10:32 pm
five-year old angela mini market said woman targeted her family's store at 57th and chester twice last month. >> were you scared. >> yes. >> i could not breathe. >> police say they got a break when they identified an accomplice 30 year-old antwonberges of 21st and catherine streets who could be seen casing liz cafe on tasker in point breeze october 20th. detectives say likely master mind behind the crime gave would the man possibly his girlfriend instructions outside before she walk in and robbed the bar. >> she appears kind of shaky and nerve news these robberies this male will be a person of interest in the other six open jobs that we have. we are looking for public's help in getting inberg necessary custody. >> reporter: another teenage clerk from the s and p grocery at 60th and king sessing told us he came face-to-face with the woman. >> i was just standing here. >> reporter: police say no one has been injured during this crime spree. robber got away with a total
10:33 pm
of $1,700 from four businesses, investigators say she and that accomplice, left that point breeze bar in a town and country minivan. reporting from southwest philadelphia, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. it wasn't a gun but hypodermic needle used during a robbery this morning. the man walked into this family dollar in north broad street in east oak lane and held it up. it happened around 11:30 and this time police have not said what the man got during the robbery. a baby girl's body was found in the recycling facility and tonight new jersey state police are trying to track down that child's mother. two blood stained shirts were found near the child and police are diagnosis if anyone might recognize any of these shirts. baby was discovered yesterday, by workers at the community recycling facility in harming dale middlesex county. anyone with any information is asked to call the new jersey state police major crime unit. this man is accused of
10:34 pm
driving drunk hitting someone and then taking off with the victim, stuck in his windshield. three three-year old markos or telling a was a arrested monday night. detectives say he drove more than a mile, until an officer pulled him over. victim a 66 year-old man was rush to the hospital in critical condition. ortega is being hell tonight on $150,000 bail. he has only been on the force for three-quarters but lower southampton township police officer earn his spot on the wall of honor. daniel was honored tonight with the special military and american flag ceremony. officers has completed three tours of duty with the marines and still in the reserves. in recognition of the service a flag bearing his name will be on permanent display at the township's administration building. a big night for some students and young adults interested in law enforcement. tonight, the philadelphia police explorer program promoted 23 cadets and
10:35 pm
welcomed 81 new ones, a total of 250 people applied. they ranged in age from 14 to 20. the program is a great start for young people who want to pursue a career in law enforcement. now to the accu weather forecast and cold hard facts. this is the emphasis on cold part. >> yes, no way to sugar coat it. >> that is a good one. >> wish we had some sugar treats but we do not. that cold is working its way east ward. looking at storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d we have 40's and 50's along i-95. move to the west, 30's and 20's up across areas in the great lakes and teens across northern plains. in fact check out these facts we have to share with you. 25 degrees, below, zero, and casper, wyoming. so we have an early arctic blast that will work eastward. back in casper that is when the coldest temperature in the move on november.
10:36 pm
we have seen denver, colorado in the past two days went from a temperature of 63 degrees to 2 degrees below zero. we even had freeze watches all the way south, as the gulf coast. so that cold air will continue to plunge into our region overnight tonight as well. chill already taking over slatington. 39 degrees there same thing in fleet wood. tanners wood three. center city 49. ape kenneth square also in the lower 40's. down across new jersey it is 44 in toms river. cinnaminson, 50 degrees. smyrna at 47. upper 40's there in dover. so here is satellite six with action radar. still mainly clear and quiet across our region. looking off to the west, lots of clouds moving across the area in the ohio valley. thinks leading edge of that colder air that will continue to work its way in to much of our region. it will be all about the temperatures. future tracker six is showing you thursday at 3:30 in the afternoon, numbers along i-95 corridor only in the upper 40's. move over to the north and
10:37 pm
west. temperatures there holding in the lower 40's. it looks like we will not find much rebound as we get into thursday afternoon late in the day. in fact we're also tracking an upper level low that will move on through thursday night. so with that on the move and cold air working its way south and east ward, rain is not, some snow showers likely for philadelphia and areas north and west. south and east we are dealing with a very chilly rain. in fact if we find any snow in philadelphia, nothing looking to be sticking but definitely first flakes of the season are on the way. fast forward into friday, we will have low pressure just east of maine and high pressure close to st. louis. we are sandwiched in between. we will get northwest breezes. wind chills on friday will be in the middle 30's. so get ready for the arctic and intense cold on the way. accu weather forecast showing chilly tomorrow. turns cloudy too. high temperature 49. turns cloud which that shortwave moving through. on friday wind chills in the middle 30's with a high of 45. so just for the 30's, instead.
10:38 pm
saturday sunny a and cold. high of 44. sunny, mostly cloudy and 47 degrees. better news to share with you tonight. some computer models are trending a little warmer mean that coastal low we are tracking next sunday into monday will be bringing us a soaking rain by then. high temperature of 52. on tuesday in the wake of that it will get clear, but it will be cold once again a high of 42. how about this a taste of january as we get into wednesday with a high temperature of 39. big cold snap on the way and if there are any changes meteorologist david murphy will have the very latest tomorrow morning on the six abc. >> bright and early in the chill. >> yikes. >> some of the best architects, future designers and others who have contributed to the industry filled the barnes museum tonight. aia pennsylvania hosted its annual architectural excellence design awards gala tonight. more than 35 people were honored. boys love to climb, still
10:39 pm
ahead, story of one little guy who climbed so high that the fire department had to be called. plus a break up that has got everyone talking, message one man was sending to his x when he sent her a box full of these cute little guys. next, suspect in the slender man stabbing faces a judge, find out if she's competent to stand trial. ♪i want it all! ♪i want it all! ♪i want it all! ♪and i want it now! ♪i want it all! ♪i want it all! ♪i want it all! ♪and i want it now! your new toys want more. they need more. so get more guaranteed from verizon fios. get all your favorite movie channels included. blazing fast internet with speedmatch. and get more for you, $400 back. all for just $79.99 a month online, guaranteed for 2 full years with a 2-year agreement.
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a 12 year-old accused of stabbing her friend to please a six year-old character slender man is fit to stand trial. that is a according to a doctor in wisconsin. morgan geyser a and her friend are accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times last may. that girl barely survived. according to police documents the two planned to kill their friend and runaway to thunder man castle in the woods. if convicted, the girls could face up to 65 years in prison. well, generally speaking young boys like to climb trees but one little guy climbed so high, fire department had to be called in. there you can see four year-old parker clark, he says his brother dared him to climb up that big branch. he was 50 feet off the ground. he was stuck up there for nearly two hours today. fire department could not get their trucks into the yard, in
10:43 pm
the end, history business used bucket truck to bring that pint sized dare devil down. probably grounded tonight. well, some turkies won't make it to the table this year and this is why, semi carrying 45,000 pounds of frozen turkies flipped today on the california highway. police say the driver was taking an exit ramp a little too quickly. two people inside had to be rescued. the as for those bird thermos likely headed for the dumpster. speaking of bird, a man had a message from his ex-girl friend. there are other chicks out there. so to prove it, he mailed her a package containing 15 baby chicks, the woman in washington d.c. was not amused and told the mailman that she was going to throw the fluffy babies in the trash. don't worry, he stepped in and took them to the washington humane society. if you are wondering, it is not illegal to mail chicks. >> okay.
10:44 pm
sweet story here. paraplegic veteran gave his bride the ultimate surprise on their wedding day. you have a's got to see this. they shared a dance together without his wheelchair. joe johnson served in afghanistan, when he came home he was riding a motorcycle and crash. he cannot feel anything below his chest these days. johnson's buddies fashioned this hardness to help him stand up. it was a total surprise to his new bride and almost everybody else at that wedding, there was the in the a dry eye at this site. >> her emotions says it all. >> spectacular. are you ready for black friday or not. >> no. >> not enclose. >> two women are camping out, big item they are hoping to score. >> that is dedication. next they will take to you penns landing where preps are being made for river rink winter fest and don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team. get morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting 4:59:30 a.m. only on six abc.
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. cold weather is on the way. blue credits river rink winter
10:48 pm
fest is less than three weeks from opening and crews are working to build that skating win k from scratch. lisa thomas laury has the story tonight. >> reporter: for the last month crews from the delaware river waterfront corporation and grounds for design group of been making progress here at new blue cross river rink winter fest site on columbus boulevard workers are busy stringing holiday lights on the trees at entrance to the rink, lighting the towers around the rink and they are testing the system. >> we start it up tonight or tomorrow night, we will start making ice. >> reporter: they are building a porch on this arcade tent. >> we will have ske ball, ping-pong, it looks like a lincoln logs, to build your own kind of play set there. >> reporter: yes. >> we receipt tremendous fitted shipping containers to have food cooks inside and beer. this will be more adult tent.
10:49 pm
>> is there tons of landscaping with trees being planted all around the rink. river rink has been at penns landing for 21 years. last year was first year for winter fess and it promises to be better this season. what made this day extra special was the appearance of the 33-foot river rink christmas tree. the giant douglass fur arrived on the flatbed truck and largest christmas tree the river rink has ever had. it will be uprighted by train tomorrow and later decorated. blue cross river rink winter fest will open up on black friday, november 28th right after thanksgiving. lisa thomas laury for "action news" at ten on phl17. and, speaking of black friday, it is still two weeks away but some people are already lining up, in hopes of scoring some sweet deals. these two women in california have been camped out, outside, of this best buy, for the last week. they say they took their spots
10:50 pm
22 days before the sale even starts. the the two say that they have been lining up early for years, this year, they have got their eye on a new tv. now brian, no one is doing that over here. you can do that in california not here in the arctic plunge. >> they could have waited a couple more weeks. >> time new for sports tonight. >> ducis rodgers is live at the big board, right ducis, too cold out there to be camping out there. >> i will just take a tv from here. to football, it is national a national prime time game this week but it will have that feel. eagles/packers are two of the elite teams in the nfc. two teams combined to score 100 points in their games last week. mark sanchez will make his second straight start, never played a game at lambeau field. he knows it is a tough spot for visitors. >> they are tough at home. a lot of that has to do with their fans, their system, their enthusiasm and energy and it will be a good challenge for us but it is one
10:51 pm
of those, things for sports fans and players to get an opportunity to play there. that is pretty cool. >> on defense eagles will to have deal with one of the top quarterbacks of the game aaron rodgers. he has thrown 25 touchdown pass's begins interceptions. it is getting late in the season and both teams are jockeying for playoff positions. >> these are important games when you start looking at potential seedings for playoffs. they are in the tight race in the east and we're in the tight race in the north. so, we have to win these kind of games at home. >> darren sproles has been named nfc special teams player of the week. sproles ran a punt back 65 yards for a touchdown in the win over panthers. third time this season he has won a player of the week award. it is a rivalry although very much one sided, temple and penn state. two meet again saturday in happy valley. it might be a strange feeling for matt rule, temple coach played his college ball for the lions.
10:52 pm
rule is squarely focused on the owls now and hopes to build a tradition with them. >> at the end of the day it comes down to blocking, tackling, running and catching. so, i told our guys if our guys are saying this is penn state, they have the wrong mind set because penn state is not saying thinks temple week. clayton kerrshaw wins the cy young award his third in four years. al honors go to cleveland's corry kliger. sixers are looking for a win which would be their first. tomorrow night they visit dallas. nerlens noel and michael carter williams are expected to return from injuries. >> help our team find out personally. that is our goal right now is to just get wins, and some close games. there have been on games we are not on the a game. i feel it coming together good jake voracek put who can a side to make this child smile. voracek, matt read, surprised four year-old sander, battling
10:53 pm
cancer at st. christopher's hospital. the flyers spent time with some other youngsters and they handed out pretty neat flyers gear. >> i love that giant flyers jersey they gave him. >> yes. >> ducis, thank you. someone just had a huge payday. one year ago today, mega millions ticket was purchased at this 7-eleven in wilmington. it was worth 25 grand. unfortunately it was never it was worth 25 grand. unfortunately it was never cashed, and today
10:54 pm
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ho ho ho green giant! melissa magee. >> do you want to see it. >> no, i don't. >> we've got that day planner covered for you, philadelphia, early in the morning, that temperature only 38 degrees at 7:00 a.m. partly sunny. we have a chilly change on the way and 10:00 o'clock in the morning that temperature only in the 40's. it turns cloudy maybe a late spring with the that shortwave moving through. forty-eight at 1:00 o'clock and 4:00p m that temperature drops down to 47. there might be a few flakes or snow shower north and west of town so we will track that closely for you guys. >> it is coming. >> thanks, melissa. let the drilling begin, this thanksgiving you don't to have deciding whether to serve pie or cake, just serve the pullper cappal, a houston bakery came up with this creation, three different pies
10:57 pm
bake inside three different cakes. it is 11 inches tall and weighs 23-pound and it looks delicious. it will set you back $175. >> weighs 23 pounds. >> yes. >> i said it. >> thanks for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten modern family is next filled by friend. >> all right for shirleen allicot, adam joseph, melissa magee and ducis rodgers, i'm a brian taff. have a great night. we will see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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