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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> our city is in mourning. our heart are heavy. we lost two good men. who devoted their lives to pro tebting all of us. heavy heart and pure shock in new york city tonight where two police officers are dead after an execution style slaying by a man who is believed to be motivated by a twisted sense of revenge. saturday night i'm walter perez and the big story is murder of two new york city police officers in brooklynch the officers were ambushed in what's called assassination. the alleged gunman is dead as
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well. hundreds of officers swarmed streets in the bedford section of brooklyn this afternoon. investigators say a man named bringsly walked up to the passenger window of marked patrol car and opened fire. two officers were struck in the head daen not survive. they've been identified as officers rafael ramos and john lieu. brenzly issued a forewarning about the attack on social media citing reconvenientth for black men. he wrote they take one of ours we'll take two of theirs. >> two of new york's finest were shot and killed with no warning. no provocation they were quite sim play sas nated. targeted for their uniform and responsibility they embraced to keep the people of the city safe. >> he took ooh running a nearby subway station where he shot
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himselfch the 28-year-old man is accused of shooting his exgirlfriend in baltimore hours before the ambush in brooklyn. police in philadelphia and across the country are mourning loss of brothers in uniform tonight. these murders also put them on high alert. "action news" reporter skep live in the satellite center with more. kenneth. >> walter, we checked in with philadelphia police tonightch the department says they continuously reit grate officer safety any time an officer in killed in the line of duty in this country. philadelphia police are more on alert after ambush killings of two new york city police officers. the tension and rhetoric have been increasing for months like protests at king of prussia saturday. dem strairtz upset over kaej of eric garner and staten eye land and furgeson brown at the hand of police. shooting of two police officers in new york city now have investigators scouring over anti police statements on social
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media. one displayed weapon with hash tags shoot the place and references to garner and brown. >> let's face it, there's been not just in new york but throughout the country strong anti police and anti-cas justice system and one of the up fortunate aspects sometimes is some people get caught up and go in and directions they should not. >> philadelphia police released a statement saturday this say horrible act of terror and intentionally murdering a police officer is not the way to solve anything. in fact, it destroyed lives of two families and those of these officers that had absolutely nothing to do with the events taking place across this country. it is ecoed by ak vision in new york who deannounce a tragic act of stupidity. >> they don't represent the feelings of those picketing. this is unacceptable of anybody to shoot independent police officers. >> reporter: there's a notion
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police always monitoring social media throughout and new york mayor and philadelphia police say that's not always the case. so if you see something, say something and report it. reporting live in satellite center tonight, kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17, walter. >> thank you, kenneth. menging protests of king of prussia mall earlier today children blocked traffic in wynnefield heights. to fight social injustice in their community. 50 stage aid die-in there. and the demonstration was led by 8-year-old ania heirs who wants kids to know they have a voice. >> i hope kids know that they are the future. and that their lives matter too and we need more love in the world. the youthen powerment foundation powered with her mission for it today's rally. >> new tonight state police are investigating a pedestrian crash that claimed a woman's life.
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troopers responded to cox neck road and south do you point highway 6 p.m.. investigators say a woman crossing the street there was hit by a car. the driver did remain open the scene. the victim is believed to be in 70s. her name has not been released. >> over in new castle county, delaware, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive blaze tonightch the fire engulfed this home on the 4500 block of biclick drive in millcreek from 6. you see the flames spread to one of the vehicles parked outside of the drive way. all the people inside escaped unharmed and one responding firefighter was treated on the scene for a minor injury. we're enjoying another calm and cold weekend here in the delaware and lehigh valleys taking a live look here at sky6 in high definition beautiful picture her penns landing a few skateers bunch of skateers taking advantage of the chilly air. it comes with a price the warm-up. it always comes with a price, you know?
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meteorologist melissa magee is here with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, we're tracking milder air later next week. expecting a cold pattern the rest of the weekend. we'll check out numbers across the mid-atlantic region, 32 no new york city and 34 in philadelphia and wind chill in the city now of 29. owe off to the north and west, 25, buffalo 28, pittsburgh 28. here's satellite 6 along with action radar. you see we have partly to mostly cloudy sky across much of the region. skies will part later tonight and as we get to the second half of the weekend with few more pockets of sunshine popping up. we'll talk about what is ahead a big day the way tomorrow eveningment winter-wise it's about the winter solstice as we get into the evening. it's milder next week and tracking rain. it will be a big concern if you travel the day before christmas. we're outlining that and we'll go over the details in the full and exclusive accuweather 7-day. >> santa claus will leave an umbrella in our area. >> thank you. >> and eagles' season started
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with so much promise and certainly ended tonight after falling to redskins. the redskins! washington kicked a field goal and beat the birds 27-2 4 eagles now 9-6 they have to win nfc east to make postseason and that would entail dallas losing final two games which is highly up lukely. jeff skversky has the full story coming up in sports. well, fire disrupted holiday shopping rush at the cherry hill mallch the blaze broke out 8 p.m. inside the michael kors store. it forced to he vac yailt the mall. shoppers were allowed to return a short time later an power restoredch the cause of the fire remains under investigation. well, people gathered in montgomery county tonight to remember six family members killed this past week during a murderous rampage. mourners gathered tonight at the lives changed by christ branch creek church in harleysville and
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gathered to honor memory of nicole hill and family killed by brad stone hill's ex-husband monday morning. hill's mother, grandmother and three members of sister's family were all murdered. hill's nephew, 17-year-old anthony flick was only survivor and seriously wounded. stone was found dead apparent suicide tuesday near his home in pensburg. stone and hill were embroiled if a bitter child custody dispute. >> new castle county, delaware, now an assault turned deadly this afternoon. two injured man were inside an apartment on lowery drive prices corner after 12:30 a 31-year-old was type christianne hospital in critical condition with head injuries and second man pronounced dead at the scene. no further information released at this time. >> a man from philadelphia killed a person breaking into his home and tacony overnight. it happened about 2bg this morning at a home on the 6100 block of vandike street. investigators say the homeowner witnessed a 23-year-old man
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trying to steal tools from his garage. they fought. and then police say the homeowner shop the man in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word ft. the homeowner will face any possible charges. police in philadelphia need your help identifying this john doe here admitted to the hospital in critical condition. doctors think the man choked on food before brought to temple university hospital last friday december 12. he remains unconscious. anyone who recognize this man should contact philadelphia police. >> it has been fearly a month since shane montgomery disappeared and today a renewed effort to find him was launched. a 5 k fundraiser began:00 main street manayunk they wore green and collected donations to support shane's parents in their search for their sonch the 21-year-old disappeared more than three weeks ago after leaving killdare's pub early. a 65,000 reward is offered for reliable information. well, children whose lives
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have been affected by deadly violence were given something to smile about today. the action cam was on the scene at the hayes retirement home wynnefield hite as the charles foundation hosted a christmas party for kids that lost a parent or sibling to homicide. the foundation was started by the family of charles andre johnson. the 18-year-old was shot to death in a case of mistaken identity three years ago. coming up on "action news" at 10. one day after the u.s. blamed north korea for sony studio hack the communist country gave the whitehouse a offer that sounded like a threat and terrifying scene inside a septa subway station when a man chanced scene inside a septa subway station when a man chanced collapsed
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>> a receive r septa police officer is hailed a hero after insinkts kick in to save a man's life in the 69th street station. wendy saltzman has his story. >> it was 12:45 earlier this morning and matthew ryan was working typical shift that started like any typical night. >> friday night, you know, normal friday. i go out and do what they tell me to do. >> a man, officer ryan estimate was 50 to 60 years old tumbled down the stairs going to the platform to catch a train. >> there were people there standing there.
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nobody wanted to help. >> what happened next he says seemed to take place in the blink of an eye. he immediately spotted there were signs of a heart attack. >> he had not had a pulse and lips were blue and he was not breathing he was choking. >> with the man lying on the ground he administered cpr. >> to be certified in cpr you go to training once every two years. officers are trained every single year for septa and that helped his instinct to immediately kick in. >> it's mostly instinct i guess you don't think about much just remember what you are trained to do and do it. >> it's lucky for this man officer ryan was there too. right now he's believed to be in critical it at the hospital. >> i'm here to help people. >> and officer ryan is credited with saving someone's life and he says he would not call himself a hero. >> we're not here to be heroes but her to help people. >> officer ryan would say he was
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just doing his job he did a very good job. >> wendy saltzman reporting. >> turning now to north korea leaders are respending to allegations they are responsible for sign area tack against sony pictures. officials there say they did not do it and demanding a joint investigation with the u.s. to find out who did. north korean officials say they want to help find the person responsible saying they'll be serious consequences ft. u.s. doesn't cooperate. meanwhile, president obama said sony pictures made a mistake when it cancelled release of movie "the interview" no response from the whitehouse regarding the demaps. speaking of president the obama s landed in han louisiana this morning to begin a two-broke break from washington this is an an you'll tradition predating ten tour at the white house. his schedule is not released but tradition skikz he expect to put in a few rounds of golf while there. >> meteorologist melissa magee
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has the week ahead including christmas eve and christmas days. >> hi. >> eventually new year's will come but we have to get through one more holiday christmas eve and christmas day. high temperatures across much of the region only in the 30s. dover coming in today with high of 36. chilly high today in philadelphia in at 35. that's a good below average. atlantic city also in mid 30s at the freezing mark in doylestown and poconos hit a high temperature of 26. outside tonight, most spots in the 30s. 34 in philadelphia, down to 8 millville. 32 allentown. and 30 in dover. winds are light and variable. there's still a wind chill to factor in. feels like 27 allentown and 30 in center city and feeling like 27 outside in beach haven. feel like 30 in dover. here's satellite 6 and action radar across much of the mid-atlantic region locked in with a fair amount of cloud cover. clouds thin out into the rest of
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the overnight hours and second half of the weekend. you notice precipitation we were tracking yesterday out across the southeast that has moved well away from our region staying to the south and eats of us for the rest of tonight. we're looking good for the second half of the weekend and the chill, however, is sticking around. so here's the setup for us. future tracker 6 showing you as you get into tomorrow morning, 9:30 in the morning most spots across much of the region will number the 30s. as we get into the evening hours we've gotta rifle of winter with the winter solstice beginning 6:03 in the evening taken will be shortest day and longest night and at this point the sun will belowest angle in the sdi sky. something to keep in mind as we get ovlly in the winter season. here's the call from accuweather for sunday afternoon. clouds and pockets of sunshine. seasonably cool. 40 in philadelphia, 42 for the high in philadelphia, 40 allentown for the high. reading 41. 42 cape may and 45 along the coast in atlantic city. >> coming up a closer look at the forecast.
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it will be dry today and dry tomorrow. as we get into next week for the holiday we're tracking wet weather on the way. and wind whipped weather. those details in the accuweather 7-day. >> hanukah march of light celebration moved through center city philadelphia tonight. the parade began at eakins oval making its way around city hall. fest activities ended with activities with reuben amaro. earlier proud parents learned of the meet meaning of kwanzaa in germantown. they were invited to a celebration by stuchbts amarn charter school. they created stations with hand crafted gifts with the symbols of kwanzaa. >> what wept wrong with the birds today? and still ahead, mom said don't play with your food. breaking the rules in hershey
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get ready foat the volkswagen engineered holidsign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the precisely engineered passat tdi. ah, the gift of clean diesel. for the new volkswagen on your list this year, just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> young kids kings and
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took narcotic proper tea party girard college founders hall. they enjoyed crafts, entertainment and tea. best of all everyone got a brand new teddy bear heingted by volunteers of philadelphia chapter of hope dedicated to serving the poor. and it is all about helping to keep people warm this holiday season at the national temple baptist church in norm philadelphiach the church held a kloming drive today. they were given the opportunity to choose from a variety of gently used items piled high in a variety of colors and sizes. time now for a check on sports. jeff skversky is live at the sports center with what happened to the eagles today, jeff. >> yeah, walter,. eagles are heading home following a devastating loss and now they're on the veryth of going home without a trip to the playoffs. if dallas wins tomorrow eagles are out. chip kelly and eagles down 10 20 washington. they come back. mark sanchez to riley cooper.
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second of the game. birds in business. they were tied 24. then 96 seconds left eagles they can win it. but sanchez picked off. wow, eagles have most turnovers in football. sanchez's 13 turnovers most over the last two months. redskins have the ball and run down the clock and kick the field goal. they take the lead. eagles down 3. so one last shot. no time left. sanchez throws it up to hail mary incomplete. wow. eagles lose 27-24. they need major luck now to make the playoffs. you're not going to win a football game that way let them on the field too many times 3rd down. 13 penalties and two turnovers will not win a football game this this league. >> it's tough you want to get a win especially like i said with soundsing performances we had. >> it's frustrating you know.
10:24 pm
three weeks ago we were sitting in philly and now we need a lot of stuff to happen. we have nobody to blame but ourselves. >> we have to hope and pray and hope god will help us out. so only way eagle cause make playoffs is if they win next week against new york and dallas looses both of remaining two games. odds are not in eagles favor. >> walter let's go back you in the studio. >> helping others became a holiday traditional a home in north philadelphia. anne food drive started in 010 when diagnosed with cancer anne since pass away and her family continues the effort as tribute to her at their home on the 1900 block of west susquehannaenue. every year they serve hot meals
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>> lack to the fruit fewer of candy bar. hersheys is embracing new technology to transform the signature chocolate bars. workers at the sweetest place on earth started using 3d printers to create edible pieces of bars. hershey chocolate world they're scanning pictures of themselves to create melt in your mouth likenesses. >> one of the advantages of 3d printing you can create
10:28 pm
something you can't get out of a mold. >> visitors have left they are imagination run wild, sky scrapers, signatures and giant hershey i kisses created with a 3d presenter. >> still ahead ambushed murders of two nypd officers and major disruption of king of prussia mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. what these people are demappeding. early holiday gift for commuters. you have the latest on gas prices. you'll like it.
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>> thanks for joining us once again we're following murders of two nypd officers in ambush killing today referred to as assassination. a man allegedly walked up to a police car in brooklyn and opened fire. rafael ramos and another were killed when bringsly troon a subway station and shot himself. he apparently written about his plan on instagram post citing revenge as motive for police killings of black men. the 28-year-old man is accused of shooting his exgirlfriend in baltimore hours before the ambush in brooklyn. terrible range tragedy comes as people across the country gathered at malls to disrupt
10:31 pm
shoppers on one of the busiest days of the year demanding justice in the wake of police killings. ken was there for the protest in king of prussia. >> die-in demonstrateers took over the largest mall on east coast saturday to disrupt one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> i think they should not be out there trying to make a stand on something that is supposed to be a fun time. they're supposed to all have a good time. >> protesters grouped up and made a standby lying down in certain high traffic areas of king of prussia hall on this saturday before christmas. mall security and police were there. law enforcement set up a staging area in the parking lot before the organized demonstration. we saw officers from all over montgomery county and even major incident response team on the scene. >> i mean i'm all for people making a stand even how they shut down the roadways and something i think it's hurting people more than helping people trying to help.
10:32 pm
>> king of prussia said protests on private property are not allowed and we're trying to mitigate any disruptions to the shopping experience our customers expect. >> it was a day of protest around shopping centers. near target wynnefield heights and outside 6abc elementary and middle schoolers staged a die in on city avenue. organizer aniah air. she wanted to get involved after seeing it on the news. >> she said mommy want to do think want to go and participate. i was a little fearful because sometimes you never know what goes on. >> so aniayah teamed up and invited kids from all over the city. >> i hope kids know they are the future and that they're lives matter too and we just need more love in the world. >> back here at king of prussia mall protest lasted an hour. it was peaceful and upper merion police say there were no arrests. reporting in king of prussia.
10:33 pm
kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> the city of wilmington marked a truly grim milestone victim of a shooting last night died this morning becoming 28th homicide of the year and the shooting happened north spruce street and bieber avenue. someone opened fire striking 43-year-old derrek hall. he was pronounced dead at the scene or dead this morning i should say. no arrests so far and no word on possible motive. >> dover police say they took a serial thief on the streets after his latest heist. he was arrested yesterday afternoon. officers caught up with him in wooded area after he held up easy check cashing business college road e he's behind a total of 6 similar armed robberies over the past month. charges against him include 6 counts of robbery a. salt and strangulation. more sis held on 650,000 bound. well, police are investigating a fiery head on
10:34 pm
crash that killed fourteen aimers in carbon county. two vehicles collided in lower toe men sing township and one car over turned and the other was split in half. county medical examiner says victims are 19-year-old man, two 16-year-old boys and 13-year-old girl. two other people were injured. they're expected to survive. >> good news as we make plans to go to grandma's house for christmas. gas prices are falling. a. a says national arm price for gallon of regular lar fell to 2.4 down three cents from yesterday. locally it's higher $2.69 in philadelphia and delaware $2.5 and south jersey you pay $2.3 a gallon on average. aaa says this is the least of americans paid at the pump in five years. >> we love good news. >> i like you for that thank you for that story. >> my pleasure. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it's cold. >> yes. >> not that bad overall.
10:35 pm
>> really not bad. touch shy of average. we're going to say seasonably cold second half of the weekend. we're tracking changes closer and closer to christmas walter perez. we'll show you about that. down the shore in atlantic city you can see we don't have issues with any precipitation. it's partly to mostly cloudy across the area. you can see if you look closely in the distance we've got atlantic city steel peer spin around and you can see the ferris wheel there. as we look at stormtracker 6 double scan radar you can see dry, and queue eight cross the delaware and lehigh valley and it will remain that way the rest of tonight. norm and wet of town we look at neighborhood numbers. tanersville 2 4 slatington upper 30s. 27 for st. david's. kennett square and oxford at this hour upper 20s new holland. over in new jersey, ewing 3. same in browns mills and cinnaminson and 31 along the
10:36 pm
coast in sea isle city. here's satellite 6 and action radar we have partly to mostly cloudy sky across much of the mid-atlantic region. holes in the clouds as we get to overnight hours and into the second half of the weekend with clouds and intervals of sunshine as the afternoon wears on. here's setup for us on sunday. high pressure is in control. and highs get further to east tomorrow. partly sunny and light wins winds. high temperature in city and 42. not bad. keeping in mind average this time of year is 43. tomorrow looks to be a warmer day in comparison to today's chilly high of 35. now fast forward winter solstice. in the evening when the sun direct raise are over the tropic of capper corn it will be longest night of the season. fast forward to christmas eve. we're tracking storm system that is m coming out of the south moving out of texas region and cutting up west of us. so as it cuts up west and moves
10:37 pm
inland it looks to be heavy, soaking rainstorm across the region. winds as high as 40 inland. along the coast we can find gusts as high as 50 on wednesday on christmas eve. on the backside of the storm system definitely going to be cold enough to find snow accumulating snow across great lakes and portions of midwest. we can find 1 to 2" of rainfall locally not best travel day if you trial to get to sgrapd ma's house before christmas. >> here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. clouds and sunshine. wipt area living, high 42. rain develops high of 45. on tuesday mild up to 53. stays damp and late tuesday night into wednesday is when the wet weather starts to develop. it's wet. it's windy. midweek, high temperature up to 60. and on thursday we'll dry out. it's mostly cloudy. high temperature 50 for christmas day and winds whip as we get to friday. sunshine and clouds. high of 48. seasonable next saturday. with high temperature of 47.
10:38 pm
so chilly tonight. it will warm up. it will rain also next week walter. >> okay. thank you, melissa. >> "action news" at 10 continues in a moment. patients at chop get a very special delivery from caring police officers and dramatic video of close encounter for a highway patrolman during a routine traffic stop and two signaturesers hope you can find the person on the loose after murdering their brother. the person on the loose after murdering their brother. tonight's crime fighter's hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop!
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pillsbury cookie dough.
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>> look at that a police officer from georgia is lucky to ab live having walked away from this crash. dashcam video shows officer pulling over a driver open a free way in barrel county yesterday and whether he returned to his patrol car a fedex truck barrels into it. fortunately the officer only suffered minor injuries. fedex driver had to be extricated from his vehicle. no word why the driver veered from his lane. >> two sisters came forward with hope of finding the person who took their brother's life this summer in camden. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. >> andrews with a funny guy. he loved kids. he loved to joke. to play with friend and family. >> 31-year-old andrew perez is remembered fondly by his sitters. >> he was just a fun-loving sarcastic person. always kept people smiling and laughing. friday, june 6 the young father
10:42 pm
of four was out very early in the morning. >> to this day i don't know why he was out that time of day. >> after 3 a.m. perez was sitting in driver's seat of a silver 2005 honda civic at south 9th street in atlantic avenue in cam. >> restoppeding officers responded to i vehicle crash and located inside was andrew perez. perez was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the hospital and investigators say they have surveillance video from that area. >> with a little help from individuals and witnesses and community members we might be able to bring this one in. >> citizens crime commission is administering a $1,000 reward. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> we believe in the justice system and we believe usually this case will be solved. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams for "action news" at 10
10:43 pm
on phl17. >> coming up, jeff let's us know where the eagles stand after >> coming up, jeff let's us know where the eagles stand after today's hidious
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> children at children's hospital of philadelphia got a
10:46 pm
surprise and officers handed out hundred of gifts to deserving youngsters. >> awesome. glad to be a part of it. >> doe naiings continued all the way up until the last minute. presents pouring in filling up fire trucks and police cars with a little something special for children in the most need of something to smile about. >> not many people have a lot during this holiday season and we just should give a lot more. >> with medical bills piling up many faplies with children at chop may be struggling to make ends meet this christmas. >> they're stuck in hospitals and it's a nice thing that you know we get to do as an organization. >> these families spent today giving up part of their holidays to give something back to those in need. >> it will bring as much joy and happiness as possible. >> and some of these children at chop won't be able to go home for christmas. today the deptford township
10:47 pm
place and fire departments brought christmas here to them as fire truck and police cars pulled up they rolled in six bin fulz of hundreds and hundreds of toys. >> we love these kinds obviously we're public servants and this is what it's all about we love what we do. >> officer bob jones's daughter's was hospitalized when 10-month-old and today his kids got in on the gift of giving back. >> i'm giving toys to give to people sick and donate to the kids to have toys because some people don't have toys. >> this is the 8th year the deptford township police department organized aid toy drive and each year they say it gets big were support from businesses in town members of the community for opening up their heart and wall totes bring a little joy to some very deserving little patients. >> it's nice to see the community comes together and helps bring toys to the kids. >> i'm we when for "action news" at 10 on phl17.
10:48 pm
>> time for a check open sport. jeff skversky was here. this is incomprehensible what happened today. >> worst team and you go down to washington you had a lot of succession and lose. this is tough. malcolm jenkins said they would be punched in the face if they don't show up in washington. no question this say punch to the gut. they are on virj of missing playoffs. against the worst team in the division, kody park misses two fieldgoals in third to tie it. why? well guess who does not feel bad. desean jackson and robert griffin iii. jackson with two 50 yard catches and scores 14 unappsed eagles down ten. riley cooper trying to come to rescue. touchdown from mark sanchez second of the game. earnings business. tie at 24 on field goal. 96 seconds left eagles can win.
10:49 pm
it sanchez picked off wow. eagles have the most turnovers in the football so the redskins takeover in mid field and make another mistake. 23 yards and add another 15. vinny curry called for hitting rg3 in head. 15 penalties, redskins run down the clock. field goal to give washington the lead. eagles down 3. one last shot. no time left. mark sanchez throws up a prayer and eagles need a prayer to make the playoffs. eagles lose 27-2 4 ducis rogers has more from fedex field. >> in a span of three weeks eagles season went from great to good to dire they knew they blew it in this one. >> it's frustrating. we didn't get the job done. we had a chance to extend the lead and runaway with the game
10:50 pm
that's what happens any team not -- doesn't matter who you play any time you let anybody stick around that's what happened. >> we had crucial mistakes. >> giveaways. it's a category you do not want to leave nfl in. birds do. two more today to bring season total to 35. >> every game turnovers you can't win games like that. especially in these situations. and today it got us when we needed most. >> you have one game off to be able to get ready and focused for the giants and got win that game. there's a lot of other things that have to happen we have no control over the only thing we have control over is getting ready to new york. >> they have to hope dallas losses so the game has meaning versus the giants. the only way the eagles can make the playoffs if dallas losses final two and eagles beat
10:51 pm
new york next sunday cowboys can clinch and eliminate the eagles with win or tie tomorrow. and how about desean jackson. rubbing it in tonight. >> get them out of here. get philly out of here. >> that's jackson rubbing it in. playing the role of grinch kicking eagles fans when down. jackson says eagles players say they miss him all the time. >> flier out. steve mason out because of a back injury. he'll see a specialist monday.who needs a goalie when fly rerz scoring like this. in toronto, then how about this in the second, vorachek again to giroux. how about jake with four assists tonight. flyers go open to score 7 times and win 7-4. >> x-raysy finish between villanova and syracuse. 'nova down five. josh hart for three. yes! wildcats. down just two on inbound pass.
10:52 pm
7 second left. jason pinkston scores tied. they score five noypts 14 seconds to force over time in tovrment villanova takes the first lead. villanova comes back to win 82-77 they're 11-0 perhaps the only team root for right now is villanova wildcats. >> 'nova has fight i have to tell you. thank you, jeff. >> a golfer in florida proved you are never too old to improve your game. 103-year-old gus andrione scored a hole in one at the country club liking making him oldest person to ever do so. gus says this is the 8th time he nailed a hole in one since 1939 and looks forward to doing it again. >> i am going to play golf as long as i can play at the club even if i play three our four i'll play golf.
10:53 pm
>> before gus's big shot oldest person to hit a hole in one was 102-year-old woman from 2007 how about that? >> on the "people scene" christmas came early for actors christian bell and zach sheppard that's what the proud pennsylvania said when he announced birth ever second daughter delta bell sheppard. he joked that the baby doesn't look like either of the parents he joked that the baby doesn't look like either of the parents but they'll keep
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
♪everybody needs a helpin hand♪ ♪take a look at your fellow man♪ hey lemme get that for ya ♪tell me what, what can i do today?♪ thank you young man. no problem.
10:56 pm
surfers in russia biggest port city on pacific is not deterred by wintry weather as you can see. a group of men from a local surf club walked down snow covered beaches to ride in a blizzard. head to toe protective wet suits were a must. one surfer says this is the best spot because wind is stable here. surfing in the tropics is for sissys. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. rain headed our way for christmas eve from what i gather. >> that's right we have to track that in the near future chilly and cold, 32, 7 a.m. tomorrow morning and that will be temperature. 37 at 10 a.m. mostly cloudy intervals of sunshine as the day wears on. 41 at 1:00 in the afternoon and same thing at 4bg. meteorologist chris sowers has the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> very good thank you melissa. >> the rest of the "action news" team will be on 6abc tomorrow morning as melissa mentioned
10:57 pm
beginning the 6. hits keep oncoming as broadway sensation brings mowtown to philadelphia. this week in 6abc loves the arts philadelphia. this week in 6abc loves the arts goes behind the mowtown the
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your referee for today's matchup. let's meet our competition. here is team blue. - hi i am megan the founder of save the mums and mutts benefiting the mummers museum and treetop animal rescue. i have jason, billy and eric here with me tonight. and sorry guys you are going down. go mums and mutts! - philadelphia's known to be a tough city. let's meet team red. - hi this is jay and we are here with the murray comic club award-winning mummers parade. champions 16 straight years. with us tonight is dennis our club captain, dave and craig one of our marshals. and i'm soy


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