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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 13, 2016 2:06am-2:33am EST

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and another one was choking me. and it was the baboon. but i didn't drop my camera. >> but-- >> marks on my neck, but i had the camera. >> so let's back it up. your sister says go under the security guard rail. >> yes, yes.s. i believed--i accepted it. >> wonder why they put these things here. i can't get closer to the baboon. >> hey, it's blocking my view >> all right, well somehow, even after that stunning display, you've made it to $5,000. >> yes, i did. >> that's your first safety net. let's go higher. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] your $7,000 question... despite the food's name, what neighboring nation produces more brazil nuts than brazil? >> okay, let's look at this. well, haiti is an island.
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brazil's in south america. i believe that guatemala is in central america. so that's gonna leave me bolivia and chile. in this case, i think i would like to do "50/50." >> is that your final? >> oh, my god, if they give me those-- i guess it's gonna be my final. final answer. >> all right, let's help her out. let's use that lifeline. let's take two incorrect answers away, please. >> [groans] you're killing me! okay, sorry. >> you still have two more lifelines. >> yes, i know. my plus one is a very smart person. i'm hoping he's south american smart. okay, i'm gonna-- i'm gonna pull up my "plus one." >> who is your plus one? >> my plus one is my brother-in-law, farsheed ferdowsi, one of the smartest ys i know. >> all right, is that your final?
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>> that's my final. i'll bring him up. >> all right, farsheed. how are you, sir? welcome. >> wonderful. thank you, chris. you're doing great. you're doing great. >> you're kind. >> okay, your sister-in-law here needs a little help. >> okay, well, which country is the-- >> what's the closest to brazil? it's a neighboring nation. >> chile's all the way on the other side. so i think it's bolivia. chile's a very narrow country on the western seaboard. so which is closer to brazil, which is on the eastern seaboard. it would be bolivia, i think. but it's your call. >> thank you. okay, i'm gonna go with c, bolivia. final answer. >> farsheed is right. >> whoa! >> he's right. $7,000. farsheed, stick around. and you stick around. and you stick aroundnd'cae we're coming right back
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right after this. [richard] a thousand people will win one thousand dollars every day at h&r block. a thousand people win a thousand dollars every single day for a month. get in on this! i will not lose.
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>> here's your question of the day. according to a study published by the american national academy of sciences, your what peaks at age 85--hair growth, happiness,
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stay tuned for the answer. >> the answer to that question was happiness. [cheers and applause] welcome back to "who wants to be a millionaire." i'm here with elham jazab. you needed a couple lifelines, but they were important. you needed to get it right. and you did. $7,000, that's where you are right now. >> thank you, thank you. my plus one, thank him. >> farsheed did a good job. >> he didia great job. >> and now it's up to you. so let's keep going. let's play "whwants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] okay, your $10,000 question... because she hyphenates it with her husband's, what tv actress's
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includes the name of the '90s sitcom on which she starred? >> sitcoms are my favorite way to pass the time when i'm inside and the weather's bad. julia louis-dreyfus is but this used to be one of my favorite sitcoms. and it was called "martin." and i think it's gonna be tisha campbell-martin. c, final answer. >> that is correct. >> whoo! >> martin! [cheers and applause] [horn blares] $10,000. >> five figures! >> elham, that sound means time is up. you keep doing your happy dance, though. you keep doing your happy dance because you'rereoming back to play more "millionaire." >> whoo!
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thank you for watching. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison.
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closed captioning onsored by: the whole fire truck just flipped over. >> a driver races toward an overturned fire engine and there's nobody else around. the scene firefighters found standing in the wreckage. snake lovers beware. >> this young lady does love snakes so much. >> why it never wants to let her go. babyeland is sure loving this song. >> and it gets real deep, real soon. >> how mamama beautiful voice brought tears to his eyes. and a mega miss field goal has youtube in an advertises tizzy. >> fans are like, i could have done better. >> see why they're putting their money where their foot is.
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when the people tasked to save you need help. the reseuers becoming the michigan. mike wilson, driving down the street, noticed a fire truck roll over right in front of him and there's nobody else around. >> ain't no one here. >> the sirens that you here aren't other emergency personnel on their way. that's the sirens on the truck blaring. the fire hoses have dumped off the truck. the truck has lost its water. now he goes up to the large extended cab to see how the guys are doing. >> oh, my. >> it looks like one of the firefighters now on his feet, standing basically on the passenger door. [ sirens ] >> he motions to the guy with the camera, mike wilson, back up.
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the firefighters inside continue to kick out the windshield. he does create a hole for himself. >> there could be five or six guys on this vehicle. >> yes, gayle, there are three other guys trapped inside. however the video ends before they're able to get out of that cab. >> so was everybody okay? >> they were okay. they suffered minor scrapes and bruises. they were all transported to the hospital to be checked out. this story did get oututf there a little bit but most of the avoid was the aftermatat of the truck being righted onto its wheels. [ sirens ] a couple of grade videos to sink your teeth into. in a version of "whehe animals attack." this is the aftermath of a snake show that's just taken place.
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much she decides she'll sneak a kiss. >> what? no! this is a snake. >> let's watch it again. it's a snake! it's an 8-foot python. it decides to bite first, jumps down on this young lady's nose and doesn't letgo. >> the way the mouth opened up was like, yeah! >> she basically created a threat to the snake which is why it reacted. we have a photo of th young lady's nose. the guys at the sna park says they will cover all medical costs. they're not really being blamed. i i ink he's going to be okay.
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video. it's all about the story of the relationship between a young elephant and the guy driving this tractor. every single day, when he turns up and the elephant gets a look, he makes a beeline for him. he goes straight for him. >> aww. >> as soon as he gets up close, you see the affection. she just starts pawing at him with her trunk. >> that's why i love elephants, it's like a gentle giant. this woman is able to do something i think most of us should do but probably never be able to because it requires so much commitment.
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producing zero trash. >> this is all the garbage i accumulated in 11 months. >> what is she doing than what we're doing at home? >> it's small changes. she takes her recyclable shopping bags, loads them up with mason jars. when she needs to buy items in bulk, she reuses it over and over again. she makes her own toothpaste and mouthwash. >> it drops back into the earth. >> it really is modifying your lifestyle. >> you don't take more than you need. >> she has a young child. >> which makes it even more challenging.
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buying more. she's just recycling what they have. >> she committed to doing it for a year. >> if more people started thinking like her, the world would be a better place for our kids. >> avoiding plastic bags, so really easy. we've seen a lot of incredible videos on "right this minute." you see this woman walking down the street, she's right behind those two things on the wall. >> she stays in that particular spot. that's probably what saved her life. if you notice what's going on on behind those trees, you're going to see a car t-bone a bus. >> whoa! >> holy mackerel. she got hit by a bus. >> at this point the woman, identified as maria sylvia, was able to get up and walk across the street even though she had a compound fracture in her left
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her head. >> i can't believe she didn't get more hurt. >> she got run over by a bus and she got up. look what that bus does to the tree. >> it uproots it completely. >> she trips over part of the stump when she tries to cross the street. >> the car doesn't look like it suffered that much damage. it t-boned that bus. police investigators are looking into this but they say at this point alcohol is not suspected but they do say the driver of the car that hit the because was going about 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. >> wow. meanwhile, in the good old u.s. of a., it's not rain that causes the accident, it's a driver ineptitude. the woman in the left turn lane
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smacks into the guy and he's not happy about it. he pulls over to the side and somebody comes over to checking on him. he said, she ran past me and hit you. this girl i think is going to have a few insurance hikes in her future. an aerialist show is in full >> no! >> why a big fall wasn't going to keep her down. and it's the gadget that promises to slim you by shaking. see why the man behind the machine has everyone worked up. it's olive garden's new take on lighter italian fare. three new mediterranean inspired dishes. savory shrimp scampi sauteed in mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata. all under 575 calories. only at olive garden. men, we try .... stay fit. yet 68% don't know ... ... physical activity increases our need for antioxidants. let's add one a day men's vitacraves.
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want to see that video again and again? head on over to and share them with your friends. all kinds of videos at the consumer electronics show this weekekd. >> to start with, i was like, oh, wait, it's one of those vibrating plate things that people use to get into shape. >> someone was testing it out. >> there was a whole lot of booty jiggling on the screen. >> if i using this machine, my booty is going to look like her booty? i'm in. >> it will jiggle like her booty. this is not cardio. >> oh, my goodness. i'm going to have to try my best to have that much fun. >> this is technology that we're discoverying right now.
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i introduce to you dr. fuji. >> it does foot into your lifestyle, especially for this fella. >> this is an idea from innovation technology, whole body vibrations. >> he's put nasa technology into this product, right? >> what can we hope to get out of using this product? >> this is increasing my sexual function. >> i'm 85 years old. i'm a strong sexual pervert because of the vibration. >> the whole time the girl is vibrating on the device. >> we're not sure the product is
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dr. fuji is lighting up youtube. we'll put the whole thing on in case it might not be safe for work. pretty crazy video from security camera footage at a doctor's office in russia. you can see this guy on the table, being examined by a doctor's assistant or worse. the man in the blue shirt walks in, identified as the doctor and another nurse. she points to the man. the other guy who comes in appears to have been punched. then the original patient, boom. here's the story behind this video. the nurse that walked in with that doctor claims that that patient had kicked her earlier. the doctor then just took matters into his own hands, beats up the guy in the black shirt. now, the patient with no shirt is down and out for good. >> what do you mean, for good? >> that man died.
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he killed that man with one punch? >> he fell to the ground and hit his head. the man did not wake up. the doctor has been arrested a is also out on bail, could face only two years in prison, because because, although negligent, there was no intention to kill the man. another shocking incident from a circus in russia. aerialists start twirling around. they both have one hand on the rope raising them above the surface. she let go to perform this trick. but she breaks free and falls to the ground below. listen to the audience reaction here. [ screaming ] >> oh, no. >> she fell approximately 33 feet. the video cuts, but she got up, took a bow, and walked off. she's recovering at home because she's sore.
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physical fitness, she was fine. water parks in winter? yes, please. these guys go out and make it a winter wonderland. they turn water slides into hack slides, next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> can you give me a ride a few blocks? >> see if his social experimt is a success or leaves him stranded. plus how some disappointed sports fans are showing up a football pro. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it onlinin love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookokde! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. after trying brookside chocolates, lindsey s tweeted: i am thankful for the inventor of beds and brookside dark chocolate. well, there's room for two, linds.
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