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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> anchor: now at 5:00 a one-way question i-75, one person is killed and three others.- we're live as investigators searched for answers. >> what was a sunnnnsaturday no turning into cloudy and the beer weather is a threat for us tonight. details coming up. >> to injured on miami beach, interested been made and we had details. >> garth brooks bringing football to underprivileged kids on south florida. >> police the less we start with a one-way crash. >> investigators looking to see what caused the crash. derek sure is live in fort lauderdale with the latest periods the three three of the people involved in the crash did make it here to broward health the driver of a high-end sports car was not so lucky. he died at the scene and troopers believe it was that driver who was ing the wrong way and i-75. a violent run
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scene behind. early this morning i-75 and davie. >> man: the driver was pronounced at the scene with three other people were transported to broward health. speaker it happened north of sheridan street. they say the driver of the red porsche was going southbound in the northbound lanes and collided head on with a blue honda pilotelling about. the passenger in a luxury sports car was transported in critical condition but the driver, not so lucky.. losing his life meanwhile the driver and one passenger inside the honda were left with serious injuries. >> man: we don't know they on the wrong way or the right way and then made a u-turn. the majority of these have been alalhol-related or drug-related. we do not have that information on this case at this time. >> reporter: troopers say they believe other drivers to call 9-1-1 before the crash to report the wrong way force. the trooper simply could not get to the sports car in time.
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would have to be within a mile of what is happening. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago troopers released the name of the driver who was killed in the course, his name is henry velasquez reese from the miami area. 23 is old, again he was the one killed this morning and investators are now looking into say what the cause of this crash is, why he got on the wrong direction and if fog, it was hard to see, if fog had anything to do with that. we're live in fort lauderdale. >> anchor: thank you. more storms in store for south florida. the next system will be here tonight and could make a mess of tomorrow morning. meteorologist jen in for trent tonight. >> she is with us to see what we can expect tonight. >> meteorologist: another stormy one for us in south florida and pret much all of the sunshine state but here is a live look out of mount sinai medical center camera.
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south h florida. temperatures are still in the mid-70s for the most part. 74 in miami and fort lauderdale. temperatures will not do much because of the cloud cover and the fact that there is the cold front coming our way. we will be on the warm side of things as we head into this evening. again with increasing clouds, also a couple of showers already developing offshore. overnight severe storms have threatened and increases by sunday rning a cold front will sweep through the chance of severerstorms. i mentioned showers offshore, this will be an impact first to the keys already getting a little closer between key west and some of the keys will get heavy rain. even marathon. this will continue to track on northward, stationary boundary that will eventually turn into a warm front. meanwhile here is the low headed our way. it is in vigorous powerful system. i'll say more about the severe threat coming up. >> anchor: new threat the less new details ababt a woman
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agents on miami beach and then taking off. we have reporter live in west miami-dade. arrested in connection with this crash is a 21-year-d woman. we do know there were other people inside the car with her when she crashed into these two federal agents who are now recovering in jackson memorial hospital. georgiana rosales is now locked up. miami beach police in the 21-year-old was behind the wheel of her mercedes e2 50 friday morning when she crashed into two federal agents and left the scene. there was one person on the floor and it's another guy on the side of his body. >> reporter: it should happen shortly after 2:00 a.m.. police say the two agents were flagging down a taxi and speaking with a cabbie when rosales made a u-turn in her mercedes. police say she noticed the stock taxi and swerved toward the curve to avoid it. hitting the two men.
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jumped up onto the curb and continued self burn the last southbound after hitting the victim's. >> reporter: one of the men broke his leg, the other was critically injured. he was not moving and you get the blood was coming from his head, like his head hit the ground really hard. >> woman: blood was coming out of his mouth and he was just laying there. they said he had a pulse. >> reporter: after the crash damaged mercedes was found in miami and from there police tracked down rosales. they placed under arrest late friday night. >> man: it is terrible, has somebody like continued a few seconds. >> reporter: the victim's colleagues gathered at the hospital. we're told the two immigrations and customs enforcement agents were in miami beach on official business. now they are recovering at the hospital. one of them, fighting to survive. >> anchor: rosales is expected to appear tomorrow morning. where live outside the correctional facility.
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>> demanded that night after an attempted robbery in deerfield beach. convenience store last night. they say the man was trying to hold the convenience when one of the workers opened fire on him. inside the store at the time of the shooting, no one else was hurt. for the second time in a week a tornado through tour through southwest florida. damaging homes and downing powerlines. seconds, the good news here is that no one was hurt. >> anchor: garth brooks and his wife tricia yearwood will finish up a busy south florida tour with their third tour in three nights tonight. bruce found some time to get back to e local community. on the football field. loca10 news caught up with the coach. >> reporter: garth brooks is taking on a new role. the man known as one of thtop entertainers in the world, is known on this day as coach h brooks at the pro can't use for both camp in fort lauderdale. >> man: i was impressed, i
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>> man: i have three daughters, so i don't know but the girl just smoked all the boys on the team. so i'm going for the girls idea. it is great to see the kids and you're having fun and loving one another. coach brooks brought some friends, currere and former nfl stars like jason taylor and former dolphin, wes welker and ryan tannehill. got involved with programs in my liberty year. garth is having one here in town and i was able to go to wisconsin last night. i have been involved in his foundation for four years now as well so it was a no-brainer to come out and be a part of this. >> reporter: so with everything going on in his life from concerts, traveling the world, garth brooks could be anywhehe to it right here in this field? >> man: will have children. future and that's what it is all about.
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their the future so i proud to be here. i couldn't feel better about being your standing hererewith the guys. >> reporter: he was humble about although he did get a little digging in at the other guys only asked if he would rather be an entertainer and athlete. >> man: singers can actually act is at it can't be singers. >> reporter: know what is going to argue with coach brooks. >> man: -- >> reporter: in fort lauderdale, local 10 news. the one lots of fun. very down to earth and into coaching. >> and his show >>nchor: it was amazing tickets are still available it is amazing. you want to see the whole show. >> coming up, americans held in iran have been released. who has been let go and what the us is giving to them in return.
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-- continues how u.s.
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>> anchor: 14 months of secret negotiations between the us and iran coming to an end with the extent of several prisoners. one of those a "washington post" journalist heldn spy charges for more than one year. >> man: -- be one follong secret negotiations for more than one year us officials have confirmed that iran has free five us prisoners. four of the prisoners were part of an exchange involving seven iranians being held by the us by sanctions charges. one of the journalists who was being held an iranian prison for spy charges for almost 18 months, a marine veteran veteran was detained in 2011 accused of espionage and other charges in 2012. christian pastor, kited albini was arrested in 2012 on charges of attempting toundermine the iranian government. a fourth prisoner not immediately known and the american, not part of the novitiate and was also freed.
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remains a major topic on the campaign trail saturday. >> man: i am happy they are coming back. i will say it is a disgrace that they've been there for so long. it is a disgrace. >> we do not know the details of the deal that is bringing them home and that it may well be that there are some very problematic aspects to this deal. >> at this point we're simply giving prayers of thanksgiving that they are coming home. >> anchor: some canandates took the opportunity to denounce the iranian regime. >> we're happy for them and their families. they should never have been there. and the fact of the matter is this is all what we need to know about the iranian regime. the two people hostage into in order to gain concessions. >> anchor: is a the timing of the release and implication of that iranian nuclear deal are two separate diplomatic tracks. >> they say 23 people are dead by an attack by al qaeda militants. the terrorist attack at a hotel
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they also state security forces killed four jihadists. -- enforces children's security forces cleared out a second hotel. 33 others were huhurt. >> meorologist: good evening south florida. we can still enjoy the evening flowered hours. it is quiet out there. before the rest of us get increasing cloudiness, temperatures not look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to brthe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes.
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> >> anchor: and out of the 2016 donald trump and 10 cruise are fresh off debate of 2016 with heated words from both candidates. >> the war of words between donald trump and u.s. senator ted cruz is escalatingn the key battleground ground state etc. cruz wasted no timime taking a stab at donald after getting stuck in an elevator. >> trump started the day ripping into cruise on twitter writing, u.s. senator ted cruz is born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago.
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with more to follow. i told you so. cruise fired back >> donald has a lot of nervous energy and for whatever reason, he does not react well. when he is going down in the polls. >> and he double down on comments questioning new york values, a line of attack to use against trump on thursday debate >> if you're offended, and my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton and andrew, and bill de blasio have hurt new york, then which of those policies do you agree with? >> and trump blessed cruise. >> he finally went off the way little bit and went a little crazy. and it is very, i mean he has a eat hypocrite. >> there locked in a hidden battle and trump is getting some and expected support from hillary clinton, she tweeted just this once, trump is right. new york is value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience and building better
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and you can expect more fireworks from the campaign trail leading up to the iowa caucuses not just 15 days away. >> anchor: our meteorologist jennifer is in for trent tonight. it has been a roller coaster 's cool and then warm and now your brain coming in tonight. >> meteorologist: it has been active for january, good evening south florida. active weather pattern has set up and basically the first half of january already. we are headed into what is going to be a cloudy evening for the most part, broward should stay mostly dry so the overnight hours. were closer to the midnight hours and then also miami-dade, the southern part to get a few showers. in fact, the keys are seeing a couple of showers already entering the area. i will get to the radar in just a second blessing about the temperatures. we are in the low to mid-70s, temperatures will not drop that much because we are dealing with a warm section out ahead of the front. and also there are plenty of proud cover out there that will
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when determining out of the east, they are light out there. at 29 miles per hohour. the radar, dry in miami-dade, driving broward could not drive at all for the key, check it out some heavy rainfall entering the lower keys from key west up to big time key. inch per hour. we are talking about moderate to heavy rainfall right in this location. it is less than half an inch per hour but you'll get some rain and also will pick up. the showers will be tracking northward and if they hold together, miami-dade as i mentioned, you will get that later toght. it is this estimate is quickly swinging across the gulf of mexico. it is going to bring severe threat of late tonight. this is what it looks like, storm prediction center has put out a slight risk for tonight from tampa to fort pierce into southwest florida. then tomorrow morning, broward, miami-dade and the keys under
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that is because the front will arrive tomorrow morning. so as far as threats go, rip current will go high but as far as the rain, it will be heavy however, is expected to be a quick mover. it should not cause that much flooding t with wind gusts it should be it could be damaging. when at let 45 miles per hour. also you cannot rely on isolated tentative. -- isolated tornado. heading at 11:00 more spice showers developed and then getting it to the southwest coast of florida by tomorrow morning. at least overnight hours 4:00 a.m. till 5:00 a.m. and arriv here. by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. so storms expected late tonight, tomorrow morning rain chances going up really fast and then finally, the cool down. by the way, gail warning will be in effect for boaters tomorrow. we're expecting went up to 30 miles per hour. gusts up to 40.
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will give you an update on -- plus highlights from the canes
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loss. >> >> dwayne wade turns 34 ars old tomorrow. but it is unclear if you'll be unhealthy enough to play on his bibihday. as of now he is listed as questionable. he has soreness in both shoulders. he met last night's incredible when in denver. plenty of emotional though. he completed a huge comeback as many as 18. number three says he hopes to have rest and treatment will be enough to get him back on the court for his birthday. showdown with durrant and
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>> i wish i knew, i can't really know until i go back. i have an mir mri. right now i'm just going off of how i'm feeling. so we'll see. >> no wait, he is also back in south florida but luckily the heat is still double he put up a triple-double with an amazing comeback. 19 points, 17 rebounds. 11 blocks, he shook off what would bebe knee tendinitis. did not look so last. second triple-double of the season. the third of his career. he put a show on during the game and after the game as well. >> i mean i had to come in here and make a statement game. and you know, i had to come in here and play man. you know, i just got to do something real quick. i just got it showed them for the camera. >> got some stuff there. >> it's different, trying to get the all-star votes up man.
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he's not the only player you've got the boston thunder game coming up with triple-double. westbrook also points. to the old-fashioned with the assist. westbrook didn't just three quarters he set up a fourth. -- the third straight ranked team taken down at clemson and also what a second straight loss this week. second half, the slam on a fast break. up by three and then they hit the three. they went by for a -- than a 5-point lead the tigers would take control and jordan's lap puts them up by 10. about it. can't lose 76 85. eighth-ranked team in the country loses again. as he saw earlier in the show, cornerback tannehill was among those and spent time with garth brooks in the program you
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lauderdale. he shows the speed and agility out there. they say it was a surprise, he did some scouting left the
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>> he says he yells all the >> you're about to watch some folks experience what could be the most important half hour of their lives. will they rise to the occasion and leave here filthy rich? let's find out right now on "who wants to be a millionaire."
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